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REVIEWS OF Alberto's Mexican Restaurant IN Colorado

Phillip Merideth

Quick and great service on their breakfast burritos and work the $ 3.75


Decent food nothing spectacular prices above average too high

s t x r m

bean and cheese burrito tasted like warm dog poop

Justin Donaldson

Awesome burritos! Spicy and savory, great flavor. Two thumbs up!

Mike Hepler

Good food terrible service

Ro Go

I love the morning burritos which is why I give it the stars. But the beans are not fresh so that's a big NO NO in Mexican established restaurants

Jill Moore

Restaurant has a nice atmosphere and prices are reasonable. The food is delicious and the portions are generous. My favorite is the cheese and onion enchiladas. Alberto's is usually my first choice for authentic Mexican food.

Gina Fischer

Always good food; good service; good drinks! What more could you want? I'm always happy to go there, never disappointed!

Marla Ogaz

I've been a fan of this restaurant for 23 years and counting. Delicious food, friendly and prompt service.

Pasqual Montano

Service was great and Edwardo /Brian was right on the money/food well being from NM was ok

John Hofland

Best green chili I've had in long time.

Emily Aleman

Great food and drinks. It's starting to get super over priced! 7.95 for a regual size marg is way too much in my opinion. Go on Tuesdays when they are half off

rachel moody

This place used to be good but service sucked. Food was not the same as it used to be. I originally had 2 stars on here but I will put 1 more because breakfast burritos are pretty good

Delylah Ruiz

Great Place!!

José Morado

Fast service and good food!

monica lucero

10 dollars for 2 shredded beef tacos is a rip off.. seriously never going there again. Mediocre food way over priced. Also got a bean and chicaron burrito with one!!! Chicaron.. seriously a rip off

Michele Graham

The chips were cold & stale. Husband's food was cold. My beer was flat. Altogether much too expensive and not worth it.

Gina Briseño-La Mar

SUPER friendly staff and great tex Mex style food. Half n half chili was perfect for that person who likes green chili with a TOUCH of hot and tons of flavor! We had a burrito Supreme beef n bean and a beef n bean chimichanga supreme... Delish!!! My 1st time there but my fiance has been coming for years! Thx for a great date lunch for us!!

Tiffany Maldonado

If I could give this place a 0 stars I would. We went in yesterday with my in laws and the service was pitiful. If you want an attitude with your meal, go to this place. Under cooked eggs, and the waitress didn’t bother taking my order because I wanted a burrito and they were “pre made” we called over the manager and she clarified there was no reason why they wouldn’t have been able to make my BK burrito with no bacon. That means the waitress simply just didn’t give a damn and didn’t want to place my order (I’m 7 months pregnant and she still didn’t care enough to go ask the cook). Not to mention my husbands eggs looked like they cracked them on the plate and didn’t cook them, then another waitress comes and gives him an attitude about it. The manager is great and she apologized but we definitely will never be back.

Gooses Garage

Very good experience. Food was great. Was there with 16 people and not one complaint.

Shawn Kinch

I had the carne asada plate. It was very delicious

Rebecca Andrade

used to be better but did not realize it is due to owners that have a steak house too

Connie Gereaux

We love Alberto's! We love the food, the staff and the atmosphere. We are treated like family. The best margaritas hands down!

Corey Roberts

Nice staff, laid back atmosphere and good food.

Chip Ault

I would have given 5 stars, but they claim to have the hottest green chili in town... Sorry, not so...

Jesse Ganpat

Even though this situation was awful, I gave 2 stars because I had 1 good experience previously. Read about the 2 for 1 margs and thought why not? So the wife and I go in today, we ended up waiting 10 minutes for a host, just to be handed menus and told to seat ourselves, no sign or anything else given. So now we are finally sat, and wait another 12 minutes and no one comes to greet us. We made eye contact with every server we saw, no attempt to even address us. Veronica, who is both bartender and playing manager is behind the bar on her phone ignoring any and everything going on. So we start to walk out and FINALLY someone decides to speak to us. We get sat again and we do get chips, salsa, and water. Like previously stated we were there simply for the Margs and hoping to find good food on the menu, seems reasonable right? Well that would not be in the cards today. We order the top shelf margaritas, which was suggestively sold to us, just so they can let us know another 10 minutes later that they dont have the correct tequila. Veronica did come and try to settle the situation, zero solutions were offered and we wanted about an hour of our night, but she did keep going to her phone, that's very important, much more than customers. I strongly suggest carrying an actual manager during working hours, without question these employees require guidance and supervision, and there was no one capable of handling this situation in the building. Maybe the foods good, maybe its not, I couldn't tell ya, in 30 minutes didnt get that far. Buyer strongly beware, and I'm very curious if ownership or any real management wants to discuss this issue with me. Before you ask, there were zero customers in the bar, and from what I could tell there were more employees than guests.

William Guyver

This place does have a really friendly staff. The food isn't horrible and it isn't amazing. It's just kind of your run of the mill American style Mexican restaurant. That being said if you want true quality you'll just have to travel to Mexico.

Karen Leach

This restaurant is really good! We found our new go-to for Mexican food! Great service, friendly staff, pretty environment. I ordered the large combo platter which was great! The only complaint I have I'd the watery salsa and cheese dip (yuk). Otherwise, always a great experience.

Jessica Wynne

The customer service was horrible the food was nasty it took forever to get what we ordered. Will not be back for a long time.

Bryan Nygren

If possoble for no stars thats my rating. Came in on a Saturday around 6:45 with kids none the less. We ordered our food by 7:41 still NO food waitress comes and tells us the fryer broke. Mean while table behind us sits down 20 minutes after my family and they get thier food before we do 7:45 waitress tells us our food will take another 15 to 20 mintues. 7:50 we walked out what crappy service and what a crappy way to treat a family being as our tickets are not cheap. We will Not be going back and we will be telling everyone of the way wd werw treated.

Steve Gomez

Great Mexican food the people are beautiful try it you like it

Rosita Bennett

I had such a great experience! The breakfast burritos are amazing! They have so much flavor!!! Customer service was great and food is amazing! Can't get much better than that!

Scott Murray

Romantic atmosphere, good food and friendly staff makes each meal a pleasure.

Dream Customer

Make sure you are hungry and will have left overs they are not worried about overloading their plates with delicious food

Kay Tuttle

Always good. Best Mexican food in town.

Sonya Smith

We were treated EXCELLENTLY by Sonya, our waitress and by the chef's who catered to my fussy, special order. Everything was extremely fresh, authentic and piping hot upon arrival. Very delicious and we will be back!

Devonte Martinez

Food was good but the service was awful they checked on us maybe 1 time throughout our meal and we had to go up and ask for our check after being done for 10 minutes

Heidi Davidson

They have the Absolute Best Food & Drinks in Greeley if you like Mexican Food.

Lynds Heiser

Ordered a taco salad that came with Ground beef, lettuce, Cheese, and Tomatoes..... not any salsa or chips or anything at all. Just a giant blob of mixed greasy meat and lettuce. Looking at your menu this it what it should have been Taco Salad Beef and beans topped with lettuce, tomato, chips, and 2oz of salsa get it together people! This was a waste of money!

Bernice Lopez

Service was awesome. Food really tasty.

Thomas Carranza

Okay service. Average "MexAmerican" cuisine.


Awesome food, friendly staff and amazing atmosphere

Sobee Orosco

Love this place bèen there 6 yrs we do our best to keep costumers happy our Boss Ali one of a kind

christine mcmahon

Love those burittos.

Lisa Rees

We LOVE Alberto's. Good food, reasonably priced and always good customer service

Claudia LRojas

For breakfast they are fast and you get a great burrito for 3.75

michael O'Feagan

Delicious green chili! The tall beer must have been close to 32 oz.,whew...

Clinton Christensen

The new wait staff wasn't very helpful but the manager Maria was very accommodating I will definitely go back

Chris Serna

Food is real good wait staff is very respectable and the drinks are good cocktails also

whaccboi 44

Glorious setting to eat in & the food was also good.

Gabi Rodriguez

Terrible customer service! We walk in and the hostess says she'll be right with us which took forever. By that time more people walk in after us. The hostess finally comes back and apparently she must of forgot we were there first because she was about to seat the people after us. We had to tell her we had been waiting there first. We finally sit down and wait for about 10 minutes. Nobody came to ask what we wanted to drink or never brought our chips and salsa. I asked for a high chair...never got one. The people who came in after us were being helped before us. They offered them a high chair, got their drinks and chips and salsa before us and yet we still hadn't been helped. Multiple waitresses/servers walked past us and didn't give us the time of day. Very disappointed!

Mica McGaha

Micheladas were delicious. I had the cheese enchiladas and my husband had the beef and chicken fajitas and we were not disappointed. Very flavorful and the setting is very nice with all the plants. Very open, nice lighting, beautiful atmosphere. Definitely recommend and will definitely return.

Isidro De La Rosa

I've been coming here for two decades (one half score). Still the best Texmex in Greeley. Moderately priced and good service.

robert evanoff

Good food, friendly staff

Morningstar Hernandez

Way too salty, if you're on blood pressure meds definitely stay away.

Nathan Nasif

Best Mexican restaurant around!

Christian Adams

Food was Mexican for sure. Lmao, not American Mexican food but actual Mexican food.

James Spaedt

Great food,but forgot items in my carryout on 2 occasions. The second time she said I was not charged but it was on my reciept.

Wolfy Gonzales

My sister was doing a interview an the manager yelled at her

Merlinda Lucero

I love their food. The atmosphere was nice great food and nice people. The service was great

albert ramos

Good food in really nice people

Jazlyn Jimenez

Came to eat dinner with the parents. Ordered shredded beef taquitos and it took them three times to get it right. By time they did my parents had already eaten all there food and I just got it do go and they still charged us for the plate I didn't get to eat.

Btodd 246

I have been to Alberto's multiple times, however, this past experience was not the best. The beef and beef stuffed sopapiilla that I was not up to best quality. The beef was overly salted and the sopapiilla it self was doughy. The salsa …

Mike/Becky McClain

Good food, good service

Brian & Dawn

Good staple for good Mexican food and green chili

Rick Burnell

Very friendly staff. Excellent tasting food. Price is very reasonable. I would recommend this place to others.

Napoleon Bonaparte

The food is so-so, the atmosphere is cool but claustrophobic. Very loud and slow service.

Tonya Baker

Not impressed at all. Suppose to have the hottest best chili. It sucked!!!

Anna Martinez

The breakfast burritos are sooooo good..So is the large cup of coffee.


A co-worker loves to eat burritos from here and thought we should try it. We moved to Greeley a few years ago and went to Alberto’s Mexican Food in Greeley for the first time today. It’s delicious!!! We’re from Los Angeles, CA and it’s …

sonya rodarte

The food is delish. Drinks are good. Staff is great.

Michele Beaudoin

Good food, good waitress, quiet night great for visiting wirh friends.

Jerry Kelley

If you ask for hot, you had better not be a sissy , because you're going to get hot.

Dj Baker

Hottest breakfast burritos in town

Jeff Means

I had a shredded beef burrito supreme for dinner, which was so big I ended up taking half home for another meal later that night. It was quite tasty both fresh and as a late night snack. Further the refried beans were extremely tasty and had a wonderful consistency thatwas not completely mushy, while the Mexican rice was mildly spicy for an extra offset taste on my burrito plate. On a negative note that was fixed to our satisfaction; our waitress told us about a BOGO margarita deal the restaurant was offering which prompted the two women in our party to order two strawberry margs. Yet when the bill showed up they were billed as $4.00 apiece from the normal $7.75(we expected that they were to be about $3.87.) Upon question apparently the bar keeper was told that they were doing $4.00 margs, while the waitstaff were told to push the 2 for one drink specials. Someone dropped the communication ball here, however the manger solved the issue by only billing us for one $4 marg. This was a very nice thing to do and earned the waitress a little bit more in her gratuity. All in all a great meal, excellent food and the only issue was quickly fixed. I'll definitely be back for more food here!

Andrew Royval

My girlfriend and I come here very often and have never experienced anything like we did today; right off the bat the hostess was talking at the bar to co workers and not paying attention, then when asked for a booth or table I asked for booth and with a quick glance every booth that was empty had dirty plates stacked high. The response from the person seating is was, you will have to sit at a table or wait..... not a problem right!? But the attitude behind made them seem like they hated their job. I said we would wait and when it was ready the benches were sopping wet as was the table. They took forever to help us and what really got to me was hearing staff members arguing loudly in the back, all the workers talking instead of working, our cups sat empty for a long period of time, even with talking employees glancing at us so often as we sat by there talking corner by the bar. Im writing this sitting in the restuarant while our server hasn't stopped by once since before our food came out 30 minutes ago, patiently waiting for the check watching employees on their cell phones. Lack of service, although we are the only people sitting on his side of the restuarant and what I was most upset about was the lack of interaction, help and customer service from the staff! Ugly attitudes don't belong in this industry! Also, keep the ugly language and yelling away from customers if arguing at work!

christine marceleno

Get full off the chips cause the plates are really small and the service sucks! Dont bother getting a breakfast burrito either cause they put 1 peice of meat in the whole thing.

Barbara D Lang

We were here recently, invited for a great friend's 70th Birthday Celebration! Come & go with appetizers, etc..we were seated appetizers were served.etc. yet nobody was given any thing to eat from?! As well as one waitress for cocktails was about to run herself to death! The tables were setup for dinner ((afterwards for those who wanted to stay and enjoy w/ the family) We didn't stay for dinner! The food(appetizers) even though a bit cool were still good! Atmosphere: hectic we decided to leave, just due to the situation: under staffed and food already running cool

Daniel Guzman

I love the food I love the chiladas


Pretty much awful. Ordered cheese enchiladas, tasted exactly like a cheap tv dinner someone dumped onto a plate. Avoid this place. Taco bell is better and cheaper. I mean just look at their picture on Google reviews, it looks like the employees could barely put the effort to even look happy in it

Kevin Davy

Service is great and food is excellent

Erick S.

The chilli is delicious! The drinks are pretty good. The staff is friendly.... Most times.

Kathie Mason

Worth the $$ .been digging this restaurant for 20+ yrs.

Cherie Sprague

Awesome staff very fast? Amazing green chili, home made food! And affordable prices

D Bauer

Great Green Chili and the Wednesday Fajita special is a excellent valve.

Sami Price

Pricey compared to other Mexican restaurants. Rice was over cooked and hard. Our waitress was really nice though.

peggy law

Expensive, small menu, too dark, no soft chili rellenos. No pieces of pork in the green chili w/pork although she did bring me a little bit of pork on the side when I mentioned it. It was flavorless, no seasonings and hadn't been cooked in the green chili. Great service however. Doubt I will ever return. Would have asked for some diced onions to sprinkle on top of the enchilada but figured I would be charged for them.

Dess Lacy

Amazing food , always nice people and awesome staff. Definitely going to continue to eat here always.

Jess Oro

Best green chile!

Stephanie Dennee

Sorry but Im not that impressed. Huge amount of chicken skin in my burrito. Gross! However the flavor was good. I got a deluxe and they also forgot my guacamole and sour cream. Expensive for what you get.

Edward Eastin

Food is excellent, hot green Chili is excellent if you like hot & tasty!

Jake Walston

Gotta give it up for the consistent hitters here. Best green chili in Greeley, or rather and Mexican restaurant in the North Range. Hot hot hot just the way I like it. Service is always timely and the staff is always great. Biggest bang for your buck!

aaaya jjunne

Absolutely horrible staff ignores you and lies about time of food arrival. McDonald's boxes would be better then how vold and stale the food tasted

Bryan Borup

Best green chili in Colorado. Hot is hot but not just hot it's delicious. Try this place!

Yolanda Montelongo

I really like to go here... Their smothered burritos are awesome and usually come with rice and beans. The chips are amazing with salsa. Sometimes fitting a busy night it does get a little crowded. I have not yet tried their breakfast burritos but I have been told they're amazing. I would recommend the environment for families unless sitting in the bar area . good place to eat.

Larissa Balderrama

Take too long to bring out your food even if there's not a lot of people up front

Chloe Johnson

The prices are affordable and great when you're on a tight budget. They offer a nice range of spice for those that crave heat. The servers are also always very friendly and attentive. I've been coming here for decades and will continue to do so as long as the prices stay low!

Becky Musgrove

Food was lukewarm at best when brought to table. one person in our party of 9 was not given the entree they ordered, waitress ordered the incorrct item. Found a 2" hair sticking out of my guacamole. Do yourself a favor & eat elsewhere.


Ok, so anyone wanting great service, and great food that you don't have to prepare yourself, then this is NOT the place to go. 3:00p in the afternoon, on a Sunday, and it took 12 minutes for a Hostess to "Seat Us". Looking around, there were more dirty tables, than there were tables with people sitting at them. The West side of the restaurant was closed off, the East side had 3 sets of people sitting at tables. I counted 9 dirty tables, of which have been dirty for at least the 12 minutes that we were standing at the Hostess Station, because we saw nobody leave while standing there. The food and drinks were ordered at the same time, since we already had plenty of time to look over the menu while standing at the Hostess Station. The server was informed about how "High Maintenance" I am on my Ice Tea, which I ran out of twice before "Us Asking For a Second Glass" so that she wouldn't have to run so hard keeping it full. Our Server was the only person in the Restaurant that was Actually Working. Which is why I was going to give her kuddos, until we were Overcharged on our ticket, charging us for something that was supposed to be included in the plate price listed on the menu. Food Quality was Mediocre at best. If there was a way to rate 0 stars, that's exactly what I would have done.

Cherie Hoffman

Great food!!

Paul Maurer

Food was good service was great.

Corina Herrera

Not good .waitress not friendly. The over head music played same thing over and over

Alias Fakename

The food was good. Service was good. Priced reasonable.

Joseph Cole

Great food friendly environment

Sam Sanchez

Good food decent pricing

John Huffman

So dang good!!! The smothered green chili shredded beef burrito was to die for so good!!! Staff was excellent and the prices touch high but you get what you pay for

Reina Gonzales

Last time we went to eat there we waited for 15min and the restaurant was not busy so my husband and I left!

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