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REVIEWS OF Red Wok Buffet IN Arizona

Tamara Dunbar

Went on a Sunday at 1pm with family. Parking lot was full but we still got sat right away. Server was friendly and attentive. Lots of meat and seafood options. Will go again

John Ravetto

Just an awesome variety of foods. Every thing was delicious. There was food I have not seen at a buffet. Mongolian BBQ. Great service. Lunch was $11.00 ea. with free drink refills.

Saundra Martinez

Food is pretty good, not great, but there's a large selection. Don't eat the ice cream. People let their kids stick their hands in it. The tables aren't being cleaned between customers. In looking at 6 dirty tables from our dirty table. We've came here off and on for years. Usually we quit coming after we see how purple just let their kids play and get in the food and the tables not being cleaned.

Debby H

Food selection varieties were good. A few were a bit dried out looking but overall was fresh & replenished for supply & demand. Patrons were kept happy & ate well.

Byron King

Great Variety in food and good customer service


How do you mess up lo mein?! Everything was soggy, over cooked, and a strange combination of foul and bland at the same time. Not sure why so many people were there. Don’t waste your time or money.

maciel molina

Food was meh. And I live Chinese food. Won't be back sorry

Dallas Frankfort

Manager (name starts w a Wr something like that ) he has a nasty attitude , very prejudice as well. I will NOT be bringing my friends/family here anymore . He had the nerve to call me and get smart on the phone

Amy Wilson

Great food with amazing service/staff.

Sangeet SU

Such a wide variety of dishes in the lunch buffet. Delicious and affordable!

Kim Williams

Very good selection, very good food

Assassin Filmz

Pretty good buffet good amount of selections most is tasty and dining area always clean.10 times better than Golden Coin,which is down the street from it and serves sadness and disappointment.

Rob Bergson

I’ve always wanted to go into this place and check it out. Sadly now that I did I’m wishing I didn’t. They had paint bubbles on the ceiling, the seats were very dirty, and part of the wall going into the kitchen seemed to have water damage that was never fixed. Kids were just reaching into the ice cream with no supervision from there parents. Food was ok but I will say I will never return.


absolutely THE BEST buffet I've ever been to!! service was great, food was amazing, not too crowded (which is surprising because they're so good) and the staff is very quick to help and take plates for sure! wonderful just plane wonderful!

Joey W

Staus quo....same boring stuff! Change it up??

Douglas Boggess

Price is fair, service was great as always, food was great, selection is great, i dont think ive ever dined at the Red Wok and walked away disappointed

Gerald Nork

Great variety of delicious food. Friendly staff.

Erika Retamoza

Very good...

Cynthia Cannon

The food is good...waitstaff is courteous & friendly. Can't beat $9 to $12 a meal! Coconut shrimp was delicious!

Benito Perez

Best place in east pgoenix.great selection of food. Lowest price

MaryAnn Valencia

Food was ok but I probably wouldn't return

Vault Barring

Love this place. Awesome spread, love love love their sushi and desert.

Trinity Cooper

Fantastic food, very clean, food is always stocked, employees are very prompt with drink refills and used plate removal from tables, very friendly.

Juan Guzman

So far this Chinese buffet is my favorite!! Super cheap on price and the best customer service! their food is really good and they have lots of it to choose from! I really recommend it.

Debra Bokich

Talk about a selection! Wow. They served a full menu of fresh sushi. I do not eat sushi but did try octopus for the first time just so I could say I did. I enjoyed the

Aquarian Trilogy

This was an hit and a miss. Been here before and it wasn't bad during that time, every was fresh and hot. Today, things were warm but stale from the heat lamps. The food just was not there. I've been to better. I think this place does well with being crowded so food is always refreshed. Today was not THAT day. I ate one very modest plate and wasn't feeling it, just got up and left because food was off and so was our waitress.

D Thompson

Ruined Father’s Day meal. Some new girl name li works there is very disrespectful . I won’t go into detail because overall the place is ok with ok food if your just hungry but I honestly feel that unless they clean up their help they will lose a lot of loyal longtime customers as they have me and my family.

Rayanna Sapiens

Very average food, nothing even close to exceptional. When entering, you pay before eating. After making our plates at the buffet, we understood why. There wasnt much out, and what was out tasted old, burnt, or wasn't even cooked all the way. After clearing a plate, said plate remained on our table until I'm assuming when we left. And to top it off, 15 minutes into arriving, a man came in from outside and came up to our table as well as every other person asking to buy him dinner there. Staff let him walk around to every one before he finally left empty handed. I wish we would've spent our $30 elsewhere, but now we know.

Jeff Minandar

Nice taste with affordable price.

Jackie Berg

Unfortunately not a good experience. Cold food, out dated decor, took a few bits and left.

Momma Lee

I wish there was a "no stars" option. Food and overall experience was much better during the first couple years of their opening. Over the years it has deteriorated. There is a weird smell upon walking in the 2nd set of doors. Not sure what the smell is but it sure is not the smell of delicious food. The cashiers lack hospitality and customer service. The front desk area is cluttered with receipts and dust (also the double set of doors are dingy, very obvious that they do not disinfect the handles and clean the windows. If the front of the restaurant is dusty, dirty and dingy, it makes you wonder if other parts of the restaurant's clean. The food selection now includes more Mexican food options, most likely due to the majority of their clientele. I can no longer eat here for the smell upon walking spoils my apetite.

T. D.

We arrived a little after they opened Sunday morning and it was already filling up with people. The food was hot and mostly good, the sushi was good and the staff was friendly. The only negatives are that the food wasn't all labeled and some of it was labeled wrong. Also, I don't understand why the chow mein looks like spaghetti.

Arthur Reynolds

Awesome. Great selection. Good food, i left over stuffed

Marc Bowman

Very clean throughout, service seemed adequate, it being very busy at the time. The food selection was good, but certain items seemed to be there all day.

Myrna Michel

Food tasty. Well prepared. Will go back. And take my guests there.

Jynx Lee

Great staff, food was delicious and on 11.50 a person WOW!

Saul Fields

Best foods, fantastic price

Eduardo Avalos

Great fresh food amazing staff

Anna Cable

Good place to eat all you can. For a good price.

Connie Johnson

Fresh and very clean. Taste great

Cindy Flores

I went there for the very 1st time and I will absolutely never return. I found a bug in my food and to top it off it smells like rat piss. No Thank-You. I didn't even finish my plate I left.


Yes I loved it. We have found our restaurant for Asian food. Our server is absolutely outstanding and he’s fluent in Spanish soo cool. His name is Juaquin he’s #1. He was on top of the drinks. I recommend this establishment definitely.

frances Baldwin

I love the place always clean and the people that are working work hard and are very nice

Eboni Worsley

Hubby and I drove here for lunch and wish we hadn't. After paying $20+ bucks, I started with some sushi and grilled stir fry. My appetite quickly left me. Hubby tried other items that left him with a sour appetite as well. Never again! How they have 4 stars is beyond me. We hate wasting food but I wouldn't have given it to my dog during a tight fund spell.

John McGarey M.A.

Despite being very busy, the staff were very conscientious about keeping the place clean and attending to the customers as well as possible in a self-serve Buffet. The food was excellent, and fresh because the turnover was rapid. Fried shrimp and crab Plus silver other Seafoods available as well on Sunday evening. I will go back

Tish Cesena

We go at least once a month. Friendly place. It is about $28 for 2 adults for dinner and unlimited drink. They have a great selection of food.. Every thing from hot & sour soup, sushi, ribs, some Mexican items, salad, crab legs, orange chicken, Korean bbq. And more You name it they probably have it.. You help yourself to all you can eat!.!

Amy W

Was pleasantly surprised. Staff were very friendly. Restaurant was clean. Food was delicious, hot, relaced often and what a selection!! $8 lunch buffet - what a deal!

Chris Bolts

Nothing unique about this buffet. The food they served is eerily similar to food I have had at other Chines buffets, almost as if they all use the same supplier. Service was great; I appreciate the waitress who cleaned my spilled soda without judgment. Otherwise, the food is ho hum and definitely not worth $11.

Rabi Tawakal leo

The front desk lady that i have heard is the wife of dirty places boss was very rude and stupid she had no good face with costumers that pay her pay check food was not good for health smells like different

Debbie Schumacher

The food is OK.Large selection, classics and some Mexican and American options. The carpet appears as if it has never been cleaned. Dark black with grease packed in.

Amayrani V.

It's my all time favorite Chinese restaurant. Besides the fact that it is closest to me the food is great as well as the customer service. Most of the waitresses are very attentive and always make sure that you have a drink. They maintain your table free from dirty plates and always have a great smile on their face. I love Red Wok

keetah Adair

Typical Chinese buffet. Nothing really good. Always hoping for something delicious but left disappointed. Our server was nice.

Melissa Tucker

Didn't understand why drinks were delivered after payment to you table. Food was good, but I recommend drink service be self- serve.

Monti Miller

They have plenty of decent food, but the price and hospitality are ridiculous! Will not be returning! Your choices are your own.

Roger Vesper

Very inexpensive elaborate high quality buffet. Will definately be returning

Hector Acosta

My daughter sliced her finger in a faulty lock in the restroom and the manager said it was not the restaurants birthday doors fault it was the customer's fault. He was extremely ride the entire time we spoke as if he needed to make his point that it was not their fault. While he gave us a refund since we didn't eat I felt he could have handled the situation A Lot better.

Tara McBroom

Food was good. Employees were good. Reasonably priced. Hot and fresh food.

Lizzie Findlay

The food was subpar. The wasabi looked and tasted like imitation. The sweet and sour sauce was diluted. The quality of the food seemed overall lower grade. The bathrooms were filthy. I got a look inside the kitchen, it was filthy, as well, trash can overflowing to the floor. My family and I will never go back.

kiersten engelking

A few years ago this place was pretty good, but it REALLY went down in quality. Almost everything is bland, the service was not the greatest since it took at least 10 mins for our drinks and even when they did get there it was flat and ended up waiting a whole extra 10-15 mins for a drink. My brother didnt eat anything on his plate. It's pretty sad to go to a Chinese buffet, get a plate of orange chicken and fried rice and can't eat any of it. A kid threw his sandal at my brothers plate and even though it wasn't the restaurants fault, it was as if it were a sign from above to not eat anymore. Ice cream was pretty much the only item not messed up.

Fred Dewey

They are not as big as some of the other Asian buffets, but, the food is always good and they are always friendly.

Jim McHenry

I gave this Buffet a try. The restaurant was clean, the staff was friendly. It was a prepaid deal which was odd, they tolerated me with my outside drink. The selection was nice the food was hot and tasty and spicy because that's how I roll. They had a Hibachi style Grill but I did not try it

Phrancois Rouge

Good food good service& cute waitress& hostesses....

Luna Moonwillow

Great selection and price. My husband and I usually always get there a little late but they still have plenty of fresh food even 45 minutes before close.

Chase Kimball

Average Chinese buffet does all the normal stuff right. Nothing shouts out as exceptional, but I've not had a bad dish or any problems. Plenty of choices and all the usual things you'd expect. If you are looking for a Chinese buffet this will do the job well.

Margaret Turner

The food is great. Very fresh vegetables, meats are seasoned and the presentation as you go around the buffet and make your choices.

Shikil Unnikrishnan

Went with my friends there at noon. Had a decent buffet for $10.99, with lots of varieties of food ranging from sea food to chicken, beef and more. The buffet had chow-mein, fried rice, fried chicken, various types of desert and ice cream. The service is good and I would say there's a lot to eat for 10.99, I was able to eat only half of dishes, but trust me the quantity is worth for 10.99.

Cynthia Emerson

Always good food, mostly humble staff & pretty quiet. Overall great environment to be surrounded in :) Recommend going 2 hours before closing instead of 1 hour!

Alex Rivera

Amazing prices, delicious food and superb service! I honestly wanted to keep eating, but I was about to burst. I took home some of their absolutely delicious salmon and rice. I wholeheartedly recommend this buffet, it's top-notch!

Terri Ford Bell

Excellent food and service. Food is fresh. It is always clean. Great price.

Thyrza Yazzie

Delicious food. Wide variety. Waitress was polite and refilled our drinks often. Great customer service.

Natalie Jean

Delicious! It has a good selection, including a build your own stir fry area. Service is normally pretty good as well.

David Chavarria

I usually like to give five stars to the places that I visited but in this case I can not, it was a very unpleasant experience when we were eating in this place when we arrived at the dessert, so I had to spend a very unfortunate moment in the banana desserts with red marmalade To give the bite I felt in the mouth a black hair with a size of 12 to 14 inches. I asked the plateau to call the handler and approached the girl who received us at the entrance and I explained showing her hair and asked if he could remove the food from the dish of the desserts where the hair was and after a while he returned with a discount coupon of a 15 percent discount for the next visit, but it is sure that it will be a long time before he returns to return this place with my family

Michael Whitlock

Better than average Asian buffet. Freshly prepared foods.

Angela Rose

I have been eating at Red Wok for over 15 years. This place is good. Really good. It used to be even better. They don't get a fifth star at the moment because they have more Mexican food than Chinese it seems, or at least Mexican style spicy food. The Mongolian bbq is worth every dime though. Seriously good! It would also be great if they got the soft serve machines going again.

antonio del valle

There arent too many great Chinese style buffets in the valley. One is Hibachi in Mesa, Pacific Seafood Buffet in Chandler and Glendale, Mandarin in Phoenix, Woochi super buffet in Apache Junction and Now Red Wok in Phoenix. These are the best, the rest are below par. If you want comfortable atmosphere,fresh food and FREE refills !!?? COME TO RED WOK. Sushi rolls are good, seafood great, best wontons so far Also I love the pay upfront before you eat, I hate trying to flag down a waitress for the check. Come eat here!!

David Wade

Nice and clean, good variety of dishes. We were pleased. Going many more times!!!

Kevin Macken

Huge variety of dishes. All you can eat.

goodbye :3

I loved the food and the service was great but there wasn't much to choose from .

javier escontrias

Always fresh made food here. I especially love the sushi. I stop to eat here about 3 times a month.

Akshay Nair

Awesome buffet!!! It's all you can eat.. and so affordable!! All kinds of meat.. from chicken to crabs.. beef to prons... Sushi.. just less than $15

juan loera

Service is ok, food is good but a lot is cold

Createv Nomad

The food was decent. A good variety.

El Esdy

The variety of food is pretty nice. Lots of good hot options. There are also decent desserts but my fav was the Ice Cream.

Mary Blackburn

Food was fresh and very good. A large variety of food. Kid friendly place

Vane Speer

Great selection well prepared and reasonably priced food. Appears to be clean at least what can be seen out front. And plenty of chairs to avoid being crammed up against a table's edge in a booth. Pleasant but not in your face waiters and waitresses Nice Place.

Sooraj Kumar

I liked this place and would be one of my must try on my list for Tempe. Great variety of Asian dishes, especially for Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc. I took a variety of Chinese mostly and most didn't disappoint me. I felt the veg rolls were better in Panda Express. Some chicken items mainly the BBQ ones were just ok. There are common items like onion rings, buffalo wings, and nuggets also. The soups were good as well as most of the desserts. Ice creams could be made better in terms of flavour. There are sea food varieties including sushis. The main attraction is the number of varieties for the cost of the buffet. It around 13$ with tip and taxes and you get a hell lot of varieties to try of you are a foodie.

J Sutton

Food is always good. Friendly wait staff

Josephine Winap

Very delicious nice selection

stephany kendall

This is a great Chinese buffet

Steve Butera

Never again,waitress dropped dirty water into dressing, left it there, burned stir fry 3x, put on grill, went and handled dirty dishes, didnt wash hands, touch my food on grill, not even if i was starving would i eat this slop

Cynthia Harrison

The appetizers were amazing and the overall taste of our food was actually very enjoyable. I wish i had an option to give some additional stars Fantastic service and food to die for.

Jazmin Aguilar

Price is right service is absolutely amazing food is tasty and I just love how the staff is friendly!!

Maria Sanchez

My all time favorite buffet! Great food. Wonderful Staff. Dinner is my favorite although lunch is just as good. So much variety of food.

Dan Mantelli

I love this place. The food is great and affordable, everyone is very nice and the selection covers everything you could want.


Im only giving it 3 stars because my stomach hurts from eating too much

fukdifIknow Inurbutwhole

Food was pretty good. Wait to be seated seemed neverending

Jr Burch

I love to get my lunch from this place. It's very affordable- if you take it to go they charge by weigh. There's usually a good selection of things on the buffet.

karthick Balaji

Very good more variety and 4 different cuisines

Joanna Lyons

This was the first time that we had come to this restaurant. They had a great assortment of food. I was very happy with the different choices . I like to try different Buffet's ,you get more for your money. We were defiantly full by the time we left. I would recommend that you wear loose fitting clothes,cause you won't be able to breath after ward's.. I would defiantly would recommended this All You can Eat.

Martin McKenna

Consistently good.

Jesus Cervantes

Great food. Best buffet in East Phx

Aly Noline

Spicy fish not spicy. Fires n catfish kinda blah but good food otherwise great value for buffet

Anthony Carabajal

Aviance and food is interesting and a food and Sushi is awesome. Inexpensive and wonderful

Brian L

The staff there is very rude, I had went to the restaurant directly from work, and they eyeballed my work stuff as if it was a suspicious item after I had explained that it was my work stuff. NEVER again will I return there as I have NEVER been treated like a common criminal in my life! They RUINED a perfectly good meal and for that, forgiveness will NEVER be obtained! Plus, their food wasn't real fresh, either... The staff there think they are better than their customers! DO NOT go here!


It is rather cheap, and felt clean but the food is nothing to write home about. It is a cheap buffet, and if youre eating here you already know that you hust want to pig out, mediocrity be darned.

Andy Taylor

Good food, good variety, very pleasant place with reasonable prices. Add it to your occasional stops you won't regret it

Thomas G. Alderman

Food wasn't bad. Service was ok.

Mandy Delapena

Staff was rude. My husband and I had went there to eat but it was so crowded. We paid then had to wait in line to be seated and it's a buffet. So our receipt was time stamped. Well no sooner than about 20 mins after we sat down to eat we got a call from the babysitter. Emergency with one of our kids. I asked the waitress for a to go box and explained why. They denied me because they said we were there too long. It was an emergency!!!!

Daniel Gonzalez

I hate to do this to them but I couldn’t bring myself to give them 4 stars. They had some good dishes(mostly sushi) and a few others. Yet, the majority of the dishes I tried had either bad flavor or no flavor at all. The price was a good, but they need to just bring a few more dishes up to bar and it would be really worth it.

Chef Mime

I've lived in China and this is just horrible. I understand Americans don't get real Chinese food here but this place is frozen food deep fried over cooked and even the service sucks. They have a long ways to go.


Food was great but service was just not bad.

steven Lewandowski

Best Chinese/Asian Buffet in the Valley.

Sandra Charlton

Good variety, good value.

Shirley Difilippantonio

Good food for a buffet. Nice variety!

Jarrick Gilbert

The food was good staff was ok a smig slow but still atentful I would recommend for larger family events.

Winsetta Franklin

If all you eat is vegetables and very little meat it is the perfect place to go, if you have lunch you will not be eating dinner. They do have a variety of meat for those of you that are meat eaters. They could clean the walls a little the booths that are on the back wall are nasty from the kids standing on the seat in plane on the wall I would assume.

Troy Hull

Absolutely great, quick service! This is a self-serve buffet style restaurant. Everything from Chinese and sushi to breaded and steamed catfish. Other comforts include Mac & cheese to mashed potatoes and gravy. As with most buffets there's also a salad, fruit, and dessert bar. Kid friendly! If you know how to use chopsticks it's a great place to teach the kids too!

Erica Ortiz

Everything was very good..I left STUFFED

CJ Cowie

Better than most in the area.

Javier Monjaraz

The food is great. Waitresses are even better.

Mike Montano

I've been here twice now... Love the food & the environment is exactly what is expected at an all you can eat buffet... Kinda noisy hussle & bussle type of setting. But I would recommend it for the food... Nice variety of foods.

Tina Hall

Love the food here always so fresh

amy vivian

The food was mediocre at best. The variety was there but every thing was just...meh. My friend literally almost choked to death. We had to have someone do the Heimlich to save her and not one member of the staff attempted to help or ask if she was ok after the whole ordeal. Trash people. Go somewhere else.

Samantha Fitzgerald

The staff was friendly and the food was fresh. Not too pricey and they have dumplings which is a plus for me; no crab puffs though, which was a bummer. Overall, I had a good experience and would go again.

mischelle johnson

Great food, I'm in love with there green beans

James Walker

I went expecting a decent Chinese buffet but found a wide variety of strange and gross food. The fried rice was like it was taken from a Mexican restaurant and the orange chicken had a strange film on it and it was slathered in a thick orange goo or jelly bloop that overpowered the entire meal. I discarded the meal and began a search for other food. The dumplings were like foam. We waited for like 10-15 minutes to get our drinks and got flat soda after they told us they were getting ice or something. I ended up mainly eating ice cream in the end because it's pretty much impossible to mess that up. Shrek and donkey make a better bbq than these guys even after a few eyeball-tinis. Seriously don't eat here unless you like eating old gogurt with bean jelly paste poop. This restaurant should be on hell on wheels.

Gabriel Cervantez

Food is decent. Clientele ranges from decent to sketchy. Price is okay. $25 for two with 1 drink. This includes tax.

Phillip Nikola

It good, but make me hurt. Will try again? Could have been fluke. Water was ight. Ice cream was cold. Soup was wet.

Tim Lorenzini

So there I am after a long day of school and work just laying on my couch thinking of a good place to Squanch.... then i realized I was just really hungry and wanted something different, i wanted variety! I wanted chewy! I wanted crunchy! I wanted textures! I wanted sweets! ... and one piece of broccoli so I didn’t fully lose my dignity after indulging In glutinous roulette. I thought to myself “man! Chinese buffets have it all!” So i decided to be risky AF and go to a Chinese buffet on Thomas road an hour before they closed. As i was driving toward their location using google maps I realized I don’t need GPS cause from far away I could see the big bright sign that says “RED WOK BUFFET”... needless to say this place was LIT AF. As my mouth watered I passed the parking lot on accident, I then pulled an illegal U-Turn and smoothly glided my moms mini van into a vacant parking spot. At that point my stomach knew it was about to be punished so I removed my belt to maximize the payload. Upon walking into the RED WOK BUFFET I was greeted with a hello how are you? And a smile from a short pretty lady behind the the counter. She charged me $14.00 for my plate and said I can tell you’ve never been here.. I then laughed and said awesome! Please introduce me to your people because I’m a culturally illiterate white boi that listens to Master P, smokes parliaments and I need a heavy dose of sugar chicken. The restaurant was very clean and organized, with great lighting. If you’re looking for the salad bar - go to the back of the restaurant and don’t walk past it straight to the ice cream like i did. This place has it all ... Ice cream, pastries, Salad bar, sushi, pizza, crab legs, French fries .. and a huge assortment of sugar chicken. The food was delicioso! I ate three plates of food, downed 3 Mountain Dews and two bowls of ice cream... all of this was well worth my $14.00 spent.. but Because of that now I’m on the couch In a food coma texting my mom to see if she can pay my XBOX gold membership tonight cause the boys are playing call of duty and need my help. Anyway the Red Wok Buffet has great food, friendly staff and I like the atmosphere. I will definitely eat there again. I give them 5 Stars!!!

Albert Jeffries

Awesome food with a big selection amazing service with very good people and the price is excellent I highly recommend this place

Victor Meelhuysen

Needed to have the waitress or waiters to see if any of the patrons needed more water or drinks and refills..... other that that it was fine.....

Marvin Fisher

My family love to eat here, the service and food is excellent

Kevin Olson

Good food 4 a good price and a lot 2 choose from

Kerry McGill

The buffet had some different options than what I've seen such as the BBQ pork bun. However some of the options were not as flavorful as they appeared. Additionally, the prices were a bit steep for a weekday. Also, the dessert selection was minimal and the service was actually quite rude - my wife needed a refill and when I attempted to get her attention she walked right by. There are other better buffets.

Lucas Galt

Really good Chinese food wish Tucson had as good Chinese food as this place

RealBoii Nava

Me and my family came here for dinner tonight and we sit in the back and we didn’t even get the waitress to clear our plates after two whole hours, we have to go ask for our own drink refills. The food and not taste fresh we are very disappointed. Will never return here again

Cindy Wooldridge

My daughter and I know Chinese food and this place is great. Clean and VERY friendly. Good food.


Great place, lots of selection, good food, and absolutely price right. Been there many times and always been satisfied.

Jeff Brown

Several experiences were good however this latest when shows they have no food safety standards. When told they had a massive number of moldy grapes on their Buffet line they picked a few of them out, but When I expressed the fact they still had moldy food they were offering to customers they still refused to take it off the line and for compensation offered me a 15% off my next Buffet trip. If you don't care about your health by all means eat here.

Just Jordan

They ite but they people's is ride frfr

Juan F

Decent buffet. .food is ok..lots of options

Grecia Araujo

Food is good but the people working here are rude.

Jim Marco

The best Chinese buffet we have been to in the valley.

Anaya EMP

This place is great just wish they had crab legs and crawfish

Criselda Meza

The food is good the service not so great the price is ok. For a business in Az you expect a cooler place to dine in but its muggy like the ac unit needs some work.

lawan battle

Their food was not tasty, and they have bad customer service, they lie to you and tell you you cannot take it to go plate out clearly we saw other customers with her to go and try.I am very displeased with the customer service and I will never ever go back and I wouldn’t suggest anyone to go to that restaurant. Please stay away from this restaurant.

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