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18631 N 19th Ave #150, Phoenix, AZ 85027, United States Located in: Union Hills Village

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My husband and I absolutely love Om Bistro. We go about once a week, usually on Tuesday, buy one curry get the 2nd half off!

shiva patha

They don't know how to receive their customers. We were in queue and asked for tasting jilebi(sweet), one of their staff(lady women) give us a literally very small piece. I don't how they know the taste by eating such a small piece and we didn't came to your restaurant just for eating samples. We purchased about 40 bucks worth of food and this is how they treat their customers. Thanks for your great service and now we got to know we should not go to this place again. And people who are visiting this place try to avoid asking them samples for taste. FYI


Did not give me the correct food and was told there are "no returns". Seems like staffing is a problem at this location. Not enough workers and the ones who are working are slow, incompetent and rude


Excellent fabulous and superb food reminds me. India definitely I will go there again with my family

Tony Machado

What can I say food is great, if you don't what to get, ask for lunch box special

Gaurav Sharma

Unfortunately, I decided to try sweets from this store to prasad to temple. First things, this store add box weight(0.2 LB) to the sweet weight. When I asked to give a paper bag then board box, the billing guy said sweet sold only with box. I were getting late for the temple, hence anyway thought to get the sweets. When we offered the Prasad and took the Prasad, the sweet was among the worst sweet I ever had. I were feeling bad to distribute this sweet as Prasad. Very low quality Sweet with clearly very poor quality of customer service.

Teja Vallabhaneni

Ordered cake for my Daughter’s Bday it’s excellent and taste is extraordinary! Thanks Om Bistro for making my Daughter’s Bday a memorable one!

jessica deker

Delicious! The girl was really nice and professional. The restaurant is spotless! The food is delicious, I'm going there again for dinner. Have officially taken a menu and will be trying everything on it! Best Indian food I've had in a long time, finally!

Mary Lou Hudson

Many items to choose from. The food is wonderful as is the service. I had Chana Masala and Gobi Pepper fry. Two excellent dishes.

Indra s

Before going to food ... service is bad , It would be great if they can improve on the same.

shailendra verma

Good food for the price..

Mohmmad Mohiddin

I would rather give big 0 star as the customer service itself is pathetic. The two useless guys who are in the counter are fit for nothing. They took my cake order with menu price and after 10 mins one of the useless guy called me and said- "your order costs more coz of some cheese and all.." when I say why should I pay as you took the order with menu price then he said-" if you are interested you can pay the new amount else cancel the order" with rude voice. First of all, they should know how to behave and talk with customers. This was my visit to this place and will never ever visit this place.

Srikanth Vallala

Good and tasty vegetarian food.

Vijay Vasani

Ordered a veg kolhapuri and as expected it's a same gravy used in multiple curry was just edible. Staff did not like it when I asked for a carry bag for my to go items, got an attitude. Will I return ? NO Value for money? NO. Few families with kids mostly for sweets and pastries.


love those lunch boxes, life saver :)

Anand Agarwal

Great food!!!

jesal dalal

We druv almost 15 miles as we saw that they were open till 10 PM on Google as well as on their entrance but when we reached their at 9.30pm they shut us out saying its closed. Beach of this we couldn't find food anywhere.. may be everything might be good but this incident was not good..

Sunil Kumar Pandey

Best Indian snacking option in valley...not perfect but you will find few favorites....good thing is they have been able to maintain quality which made me bump a star.

Judi Andrews

I loved the atmosphere, and the food was delicious!! I was super excited to eat there. However, we called our order in for pickup and was told 25 minutes... It took probably closer to 35 and they seemed very short staffed. Multiple customers were irritated. For a dine IN experience, I think the place is great. The food was hot and tasted amazing.

Vikalap Gupta

Food is usually tasty. We stopped going there after our daughter got sick after having dosa there. They do have good variety of Indian food and does offers on Tuesday. Snacks are good. But once they served frozen spring rolls rather than making fresh ones. We don't go there anymore after out daughter getting sick once.


We came from India on holiday ,we went OM Indian Bristo to have dinner with my family and two daughters elder is 6 yrs and 2yrs old. They served us unhygienic food both of my daughter got food poisoning. One can understand the situation when you are out of your home country and in situation like this. Request all the readers to kindly post honest feedback.Iwill not recommend this place to have food.

Sonam Sharma

Always love the jalebi from om indian bistro.

Mubeen Ahmed

Good place for vegetarians. Loved the sweet and plum cake here

Anjeanette Photography

First time visiting! Fantastic food- we left happy and stuffed :) I have previously visited veg Indian buffets (like world famous Woodlands in nashville) so I knew what I loved but not the names. I felt silly asking but the gentleman at the counter was friendly and happy to help, suggesting items after I explained what I like. The dosa are family favorites of our and these are the biggest dosa I have ever seen! The most fillings I have ever seen too. Everything was fantastic! So happy to have found a new favorite Resturant in Phoenix

Sunil Sindwani

Love this place

Ramyesh S

Nice Indian vegiterain food in town. Lunch specials are good for pocket too... must visit

Kapil Chauhan

Indian food place with a few delicious menu items. Items sometimes are oily. I usually go once in a month as my parents are pure vegetarian. Staff these days are rude. Recent incident1 - I asked for a thali with Puri. Puris were super oily; requested for change however received rejection with Poker face. Later I paid $3 extra for Rotis. Recent incident 2 - This is a self service food place. I know the rules, as I go out for lunch all weekdays. Trash bin was full with no space therefore I kept my used utensils and garbage a table next to trash bin patiently waiting for them to come and pick them up and ready to explain my stand. Note, I was right next to the table. To my surprise, within 5mins, cashier had the audacity to shout and ask (I was 15ft away) to clean the table. It was embarrassing. I am removing 3 stars because of food is expensive with poor customer service; not to mention oily food. Last but not the least, restroom is very dirty. Two stars for good ambience and a few delicious items in the menu.

Sahana Nanaiah

Very good Indian food. One of the best places in Phoenix for authentic tasting vegetarian food. Loved the Idlis and Dosas, they are really good. Only downside is that the place gets very crowded and if you want to dine-in in the evenings it can be quite hard to find a place to sit.

Jag s

Great food! Good atmosphere! A little Spicer but once I figured that out, all was great!

Shankar Soni

Good for various types of dosa.


DO NOT ever eat Dahi-Wada, Dahi-Puri, Dabeli, Vada-Pav, Bhel-Puri, etc here at all. I am a regular customer here and always eat Dosas which they are famous for. BUT, as I said, don’t eat the chat/snacks here at all. All the time I was disappointed and not just me, the people who were accompanying me as well. I did not say anything to the manger (the guy wearing glasses) because last time when I tried giving an honest review on Dabeli, he did not take it in a good way. And returned the money in a very rude way when I did not ask for it. Other staff is good and always help with the menu and orders. Tuesdays they get super-busy but still did not care to increase the workforce for a single day in a week. Hope this review will changw something. (Going to another restaurant so I can eat something better)

Ron's Landscape Design and Beyond

I think this is the best I've had since I've been here and the quality of service is really good

Donald Hyde

Deeeelicious, clean inviting facility and courteous staff. Some difficulty understanding the heavy accent.

Akalashi Vigue

I ordered a paneer tikki masala at medium heat and it was just a bit spicy with lots of paneer. I'll be back to try the rest of the menu.

Suhas Balalsubramanyam

Please DO NOT expect a good meal here. All the appetizers are way too oily. If you want to come here for lunch, please expect to wait at least one hour for your food. The staff is extremely rude and unhelpful. We ordered to go and ended up waiting for an hour. When we went to ask what the delay was, we were told they forgot to write down the order. I ordered bisi bele bath to go and was given just half the quantity of what they usually serve. This is just a horrible place to eat in phoenix


I usually give something that I like in asking to surprise me I've never been disappointed I have so little of everything about this please I at least try to go if not once a week every other week for something even if it's from the big bakery amazing amazing oreo cheesecake I always seem to get the last one you a me you guys are the best clean friendly and sogood so good always hits the spot

Manju Karthick

Good Indian vegetarian restaurant. Food is very yummy. Very nice Ambiance.

Devyash Lodha

Chola bhatura es low quality. Dosas were good.

Dharmpal Sharma

Every item prepared here is full of locally prepared sweet tomato ketchup even you order chilly food.

Sirisha Potnuru

Good for snack and chat items.

chaitra jyotsna

Very nice food, afghani paneer bhurji was so tasty! Lovely pista ice cream to top it all off..! Nice music and movie posting in the background. I think it is the best Indian restaurant in town with so much variety!

Venkata Sudheer Babu Kolli

nice vegetarian Indian food. sometimes dosa is too crisp and fried. if you delay it while eating it won't taste good. overall it's good place for Veggies.

Vishal Kanstiya

A must for all! Especially for vegetarians or for those who would love to some good vegetarian food.. Awesome place! Have been there already 5-6 times in a month.. Try lunch box too on weekdays.

Steve Mclaughlin

I wish they had an English translation about the menu. Not speaking Hindu, I can not easily decide what I want. Also the options of how spicy it comes. People are friendly, restaurant very clean.


Their food is outstanding and their bakery is extensive. Their bakery is so extensive that you can order a vegan cake! This restaurant is all vegetarian by the way but even if you aren't vegan, the food is not to be missed. Some of the best Indian food in the valley with several types of Asian styles on the menu. Everything is laid out on the menu in a very descriptive and easy to read format. Even more helpful was the symbols "gluten free" and "vegan" which I greatly appreciated so that I didn't have to ask.

John Becker

Delicious vegetarian Indian restaurant with a ton of options, plus an in-house bakery!


Very good food. The lunch special is great. Very friendly service.

Lavina M

Nice place but pricy

Joyjit Chowdhury

Very good veg restaurant. Try their puffs as well, very tasty. Good indian snacks as well. Vegetarians paradise.

Devyani Dixit

Yummy veg biryani

John Williams

I tried some dosa which was really good. Sambar can be improved as they add more tamarind which makes it sour.

Frank Tedesco

An odd melange of Indian, South Indian with some Chinese and Mexican dishes too. Order at the counter, but prepared to be confused, and delayed. They call out your number when it is ready. They have Indian pizza, and Indian ice cream. If you are with other people, simultaneous eating can't be accomplished. The couple we were with with ordered after us, got served first. Confusing. Decor is 21st century airport. They are Southern Indian, and their versions of "mild" were way too HOT. OVER PRICED and small portions.

Vinita Bhatnagar

One of the best Indian joints. South Indian style food with tons of selection. Very spicy with authentic flavors. You can always tell if an Indian place is good by if Indian families go there, they do, it is always full! The mini idlis are the best in town. Great Indo Chinese, fried rice and Gobi Manchurian! Have been many times, even though it is a 45 min drive, still worth it.

Gagan Brahmi

Om Indian Bistro has always been a reliable place to eat. They've excellent offerings with the starters. The Biriyani and Indo-Chinese is quiet average, chat are pretty decent. However, Chole Bhature and South Indian food is quiet outstanding. The collection of Dosa can be quiet overwhelming. I've never been disappointed at Om Bistro. MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER than wasting your money at Pastries n Chat.

Arul Palaniappan

I would rate this as a best veg Indian food place in this area. Neat and Clean. Priced little high and that is not a factor for a good food.

Priyanka Singh

Good for Indian food

Jane Park

Server is not friendly But food is oky


So why not mention closing time as 2 pm when u stop picking up phone at 2:05 PM

courts pryce

My friend recommended this place as an awesome menu for vegetarians. This is for non vegs too.. the bakery looks so delicious.. I'm consciously avoiding sugar at the moment but as soon as I break from that I'm all over the sweets here. The paneer makhani is my new favorite. If you like cheese and a flavorful gravy, give it a try

Blake Willoughby

This place is awesome!! If you love good food and love good prices then you will love this place!! Give it a try!

bharti budhrani

Wada pav was just about okay.... but worst kachori ever in my life... never order kachori.... I think they dont really how a kachori should taste like. I have been here like 4 times but everytime we regret coming here....

Srivathsan Srinivasan

Good veg food. Awesome.

Bhaskar Raj

I love the food here. I prefer a hotel that comes with variety of options for vegetarians and this one, is a tailor made for my demands, I believe. They have cakes both with & without eggs (this is something I prefer), else the rest of the dishes are authentic South Indian vegetarian. They have North Indian dishes as well. I love the cosy ambience and enjoy hanging out with the family and spend the quality time.

Saurabh Gupta

Average at best - I have been going here for a year now as it is really close to my residence, it started with a bang, the food quality was good, the quantity was appropriate and there were some good weekly offers to lure the crowd in, BUT in past 3 months every visit has been going south at-least for me, the food quality is on decline, the portion size is shrinking, usual condiments served with the dishes have vanished - I know that the restaurant is trying to expand but the management should understand that the penny pinching route by compromising on the quality and service is going to bite it back. I am going to think twice now before going again and the sentiment is same among my circle. Somehow this has been the common trend with Indian restaurants in the valley, they start well then loose their sight and ultimately shut down and this may soon join the list if it doesn't get back on track...

evelyn ratcliffe

Authentic with great specials!

Rohit Ahuja

Not a good place to try, Ok kind of food and not fresh one. Avoid going if you have other options available.

sai vara prasad veerni

Sumptuous food items in so many varieties at a very reasonable price.


First time at the place. First thing I've noticed is how clean it is. I didn't try the food. I did have the boba drink and it was DELICIOUS ! Reasonable prices.

Jon Doe

Area was clean. Naan was good. Palak paneer was more paneer than palak. First thing - why do they have us take back numbered stands when they make us go get the food ourselves? Very disconcerting. But my main point - BIGGEST TURNOFF was the CUSTOMER SERVICE. The Latina cashier was very polite and helpful. However, the two Indian men (individual at the cash register and the second one was I think the pastry chef) were extremely unhelpful when I wanted to take a brochure/flier for the cake prices. I have an order for a cake that needs to feed 150-200 people, and when I first asked if I could take the worn brochure/posted paper near their front desk, I was told to wait for the pastry chef, who came and said very curtly, "no just take a picture", and left. So I was slightly taken back and how uncaring he seemed to be. I tried taking a picture with my phone but my camera lens had cracked (I noticed this when I had gotten back to my table). After the meal, I decided I would try and ask the other male who worked near the register if I could take the brochure (since my phone could not capture it and I was the only one in my party with a decent quality camera in my phone). He said "sorry no we can't we only have that copy". I pointed toward his counter top to which was taped another worn copy of this cake order sheet, and said "you have that one, can't you just make a copy", and he said "no I don't know where the originals are, you can't take that one though" (making no sense) and kept say "no" even when I suggested for him to just print out another copy. Still, "no, no, no" escaped his mouth as if he had no clue about modern printing technology. He even pushed a small notepad and pen and said "you can write it down if you want", as if I could cram all of that on there. (didn't even offer to do it himself). It was more like both didn't care enough, and were just RUDE. I was looking forward to potentially submitting a cake order here after I saw the various displayed cakes, but I think I'll definitely take my order to Whole Foods now because at least they care enough about their potential customers to provide bare minimum cake order sheets and have the sense to be courteous and helpful throughout the encounter .

Srikanth vk

Great place for veg lovers.... Amazing variety

kapu prabhakara

Food was very nice, but very chaotic service, not organized, not enough help, but they were very polite and nice. Not a relaxed setup.

suresh thota

Only does is good others are not

Kate Morgan

Nice ambience and the food is excellent - love the variety and how spicy it is.

Manali G

Food is decent. Service is ok, could do better. Same dishes can taste different in different visits,not sure why:).

Paul Colborn

Excellent food ans service. Traditional, Indo-Chinese and wide selection of fresh pastries are available.

Adianna Bermudez

Rolled ice cream. Lots of food and dessert options. Fair pricings.

Nikita Shah

Loved the food

Abhimanyu Verma

To my fellow Desi friends, you want that taste of India? That roadside stall feeling? Well this is the closest you can get. its not like gourmet Indian food, but its good, honest food. They also have pastries which remind me of the pastry shops in India. Come here for a bit of nostalgia, but maybe not the food quality.

Gabrielle Kudrik

I had the fruit loops rolled ice cream. It was amazing! Well prepared.

Gowri Reddy

Worst customer service i have ever seen in my life. The guy claiming himself to be the incharge here gives the rudest answer to every question u might have. Never go even if this is the last restaurant left

Lexy Grant

My first time trying vegan Indian was six months ago. This place is awesome. Clean ad friendly environment. Great customer service, and the food is delicious.

Anisha Hindocha

Good food, relatively quick service. We went pretty early on a Tuesday and it just didn't feel like the people at the counter were interested in us being there.

Antra Sinha

Awesome place to eat. Except veg manchurian which was just burnt from outside but raw within, every food item was upto the mark. Must go place!

Hanu Valluri

Food is tasty.. Liked lunch to go box and dosa especially.

Jhaver Patel


Icanafford It

This place advertises dosa without onions to attract customers, when you get here they switch the menu on you. Also quality of food isnt good. Bathrooms were dirty and saw a cook not wash his hands.

Mala Nagu

Good Restaurant for Indian veg cuisine

joel guevarra

Very nice and we'll kept. Good food and the bakery is full of delicious desserts.

Satish Kosuri

Best food...


Excellent! I don't know what the heck I'm ordering, but I've yet to have a disappointing meal here. Two thumbs up, highly recommended.

Raju Patel

We all love too much.

Padmashini Karthik

Only Dosa is good, Rice varieties are not good, especially fried rice

Kill Bill

Good food. Definitely the best Dosa in town

apurva srivastava

We were in queue for a long time. The people before us ordered their food n were complaining about not getting tables to even place their food. The person at the counter was rude and misbehaved. He did not even care to tell that there is a waiting for both food and table. The owner or the manager should at least read these reviews to provide better service to the customers.

Stacia Hipkins

Wonderful food and selection at great prices. Christopher is the Best!

Steve Kolta

Order vegan mixed vegetables with curry for lunch, it was great!

Kathleen Jones

They are getting better. First time I went I wasn't as impressed. I got the dinner size dosia with paneer, potato and vegetables. It was enough to share with 1 or 2 more people and very tasty.

Natarajan Ganesan

Good food. Nice choices. NOTE: There is nothing South-Indian in 'South Indian' Thali. Poori, sabji, dal doesn't come close. Rasam was supposed to the one I guess!

Joseph Cash

Great Food, Great Employees

Fredy Francis

I am a Non-Veg guy. But I really enjoyed the VEG meal here. We bought a Masala Dosa & a Lunch Box. Both were really above expectation. The ambiance was also really good. They have child high chairs also. They have a good bunch of sweets, pastries & chats also. They will take custom cake orders also. They opened this restaurant recently. I hope they will keep this standard going forward. Let's see.

Subhashis Chatterjee

Price is little higher though I have eaten the best dosa here..on tuesday they have buy one get one offer which is only worth it..the two stars is for a separate reason.. If you are open till 9.30 you cant close the door at 9 pm.. then better you should change the hours ..right?

Bryan Mulvaney

Great vegetarian selections

Richard M

Good choices but $$

mansi mhatre

Amazing food .. amazing ambience..must visit

Ashwini Kokkalki

Food is great & the options are many. The only drawback I see is the food except for dosas is served in plastic coated plates/containers. Imagine eating piping hot curries, pav bhaji from such plates.. not good!!!

Nitish Kumar

Quick bite.. and veg option only

Karthik Kumar

Nice place.. enjoyed food couple of times

Will Moore

Great food !!!! I absolutely love to pick on vegans and vagintarians but this place made me close my mouth and just enjoy the food.

Srikanth Pothuraj

Wonderful food and service. Place is maintained very neatly.

Francis Jose

Indo Chinese Menu:1 star. - Had cravings for an indo-chinese dish but it turned out to be a disaster) - I hear that the Indian menu tastes good. Will try it next time. Visit details: - I ordered 3 items from the indo-chinese menu. Gobi Manchurian( too saucy and sweet), Hakka noodles(very oily and saucy) and the schezwan fried rice(very oily). -The three items did not match general expectations from an indo-chinese dish. -Stay away from the indo-chinese menu here!

Devendra Barhate

Ghee roast dosa and chole bhature are the best.

Parul Jariwala

This was my 3rd visit to this restaurant and the food here is consistently awesome. We have tried at least 10 to 12 different dishes and they all have surpassed my expectation. Very helpful and courteous staff.

arun mathew

Average food. Staff is rude and has no clue how to behave with customers.

bharat lakhani

If you want to eat frozen food outside this is the place you want to check out. Food is not freshly cooked!

Claudia Barraza

Awful, terrible, pathetic service, expensive and food not good. I gave it a star but if I could I would give it a minus10 stars

Jaibharath Ganesan

Nice food and good ambience


First time visiting this Bistro stopped of to try some samosas, I have tried a few Indian establishments for samosas but I have to say these were the best ever, I just hope they keep the quality as it is . I have found that some indian restaurants use old over used oil when they make samosas which can cause them to tast weird and become to greasy , however the ones I purchased at OM Bistro were light and crisp with plenty of filling and full of flavour with a nice spicy taste without being overwhelming . Please do not change the way you prepare and cook your samosas. Thank you.

James Nickerson

I eat here pretty much every week. Their lunch box is a divine creation. For around $6, you get naan, a couple of different curries, a rice, some kinda pickled garnishy stuff, a yogurty side or two, and a little dessert. No two are the same! I'm always so very pleased when I receive my assortment. I almost hate to leave this review because I don't want to contribute to a bigger lunch rush, but these fine folks deserve the praise.


We had recent visit at Om Bistro and here is quick summary; Food is definitely worth mentioning .. It was delicious and freshly prepared. Whatever I have ordered, would be worth mentioning. You should visit this place for South Indian as well as special menu item like Indian-Chinese as well as Punjabi. Overall Food spice level is bit on higher side so request you to check if you are going with kids. I would rate Food 4 out 5. Now let's talk about facility which concerned me. The table was not cleaned properly. A big concern was Air conditioning which was turned-off around 910-0915 PM (official closing time is 10PM). When asked the reason I heard - "AC is on timer".:( I would not have complained if this place would have been in upstate NY place. But in Phoenix Summer weather, when the outside Temp is 100 F at 930 PM and these guys turned-off the AC to save some $$. This is really pathetic. Inside the Washroom, Water was dripping from AC outlet and pouring into a bucket. The entire floor was wet and there was no warning sign 'Wet Floor'. It could have resulted into accident if any elderly person walks into Restroom. The other issue was they put-up "Closed Sign" around 0930 PM on FRIDAY when their closing time for FRI is 10 PM. On Facility side, I would rate 1 out of 5 based on my experience.

Mr Kea

Good food inexpensive lunch box special

Suraj Shah

This is a nice restaurant with all vegetarian cuisine. Has a wide variety of options like South Indian, North Indian, Chaat etc. It's always clean and has a friendly staff. They also have lunch thali options as well as well as fresh sweets. On Tuesdays they offer one + one free dosa. I would recommend trying any South Indian dosas or utappas and chhole.

Albert Summons

Very very good. Vegetarian only

Raja Reddy

Wast of money and time These people took 50 minutes for 2idli and Tali And Tali comes with Hot water it’s called rasam. My suggestion is better go for another restaurant Don’t waste your money and time


Good food for good price

Michael Alvey

Good affordable Indian. Tuesday has the best deals.


I love this place huge menu to choose from great lunch specials and i love the kaju kutli there and the veggie jalfrezi

Kru Mehta

Good food. Good ambience. Curteous staff.

Rajesh S. Pawnikar

Good India restaurant with lot of food choices.

revanth kumar

Worst vegetable biriyani ever. Don't waste money here

Mike Mcmillie

Tasty food! Veggie menu offers lots of variety. "Mild" was still a bit spicy for this whimpy tongue. Large portions.

Mohit Wadhwa

Good Indian restaurant, especially for South Indian flavor

Linz D

Larger variety and the Naan and Curry were amazing.


They should have a star lesser than one. Never expected such taste. It is not a actual taste of india. The picture is tempting, but the food is not.

Anitha Sampathkumar

I ordered Gobi 65 and it was not tasty because of the oil smell (lookslike reused oil) so not able to eat it. I just told the restaurant person and he was not ready to accept the truth and he told its good like that. His attitude is very rude and he was not ready to accept the truth.

Madhan Singh

Very nice vegetarian restaurant. Clean and neat. Little pricy but the food taste very good.

Subodh kumar

Not professional at all. Management must take care of timings. Staff must know how to talk to someone who is waiting for 20 mins in queue to order. If they can't serve within time limit that should tell properly at the door itself instead keeping customer waiting.

arnab gupta

Very good food

Lisa Frazer

I've always had great food and dessert. Staff has always been helpful with explaining the dishes! Totally recommend!

Ashish Yadav

Nice indian food and sweets, competitive prices.

Ajay Kumar

Not as per my expectation. May be becoz I have been eating in Bay area restaurants.

Niharika Abbaraju

This restaraunt is great in terms of how they prepare Indian food. There are a TON of options to choose from (over 100). It gets crowded sometimes and you might have to wait for a while (when we went they were out of many dishes).The spiciness is great! They have both North and South Indian as well as Indo-Chinese which pleased everyone. Not to mention the wide variety of desserts, including eggless cakes and ice cream! Prices were reasonable too. I'll definitely be coming back here again.

Shyam Reddy

Good for Vegan breakfast, lunch a or dinner. It's has all Indian food like Pani Puri, Cutlet, Dosa, etc

Steve Cockrill

This place is really great! The food is tasty and authentic. There is no table service and all the dinner ware is disposable but the prices are reasonable. Look for the beverages at the far end of the counter (from a separate business).

kaven shanmugam

Very Bad Service. No apologies for the mistake. I have visited on your restaurant on Jul 23rd 2019 and ordered 2 dosa. One paneer purji dosa and one ghee roast masala with masala on side but received the planner purji dosa and ghee roast with masala inside the dosa. I asked them to replace as requested and she took the dosa back and asked them update after 10 min but she didn't give proper response and waited 10 min near to the delivery place but she is not responding to me and instead she deliver almost 10 dosa to other customer. After that again I asked for the update whether it gets delay or preparing but she responded back that it gets ready but I waited almost 20 mins and after that one more guy came from kitchen and asked detail on that and he give back the dosa in another 5 min. Note: one who deliver the dosa initially given false information like replacement dosa is getting ready but that didn't happen for 20 mins. It's really sucked. Request you to train your employee to behave properly to the customer and address the issue asap if any occurs.

manjunath s

Sometimes I wonder if the cook has seen the original so that he can replicate same here...some dishes r horrible...

Siddharth Alapati

Good selection of vegetarian food. Tried their vegetable puff and Pav Bhaji

Jamaris' Kitchen

Omg the vegan pistachio cake was absolutely delicious first time and I will be back.

Kelsey Bee

I don't usually leave reviews, but this was the most flavorful, amazing meal I've ever eaten. Ever. And the environment is super cute and casual.

Vav T

I am not saying the food is bad but service is a important part of it. I ordered 2 dosa today . The website said that the 2 nd dosa is free on Tues and wed. Well the person on the phone says no I am wrong . And then after checking they have to change the website. So in short guys please don't have false advertisements. It reflects badly on the brand. Now I guess I will to take my business elsewhere.

Heather Wrocklage

The food here was great with good portions, don't go too close to closing time though, they closed the kitchen 30 min before the posted hours!

golf2005 g

Food was great, customer service was terrible. The guy at the counter was acting like he was doing us a favor by taking the food order. 0 customer service. The girl who delivers the food was good, she should be the face people talk to, not the idiot watching cricket.

shyamsharan prajapati

Don’t buy cakes they are super hard.

Dov Shapira

Very unique place for vegetarian authentic Indian dishes

Aravind Swami

The few times I have been here since it opened, the food has consistently tasted good. Hope this place doesn't slide into the typical trend of Indian restaurants reducing in quality over a period of time. Tuesdays have buy one get one free deal on dosas. That's a great deal. Tuesdays and Wednesdays have buy one curry, and get the second 50% off, which is not bad either. Never seen such deals in Valley Indian restaurants before.

Pratikkumar Patel

Great test of Indian food. Also available Gujarati Indian food over weekend.

siddharth alur

Best vegetarian indian restaurant in town with plenty of options

Dinesh Raja

We had Gobi and few other startes here on June 1st night. Gobi 65 is pathetic, I would have showed them there if I was at restaurant, had togo and hence could not give feedback, it was raw and the gobi flower pieces were too big and the dough did not even cover it completely, Was dissatisfied with the way it was prepared. Pastries were good though.

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