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4724 N 20th St Ste 140, Phoenix, AZ 85016, United States Located in: Camelback Colonnade

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REVIEWS OF Pork On A Fork BBQ & Catering IN Arizona

Justin Rubert

They always have good food and a nice staff.

Kirk Edward Dean

Great bbq. Good portions and nice place


Best BBQ I've ever had. Employees were absolutely awesome! Fantastic experience I'll definitely be back!!

Pam Jack

Love this place! Food is delicious. Portions are good. Staff is friendly and focused. Lots of room for a crowd, or just a chat with a friend.

pam jackson

The bbq was good and the slaw ,large portion and the service was great...Well go back

Katrina Mooney

Their pulled pork is amazing

J Chan

Very clean & modern. Tad on the pricy side. Got a pulled pork bowl that came with rice & veggie toppings + drink. Total ended up being ~$12 for lunch...

Tara Bautista

Mandy Joy

If you're looking for a quick place to grab BBQ then this is a great option. They don't beat out any of my favorite BBQ places in Phoenix but they are quick and convenient. They offer a lot of sides and different ways to order your meal. Staff has always been friendly.

allen D

I ordered today via ubereats food was good what arrived safely, I got 2 orders of mac n cheese 2 full racks of ribs and 2 orders of baked beans - what arrived was a BAG of baked beans this place is not well equipped it seems for sending food out via ubereats. the driver told me the restaurant didn't seal things properly and rather than offering to go get another order suggested I file a complaint. Happy with the ribs n mac but I'm really mad about my beans for a 49.00 order my food should be properly packaged and arrive safely.

Chandler Mundy

I tried their sampler platter, chicken, pork, and a sausage. Juicy tender meat and good BBQ sauces at the tables. Portions looked a little small when I started, but I was stuffed when I left. I'll be back.

Chris Brenton

Can never go wrong with the pulled chicken or pork. Beef brisket has been 3/4 good experience. Over cooked a couple of times.

Logan Mayor

Very friendly staff, fast service even during the lunch rush. I ordered half a stack of ribs and they they incredible.

Mariah Lantz

Great place for BBQ!! Love the shredded chicken with the zippy mustard sauce. They drop the sweet potato fries when you order them so they are hot and fresh. Don't wait to long, they serve until they are out. Towards the end of the evening your choices do become less.

Kaiser Soze

Excellent BBQ in the middle of Phoenix.

Gonzalo Montano

Had the day off, saw this place suggested on Uber Eats. I've been craving good BBQ and man this place delivered!!! Sausage a touch of spice, brisket was mouth watering and the pork had just enough fat for the rolls to soak in with the BBQ sauce! I would've given 5 stars if I actually went into the restaurant! Only regret is I didn't know they had a selection of sauces or I would've asked for a couple different kinds!

Christine Kasl

This place is excellent. Very mouth watering and the sauce is an added bonus with so much flavor. It melts in your mouth.

Dick Shep

Good bbq

Ted Michael

Camelback location-not friendly. Cashier (male) felt compelled to correct me that one orders down by the prep area. I was originally in that area, but cook (who was working) never acknowledged me after a minute or two, so I when to cashier (who needed something to do-only 2 other customers in store) Tip for POAF- invest in a "order here" sticker, and personalities for staff.

Roslyn Caballero


Nicholas Corriveau

Fantastic food, short wait, OK cost, but I guess I should of asked to have my sandwich bun warmed up for a pulled pork sammich?

Eric Mendoza

Food was good service was great the two ladies that work there are very helpful would recommend

joe gonzales

pass the light

Bobi Lyon

This place is awesome! Food was hot and fresh. The staff was super friendly! 1st timer a d will totally be back!!

Keith R. Cano

Exceptionally delightful sustenance, simple determinations and extremely quick administration and extraordinary cost. All things considered I was overwhelmed with how tasty my entire whole supper was. I will profoundly prescribe this to each BBQ darling I run over.

Roslyn LaRue

James Grogan

Disney Dad

tasted like Cafeteria food, makes me think if they can stay in Bizz this long i should open up my own BBQ spot, if this gets 4 stars you people would give me 5

Debra Tssutsui


Dustin McElreath

The BBQ was pretty good. The employees were all very friendly and the restaurant was clean. Prices were less than expected for BBQ. Nothing really wowed us, but it was still quality food. The cockroach hiding under the napkin dispenser on our table made for an interesting meal....

Cecil Joseph

Sausage was amazing. Pork belly was mind blowing. Cornbread muffin was good too. My only issue was the brisket was dry and tough, but everything else was so good I'm willing to give the brisket another try. My guess is it was a bad batch. Check them out!

O'Zandra Floyd

Great service. Fast! ... but gooood! I had the pulled pork, side salad, rice and a drink, all the 11 bucks. I'll be back to try the brisket and ribs!

Martha Carillo

Mateo D

joetta cardis

Was very disappointed with the food. Nothing like the pork on the fork on deer valley. Very little portion fir the amount I had to pay. $10 for 1 sausage and 2 little cups of side .

Jatra chea

Rebecca Sebastian

This place was overpriced for the amount of food they served and their meat didn't seem fresh. Some of their sides were really good though. But their portions were too little for what they were priced, plus it wasn't top class barbecue. I wouldn't go here again.

Historic Bedman

Andrew Gleason

For quick service bbq, you cannot beat it. Had the ribs this time, and they were really good.

Angel baby

Amazing customer service, workers are very polite and well mannered. The food was very delicious definitely coming back.

Sis Squad

Maureen Santry

Jon Tipton

Food was good. Sauses tasty. Service was poor. Guy behind the counter huffed when I ordered fries, I suppose because he had to make them. He also huffed when I ordered a beer instead of the soda he had already rung me up for. Clearly he didn't want to be there. I had lunch there around 1pm on Saturday, June 10 in case management is reviewing these comments.

Myriah Gallegos

I have never experienced such great customer service like I had today at pork on a fork. Darius and Ashley were so very helpful and answered all my questions in detail. And I loved the brisket sandwich that they had recommended!

Tim Askelson

Meat is good and tender, couldn't taste a lot of flavor from seasoning, sides were great. Didn't care for sauces or the bun. Would rate 3.5.

Sean Whitley

Very delicious food, easy selections and very fast service and great price. All in all I was blown away with how flavorful my whole entire meal was. I will highly recommend this to every BBQ lover I come across.

Sarah Lathrop

Amazing bbq and great service.

Ted Seltz

I ordered the Deluxe Sampler with three meats. The brisket was ok but it was cold. The pulled pork and chicken were cold and very hard to chew.

Eric Mette

Bom diggity!

Gail Stephen

James Anderson

Very honest review. Pork was one of the better porks that I've had (including famous Dave's, 17th street, and rendezvous). Sausage was okay, but I've had better. Sauce was good to okay, depending on the type. Sides were good for the most part. Beans were good if a little spicey. Mac and cheese was okay. Mine was good but my wives wasn't the same quality. Worst part (and only thing I wouldn't get again) was the cornbread. Overall, very good, especially for the price. TLDR: buy the pork.

Ralph mclaughlin

You can smell the real BBQ when you walk in the door. The meats are not covered with sauce as good authentic BBQ never should be. But a selection of a variety of sauces are available at the table. Mac and cheese is awesome and not runny. Minor critique..... the bun and pulled pork sandwich was not as warm as it should be. Was here on a Saturday and not too many customers. I hope more people support this place despite the inconvenience of the construction going on nearby.

Jonathan Coffey

I really wanted to like this place however the barbecue just wasn't up to the standard I thought it would be. The brisket and ribs that we were served or left out or under the counter and not in a warm container. The chicken ran out and they had to restock that and it came and sort of a large vat that still needed to be shredded the appearance was less than appealing. The place seems void of any smokers or actual BBQ grills so I'm still curious on how they actually cook their meat or if it's just warmed up from Frozen. Overall three stars is exactly where this place currently is in terms of quality and presentation.


Gross. Chicken was super dry. They were out of the sausage, corn bread was rock hard, out of beans. Only went the one time. Will never be back. I'm sure it was an off day...but not chancing another 20 bucks to this place.

Nick Jaurigue

For the amount of food and quality you get, this place isn't all that good. For just 2 of us we spent $23 for our food. I mean c'mon almost $3 for a small drink. The service is even worse. The cashier was more worried about her phone, than making sure we had the things we ordered. Then to top it off one of the line servers was outside smoking on his break. Once he came back in he never washed his hands but jumped right in line.


Damn good good BBQ; worth every penny!

Keena Ortega

Nate Clark

Great BBQ and cobler

Joanne Beard

YUMMY! Cool Location! Cool Lunch Spot!

Chad Leit

This place was bomb!!! Sausage was snappy, brisket was fatty, and the chicken was juicy. My new go to BBQ spot.

Julie Fisher

Andrea Hazle94

First of all they didn't have what I wanted , the food was disgusting it tasted so old and wasn't even warm it was cold and stale . I deffinetly wouldn't recommend this place !

David Donica

Has not let me down yet. Pro tip: try the BBQ burrito

tori i

Great service! Uber Eats recommended the place and didn't think to check hours. They called to say there wasn't rice and was happy to accommodate. I felt bad after knowing they close in 2 mins and didn't say anything.

Sarah Grazier

Lauren Hunt

They close early all the time. And even when they are open - they can't get your order right. Lame.

XxFlawed L0giKxX

Everything there is amazing. Management is awesome. The bowls drive me crazy. Will be back for sure.

Josh Udulutch

Good and military people

Jaime Lopez

1st and last time I'll be here. Lack customer service and serving skills. Didn't feel welcome as soon as I stepped in. The guy didn't seem happy. I asked for BBQ sampler with sweet potatoes Fry's. Guys seem bother by asking for Fry's. Guy wanted to give me the sampler and wait for Fry's. I asked him to please put my plate on a warmer until Fry's are done. When Fry's were done he put the plate on the counter didn't bother letting me know. By the time I got my plate food was all cold. Mind you, I was the only one in the restaurant. Food was mediocre.Time date Sunday 6:15pm July 2nd.

Tim Cathy Branson

If you are a barbecued meat lover, this is the place. At present, I believe there are only two of these in the Valley. We would love to see one in the East Valley like in Gilbert or Chandler. Their sauces are excellent as well as most of their sides. We were pretty impressed with their mac and cheese. Go hungry. Big portions.

Rachel Gostola

Really enjoyed the Midway monster with Mac n cheese and waffle fries. All the table sauces are very good. The food was a little saltier than the Deer Valley location. I love the feel and atmosphere of this location.

John Borja

Great BBQ, decent prices. I'm definitely going back

Jordan Butler

mindy logar

The food was great. We ordered ahead to pick up and service was a bit slow but worth the wait.

Creighton Hardy

Fantastic Barbaque, friendly faces, and an all around great vibe!

Jonathan Allred

Nate Holtz

Kayla Genelin

Such good brisket! So tender and no fat! Definitely will come back!!

Terry Bradley

Marcus Jones

Great taste and Good Portions. We live in Estrella Mountain Ranch and drive to Pork On A Fork because they have the best BBQ in Phoenix. Their Beef Brisket is awesome!

Danielle Glickman

Love Pork On a Fork!!! Management is always very friendly, and food is AMAZING everytime!

John Huddlestone


The meat was good but my food was cold and my daughters chicken strips were over cooked, potatoe salad had too much mustard and the potatoes were hard. I got one meal I med drink and 1 kids meal and paid $20 a bit over priced I won't be returning. I have been here before and the food was different and maybe it was a bad day for them??? Maybe that's why the food was cold????

David Mills

This was our first time at there brick and mortar. BBQ was just okay, We had the three meat sampler. As far as I could tell they don't smoke there food at this site. There is no smell of smoking food at all in or around the building. They pull the meat out of some kind oh holding warmer from under the counter than unwrap it from plastic wrap cut and serve. If you want basic BBQ with out the inhouse smoke smell and freshness of stright of the Pitt taste give it a try. Other wise seek a different BBQ spot.


Kevin Hudspeth

Vincent Contreras

Good basic BBQ...sure ther are better, but isn't there ALWAYS something better?

Paul Yurga

Michael Taylor

Camelback & 20th st.) Tried the pulled pork & brisket (no bun)! Enjoyed both! Both were very tender and full of flavor! I will be back ad long as you stay open ♡

Melissa Rees

Went here the day they opened. Service was slow but they literally had only been open for an hour or two so that was ok. The food was good but it was expensive for the portions you receive.

Katy Mullens

Chris A

Great service, great food, great experience. Every time I go to this location, the service is always beyond expectation. The staff is very friendly and accomodating. It is hard to find great service like this, and the food speaks for itself! Sincerely - A loyal customer

Ruth Larue

The food is good and the employees are fabulous.

Nick Ely

James Fitzpatrick

Steve P

This place is just awesome all the way around. A little pricey, but so is everything in that neighborhood.

jas wats

The brisket was very good, but they opened late, I had to call the number on the door for them to realize it was still closed. Kinda expensive, but it tasted good.

William McSpirit

Brea Bennett

Brian Radcliffe

The staff is awesome. Food is great. Highly recommend trying it out if you haven't already.

Casper Bills

Amazing food and fast service with great prices

Sue Brooks Bailey

It was good. Nothing to get excited about . The fork and Knife container was empty. Told them . Took a few minutes . Tables and dispensers could be a little cleaner.

Mackisha McClure

The food here is so delicious. I got the monster burger with sweet potato fries and BBQ beans. Home run every time. This is my guilty private pleasure.

Erika unicorn

Toni Sutter

The food deserves 5 stard we a sampler plate with potato salad, beans & corn muffins. The people working there were troubled with communication and focus.

Laura Moise

Food was delicious. The Mac and cheese is to die for!! It brought me back.

Amber H

I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere here. It was a simple rustic decore. The place was spotlessly clean, though I did not see the bathroom. The Lady behind the counter was kind and professional despite my exhausted half answers and made sure I was comfortable before she happily explained how the menu worked upon learning I'd never been before. The beef sandwich was amazing. The meat was fresh and tender. It was cooked all the way through with out drying it out in the slightest. It had a lovely smoked flavor too. Not oversalted nor too bland. I also had some macaroni salad that I found a bit too vinegary and some pork belly that was perfectly glazed but had been sitting in heat a smidge too long and was a bit dry. I ordered a peach cobbler but plum forgot to pick it before I left. Next time!

amber medina

The food is great here! Very tasty and the BBQ sauces taste great. I have however had some less than perfect experiences with getting my order right when ordering online or in advance. One in particular was when it was my coworkers last day, we ordered in advance the day before and when we went to pick up the next day there was lots wrong with our order causing a 30 min delay. We were missing food and even though we ordered to pick up first thing when they opened, they ran out of some foods due to a catering order. After my coworker complained we did get an order of corn bread free though. Corn bread was tasty! I should mention we didn't have a huge order, it was only for 6 people. One time we came right when they opened and the doors were locked for an extra 15 min before they opened. I've never had an issue with the food itself. Good quality, tasty, appearance, quantity is all great for the price.


First time there. Didn't know which side to start; no "order here" sign. Got brisket on a bun, baked beans, and slaw. The brisket was dry, like jerky. If it were moist and juicy, the flavor would have been fine. Beans and slaw were ok - nothing bad or special to say. The sauces are at the tables, and the only one that had good flavor to me was the mustard sauce. The others were too salty and tangy without any good flavor too appreciate. I'm only in town for a few days, but I definitely wouldn't come back for this on a future visit. The table I took to be near a window and the TV was dirty even though there were people working not totally preoccupied that could have been keeping up the dining room.

Vanessa Glasco

Food was delicious!! Atmosphere was beautiful and down to earth. Tracy the manager had awesome customer service! We had the Family feast with portions of different meats all of them were to die for!


I’ve eaten here three times and every time the meet was cold

Rendal L.

Had a fabulous time! The staff is friendly, they were very engaged and made great suggestions. Had the 4 meat combo brisket, sausage, chicken and pork so tender it wouldn't stay on the fork! The combo comes w/ 2 sides, plenty of food under $20.

Jason Wesley

Wanda Hopkins

Our meal was delicious...the portion size was large enough for three. It was very satisfactory... it was my first time eating there and would definitely recommend this place.

Tony donald Ortega

The Magnificent Jason Finley

Simply fantastic! Super friendly staff, food was quick and easy to order. I had the brisket and enjoyed sampling the few house made sauces at the table. I couldn't settle on a flavor so I rotated a sauce with each bite. The brisket was super tasty , unbelievable job.

Kevin South

Great food

James Journey

I've had the burrito, pork and brisket sandwiches, and plenty of sides. Everything here is most and delicious

Jay Aronson

Gerald Brainard

Awesome food. And great people. Big portions.

Libby Jhaveri

Keeton Gale

Their food is worth it.

Katrina Von Moos

Love this place! Best Ribs ever, great sides and prompt and attentive service! Best place for BBQ hands down!

yaritza sandoval

Tracy B

Alfonso Perez

Abe Flores

Staff not very friendly, prices are high for what you get. Good is good though.

Monika Thomad

Gave my husband Food poison!!!

S Mathews

I be there tomorrow!

Neebes Marie

The food was very good, I got the bbq chicken sandwich, side of beans and fries, my husband got the brisket sandwich, beans and macaroni salad. It was delicious, the beans were very spicy, but delicious. Fries and macaroni salad were fresh and very good as well. Going to be a place we eat at when we are in phx for sure.

Bertha Contreras

Food is amazing better then Chipotle

James McDaniel

I got the pulled pork burrito. Comes with 2 sides and they will stuff the burrito with rice & beans also. It's enough food for two peeps and tastes great. Every table has 4 bottles of bbq sauce in 4 flavors. TV'S have sports going and the sound system is rocking with some great blues... my favorite.

Jeff Geyer

Really great friendly service and menu suggestions. Had the original sampler with beans and sweet potato fries. They had to drop the fries in the oil to warm them up, but they were nice and crisp and not greasy. The baked beans had a complex spice profile with a nice peppery end note. I love good baked beans and these were some of the best. Add in some meat ends and you have near perfection. The chicken and pork were tender, moist, and had great smoky flavor. A bit heavy on the salt, but it is that kind of food. Tried the spicy and the sweet sauce and both were outstanding. The sausage link had great flavor and that amazing snap from a real casing. Love love love this food!!! Monday may 28 2pm Camelback location

Jatteinny Periut

Eddy Jackson

I've been going to this Pork on a Fork for lunch for a long time and the quality keeps sliding down hill. And the portions keep changing too. I used to like the brisket - not anymore. The owners need to get back in this restaurant and turn it around or it will probably close.

Breeezz Davis

Omg you MUST go to Pork on a Fork!!! The food is delicious. The meat is tender and flavored to perfection, the sides are delicious. The establishment is SUPER clean. Most of all the staff,management and owners are amazing and suuuuper friendly! This place would get 10 stars if I could give it. The prices are reasonable and the portions are huge. I definitely got my money's worth. My mother and I have lunch there at least once a week and they will cater your next party! Please visit location on 20th st and Highland next to Fry's!

Don Benton

Nicco torni

good bbq but they dont pick out ths fat before they weigh the meat like all the rest ofbthe pork on a forks

Joann Linder

Potatoes in potato salad not cooked enough. Too much fat in the pork. BBQ beans were eldonte. I believed the reviews! I gotta keep looking for a better BBQ place here in Phoenix.

Rachel Huddlestone

Awesome as always. Super tasty pork bbq bowl with mac & cheese and pickled onions is my favorite there.

Debbra Tucker

Very good, first time I'd ever been in

Sophannath Chea

Maria G Diaz

Love the food

HeII Raider

Stay away from the macaroni salad, everything else was great


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