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4901 E Ray Rd #120, Phoenix, AZ 85044, United States Located in: Ahwatukee Foothills Towne Center

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REVIEWS OF Snooze an AM Eatery IN Arizona

Rae Ortega

Place had a nice atmosphere and nice vibes. Anyway I had ordered the avocado toast which comes with 2 sunny side eggs on top. Being vegan I asked to substitute my eggs for potatoes. The waitress said they can’t substitute the eggs because they come ON TOP of the toast. I was kinda confused because I don’t understand why that can stop me from substituting the eggs. As a vegan I think they should let people substitute the animal products off their order. I won’t be coming back here.

Megan Williams

We were introduced to Snooze by a relative who loves this place. Two of us ordered the pancake flights - 3 pancake of your choosing on one plate - YUMMY! The guys ordered traditional egg and meat options along with some tasty drink choices. Coffee was good and our waiter was great at recommending things to try. Fun place to visit. Give it a try. We enjoyed it so much the first time, we went back a second time before our return flight!! The service was very good and the food yummy. It is a little on the pricey side!

Melissa Boyd

I went to my first Snooze restaurant in San Antonio, Texas and I was very impressed. It’s been two years and I gave the Tempe location a visit. It was better than what I remember. The service is impeccable, the food is akin to that of a five star restaurant. I had the salmon eggs Benedict, and a phenomenal rummosa. Loved every moment and will be coming back with family and friends.

Elvia Caballero

Great service, delicious bloody Marys

hector martinez

Wow. Visited from Vegas and they made me feel right at home.

David Nguyen

Foods were slow but it was during the busy time of the day, food are good but i feel like it could be better my hashbrowns sort of burnt

Lisa W

Love the vibe, love the food! Good ingredients, healthy choices and cute place.

Hameed Chughtai

Good food and portions but nothing extraordinary. I cannot recommend going there out of your way. Still, if you are nearby it is an ok choice (but just ok) for brunch/breakfast.

Sam Ubaldo

Absolutely amazing food. Pancakes in particular are amazing with so many choices. Top all this with amazing service and people...this is a must stop for me.

Lupita Villaescusa

Everything we tried was great! I like how they are trying to make a difference by making their supplies environmentally friendly. Even their restroom has a step at the bottom so you use your foot to open the door instead of your clean hands after having washed them. The pancake was amazing!

Gecha catch

Mimosas wasn't the best and my eggs were cold. Overall not a bad place but you can find better for the money.

Cat Polston

Excellent breakfast and brunch restaurant. Snooze uses a unique flavor twist on traditional breakfast. The pancake flight gave a way to try a bit of their different offerings.

Tiffany Van Winkle

Amazing food here with So. Many. Options. Tons of unique pancakes, eggs benny, and other breakfast dishes that are all delicious! I get something new everytime and love it! They also have awesome bloody Mary's, mimosas, and locally sourced coffee. The service is great, relaxed vibe, definitely one of my favorite breakfast spots in Tempe.

Andrew Olsen

Phenomenal service, phenomenal food, phenomenal cocktails. You're missing out if you have not eaten here!

La Ron Scott

First time ever coming to a Snooze AM Eatery and I must say this particular place was awesome! My only gripe was the length at which it took for us to get our food. Pictured are side salad with Steak and eggs Benny/ Chile Verde Benny. Breakfast pulled pork tacos and the OMG stuffed French toast. Everything we ordered taste delicious, will definitely be returning to another one of these places to try more of their menu items. This particular location was pretty busy when we went on a Sunday around noon. Every table was full, waiters/ waitresses running around dropping food off to happy faces. Music was set at a great volume. Table space was kind of cramped and some of the booths had space on all sides. Our food did take a while to arrive and because of this to our surprise our waitress dropped off a secret menu pancake that our table didn't hesitate to devour. I'd definitely recommend coming here. +Food +Staff +Environment - wait time for food

Amanda Westphal

Best restaurant in AZ! Delicious food that was perfectly balanced in flavors. Excellent service. Worth the 45 minute drive for us.

Madison Ethington

The nitro cold brew was super delicious and creamy without any add-ins. I added a little coconut milk, but it did not need it! The mimosa are pretty tasty, but a little expensive. This place is packed on the weekend, but during the week around late morning it's pretty open, especially for students.

LaReina Felix

The Grits and Shrimp had so much flavor. My daughter was impressed with her meal as well. Service was on point, wait staff are friendly. It's good to come to a place that makes you feel welcomed. Couldn't ask for a better atmosphere. Loved this place.

Marilyn Rios

Amazing food served by fantastic staff. My mom and I came Sunday morning around 9:30am and were promptly seated. Mom had the Shakshuka and I ordered the Shrimp and grits. Both were delicious, but I highly recommend the shrimp and grits.

Shelley Winters

The flavor profiles in the Eggs Benedict were delish but my eggs were lukewarm at best. I will go back but will send the food back for a redo if this happens again. The atmosphere was fun and I loved having the dining area open to the outside.

Allen Bynum

Great breakfast place! Everything on the menu is fantastic and more than big enough to fill you up. Prices are more than reasonable for the quality of food they serve. If you're looking for something on the sweeter side, there pancakes are amazing. The only downside is that there's usually a 20 min or longer wait on the weekends. Also, the ladies working there are all gorgeous.

Junlong Huang

It is acceptable but the food is not worth a 4.5+ rating


I love this place. My wife and I went to the one in San Diego while we were on vacation and thoroughly enjoyed it. That experience made this a must-stop for me. There are so many options it's hard to choose just one... Especially with the pancakes. Thank goodness for the pancake flight! :) . HIGHLY recommended for a delicious breakfast.


Amazing food and great service


Fantastic food. Every bite was incredible. Maybe a little too hip or trendy I guess for myself....filled with a bunch of college-age kids very nice waiter was polite a young kid. But food made up for anything because it was just so good it was absolutely worth every penny every bite was great

Sam Gerardi

Words are sufficient... awesome fresh food, cocktails and full width door wall for open air dining inside and out. Friendly servers and wide variety of choices.

Kimetha TURNER

Always good food. All the Benedict’s are great, don’t be afraid to try new ones! The AM Manhattan is so worth it

Chuck Shaughnessy

Excellent food however I do wish they would have healthier pancake chices.

Varnika Angampally

Love this place! Keep coming back here! Their OMG french toast is out of this world! I also really like their Shakshuka!

Missy nonyabusiness

AMAZING FOOD and Great service

Mia Rain

The OMG French toast is crazy good.

Marty Aavik

Nice little place with a great variety of classic and new choices. Gets very busy, but if you can hit them in a slow time you can have a great, quick meal.

Miguel Ochoa

Not quite what I was expecting. The staff was attentive and nice , but the food was ok . I went with a group of 5 on Sunday morning at 11:30am, and we waited about 50 minutes, which seemed reasonable, considering the crowd. I got the habana sandwich it was a bitt flavorless. The servers were attentive and very patient. I don’t think I give the place another chance. My family didn’t like their dishes either.

Rachel Hennessey

Delicious!! I got the ham eggs benedict and it was amazing. I've been searching for a good Benedict and this is it! The cheddar in the hollandaise sauce really elevates it. The hash browns were good and I got extra avocado. The coffee was great and our waitress gave us a take away cup for more coffee to go. She was very thoughtful and attentive. Definitely a nice treat for the weekend; could not go here weekly as it is a little pricey.

Gary Meeks

We went for meeting and had our breakfast service and food was great I highly recommend checking it out. I heard the bloody Mary's were the best.

Kyle Wright

Great food, and always busy. If you want and can the bar area is open seating, my wife and I have avoided a long wait a couple times when we found open seats.

Kent Lane

Amazing food and drinks to go along with the music. I love the vibe here.

Dave Kitchener

Great vibe to this place. All the employees were upbeat, the food was good. On the downside, it was pretty noisy. Lots of guests, all trying to be heard, no soft surfaces to absorb the din.

Renae Lerma

The reason I come to Snooze is the bacon. Absolutely delicious and thick. Staff is always friendly. Pineapple upside down pancakes are my favorite. Great drink menu. Only downside is the wait time. Be prepared for 20-30 minute wait times. I guess it's a good thing because so many people enjoy the food.

Nichole Sietsema

I love the bloody Mary and mimosa options. I am gluten free and love that they offer so many gluten free breakfast options like pancakes and toast in addition to all of the delicious egg and meat combos they offer. Both the Tempe and Gilbert locations are great!

scott mcrae

Kind of a new wave, healthy hipster vibe to this place! Excellent service, genuine smiles, friendly and engaged. They know their menu and can describe the food accurately and with detail. The food has unique combinations of flavors with very healthy choices. I wouldn't normally be drawn to a place like this but I must say...very good stuff! Been here a hand full of times and the above mentioned has been a consistent theme. Our food took a long time because of a huge table that backed up the kitchen for a while. The manager came over and apologized without being prompted. She comped our drinks and gave us a voucher for free pancakes next visit! Well be back again and again!

Alaijah Garland

We arrived @ 9:15am and checked in for a party of 25 we were given menu’s and told we would have a 30 to 40 minute wait. At 10:45am we were told that our table’s would be ready, but they were waiting on people to leave. Our tables were not nearly ready. We left and went to Arriba’s Mexican food on Chandler Blvd, they seated us quickly and the food was very good and less expensive than Snooze. If you are going as a group do not go to Snooze you will be disappointed.


Best breakfast spot in AZ.

Jon & Kels Wilder

Awesome breakfast that can be made vegan friendly. One of the places we love to go on the weekends.

Daniel Douglass

Delightful restaurant, very friendly and attentive wait staff (regular check ins and coffee refills), good menu selection and delicious food. Outdoor seating was comfortable. Would go again!

Leah Jean

Absolutely delicious food. Really interesting menu with lots of options for everyone (I can't eat egg so brunch is really difficult for me, but they actually had lots of eggless menu items, I was so happy). Wait staff was very friendly and helpful. It was busy, but they text you when your table is ready so my friend and I walked around until we got the text. They provide free coffee as you wait for your table. Food is sourced locally whenever possible and the back of the menu lists where all the food items are from. All around amazing restaurant.

Adrian Mahlstede

The brunch breakfast here is ok, and affordable! But here's a pro tip: If you're brunching and drinking and have a wait time, I highly recommend you drink directly next door, you'll see it. The other restaurant is always empty and they pour fairly and more heavily than snooze (they don't serve a great brunch though unfortunately). Snooze is very skimpy on the alcohol/juice ratio, whoever is bartending today sucks hard at making mimosas. Harlows is better!

Jon Paladino

Excellent breakfast place. Many creative choices.

Garvin Brown

We ate on the patio but the seats are a bit risky for a large man. Food was delicious - mine was the Mediterranean take on scrambled eggs with tomato sauce topped with shrimp. The servers remained friendly and helpful despite a busy crowd.

Kaz Art

Quite a place! A little tough for parking if you're not a student, but worth it. Breakfast is it here, with a waiting line at 10:30 am on a Thursday! Why? Well, probably the alcoholic drinks they serve at breakfast is a biggie.... Food is uncommonly good -- corned beef hash was the most unusual I've ever had! Chunks of corned beef mixed in with long stranded hash browns and fried together! Interesting! Tasty! Not cheap, so don't expect to slide by here. Funky modern ambiance, breakfast cocktails, tasty food, and a buzzing vibe. Next door to Postino's, Snooze is a welcome contrast.

Trystan D'Amico

Spencer was such a nice waitress and the food was amazing! I love the atmosphere here!

Jennifer Quillin

Went on a Friday morning at 9:30 am, not too busy, but service was slow and our food was lukewarm. The watermelon juice tasted like the rind; had to send it back. Server was super friendly and I like their new digital checkout system. Might try it one more time because the food tasted good and I love the vibe, but I hate paying for cold food.

Michael Brady

Snooze was incredible. I didn't expect such good breakfast food. I would recommend getting the pancake flight so you can try your favorites.

Helen Simmons

Really really good breakfast! Store manager came and greeted us at the table. Very good customer service

Kevin Spence

Snooze is always the Shiznit! You can order virtually anything on their menu and NOT be sorry you ordered it!

Melanie Wempe

Always good, fresh food. The sourdough toast is so wonderful!

Tom Lambert

Excellent food for breakfast. People flock here. May be a wait to get seated.

Stacy Clinkingbeard

The bustling morning vibe is contagiously upbeat and both the food and service were equally smile-inducing.

Diane Atkinson

Love the bacon!!! 5am is the new Happy Hour! Location close to Tempe. Inside and outside dining options.

Dan Motoyoshi

Great service. Fun food!!

Sean Brace

Great breakfast or brunch option for a casual dining experience. We love to bring our dog here and sit out on the patio. If I were to recommend anything it would be the pineapple upside down pancakes but really you can’t go wrong with anything here. This place can get busy though if you arrive between 9:30am and 12:00pm on the weekends.

litia pulu

Food was awesome along with service.

keith blackburn

Great food great service the wait can be a little long on the weekends

Kendra C

One of my favorite breakfast spots! Highly recommend any of the eggs benny. Also - their pancakes are the bomb dot com! Servers are always excellent too! Dog friendly patio :)


Literally the first time in at least 20 years that I did not leave a tip. At all. We were seated quickly. The food was okay. The pancakes were undercooked. Our waitress left us for >>20 min, and when I went to find her, she was sitting at a high-top table with her back to the customers while on her phone and talking to a friend. We had at our table no sugar, no condiments, I had to snag another waitress to get us basic things. Our actual waitress never checked on us, never asked if we needed anything, never even bothered to walk by. I had to go hunt down another server to get our check. That server was helpful, brought us our bill and took my card...and she handed it to our actual waitress who brought it back to us. So, clearly, our original waitress was just ignoring us for no reason whatsoever. It was just bizarre. Not only was this the first non-tip at a restaurant in decades, I even wrote "No" in the gratuity line. It was just me and my daughter trying to grab some breakfast before our ASU tour. How hard could that be?

Milan Frederic

Lovely staff and incredibly delicious food

Gayle Jensen

Great food and service! My only issue is trying to have a conversation there - it's really loud. Won't stop me from going back though

Shawn Frye

Wonderful breakfast options! The best corned beef I have ever had!

Amin Sabzehzar

Good food, worth the dollar amount with friendly staff and cozy patio.

Joe B.

Whereas with other such restaurants your arrival time is negotiable, Snooze is a place that demands an early visit. Past 8am, your wait will likely exceed 45 minutes to 1 hour, and with a consequentially busier kitchen staff, your food may not come out quite as well. In my experience, my best orders from Snooze were received at a 6:45 AM dine-in. The restaurant was mostly empty, the servers were in the process of waking up with me, and a good time was had by all. The coffee, no matter the hour, is consistently good. I strongly recommend trying things on the lite menu -- sweet potato hash and Goldilocks porridge are my new favorites. Otherwise, give their "bennies" a shot, but again, only at an early hour.


Best breakfast in the area. Great service great food

Sarah Berrett

Snooze is my new favorite breakfast place! It is fairly busy on the weekends, but well worth the wait. The food is fantastic, and you can easily customize it. They have a seasonal menu, so some things do change. They have an amazing selection of alcoholic breakfast drinks. The service is awesome, we have yet to have any issues. We also love that they put so much effort into being environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Laura Bonneville

The flight of pancakes allowed us to sample several of the pancakes - they were very good.

Shari Schroeder

We enjoy snooze, its a great concept. We like the outside dining as the inside is too loud to comfortably carry on a conversation. We like that the outside patio is large, with garage style roll-up doors to the inside, and that pups are welcome. If bringing a pup, be aware that the tables are crowded in together so you may be very close to other diners with dogs. Pineapple upside down pancakes are yummy!

Keith Blair

Delicious food, good service and great Bloody Mary choices!!

Linda Dark

Too crowded. Sharing space with strangers on a small table is not the best way to enjoy my breakfast. Food is really good. Staff is nice. Ill skip House coffee next time.

James Christensen

Great service, staff, quality of food

Zachary Gray

Some of the best eggs Benedict I've come across. Not a big fan of their "famous" pancakes as most are pure sugar, but the rest of the menu is dynamite.

Sundance Alanis

So delicious!!! Great atmosphere and great server by the name of Miriam!!!

James Kehoe

Snooze is fantastic. Need to work my way through the entire menu.

Pamela Rodgers

Great place to eat if you want fresh, delicious food made from scratch. They have a great selection and have always been able to make everything exactly as I have requested it. When I mentioned that I am particular about how my food is prepared, their response was that they feel that it is important to them that everyone should be able to enjoy what they are eating. They also have a good menu for those with food sensitivities or just want to eat healthy. Highly recommend this place. By the way, my favorite sauce is the cream cheese hollandaise. I think I could ear that on just about anything. Yum!

Elaine George

Going to Snooze was always a must for me when visiting Denver and San Diego. As a new Phoenix resident, I was excited to find out I had a Snooze AM nearby. This location did not disappoint and I'm excited to have a go to location when I want a breakfast burrito smothered in green chili or a unique plate of Eggs Benedict.

Jamie O'Neill

For a chain I really enjoyed this place. Has a “Jetsons” vibe. The OMG French Toast was to die for! Great service too.

Ted Joffs

The food was okay at best. This place is good for the lively atmosphere. The corned beef hash is certainly canned/bagged and the portion small for the price. The Steak Benedict with the nasty jalapeno grits was...special. Fortunately the manger was friendly and comped the one meal. Don't miss out on the fairly weak coffee and 40 minute wait... and zero refills since the waitress was inattentive at best.

Bradley Shinholster

Food, service, and atmosphere are great. The location was a plus. I recommend the Bangkok Bloody Mary. It was just the right amount of spice, heartiness, and strength. Thank you!

Nicholas Peffley

Crowded with a 15-20 min wait for 3 for a reason. Not cheap good b/c the food tastes great. Has healthy choices, or like me u can find the bacon you need. Great service and fun atmosphere for brunch

Oscar Olmedo

The OMG French Toast is delicious. Its a shame its always the restaurant is always full, the wait times can be very long. I recommend that you come later in the day when there's less people. Otherwise, I'd give it 5 stars.

Jason Olson

Amazing restaurant. Price is great for the quality of food you receive. Awesome clean environment. I really enjoy this place!

Connie Ballard

Food was delicious, I wii have to visit every time I am in town!


Incredible food, great service. They have 5 different versions of an eggs Benedict and all of them are fantastic. The two I got was a heuvos rancheros Benedict with salsa Verde hollandaise and a prosciutto Benedict with arugula and balsamic glaze. Also the bloody Mary's, breakfast mojito, and mimosas are a must if you're into that sort of thing. All this for super affordable prices (especially for me because I'm from Washington so everything seems cheap lol). Definitely recommend as a great place to go for breakfast, brunch, or lunch!

Roman pasquesi

Lox-n-Latke Benny was on point. Shrimp and grits was spectacular. The Bankok bloody was refreshing. Our waiter was friendly and efficient and at times funny. Next time I'm in town I'm for sure coming back. My belly approves.

Jesus Navarrete III

This place was nice and the staff was super friendly. I order the breakfast pot pie and they even had three different hot sauces to pick from. Their drink specials are great and the cocktails are pretty tasty. I was impressed with their jalapenos infused vodka. I would love to eat here again!

Chelsea Ferrell

Terrible customer service & no communication. The hosts were the only positive part of my experience hence the 2 stars. I ended up spending 35 dollars and waiting 50 minutes for food. We ended up switching our order to carrry out within the first five minutes. I don’t think I saw our original server smile even once. Avocado wasn’t fresh at all and was browning. For how expensive their food is, everything should be near perfect. The Gilbert location is ALWAYS great. Won’t be back to the Phoenix location.

Shereen Soo

Great selection of brunch food items, AM drinks and drinks with booze! Like that they have options to do pick2 or pick3 items on some categories on the menu since I always have a hard time choosing just 1. The classic Ham Benedict is delish! <---- big thumbs up and my recommendation for sure!

Jodee Reidelberger

Great food! Great service!

erica gaines

Good food, fantastic drinks great atmosphere!

Jean T

Tasty breakfast, with lots of diverse options.

Carol Magnusson

Good food. Comfortable seating. Pricy for the portions. Very noisy. Inside was like a bar, but with kids. The kids were not the loud ones.

Ty Hunter

Great Food!! Great Prices!! Great Hospitality!!

Sarah Shipley

Great breakfast food if you can get a seat. Snooze is always very busy and doesn't do reservations. That being said, if you find the right time to go or don't mind waiting, the food is delicious.

Alyssa Hickman

I go to this location quite often with other people. I usually go at a time that is not busy. The food is good, especially the pancakes. My complaint comes from the service. The servers are nice, but not attentive AT ALL. After sitting down, it takes about 15 min for even coffee or water. I have gotten in the habit of being ready to order the very first time I see the server because it is a toss up when they will be back. It is not uncommon for someone in my group to have to get up and chase a server down, to take orders or fill coffee or get the check. And to reiterate, I am there when probably only 20% of the tables are filled. There are 2 specific occasions our server completely disappeared for a half hour BEFORE WE EVEN ORDERED. No one came to check on us. I finally got out of my seat, stopped a busser who had to FIND our server...which took another 10 min. Getting the check is a struggle, I usually have to leave my seat for that as well. I wish this was just one bad experience, but it seems to be the culture at that location, because this behavior is across most the servers, across probably 10 visits. If I continue to go, it will be for the company I am with, but I will only buy a coffee and leave cash.

Stacey Schell

Food was pricey for breakfast but very tasty Service was not so great, waitress not approachable (came off snobby) ignored us.

Nick Rau

Wonderful coffee, a fun menu of food, and a environmentally conscious business model. A good restaurant to support.

Gabrielle Sabol

Food is always good here, but to make it great they could have the pumpkin pankcakes year round. Best one I've had in years! The hostess/servers are also great. I brought my service dog in and right away were more than accomodating. They gave me a booth with plenty of leg room for her to fit under and after that offered her water. Even after my dog accidentally spilled her water, they were consistently polite and caring. For me....a place like this is worth your time. You'll enjoy it!

Jonathan C

Snooze is one of the best breakfast restaurants in Tempe Arizona I think one of their downside is the long waiting for a table we had to wait about 20 minutes before we got a table That it took additional long time before we were able to order the food and get it served. The egg Bennett it was absolutely delicious and one of the best egg better that I’ve ever tried. This restaurant also have great mimosas and outdoor area that is dog friendly.

Greg Dumar

God, the wait times sometimes! But the food, so delicious and warming for the soul. Can't wait for cooler temps to sit outside and eat my snooze.

Skooma Slurper

Awesome food, friendly staff.

Jeanne Yow

LOVE LOVE LOVE SNOOZE. Our go to breakfast cafe in Phoenix!

André Bourgeix

Waitress never checked on us and we waited a hour for 2 eggs smh

aj cadell

I love snooze, this place is amazing. The staff are super friendly, they care a lot about your experience and are very considerate about food preferences, such as vegan, vegetarian, you name it. The food is above and beyond, I can't recommend this place enough.

Ari Rosenthal

You'll wait a while on weekends (the secret is to sit at the "bar" counters, you can bypass the wait list there). Good food (try the pancake flight-you get to choose 3 different pancakes) and quick service.

Christine Pereira

Oh my gosh! A must eat. I understand they are a small chain but you would never know by the quality of their food and the attentiveness of their staff. There will always be a wait being on ASU campus but well worth it. Street parking a block away.

Lindsay Thompson

I love this place. Delicious as always. My favourite are the pineapple upside down pancakes!

Afton Dresback

Delicious and great ambiance. New favorite brunch place

Ella Mulford

Server aloof & slow service. Gravy on croissant had no taste ... Not worth the $.

Brendan McCarthy

I have always loved this place! The food is amazing, but what brings us back is the service. I always feel welcome, the people that work here make this one of my favorite restaurants.

vanessa auguste

Delicious mimosas (Rummosa), yummy pancakes, great atmosphere. Service was wonderful.

James Rufer

Breakfast was so good and worth the price. A little bit of a hipster vibe, but not too bad. Staff was all courteous, and the food was perfect. Would eat there every day if possible.

Juan Hickman

We became familiar with Snooze in Denver. There, they are always packed with a waiting list. This is our second visit to the Tempe location, and it did not disappoint. Corned Beef Hash means different things to different eating establishments. I can honestly say that this is the best version I can remember eating. The portion size was generous and the service was quite good. This location is in the middle of ASU territory, and the patrons (college students) reflect that fact. I will be returning again when we are in the area around breakfast time.

joseph nathaniel

The service and personnel are great, food is a little too different for my taste

Heath Lesjak

Not quite what I was expecting. The staff was awesome, but the food was only alright. I went with a group of 10 on Sunday morning at 9 am, and we waited about 30 minutes, which seemed reasonable, considering the crowd. I got the flight of pancakes, and two of them (blueberry and some daily special with white chocolate chips) were overwhelmingly sweet. I tried bites of other foods at the table, and was a bit happier with the other pancakes flavors, as well as the salmon eggs Benedict. But none of it was great. The servers were attentive and very patient. I might need to give the place another shot, and maybe focus on the Mexican fare (burritos and tacos), which looked intriguing as I saw it carried past to other tables.

Ashley Lewis

Love this place. Cute decor , lots of options on the menu and interesting twist on breakfast food and drinks. They do have a patio and I highly recommend any of the mimosas. Our server was friendly and accommodating and I had no complaints.

Ryan Hosner

I come here all the time and love it. Food is pretty good and so is their coffee. I still have not tried the adult beverages because I typically always come on my lunch break but they look delicious! Highly recommend this brunch spot.

Marisa China Hammerbeck

Great breakfast and cool atmosphere!

Robby Abraham

What’s not to like about a lively breakfast diner that can customize your order and put a twist on American breakfast good. Great pancakes, eggs and potatoes. So so good!

Megan Smith

This place is a spot I always bring friends to when visiting. The foods great, the atmosphere is fun retro theme. They have all sorts of adult drinks. When I think breakfast--this is the place we always go. Worth the wait if there is one it's usually around 10-15 min weekdays. A bit more on weekends

Zak Vanstrom

Decent food. Great atmosphere. Quick service.

Sabrina Duff

50 minute wait for food. Then brought plate of puréed beans (looked like babyfood) on top of soggy soft tortillas topped with an egg! Just terrible and super expensive for that terrible food. I’m sure some food on menu is good but expect to pay too much for any of it, and to wait a long time.

Jorge Marquez

Very friendly and fresh feel place, great breakfast, Bella! Bella! Benny! Was delicious

Daniel Darling

Great food and everyone there is very helpful and help each other!

Betty Turnbull

Delicious every time.

Brittany Lynette

Food was outstanding, service was awesome!!!! Are price where good!!

Lindsay Y

The Horse & Sidecar (bloody mary with side beer) are enough to be a meal in and of itself with all those toppings. The breakfast sandwich with the pretzel bun was pretty amazing.

Victor Escoto

Food was fantastic, music was way to loud, a bit overpriced.

Stay Dyligent

Best breakfast in Tempe. The service was amazing! Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you Snooze Eatery!

Nathan Stevens

Pretty nice place, well seasoned hash browns, but overall average food. English muffin tasted odd. Straws available upon request. It's cute they're trying to help save our home planet. I would return, but not hugely impressed.

Michele Van Allen

Very noisy but the food is outstanding!


Great breakfast, decent portions, great prices, and friendly service.

Katie Martin

The food we got here was incredible. I wish we had a place like this in our hometown. On a Tuesday morning there was a 30 minute wait and on weekends expect a 1+ hour wait minimum. Picture is of the avocado benny—it was like a perfect mixture of flavors in your mouth. I understand why this place is so highly rated! It’s a must go if you’re in Phoenix.

Phillip Burum

The food was great. Things to note: the cannoli pancakes have cinnamon and come in a puddle of delicious liquid (neither is bad, but neither is explained in the menu) and the bacon is think but also doesn't get crispy or crunchy.

Kevin Merchant

They have grits, need I say more. Everything was delicious and on point. Additionally I sampled the eggs, bacon, sausage patties, hash browns, and pancakes.

Ashley Cook

My boyfriend and I got breakfast this morning to go and had such high hopes, we got the snooze spuds deluxe which was supposed to be these cheezy potatoes and then you get to pick two ingredients to put in it, I picked onions, and spinach and my boyfriend got double bacon, we got home the potatos were way undercooked and the cheese was non existent which was supposed to be the main thing on it. And the sides that you got to pick to go in it barely were even in them. Not a good first experience. And 27 dollars was way overpriced for that.

Rob Cha

Great find. Vegetarian options. Great staff. Very little wait time Saturday morning. Fresh. Opens up to the parking lot but didn't deter from food and freshness.

Inglis Reynolds

The prices are slightly higher than the norm in Phoenix but the location is probably to blame. None the less, the food is good and the menu is large.I came here with a friend she had the Huevos rancheros. Amazing and a huge portion size!I got the breakfast Burrito but am trying to be healthy so I substituted the Egg for vegetables and Avocado!

Rosemary Norrid

Great food, atmosphere and servers!

Katie Kelly

The wait was supposed to be 45min but we were seated within 15min. Everyone loved their food. The Benny duo is awesome. I did the avocado one and the chili Verde and they were both amazing. Highly recommend brunch here. Great service, good atmosphere, and delicious food.

Gretchen Camp

Piece of cook's glove in breakfast burrito. This was after waiting a full 47 minutes for our food AND after waiting a full 45 minutes for our table - after being quoted 35 minute wait time and discovering the hostess accidentally gave our table to another group in line behind us. I would love to say we were adequately compensated with a comped meal, but the price paid for this outing didn't stop there. About an hour after getting home, the burrito caused a major blowout... yes, an emergency trip to the bathroom.... guess you can say we got a free cleanse??!! No thanks, won't be going back! Ahwatukee location on Ray/I10

Beaudie Stroebel

Fun vibe, great service, good food, smaller portions for the price. Great handcrafted coffees, full bar, gluten-free options.

Claudia Tone

This was the best one yet. Food was spot in. Abacado Benedict was so full of flavors. I know it sounds silly but coffee was really good. Lots of breakfast places skimp on coffee flavor these guys nailed it.

Jim Warden

Great place for a creative breakfast or lunch


Talk about a perfect breakfast restaurant!?! This is it! Options, quality, creativity! They have it all! Service was also quite good! Only challenge is that it gets so busy, it can be a little loud!

Steve Riley

Great food fun atmosphere. Price point is right where it should be for food if this quality. I’d sit here and drink and eat all morning if I wasn’t going to hike.

Belinda Musoni

Excellent brunch menu. A bit pricey.

Marcos Media Group

Great food, great service!

Jackson Brush

Great food, and even better service. A fantastic choice for low-key social eating if you want to go out for food a little earlier. I'm a huge fan of their Steak and Eggs Benny, but this last time I switched it up and went for the Ruben; loved it. Their Pineapple pancake is my wife's guilty pleasure but never fails to disappoint. Our sever was prompt and helpful with recommendations, and maybe more importantly knew how to make sure we were taken care of without making it awkward, which is quite a skill. To give you an idea on value, I ended up paying about $20 for a sandwich and a rum-spiked coffee and walk out feeling like a got a deal. 12/10 would recommend.

Tim Bucciarelli

Fantastic staff and service. Really good food and coffee. Seems like a long wait is pretty typical but there are places to wander around in nearby while you wait.

S Nospmoht

Coffee was apparently 2nd pot of water run thru grounds as tasted like dishwater. Mimosas had next to zero alcohol in them. Food on plate was delivered lukewarm. Conversation with people across table next to impossible as noise level probably over some legal limit. Sorely in need of noise baffles in ceiling. On plus side, did offer multiple choices of nondairy type creamers for coffee, scrambled tofu in place of eggs, soy chorizo, gluten free items and fairly attentive wait staff.

Stephen Regginello

Always an excellent eatery. Wife chose it as her birthday outing. Brought good friends along. Slight downside; asked the server to specifically hand me the check as I wanted this to be my treat. In the end, somehow, our invited guests got the check! I protested! Our server just shrugged her shoulders. All is well and we will of course return.

Eric Fleske

Terrible customer service. No line. And they won’t sit you at a table unless your entire party is there.

Troy Nordahl

Good but pricey. They also skimp on the toast (only one slice of toast for three eggs). Also they don't offer an egg/pancake combo which is pretty BS.

Wes Smith

Holy wow!! Everything we ordered here was tremendously delicious. We all left happy and full. It was very busy Saturday afternoon but everything came out in a timely matter. The atmosphere is nice, very open, and the vibe feels like a new age diner. I'll absolutely be coming back, and very often. I did not see a single plate while sitting at my table that didn't look incredible. There's a bar for cocktails, and an extremely extensive menu with some very tasty options. This became my new breakfast favorite.

Gummi Schwent

I really like this place. Great breakfast and good service

Monica Roncancio

Amazing food, friendly service, and eclectic decor to bring you smiles right from the moment you walk in! Our waitress was more than happy to make suggestions as this was our first time in. The prices were fair for the meal and their drink options were fun and delicious (get a mimosa or 2!) making us want to go back as soon as we left. Parking in this part of town can be tricky, so be smart and bring some change and good walking shoes - you won't regret it.

J Rod

Stopped here for breakfast one morning. Not sure how we came to know about this place, word of mouth maybe? Nice looking from the outside. There was outdoor seating, but it was a bit chilly that morning. Inside was awesome, like a throwback to the fifties, but a cool hip retro looking fifties place, not like Al's place.... So with the eclectic appearance my expectations became high! With that everything on the menu sounded amazing, I wanted one of everything! I settled with one of their French toasts. I don't remember which one, but don't think there is a bad choice. It was the BEST French toast I ever had out! We were all very pleasantly pleased with our choices we made that morning. Our server brought us over a pancake, which I believe was the pancake of the day, on the house. We didn't know if we could actually eat another bite, but after just tasting this pancake it disappeared! I don't know how we did it? This is a must go to place! How to find myself back in AZ soon...

Lacamry Owens

Always quick service, good food. Come during the week for quiet and quick service. Weekends are cool for louder music and a brunch vibe! Favorite dish is the Shrimp and Grits!

Jan W

A nice place that is very crowded on weekend mornings. The staff provides very great service and the food is good with a good variety of healthy options as well as the usual breakfast fare. They are a bit more expensive than other breakfast places but worth it due to better quality and excellent service.

Carmen Chacon

I liked what I got which was the Smash Avocado Benny. It was really good it taste way better than I was expecting since it was my first time eating Eggs Benedict I didn’t know what to expect but I was really satisfied with my choice. The server gave us a free Peachy Keen Cakes pancake which was also good.

Dana Williams

Wow. This place is AMAZING!!! The French toast is out of this world delicious. And their hash brown plate with your choice of add ins tasted like home! Love this place every single time. Great coffee and service too!


This place has the cutest modern take on a 60s aesthetic I've ever seen. But aside from the impeccable atmosphere, the food was delightful as well. I had the sweet potato hash and throughly enjoyed it!

M Speller

Nice backstreet location with plenty of indoor/outdoor seating. Service was cordial and what one would expect. I had the avocado toast. Lot's of different flavors heaped on; it's not exactly something you can "hand-le" because the bread was quite solid. Had to ask for a steak knife.

Sam Romain

Alex was our server today and he is totally awesome! What a great place to eat with super convenient parking nearby.

K Weaver

I loved this place!!! One of my favorite breakfast spots!

Julia Sommers

I love their burrito, but yesterday I was VERY disatisfied. I got toast first. It was fine, then I ordered more toast and got this horrible sweet butter instead of plain old butter. Disgusting. So I sent it back asking for regular butter, and I got sweet again. So I gave up on toast and asked for scrambled eggs. I got this under-cooked white slop and asked the watress what kind of scrambled eggs are white? The waitress was trying...and brought me eggs that had been actally cracked (she said they normally use some liquid mix), but I am used to scrambled eggs that are yellow and do NOT have egg whites and bits of yolk...that is NOT how you cook scrambled eggs. Seriously I was there at least 2 hours and when I left, there were people waiting in line. WHAT??? This place makes ONE good thing. What is the draw? I don't get it. They desperately need a new chef. If I go there again, I am sticking with the burrito. I mean three sets of toast snd three plates of scrambled eggs, some burnt bacon and three beers later and the cost was FORTY DOLLARS??? Dunkin Donuts makes better bacon. Dear God, I do not understand.

Jill Nguyen

The food and service are excellent.


Always consistent. Great atmosphere, great food, great service no matter the location ♡

james hudson

One of my favorites to eat on my day off! Delicious food, great atmosphere, and amazing service!

Pamela Hagerty

This place was a very bad choice. We are seniors taking our daughter and 13 year old grandson to a late breakfast. The wait was 45 min to start. They took people before us and when my husband went in they said 15 more minutes after the initial 45. I am a cancer patient and standing in the heat was unhealthy for me. We finally got inside and had our order taken which we waited an additional 45 minutes for the food and it was COLD!!!!!. My grandson salted his cold eggs and the shaker poured the salt on his then inedible food. Nobody checked on us or asked us how our food was. I felt like we were discriminated against because of our age. This haunt might be good for students... however I will never go there again nor will I recommend Snooze. Good name for the staff was snoozing.

Mike Roman

Great pancakes, friendly service. Not a place to go if you don't have a lot of time because they are usually crowded. It is worth the wait. Their other food is really good too. I gave it Five stars because of their pancakes. if you are in the mood for pancakes this is the place to go.

Yavone Carson-Burger

Brovado tst amazing!!!

Cynthia Garcia

I have a severe gluten allergy, they were able to cook my GF pancakes without cross-contaminating them. I got no reaction, very satisfied!

Cindy B

THE WAIT IS WORTH IT. This is the only brunch place I will ever wait 1hr+ for. They will text you when your table is ready so you can walk around the strip while waiting for your table. Snooze always has great menu options, from their amazing pancakes to eggs benedicts to their boozy morning drinks!

Kristi Stone

The food was great! Wonderful, friendly service! The wait was reasonable! We will definitely go back!

Beth Britt

Love the Breakfast and the service is fantastic!

Michael Shattuck

In Tempe for business and checked out Snooze for breakfast this morning. Good enough that I might go back tomorrow too! Nice server that was spot on with recommendation...which was necessary due to there being such great options on the menu. Definitely recommend checking it out!

Jenny Monreal

Excellent service, excellent food. Highly recommend this location. LOVED IT HERE!

Mary Stirnaman

Fun, retro decor, excellent service, and delicious food. They have a wide variety of unusual takes on old favorites, in addition to the usual fare. They also have many options for those with food allergies, like me, and for vegans. On top of all this, they offer a full coffee bar and many alcoholic morning beverages to choose from for those that want that sort of thing. I think that this is going to become one of my favorites!


Pricey mediocre food. A trendy waffle house or IHOP with jacked up prices.

Aubrey Wigner

Really good breakfast/brunch spot. Their pancakes and Benedicts are delicious. I often get breakfast burritos when I'm going out, but that's one item on Snooze's menu that I find really underwhelming. Otherwise though it's a great spot to grab a meal with friends.

Dean Plevrakis

Very, very good food. Pineapple pancakes

Nick V

Excellent breakfast spot! So many awesome choices and Great service. I had the shrimp and grits this time and has become my benchmark to measure others by.

Brian Regan

Great location with friendly staff and relaxed vibe. Food is always great and the menu does change from time to time with new seasonal specialties

Erik Senekham

The food here is great and there's a lot to choose from, and the drinks are top notch but it's just a little too pricey here. That doesn't stop me from coming here, but just beware! The food comes in a good size portion so it's not like you get skimped out on food, just a little pricey is all.

Anne G.

Amazing food and service. Can't wait to go back

Tyler Style

Excellent food, but the decor is ugly and the ambient noise is so high as to make conversation impossible. I went for brunch at 11am with a friend on a Thursday. While we both enjoyed the excellent quality of the food, everything else was lacking. The decor is extremely ugly, reminiscent of 50s vinyl furniture. The ambience is made even worse by the fact that the place is one big echo chamber; sound bounces off the floors and ceiling and it made conversation very difficult even with the place only being a third full. The service was pleasant but not very attentive, and slow as other reviewers have mentioned. The only time our drinks were refilled was when the server did his only table visit to ask how our food was literally seconds after it had been served by the runner. That was the last we saw off him until he unceremoniously dropped off the bill, without even asking if we wanted anything else. I'd go for the food, assuming that I could get at least the mediocre level of service I'd already experienced, but only by myself and only with my music & headphones on to block out the din. UPDATE: Snooze did contact me about this review approximately a month after I posted, and I replied to that. A month later, they sent me the exact same email again, word for word. Not impressive.

Amanda Adair

We went here with a group on seven for lunch on a Thursday afternoon and were immediately seated. Everyone enjoyed their meals! From Reuben sandwiches with hash browns, to strawberry fresh toast, to customized omlets everyone was happy. We also had someone is our group arrive about 15 minutes late. The waitress quickly came over and got his order in, and his food only came out about two or three minutes after ours did. I was very impressed with the service and the wonderful food!

Dalton Bailey

Cool place with good vibes. Good was amazing. I had the corned beef hash and I highly recommend it.

Rhyle Stull

Really enjoyed the laid back atmosphere. Our food server was very friendly and attentive. Oh and food was GREAT! There are a lot of options. Get a flight of pancakes, they have unique flavors!

kolton coultrap

Best place to eat breakfast in the world. Also get the pancake of the day!

Jenifer Baldwin

Plenty of interesting breakfast options but lets not forget the real jewel here, mimosas.

Larry Williams

Enjoyed my visit very much, I ate the Bella Bella Benny's. Eggs Benedict Italian style with cream cheese. Great food, good service, complementary coffee, everything was AWESOME. Only reason I didn't give it 5

Chris Tate

Bright, cheery and lively atmosphere. You're greeted by friendly hosts and wait staff. Our food arrived hot, fresh and tasty. It's loud here on game day. Not the place to eat if you're hung over!

David Estrada

Long wait time, 40 mins once we were seated it took and hour for our food... excellent food just will go again hopefully not so long of a wait

London Thomas

Nice atmospheres. Good food. Great service.

Dallas Keck

Good place, the food is great watch put if you sit outside though the misters leak on you. Great place would eat again.

Nancy Ayers

Man oh man this food is so good. Have visited twice. Exemplary on both occasions. Be prepared for a wait if you must have a table or, head on over to the bar. Fabulous service in an extremely close environment. (I kept bumping elbows with the guy next to me) Overall, great place. The flight pancake was amazing and the chile verde Benedict was a hit!

Edward Dye

It was crowded. I didn't see what the fuss was about. Food was greasy and not very flavorful. I had the corn beef. It was sitting in a pool of grease. Couldn't eat it

Sarah Weber

Love love love this place! I love that you can now do an eggs benedict duo! When I got my food one of them wasn’t what I ordered originally but ended up really loving the one I got on accident so no worries! Will continue to come here

[KC] Kirby 18

Today at Snooze, I went with my parents, and it was amazing! I had one of the best pancakes in my life along with great service. Perfect for brunch on the weekend, though it can be crowded sometimes. However, the amazing food and service compensate for this, and the food is served fast. Would definitely recommend this place for everyone.


Busy place. The wait on a Sunday around 8am is about 45 min. I would reccomend the corned beef hash. Great selection vegetarian option-a lot of healthy options. One of the pancakes, came with ginger butter not overwhemingly ginger-y but just right. They serve a mean dirty chai with bourbon that was delish! Great place to eat, eventhough it was crowded, we were able to talk to each other, because the booths (that comfortably seat 6) have high backs.

Rebekah Snygg-Carrasco

New payment method is convenient but automatically calculates tip from tax included.

Tyler E

Good food, good atmosphere, fairly priced

Jessica Holfman Lujan

My first time trying this breakfast place. Fun and different menu items and specials gives you a lot to choose from. I really enjoyed my breakfast burrito which included fresh made beans that were the highlight. I also had an herbal ice tea which was quite tasty. I have avoided the location in downtown Gilbert because there is always a long wait and as we ate this seemed to be true of this location as well, so beware.

Andre Petermann

Snooze? More like yes plea-ooze! This place is great, the breakfast burrito was delicious and the atmosphere and staff are wonderful.

lisa benninger

Simply put, you can’t go wrong with breakfast at Snooze. This one is in a college town, so it’s a pretty busy spot. Waitress we had was really friendly.

Jennie Barnes

This restaurant sits conveniently near ASU. I met a friend for breakfast, and he needed to be close to work. The food was prepared very quickly. I ordered the tofu scramble, and they asked me if I was vegan, as the bread was made with honey. The breakfast was very delicious. I probably would have preferred less tofu and more vegetables, but I was happy to be able to easily order a vegan breakfast. I would go back here again.

Jennifer L

Super busy during the mornings on the weekends! It’s pretty busy all day but it is less busy on the weekdays. The food is quite good. The pancakes, especially the sweet potato pancakes are one of my favorites! It might sound a little off putting but it is delicious! The cubano and the corn beef hash are also really good. Their eggs and bacon are so so but the reason you go hear is for the pancakes. The pancakes are great. Definitely get the pancake flight, you can choose three different pancakes and share it with your friends and family! It’s a great way to try out a couple of their pancakes. Overall I would recommend this place but it can get a bit pricey.

Heather Chasten

Fantastic option for breakfast or lunch. The service was outstanding, the cleanliness sparkled (a restaurant that understands the value of a clean dining room). The food was excellent. I really liked the menu selections. The drink options were much more than I expected. I've not commented on restaurant decor before but I absolutely loved their decor. Other restaurant managers should look to Snooze for best practices. They will be tough to beat in all categories. I can't wait to go back.

neel shah

Get one of the eggs Benedict plates. Insanely good. Food is superb and deceptively filling.

Chris Fischer

Snooze has some of the best breakfast in the valley. They also manage to have some of the most efficient service. If you see a line, don't be afraid, it's probably only a 5-10 minute wait.

Jose Rivera

Food was very good and the service was great!! Benedict eggs with steak were awesome!!

David Lucier

Love this place. Dog friendly patio. Just coming into cool mornings!

Jessica Harding

Food was delicious server was rude

Sean Sarsfield

Snooze never disappoints. They have unique offerings and are always willing to change anything up to suit personal tastes. Food quality is great and it has a fun ambiance. Highly recommended.

Logan Cameron

Service is excellent. Food is great. Nap time sized breakfast portions is my only complaint. Someone should buy you guys smaller tortillas because those breakfast burritos are brutal in terms of girth.

Nick Parker

I’ve been to Snooze twice now and I plan to make it again and again as often I can! Simply put, this place is amazing. Love the vibe, loved the food. The pineapple upside down pancakes are simply the best you could ever hope for. The OMG French toast is also amazing. So if you are reading this and debating whether to go to Snooze or not, quit wasting your time reading this and don’t miss out on the Snooze experience!

Ankur Shah

Great breakfast joint. Visiting in town and was amazed at the quality of this breakfast. Had the brewmosa and it was delicious. The drink menu had a variety of options. Would visit back again if I was in town.

Kara C

Great food, friendly staff. I will definitely visit again when I'm in the area! Bloody Mary, french toast, eggs Benedict, and corned beef hash are all winners!

O. K.

Highly recommend for a satisfying am meal! I appreciate getting to mix and match savory and sweet options and it's good for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Personal favorites include the sweet potato pancakes and the avocado eggs benedict. Even the hashbrowns are amazing. Also, have eaten there three times, and must point out that the service is incredible!

Sara Pfaff

Just returned from a fabulous brunch at Snooze with my family. The restaurant itself was bright, cheerful, neat, and all the staff were friendly. Our lattes could have been more artfully presented, but the espresso and foam were otherwise on point. When they arrived (which was promptly) our meals were lovely: my vegetable frittata with arugula and pesto was delicious and the vegetables were just the way I prefer them, neither raw nor overcooked; my sister's blueberry danish pancake was a lovely balance between tart and sweet; and my brother's hash was the perfect crispness. In addition, we really appreciated the attention given to sustainability at Snooze: there were no plastic straws (the paper ones worked just fine) and the food was responsibly sourced (all the eggs were cage-free, and the restaurant's farms and community partners are listed on the back of each menu). Knowing that our meal was fresh, non-factory farmed, and more sustainable than most made it that much more pleasant and enjoyable. Thank you Snooze for your conscientious business practices! Aside from the food, our server Kelly also provided us with something I've sorely missed since moving to California: excellent, sincere service. She listened well, inquired about condiments when she took our order and brought it with our meal, refilled our waters several times, checked twice to see if anything further was desired, and deftly yet differentially processed the bill. We had everything we needed, yet I couldn't recall her ever interrupting our conversation. She was attentive but not ingratiating, obsequious yet unobtrusive, and consequently gave great service throughout the meal. Overall we had a wonderful experience. I'll definitely come back during my next visit to town!

D Bailey

My 1st time coming but it will not be the last. I loved the environment it made sense why they were so busy. We had 1 of the best waitresses, she was so humble and attentive. You rarely find a place where the staff is inviting and warm and welcomes you during they're busiest time. We enjoyed it and thank you! As a recruiter I'm always looking at talent and I can tell they did a great job at selecting their staff

Kelly girl

Delicious as always! It was a 40min wait (expect to wait on the weekends) but the service was good and the food was wonderful! Such a fun atmosphere. I've eaten at several locations and have never been disappointed with the food. Had the smashed avocado Benedict with a side of bacon. (My lighting was poor, sorry)

Jordan DiAmbrosio

I liked the place. It wasn't anything special. The food was decent but the prices are a little high.

Sedona Blanar

Probably the best breakfast cafe I have ever been to. Their fresh watermelon juice is amazing and their food is even better. I believe anything you order from there will taste amazing. Will visit again for sure

True Myth

I really wish I could have rated this higher. It's a cute place with friendly servers. My shrimp and grits were phenomenal! But I did find a piece of shell in the dish which wasn't pleasant to bite down on. The real disappointment was the breakfast pot pie. It looked great, but it was simply bland. The crust had zero flavor, it just served as a vessel for the rest of the food. Something just really seemed like it was missing from this dish. That being said, would consider coming back for the shrimp and grits because the flavor was spot on.

Jennifer Berniger

Our table wasn't clean, server was absent, but the food was good.

Desiree Anthony

Great food, good service

Latriece Hall

I'm visiting Arizona and we went to snooze and everything is so delicious. This was our second time coming back again before we leave. They had great customer service and great food.

ashley gale

I really enjoyed this place when it first opened, but the last couple times we came the service was really slow.. it wasn't even busy just a hand full of tables and my food was pretty cold

J Pecht

Don’t bother going to this overpriced breakfast eatery unless you have at least an hour to kill. We (2 guests) were seated within 5 to 10 minutes even though it was fairly busy at the time. The menu I received was soiled and torn almost completely in half. Initial service was fairly prompt and attentive; however, once our order was placed, it seemed to have fallen into a black hole. In addition to waiting approximately 35 minutes for our food to arrive to our table (again, only two guests), we sat with empty waters and coffee for 10-12 minutes. It wasn’t until I flagged down another server (something I don’t like to do nor should I have to do) that our drinks were refilled. The scrambled eggs were bland and runny. The butter served with my pancake was rock solid and ice cold and the syrup was also ice cold. I will not eat here again based on the lackluster service and mediocre food and would not recommend it to those not having a quite a bit of time (and money) to spend on breakfast. Families with small children may also take heed that the slow food to table time may not bode well for keeping the little ones (and adults) from getting grumpy.

BTak 17

This place is awesome, absolutely love the food. The different types of eggs Benedict are delicious. I have to give a lot of props to the manager though. We came in for our second time, a little tight on time, and after we put our name down at the front for a table there was some kind of issue with their seating software. Other people got sat down ahead of us and my father, who's bipolar, started getting angry and making a bit of a scene. The manager apologized, got us our table and comped our meal. His professionality was above and beyond, so thank you for keeping your cool and taking care of things, and again sorry for my fathers outburst


The food is amazing, and it tastes so good. However it lacks the presentation factor, plates can look cleaner. My photos are edited so it may seem clean, but in reality it’s not that clean tbh. The egg Benedict with salmon is delicious, the OMG French toast is delightful, and the sweet potato pancake is fluffy and light on the stomach and tastes just as good as everything else.

Chris Perez

Always consistent, friendly, just good food

Nate J

Good corn beef hash and pancakes Dog friendly

Michael Freeman

Really nice patio. Big menu for breakfast. Reasonable prices. Plus they have a text system instead of the buzzer to let u know you're up next. Good overall experience.


I have been to the Snooze in Gilbert and I really enjoyed the restaurant ever time I went. So I was very excited they were opening one closer to my house. I have been twice now and I have not been very impressed. The wait is very long, which you would expect for breakfast, but there are all these open tables inside and they are not seating people. The service was good and the waitress both times were very nice but the food took a long time to come out and was cold both times. I understand they are new and may still be getting their feet under them but I expected an overall better experience.

Renee Goupille

Loved this breakfast place. Great food, servers and atmosphere. We had the omelet and poached eggs chile Verde with pulled pork. The combination of all components provided superb flavor. Delish. Going back again tomorrow morning for another great breakfast before we leave.

Emily Ripley

Really enjoyed the options of combinations of Benedicts and the flight of pancakes - had a flight for the table to balance out our savory entrees. Great food!

Doris Wilson

Kimmie was awesome, as well as all of the staff. Very happy group.

Yve Krikorian

Great place! They accommodated my vegan lifestyle and had coconut milk for my coffee!! So awesome. Great service too

J & D Pascale

Busy place and very noisy. Great variety on the menu but food was just ok. We can make better pancakes at home. Was hoping for better but oh well.

Christopher Fisher

This place is really really good I'm definitely going to go back

Nikoleit Mims

It was great, not an insanely long wait, the only thing I wasn't satisfied with was that their english muffins are tough and not toasted, but other than that, amazing, service was great as well!

Iamle Debterr

Amazing waitstaff! Fantastic food! I always try to take my friends and family here when we want to get some amazing breakfast. This place offers a lot of vegetarian and some vegan options as well!

Emilia Mack

Awesome food (seriously the best corned beef hash I've ever had!) and excellent service from our waiter, Ryan, who was polite, friendly, and attentive. Definitely recommended for any fans of breakfast/brunch.

Jay Zeimes

Great food and service!! The short wait was well worth it.

Janine Marler

Huge portions, really good food and very friendly staff.

alicia hudson

I recommend this place to anyone who wants a great breakfast with a ton of flavor. Morning cocktails to choose from, healthy menu and still has all the classic breakfast dishes.

Bill Anderson

Food was awesome, great service and friendly staff.

Anthony Milleant

It has great food and kind of a hipster environment. It’s fairly priced and the customer service was on point. I would highly recommend for your breakfast!

Brandon King

One of the best breakfast placed around

Beatriz Guerrero

Food was good. The service was great!

Hashem Ajaj

Amazing service, tasty food, worth the wait

Ryan Mccutchan

Back to 4 stars...its been so long since I've posted this and I feel so check...empty drinks...its not that im mad. My feelings are just a little sore...dont ignore me. Do that to us....Its like talking to my response. Food is good...I'll drink everything here. Morning marg with jalapeno infused vodka? Hell yes. Orange an orange julius with vodka....hell yes! Bacon bloody Mary...pretty good. Dont send your hashbrowns back, you'll get some refries with no cheese...they weren't amazing but I won't lie..I still ate them....all of know what, they get five stars. Have your bar staff pay better attention to my desire to drink heavily at breakfast. Irish Cream cappuccino? Hell yea, drank that as well...

Lindsi Holmstead

I've been to multiple locations, consistent food and friendliness. I go to this location more, I do prefer it. This is a great place to bring out of town friends and family, it's so unique and I can really tell they make most things from scratch and fresh. If you have any problem big or small the management is incredible, handles it with compassion and importance while smiling. Will some on every level!

Luz Gonzales

Their BACON is amazing and to die for! I also love their spin on pineapple upside cake as a pancake dish! So good with their delicious little, caramelized pineapple chunks. I didn't get a chance to have a alc bev but I'll have to come back to try one because the drink menu looked very good. It was a nice day to sit outside!

Luke Hedquist

Wish we would have found this place sooner! One meal and flying back home. Highly recommend for the limited breakfast places around Phoenix.

Nick Kavanaugh

It can be crowded at peak breakfast hours, but that's just more proof that the food is pretty good.

Dana Parsons

Great food, locally sourced, and a fun uplifting environment for a relaxing brunch. Prepare for a wait on the weekend.

Bill Jackson

Service was good, pancakes were not. Kind of dried out and had to ask for more syrup twice to make them edible. Don't order the pancakes. Everyone else's food looked very good.

Shaunna Risinger

Long wait, but the food was delicious and quite filling. The staff was all very nice and helped each other. Not a long wait to get the food, just long wait to be seated. Wish the umbrellas could be put at an angle as my back got hot sitting on the end of the table. Lots of great choices and can't wait to go back to try other items.

Jeff G

This place is great. Don't miss it. The eggs bennidict is great. Staff is very friendly. Reservation are recommended on weekends.

Michael Smith

Great food and super friendly staff! I was surprised at how quick they were able to seat us as well since the other one in downtown Gilbert gets crazy.

Richard B

Excellent breakfast stop with plenty of healthy options. I got the porridge, as well as two eggs and toast. The porridge had a huge amount of seeds, nuts and fruit, so I works have been satisfied without the extras. Everyone in my group was extremely satisfied.

Erica Padilla

Great location with some amazing dishes

Janet Krause

Snooze serves a wonderful spicy chai latte; it's definitely a favorite. They also offer a variety of delicious breakfast dishes with Neat French Toast being my favorite. Service is fast but you need to arrive early if you don't want to wait for a table.

Bryant Luong

I was helped out for my to go order real efficiently, thanks to Hermenia great place for food and atmosphere!

AJ Jones

Great everytime. I've been to the Snooze in Austin and when I saw one here in Tempe I had to go... I went two days in a row. Food is always three steps above my expectations. And the staff is great. Jenna is awesome and is very passionate about what she does. Don't pass this place up, you won't be disappointed.

Abby Krause

This place is pretty trendy and very popular. I think it's because there isn't much like it in the area.. we had to wait about 30 minutes for brunch on a Saturday morning, which is expected. When we finally got seated, I was unimpressed with my food. I got shrimp and grits, and it was just okay. My bill for my meal and one coffee ended up being $22. I'd say it's a bit overpriced. However, their cocktail list is enticing and unique.


Love the food, the atmosphere, the wait staff, everything!

Robert Billings

Snooze is awesome. The quality of their non-pancake food has gone down, but it is still really yummy. They used to have the best bacon, but now, not so much. Small complaint though as they are still one of the best bfast eateries around.

Sultan Alzahrani

Simply, I love their pancakes selection. Try to get trios to try the most of their pancakes.

Trisha Spear

Awesome breakfast place. Very popular so expect wait times. Nice patio with heaters if you are visiting in the winter. Its loud and hopping but fun atmosphere. Big menu and very good food!

Elise Thompson

Delicious food. Lots of great choices. Good service and clean.

Daniel J Casey

Great food and environment. A bit pricey but to be expected on a college campus. Solid brunch place.

Audrea Undecided

5 stars just for having breakfast Paloma!

Isaac Wild

Great food and lovely staff, I can see why it's so popular.

DeechTom UdiHorn

Great food and service it get there before 8:30am on weekends

James Monroe

I called an order in for take out. Was told 15-20 minutes. Got there in 20 minutes. Had to wait an additional 15 minutes. Food was not good. Corned beef hash had big chunks of fatty corned beef. Sweet potato hash was not cooked. Pineapple pancakes came with no syrup and were not sweet enough. An all around fail. Will not be going back.

Elizabeth Wilcox

A definite splurge, but some excellent breakfast food. They locally source a lot of their menu, and have some decent options from their bar as well. I highly recommend the sausage gravy! Expect a wait during popular breakfast/brunch hours, particularly on weekends. They do have a system where they'll text you when your table is ready.

Jennifer Freeman

Yummy! Can't wait to come back. Lovely server and very attentive. Had the Bella Bella Benny today. Love a good Benny!

richard massey

Perfect place to start your day with a mimosa or coffee. The breakfast options are pretty good. They take good care of your food preferences! 11/10 will go again!

Jill Ramsey

One of my all time favorite breakfast places! Pancakes, eggs Benedict’s and the cool coffee mugs. Man, you will not be disappointed if you take the time to eat here.

Greg Tamura

Snooze an A.M. has 'Tempe does LA brunch' vibe. I haven't been to Tempe in about 12 years so I had know idea on where to get a good breakfast. Found this on Google maps after about 10 min of sifting through fast food and sub sandwich shops. Food was very good and wait staff was friendly. I only eat pancakes when they are really worth the hit, and these are definitely worth gaining a pound. Chile Verde Benedict with pulled pork was done very well. Good coffee with wave after wave of fresh pours. Expect LA breakfast prices.

Ryan Howard

I love Snooze. I've been to several locations in Phoenix and Dallas. Consistently delicious and great attitude from the staff.

Luis Durazo

Everything is delicious. But the benedict eggs are their speciality.

Shaun Marshall

Great, Great breakfast location, amazing food and amazing mimosas!!!

Nate Finch

Great burrito. The location is good, and the accommodations are comfortable. Prices are decent considering the amount of food.

Kelly Elizabeth

Snooze is one of my favorite restaurants in the valley but my first impression of this new location wasn't great. Took over 25 minutes to make my avocado toast and they weren't even that busy. Food was also just ok. Sorry, I usually love snooze but today my experience was Meh! Will probably make the drive to the town and country location next time I want to visit.

Krista Pace

Loved the treatment and the food!! I'll definitely be coming back

Andrew Heinze

Great service and nitro coffee was on point!

Mary Garhart

Very popular spot, so expect a bit of a wait. Excellent food and breakfast cocktails. A great place for brunch!

Sam Skinner

Shrimp and grits were amazing!! Food and drinks always on point.

Adaina Anderson

This is one of my favorite breakfast places! Also nice spot to sit outside and work. They offer free wi-fi. Staff is awesome too !

Connor Schumock

Awesome good, reasonably priced and excellent service. If you love breakfast/brunch food, Go here

Patricia Fogle

Great food. Large portions. Fun 50s decor.

Henry Beach

Super impressed by the Scran! Slightly over salted but the beef, eggs and shredded potato cake were Devine! Really over did them selves. Only annoyance were the pigeons however the staff were very quite to remove the empty plates once the patrons had left. Should I ever be back in the area I would definitely me getting some brunch here.

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