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1617 W Warner Rd, Tempe, AZ 85284, United States

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REVIEWS OF Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery Tempe, AZ IN Arizona

Bill Ringling

Good lunch menu...had tacos and chips.... obviously the scenery is nice.... Just nice to have friendly service...quick but not speedy...but worth the few minutes to wait...close to work.... definitely will go back

Todd Hartman

Service was fast and friendly, they didn't have all the sports stations available on TV and the food was average. Atmosphere is what makes it worth visiting.

Roberto Yazzie

I like it. Out of Tilted Kilt Pub in the valley. This is family friendly.

Chris Bauer

No better place to celebrate St. Paddy’s day in se valley area. corned beef & cabbage is a must!

Chase Pruitt

It was a great experience for my first time ! Hostess was on the ball and akways there when we needed something

Ryan Bell

Waittress paid more attention to her male tables , took a while to bring my moms beer and spilt some of it while carrying it to the table.

Miranda Morgan

Service was okay but that's all. Food was not as expected, drinks were good. Not a place I would recommend or be in a hurry to return to.

Ismael Dominguez

Love the lady's and the wings.

Jeanne Justice

Love the Warrior Burger with tater Tots! Yummy

David Saputra

Wait staff was friendly had some drinks with a co worker and had a good time.

Steven Fernandez

Great place 2 chill grab sum grub n have a few drinks..if not u can shoot sum pool n kick it wit friends..

Devin Petersen

Pretty decent food and very fun atmosphere always a nice stop on days when you just wanna party and hang out

Jeff Lewicki

Decent food, aweful service. Server actually sat at the table next to me with two of her friends, ignoring me for long stretches of time I had completely finished my appetizer before she bothered to come take my entree order...

Phillip Ottinger

Girl are friendly, dont like hot beer glass food is excellent plenty of sport tv

Thomas Dunlap

Pretty good for bar food. The beer selection was decent and the place wasn't too crowded. Good views too!

Simon Avila

Fast customer service, waitresses were nice, clean and okay selection of food, a great selection of drinks and Sports on every screen


Great food. Wish my shepherds pie wasn't such a small portion. The ladies were pretty and the beer was ice cold.

Brian Bulloch

Went here for Happy Hour tonight. Once we walked in the front door, nobody was at the hostess stand, but we did see an employee standing at the bar with her back to the door talking to the bartender. There was a sign at the hostess stand saying please wait for hostess to seat you. 3-4 minutes went by and still haven't been acknowledged by anyone. The waitress standing at the bar brought a drink to a table then finally decided to seat me. Would it be too much to ask to at least be acknowledged by anyone upon walking into a restaurant?? Let alone have to stand around and awkwardly wait to be seated. Food was dry and flavorless. Was like eating warm cardboard (BBQ Chicken Flatbread). Upon leaving, 3 waitresses were standing at the hostess stand gossiping, and once again, no "Thanks for coming in, bye, have a good night". Not a word! Rude and unprofessional wait staff

Chris Child

Great tasting food with a very nice staff

Philip Atkinson

Food was good, but if you sit out on the patio you get forgotten about. We had to go ask for a server to come out after being seated for 40 minutes, when she came out she was really loud and obnoxious. Took about another 20 minutes to get drinks that never got refilled or offered to be refilled..

Eric Maki

Some of the worst service I have had. Sierra our waitress was to busy sitting in a booth visiting with her friend to take care of customers. After she took our first order she never bothered to check on us again. Other staff brought us our food and drinks.

Becky K

Always good service here, and the food is yummy!!!

Nicademis Shadowstalker

Great service, great food love it love it love it

David Fierros

It's a tilted kilt, beers we're not as good as the eye candy , woo hoo there is eye candy, I always get the pretzel. Girls are really sweet and will flirt with you. Which is cool because it's a tilted kilt! Clean bar, good service! A regular stop !

Vsix Purplebear

Have not been at tilted kilt in years. Got Turkey ruben without bun. It came out and I was okay with it till I saw the Turkey was store bought flat pieces of turkey. Quality of this dish is not acceptable. Everything else including wings and burgers are great just a let down on their quality of food Drinks are a bit over priced even during happy hours bit fun environment even during the week.

Josh Ulmer

Food is like 3.5 stars. Service is like 4.5, and decor (including the clothing) is 6 stars. Fun place to get a bite.

Mike Frankovich

I arrived at 230pm on a Friday. There we a dozen or so customers spread out and it still took better than 5 minutes for anyone to show up at the unstaffed hostess station. Once seated it was probably another 6 minutes before someone came to take my order. Sadly, it was a young lady from a different section and not the server who was supposed to be waiting on me. Thanks Cortney. I order a diet soda, brussel sprouts appetizer and the fish and chips. The fish and chips arrived before the appetizer but that was ok. Let's start with the appetizer. The brussel sprouts were bland, undercooked and if not for the Thai sweet chili sauce would have been bereft of anything resembling flavor. That is not to say the chili sauce was flavorful, as it's singular contribution was a lightly sweetened coating, but it was something. Barely something. The fish and chips were ordered because I assumed that a pub selling pub food could surely not mess up one of the definitive pub dishes. You know what happens when you assume. The fries were sudden sticks of blah that would break apart under their own weight. There was not even a hint of crisp to the outside despite the golden coloring. One of two things happened. The painted on the color or they left the fries sitting under a heat lamp for 4 days longer than they should. Whatever seasoning they use was nonexistent if it was applied at all. The fish in this equation was no better. All three pieces were soggy messes. The coating was softer that unset Jello with about as much palate appeal as wet cardboard. The fish itself was cooked, a little overdone, but there was a hint of flavor. Disappointing. The tartrr sauce that came with the fish was the best thi g in the whole meal. Even the coleslaw that came with the meal was so unremarkable I could not tell you how it tasted. Overall, it was a less than favorable experience. The young lady who waited on me was pleasant if untalkative. Given she was not the person who should have been waiting on me. And did seem to be busy, she did well and I tipped her accordingly. My suggestion. Save your money and your time. There are far better theme restaurants out there.

Kyle Matthias

Everytime i come to this location its costomer service, food, and drink is always exceptional. Always a good goto.

Crystal Wade

The menu changes every once in a while so pay attention. The food is always good. This isn't really anything on the menu I don't like. For those that are into beers, they have quite the selection to choose from. It is a family friendly place, though you wouldn't think so at first look. They do have a kids menu (basically smaller portion) and all the staff there are nice. This new location is much better than their last one that was down the street.

Jeff Saxton

Great food. Decent pricing. Waitresses are all beautiful, proffessional, and on top of your needs. Great service

Mike Ramirez

Friendlly and comfortable. Service was very good and the hangover burger was great.


Good atmosphere, nice people !

Ken Richardson

They have good food and great service with scantily clad kilts worn by the waitresses. Nice place, comfortable.

Shawn Sparks

Gave them 3 opportunities and in all 3 cases were horrible service each time. Today we waited 5 minutes to be seated they never acknowledged us so we just left.

Roy Portillo

It was a decent place. The wings could have had more sauce and had more batter on them. The appetizers however were very delicious and the service was good as well

Ron Harrington

Good food A1 excellent service

TX Dragon

Always good food. Brandee was a great hostess today.

Craig Flood

Weds is Trivago night yuk. Service good they had NBA on big t.v. Guinness always good

Mike Mahon

Analesse was our bartender and she was amazing!! I hope I spelled her name correctly. Layed back atmosphere, and really good service. My new weekend hangout with the guys.

Mr. Swanson

A very cool place, food was good but not great, lacked in flavor. The waitress was friendly.

Shannon Dew

Little shocked by the dress code but food was fabulous. Definitely a gentleman's club but we had a nice time. Portions were awesome.

Michael Freeland

Went for my groups NFL Fantasy Draft and had a great time. Got a private room and our own bartender for a great price and had a blast. Food, drinks and atmosphere were awesome. We're going to try and make it go to spot for next year.

Dan Erickson

Food has improved tremendously. I once gave it two stars but 3 is appropriate. Very nice atmosphere with friendly staff.

Adan Sanchez

Great place to stop by for the lunch specials. Had the tacos. They are good. We received excellent customer service by Kourtney B.

david j alvarado

Had a company get together I had a good time

Alexis Gerardo

Great beer, great food and amazing service. Definitely recommend!

damon lyden

6.00 dollar well drinks are stupid, when jameson is the same price.


Great place unfortunately off tasting food today but I know they can do better

calvin eastley

Great atmosphere, beautiful servers, good food. Prompt service

Ulysses Villasan

Noticed that they changed the recipe. I always order the Cod over Vegetable Rice but i found out that they do it on weekly basis. I asked if there's a way to know when are they going to serve it but unfortunately, they don't know. Cheesecake on mango sauce was great tho.

Bob Biker

It's the Tilted Kilt if I have to explain you wouldn't understand.

RT Kerr

Good food served by lasses in native Scottish costume. Quick service with reasonable prices and plenty of parking. Had delicious Scottish stew.

Ryan Taylor

Worst pub nachos I've ever had. Waited 30 mins, came out cold, sent them back and they made the wrong dish, re made them again and they were a little better, but still lackluster. I will not return.

Nik Solanki

Great service, Sadie was very nice and attentive. Food came quickly and was delicious.

Richard Ugelstad

Stopped in about 2pm for a quick beer, bartender was chatting it up with someone, got served, asked for my tab, paid it, and she had the nerve to be upset that I didn't tip. TIPPING IS NOT REQUIRED. Especially when the service is kinda lousy. Pisses me off that poor service is given and tips are expected. Lame

Cody J

Very disappointed in this experience. No signage to direct patrons what to do or where to go so we stood at the door for 10-15 minutes just for the waitress to tell us to seat ourselves. Then sat for another 20-30 minutes before the server approached us for our drink order where we sat for another 15 minutes before getting menus. Once the food made it's way to the table in front of us the chicken tenders we're extremely chewy and tasted like old oil that had been held at too high of a temperature for too long. Guess good help can't be found anywhere anymore.

Chavez Long

Great food and atmosphere!

Stacy Harris

Always great service here!!

Richard Welsh

Always fun environment. Waitress was happy to be there.

Alf Wold

Took 45 minutes to get the salad. Had to send it back as it was served with a foot long dark hair. Waited another 20 minutes for a new salad (by this time my party was done eating). Price: Full bill for the salad without any excuse or discount. Left with a boxed salad so that I could eat it later.

Donald Hogan

Fantastic pub food and drinks

Nicholas Pappagallo Jr

Good pub food, clean business and great service. Also has a dog friendly patio!

murray ramirez

Good cold beer, nice staff,thx Silke ,had a lunch burger it was great.

Scott Minster

This was my first time here since they moved from down the street. The new building is really nice inside and out. Went there with a roommate on a Saturday night and they had a live band playing. Good music but where we first sat we couldn't hear each other speak from a foot away. Moved to a table a bit farther back which was better but still quite loud. Not a big deal, I have no complaints about the music. The food was pretty good as I remember from the last location. Service could have been a tad better but I don't blame our server, I just think they were light staffed that night for some reason. I had a Guinness and then an IPA they had on special and both were great. I would recommend.

Jose Castillo

Best place to have a drink hands down waitresses are great bartender is Koo

Bob Deffenbaugh

Not very happy with food. Beverages and service were great though.

Flip Le Resche

Consistent on the food side. About average with an uplift on the appetizers. Meatloaf had been in too long. Another guest said cheesesteak was bearable. Service was better than food. Atmosphere was excellent.

Andrew DeVore

Normal bar. Food is unimpressive. No real defining flavor. Chili's has better flavor. To be totally honest, not as good as I thought it would be. Service was friendly and prompt.

charles P

Been here several times when I first started it was a great experience with beautiful girls working a little underdressed for family so I come for lunch alone mostly. Service is decent depending on who's is working and who is at the bar some girls seem to take this experience an make it a dating scene all while managers on shift observe and do nothing. in addition takes a bit to get food not because of fabulous cooks but servers wading through the conversations on there way to a fat tip I'm sure from what I can see would be there sugar daddy or maybe father or uncle or grandfather either way too much attention being paid to the wrong things in this establishment. I post this in Hope's that is reviewed by someone who care about the integrity of this business so that customers in the future are not turned away.

J Burrington

Good food, great drinks, good atmosphere.

Carlo Camarena

Food is perfect 9 out of 10 times a d when not they will make right. The only reason Rob and I go there is for Silke, an awesome hot server from Austria, she makes it worth it.. great attitude and wait until you see her in person!

Ajaye Easterwood

Great place to come eat come and enjoy the atmosphere, and the girls really poor writing and pretty.

Felicia Moreno

Too loud apparently for waitress to understand what we were ordering or just didnt care was more owrried about checking out since she was not closing. Not one server introduced themselves. This place is known for hospitality & sweetness. Did not get that vibe here. Maybe because its a franchise they dont care about customer service...not a fan will not recommend

Jon Archenhold

First time in the new location and really impressed. Nice bar and seating areas, more spacious than the old location. Had the chicken salad for lunch. Burgers look good too on their new menu.

Jay Queue

Came for brunch. Had a good time. The manager had just quit prior to our arrival, and despite that the staff handled it well and the wait time was minimal. Wait staff was courteous, attentive, and made sure we had everything we needed. Sunday funday.

Fermin Salas

Ordered classic burger well done and mash potatoes. Burger was great but potatoes were bland. Just plain mashed, no flavor. My friend had parmesan fries and wow, delicious. I'll try again.

Mário Abrantes

Cool place with pretty girls. I think the food could be bit better, but overall it is a great place to go with family or friends

Will Bullock

This was my first time in the new location and I was impressed. Friendly and beautiful staff served us quickly and checked our drinks frequently. And I guess you need a sense of humor to work there, because they were hilarious! My only issue was having to wait until 11am to order anything but breakfast... not even bar appetizers.

Anthony Archer

Haven't been here in YEARS. Upon visiting for the first time in nearly 7 years I'm glad to see the food and service hasn't gone down a bit. I usually get the shepherds pie but tried something new this time and it was great. Really glad I got something new as that gives me confidence to try something else in the menu next time!

Taylor Brown

It's hit or miss on hot food. Have gone several times with the guys from work. Sometimes our wings are hot and most times they come out cold or lukewarm at best.

The Doctor

Totally ruined my experience. I was told they were out of a beer. 10 minutes later another customer ordered, I asked why I didn’t get one.. they told me it was the bottom of the keg and asked me to leave. I will never go back. I only liked the one beer. No way to treat a customer. Should have been an apology and that’s it. This place deserves to close .

Robert Saunders

Very nice place, pretty girls , polite people, clean, decent food.

Alix Bauer

Good food, good drinks, good prices and great service.

Jeffrey J

Not typical service this time. Normally attentive and bar is clean. Not so much this came out too quick like it was for someone else.

Randy Jackass McVay

The beer was cold, food was good and the staff, well ya know....

Joe Rubert

Food was bad drinks were out of plastic . my food was cold when server took it back she had to argue with cook about getting a new order. Won't be back

Jeremy Stock

Food is ok, but you go here for the atmosphere. Beer list could use improvement.

Rene Duhamel

I had been to a Tilted Kilt years ago and remembered the Shepherds being fantastic but this location was not even close!

Jacob Gutierrez

I had a good time. The food was on point. Had no issues at all. Our server was super attentive and the entire staff was friendly. Ive only been to the one in downtown Phoenix but honestly didnt know there was one closer to home. Will be back !

Ruben Balderrama

Best burger I've had in a while and our server was awesome.

Cecilia S

Service was good, food is marginal for the price portions are pretty small. The pickles fries were delish. The sandwich was, ehh! The place was very clean. Mimosa was poured in a VERY small wine glass for $9...eek

Ed Serrano

New location better building made some changes on their menu which were good

Teresa Bublitz

Service isnt great but beer was good


Food is usually good but the scenery isn't always the best.

Walter O'Brien

Most of the food was ok but boring. Their buffalo mac n cheese was the only thing we ordered that was anything worth talking about since it was really good. Atmosphere was ok. Sports bar vibe. Basically a Hooters with mini plaid kilts and crop tops. If it's what you're going for, the waitresses we had were all very attractive and their outfits provide you with eye candy. Even though it's not the place for me, I could see it being someone else's place to go.

Speaker Freak

Great food, great waitresses, good games and music

Ron Gaskins

By far the worst service I've experienced on my trip to Phoenix. Food is average. Avoid this place.


Exactly what you'd expect. Decent food and quick service. Chicken was a little dry, but still edible.

Jamea Vanconant

As others have said, hit or miss service. More misses than hits lately. Go with a group every Tuesday. 5-7 men women and occasionally a child. This week we sat outside to enjoy weather. Went inside twice to ask hostess to send out waitress. 20 min in they seat another table outside (total of 4 now) in 5-6 min waitress shows and takes THEIR order. Then checks her other tables. Finally after 30 min she takes our drink order. Soon table after us gets thier drinks....others get refills......we get nothing.....went to find management. We did finally get one round. Typically we order 3-4 rounds and a few appetizers. I understand that they do not hire based on waitressing skills, but come on. That is a steady 15-20 drinks and food order being ignored. Needless to say we will be searching for another Tuesday spot.

Jim Johnson

Good food, great server, it doesn't get any better than this.

Keisha Collins

Good service. Good atmosphere

Bob Cowgill

Very friendly and comfortable. Good service and specials. They also give military discounts.

neal vaughan

Decent food (Club Sandwhich). Service was terrible. Long waits, no water offered, condiments not brought to table, bill took forever to get..

Karen Freeman

A few more selections of whiskey than your average neighborhood bar. Food ,hmmm, stew is supposed to have a thick soup feel right? Well my Irish stew had no gravy... good, but still lacking in my opinion. Bartender/ waitress fabulous

Marc Bauder MD

You don't know?

Danica Campbell

I called in a pick up order on a Monday night at 7:45...was told the kitchen was behind by 45 min to arrive and find an empty parking lot...and to be told THEN that they were out of the Veggie AND black bean disappointed!! Will never come back!!! Had to cancel half my order and find food else where.....NEVER AGAIN Tilted

Adam Layman

It's hard to get past the service being so slow- when at a table it may take 5 minutes to flag someone down, and then 10 minutes for them to bring a drink.

Clark Kent

I love this place, but I have to admit. I always eat before going there now because they took the Citrus Cod off the menu. I would love to start eating there again, but they need to put the CutruC Cod back on the menu.

Toni Jien

Immediate seating not bad for friday night. But because we were couples I'm pretty sure the server didn't come back for a while because they couldn't flirt w us lol. They were all way to busy and firting w the men groups. I get it. Good was okay, kind of bland. But I ate it cause I was hungry. Prices okay

Joe Riddle

Stopped in the afternoon for gin on the rocks. Decent price. Very quiet that day. It looked like it could get very crowded later in the evening. Great service and very young ladies doing the work.

Mike Saccomando

The food is solid mediocrity. Occasionally you'll be pleasingly surprised. I meet a group there weekly so I've had many of their entrees. There is nothing outstanding unless you include the server staff.

Donald Steffes

Food is spicy, not very big portions. Service was excellent.


This place is so dirty. The table had chunks of food that were not cleaned off. The menus had chunks of food on them as well as being sticky. Very disappointed!

Angie Latimer

Good happy hour with friends! Cute staff.

Sandi Morse

We went for St. Patrick's day to have corned beef and cabbage. We were very disappointed. The Corned beef was sliced for sandwiches and they were out of potatoes and carrots when I asked for a corned beef sandwich instead they said they were now out of corned beef all together...the waitress was wonderful and tried to make it right but when my plate came out with underdone cabbage and fatty sliced corned beef and no potatoes I no longer wanted to eat it. They did not charge me for it which was appreciated but still very disappointing

C. Chavez

Way better than old location.

A.L. Scott

Good atmosphere, great service, awesome food

Lucas Anselmo

The scenery is nice as usual. It is a Scottish/Irish bar. I had a Ruben sandwich there and it was terrible. It had a bunch of chuncks of fat in it and the meat was very rubbery. The waitress took a while to get us beers, probably about 10 minutes. BTW it wasn't busy at all, the place wasn't even half full. I fully expect it to take a little while for a beer if it was busy. So the service wasn't great either.

Anthony Anastasio

Went here on Saturday for happy hour! Very good prices, the Loaded Tots were very tasty and $3 Lagunitas on draft! I'll be back!!!

Doug Cozzie

Awesome sports atmosphere! Awesome scenery (staff)! Great food! Great service! We'll be back!

Keith Hobbs

Waitress was great and beers were quick. However, the food sucked. Medium rare steak came out grey and wings weren’t even warm. Staff offered zero compensation until my buddy asked. I blame it on the management. Come drink beer and enjoy. Skip the food.

Brian W

Food was very decent. I had the fish and chips and it was moist and flaky. Not a place I would take my girlfriend. To easy to get busted staring.

Levi Lawrence

We enjoyed the drinks and the service that was given to our group of 6. It was really loud because the Americans were playing in the Women's World Cup. Although we weren't really interested in that game, it does seem to be a good place to go to watch games. They helped us celebrate the stag we were on by providing a free shot to the bachelor. We only ordered a couple of appetizers but what we got was tasty.

Brittany feeney

Great service, delicious food. Came out hot and fresh. My son started to throw a fit about having sauce on his pasta (my fault not theirs) and our server immediately took it back and got him new.

Houston Shipe

Food was good and at a reasonable price. Friendly staff but took a little longer than expected to bring the bill or refill drinks. Overall a nice lunch experience.

Stick Woodard

We had a great time drafting our Fantasy Football Teams here! Great staff, and environment!

Andrew Michalak

Service was friendly and great, Logan the dude was a bro and gave us a free beer. 5 stars


Came in on Sunday evening. Not crowded or excessively noisy, pleasant overall. Kilt girl server Jaky was very attentive and gracious (and unbelievably gorgeous, I don't mind saying!). Had Kilt Burner flavored boneless wings, Kilt Club Sandwich followed by Tilted Guilt chocolate chip cookie for dessert. All delicious ( and worth the calories). Will come back if I'm in the area again.

william ward

Poor sevice not busy took twenty minute's to get two beers

E west

Incredible service coupled with decent food and a clean, fun environment made for a five star experience! Came here for a Batchelor party and we were treated really well! It was the perfect location for the party, they were willing to work with us and our group number and kept things fun for the Batchelor!

Matthew Carlo

Great restaurant, great food, great service and great atmosphere. I've been here twice already and both my servers Brandee and Jaky were both amazing. Highly recommend anyone to go there.

Jose Garcia

Friendly service, good beer selection, and plenty of tvs

Victor Bradford

A classic sports bar and eatery. The servers are dressed in Scottish attire. They are friendly, attentive and helpful. Many TV's showing most sporting events. The food is good and the price is right.

Audree Mikeska

Cute girls so my husband and Jon can be entertained for our entire visit.

Jim Kugel

My friend and I eat at the Tempe Tilted Kilt every Wednesday (the day that our wives golf). We enjoy the hospitality and particularly enjoy Silke's humor and personality. She would be a great ambassador for your business if she would be selected to be on your calendar.

John Carlson

Great food and atmosphere


The little bartender I had was really amazing .....service was great... I only had an appetizer...3stars because I didnt try their actual entrees

Alan Sanchez Sr

Just a great place to eat and have a beer and watch the ball game! The staff is awesome and friendly and beautiful!

Steve Guffee

Food was good. Service was great. Prices good. Place was clean, everyone had smiles on their faces, which actually seemed genuine, which in the past was hard to believe. I am aware of the stigma associated with the treatment of the staff by the management, but it seemed, at a glance at least, to not be the case. I will definitely go back.

alan cofran

Cool place alot like twin peaks

Mark Ware

Decent food and good service.

Gary Parr

It's sports bar food. Nice selection of beer though.

Rémy C.

Incompent staff. They don't look their tablet to process an online order. The lady was like " oops I forgot to put it in the system". What a joke

Lauren Croft

Ahhh yes...come and experience the fine women of Guadalupe LOL what a disaster

Isaac Mccormick

First time I had been here since they moved from the old location. Have to say the old place was much better, Cozyier and better service. New place seem too main stream, corporate like. Waited 15mins before anyone came to seat us. Then we were told they were too busy. So we left. What a shame.

Kylie Mack

The girls were pretty. We ordered drinks my dad's beer took the longest to receive for some reason. We got his beer a little before we received our dinner. His side salad also came out a little before our main meal. My niece's kids Mac and cheese came out a little cold. For some reason they started using plastic cups according the one of the delivery ladies if they get too busy they run out if regular cups. Hey owner! Buy more cups you wasting money And destroying the Earth. The food was as expected decent, just ok. A bit over priced for the quality of food and portions.

jackie trotman

Very nice atmosphere, staff is really nice

Paul Finder

Went in at 8:45pm. No hostess to greet you. The Bus Person (man in black kilt) finally came and sat me. Ordered 6 grilled wing and a half ceaser salad. It took 10 minutes for the salad, and 23 min for the wings. Service is awful. My server stood more at the bar than serving her tables. Inplaced my CC on the table indicating I was ready to leave (since she never checked back), and it took another 15 minutes for the check to come to be paid. The bar tender was dropping the F bomb, amongst other curse words. This location used to be great with great food and great service, but it has gone drastically down hill. Probably will not come to this location again.

Charles Reckenberg

I really enjoy the variety of menu items. EX. Where can you go and get Shepard pie. Fish and Chips ate very good. Not greasy like many restaurants.

Dianne Balonis

Food was just ok. Service was less than good.

Daniel Rivera

The staff really took the time to explain gluten friendly items on the menu. There aren't many, but this is where my son wanted to go for his birthday and it did not disappoint. We all enjoyed our meals, and the wait staff was attentive and friendly.

mark hovanec

Love this place. They stepped up their game on appetizers.

David Thomas

food very good, service poor , forgot about me , had to ask twice for ketchup, by then my fries room temp. it happens. I just wont be back as soon. thanks

KoKo DoesIt

It took15 minutes for server to greet us. The cocktails were good.. for the most part. Spinach dip was definately not up to par and was luke warm. The servers were more motivated to rock their tiny outfits and lashes than to wow their guests. It took 30 minutes to get a philly chees steak sandwich and a chicken wrap. Which was all cold.. including the well done fries that were cold, stail & definatley not well done. When we received our corrected meal, the steak was super salty and we were over the visit. I would only return for cocktails and environment.

Dan Bartlett

Very good like the wings Ruben sandwiches and the wait staff always fun to talk too.

Martha Martin

Went for quick lunch before flying out of Phoenix, I wasn’t impressed. My friend and I couldn’t eat either dish. Wasn’t what I expected.

Rhasaan Kimbrough

Go for the drinks special, forget the food. Salad took to long, got the wrong salad and half portion, needed to leave to get back to work. Waited to the new one, half a$$ done and tastes horrible. You think they would have discounted the salad, Nope full price.

Vincent P. Colandrea II

Simply Stated... I Liked The "Old Corporate HQ" So Much Better. The Bar Maids Weren't So "Snotty & Arrogant", Had Much Better Attitudes & Focused On Service. The Beers We're Poured With Much Better Care & Precision... Rather Than Served With 2-inch Heads Of Foam Flowing Over The Top Of Every Glass Served. The Servers Use To Smile At You When You Walked In & Nearly Faught Over Who Would Wait On Your Table Instead Of Starring At You Now Like You're NOT There Or That You Interrupted A Text! Ya... I Liked The Old Place Better... How Sad I Drove 370 Miles To Find Out How Poor "It" Has Become.

Antonio Paulos

The Mac and cheese was great. Also, I fell in love with Haley. I hope I'm spelling her name right

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