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REVIEWS OF Phoenix Art Museum IN Arizona

Eva Padilla

Great place for special events and art exhibit education and entertainment.

Lewis Greene

This is a very easy and affordable museum to check out. I'm surprised how few people (even locals) take the time to visit. Go! Great permanent collection and I loved the exhibit "Being 13", moved me to tears actually. This museum is very large and has various types of art. The layout is somewhat convoluted but there is a very nice gift shop and lots of parking. If you are local you can check your library for free admission tickets.

Art-Tastic Creations

I went to the Phoenix Art Museum with my friend James a couple of years back. I checked out the tickets (cultural passes) from the Mesa Public Library so my friend and I were able to get in free. I love that the Phoenix Art Museum offers this perk to people who live in the Valley! I'm not sure whether or not they are still listed as a place you can visit for free at the Phoenix Public Library or Mesa Public Library, but if they have a Cultural Pass for it, I would definitely check it out! My friend and I went when there was an exhibit focusing on Asian arts. There were all sorts of exhibits from various parts of Asia but a lot of the focus was on pieces from China, South Korea, and Japan. They had the regular museum pieces too (like the hanging metal sculptures and so on) so it was fun to check those out as well. There was a neat exhibit where you could walk into this dark room which had a bunch of lights and it was like you were walking through the galaxy. It was really cool! I was surprised at how large the museum was. There is a lot of stuff to take in and enjoy. There are some neat sculptures outside of the museum too which I took some time to look at before entering the building and also when I left. I definitely recommend checking out this museum if you get the chance. They always have a lot of interesting things on display and there are a lot of exhibits to view.

Daniellas Espinosa

A perfect timing to come and enjoy the view.

Edward Campos

Super cool, a must experience!

Ray Pratt

We were just visiting Phoenix, but we ended up getting a membership to the museum with reciprocation to our home town museums (and others). The woman at the front desk reviewed our options in a welcoming and helpful manner. It did feel like a sales pitch. Our local museum, on the other hand, made the same pitch like their lives depended on the upsale. High pressure. High stress. Back to Phoenix... The museum itself was wonderful as well. Internationally renowned artists in every room. The western and native art was especially nice.

Coco M

Was worth the visit. The staff is very professional and courteous, I learned a lot when I went there.

Alexander Ellison

The Phoenix Art museum is really quite a treat. The Yayoi Kusama installation was our main reason for visiting and it did not disappoint! We were watchful of the field trip groups and timed our exploring to avoid the larger groups. The docents were very kind and helpful in giving advice and information. We also were enthralled with the Black Cloud butterfly installation. The immense scale of the project is simply incredible. Our visit was on a weekday morning and the museum was pleasantly quiet - giving us time to linger. My children loved the miniatures exhibit, as did I. The level of detail was amazing! We also enjoyed a lunch at the museum cafe which had great vegan and vegetarian options! A wonderful place to visit with your family

Katherine Luna

I love free admission on Wednesday!

Douglas Klynstra

Nice art museum, but having been to the National Gallery, The Chicago Institute of Art, and Crystal Bridges, all of which were far better and free, the $23 admission seems a bit steep.

Brittany Dana

I loved spending time going through the different galleries of the art museum! Art never ceases to amaze! There will always be some new creation that strikes you differently each time you visit. There are even some Fridays when it's free to go and visit the museum so there's really no excuse to not go!!

Vincent Carlson

More than just a museum to look at art on the wall, there are often live performances. Free days are full of activities to get your kids interested in something better than electronics.

Kirsten Petersen

I love this art museum! Plenty to do and see! Highly recommend!

Varday Campbell

Great place to get a different perspective on art, very diverse paintings from a wide range of cultures. Just got a membership today.

Bryan Leavitt

We were disappointed in the selection of artwork until we got to the European works. There was a lot of thought provoking work near the entry, but it was unpleasant and in some ways offensive.

Honest T

The whole building is beautiful, clean and have all kind of art for all tastes and ages. The Palate restaurant have very tasty and healthy food, the service was excellent. Great vegan plates as well

Livana Hurtado

Super cool. So much to see!!

Jennifer Hoffman

I cannot say enough amazing things about the event team at the Phoenix Art Museum. Cori and her team are absolutely amazing. The events industry is a challenging industry and very demanding - but they do it with such grace, sincerity and kindness. Keep up the amazing work.


Awesome exhibitions. I learned a lot going here while on my vacation. I recommend everyone going if you're in the area. You won't regret it!

Emma Stone

The Phoenix Art museum is really quite a treat. The Yayoi Kusama installation was our main reason for visiting and it did not disappoint! We were watchful of the field trip groups and timed our exploring to avoid the larger groups. The docents were very kind and helpful in giving advice and information. We also were enthralled with the Black Cloud butterfly installation. The immense scale of the project is simply incredible. Our visit was on a weekday morning and the museum was pleasantly quiet - giving us time to linger. My children loved the miniatures exhibit, as did I. The level of detail was amazing! We also enjoyed a lunch at the museum cafe which had great vegan and vegetarian options! A wonderful place to visit with your family.

Elene Vater

This is a nice museum that had something for everybody. It also has a nice little so plan to have lunch there.

Ashley Powell

The Phoenix Art Museum is visually beautiful. The second Sunday of each month is free to visitors. There are special events that cost a minimum amount of money. We entered to 25,000 paper butterflies scattered along the walls and ceilings. Amazing! Especially nice staff who will direct and answer questions for you. Three floors of changing and permanent exhibits. The room of fireflies is intriguing. The store is fun to wander through. Some street parking and lot parking available. It didn’t disappoint.

Vanessa Glady

I brought my children here and now I bring my grand children here. Check the website to see when they have free events but I usually come several times a year to see the current exhibits. The parking lot is north of the building. There's always lots of employees and volunteers to make your visit enjoyable. Make sure you give yourself at least 2-3 hours to walk through all of the exhibit halls. The first Friday of every month the Museum is open from 6pm to 10pm. Its part of the Phoenix Art Walk. This building is wheelchair friendly.

Carrie Johnson

The exhibitions here are wonderful, I have been visiting it for many years and will continue to do so! We are lucky to have such a great place in Phoenix

Joni Linden

I had a great time enjoying the wide variety of arts in every corner of the Phoenix Art Museum! I saw sculptures, paintings, tapestries, artifacts, and many more. It takes wholeday to tour around every corner of the museum, I suggest you come here early in the morning for you to enjoy the museum. I highly recommend this places.

Edpo Gonsalves

Loved out! There is something around every corner both inside and outside. Just walking up to the building we got a good amount of photos. It was very informative, colorful and detailed. I've thoroughly enjoyed our time there and would recommend it to everyone!

Sarah Vassall

Beautiful permanent and rotating collections. There is a wide variety of art to see, so anyone can find something that interests them. The staff is friendly and the place is very clean and well maintained. The garden is a pretty spot to spend some time, too.

Glen Morris

There are a lot of displays at this museum, ones that change as well. We participated in the free Fridays event that was going on (the first Friday of every month), and really enjoyed it! It was not overcrowded and there was always something to see. I'd be warned about parking, as it is something that goes very quick by the museum!

Daniel Fieldstone

THE TRUTH BEHIND THIS PLACE!!! Yes we get it. We all know about it! The real reason why most people come here is not for the art. It is not for the stuffy art events that they have from time to time. It is not for the exhibits. People come here for one reason and one reason only... THE ROOM WITH THE REALLY COOL LIGHTS!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Rick Gonzalez

Although wanting to visit the Phoenix Art Museum since making Phoenix our new home, I was drawn to visit as not to miss an opportunity to experience the Andy Warhol Exhibit. That exhibit was not a letdown, neither was the Museum as a whole! I was amazed at the size and scope of the institution and its fabulous array of art work on display. The institution has an amazing array of activities abound, depending on how much time you desire to spend there. They offer lectures and talks, varying and changing exhibitions, a fabulously amazing restaurant for this venue, and an enviable layout conducive to the admiration of incredible works that include American and Southwestern art to Contemporary and Latin American showings. My only recommendation to those who wish to enjoy Masterworks from American, Latin American, European and Asian paintings and/or sculpture and even fashion, is to visit their website to best plan your formidable and enjoyable visit. This is a must visit when in the Valley of Sun!

Daniel Wang

A big museum with many topics addressed.

A Google User

Free entry today for the 4th! Helpful and friendly employees, beautiful art of Every kind. Be sure to check out the Firefly Room on the 3rd floor! The Dutch painter's gallery with the paintings of Salome are gorgeous.

Lynnette Rutherford

Very nice and interesting exhibits. It is fairly spread out between north and south towers and several levels. Great exhibits, friendly staff and a wonderful restaurant. Great place to relax.The Museum has a great variety of different art.

G Null

So much to see, I need to go back another day. The docent was excellent!

Steve No

Wonderful museum! Thank you Phoenix for supporting this great place.

Stephanie Rodriguez

Love the Phoenix Art Museum! We went on a Sunday during the Free Family Weekend. I will say they could use more parking as most of the spaces were taken and some parking was blocked off. This was my nephew's first visit to a museum and he had such a great time. There were lots of activities for the kids, including dancers. The staff was helpful and answered all my questions and helped us find our way around. My nephew and I will be back and I plan on going back on my own for a peaceful afternoon.


Cool. The people there are something else though... Enjoyed the art. Did not like the staff at all, my niece and I felt very uncomfortable. The cafe is overpriced, not worth what you pay. Not much diversity in the galleries.

Emmanuelle C.

Amazing exhibits and very diverse too.

Didier Dinero

The Phoenix art museum is one of my favorite places to go and feed my creativity it’s filled with such a diverse selection of art that never gets old or boring . They have a small admission fee but if you go on Wednesday’s after 3pm it’s FREE

Michael Durant

This place is wonderful! Lots of interesting art pieces to see. The building's architecture is quite astonishing as well. My girlfriend and I went to this museum a few weeks ago and we really had a great time. They also have a restaurant that serves good food. Highly recommended.

Jonathan Coffey

What a great experience at the Phoenix Art museum. We took the kids on free sunday and had a blast. We really were unsure if the kids would last walking around looking at art, however they had so many things that were interactive and fun for the kids to do they had a really great time. We will definitely be coming back soon.

Lita Bloom

1. Secure luggage storage for a just-landed traveler! Wow! And very friendly, helpful staff. 2. My first opportunity for a Yayoi Kusama 3D experience—and as part of the permanent collection, which is so cool! There are also permanent pieces by Anish Kapoor, Kehinde Wiley, and other major artists. 3. The amazing Agnes Preston exhibition is a real treat. I’d never heard of this artist but was lucky to happen to catch this show. Go if you can before this ends in September. 4. The lobby & grounds have charm, and the free photo booth is fun! 5. The gift shop has an incredible book selection. I wish i’d had more time & energy to enjoy more of the collection and special exhibitions. Looking forward to a return someday!

Sharlot E.

Wide variety of art in a unique building. Staff there are always friendly and it's nice to be able to go to a variety of events there.

Judith Lee

If you visit on the second Sunday of the month entrance to the Museum is free and there are a range of activities organized for families. However, parking was an issue the day we visited (half had been closed and it took a while to find a free spot). There are lockers in the Museum to leave backpacks etc in.

Laurie Arshonsky

Enjoyed the watercolor Western art! It’s rare to fine any watercolor paintings in Art Museums unless it’s a special exhibit.

Diane Grant

The Phoenix Art Museum is visually beautiful.architecture and outdoor gardens! A little bit of every kind of art here - well worth the admission price.. I would recommend making a day of it and really slowly working your way through so you can enjoy each piece.

Dan Barletta

Very cool art Museum in downtown Phoenix

Deidra Thomas Richards

What a fun museum! We went on a Wednesday evening and were surprised to find that it is free on Wednesday afternoons and evenings! The museum is well kept and even smells clean. The exhibits are excellent and the staff kind.

Zavier Bookard

Great Museum! Well trained staff and easy to navigate ...lovely facility! Great Contemporary Art Section! The PAM provides a quality cultural experience similar to museums back home on the east coast.

Monica Rodriguez

I loved this museum. They have many beautiful exhibitions, they change them every so often. Do not take your kids 5 and younger I made that mistake because my son loves art but it was a big mistake kids will be kids and will want to touch everything. So next time I go I will definitely go with my hubby and no kids. Every Wednesday the entrance is free they do ask for donations. Military are free also. They have a nice little gift shop inside. Definitely recommend!

Nicole Figueroa

I love the Art Museum So much! A big thank you to Goodyear Tire for the free family 2nd Sundays!

THoth SuMantRa

I really enjoyed my time at the Phoenix art museum. There is so much to see and read, 2 hours wasn't even enough to see everything. Get there early, and make a day of it so you can read, and take in all of the exhibits. I will be visiting again since it is free for military, and I didn't get to see and enjoy 4 of the exhibits. Also, dress comfortable, and in light clothing, it gets warm with so many people visiting during the free second Sundays.


If that is art made by Phoenix´s, its no wonder nobody knows them. Terrible

Nicholas Pappagallo Jr

Great clean facility, went for an Artlink meeting, but now I want to go back during business hours

Fritz Quindt

Such a relaxing and enlightening experience. I’ll have to come back soon. So much to see and talk about.

Walid Nabhane

Very disappointing! It is by far the worst art museum in the any major US city. The building architecture is horrible. No logic in the layout or the rooms. It is uninviting. Also the collection is very poor. I would only recommend that if you are curious to see it to go on Wednesday afternoon after 3PM when it is free. In one hour you do the whole tour even if you have to pass through the same things many times...

Gabe Corgan

after waiting in line, I got kicked out for having a water bottle in my bag the art is still cool

Marie Nelson

The PAM is always intriguing, relaxing, and enjoyable. The architecture sets the tone. This time the entry was an art installation in itself - Black Swarm - all varieties of butterflies and moths made of paper. The Kusama Firefly experience puts you in an ever changing environment of tiny lights than engages your senses. The Flora exhibit has an extensive display of floral theme clothing. Needed more time in there. Lots of other memorable pieces including a huge, gorgeous Stella. The ice cream cone painting was missing this time. It is in storage. Hope to see it next time.

Alexander Vallar

The museum exceeded my expectations! The modern art collection was particulary engaging. Ragnar Kjartansson "The Visitors" exhibit in the modern art collection expanded my definition of visual art. Its "Pay-What-You-Wish" promotion is the best deal museum deal in town! #Letsguide

LaLady Valdez

I've been to the Phoenix Art Museum multiple times and it is never a disappointment. There is always something new and so many different exhibits that every one can find something intriguing.

Todd Mowen

Lots to see! Very nice and wasn't busy. Their restaurant was a great place for lunch!

David Brodie

Both times I tried to come and take my family on a Saturday and rudely kicked out by the staff because they're was prom or event was going on. Don't trust there business hours on the website. I get it that a prom was happening but they way my family and I was kicked out was extremely rude. Will not be coming back and hope you guys do the same.

Emily G.

Fantastic museum ... interesting layout. The exhibits were really cool, and the staff was really nice and helpful. I recommend a visit but please consider it is a large museum and will take up a lot of time if you read signs & want to see everything.

mindy logar

I was so excited to FINALLY see a Yayoi Kasuma installation. When she came to DC, it was impossible to get in to the exhibit and I was so disappointed. There is one installation in this museum and it was worth going to see. I also enjoyed the rest of the museum. I spent about 3 hours just walking around soaking everything in on a rainy day.

Johnny Gomez

The museum is gorgeous and well organized.

Alice Daniels

On Wednesday evenings, they offer free night or pay what you can (donation) for admission. I went at this time and think this is a wonderful thing to do. Hopefully more people will be able to have access and learn about art history. Otherwise, it is $25 for an adult.

Vanessa R.

I and my two young daughters enjoyed this museum. We spent 5 hours wandering. This museum doesn't have much "entertainment" for children that the typical American parent seeks but this has much more to offer in the quiet stillness of the artwork. Though not l all art is quiet. I must recommend seeing the invaders exhibit before it leaves.

DT Nekros

This is an interesting place to visit, specially if you really love art. 100% recommended.

Erin Sarkees

Great museum that is free on Wednesdays. Good happy hour (no wait to be seated). Special exhibits were not extra on a Wednesdays. I would recommend for anyone including kids.


I enjoyed all the exhibits, it's a very beautiful museum.

RobertsMom NC

We are visiting the area and stopped in. We loved it. The staff / volunteers we encountered were helpful and friendly. Such a great diversity of art pieces. We especially were tickled with the “Firefly” exhibit. We have a permanent Yayoi Kusama exhibit back home at our NCMA, so we are already familiar and in love with her whimsical style. Oh and lunch at Palette was a wonderful break.

Martin Loehr

A great place get out of the Arizona heat and spend a nice morning/afternoon. They rotate their art pieces fairly frequently, so if you space out our visits you’ll see a plethora of pieces. If you have a Maricopa Community College ID, you get free admission which is awesome! I’m also happy to report that the majority of the artwork they show is photographable, as long as you don’t use flash.

Geoff Hyatt

I came for the Wednesday evening free entry. Of course, I’m not a douchebag, and I did donate. Being from Denver, I’m a bit spoiled because our art museums are spectacular. The Phoenix Art Museum has been in flux for the last couple of years that I have attended. Lots of empty rooms and promises of new exhibits. Those that do appear are commingled in one area of the north wing, making it a bit confusing to observe where one ends and the other begins. The volunteers at the desk were about 1/10 my age, and they had almost no clue about the exhibits. Further, there was no printed information that was up to date on several displays that began in September. A final complaint is that school kids roamed the floors with abandon, making lots of noise and generally being disruptive. There was not a security person or other employee in sight for the two hours that I was there, a strange occurrence given that so many people show up on Wednesdays. All in all, not a particularly professional or invigorating environment at this museum. On the positive side, the new exhibits are very interesting and quite rich in content. In summary, the art is good, the problems are fixable, and I am enthusiastic that the Phoenix Art Museum can one day be about 50% of the Denver Art Museum!

Cade Anderson

One of the most interesting art museums I’ve been to. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they have a Calder and a Monet. The building itself is very clean and cool to be in. Plus, it’s pretty cheap for students.

Liam Bond

Enjoyed my visit here.

Stephanie Ponce

I went to art museum last week it was so fun n enjoyable the kids loved it I would absolutely go again


Every single piece of art has some emotional meaning. This museum is very organized and put together. There are so many pieces of art, though, that walking through here is a multiple day excursion.

Inez Boyd

The Phoenix Art Museum is visually beautiful. The second Sunday of each month is free to visitors. There are special events that cost a minimum amount of money. We entered to 25,000 paper butterflies scattered along the walls and ceilings. Amazing! Especially nice staff who will direct and answer questions for you. Three floors of changing and permanent exhibits. The room of fireflies is intriguing. The store is fun to wander through. Some street parking and lot parking available. It didn’t disappoint.

Kassandra Chelka Jardeleza

Came on the first day me and my boyfriend got to phoenix. Really didn't know what to expect. Spent about 2 1/2 hours. We were surprised it's actually pretty big. They have lots of different types of art. Some are interactive, not a lot are tho. Still they were really nice and we really enjoyed it. They offer student discounts.

James McQueen

Every time I bring the kids here, they love it.

Dan Stein

Easy to get to. Ample parking. Beautiful facility. Friendly staff. I enjoyed the European and Modern/Contemporary galleries the most. Cool miniature room. Disappointed that many galleries were closed when I visited (March 1). I’d say 1/3 of the museum was in transition. Just two sculptures in the “sculpture garden”, no Picasso or Rodin on display as listed on website. No notice on website that I could see. Pricey ($18) given such closures. Will try again another time.

Mary Barnett

I'm glad we didn't have to pay for this museum. The layout of the museum is disconcerting and confusing. Seemed like there was a lot of construction going on and there wasn't much to see. Kind of disappointing honestly.

Aurora Anderson

A very great BITE SIZED art museum. It's not very big but still has a great selection of art. I especially enjoyed their american landscape paintings.

Rachel Ewell

I love the Phoenix Art Museum - lots of different genres of art from modern to indigenous to classical European art. Something for everyone! You could spend and hour to all day - make sure to check out the Infinity Room by Kusama.

Jerry Mcguire

I loved this museum. They have many beautiful exhibitions.

Kevin Delvalle

Great exhibitions which are really varied so something for everyone, and something new/different for everyone. Loved the mirror room. A special thank you to all the staff, ESPECIALLY Richard the volunteer at the front door who was so pleasant and took his time to greet and be interested in every customer. A* service I hope he receives my thanks and he receives positive feedback and a thumbs up!

Hajer Awatta

The collection was ok, some interesting pieces but didn't blow my mind or anything. What I loved was the staff! They were extremely helpful and friendly. The moment they see you looking at the map, they ask you if you need help with a warm smile and gave good suggestions for exhibitions to check out! I've been to many musuems and these folks were the most helpful! Thank you guys


This museum is massive and has a huge collection of pieces. It can be very confusing to keep track of where you are due to its interesting layout, so be sure you don’t miss anything. The price is somewhat reasonable (about $20), but you could easily spend all day here taking it all in.

D Duck

Beautiful museum with nice art. Complimentary admission for active duty. My only issue is they do not have much African art or African American art.

Broken Door

very nice place, can't tell if they really like Salvador Dali or if it's just so hot that the paintings are melting

Howard Gerber

Very helpful staff, First Friday free admission, thanks!

David Lawrence

This museum is massive and has a huge collection of pieces.

Natalie Warren

Great museum. I am always excited to visit the Phoenix art museum. The exhibits and events that they hold are exquisite. The wonderful staff members do so much to give back to the local community. This is a museum everyone should try and support.

Steph Green

This is a great museum. We had only a little time on our first visit but will definitely go back! We had our 4 month old with us and he really enjoyed looking at the butterflies in the main hallway from the entrance and loved the echo of his voice up in the photography section of the top floor. The other patrons were gracious as were the the museum staff. I did not feel that we were unwelcome with our baby, who seemed to be genuinely enjoying his experience. Don't miss Yayoi Kusama’s You Who Are Getting Obliterated in the Dancing Swarm of Fireflies (2005). This is a permanent installation and one of only a few museums in the US with a permanent installation of hers. We went straight there and then worked our way down. The staff was helpful, the restrooms were nice and family friendly (changing tables!) and we had a great time. There is a little free photo kiosk there in the main hallway that you can get snapshots emailed to yourself or friends from which was fun. The gift shop is very nice and had a great selection of items related to the exhibits as well as great stuff for kids! The entry fee is for all day that they are open so we were glad we could run to our appointment and then return to explore more of the featured exhibit. Looking forward to going back soon.

Hailey Mari

Super busy on the weekends, very clean. Lots of variety, absolutely beautiful art!

Liz Cardenas

People One of my favorite spots in Az! The staff are always friendly and informative. There is a large variety of art and exhibits. I always pick this museum over others. They have plenty of parking and they offer senior and student discount along with events and reductions for the community. I recommend the Phoenix art museum for art aficionados as well as people just looking for a way to spend the afternoon. Kid friendly as well!


I am more than impressed with this museum! I was expecting it to be small, but I'm glad I came early. This place is huge and there's so much to see. If you're someone like me who likes to read each sign at the museum and carefully look at each exhibit, give yourself about 5 hours to see this place. No joke! They have 3 wings- the first north (?) wing has 2 floors of historical mostly European art, then the center wing is a desert art exhibit featuring a female artist whose name I can't now recall, and then the south wing has 4 floors (one the basement about migrants, 1st floor with abstract arts, 2nd floor focusing on fashion, and 3rd floor with Mexico photography and more abstract/contemporary art). What's really cool is some of those exhibits are interactive as well. You can watch a film, listen to the earphones plugged to an exhibit, etc. One of the exhibit had a 14 minute clip playing alongside a drawing- I only had time to hear half of it. Amazing amazing spot! Other great things about this spot is the free parking lot (plenty of spaces), the front desk ladies are very kind, and outside of the museum they have some very comfy seating. Strongly reccomend you to come to this museum.

San Johnae Briscoe

Some classmates and I took a trip here for our Humanities class. This is honestly a lovely museum. They provide free lockers for you to put your stuff in. The staff are very helpful, and friendly. The museum has many pieces of fascinating art for your viewing. After spending time in the museum some of us stopped for a bite to eat in the museum's restaurant. The food was absolutely amazing!

ashely sanchez

Something I will never forget had a very good time

Matthew L

Very interesting exhibition. Definitely worth visiting.

Angela Beristain

The museum is gorgeous and well organized. There are a wide variety of art styles and mediums as well as several installations. I would recommend making a day of it and really slowly working your way through so you can enjoy each piece. I'd recommend going on a weekday or earlier in the day when there are hopefully very few teenagers. Somehow teenagers are more distruptive and inconsiderate than most small children these days and they absolutely will ruin your experience, especially while you are trying to enjoy some of the more atmospheric installations. Not trying to hate on anyone but if you want to really get the best experience, go when it is slow or mostly adults.

kathe coopersmith

This is a great museum. We really enjoyed ourselves here.

Kenneth Miller

An art museum the size and quality befitting a cosmopolitan city that Phoenix is, has no African art? You wouldn't even know that Africa existed visiting this museum. Also the "cafe" is very expensive. So much for bringing art to the citizens of Phoenix. Maybe it should be relocated to Scottsdale?

Mushkatel&becker Pllc

Great exhibts nice to take out of town visitors

Noodle Doodle

Do a free day then herd everyone through the line anyway to "tickets". If you wanted a count do a clicker instead of wasting everyone's time with the line for zero reason. I definitely won't support this place with this kind of stupidity.

Max Neuhauser

The museum is worth a visit every now and then. There is free entry on the first Friday in the month. Exhibitions change frequently and there is always something interesting to see. Parking can be a bit tricky in the evening. Great opportunity to see some household names in person (Andy Warhol, Keith Haring,...). There are even events to participate in like drawing.

Yoli G. Rector

Interesting, engaging, fun! I would recommend just coming for a nice time to learn something new, be inspired, and have some quality time with family or friends! Well worth the time and travel A+

Alaiyah Rosario

one of my favorite museums and they have really great exhibits

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