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REVIEWS OF Texaz Grill IN Arizona

Pamela Poag

Great food and atmosphere. Our waitress was knowledgeable and friendly. Happily took pictures of our group and even had us posing

Edd Boyd

Excellent comfort food and comforting service. If you're looking for that Texas hospitality this is the place. And the best catfish outside of Texas. If you're looking for something light ask for the dinner portion of chicken fried steak hehe. They know how to make gravy too.

Debby H

Birthday dinner was awesome especially with coupon buy one get one. No hidden catch really was everything I wanted. My waitress was so attentive, pleasant & a caterer to my every need. Great food great time!

Tina Faulkner

Very delicious place to eat and plates come out full all the way and oh so, YUMMY!

Paul Starr

Best chicken fried steak on the planet! Great/friendly service and fair prices. Highly recommend!

AZ Crutchfields

You know the first time you go there that really stands out the portions for the chicken fried steak and other items but quite honestly the flavor has kind of been missing in the past few years. It's a phoenix historical place and fun to visit just because of what it is and what they do, but the food is started to fall off at least the last time I was there.

Samantha Hays

I am giving two opinions on this one. Mine was delicious I got the the steak kabob. I usually take my steak med rare it was a little more done than prepared. But still very good. My husband got the chicken fried steak and he was it was a huge disappointment the gravy was not good and the steak was tough. It's worth a try

Adam Evans

Great food and service! The chicken fried steak and eggs on the Sunday menu is terrific.

Margaret Millam

Parking was terrible, but the food was very good. Prices were decent. Very friendly staff!

Patricia Thompson

We have eaten at Texas Grill just about every time we visited Phoenix, so of course, now that we moved here from Texas, we had to go to Texas! Any other visit, I would have given 5 stars, but I decided to try the chili this time, and I did not find it delightful. There are as many different preferences in chili as there are ways to fix it, but for me, this chili was too thick and too greasy...the only liquid in it was grease. The flavor was okay, but only okay. I do highly recommend the ribs; always excellent and the service is pretty good as well - the servers make up in friendliness what they lack in speed. Good menu selection, interesting decor and fair prices.

Chris Davenport

It takes a special sorta palate that loves this food, but nothing wrong with the restaurant or food

Steve Az

Derrick was the Manager yesterday when I told Mom, Shari & Sandi I had the petfect place I wanted to go to lunch to start celebrating my birthday(55th) & what would have been Mom and Dad's 61st wedding anniversary. The passing of Andrew Charles Middlemist began what can only be described as the year of pure hell... I was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive fast growing cancer & I was fairly certain that I would have been dead by now. I thank God everyday that I wake up & know from the bottom of my heart if IRONWOOD CANCER & RESEARCH CENTER'S Dr. Nabong & Dr. Miller (with their entire staff working seamlessly) had not come into my live when they did this woud have been an obituary. I had discovered Texaz Grill a few months ago & loved it so much that the very next night I convinced Andrew (who with Jake & I having had dinner together the 1st night) to go back to Texaz Grill. He ordered us 2 chicken fried steak dinners & 2 bread puddings togo & brought this fabuous feast to our hotel. He & I will be back in another couple of nights to indulge all over again. So Derrick, I will be back & thank you for making this the beginning of a great year (and many more to follow) I will always come have my Birthday dinner at Texaz Grill! THANK YOU! Steve Middlemist, Cancer survivor & 55 year old man as of August 23, 2019

Bri Culley

love their chicken fried steak! and for a twist, the chicken fried steak sandwich is pretty tasty. come with an appetite because servings are huge!

cowboy87 Smith

This restaurant is hard to get into as it is set on a narrow parking lot where you feel your going to hit the other parked vehicles. The rear parking is hard to get into one you spot the sign for extra parking. The food is underwhelming and the main focus is the bar. Our waitress was very disappointed we didn't get anything from the bar. We will not becoming back to this restaurant if we are driving through the Phoenix metro area again.

Jamerson Savant

Great place! Best chicken. Fried steak in town!

Frank Smith

Excellent.. quite a place great food.! Very friendly service. If you're ever in Phoenix you'll have to try it..

Nick Knippa

The pork chop was the best part for me, but it was all very good.

Michelle Avila

New owners. They improved gravy which I didn't think was possible. But the price went up on everything on the menu

Clinton Mercer

Texas size portions. Great slaw. Nice atmosphere.

James Maldonado

Best thing to Home cooking and you feel as if you are at Home with The Staff

Teresa R

Absolutely fabulous! The prime rib is so good it would make a vegetarian a meat eater.

Ack, Inc.

Chicken fried chicken here is the best! If you like chicken fried steak bring help! It's huge!

Ryan B

Oh boy. What have I done? That may have been a chicken fried misteak. But hell, I knew from the start that this was gonna be much more than dinner; it was an experience that I will not soon forget. Our three course back country Texas feast began with a simple house salad. Salads are pretty hard to get wrong, and I sure can’t say they got these right. The minced green olives were a confusing surprise, as I would’ve much preferred the iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, and 6oz of ranch dressin’ all by themselves. Next came out a pair of biscuits which appeared to have been warmed solely by the hands that removed them from the plastic bag they were shipped in. If the butter weren’t warmed in a similar fashion we would’ve had real trouble getting it to spread. A little honey on top made them slide down a bit easier. Then our entrees arrived. She ordered the Lil Tex portion of the famous fork tender chicken fried steak. For me, I just couldn’t not order the man’s serving of the same fork tender deep fried goodness. I came here for the experience, I’ll have you remember, and I’d be damned if I chickened out. But when my plate was set in front of me, the sheer magnitude of my macho mistake began to settle in alongside the 6oz of ranch dressin’ I’d just finished downin’. I had bought a one way ticket on the pain train and there was no getting off. Not only was this chicken fried steak absolutely ginormous, but there was a second fork tender steak stacked on top of the first. All aboard, baby. But hey, it really was fork tender steak. Hat’s off to the mallet boy in the back. A couple of tips for you first timers. Take a hard pass on the house dressing, and get the ranch on the side. Second, order a beer, and enjoy it out of the chilled 4oz glass like a toddler at a tea party. It’s hella fun. Third, sprinkle that Zatarain’s Creole seasoning all over that fork tender chicken fried steak. And lastly, check your ego at the door and order the Lil Tex portion, split four ways. And now, please excuse me while I enjoy a cocktail of Pepto-Bismol and NyQuil while the pain train chugs along.

John Fournier

ordered food togo. entire order was perfect.

Roni C

Even a mid week lunch is great here. Chicken fried steak is yummy! Atmosphere is great for conversation

Glenda Miller

Food good waitress a little snappy but wil be going back... love their Chicken Fried Chicken

Ken Richardson

This was first time there, went with friends. This place has been around for a number of years. The food was good with harty portions. The service was good. Place was quaint with Texas and Arizona memorabilia on the walls. It is an unexpected journey into the past with good comfort food. Would recommend

Judy Frederick

The chicken fried steak gravy was tastless, like flour and water, in meat flavor to it. Plus, the waitress rolled her eyes when we ordered dessert. This has always been a favorite place of mine ,but, with the new ownership, I won't be returning.

KC Kwa

If you are looking for authentic Texas cuisine, this is your place. Great atmosphere and great service.

Ugly Dude

When you are hungry this is the spot to eat. The waitress was so cool and the atmosphere is great. Fried chicken and cakes!!!

Brian Shields

Been going here since '85, great food and service. Now we have todrive 190 miles RT to eat here, and we still go here a couple times a year. This visit they had a new owner and didnt skip a beat! Gr8 job.

Desiree Sloat

The food is amazing!!! The food is Big!! The shrimp are bigger than me and the steak makes you want to slap your mama, the pecan pie and bread pudding are delicious.

Cedric Lauson

Great food and people. Many of pieces of flare decorate the walls. At least 15. Hearty meals with good variety. The Dallas Tacos are my staple. This place may dissappoint some people, but those aren't people I'm interested in commiserating with so I'm just fine with their absence.

Benita Sebastian

Service is fast and friendly. Very old fashion Texan fair. Meat and potatoes. Very limited parking so get there early or park and walk. Good liver and onions if that's your thing.

Maddison Delray

Family run business! Amazing food everytime... l love the consistency of taste, quality, and friendly staff!

pistolswing .

Just stopped by while I was in AZ. Great service. Huge portions. Amazing mashed potatoes.

Nikki Nelson

The fried shrimp is awesome! The service is meh at best. The steak is VERY bland & the salads are basic & nothing special. Overall I was disappointed.


Great food. Great atmosphere. Great service

Jason Houchin

Oh my goodness the chicken fried steak was out of this world!! I am sooooooo stuff!

Bill Lewandowski

Had a birthday party. Most of the food was great. The chicken fried chicken was tender and just right. However, the fried chicken was over cooked. And a little stingy on the gravy. Staff most helpful with our request.

Rachel Straube

I have only been here one time but I will go back. I had the chicken fried steak and it was excellent. Make sure you are hungry before you go here the potions are huge. The service was very good and friendly.

Dale King

The Prime Rib open face sandwich was awesome.

Angela Christine

Very very down home cooking. Looks, tastes, feels like good ole' home style comfort food! Cat fish was excellent, I hear the Cid is also very good. Chicken fried Chicken is excellent as us the real, not cube steak, chicken fried steak. Real mashed potatoes, real gravy. Yummy!

Thomas Symons

Excellent chicken fried steak. Cozy, comfortable Texas themed bar.

Justin Hamilton

By far the best southern food I've had in my life! Best fried chicken I've ever had. Best customer service I've ever experienced! The manager stopped by every table to make sure the food was flawless. If you think you've had soul food think again, the food is soul! If their was a way to give more than 5 stars I would in a heart beat!

Bryce Wilson

This place is ridiculously legit and off the hook! So much to take in. It's been in Phoenix for around 33 years. All things Texas and some other stuff too. The food is amazing, huge portions and it doesn't break your pocket book. Parking is free and best in the rear. It's easy to find and seen from the road.

Dawn Speights

Excellent food . I liked when the manager came and asked the kids a Texas related question. When the kids qave the correct answer they were rewarded with a loly pop.


Lots of specialties, new owners haven't changed anything. Still amazing and homey. Chicken fried steak could easily feed 2-3 so plan for leftovers!

Joshua Joseph

Ehhh not very good. Tasteless, rich, creamy, need salt, pile of mush on a plate. Staff was nice decorations were interesting just not my cup of tea. The green beans were really good tho

Jason R

The food is great and the staff is very friendly.

Chet Atkisson

Still great food and service. Hope it stays the same under the new owners.

Lance Lossing

This is my favorite place for chicken fried steak! It’s sooo good. The mash potatoes and gravy that come with it are really good too. The chicken fried chicken is also excellent. It’s a hole in the wall place with outstanding food.

John Perkins

Good people. Great food. Down home atmosphere.

Ange Stonefield

The Chicken Fried Steak is what they are famous for... for a reason! Outstanding food, very friendly and fun staff, and RIDICULOUS portions. Get one to share, or needing a doggie bag is a given. Use to come here for a treat when I was a local. Moved out of state, so haven't been here in years. Came back to AZ to visit, and was happy to see the quality, flavor and atmosphere have stayed consistent.

Roxi Stacks

That was the biggest waste of $60 dollars... The food was horrible and undercooked. The service was even worse then the food... The owner to busy getting drunk at the bar to make sure the customers are good. So when I drive 44 miles round trip to go eat somewhere I expect it to be as good as the rating say it is.

Ender Zero

The food is pretty good! I had their signature chicken fried steak, the portions we're generous and my only complaint would be is that it needed a little more gravy on the chicken fried steak. I'd recommend this to anyone who likes Texas style food.

Charlene Kingston

Amazing food at good prices. The service is fantastic. My favorite lunch is the grilled chicken sandwich with dirty mashed potatoes. If you arrive at a busy time, ask to be seated at the bar. And save room for their homemade pecan pie, and get it a la mode.

David Courtney

Best chicken fried steak in town!!!

Ramona Sallee

It's down home food at its finest. I'm sure there is no better gravy in the world and I always get extra. We have been going to TexAz since it opened. We love it.

Rita Baca

I haven't eaten their in year's 2006 to be exact. I ordered the chicken fried chicken it came with mashed potatoes gravy, corn and s biscuit. The biscuit was put on top of the corn so it was kind of soggy. The rest of the dish was excellent. The service was good, only one server on the floor she was good. My tea didn't taste like tea. But I didn't care the food made up for it. We ordered the peach I've tasted in ages. If you haven't gone you need to go and make sure your hungry. They do have a bar.

Brandon Cornell

Very good food, wonderful atmosphere, and pieces of all the customers' lives are attached to the walls and ceiling

Richard Gabel

Amazing food! Best place I ate In Phoenix when I was in town. Highly recommend it!!


Best bang for your buck for steaks in the valley.

Jim Birdsong

The chicken fried steak was perfect for the two of us. Was absolutly like Texas. The cobbler was home made and great too.

RJ lester

Oh wow the food at this restaurant was absolutely exceptional absolutely delicious absolutely great everything was great I'm a go again so I could try more steak

Desiree Schindlbeck

Great food and a great environment. Lunch menu was priced very well. Definitely will be returning!

Espi Arispe

Food was delicious. The staff were very friendly and did not rush us.

Ellen Ellison

Wonderful service & food. Best chicken fried chicken in arizona

Angela C

Great food and large portions. This place really does serve it up TEXAS STYLE!

Debra Annon

That folks is an order of fish n chips Texaz style. Comfort food at it's best. Pecan smoked prime rib, country fried steak or chicken like you have never tasted until you e had it served up right.

christian clausen

Love coming to this place. The portions are huge and they have some of the best chicken fried steak out there.

Clarence Cruz

Only because, I was wanting salt and pepper on my burger while it was cooking. But I will be going back to try something else on the menu. The staff was awesome.

Matt Krick

A fun place with all kinds of goofy stuff on the walls. Really good chicken fried steak, and good cocktails.

James Horner

The server was super friendly and the food was delicious

Katy Leard

One of the best experiences in a restaurant that I’ve ever had. Great service. Amazing food, bar none. I felt quite at home away from home. Would recommend many, many times.

Gerald Bollfrass

It has everything. Excellent deep fried cod fish, awesome fried chicken, best pecan smoked prime rib, delicious burger and incredible chicken steak- best in town.

Kelly Lind

Excellent service, friendly staff. The absolute worst food I've ever had. The salad had very little watered down dressing. The chicken fried steak was beige not golden brown and all the breading came off with the first bite. The mashed potatoes were dry and stiff. The country gravy was thick, gluey and a funny light orange color. We spent $80 for 3 dinners . What a waste of money.

C Bailey

Very good food. Friend had chicken fried steak and couldn't finish it it was so huge.

Kitty Reilly

Just really good food and people

Jeff Dornberg

I've lived around the block from this restaurant and never realized this place existed. I had a hamburger which was cooked perfectly and my wife had a ribeye which see enjoyed. I will most definitely be back

samantha71ify .

They give you a lot of food but I had a problem here: Everyone at my table except my mom ordered chicken fried steak, but I was the only one who got one piece of it when it comes with two. Kind of odd. I told the waitress and was brought out another one later though. However, I never received an apology from the waiter. I was just asked if I would like the second piece or if I wanted to be charged for one. The texture of the chicken fried steak was good, but I had to keep adding salt. My mom got their fried catfish and she enjoyed it but she also said she had to keep adding salt.

Delaina Oh

Food was good service was okay too. Pretty cool atmosphere between there 33 years gotta be going something right

Brennen Lewis

My experience was terrible. The hostess was out of it, felt like she had never hosted a couple of walk-ins. The waitress wasn't much better. Finally settled on the brisket sandwich, "WE'RE OUT". The biscuits were half-cooked, the macaroni was barely edible, and the chicken fried steak was mediocre. Was recommended this place a year ago, and I've been meaning to go and was fairly excited to finally snag dinner there. Big mistake, it was very, very bad.

Debra ~

The best in the West. No matter what you order your hankering will be satisfied. Chicken fried steak, Pecan Smoked Prime Rib, Fish and Chips, hamburger, JUST GO! Warning...parking is precarious and requires patience. Worth the puzzle like parking.

Nick Dragan

Great staff! Awesome food! Will definitely come back again.

Root User

Good food and good prices.

Mary Birdsong

The chicken fried steak was delicious, with home made gravy over the homemade mashed potatoes. Biscuits were yum

Rich Meek

Consistent good cowboy atmosphere and food

Toni Shaw

I liked this place, the food was really good. The only problem I had was that our server forgot about our appetizer and that the manager thought it was a great idea to slam the booth my husband was in to try and move it over without having us get up to do this. It seemed incredibly rude and inconvenient to have some try and move your seat while trying to take a bite of your food. Other than this, it was good food, relaxed environment.

Theresa Flores

My first time at Texaz Grill was great. I got the prime rib (yum!) and my husband got the chicken fried steak (also yum!). I loved the decor and the staff was friendly. We had a group of 7 but the service was quick. I think we beat the dinner rush. I expect this place gets busy. I'm looking forward to going back!

p a

Not the same chicken fried steak as it was thirty years ago. My wife and I were regular very happy customers for twenty years until we moved to the burbs. Now the chopped steak is half as thick and all you taste is the breading. I guess the new owner cut back.


OMG. Great bartenser and wait staff and the best chicken fried steak I've had in years. I will be back for the pork fried steak.

team one

Always great food and service.

Terry Bradley

Service and food was great would recommend anybody that likes this kind of food

Katherine Vlassek

Great food, drinks, reasonable prices and good service Ordered delicious smoked prime rib Yum

Tim Kim

The bbq brisket and fried cod was perfect. But the chicken fried steak was thin and tasteless, not like it was a few months ago. The service was good and the roadhouse atmosphere was friendly and casual. I hope they bring back the good old chicken fried steak.

Sean Pride

Steak was awesome. So was the service. I felt like I was back home for a little bit

Vincent Contreras

Simple food.....however as a whole a GREAT experience.


Awesome little restaurant with amazing food. Best home cooking I've had in a long time. Every time I leave Texas and I'm in Arizona I have to stop in.

Doyle Looney

Best chicken fried steak in the state! Large Texas sized portions!

David Jensen

It is so nice to walk in and feel the 80s vibe is still klinging to the walls and ceiling. I have been coming here for 15 years and it is still the same great food! I am not afraid of changes but I appreciate them keeping this one decorated the same. I am not from Texas but I can appreciate that they are and proud of it. Get the okra it is like being at Grandma's house. The chicken fried steak is huge and fried to deliciousness. Top it off with Shock Top's Bohemian Black beer in a bottle with a frozen little glass and you have a meal. Thanks TexAZ Grill for being different. I apologize for not having a photo. But I was eating!

Showtime Carpet Care

Great homestyle cooking. Chicken fried steak, smothered pork chop, fried okra, mac-n-cheese = favs!

Kevin Smolkowski

It's a little hole in wall with really really good food. I walked in and sat at the bar in the middle of a bunch of regulars and within just a few minutes they were laughing and joking with me and making me feel at home it's a great place and I felt right at home.

Bobby luckett

Have not been there in years, kind of disapointed chicken fryed steak much thinner than i remember.

Xavier Hopkins

Family owned. They cut their own steaks. I had the New York, 1 friend had the prime rib and 1 had the Rib eye. All were done to perfection. Very flavorful and tender. They only use salt to season. Their mashed potatoes and gravy were really good. The buttermilk biscuits were good! They have sweet tea. Overall an excellent experience! Fast and friendly service.

Lambert Arboleda

Awesome service awesome food and most of all awesome prices.... Nuff said

peaches h

As amazingly delicious as ever. I ordered the chicken fried steak, of course. It's the best! Everything was so good! Our waitress was Helena. She was right on point! She just made our dining experience flow perfectly. Can't wait to get back there.

Kim B

Fun atmosphere and good food! Two at our table had been looking for good liver and onions and hit it with Texaz!! We also ordered the beer battered fish and it was delicious as well! Drinks were good and well be back for sure!

John Klosinski

Chicken fried steak is all I need to say. Come with an appetite or a duffle back for leftovers.

Scott Hawkins

Truly the best chicken fried steak in all of arizona. The pork chops are massive as well as seasoned and cooked just right.

B. Chavez

So good, best peach cobbler ever, great prices, one of my favorite places ever.

Darcy Hamilton

Fantastic food , fantastic price! Great for when you want a home cooked meal without having to cook. Yes, learning is bit ideal, but I'd gladly walk a mile to eat this food. Although, with how filling this food is, I wouldn't be about to walk a mile after . But in all seriousness.m, this is my go to for date nights. Amazing!

tracy landrum

Prime rib was delicious. .so was chicken fried steak..staff was quick and super nice

Jean Rapoll

This place is great. American cuisine with a Texas-Arizona touch. Moderately priced with huge portions! You will love it!

Kevin Delvalle

Actually, all lunches and dinners are great but I love going on Saturday! Well known for their chicken fried steak but they serve delicious beef steaks and burgers. Fun, relaxed family. This place is fairly unique which makes it all the more enjoyable. Originally named Lone Star, they (as I have been told) had to change the name because of the now defunct (nearly) Lone Star Steakhouse. Guess that chain of 267 locations just was not as good as this single Phoenix restaurant!

Mark Wilson

Been eating here since about 1987. Awesome smoked prime rib. They are very well known for there chicken fried steak. One of the best restaurants around town. Oh yeah the service is second to none!

Steven Collins

Chicken fried steak that actually hangs off the plate!

Gina Seabolt

Catfish were delicious and they come in big portion also love their mash potato!

Jered Jim

I’ve had plenty of chicken fried steaks in my 30 years, and this is the best one yet!

Bud Clark

Best chicken fried steak this side of Texas. Parking is a bear,really a bear to park.

Wendy Csader

The smoked prime rib was melt in your mouth delicious, fried okra fresh and yummy, love the available creole seasoning at the table. Friendly service. I thought the chicken fried steak slices, while large, were a little thin compared to thickness of breading; however, that was my husband's meal and he had no complaints whatsoever, so no reduction in stars! Super cute kitschy decor. Be aware parking is a real challenge. Very small, tight lot, take the smallest vehicle available to you!

Cheryl Baker

Best chicken fried steak I've found in AZ! The real thing. It's a long way from where we live but worth the trip. We go any time we are anywhere nearby. Haven't ever tried anything else in all the times I've been there.

David Fabay

My girlfriend and I tried Texaz Grill for the first time. I had the country fried steak which was huge and delicious!! My girlfriend had the pork chops which was also outstanding!! The prices are reasonable and the portions are enormous so bring a big appetite. We will definitely be back again!!

Clay Farrow

First visit in, won't be my last. Great food!

janice mcclendon

1st and last time there. Ordered a drink did not get it. Chicken fried steak overcooked, the mash potatoes and salad was really good! Waitress was nice, but forgot my drink order. She was attentive to every thing else for me, but not for the rest of my party. Reservations from 4-8 and we were asked to leave at 7:10. Half the of the party got there at 4 and others as late as 5:20 (me).

Martin Gonzales

Best chicken fried steaks in the valley!

Holli Noelle

The chicken fried steak is the real deal. The cajun okra, peach cobbler and pecan pie are delish.

Jon Paul & Nicole Thorne

So good! A slice of Texas here in the Az desert!

Paul Colwell

This was our first time visiting this restaurant. It has good atmosphere and the staff is friendly. We had the ribeye and chicken fried steak. Both were delicious. For dessert my wife had the peach cobbler and I had the pecan pie both with ice cream. While the pie and ice cream was delicious, I honestly can't say it was worth $8. ($6.50 for the pie $1.50 for a scoop of vanilla ice cream) One thing I did notice is that the menu on Google must be out of date. You can pretty much add $5 to whatever your looking at on the Google menu.

Cory House

If you like fried chicken you will like this. If you like fried pork chops you will like this. The gravy was just plain smooth. The peach cobbler to go that was just over killed. That might have been a gallon size sweet tea. The waitress asked if I wanted a refill, I looked at her cross-eyed & Tapped Out. A local food Institution. I started to give it⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ which means it can't get no better. "IT CAN'T GET NO BETTER"

Carolyn Sawyer

The beef brisket and hot links was awesome. Homemade food!

b s

Went there today was very disappointed New owner higher prices and terrible service wanted the Sunday cod dinner it’s 3:35 they say nope not till 4 pm exactly omg You let people walk out over a few minutes and loose money ? Never go back this place my opinion will be closed down very soon !!!!! Lousy customer service Response to owner It’s harsh because as a customer there is no excuses for this situation on your part we were there to eat and if a special starts at 4pm have kitchen start transition before then so customers can order at 350 and get food they want to the table at 4pm You lost money and customers and your prices are too high with the way your going people will stop coming back Yes the chicken fried steaks are big but they’re also very thin I cook for a living and I know how the kitchen works

Apostolos Hill

Delicious Texas and southern food, authentic and reasonably priced. They actually have REAL pecan pie! Liver and onions! Who sells that anymore! Their chicken fried chicken with fresh mashed potatoes is like going home to mom's! Friendly wait staff and iced cold Shiner Bock beer! You gotta go!

Lou Igo

We had chickin fried steak under fritimeed on wifes meal both bland. Third time here been a year won't be back.

Cesar Barriga

Great!!! great great service, food was on point went home talking bout our meal and to nap after that bomb breakfast

Jack Spence

Super casual, laid back joint with lots of personality, friendly staff and GREAT comfort food! They are known for their ridiculously huge chicken fried steak which is a must try at least once.

Stephanie Tusques

We had a great time!!! We tried chicken fried steak, chicken fried chicken, smoked prime rib and steak. This is casual dining and the food is excellent. Comfort food done right the biscuits, Cole slaw, mashed potatoes, GRAVY!!!!, and the excellent customer service make this a place I would want to return again and again if I want an affordable and delicious meal.

Jennifer Clark

Amazing food! The chicken fried steak is sooooo tasty as well as the chicken fried chicken. Just the nicest servers and staff you will love your experience here!

Jeremy Bridges

Great Texas/Arizona bbq. Solid place. Good food for a decent price. Will keep coming back.

Neicy Howard

These people are so racists. I went there one time and will NEVER go again. Not a place for people of color!

Robert Petro

Huge portions. Good price! Amazing flavors!

Tiffany McCluskey

Chicken fried chicken is amazing and their price is amazing and their waitress is on the ball on taking your order and delivering it on time.

Mike Smith

They are famous for their chicken fried steak. It was large and in charge. I was full but had to try the bread pudding which was also top notch.

Erin Stratton

Joey [the waitress] was awesome. Great local spot, it was our first time there. The cod was spectacular!

Matt Grise

Excellent chicken fried steak!

TW Arizona .

Very relaxed setting with a classic atmosphere. Unbelievable amount of interesting artifacts scattered about the place on the walls and ceiling. Fantastic food and exceptional service as well.

Becky Outland

My favorite restaurant in the Valley! The smoked prime rib is out of this world. Fork tender and so flavorful! But, realistically, everything is delicious here. Their chicken fried steak, their mashed potatoes (!), their bread pudding... I try to come here for my birthday every year. Truly the best in Phoenix!!!

Shawn Toso

OMG THE CHICKEN FRIED STEAK. It's enough for two. And cheap. And good.

Janice Vitali

The food is always good and plenty of it! The service is very good. Would definitely recommend.

Michael Joseph

Arrived and seated promptly. Service was a bit slow. Had to ask for refills. Chicken fried chicken tasted good, but was greasy. Chicken fried steak was good. Large portions, but skimpy on the gravy. Parking is awful if you don't realize there is parking in the back.

Heisenberg Doofenschmirtz

Awesome Texas Twister !!! Best chili this side of Luckenbach !!!! Yum

Heriberto Hill

Environment is great.....the foods was very good.

Matthew Jansen

Amazing service and food was delicious!

Jeff Stewart

Great atmosphere. Great steak.

Bobby Deneke

Best comfort food in Phoenix. The staff is your equal reason for going there. Jill & Cherrill are genuinely the best (tip them good)! Too many menu favorites for one or two visits. Good parking in the back.

Teresa Forcine

Best Chicken Fried Steak in Arizona!

Linda Haddox

Wow. Wow. They never disappoint. It is like going to "Cheers". You hear the conversation from the bar, you can feel the fibes from the staff and the regulars. Not to mention the Chicken Fried Steak!

Destinae H

Chicken Fried Steak and mashed potatoes were DELICIOUS!! Interior transported me back to any bar in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Bathroom horribly small and hot . Sooo go for the chicken friend steak, not the drinks..

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