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7265 N La Cholla Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85741, United States Located in: Foothills Mall

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Pris Cantu

The food at Tamarind is delicious, the atmosphere is pleasant and the staff is friendly. I will return again and will definitely recommend it to friends.

Maurizio Balistreri

Great food and a great atmosphere. This place doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves. If you like Indian food, you won’t be disappointed.

Jamie Irvin

The prices were very reasonable and the wait staff was very personable. We will definitely be back! I had the Shrimp Tikka Masala at medium and it was delicious. My husband had the Lamb Biryani and it was so fragrant. We didn't have a hard time getting a table which tells me that fans of Indian food need to give this place a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Catherine Burkett

Best Indian food in Tucson. Went for the buffet and wound up getting take-out for the kids' dinner. They even had vegetarian options! Will definitely be going back.

Shane Vossough

Went in at 8pm on a Saturday. It took 3 people to pass and 10 minutes to go by before anyone came to the front. We were sat and waiting another 15 minutes before leaving. There was only 3 other tables in the entire restaurant and they couldn’t seem to pull off a 4th. The place looks awesome and the menu looked delicious, the service was just terrible. Hopefully they can get it together.

Jason Elliott

This mainly relates to ordering food to go: No rice. They charge you the same amount for the food that you pay if you went to eat in the restaurant, BUT no rice! And the portions are somehow smaller. Eating in the restaurant is nice, but do not order food to go.

Javier Ledesma

The best mango lassi and the food is also very good, wonderful atmosphere and waiters, shout out to Arthur, one of the best waiters I've known.

John Shay

Royal Lassi made my week! Great service and staff who actually stop to talk and explain the plethora of great options!

Lynn Holabird

Fabulous dining experience. Lovely buffet and great staff.

Patrick Dunlop

Went for take away dinner, and let me tell you, you will not be disappointed! First of all, when you pull into this place it is absolutely beautiful, the landscape in very inviting. Inside the restaurant you truly feel like you are dueling into an authentic Indian restaurant in India! The spiciness is not overwhelming, the food is incredibly delicious and the Naan, oh my God! You will not be disappointed. The portions are generous!

Alison Rothwell

My word! This place is amazing!!! The owner and staff were very friendly and even stayed late for us. The food may be the best Indian food I’ve had. Bliss!!

Edward Estrada

Great Service and great food. I highly recommend it.

Andreina Pierro

This was our first time to eat at this restaurant. It is very classy, and our server Ron did a terrific job of not only serving us but also taking the time to explain what was on the menu so we could make a good choice. The food was delecious, artfully presented and I had my first edible flower which was an unexpected surprise. They are a new restaurant and are most certainly off to a good start. So glad we checked it out. ⭐

Paulo Pinheiro

Arthur made us feel like he knew us well... Great time

Angel Tamayo

I love this place. The buffet is awesome. The food and service is awesome. One of my favorite restaurants in Tucson!

Ike Jouhal

This place is a pleasant surprise. You walk in to a beautiful set up & its huge. A well stocked bar. We had Murg Methi Malai, Daal Bukhara and the Tandoori Mix Grill. It was amazing. We had a Gulab Jamun for desert and also tried their Paan Kulfi. It was out of this world. Our server Maggie did an amazing job with our selection of drinks & food. Worth visiting again & again. Host/owner Mr. Patel was very gracious.

Rob Tebben

Excellent service and amazing food! Definitely coming back.

Cheryl Klemann

Excellent Indian cuisine. Many items to chose from. Beautifully decorated as well as the food when presented. I will go again!

Tushar Mhatre

We once did a dine in and a recent take out. Food was good during our dine in and so was the service. Our waiter and also another lady (not sure if she was the manager) checked with us regularly. We were impressed and so last week decided to get a take out. Food was OK except for Hyderabadi 65 dish had stale chicken....we could not eat it. I emailed the restaurant informing them about it and also called (just in case no one checks the email). To date reply on my email. The lady who received the call said she was sorry about the dish and that she will inform the chef about it. I did not ask for a refund on the dish as I just wanted to check their response and see if they would ask me about it. I gave them couple days to respond, but not having heard back, decided to write my review. So very disappointing. Never had stale meat at any other restaurant. They should at least have the courtesy to say they will remake it or offer a refund. But, it seems like a good restaurant and hoping that they will improve.

Vasudeva Rao

This is an awesome place for Indian dishes. I loved it. We went as a group of 10 and it was so warmth.

Amiteshwar Bhatia

Very nice. Both variety and quality are top notch:)

Kathy Flores-Valle

This was the first time eating here. The food was fresh, delicious, and a wide variety of foods to choose from. Definitely will come back to eat again.

aseel jamil

The tastiest most freshest Indian restaurant in Tucson. Magie was very kind and helpful. Very friendly staff. Thank you Magie!. Highly recommended

Kana Mott

Delicious rich and complex flavors with a nice atmosphere and great service! Thank you Tamarind! We'll be back!

srinath sundararajan

Food at Tamarind is authentic and very tasty. One of the best Manchurian & Dum biriyani I have had in a restaurant. Excellent ambience and price is reasonable. Our waiter Ron was outstanding. Best Indian restaurant in Tucson!

Melissa Errico

Okay, but Saffron is much, much better.

Joseph Romero

Very tasty and one of the best Indian restaurants I been to. Only rivaled by one in Portland Oregon. Beautiful atmosphere and explosion of flavor.

Alison Charney

In short: place is understaffed/staff is incompetent. I ordered pick up and was told 25 minutes. I arrived 30 minutes post ordering. Nobody was at the front to assist, so I just waited. One woman came up and asked how many, I told her I had placed an order for pick up. She left. A long while later, a man came up and asked how many I was waiting for. I told him I had ordered a pick up 45 minutes prior to being there. He left. A long while later, a different woman came up and asked how many people I was waiting for. I told her that I had placed an order for pick up over an hour ago, and have been waiting in store for a long time. She left. 5-10 minutes later, a person who appeared to be the manager came out, and spoke with me. He realized that my order had never been submitted. He submitted my order. He offered a free mango lassi (something I'm not a fan of, and did not order), I declined, but he brought it anyway. I waited a much much longer time, then realized that I did not want to give them any money and left, placing the mango lassi I didn't even want on the counter, untouched. The next day, I ordered from Saffron. They told me 25 minutes. I was there in twenty, food waiting up front for me. I was in and out in less than 3 minutes. I waited in store for over 45 minutes, which was over ana hour and 10 minutes after I had placed the order that they said would be 25 minutes. The problem with tamarind, I believe, is that they were far understaffed and the staff is incompetent. This seems strange, because the place had many empty tables (wonder why...). This wouldn't have been a problem to me if: the first woman took it upon herself to find out that my order had never actually been submitted. I would have only waited 20 minutes for them to start my order then and get it out to me. Instead I waited over 45 minutes. The NEXT guy could have taken some responsibility and figured out that my order had not been submitted. The third woman appeared to have gotten the manager, which should have been done in the very beginning when they couldn't find my order! I never ara their food so can't vouch either way for that. I know I will never attempt to go there again.

David Petrella

Food was exceptional. Service was great too. Just a little staggered on food delivery. Good contemporary atmosphere.

corbieus309 the service is not the best. The server guy with painted fingernails does not seem like he wants to be all. 10 minutes to get drinks, had to go to the bar to get refills. The food is mediocre. Neither me or my wife could finish our soup. I barely made it out of the parking lot before my stomach came unglued. We will absolutely not be going back. A suggestion would be to add pictures to the menu. Most people don’t know what they are getting in to. Your ice tea is fountain supply, which tastes generic and crummy. Focus on service, it will help curb the taste of the food.

Shaidy Hosseini

Had lunch for the very first time and absolutely LAST time here today, it took us 15 min to get home and 45 min in the bathroom for me to vomit my eyes out. The food was tasty but I’ve never got food poising that fast. It was so bad I don’t think if I’m able to pass Ina for a while. Update at 5pm same day: Now the cherry on the top is that not only I got sick vomiting my eyes out, now we both got diarrhea. Some urgent care visit is needed ASAP!!!!!!!


Great service .great food..i asked for spicy and I got it..palaak paneer was great.. And samosas!! I will be back❤

Colleen DeFraites

We visited Tamarind for the first time, but it won't be our last. What a beautiful space with a huge pretty bar and wonderful staff. But best of all is the food! Really fresh, and prepared to your taste. I had the Olive Naan and it was so good. It is great how they make everything on site daily so the food is really terrific. The vegetable Samosa was spot on.. just spicy enough. For fun we tried the Masala fries.. wow.. what a great twist on the normal french fry.. So much better tasting than plain fries. Chicken Punjabi curry ... EXCELLENT.. The servers know the menu well and can help you select dishes and also they will prepare them to your requested level of spiciness. The service is excellent. You can tell the owner really cares about his restaurant and your experience there. We will return !

Helen Moralee

This is the third time that we have eaten here. Tonight we came as part of a company function. The service was great and the food delicious! We will definitely be back.

Collin Hepburn

One of my recent personal favorites. They have very high quality and tasty Indian food. The owner stops by every time we are there and makes sure everything was absolutely perfect. The quality and consistancy keeps us coming along with the great customer service. If you love Indian than go check this place out!

Malagueña Salerosa

Great beautiful restaurant, excellent food, there’s an all you can eat buffet too, and great service also, I will go back for sure

Sara Cass

Decided to be adventurous and order the goat dish. There was no mention of this dish having an enormous amount of bone. I almost choked a couple of times because it is in a sauce so it is hard to see the bone. Prices are also higher than Saffron (maybe because the space is larger). I gave a 3 because the waitress was very attentive and I did enjoy the wine. My hope is they add a disclaimer to the menu about the goat dish containing a high amount of bone or make this dish boneless.

Ashley Wallace

Wonderful experience! Borderline remarkable. Honestly what blew me away the most, was the attention to detail everywhere I looked. For example, I don't think I have EVER seen dishes and silverware so sparkling clean in a dining establishment. Like wow. I don't know if it's a product or person responsible, but for once I felt safe eating off of a restaurant plate, incuding using the provided cutlery, without having to somehow find a way to wash them myself beforehand! ... Not even a wipe down! Just one detail that made this dining experience a forever memorable one, that I want to repeat as often as I can! The food was just amazingly delicious! It was unique enough to keep me intrigued, yet not too exotic, to the point it made me afraid to try each new dish. Everything I've eaten here has been 100% new to me. Such A flavorful experience, mixing foods in such a unique way, my taste buds didn't know what to think at first. My first experience with Indian food did not bode well, and I never went down that road. So after hearing this place was Indian, I had my reservations. But I would call in modern Indian with a twist!

Elena Jones

Decent tasting, small Indian lunch buffet, linen napkins, cricket showing on TV

Lisa Krikawa

Absolutely delicious. I’m a big fan of Indian food and found this uniquely fresh and wonderful. I loved the lively music and beautiful modern Indian decor. A nice big bar with some fun big low tables for groups, and misted patio dining. Well done!

Jim Bergstrom

We stopped by Tamarind to try their gourmet Indian fare. My wife and I love Indian food and have several decades of sampling all sorts of restaurants. Our movie started at 4pm so we stopped in Tamarind for a late lunch at 1:30pm. The restaurant had few diners yet as the typical lunch time had passed when we arrived. It was a Sunday so the dining schedule also leans toward afternoon and dinner. The restaurant's interior is grand; a large, open room with high ceilings and lots of windows. The bar stands like and island in half the room and dedicated dining tables fill the other half. Subtle artwork makes the feel sublime. We sat at the tables near the windows in the bar section. The bartender was also our wait person and his name was Elena. He introduced himself, took our drink order, and left us to page through their massive menu offerings. As an example of how large their food offerings are is that they have 7 different types of Garlic Naan bread. I've never seen more than 2-3 types in other restaurants. I had Goat Masala and my wife had the Vegetable Masala. Both items were superior in taste, size, and presentation. Wow. We had enough to take home for another meal so their prices are very reasonable as well. They have a nice list of fine liquors though they were on the expensive side. My Syrah wine for 6.95 was a perfect complement to my curry goat. My wife ordered Thai Tea that came like a milkshake with beautifully decorated swirls. It was nicely unsweetened, or at least very little, and tasted great. We will be back for sure even though we live 1.5 hours away in a small, neighboring town. It is well worth the drive. The service was attentive and friendly, the food superior tasting and quite reasonably priced. and the large, open atmosphere was interesting and nice. We look forward to dining in warmer weather (this visit was in December) when we can sit outside under the shade of the giant porch and listen to the small Ganesh fountain that adorns that space.

skyler marie

I went here on a Friday 4/13 around 11am during the lunch buffet time with a friend. The atmosphere is nice and the look is modern. Not what I was expecting, but I liked it. Although I did not order any food but some drinks, my friend got food from the buffet and said it wasn't too bad. I noticed the outside of my glass was dirty unfortunately and for whatever reason our waiter, a guy with colored ponytails, was not very friendly, and never came to check back on us. This may have been because we came in during the lunch buffet time and it doesn't require as much attention? I'm not sure. He was not personable at all. We also noticed he charged us both for lunch buffets when only one of us ordered from there. I may give this place another try, but I am weary about how the staff will treat me.


I love this place. I'm a connoisseur of Indian food in every way. I critique very harshly. Tamarind has met and surpassed many of my expectations. They have a rather huge selection to choose from. Unlike many Indian restaurants, this one actually has goat on the buffet and is available every day. When buffet hours are near end, they still bring out fresh food. The servers are really attentive and jovial. I appreciate the drinks they serve. The bartenders are true mixologists. My drinks are never too strong or stuffed with a bunch of leaves, celery stalks and things of that nature. Just a real drink. My family eats here at least once a week. I'm in here at least three times a week. Food is well worth the fair price. I wish they were open 24/7.

Paul Shenefelt

Went for lunch. Beautiful but casual atmosphere. I don't have much experience with Indian food so I can't really compare but my wife and I both enjoyed our food. My wife did comment that the shrimp may have been a little over cooked but it was still good. Our server was very nice and knowledgeable. She was patient with our questions and very attentive overall. The portions were very large, especially for lunch. They cater to a vegetarian and vegan clientele but the menu is extensive. They even have a dog friendly patio. We'll definitely go again.

Kelly Handley

If you like a little spice in your diet this place will provide what you crave. Great food and a very pleasant staff. This was my first time with this type of food and I must say it wint be my last. It's a different type of heat but it will deliver the heat depending on your request. My advice is to start with their medium heat before diving right into hot. Your choice though.

Steven Fontes

Delicious food! I like how they have a large selection of Masala Tandoori etc. The icing on the cake for this establishment was the really nice wait staff. Ron was a pleasure to speak to and gave great recommendations.

Timothy Conners

One of my favorite restaurants in Tucson. The service is friendly and attentive, the restaurant is clean and bright. But it’s the food. The food... I’m craving it just writing this review! The buffet is phenomenal in variety, and it’s a great value for the quality and taste. Ordering from the menu is also a treat because of the huge number of options. Check this place out. If you enjoy Indian food, you’ll probably be hooked like I was.

Cameron Church

Not a family style restaurant, hostess looked at us like we were crazy to bring a toddler here and she was right. Stuffy atmosphere, really overdoing it with the posh highlights and accents. Over selling their trend. It’s not a restaurant to take your family to. More of a excellent date spot. I also don’t understand why they picked a location that is drying up... do they realize that mall area is dying? Food smelled good. Wish I could of enjoyed it.

Lynmarie Purdin

The food is fantastic. Always fresh & brought out fast. Elena is a great bartender. She is attentive & always friendly. I love to eat here! Bobby Patel is the owner. He greets guests personally & treats them like family. It’s a beautiful restaurant, always clean. Thank you Bobby, Elena and the waitstaff for sharing your food and hospitality!

Rohit Niphadkar

Rare finds in Tucson. This restaurant serves authentic north Indian food. Menu has many choices for appetizers, entree’s, veg & non-veg. Ambiance is very nice and staff is friendly with good service. Food is delicious with only one downside- quantity of meat, chicken, shrimp etc. in curry & biryani is very less than is supposed to be.

peter gottschling

The mutton and lamb masala were outstanding. We got medium spicy with a bite but it did not hurt the underlying flavors. If you want Indian cuisine check this new place out.

Vicky Francesco

My son and I had a great meal@ Food excellent selection , like the way their mild to extra spicy scale is. Great server thanks Erika Bobby stopped by to check on us. Will go back.

susan tiss

A much needed, delicious and authentic Indian eatery on the Northwest side of town. All of the Tandor items are divine, the wine list is small but good, and the staff a knowledgeable and sweet. Get the carrot dessert when you are done with your meal. You will not be sorry.

Brad Lund

Best Indian cuisine in Northwest Tucson. I love this restaurant and the people who work there. We've been there about 6 times, however, today was the first time I tried the lunch buffet - wow - amazing and diverse food choices - if I could I would give Tamarind 10 stars!! they are that good.

NishaLuke1 Doty


johnny b

Very good Indian food. The mango chutney is good. The paneer was great. Medium spices was the best. Not to hot but awith a kick. The decor is well done.

Laura Aaron

This is wonderful Indian cuisine! Fabulous chutneys and breads. If dining at dinner, portions are large. Try the goat birianay, it is amazing!

niloufar mollasalehi

Amazing experience! It was our first time in Tamarind, great, tasty food and the best service. We had a small surprise birthday there and everything went well as planned. We had a cute heart-shaped carrot birthday cake! Everyone is very nice specially Bobbie the owner

Emily Goodwin

Food was okay. Busser was more attentive to us than actual waiter in regards to service. Waiter asked if we were familiar with Indian food. We say yes. He asks if we had dined with them before. We say no. At the first mention of another restaurant, he stops speaking with us and walks off. 5 minutes into eating, he appears again asking which restaurant we prefer. We didn't get drinks for 15 minutes. My friend asked for sugar for her tea. Waiter dissappears. Ten minutes later a busser comes out to take a plate, I ask him for sugar. Finally get sugar. We continue eating and nothing too weird happens, just more of the waiter asking which restaurant we liked better. After eating we get our check. They don't bother asking if we're paying together or separately. My friend goes into the restroom and the waiter comes back. He commented on my purse which has cats on it, then proceeded to tell me about the deer carcasses he finds while biking in the mountains because he's sure mountain lions killed them. Altogether creepy and never going back.


Food and service were excellent. Among the best Indian restaurants we've been to in Arizona. Highly recommended.

Glen a traveling knitter

Wonderful food, nice service.

Edward Aplas

Wait staff knew nothing about the menu. I asked what a dish was and was told "I don't know but the owner eats it". Person who was sent to help tried hard but was bartender on his first day at the place. A third person came,possibly the owner, after orders were placed to help. Too little too late. I can't rate the food since I only got tomato soup since no one could explain the menu. Getting check to leave was also challenge. Training program here seems extremely lacking. Base on my experience and the low number of guest on a Friday night, I see it as another business collapsing due to poor management.

Chris A

Good food. Very tasty

Kim Rumble

This was personally not for me. I am not a buffet person so I ordered off the menu and family ordered the buffet. My simple rice with fruit and nuts tasted stale and the buffet seemed to be oily. Even the lemonade tasted like chemicals. This is just not my type of meal.

Ray Khajeh

It was the first time i was there and i LOVED the food and atmosphere. One of my friends is from that part of the world and suggested our knitting group go there for one of our parties. So she helped to explain what the dishes consisted of, but i'm sure the staff would do the same. I WOULD DEFINITELY SUGGEST ANYONE WOULD LOVE TRYING IT OUT!!!!!!!!! I WILL DEFINITELY BE GOING BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! Like

Freddy Elmesselmani

Good ambiance, good food, service needs work. Place was on the slower side around Friday 130pm, there's plenty of employees but it seems like there's no direction. Had to play a guessing game with the host to find a fully clean and bussed table. Most of the empty tables were half cleared. Still don't know who my server was, they all helped but that creates a disconnect with the table. Had to flag down the servers for drinks and the bill. We went with the buffet which limited our server’s interaction, but the service still had a visible gap when it came to drinks and flipping tables for the next client. I have faith though cause this place got potential. Can't wait till they finish their patio.

Jordyns World

This was by far the worst experience I've had at any place, EVER!!! The server just starred at us when we walked in like, what are you doing here. After a minute of awkward starring at each other he finally walked over to the front and asked how many. After being sat, he didn't even ask what we wanted to drink just poured waters and left. When he finally came back he asked what we wanted to drink but seemed very frustrated that he had to even ask. The disappeared outside. The server came back inside after a while and just starred at me from the bar like he wanted to fight. After trying really hard not to make a scene for looking at me like in disgust the whole time we where there, I asked for a manager. Upon speaking with the manager Bobby, the server and another co-worker continued starring at me so I then gave them the ice cube stare down like bring it! I'm tired of being looked at like this. They both backed down and went to the back of the restaurant and didn't bother me again. The food was mediocre at best and my daughter gagged up all the food she tried. The manager gave me 15% coupon for our next visit like where going to come back lol. I don't see this place lasting much longer based on the service and being the only table in there at 12:30 in the afternoon!!!

julie egan

I know absolutely nothing about Indian food! I came for buffet lunch and it was wonderful. The staff were incredibly friendly, nice and helpful. I will definitely come again. I will tell my friends as I was a bit sad to see not very many people and such a wonderful place. The decor and Ambiance were amazing. There is an Indian food restaurant over on Oracle Road a friend of mine told me, and she said that they were usually packed. She does not understand the difference because the food is so good at your location. The only thing she could think of was the dinner pricing at your place was quite a bit higher than the dinner pricing at the other place? I'm not sure. But I will definitely come again thank you so much!

Pascal oyamo

A nice place to eat good food I googled it’s reviews before I went there and I wasn't disappointed.

Hao Charlot

Best Indian masalas in town. Love love love this place ❤️

Jade Ballard

Great experience!! Staff was very friendly and the food was very good! Speedy service too!

Abida Ahmad

Food was awesome. One of the best Indian restaurants in town . Taste like authentic Indian food just like mom makes.


Delicious authentic Indian food. Had a very nice dinner experience and the staff was very welcoming and professional

Amy Van Cleve

The food was delicious and the atmosphere is wonderful. The staff is very attentive, I will definitely be coming back. The food has so much flavor. I enjoyed sitting on the patio, the misters kept us nice and cool.

scott burkett

Enjoyed the lunch buffet, and excellent, attentive service. 1st time in, and we will be coming back with the whole family. Many others have failed in this spot, but don't let that hold you back. They got it right this time.

max sifer

Great staff, really good food for being just the lunch buffet. Drinks were amazing. If you can catch this place not crazy busy it's most certainly worth the money

Lexi O

Delicious Indian cuisine with large portions. Our favorite dish is the Chicken Tikka Masala with the Chili Garlic Naan bread. The interior is very neat with beautiful decor. The bartender, Maggie, took great care of us and the owner, Bobby, stopped by to chat and asked how everything was. Give it a try! You won't regret it.

Sonia Medina

The food was great and the restaurant is really nice

Amisha Singh

Delicious food, and in my opinion a bit more authentic than nearby Saffron. The seating is comfortable and the overall ambience of the restaurant is stylish. The serving staff is always very friendly and warm. Menu has classic indian dishes mixed with fun indian street favorites like the kathi roll and masala fries. I hope this place is here to stay!! Highly recommend!

Joshua Harty

Went for the lunch buffet and it had a great selection at a solid price. Arthur was very attentive with taking plates and refilling drinks. Would definitely eat here again if in the neighborhood

Gemese Comer

We're not huge fans of Indian food, but I can honestly say it was great. We will definitely be back!

Adrianna Knew

The food is great. It was kinda slow, and service was not bad but it wasn't fantastic for how slow they were. I would love to see this place stay.

Natalia Orozco

Restaurant is beautiful but overpriced and the food was just ok. Buffet was expensive.

Johnny Lalwani

Very good ambiance and superb food excellent service

Antonia Ruffo

It was our first time eating at Tamarind and it was perfect! The food was delicious and everything was top notch. Most importantly the service was the best we ever had. Our waiter Ron was very knowledgeable of the menu and was a pleasure to speak to during our meal. Ron made it a fun and a great experience. Best waiter we have ever had. The owner came to our table and was very welcoming and pleasant. We will definitely be back. highly recommended.

Andrea Gold

Tamarind just opened a week ago. My husband and I feasted at their lunch buffet for $14.99 per person. They had tremendous variety. Everything we ate was excellent. There were some mild dishes but definitely a little more on the medium spicy side if that's a concern. And I saw vegan choices as well on the buffet. The ambiance and decorating are beautiful plus there is a place to eat outside as well. Plenty of parking. I wish Tamarind well with their beautiful new place!

Neka Becker

Great food and service! Excellent

Fran Ferlazzo

As always Tamarind delivers a fresh, good tasting, and affordable lunch buffet. Summer special buffet for $10.99. Lots of options for both the vegan and the carnivore.

AM Check

We like to order takeout. I love their menu options. Everything I’ve tried has been delicious!!! Outstanding customer service!!! Go and support this restaurant.

Annelise Leopard

Love this place! Excellent service and food amazing. I grew up eating Indian food back home and this place makes me feel right at home. Love love love that they have all the cricket games on their screens at the bar. Missing my cricket games.

Kenneth Moncrief

Delicious, good portion sizes; nice ambiance

Jenelle Joseph

Fresh food and friendly service. Good variety of foods.

Joe Barnes

Great food, great service and great atmosphere!! Ron was our server and did a great job!! He was very knowledgeable of the menu and didn't make us ask for anything!! Ask for Ron when you go he'll guide ya into the right dish and will be very attentive!! Great job to the chef and all the staff!!

Jessica Bambery

I have only been here a couple times but the quality of the food is excellent and the dishes are inventive.

arun kumar

Food was really awesome, especially black pepper chicken. I loved it. Staff was very friendly.

Wendy Cordero

The quality of the buffet was good when it opened. They used serve dosa and paneer masalas at the buffet They have cheapened the buffet no longer served authentic Indian food, rather a alteration substituting bland tofu for what should be paneer dishes. No longer serving traditional dosa and sambar as part of the buffet.

Erin Keim

We just moved back from the UK where we had oodles of Indian food choices. This place is GREAT! Lovely ambiance, EXCELLENT flavor, great staff and reasonable prices. Like a great pair of pants, you can dress up for date night or remain casual. Highly recommended.

Victoria Gonzalez

The food was very good, and it was easy to converse with people at your table (music wasn't overpowering). The atmosphere was very pleasant!

Rick Fuller

Had dinner there yesterday with my girlfriend and we both loved it! Had the butter chicken with the chili garlic naan and it was the best meal we've had out in a very long time. I am very excited to try the rest of the menu and the lunch buffet

Karthik S

Too pricey and less options for vegetarians. Food is okayish.

Matt from washington state

Best Indian lunch buffet in Tucson! I think I've hit about all of them across town. This one is really good. Nice atmosphere, clean, great variety of items. Only negative was some of the food wasn't quite warm enough. But, overall I definitely think it's the best of it's kind and would not hesitate to eat there again.

Rachel Veeneman

Ron was excellent! Took care of most all guests in the restaurant. Provided us with new information about the current chef and the cuisine. Delicious food. Clean classy environment. Real trendy. Good music. Clean bathrooms. Just all around excellence! Lunch buffet for the win!

Elisa Valencia

This place was sooo good, I couldn’t wait to get home and write them an awesome review. At first, I walked in and thought “this place looks fancy... must be expensive.” Anyway, the prices were very decent, and the food was INCREDIBLE. Our waiter Ron was so friendly, and had awesome recommendations. We enjoyed every single bite, and so did my rowdy 2 year old. I have never felt so impressed by an Indian restaurant in Tucson, until I came here. I would give more than 5 stars if I could.

Tim McIntyre

Great lunch buffet. Pricing is fair. Great selection of dishes from a little spicy to mild. Our waiter Ron was very helpful telling us about the different dishes. Dont miss out!


I ordered the medium spice level and it put me in tears.

Kevin Zimmerman

Great buffet with good selection and food. Nice atmosphere. Would highly recommend.

Latricia Vega

Been here 3 different times and have had great service, the food was great and atmosphere energetic. First time trying Indian food so the server, Sistine, gave very simple but knowledgeable description of the dishes. I love this place!

Kevin Jones

Service by Erica was great. This was our second visit and we'll be back for more. Saag paneer, butter chicken, Curry fish, everything was fabulous. These guys are doing a great job and deserve a visit.

Carlos Valenzuela

Waiter was upset to start off because we seated ourselves though no staff was at entrance to seat customers. Food at the buffet was old, dry and cold at 1 pm between buffet hours. Out of 40 tables only 5 tables were occupied and we had to ask three different waiters to bring us drinks. This just made the first waiter more upset due to us interrupting his socializing with a waitress across the room. The place looks nice inside but I highly recommend not wasting your money and time at this restaurant.

Abhradeep Sarkar

Nice Indian cuisine place with a sumptuous spread for lunch buffets. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. Their mango lassi was out-of-the-world. Haven’t tried a-la-carte but I am guessing it will be equally good. Looking forward to going back pretty soon!

Brad Hacker

Food is amazing! Can’t wait to come back!


So I decided to try the new Indian restaurant that I read in the paper was upscale. The upscale part is that they charge more for the food. The food is good but it's no better than the other local Indian places in the area. Just having opened they look like they are trying to figure out how to run the place. Took about a 1/2 hour to get food and then they never came back with water even after I asked.

Joshua Alexander

We went for the lunch buffet. We are very impressed with the cuisine here and the service has been over the top. We would really love to see this place survive!

Daniel HS

Really good Indian food and the staff was very attentive.

Victoria Diaz

Love this place Food is flavorful and always enough for left overs. We love the vegi samosas ! So hot and tastey Everytime. Service is hit or miss. It never looks busy when I've visited, bit based on the service, you'd think it was.

Rishi Bhargava

They have definitely improved on the previous reviews. Even though the kitchen was closed they made more naan. Portions are generous and a good ratio of protein to curry. Definitely the top Indian restaurant in Tucson. Give it a try! Giving it a five star since I disagree with the lower ratings!

CookieB Tucson

The food was delicious. Our server, Nick, did a great job of explaining our vegetarian and non vegetarian options. There were 11 of us enjoying the buffet; and I was pleased with the quality of both food and service. I plan to eat here again.

Malhar Desai

Beautiful Indian restaurant in town. Delicious food. Lots of vegetarian variety too. Pleasant atmosphere.

Jackie Skelly

I don’t know how many restaurants have come and gone in this building. But this wonderful one needs to stay!!! The staff is very attentive and pleasant. We went for their buffet, and for anyone who is thinking about trying this place, you need to do the buffet. So many delicious dishes!!! We will be back for sure!

Elizabeth Dobson

Great chai tea, great friendly staff, food was yummy

Monica Murray

Excellent lunch buffet and great service! I cannot wait to go back! They were very accommodating to our large party (with many kids).

Mari Caronan

I dont really like Indian food but this hits the spot! Food was perfectly seasoned, bigger portions and ambiance and service is exceptional.

Julian Rios

Amazing service , our waiter Arthur is very polite and helpful and the food was great

hali tess

The best Indian food restaurant in Tucson!! I have eaten at many Indian restaurant before and by far the best I have tasted. The service is outstanding, inside of the restaurant is absolutely beautiful. I was very impressed.

Shariq Chudhri

One the better Indian restaurants in Tucson. I recommend the Dum Pukht Biryani . Excellent naan from the tandoor.

Sunny Sharma

We had a great time with friends for the evening. We tried a lot of different options for appetizers with different level of spiciness. Appetizers were perfect with our drinks from the bar. Atmosphere was perfect with nice soft music in the restaurant. We had only planned for appetizers and drinks for an hour but ended up staying for dinner. Dinner menu was awesome. Food was very tasty and had a lot of different options for our party of 7 people. Servers were very responsive and helpful. We will be back as food, drinks and atmosphere were perfect.

Showri N

The Best Indian Restaurant in Tucson with all North and South Indian dishes. It’s so Delicious

Steven Stewart

Nice selection at the buffet. Delicious food! If you don't like a little kick (spice) then you may not enjoy it as much.

Rod Dowd

Really good lunch buffet. Good selection and the food is good. The naan bread is awesome, especially if you get it hot and fresh! It's a little spendy for lunch ($12) but not outrageous.

Ed Pomatto

Food was good but a bit too spicy for us at our age.

Soda Boots

Best Indian food in Tucson... Maggie was a great help and makes a wonderful old fashioned. Get the indian spicy extra hot especially with the shrimp vindaloo, makes it even more delicious.

Damian Crawley

Excellent and authentic taste of Indian cuisine. The restaurant is spacious and relatively quiet, and seems to have a nice drink selection as well. Bring friends to share and swap food with, and you won't be disappointed.

Tom Cotton

Great food, atmosphere and excellent service. The staff was extremely friendly!

Jamillia Joseph

My kids liked it , so it's a win for me. Some items contained too much oil but I am sure we can request little or no oil in the future. Be mindful that we are vegan/vegetarian family so the options were somewhat limited based on things that we actually like. The kheer is worth trying if you aren't vegan. Atmosphere is modern and beautiful.

Caron Johnson

Amazing food and fantastic service! The garlic nan and chicken tiki masala was delicious.

Kim Meyer

Wonderful butter chicken! The best in town, you will not be disappointed!!

Johnny FB

This is the best place to eat in the whole damn city

Jason Stolsek

New place, great food and the music selection they play is unique and cool. Service did seem disorganized and out of my 4 visits, I didn't see the same people twice. Other than that, the food was great and it's a great lunch spot.

Angel Hacker

This place is making its way into one of my favorite restaurants!! Tons of Vegan, vegetarian options, and if you are a meat lover like myself it’s also delicious. I was scared of Indian food for a long time and now I’m in love. I recommend the chili garlic shrimp and their Saag (creamy spinach)

Chris Vera

Their Chicken Tikka masala is tops. We also enjoyed saag paneer. Extensive menu and very attentive service.

James Murray

Great service. Great Tikka Masala.

Muath M Almoslem

The food is so good and there is a good varieties for vegans. However, they need to work more on customer service.

Miriam Frieden

This place is so delicious and unique. Even if you think you’ve had Indian food before, Tamarind is special. Try it!!!

Helen Dominguez

Food was awesome. Menu is not helpful for people who don't know Indian food. I still don't know what I ate, but it was delicious.

Steve Ferencik

Great food! Really nice place, staff is friendly too. But the food is the star, top notch.

Anvesh Jagarlamudi

We have been to Tamarind lunch Buffet 2-3 times. I like the entrees they have and also the desserts. But not always the Biryani and The curries are good. Also the items are limited and could add a couple more in the main course.

Mychal Rorls

I am a huge fan a Indian food. I've tried Indian food all over the world!!! Unfortunately not in India but in the continent of Asia non the less. We Tucsonans have a quite a few Indian options to choose from in town but Tamarind takes the crown for best Indian food in Tucson. I highly recommend to anyone, the atmosphere is incredible and the food is incredible. A must try if you haven't already.

Maria Rosenberg

Amazing authentic food with good quantity. Very clean. Great young, hip atmosphere. Waiters are amazingly helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable.

Carmen Cornelius

I came with a rather large group of friends on a Wednesday. The service was excellent and the food nothing short of amazing. The owner Bobby came out to make sure we enjoyed our visit. The entrees are large enough to share with another person which makes it even more cost effective. I really can't wait to bring my husband here.

Victoria Richins

Ordered to-go. Basic steamed rice isn't included with the curry dishes, and you get a small Chinese box when you pay extra for it, so if you like a decent amount of rice just be aware. Also our chicken had a lot of tendons in it, so it was an effort to separate the meat every couple bites. Flavor was good, but all in all, there are much better options on this side of town for comparable or cheaper prices, and will not be ordering again.

Trevor retro

The food here was so great, the portions were large and I am definitely looking forward to eating the leftovers tomorrow. Also the customer service here was awesome, they definitely go above and beyond here.

Kathleen Rice

Delicious food. Labels indicate "vegan" or "dairy"on the smorgasbord. Decor is attractive too. This location has hosted a Greek, Texan and another restaurant of some kind. Fun to see various permutations.

David Zamora

A new restaurant on the Northwest side of Tucson. Very nice and impressive. Had dinner with my son and his wife. Portions were good . Food and service was excellent.

Nathan Norris

The food tasted good. Tried finding a food for a 5 year old that doesn't like spice. We ordered fries and it cost 5.50. The waiter was pushy and told us what we needed to order when we didn't ask. Portion size is pretty small, however the food was good . Probably won't go back again. There are other Indian restaurants in Tucson that are better.

סטונאייג' StoneAge

Food is ok . service good but not mach knowledge..

Houston Brown

I would really like to have been more impressed by the food. The service was great. Very kind. But... This is apparently an acquired taste. I love Indian food, but this tasted quite different. It honestly could be a style. However, my favorite desert ever, carrot havla was inedible. Odd taste, odder texture. The tandoori chicken was good, albeit different. The naan was good. The saag paneer lacked dairy. I've had this dish where it was good with no dairy, but this was not it. I'll give it another try in a while. The lettuce was not fresh.

Joseph Medina

Great flavors and good prices. I enjoy coming here and having the buffet.

Jacky S

To those of who like spicy flavors. Great food.

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