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REVIEWS OF The B Line IN Arizona

laura cantu

Okay food but I did order the Migas not the pancakes which look amazing. Be prepared to wait. Tight sitting.

Ben Burkhart

It was amazing breakfast. My wife hasn't stopped talking about her biscuit since we visited a week ago, and my burrito was simple and perfect. The coconut cream pie? Out of this world. Charming place in an interesting vibrant neighborhood. Stop here for a treat you won't soon forget!

Nalgitas .

This place gets a one-star because I didn't even get to try anything. Due to the fact of how inaccessible this place is to someone in a wheelchair. The small little entry dining area is the only place that's accessible. Which might be fine if they had anything other than high top tables. The 1 high top table that has the ability to lower was "broken". Completely unacceptable. I'll be talking to the Local ADA affiliate and letting them know the status of this establishment. I expect actions to be taken that allow for better access for those with disabilities. It's sad how some places are so lacking when it comes to things like inclusivity.

Stacey Delisle

You have to place your order before sitting. Although there was a line ahead of me once my order was placed it was very quick

Rachel Senick

Cute little place to grab something quick to eat. Pastries are so good youll want to get some to go for later. The staff is very friendly and keeps the place looking clean. Also one of the cheaper places to eat downtown.

Andrew Atherton

Awesome service and great food! Just visiting from out of town and wanted a breakfast. Did not disappoint!

Hildegard Howard

Not too many seating options and far too loud! Also, not equipped with enough options of sweetening beverages. Wait staff is nice though.


Great atmosphere

Jennifer Quijada

So many options! I love grabbing lunch here, quick, pleases everybody, and central location.

Sibel Duzenli

Local and reliable for satisfying breakfasts and lunches... and the most seductive pies and desserts!

Bets Greer

Tucson's best diner. Breakfast burrito is very tasty, as is roasted veggies. Pies are divine. They pour a great cup of coffee, too. Staff is great.

Tomas Fierro

Went to pick up food as part of a Postmates order. The lady behind the counter didn't say hello, did not acknowledge me in any way. She completely looked down on me. I placed my order, no thank you, no it will be right up sir. Place is filled with flies, dirty rag left on the window counter. Order comes up, I ask if there is utensils In the bag, she scoffs and asks " you need utensils?". Even if the food is great, the employees are straight dog poop.

susan dodd

Excellent as always

Max Icke

Tasty brunch and very good coffee in a nice and relaxed ambient. Very personable staff. I would go back if I come back to town.

Teresa Allen

Had a great steak salad. Friend had Turkey club that was fabulous. Hubby had really good tacos

Steven Laguna

Delicious desserts some of the best in Tucson. ❤️❤️❤️

susan denis

Totally friendly staff and delicious reliable menu! It's my go-to neghborhood cafe!

Dave Abad

Fantastic rhubarb- raspberry and blueberry-peach pies.

Kitty VonGassi

The most messed up thing happened to me here today. I jumped off the tram and ran in to use the restroom. I was having a medical emergency, and while I was trying to take care of myself, I heard someone try the door. I had it locked of course and there was no knock, so I didn't think anything of it. Next thing I know, while dealing with my situation, they UNLOCK the freaking door and look in!! No apology! No knock! So I hurried up and left. Beyond mad, I didn't feel like yelling at them and further the conundrum. So rude!! I had even planned to buy something when I left. Nope! So caution using the restroom here, who knows what bazaar thing will happen....

Stacy Clinkingbeard

The B Line has such a comfortable, hip, vintage vibe but that's eclipsed by the exceptional food. I get tortilla soup every restaurant that offers it and this was my favorite by far, and the tuna sandwich on walnut bread was perfect! I've never had sangria before so thought I'd go for it and was not disappointed. My husband was very happy with the fish tacos he ordered. We'll definitely be back...maybe next time we'll try some of the handmade pies that looked so tempting.

Gijs Mulders

Great for breakfast, great for dinner, great for dessert :) A staple on 4th Avenue


Wish we had visited this place sooner! Great, fresh food, generous portions and friendly service. We first tried the BLT+avocado sandwich on the delicious sourdough/walnut bread from Time Market. A few days later, we went back and had the yummy mahi tacos and key lime pie. That is the best key lime pie we've had outside Key Largo, Florida. This will definitely be a regular stop for us when we're in Tucson! Only downside is no outdoor seating.

John Putnam

One of the best restaurants in town. Consistently excellent, have never had a bad meal there.

Joseph Acree

Meh, the salad was ok. Not good for large meetings but small place for a quick bite

Genaro Gutierrez

Excelent place to have breakfast. Very good staff attitude. God food and fair prices. Very good coffee. I would definitely recommend this place.

Kent Johnson

Best pie in town.

AdelaRios Flust

Awesome food, friendly staff, beautiful and tasty pies and cakes

Chris Compton

Great food on 4th Avenue!

Janet Carey

I came in later than the rest of my party and they brought out the pizza super quickly! Pretty good pizza! The crust was awesome!

Trevor Kollmann

Fantastic food and service.

Andrew Cardwell

Great eats with excellent vegetarian options and desserts!

Nithin Raveendran

Food and dessert: good, Fly issue: Seriously bad!

Terri Gay

This is one of my Sunday breakfast places that I count on for good food and good service. The pancakes are more crepe than cake, so try those. The salsa that comes with the burros is great. It varies in heat from batch to batch. Taste before dousing your food. Plus super desserts and beers. Not cheap but a nice splurge.

Taylor Neff

It's probably just not my kind of place but I find the food to only be okay. The business itself seems to have kind of a legendary place among more trendy tucsoners but I don't understand what the fuss is all about. There are usually a number of flies hanging out in the restraunt and the food is pricy for what you get. I think it works best as a breakfast spot. I don't recommend going here for dinner. I ordered a steak salad and I really felt like they needed more dressing options. Maybe I am just not trendy enough to enjoy raspberry dressing. 2/5 if you're a common pleb like me. 5/5 if you're trendy or vegan. Removed a star since the owner sent me a passive aggressive response. Yes I eat at McDonald's. Get over it. The 5 star I gave to a McDonald's is because they do a good job for being a McDonald's. I review everywhere I go.

Marissa Tapia

Always great. Fresh food and Exo local coffee.

Kimberly Fowler

Would you like FLYS with that? If you don’t mind being accosted by all the flys, then this is the place for you! Really too bad because this place would be a nice little spot if it wasn’t for all the flys

Kate Woodard

One of my favorite stops in Tucson for any meal of the day.

Adam Wilson

Amazing food and great service.

Jeremiah Markes

Nice place.

Pamela Traficanti

Love the food that appeals to all your senses! The fun staff, amazing desserts and eclectic customers with some local Tucson history mixed in makes this restaurant a GO TO on THE 4th AVENUE!! No wonder Rachel Ray loved it so much that she featured it on her 40$ a day show!

Rich Cruz

Great food and atmosphere.


I’ll break it down like this... Please keep in mind the importance of consistency. On a GOOD day - this place is clean, staff is welcoming, food is well served in a timely manner. Everything tastes great with excellent presentation as well as portion. The tables are being wiped down as people leave so that new guests can sit and enjoy their Tucson food experience. You leave feeling very pleased about Tucson and Tucson food. Life. Now on a BAD day - You walk in and it smells like a train hopper’s butt mixed with old egg yolk. There are about 500 flies dancing to David Bowie’s “Let’s dance” around the dirty dishes. Tables are all fully loaded and sticky. Like waking up to an after party at someone’s apartment. The tile floor is as clean as the bathroom floor on a Grey Hound bus after a coast to coast run. Twice. Staff seems like they didn’t get good rest all week. Something is off. Food is served half assed, missing veggies on once full and vibrant salads. You feel like you ate a meal at the Detroit DMV and they charged you for it. This little place is still very great and special to me. It definitely has great days. So life’s lesson is to try to become solid. Consistent with the quality and values we all admire, then smiles are everywhere and that’s a good thing. But for you gamblers out there , you’ll love it! :)

Jennifer Worden

Excellent food, reasonably priced with large portions. Extremely friendly and fast service. The Gazpacho is the BOMB! Make sure to try a slice of homemade pie for dessert!


The pancakes are amazing! And they serve tea as well! I've never personally tried the pies/cakes but everyone I know loves them!

Jason Mansfield

The food is good staff is friendly.

Merle Turchik

Great fish tacos

HK VonTrapp

Fresh, tasty homemade food. Inexpensive. Chilled vibe.

Nick Uzcategui

Fantastic food and service. Well executed menu. Amazing flavor and Good size portions.

Ann Marie

Great meal. I especially loved the pie choices! I have been craving a rhubarb pie for a long time and was excited to see it there. Perfect, not too sweet and with fresh whipped cream. Also liked that their salsa is hot.

Margaret Kreder

Great food and drinks! Loved the cozy vibe and quick service.

Michelle Yakovich

B Line has an eclectic menu of consistently great food. Moderately priced food, good service.

Randy Moulton

This is a great place for sandwiches and pie. The food is great and the pie is awesome.

Mike G

Great food. So popular you may have to wait a bit for a table.

Jason Newton

People who work there seem pretty snobby

Kyra Harris

Great food and even more amazing desserts. Chill and eclectic vibe. Cozy atmosphere

Old Farts & Motos

Really good food, desserts and coffee!

Dan Parkent

Nice little cafe vibe

April Petillo

The desserts are always on point and the coffee delicious. I mean, even the decaf is tasty (and that seems hard to come by these days). I especially appreciate the friendly staff that will answer questions late at night.

Firstoption FirstOption

Nice food, very casual, nothing serious. Typical home setup, good for early dinner

Crystal Firestone

Food amazing, setting just ok. These folks do everything right when it comes to the food, homemade pies (try rosemary peach, my new fave), huge biscuits, crepe-pancakes, etc. My only markdown was for the setting, and it may have been a one-off experience. I found the dining room (no table service) to be crowded, with semi-uncomfortable seating, and hot/humid. Reminds me of a coffee place, where they don't want you to stay. It was very cute, kind of remodeled mid century. But just not comfortable for a real meal.

Minstrel White

Great meal. I especially loved the pie choices! I have been craving a rhubarb pie for a long time and was excited to see it there. Perfect, not too sweet and with fresh whipped cream. Also liked that their salsa is hot.

Edwina Godwin

Try the egg potatoe burrito with a icy cold sangria. Both were delicious. Sangria was even better and perhaps was the best I had. Have to try something from the bake good next time.

James Doering

Great food, good service, easy parking.

Pauline Renner

Great food and atmosphere

Connor Tully

Great atmosphere and food. It's a fun and different restaurant than you normally see.

James Tillman

Super friendly and efficient service. A different and interesting menu. Healthy and delicious.

Caitlyn Hall

Good for vegan options. Food is consistently good and quick. Great for dinner and lunch.

Jayson Astor

Came here for the first time and the fish tacos were delicious! Ate too quick to even get a photo. Happy Hour specials are all day Monday - $1 off all drafts. Definitely will be stopping by again to try what looked to be a delicious menu!!

Katie Gleason

One of my favorite Tucson restaurants. Delicious food, good beer and wine, great desserts. It's casual, you walk up and order at the register.

Lucas Clinkingbeard

Great food lots of drinks and a really cool building. Fish tacos were awesome.

wayne reese

Good staff,food and prices. 4th street should keep this one, eat in or take out. The desert case is beautiful and fresh

Steve Ohnemus

Seared salmon salad? Yes please! Mahi mahi tacos? Hell yeah! Homemade pie? Can I have seconds? I've never had a bad experience at B Line. It can get a little crowded at peak times, but that's just an indication of how good the food is. And the staff are always warm and welcoming. You won't be disappointed at B Line!

Brent Roraback

Great cafe with lots of good menu options. Seating can be limited. Desserts are awesome!

Roman Martinez

Great grub, super friendly

Tina Mendenhall

Great food! Vegetarian options. It's a great menu

MW delridge

First visit based on reviews, and disappointing: guacamole bland with stale avocado taste, BLT had too much mayo, very little taste, and the chips that came with the BLT were like cheap grocery store quality. Not worth a repeat according to all 3 of us

monica Arcoverde

It took a while for foor to come out but was good

A Smythe

The B Line gets better every year. Good breakfast place.

Morgan Barreda

Dessert is some if the best on the ave

Miriam Ivonne Aleman

I liked all their food but specially enjoy the chicken tacos. They have a tangy cilantro paste that gives the tacos a delicious twist. The tortillas are soft and very tasty. I also love the tortilla soup because it has a nice limy flavor.

Pamela Gamache

I used to come here often and still absolutely adore the atmosphere, music, and the delightful foods. What has made me more deterant over the years to enjoy my meal is how much flies have accumulated in the seating around and while I eat. It makes me feel like I need to take a shower when I leave.

Mark Gingery

Order at the counter, food brought to your table. Great selection of craft soft drinks. The fish tacos were amazing. It is a smallish place that stays pretty busy. great selection of options for different dietary needs.

Alicia-Pilar Mogollon

I had the raspberry rhubarb pie with a glass of white wine i can't remember the name of the wine but both were wonderful especially the pie. Genesia had the german chocolate cake with a glass of malbec.

Paul Stanislaw

Great traditional diner breakfast

Marissa Morrison

Food was fresh and fast! Gave 4-stars because what I ordered (Turkey and avocado BLT) was nothing special. I will be back to try something a bit more exciting.

Laurel Hervert

I had the best mahi fish tacos! Their bottled cola is a strange brand I’ve never heard of and it was so much better than Coca-cola! I will be coming back here again real soon! How did I not know this was here?

Roy Andrade

Great food many items to choice from the menu.

Jorge Brown

Great food, just took a little while to order..

Bobby Gouge

Stopped by today for pie, which was excellent. However, it seemed quite dirty today. Lots of flies, the counter was sticky, and something smelled very strong. Staff should do a better job of cleaning up as people leave.

Brick Bazooka

Good food. Cooks aren’t very smart though. Asked for a burrito with bacon, and they ended up putting my bacon on the side? Why not in my burrito?

Jenifer Land

Got the veggie sandwich and it was DELICIOUS! Great portion size and cozy atmosphere. Didn't get dessert but they all looked VERY tasty!

Jill Haltom

Great food and service, plus an awesome ambiance.

J James

I'm sorry, but this is really bad coffee. We ordered americanos with room for cream and it was bitter and sour.

Yodaman Solo

I’ve been meaning to try this place for a while now. I finally took the opportunity. I ordered the chicken burrito and it didn’t disappoint. It was hardy and flavourful. The staff member that served me was pleasant and I received my order quickly. It’s a nice little place on 4th ave. Highly recommended.

Karana Pierre

Very delicious pancakes. I loved the strawberry rhubarb pie. Nice atmosphere. Will be one of my go to spots.

carol bymers

A charming local Tucson restaurant. I had a veggie sandwich. It was delicious.

Paul Wagner

This place is always tasty and with generous portions. I frequent here for breakfast and dinner and never disappointed. Try the desserts, the pies are outstanding!

John Falkenstine

Great quick breakfast good coffee

Sarah Klaiber

Bright and fun atmosphere. Had great pie and cake. YUM!! Didn't eat savory, but the menu looked good.

Heather Humphrey

Delicious! Big menu made it hard to choose but was thrilled with the migas and a breakfast burrito. Great quality food and excellent coffee. Fun atmosphere and good service. Will come back next time we’re in town for sure!

Dominic Laroche

Decent food and excellent desserts. The food is a little over priced but they always have an excellent selection of desserts, including pies, chocolate mousse, pot de creme, etc. We often visit just for dessert.

James baxter

Great local breakfast spot

Martin Forstrom

Great pie. Bit pricey, but all the food is good.

Jerry Doers

Love this place! So much goodness to choose from. Can't go wrong with anything you choose!

Tyler Glab

Great food. Cozy place and food is always fresh


A delicious experience with tons of flavor! Try the burritos! Only downgrading for the annoying flies.

Bob Huey

Get food, and vibe. Clean food. Craft beers and wine And large plates Win. Win. Win. On 4th!

Kanesha Amarante

Best pie ever. I got the blueberry strawberry but from the rotating tower of pies to choose from you can’t go wrong. The latte was also superb slightly sweet with just tg foam milk because the barista didnt burn the coffee or the foam thus you get a sweet velvety flavor. Worth the drive if you have a sweet tooth

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