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REVIEWS OF Red Dragon Buffet IN Arizona

Anthony Ludington

You get precisely what you pay for here. Take that as you will, expect oily food, dusty walls, and general splatter stains in the booths. I just felt like the place could use a detail cleaning.

Eva Sitton

Love that this restaurant opens at 10:30 am! While starting early shopping we were happy that their buffet was open and the food was hot and ready to go. Our favorite place to eat when shopping.

Amy Bytnar

I love their food. Always hot and very good

R Mck

Always delicious and great service

Benita Compean

The food was really good. Variety of food items to eat.

Matthew Martinez

As a local I've grown to see every restaurant in this location fail, now .. this new buffet is amazing, food is hot,fresh,cold where it needs to be. The sushi is delicious! I'm a huge sushi guy and buffet sushi never cuts it for me but it was on point here! Although not a large selection of sushi what is there is good. There's a Mongolian grill section and delicious pork buns , good variety of ice cream desserts and so much more. Also one more thing. These associates are constantly walking around cleaning and assisting tables with friendly smiles . Its quiet here, my wife and I are able to maintain a conversation at a library level volume. Give it a try!

Paige G

This particular building has seen many different restaurants inside it. Many havent been too great of places to stop and eat. This particular restaurant is a pleasant surprise. Very good food at a good price. Would strongly suggest people giving this place some attention.

Bonnie Hubbard

Very clean ,very friendly ,good food all u can eat

William Miller

We went here on a Thursday night and everything was just old tasting and not fresh at all. The only saving grace here was the Mongolian grill part where we could at least have what we wanted fresh off the grill. The sushi bar well it's a Chinese buffet, enough said. I would not recommend this establishment as the price was 42.00 for 2 adults and one kid and if it was fresh and great the price would be ok. When the food was old and we couldn't eat half of what we brought to our table the price was extremely high.

Jenny Quijas

Very good food and great customer service.

Bertha Penuelas

Very bad customer service. She did not once ask me if i wanted a refill. She was sitting down eating and on her phone. Just a bad vibe at this place.

Josh Sunjo

Nice eating place to get full

Crystal Wanderi

Great Service!! Love this place!!

Candace Sapp

It is challenging to ask questions on your first visit and only one staff can speak and understand English. Waste of money for me. Always a first time for everything. Too bad this will be the last of Red Dragon Buffet for me and my family.

Oscar Ramirez

Good food in good service

Gerri Heard

Staff was slow, and rude, food was good, but don't expect to have food come out when break time. And I asked for a manager and was told they wasn't in today. Asked for oysters and was told he has to do the sushi rolls first then they would come out. Then on my way out I asked another employee for the manger and hey all of a sudden he was there and I was informed they didn't have oysters at all today.. I will never step foot in there again point blank..

Travis Martin

Big selection just not my taste great atmosphere


Food is good Mongolian grill always gets me and that squid or octopus is delicious

Karl Davis

Ok, I've had better, but it's solid and affordable

Wayne Olson

Very good variety including sushi, soups, noodles, and a Mongolian grill option. Lunch was very reasonable at only $11.25 (with a soft drink).

Crystal Vargas

Me and Fiancee Love this place, our go to for most of our dates ❤️

Kris Shuler

The food was pretty good. I really enjoyed it

Ryan Borden

I like this place, it's good. It's probably a 3 star place for the actual normal buffet food but the fact that they have a grill that will cook your food that you pick out takes it to 5 stars for a chineese buffet. That said they are really terrible about refilling drinks. It's so bad I routinely witness people come in and say please give me 2 or sometimes even 3 cups of water for 1 person. Almost never do they offer to refill a drink. 95% of the time I have to stop them and ask for a refill. So for that they lose a star.

Kaeden Smith

Horrible food made me sick after...

Tiff Doodles

Always a great place to eat. Food is awesome. The I've cream bar is great too, not the cheap ice cream machine. Food is hot. Big variety.

Betty L

Small buffet and not many selections. I personally think $15 is too pricey for what they offer. I wouldn’t recommend.

Ashley Bray

Been going here about a year now, best Chinese buffet in Arizona!

Rick Urenda

Very clean, lots of good food..Goid prices

Daniel Evink

Nice and quiet. Plenty of good hot food to choose from. Staff are quick to clean up plates and bring cold drinks. Nice comfortable atmosphere. 11/10 they have Mountain Dew.

Dennis Thompson

Good lunch, good selection. Some dishes seemed they should be warmer. Servers kept the trays filled.

Moriah Crosby

They buy all their food, premade and frozen, from the Sams Club next door. I know that because I recognize the taste of all their food. The brand is InnovAsian. It tastes better when you make it at home, also a lot cheaper.

David Broughton

This truly is the best buffet we've been to in the valley. The food is ALWAYS fresh and there is a great selection with decent variety. The quality of the food also tends to be a step above the other buffets in town.

Linda Capoun

The sushi used to be great. Now it's stale and barely edible. The sauces are thin and waterd down. It's not nearly as good as it used to be.

Shawna Sanford

This buffet always pleasantly surprises me all of the options! I feel like they've definitely upped their sushi game as well

Sonya Beavers

Great food!

fancy pants

Excellent service

Nomiddlename Dawn

We love to come during the lunch buffet! 2 year olds eat free which is awesome because they really dont eat much (if at all) when he go out.

Jorge Avila

I loved it. It's been a while since I had a chinese buffet this good. Only improvement could be desserts but I don't find that important. Great service and experience.

Brandon Gongaware

Ewww, never again. Can't post less than one star, but with the quality of food(what's there to choose from) was WAY below par.

Sara Klick

Smaller selection than some of the buffet chains in the area, but it meant everything was fresh since they weren't making a ton of different dishes. The woman making sushi was still creating fresh rolls an hour before they closed. Really friendly staff and prices were reasonable. They serve Pepsi products and have good iced tea.

Debbie Thatcher

The food was OK not great. Good place to bring your family and kids. Little pricey.

Zachary Furman

Had a wonderful experience. There is a good food selection and tasted great! The service was friendly, kept our table clean and our drinks filled. Haven't found a good Chinese buffet like this one in a long time. My family will be returning.

Jose Aguinada

There is good food and service

Rodolfo Ortiz

Place is nice, but small and clean. Have great food and desserts.

Patricia Dunnells

It's an all you can eat loved the coconut shrimp

Lisa Whitt

Good food. Big variety.

Evelyn Donahue

Good food,good price,clean, friendly staff

Tom McWilliams

Decent enough staff. Food was not all that good. Fortunately, someone else paid. That was the best part.

Michelle Brungardt

Excellent selection, great tasting, and very satisfying.


Best Chinese buffet in Arizona that I have been too, I'm born and raised here all my life so I had a fair share of buffets. The food here is always fresh and taste great. Always clean environment and the employees are nice. I go here on a average of two times a month.

Mariana Mancilla

I really don’t understand how this place has so many stars. The food is always cold and GROSS a waste of money. Bad customer services won’t refund your money after you only take one bite of the food and get up from your seat... you see roaches walking on the ground just disgusting very dirty place totally do not recommend AT ALL . They’re other better places around town .

Denise Dodge

It's your standard American Chinese buffet. The seating areas are clean, the food is well displayed & fresh, and the staff are kind and efficient. They also have a variety of ice creams you get to scoop yourself like mint chocolate chip, green tea, rainbow sorbet, and others (not the machines with chocolate or vanilla). If for some reason you don't want Chinese food they also offer fried shrimp, french fries (they're seasoned well & not soggy), lemon chicken, and other non-asian meal items. The price is affordable and the parking lot is kept clean. The bathroom is clean but the stalls don't lock well and some of the stalls have wide spaces that make it easy for someone to accidentally peek in on you. Other than that I enjoyed my visit at Red Dragon Buffet. :-)

Calvin Peel

Excellent choice of flavorful dishes. Hey Michiganders! They serve SUPERMAN ice cream! Reasonable $$.

Johnathan Ortega

Best buffet in the west valley

Ward Stanford

Several cuts above the topical Oriental buffet. Very clean restaurant, clean buffets, nice staff, large variety of dishes, and truly good food! Definitely the nicest and best Oriental buffet I've been to in my many years! Highly recommend!

Juan Pablo Mora Pérez

Great food for the price, good service they always had my drink full!

Jose Perez

I love the food here, super fresh!

Angie Rojas

Don't eat at this place. The employees are so rude, they asked for tip before you even finished eating.

David Donnelly

Always great selection of food and friendly staff

Joe Morales

Buffet was always stocked with fresh, hot, delicious food. Staff is friendly and attentive to the customers!!!!

Richard Berninger

Good food. Good price. Lots of variety

Giovan Díaz P.

Great place, good food

anna torres

Yum! The food is delicious... I get happy here lol


Awesome food always fresh

Jay Bolland

Great food at a reasonable price.

javier ruiz

I have to give this place a 5 star... Because it's quiet in there, servers are friendly, cooks are amazing at making your personalized plates, the food was very fresh and the food trays were always much good food there and that's location that they're in was a smart one to choose after running errands in that area. And for 2 customers the price I paid was perfect. Around $20..

Thomas Matteson

Food is horrible and I mean HORRIBLE! It all looks the same just different color and it’s simply just tasteless. Nothing has flavor not even the noodles. There was a big thick LONG hair on my plate wrapped in a broccoli and as I called the server over she was the one who pulled it out and then first thing she said was “Our cooks are all bald.” As we stared to see who was coming in and out the kitchen I can tell you that statement was incorrect but she continued with “could be your hair” I was furious she would even suggest that. Of course we left and they never apologized or gave us a discount or anything. How can you sit there and try to eat any of that nasty and unsanitary food. She also said if we didn’t like the food to eat somewhere else and don’t come back. As if we where to Ever go back again. First and Last!

john-mark blair

Dudes. This is what every Chinese Buffet could be, if, IF, .. I F... They made everything in house, their own unique versions of dishes. (Not the exact same thing every buffet reheats elsewhere. ) There's a Mongolian grill, hand dipped ice cream and it's super affordable. Bad news is, I'm not local. I won't be able to eat this alot. 5 star Review? I'd give 6 if I could.

Susan Calvosa

Great food good service priced just right

Sonia Duenas

Clean and good food. Price right.

Gas Monkey

Good selection of food for a basic buffet. Food is tasteful, and staff is attentive. Price is fair.

Angus MacLeod

This is the new family! favorite, clean friendly, accommodating of large parties. Lemon pepper chicken is wonderful.

Mario Mario

They charged my 7 & 8 year old children as adults. They tried to say it was my responsibility to tell them my children are not adults. Lol! Check your receipt before you leave. The food is good. Restroom is VERY DISGUSTING!

Linda Stone

Great selection. There is something for everyone.

Levi Garrett

It's an all you can eat buffet, nothing to rave about. Foods hot most of the time but you can tell some things have been sitting for awhile. But for 10$ for lunch it's not a bad deal

Aaron D

Its is good food, just a little spendy.

Amme Az

The food is always wonderful. Everything you could want is here. The staff is attentive and very polite.

Sun shine

Great experience the food was awesome thank you

Will Meekin

Fresh hot food. Tasty, chilled sushi. Good value. Look for the 15% coupon in the Val Pak mailer.

David Hinton

Food was hot. Selection is good but the service was poor. Hard to find someone for a simple drink refill

Annie Rice

Clean with a good variety of food. Could use some better sushi, but as a buffet not to bad.

Pualani Makamae

The food was bad it was lukewarm there was hardly any food to get the it was nasty. The servers were unfriendly and they didn't refill drinks and I only got one cup of coffee with two creamers and it was impossible to get any more. the food tasted like it's been sitting since lunchtime. I should have looked when there's only two customers in there eating and the rest of the place was empty and this is at 8:00pm at night .I will never go back again if I could put zero Stars I would.


It so good there, also there is good foods to choose from.

Ronald Hernandez

Excellent variety of food. Good taste.

Carmen Martinez

I Always Come Here But Not No More I Won't . I Recently Discover This Hard Clear Plastic In My Food it Was Inside those Fortune Cookies That Have Cream Inside This Is Dangerous Hazard! AnyOne Could Of Choke With This!!! I Told A Male Waiter There In Awareness Of What I Have Discover In Their Food... And What He Said Was Sorry And Left And He Didnt Even Take my Plate Atleast!!! And Avoid Us Until We Said We Like To Pay Now!! Bad Bad Bad!! I Recommend To Checking Your Food!!

Jennifer Hoferer

Very good price and very good food

Kelly Sutton

Some of the food was under cooked. Some was decent. I can't say we will back. The server was really nice and refilled my drink quickly.

Me KierraB

So delicious. Love this place

Mary Guilin

This location has been a Chinese buffet for about ten years but there have been multiple owners and multiple names to the restaurant. Red dragon and it's owners have been the best by far. Food is the best under red dragon than it has been with any previous owners.

Marlon Troub

Pretty decent buffet, Mongolian BBQ, and sushi. Today was a little low on the sushi end but they were busy

Gelly Gelz

The foods ok nothing special.... But its alright

Natalie Leppert

Love all there food. It stay hot all the time

Danna Kiracofe

Good food and great value for an all you can eat operation.

Rhonda Stephens

Ate here for the first time yesterday, and everything was delicious! The restaurant was clean, staff very friendly and it wasn't over priced. The many dishes were so good, and the sushi was perfect! We'll definitely be back!

Preacher GUERRA

I prefer this compared to Hometown buffet and Golden Corral. Its mostly the same items daily, but their are specific items they stand out for. Their service is fast and always with a smile, food is hot and replaced quickly when the tray is empty. Only complaint is i wish my belly was bigger to eat more.

Michelle Serna

My family and I come here and it's great. One of the few places to find steamed pork buns, which are delicious. My only complaint is that we dined there today for lunch and when we paid I asked the server if he could please split the check and I was met with attitude on his part. He rolled his eyes, sighed heavily and was just horribly rude. He was a young man with Buddy Holly style glasses. I did speak to someone and I hope they speak to him about his attitude towards customers. I hope we don't have to deal with him the next time we go. I cannot stand rude people. Otherwise it was a good visit.

Omaude Winbush

The food is decent and it's a reasonable price

erica Long

Great food and atmosphere. Recommended

Beverly James

The service wasn't the best and they afraid to put out crab legs


Your standard chinese Buffet. Good service man decent food. A bit too pricey for my taste and for what they offer.

Gilbert Murillo

Not very got sick won't be back there.

Simon Ramos

This place needs improvement. Thats all I will say...

James Donahue

Excellent food and service very good clean go there a lot

Psycho EmoBunny

This place is beautiful and the food is delicious! They had many ice cream choices too, not just the typical chocolate or vanilla. We just wished they had more seafood options..

Chris The

Great delicious food

andy cao

Before you eat their fried food please check it before you eat it! if their food is cooked or even good first! I have NEVER Seen fried fish with gooey raw insides before! I don't think I'll be going here again for awhile x.x Some of their chicken was also raw which just made me lose my appetite entirely, Apart from the food our server was very polite filled water whenever it got low and every time we got back to our seats, the table was clean of plates!

Goofygirl B

We only paid $23.00 for two, and the food was awesome, I don't usually like Chinese buffets, but place was good, food was delicious, n for just a little more you can take home food.

Bo Bo

Not sure how this place is getting 5 stars . I give very fair reviews & this place in my opinion was a waste of 12.99 per person. The egg drop was thick and gooey and taste un authentic. Egg rolls taste like horse radish , rice was ok . Crab tastes very old ,sushi was limited in variety and didn't taste fresh also was prepped with loads of sauce . The only thing good was some chicken and ice cream from a bucket. I will not be taking my family here anymore I'd rather go to China city by harkins on 99th Avenue and McDowell .Too bad I was excited to find out about red dragon. . Now i know and it cost me 50 to find out - oh well .

Steven Kosmicki

Delicious sushi and buffet items.

The Phat Cyclist

Always a great choice when you are really hungry. Check the time so you know what prices you are paying.

John Doee

Good spot to get full after medicating on the bomb super sour .

Walt Capodicasa

Not as many choices as I would have liked for a buffet price okay

Eduardo Perez

My wife and I went out to have a dinner after a long day. We decided to stop by and check out this place . First of all the food was cold ! We told the waiter he laughed said he’ll tell his manager . She didn’t do anything about it we had one plate got up and still made us pay ... the food is not good AT ALL . It’s very nasty in the taste and the place is really dirty hot sauce on the walls seems like they don’t clean . AVOID this place .

Ward stanford

Clean, well lit buffets and seating area. One of the best Oriental buffets I've been to. Thumbs up!!

Jorge Moreno

Very friendly staff good food clean place and very good fresh sushi

Samuel Horrocks

They had a different variety of foods that you don't find in many other Chinese food buffets. It was delicious and a welcome change.

pinky Diamond


Sarah Ayala

The food has improved but when we went to pay using the money mailer app they advertise on they refused to accept their own coupon. It was not expired and there was nothing that should have voided it Its shady to advertise but then refuse to honor it.

James Schoaf

Good local buffet. Great wontons.

Robert Harkness

Good selection and the staff was attentive to the buffet. Kept everything fresh, and the waitress stopped to see if I needed anything fairly often

Ciara Caballero

Horrible food. Not worth the money in my opinion, there was maybe one item on the whole buffet that was okay. Don't recommend.

Connie Hodges

We always love to go to red dragon nice place the workers are always polite

Lydia Diaz

My first time there and Ioved the food. The service was great. Totally enjoyed it.

zn. Honduran

It awesome! I do really love Asian food, they are really good .

Alison Troub

Pretty decent as far as buffets go, pretty large selection of food. My family likes the sushi and the Mongolian BBQ.

Rodrigo Castelan

Place is really clean food is good and great service

Judy Fryman

For a buffet it is ok. We like Chinese and usually go to Wong's if we're really hungry for exceptional Chinese. Their lunch menu is "almost" a steal.

phillip tribby

The staff there is super nice and very helpful. I love their sauteed green beans. A definite must go to see for yourselves.

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