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REVIEWS OF The Cottage IN Arizona

Stephen Smith

What can I say but WOW! Amazing meal! Started out with escargot (delicious) and herb mushrooms-awesome! Then had the chateaubriand--OMG!! Perfectly done. Comes with soup AND salad. I went with the tomato bisque, my wife went with the squash. Both of us loved them. I had the cypress salad- the tomatoes were absolutely perfect. No room for desert. Best restaurant we've tried in Flagstaff!

Jon Van Doren

Terrific and friendly service. Very good food. Ambiance would have been great if not for the family with loud young children nearby. Unlikely you would encounter a similarly thoughtless group, so don’t let that dissuade you. Reservations 7:30 or later would be added insurance for a romantic meal.

Jim Damm

Awesome and Service was really special

Ed Boik

Amelia Maclaren

Absolutely wonderful! Food is delicious, service is great, and atmosphere is quiet and romantic. Highly recommend!

Karen Fernandes

Excellent food and service

Rada Rich

Early celebration. Wonderful food, staff excellent especially Celeste. Very reasonable fir the food and service we received

Lydia Gonzales

ken pyra

A gem, we always look forward two coming here

Brenda Silveus

Excellent chicken service a bit slow even for fine dining

Tina Jones

Good food

James Dube

Great food great atmosphere

adilene valenzuela

Johanna Vaughn

Excellent food and wonderful service

Mike Furr

Always perfect

Jeff Westrick

Our family always ate here when we visited my brother-in-law while he was attending NAU. The food and the service were always excellent. We always came in a large group, but I think this would be a great place for a romantic meal, as well.

Dawn Sutherland

First time and likely last time for us. I'll start by saying the food was excellent, hence the gift of one star. However, if we'd known we'd be dining in a sauna, we'd have worn different clothing. We looked forward to a lovely evening with friends, celebrating a retirement. Instead, we spent this summer evening uncomfortable and daubing perspiration. There was a fan in the corner and after a short time, I asked it if might be turned on us which helped just a bit. A short time, later, the fan was removed and looked as though it was placed at another table. I asked for another fan and received only an indulgent smile from our waiter. I asked again and received no response. I was wearing a long tunic with leggings and discretely slipped them off under the concealment of the table cloth. The rest of my party couldn't do anything similar and the four of us continued the meal perspiring and uncomfortable. Even a little ice in the water might have afforded some relief, but unfortunately, the water was a warm, room temperature. Looking back on the evening, the staff should have observed how uncomfortable we were and offered to move us outside, but they were oblivious. When we finished our meal, we left feeling exhausted and as though we'd been through some physical effort rather than a lovely light-hearted meal with good friends. I'm most peeved at being ignored after asking three times for a fan, then obviously fanning myself with the paper menu. Honestly, at those menu prices and the 20% "service charge" one might think this place could afford air conditioning or at least a few more fans. And speaking of "service charge", typically the customer determines the tip based on the attentiveness of the wait staff. When the tip is predetermined and automatic, as in this case, they simply don't have to care if you're comfortable or happy. This explains why the service was perfunctory and no one seemed to care about our comfort. Yup, probably won't be back.

Brian Wallace

Exceptional dinning experience in Flagstaff.

Danelle Record

Very cute, quiet atmosphere. Knowledgeable kind staff

alex b.

My wife and I enjoyed our 31st anniversary dinner at the cottage. We tried eating here in the past but either couldn't get in or they were closed.We did however make it this year, excellent food coupled with superior service in a romantic setting left us wanting for nothing...keep up the good work..

Nichelle Powers

The braised short rib is amazing.

Robert Hinson

Great tasting food, friendly service, comfortable atmosphere...a real treat.

Brian Co

This was our first trip back to what was The Cottage Place since it was sold to a new owner and turned into The Cottage. I will start by saying if you've never been before, it's not bad, but if you HAVE been in the past, you'll be sorely disappointed. When a restaurant such as this is sold to a new owner, the new owner has two choices. One, they could swallow their ego/pride and keep the established, successful restaurant going, introducing changes here and there as time goes on, or two, they can say the hell with it and put their mark on it from the start. Unfortunately the new owner chose the latter. The result is a mediocre restaurant much like the others he's owned. You went to the Cottage Place for a true fine dining experience. You got dressed to the 9s, got waited on hand and foot, and had an epic time. Now, people wear jeans and hats, and the service is no better than service at Oakmont (which is a golf course diner). Denny's style benches now adorn one whole wall and cheesy "French" decor which you can find at Bed, Bath & Beyond or Marshall's abounds. The biggest disappointment was the elimination of the Tasting Menu. The Tasting Menu offered a nicely organized pre-set menu with five courses and a pallete cleansing, as well a perfectly paired You could choose to do the TM, or you could order off the regular menu. Now you get an 11 x 17 piece of cardstock for a menu with a eight appetizers on top and eight entrees on the bottom. That's it. Variety is not a priority here. Now for the accommodations, service, and food: We were seated at a table in the back corner near the door to the kitchen. The was a large box fan directly behind (as in less than a foot) one of the chairs. I found this to be rather interesting, and the hostess offered to take it away, but it was on the warm side so I opted to leave it, just turn it down to low. Still... a box fan? Really? That's just tacky. The service was decent, just like Oakmont. Our waiter was knowledgeable and friendly, but that's how ANY waiter should be, so nothing special there. The food was decent, as well. We started with the Charcuterie plate, which had a variety of meats; duck, venison, etc. and some pickled vegetables. For entrees, I had the pork chop, which was recommended by our server. It was ok as far as pork chops go. Wasn't the best I've had but certainly wasn't the worst. My fiance had a steak dish (which has since been taken off the menu) that was prepared the way she requested and had decent flavor, but was a mediocre cut of meat. One thing... they have done away with tipping and now automatically add 20% on to your bill. The hostess explained this when she seated up, saying it was so all the employees got equitable shares of the tips. I'm not opposed to this, but 20% might be a little high. I went into this with an open mind, eager to see what Scott did with the place. To be perfectly honest, he did what he always does; he "Heinonen'd" it and made a run of the mill restaurant. He should have gradually changed things as opposed to completely reversing the course of the restaurant and then riding the wave of good reviews on here, Yelp, etc. This is no longer a fine dining experience, which is sad, and it's definitely NOT a "French bistro". I'll not be back.

scot liepack

Great food and the service is equally good. This was my second time eating at The Cottage. It would be destination dining in any major city, amazing it's in Flagstaff.

Luis Armando Fernandez Intriago

The Best French Restaurant in Arizona! Beautiful house and excellent food!


Been here twice, the duck is still one of the best ducks i've ever eaten. Price is well worth the atmosphere and good food.

Elaine Hughes

Eileen Utter

Excellent! VERY fine service and wonderful fare!

Sarah Polnow

We were looking for a nice sit down place and this place was it! It is pricey but the food is phenomenal! We just ordered appetizers but I wish we could've stayed for the entrees too. Never had French cuisine but its gotta be the best in town! Michael was our server and he was great! He was so welcoming and service was on point.

Suzanne Olson

Hreat food, great service. Loved it all

Ida Bar

We had a wonderful time. The staff was very nice, going out of their way to make it a great experience. I would highly recommend this place. Great coffee, and amazing deserts. Will definitely be visiting again.

Michael Wilson

Aaron Fernando Soberanes

One of the best restaurants in town, I loved it.... a must.

Judy Wagner

Approximately 4 oz of chicken for $28 a bit pricey but flavor was excellent.

Eve Lawlor

Great food and the staff is excellent.

illustry westlove

Arturi Bello

Danielle Hess

The food was great but the waitress made us feel like we were inconveniencing her. They also do not have any high chairs

Lora Mazza

Seth Tucker

Tobey Harris

Paula Yeager

Had a much st delightful dinner last night. The service by Joe was impeccable and the food was as good as country French could be. We loved the atmosphere. Each person ordered something different and it was all fabulous. Starting with appetizers and salad and ending with dessert. I had Coq Au Vin and it was as good as any I've had. Surprisingly the food was light. No heavy sauces. Good for anyone watching their diet

Luanne Robertson

The service and food for Sunday Brunch was Amazing. We look forward to visiting The Cottage again soon.


Top shelf in all categories. Great restaurant. IMHO the BEST place in Flagstaff.

James Anderson, CFRE

The Cottage is one of the finest restaurants in Arizona. It’s a French farmhouse bistro inspired oasis that serves up magnificent seasonal menus. As one of our many appetizers, we enjoyed some of the best veal sweetbreads I have ever had. We also indulged in pork loin, lamb shoulder, roast chicken and Bouillabaisse. Save room for dessert! Don’t miss the chocolate tort, beignets or crème brûlée.

grace ogden

Fratelli's Pizza around the corner is much better. Not so romantic, but they have amazing people

Flag Gal

We just tried out the new brunch menu and it was FANTASTIC!!! This will definitely be our new go-to spot.

Denise Howard

A wonderful little place - try some of the appetizers and a bottle of wine... or enjoy the real white anchovies on specials

Amy Jaramillo

Jilly Joiner

Scot Germroth

Great place my son loved it as well he learned some culinary tips from some of warmest people I've ever met or seen at a fantastic restaurant. Raspberry and white paint was a real treat. The food is better than word can say food melted in the mouth and dessert are heavenly I would give it 10 stars plus diamond's hats off to the team and marvelously done chef we will be back with family again and again Thanks looking forward to it.

Sierrah Max

Hi back every chance I got.

Andre Matthews

Rhonda Hayes

Outstanding food and service. Just passing through and found this gem.

Janie Wilson

I would have to give this place a five star review- the new menu is amazing. They didn't change much inside, but I did notice that it's a little more energized with the new owner. Great dishes, changing seasonally, will definitely be back!


The food here is good when you think even I though I didn't taste, Therefore it's disgusting.

Maram Abdelal

Bob Harris

I too was greatly disappointed with the changes to The Cottage. It is not the fine dining establishment that it once was. I miss the tasting menu. It was heavenly. The steak I ordered was very good. However I was surprised to receive a metal bucket of french fries with an old menu scrap stuffed in the container. My wife had the soup du jour which was amazing. Again, however, receiving another piece of trash between the bowl and the plate. What's with that, just throw the old menus away! Oh, and about the mandatory 20% gratuity. The service I received certainly did not warrant that rate. The bread was forgotten and the fries as well. It took well over 20 minutes for us to receive our entree once we were served our salad/soup and there was only one other party in the restaurant, and they had already eaten. Booth style seating was a bit surprising too. Please change the name of the restaurant to something completely different or change the food, service, and ambiance back to the original Cottage Place we loved.

Katelynn James

The Cottage House is one of the classiest places in Flag. I absolutely love the food and the services is always spot on. If you are looking for a romantic night out, then look no further. You won't regret it.

Alexandria Lewis

Gabriela Vazquez

Junna Hayashi

excellent food and service!

Mike Sullivan

Traveled from Peoria, AZ to enjoy the incredible food and service!

Matt Casbarro

The food was spectacular.

Campton Wilkins

Michelin quality experience. Ask for Marianne.

Fernando Sosa

Delicious delicious delicious!!! Always leave room for dessert! Charming location and equally charming staff. The chef is skilled and provided an enjoyable feast. Although the courses themselves were not obviously "french" in style out execution, the flavors are french inspired and did I mention delicious?

Gemma ODonnell

My husband and I frequented the Cottage when it had prior owners and we loved it. We have been to the Cottage twice now since new ownership and love it as well. Last evening, we had the Sunday prefixe menu and our waiter Micheal treated us wonderfully. The meal was paced out perfectly and every selection was delicious. The 20% gratuity was fine with us. Flagstaff is fortunate to have the Cottage.


We went for a dinner with friends and am very glad we did. The food was wonderful. The kind of wonderful where you use every piece of bread to get the last drop of sauce from your bowl level of delicious. Take your time and enjoy!

m p

Oustanding food, the chicks liked! But artisan bread?? And the lamb Need a touch of rosemary!!!

Rob Pasell

The food is generally good and high quality. The lounge is small but comfortable. As with most Flagstaff restaurant's, the prices are high. Service is generally good with some typical turn over issues. I can definitely recommend The Cottage.

Justin Randall

- BOOOOOOO! The menu is limited, my steak was over cooked and tasted like sawdust, it came with french fries that tasted like they came out of a freezer box. My wife's meal was not much better. When I let the server know about my over cooked steak, he comped us a small dessert. WHAAAAT! For almost $100 for 2 people with no starters or drinks this is an extremely poor value, I'll NEVER go back!

cassandra khneiger


Vlad Shimansky

Came here for our 1st year anniversary and had a wonderful time. The food was amazing and the wine pairing was excellent.

Megan Hosterman

The duck was amazing. Loved the intimate setting.

chelsea green

Leong Tan

jesse collman

Leah Moran

My husband and I had a really nice dinner at The Cottage! Delicious entrées and a relaxed/ cozy atmosphere.

Anthony Kong

Restaurant was highly recommended. Had their salad with peach. The peach was so sweet. Best that I had this summer. Great bread . Ordered a steak medium. It was a little undercooked. Good fries. Service was attentive but we were seated by the kitchen which was noisy

Christopher Skinner

Joe was one of the better servers we've had, he has an excellent grasp of the menu, the meal was perfectly paced, and every course was delicious. We will be returning every time we vist Flagstaff.

Brian Bartholomew

This place is incredible. Everything I've had here is mouth watering. Great service and owners. Can't say enough good things.

Ron Smith

This is a fine dining restaurant in a converted home. I give it 4 stars because when you see the prices and expect fine dining, you have high standards. This is not a neighborhood bar. The menu changes constantly depending on what they can get fresh, so recommending a particular dish is probably pointless. This is unusual and quite charming. The food was expertly prepared and tasty and our server was very attentive. I would recommend this restaurant, but it will not be a place we frequent often because of the expense.

Michelle Alter

If you are looking for a Flagstaff dining experience, this is it. We have referred others and taken a class there. Enjoy a never an empty glass service, food, and drinks. Chef comes out to check on patrons regularly, there is a reason why this place is Best of Flagstaff for years running,

Hugh Thomas

Best food

Trenchless Marketing, Inc.

Rarely do I hand out five stars. The rack of lamb, table side for two is the best I've had. Kudos.

Kristen Cornette

The first time I dined at The Cottage it was fantastic. The second time, again, fantastic. The third time, amazing. I'd say three times with consistently delicious food and attentive service warants a five star post. Our server, Michael, and the other three fine ladies were so attentive and accommodating. I now crave the peppered steak, the squash risotto (heavenly), and the cream brûlée. I could go on; even the carrots were delicious! Looking forward to my next visit. (Did I mention I love the wine list?)

Edwin Durning

Great place to take someone very special to you.

Wyatt Brown

Currently, one of Flagstaff's best foods.

Noah Carriere

Very quaint and romantic restaurant. Nicest, and most upscale restaurant in Flagstaff.

Trent Eidemiller

Read reviews prior to obliging myself in the best meal.... and was never overcharged, underwhelmed, or waited for a thing. Great service, food, and well valued . Thanks for a great meal, can't wait to come back!

Candace Rossvanes

The crowd is definitely older here. The prices are amazing! We did a tasting menu with wine pairings. You couldn't ask for more!

Wally Bentley

Staff was extremely rude however the food was excellent

Bill Ferris

Wonderfully prepared food, comfortable elegant atmosphere and fantastic service. We were treated like family.

theressa whittemore

Julie Stevenson

No where else like it, primo!!!!!!!

Eric Ridley

Jane Barr

The Cottage

Joe Harting

Fantastic meal, great place to celebrate anniversary or other special occasion.

john griffith

Absolutely loved it! Our server (Michael) was very knowledgeable, personable, and attentive. The veal sweetbreads was orgasmic. The duck dish was amazing. And we had to try the tomato/roquefort soup for desert, it was an amazing combination I would have never thought of. Unlike the only negative review I saw, I don't care what it used to be, rather I love what it is.

Christi Diamond

Jennifer Grogan

Rachael Shapiro

I was very excited about trying The Cottage out for a birthday dinner. I made reservations online a week before and the day of I got a call saying “We are closing early tonight and have to cancel your reservation.” Very unprofessional and disappointing and gave me almost no time in advanced to make reservations elsewhere. Sadly, I don’t believe I’ll try and go again.

jill skeen

Ashley Lynn

Dan Stormont

Amazing. An incredible dining experience! Expensive, but highly recommended.


Amazing food and service.

nancy mabbitt

Lovely place to dine. My family and I were here at Christmas and the food and atmosphere made this event very special.

ProductReviewerMe Lisa

Bummer, Really, Next Please! After sitting at our table, we are told the 20% tip at The Cottage is mandatory. We are happy to tip 20% if the service is good. As we sit at our table our daughter comments on the quaintness of the restaurant. She says, this restaurant is cute but I am hot Mom. She goes on to say for an upscale restaurant air conditioning would be nice. I offer my daughter my seat near a large floor fan. My daughter declines my invite to sit near the fan. I should note our the service from our waiter Michael was not good. Michael's service was fair at best. Michael's recommendation of a Merlot/ Cab blend was spendy but worthwhile. After an hour of waiting for our meal Michael told us the appetizer was on the house. I would like to note we watched another table finish their meal, the table linens changed and the new customers with plates of food before our dinner is served. Our meal was two third wonderful. I enjoyed the lovely beef shoulder dish, our daughter liked her tasty southern fried chicken but my husband was unable to cut through the dried out beer cooked chicken beast and dried out wing. The chicken wing was so dried out it resembled a small wish bone. As my husband struggles to find chicken on the chicken bone the waiter never checked on us. The result was my daughter and I each gave part of our dinner to my husband. At the end of the night I could not keep my silence. When the waiter finally shows up at our table my words of disappointment flew. The result, the inedible chicken was removed from our bill but the waiter reignited on his prior offer to waive the appetizer. When paying the check we confirm that The Cottage is not the The Cottage Place and the ownership has changed. I note the change in ownership because my husband and I dined there last year. Last year our dinner was fabulous, the service outstanding and menu style interesting. We will not be back.

Justin F

Suck good food, but the staff and clientele are too casual.

Rich Boyd

Mothers day lunch. I had the country omelet with and gruyere with potatoes and a tasty little salad. My wife had biscuits and gravy with sunny eggs. She loved gravy with all the sausage.

Daniel Sizemore

voice number

Replace very comfy and cozy the help is very knowledgeable about their menu and the bartender was on point would definitely recommend going here if you're in Flagstaff

Ron Norman

Michael Hummer

Not the same place as the previous owners

John Phillips

The food is amazing. From the first course to the end. Creative and the passion is there. We spent $180 on food, so if you really want to know, go eat it. You will thank me. The chef's book is also creative. Ty

Sheri Smith

Mike Jones

Sarah Chilberg

Had appetizers and cocktails on their front patio. Such a nice space to sit on a wArm summer night. The blistered green beans were a little greasy so the dipping sauce wouldn't stick but both had good flavor. Cocktails were inexpensive and tasty.

Mark Reichle

Offended by any establishment that adds a 20% service charge for a party of two. My wife enjoyed the Duck. I did not enjoy the sirloin tips. Our server was pleasant. Made sure to refill my wife's beverage but neglected to refill mine. Insisted that the 20% charge be removed, which the manager did after informing me that I was ONLY the 4th person to object in 2 years... Why should it matter? Disappointing end to an otherwise enjoyable day. Will n it be returning or recommending.

Sara Rhodes

Scott does an amazing job. He has captured the flavor and feel of the French Bistro. Will recommend this to everyone. Being a chef myself, it is wonderful to have a place like this with this kind of cuisine.

Angela Bobay

Selective wine list to each item on the menu - amazing staff and chefs!

Ellen Parrott

Darryl A. San Souci

The food was exceptional, my waitress overcharged me for a glass of wine. Other than that, it was outstanding!

Cathy Rogers

The food, staff and atmosphere were excellent. Will definitely go back.

Masa K

こじんまりした一軒家のようなレストラン。 きれいに盛り付けられたフレンチで、普通に美味しい。 デザートは目の前で最後の調理をしてくれるスタイルで、目でも楽しませてくれる。 味は大味だが悪くない。 値段は高め。

Mariellen Plese

Jessica Pae

Great food and a special treat for a special occasion. A rare gem in Flagstaff.

Heather Johan

Beautiful French Cottage decor, good food, bring money

Jackson Leonard

Kelly Atkinson

Jason Inc.

Wonderful anniversary dinner with my wife has a classic trained French chef who has been a sushi chef for the last 20 years I loved everything about my perfectly prepared meal cheese and fruit appetizer was great not to mention the cheesecake

Nuvola Neve

So adorable!

Jesse Grossenbacher

Horrible hostess/maître d'. We arrived early for our reservation and were told the table slated for us was not yet ready, but they may be able to fit us in somewhere else by our reserved time. We waited and watched as multiple groups arrived and were sat right away. After 40 minutes since we initially arrived, I made a final check-in on the delay with our table and was told by the hostess that restaurant logistics were too complex to explain to me and it would be another 15-20 minutes before we were sat. That was the end of our wait at the restaurant. We walked to Beaver Street Brewery around the corner and had enough fun there to make up for the rudeness/condescension received at Cottage Place Restaurant.

Nick B

I wish this place the best. As of now I think the only accurate description is, "extremely mediocre." Nice menu and selection, but nothing to rave about. Be prepared to wait... You may be in a rush but the chef is not.

Nathan Friedman


Thomas Nagel

Good atmosphere and interesting food

Randy Koerner

If you like creative gourmet dining, this is the place for you. This is one of my favorite restaurants in Arizona.

vincent gerard

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