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4333 W Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85031, United States

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REVIEWS OF Los Reyes De La Torta IN Arizona

Gisela Barraza

These tortas are super DELICIOUS! I would highly recommend anyone to visit this place! They are super big! The bad thing is that they do not serve alcohol but their natural drinks

Marcus Head

Awesome food, selection, staff! Food was so much better than I anticipated. Heard about it on Yelp and came for the race reviews. Was so good! Best I've had in Phoenix!! Highly recommended!

Daniel Vera

Really good food! Good size tortas, not small at all whch is good, and they actually stuff them with meat not just add little bit of meat. The outside of the place doesn't look like much but don't let that discourage you from eating there, again really good food!

Gisela Barraza

This place is so BOMB! Their tortas taste really good! They are supper big!

Dann Spohn

One of the best, if not the best taco taco shop in Phoenix area! Can be busy and parking may be difficult, but worth it!

Jonhatan Ogaz

Fast service! Food is delicious!

Nathaniel Porter

All of the food tasted like old rancid fryer oil, especially the chips. Salsa was too runny. Veggie burrito had awesome filling but everything was so greasy, i felt terrible afterwards. The highlight was the pineapple celery smoothie.

Antonio Morales

This place is immaculate! The food and service are fantastic. I had the lengua tacos which were awesome.

Lolin De ilidge

Amazing fresh Mexican food, my all time favorite is their fresas con crema OMG!

Serena Uible

Friend of a friend highly recommended this place. So I and a couple of friends went with high expectations. It was okay. I had the veggie tortilla. The friends had tortilla with shrimp. They agreed it was okay. The place is okay. I doubt that I'll be back. Okay isn't good enough.

Roger Treftz

Always Great food and Great Service

Tyler Manuel

This place was hearty! I don't think I need to eat for a couple of days. Tortas were delicious, and the specialty drinks were amazing and refreshing! Easy Recommend for folks that love tortas! Or a refreshing drink on a hot day.

Joel Leyva

Food was great. The hostess greeted us with a smile. Definitely will return.

Asia Ruth

Mangonada so good!!

Amanda Ohmer

Great food. Fast and friendly service. I ordered one of the mini tortas and it was the same size as a torta anywhere else, just more delicious

Ricky Khuu

Don't know what the hype was all about, but their signature tortas are not as what other people said they are. 1 star for awesome service and 1 star for decent appetizer. Other than that I couldn't think of another reason to give them another star.

Carron St James

Very fresh ingredients great service will go back again

Vickie Williams

Delicious food came out fast. Great customer service and clean.

J. K.

Best mexican place that I have been to in Arizona. From the service to the food/non alcoholic drinks, to the prices, you can't beat it.


La quezadilla de maiz de bisteck was delicious. Didn't care for their tortas.

Christopher Angulo

The Aguas Cremosas are the best soft drinks there!

Monica Marquez

The tortas are delicious! Our server was super friendly and attentive. My husband and I enjoyed eating here very much.

Judith Rodriguez

My favorite torta place.

Christian Vogel

Torta cubana had no flavor the pork was hard to eat . Got charged 1.50 for extra limes when they only gave my gf 1 wedge for 3 tacos been to 100 of Mexican restaurants and have never been charged for extra limes . The waitress was very nice and for it being busy very attentive.

Harlan Green

Wonderful fresh a d flavorful

Will Smith

Foods good cute latinas work here like jenny lol

Kristin Paxton

Great service, even better food.

Travis V

The food and drinks are amazing! However it's a case of getting what you pay for. So prices are not cheap. It is also waitress service so expect to have to tip.

Martino Beristain

For years l have been there when l went to work in Phoenix cause lm living some where else and always l felt comfortable in this place even the food is great

Michael Hyser

Don't let the outside appearances of this restaurant stop you from going inside. This place is outstanding, the inside is very clean and modern, the food is absolutely to die for! Ceiveche, tortas, quesadillas, freshly made watermelon water drinks etc....fantastic restaurant in Phoenix.

Matt B

great food

Chris De Anda

Not that great. The shrimp cocktail was brought in a bowl. Nothing fancy.

Andrea Vicentin

Awesome food, great service!!! Diana was our waitress and she was perfect on explain the menu and suggesting how to have a wonderful experience!

Barbara Morris

It was ok, not a big torta fan. Guacamole and salsa we're very good.

Siddhartha Gupta

This was a nice find. We tried out a few different items, as it was out first time. The mushroom tacos were fantastic, easily my favorite dish that we tried. The guacamole was very good and fresh as well. However, what drew me to this place was the Torta...and that was probably my least favorite item. Perhaps my understanding of the torta is wrong, but everytime I usually order one, it is served warm/hot. This one came out pretty cold- the cheese was cold to the touch, opposed to melted. I am not from the area, but I would return for those tacos!!

Fran Dinunzio

Big and tasting tortas...bit pricey though

cesar uranga

Great Alhambra de camaron ,good service

Ann Nickola

Great food.

Jon brown

Not sure what the negative reviews are here for. Popularity alone speaks for itself. We had a great meal here.

Albert Hernandez

Food was delicious and large portions feels like i get my money's worth

Shireen Rachael

For A small Mexican food joint this place has delicious food and fresh fancy drinks. Went with some co-workers and everyone enjoyed the food.

Raul Morales

Great Tortas. Love their aguas too. They are like a slush. Great customer service and very attentive and beautiful servers. If your really hungry like I am get the Torta La Reina.

jose zacarias

Great selection of dishes and the food was great.

Jose Maqueda

Authentic Mexican food restaurant with average quality food. The food quality had gone down ever since they were featured on Man vs Food. Unfortunately, their prices went up. If you never had Mexico City style food, it's hard not to recommended this place. However, in Phoenix there is a plethora of great Mexican restaurants to choose. Only go here if you've never experienced Mexico City food. Otherwise, there are other afford and good quality restaurants to choose in the Phoenix area.

Bernardo Holguin


Danae Juarez

Not only was the food unsatisfactory, but I was not given my change! My bill was $39 So I paid with three $20 bills so I could get change and properly tip the server. When the server came by to pick up the money I said I needed change and she replied "thank you have a good day". I then had to go ask for my change and was told I only paid with two $20 bills. When I asked them to double check they simply went to check the cameras (not showing me anything) and told me the same thing. I was not apologized to or offered any sort of solution. I feel completely ripped off.

Rene Navidad

This place is so AMAZING! They have a cucumber asparagus and lime drink that will change your life!

Aidee Hernandez

Love this place been going there for 16years. Food is amazing.

Amanda Phoenix

Never disappointed when I eat here. This is one of the best authentic places, and even though it may seem like a hole in the wall, when you go in, it's quite sizeable. The aguas frescas are seriously amazing. The only thing I didn't see on the menu was tacos al pastor. But there's so much to choose from that you won't miss it.

G Burgos

Very decent food even though I'm not a sandwich fan, but along with their quality service also their tortas are something else.

Jennifer Quillin

Loved the chilaquilles! And the Princess torta. Fresh made lemonade and fruit water were amazing. Extensive menu, can't wait to go again. Loved the modern feel and the flooring. Oh, and super excellent customer service all the way around!

Jim Lee

We love this place. Food is good, but a little noisy.

Roger Olguin

Food was ok, although the portion size was good. Missing a good hot sauce, meat was lackluster in flavor. But the drinks are priced cheap, and they are really good. The piña colada here is really good, the michelada is really good as well. Didn’t spend too much on food and drinks, so for that reason I would come back.

Fanny Paz Martinez

Great food and service all the time!! We just went there had not been there for a while the food is always good and the staff is nice place was clean the reason I'm only giving 4 stars is because of all the remodels they did they still have only one person restroom even though there is one for women and one for men you still have to wait for the restroom and because I couldn't go in because it was busy to change my two years old I will assume that they still don't have a changing table. Other than that food is awesome all the time we walked in and there was no waiting to get a table of course not all the time will be like that!!

Crystal Marie Martich

Will have to try again to get a better idea.

Juan Preciado

It's a great place to eat and chill with friends. The servings are big and the salsa is fire

Cruz Lopez

I ordered the torta ahogada and didn't like the sauce it was to bitter and heavy,plus the waiters don't keep an eye on the clients to see if we need something my friend had to walked to them to get their attention!!

Tyler Lein

The meat was incredible and cooked perfectly. LOVED IT!

Fernando Romo

Food was great and the prices were decent for the portions that you get

Randy Stock

Hispanic sandwich shop good selection good service

braden ghahate

The beans are always cheesy and the servers courteous. But they took out the pictures in their menu. A picture is worth a thousand words

Sergio Hernandez

Best tortas in arizona. Real Mexico City feel and taste

michael ynzunza

It was ok.

Diamond Dumas

Their chips were stale, the salsa was subpar, all of their drinks were non alcoholic, and none of the spoke enough English to answer our questions. Oh they had pinto beans cooked in pig vegetarian options.


I had The "Torta De Panch Villa" Great Food! Dont think twice I had

Jazmin Najera

The Natural Fruit drinks are so good but the food not really I ordered food and my husband and I couldn't eat it to salty we got 50% discount but I wouldn't go again .

Howard Cooper

Our party 5 adults and one baby had a great time. Food and service were very Mexican and very spot-on all the way around.

Mariko Chapman

This place has grown and gotten busy over time, but the food here is still fantastic. Prices have gone up, be we are in an era now where McDonald's thinks their burgers are worth 10 bucks.... This kind of food is real and a much better value.

Ariana Capilla

The best Mexican restaurant ever. The food was delicious.It was mouth watering. The food and drinks were authentic, fresh, amazing. Service was fast nice and great. The people were very nice and polite. Dining area and restroom was really clean. I love it. Will recommend it definitely. I just left and I'm still not over it !!!!! :)

Patricia Gerke

Food was very spicy. And the dining area was loud and crowded. I had to move 3 tables by myself (the wait staff saw me but they didn't help) to make room for my boyfriend to ride his scooter out. He is a disabled vet, a former U.S. Marine, and I think the staff should have made more of an effort to accommodate him.

Miriam Erickson

SO good! Their fresh juices are amazing! The food was beautiful and delicious. The portions were generous. The atmosphere is fun. The server was kind and attentive. Possibly one of the best dining experiences of my life.

Paul Eide

Great food and a great value. Friendly staff too.

3 Day Blinds

I loved to pair their sandwich on their milkshake..Yesterday was my best breakfast here.. I would love to be back here with my friends..

Tony Ruedas

Only because they didn't have beer

Maria Chavoya

Great tortas!

Maria Villafana

I usually order over the phone because it is always packed when we go. They always tell you that it'll be a 10 to 15 min wait but its usually longer. Same thing when you order food to go. They tell you it'll be ready in 10 to 15 min but it usually takes them about 30 min. Also they have been forgetting what I ordered so I always have to check before I leave. Otherwise the food is very good.

Torie Jones

Pros: absolutely delicious food, some of the best Mexican food of all time Cons: There was a long, black hair in our food (nobody in our group has black hair) Honestly, if you want ridiculously delicious food and can get past the whole hair-in-the-food thing, I'd recommend this place. I'm not going to give it zero stars just because of this mistake of (probably) one employee, but I'm also not giving it full stars just because the food was good. 3 stars seems fair to me.

Gabriel Alcantar

If you are a good eater, this is the place to go,, we'll prepared torta , different kingld, also they offer different plates , Mexican food and a delicious fresh prepared " aguas frescas, good service and it has enough parking spaces avaliable although sometimes they are crowded due to it a popular place to go as a family

Jessica Starr

Great service. My food was good, but nothing I was very excited about.

naomi allen

The food here is very good, and it came out quickly. It’s a bit expensive but it’s worth it. Our server was really nice and she checked on us often. It’s also very clean which was great. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone wanting a torta and even Mexican food in general.

Carlos Lopez

Good place to eat. The only thing wrong is no alcohol:(

TJ Gallo

Did the famous Del Ray that was shown on The Food Network. Frankly, it was "ok" at best. It's a very weird mix of items to say the least. I'm pretty adventurous when it comes to trying food and don't ever judge by the ingredients. I've eaten some great dishes that I wouldn't have thought would be really good together. That says, this one didn't strike me as the greatest invention of conglomerates and it's probably not for your average appetite, just my opinion. Not sure if I'll try their other items.

Concepcion Arias

Good food

Alfonso Rodriguez

Delicious food with friendly staff. I've been coming to this location and it has never disappointed. They do serve large quantities therefore bring an empty stomach and an appetite.

Antoine Bush

Very good food and friendly staff

Mayra Solano

Breakfast is bomb !

Brian Kloft

Great food Great drinks, Vegetarian options too

Nate Dogg

Great food and great customer

Jetz Martinez

Good Vibes and delicious Tortas fresh juices! Its a must

Phil Schoening

Definitely some of the best food I've had in awhile haha. Will definitely be going back again and again

Michael Shaw

This place is delicious. Also they don't mess around with portion size. I ordered a mini torta... It was way bigger than I expected. The tacos, beans, and rice are also legit! The server has were super friendly and fast too. Great Mexican food in a strip mall the way God intended it.

Sarah Montuori

An amazing assortment of food and non-alcoholic drinks. The food was fresh and presentation was 5-star quality. The only reason not a 5-star was due to no chips and dip provided first.

Honest Reviews4U

Thank you for reading the Honest Reviews4u! Before I start let me state the following: In history the sandwich came first then the hamburger and now the Torta. Yes the Torta has taken it to a whole new level. But before I start on the Torta, the customer services is friendly and great. The seating wait time was under 5 minutes (weekday). The restaurant is very clean inside and outside including restrooms. The restaurant has multiple television to help enjoy your meal. It also counts with a bar section. During my visit I ordered a Torta King Carlos V. My jaw dropped as I saw for the first time the Torta being served at my table. It was huge I would estimate the Torta to be between 5 - 10 pounds! The taste was amazing (maravilloso) especially if you're a meat lover. I'm a 6'2 255lbs person and I couldn't finish it. The Torta has an omelet, melted cheese, ham, breaded beef, sirloin pork, American and Mexican sausage, avocado and much much more... it's totally worth it. I highly recommend this place!

Elio C

This is the only torta place I will ever go to

Ray St.James

Everything was great! Staff are fun and take great care of you. Food is over the top so flavorful. Their bakery is fantastic. Go as soon as you can! They will not disappoint!

Kieran Hurt

Best torta in phx.

courts pryce

Restaurant is nice. Nice and clean look. Came here after our work volunteer event at lunch time and they were able to accommodate 13 people quickly. They even offered to rearrange the tables so we could all sit together. We declined but the fact they offered shows they cared. Everyone's food looked delicious. It came out in what I considered fast for so many and it was all correct! I love Jamaica tea and it's good here. My friend got a orange juice slush and it looked soo good.. I am only sad that I never went to the location inside of vee quiva casino when it was there.

Esca Madaii

Recomend you get the Mineral water and Orange juice. You will not regret it.

Liz Solis

Rating it 3 stars only because the wait is long and the girl at the register was not friendly at all. Other than that the food is good, drinks are kinda pricey.

Luz Martinez

The food was really good. Loved there mangoniada drink.

David Aguirre

Great mexican food

Justine Weaver

Great food. Interesting seating

The G's

Please come hungry whichever torta you choose the Rey, King Carlos V or the Reyna you’ll leave full oh and try the fruit drinks (limonada) are on point.

Evan DeFilippis

Great tacos and burros. Was recommended and will recommend.

Phillip Kneisel

It is always a pleasure to go to this restaurant. The people are always exceptional, especially "Patty". The food is very, very, good. Always tastey, well prepared and presented I have always found people of the "Latin america" persuasion to be more than gracious and always delightful in every way. Always a five star visit.

Maria Lopez-Luna

I wouldn't recommend this place

big northern

Exelent food

Buttons E

Best food i ever ate in Phoenix Az...

Jenny Johansson

Great restaurant.. We ordered tortas and drinks. The food and staff was amazing! Well worth a stop.

Gerardo Martinez

Excellent, attentive, courteous service. Excellent traditional Mexican flavor. Humongous quesadilla sizes! Loved it!!

Juan D

Excellent authentic Mexican food

Enri Islas

It was good. To much bread on the torta though

Ramos Family

The best. I loved the fresh fruit drinks

NiNi G

Food here was decent, not really anything to boast about. Atmosphere is calm and welcoming and the servers are pretty nice. All in all not bad, but definitely not the BEST mexican restaurant ,or food, that I've been to, or tasted.

Edmundo Rodriguez

Good food dirty restrooms

Veronica Pacheco

They are a bit expensive and not authentic because they serve lettuce with their tacos, cabbage is what should be served, and are skimpy with limes.

angelica Tequida

Absolutely great customer service.. Love their Hawaiian torta and its a b.y.o.b..

Alma Velasqez

They are good food but little pricely

Andy Terrell

Great steak in the tacos

Greg FoxJet

A hidden gem! The food is fantastic. Outside of the building is no reflection of the greatness inside. Excellent, just like on the TV show. We were very well pleased.

Mike Torres

Food was great, served in a timely manner. Los reyes torta was very filling and tasty. Would definitely be going back.

Arnulfo Sotelo

La Torta Del Rey Is Amazing But I Would Not Recommend Chips With It. Maybe Rice And Beans.


Authentic, fresh ingredients all made from scratch. Ham sandwiches (tortas) and fish tacos are some of the best in a city well known for its mexican cuisine. Its a gemstone hiding in plain sight!

Michelle Tremblay

Lately this hasn't been as good as it used to be. Plenty of places to eat, choose those who stay consistent, and fresh. People get lazy, that's how they go by the wayside. Update:They have since remodelled, will try again

Mayrha Joya

Not what it used to be. Me and my husband. Both got sick after eating here and they need better customer service.

Leslie Erin

I Love This Place.... So very tasty!


Best food I've tasted yet in phx! So good!

Kelly Swan

Very,very good place alot of good hot stuff

Richard Laguna

Great food and service, the licuados and aguas frescas are amazing!!

Sandra LopezDominguez

Good food and drinks

Michelle Diaz de Leon

Delicious! Keep in my mind the tortas are BIG. If you're not look to eat a lot go with the mini.

jeff k

The true Kings of the tortas!!!

Sativa Durban

Great customer service from all the lovely ladies, Good portions, the food is cooked well but just a little bit bland.

Jose Ramos-Bell

México City Tortas! This is my favorite place for a torta (Mexican Sandwich). My favorite is La Reina!

Oscar N Barbara Zamudio

First time here, we loved it! The juices were great and the tortas were awesome. We loved it that they have “mini” tortas, which are still big, but just the right size for us. We will be visiting this place regularly!

Rebecca Rodriguez Phillips

This place is by far one of my favorite authentic mexican food places to eat. The recent remodel looks great and the staff is always friendly:)

jacqueline kinyanjui


Michael Rae

Thus was really good. I went there based on a recommendation of a local. The location was a little rough looking from the street, but it was dark and a lot of lights in the area that weren't on. The food was delicious. I had a hard time choosing what to order. I will definitely go back!

Yadira Ruelas

Too expensive for my budget

Jose Gutierrez

Good food, friendly staff, comfortable atmosphere.

Orlando Marrufo

Great place amazing food and great drinks. Friendly staff aswell

Thalia B

The best!

Christopher Simoms


Robert Prime

The manager is something special and amazing, she gets and deserves all her stars, 5 out of 5... i likes n will be going consistantly.

Angel Matadamas

Great food and good service

Jesus G

If you want a Torta, this is the place to go in all of Phoenix, hands down. Ill come as much as possible, just further away since we moved.

Nadirah Strother

Nice food nice staff kid friendly

Alejandra Miramontez

Good place to enjoy every moment of food there so good and we could enjoy with family and friends best place in the world milkshake and healthy place

Roger Travis

Good food at a good price. Service is very good.

Maryta Flowers

Great flavors food , kind costumer service ,

Ricky Marshall

Good food with a twist adding in the sandwhich aspect was new and very good. They also have really good desserts. Nice place to eat

Jay Huerta

Very nice food there but the people is great

Jon corral

My son has a mild form of autism and he never had a Torta before he was actually crying because of the experience thanks los Reyes for being the best to my son. He keeps screaming TORTA!! I love it!!

Edward Wager

Torta ahogadas are great. The place is little small, but the food is great

Keauna Olugu

Fast and friendly service! The waitress was nice and friendly and full of recommendations. If you're looking for authentic food, look no further!

Angie McCloud

The service was awesome and quick! The Mexican food is authentic and delicious, so so good! It was my dad's 87th b-day and whithout telling them to sing him happy birthday they did it out of their own heart! :-) I will definitely be going back!!! Thumbs up!

Suzette Dollar

Really enjoy the food here. It isn't an exciting chic, modernized restaurant and the marts are non-alcoholic, but the food is so worth it. Don't come if you are on a diet. Don't ask me if anything is gluten free, I stop caring how much I will hurt once I look at the menu. Do be prepared to either waddle out or have another meal out of your leftovers. The wait staff was very attentive.

Gilberto Torres

Simply, the best!


Absolutely didn’t like the food here we order tortas del Rey and Asada gross no flavor very dry avocados weren’t cut. will never come back lost me as a customer.

JayDee Patino

good food, good service at reasonable prices

Matthew Thomas

First visit and the food was amazing, had to get the signature Del Ray torta, so tasty! Place was nice and clean, staff was very friendly.

Alexis Rodriguez

Great place recommend that you by the king Carlos is more than enough

James Estes

Great food and service.

Luci Matos

Food was really good, it was a little pricey.

Manuel Avalos


JJ fort and piecraft

One of my favorite Mexican food restaurants. Everything on their menu is delicious and very reasonably priced.

Jannet rom

Very Delicious Great service

metzy soussan

Great food great service friendly staff. Really wish their menu had beef chorizo and more non pork food options.

Lisa Collins

Wonderful Atmosphere and Great Food

Aaron Pena

Huge tortas ... If you feel like getting full and stop breathing ... Stop by this place

Angel Martinez

Came here with my family and the food was great. The chips were a little stale but the service was good. I would recomend this place if you live near it but if you live more than 8 miles away I wouldn't drive that far for it.


So good, the tortas are delicious

Gerardo Vega

Gotta try that torta la reina, great food, great staff and the aguas frescas are bomb.

Raymond Ayres

Good food. Good seevice

Glen Lynch

Good food. Go there.

Armando Mejia

R. Nicole Cundiff

More great food. Yes, the place looks bit like a "hole in the wall" type joint. But my boyfriend and I have been twice now, always left impressed and stuffed. Huge portions, very authentic Mexican (like Mexico City) food, and the bread is fresh from the panedria (same owners) next door. Have the tortas of course, they're delish. Breakfast is also super yummy, comfort food, like chilaquiles. And the service is always great. (Plus a full bar!) Los Reyes de la Torta 7th street & Hatcher


Good food fast service

Hao Ly

This place can get packed, especially for dinner. The aguas are really refreshing especially on a hot day. The food is great too. They usually serve chips and salsa before you order. I tend to get the tortas - either the Norteño de pollo or Ranchero de pollo. But all their Tortas are pretty good. They have other food items too.

Alex Dominican Medina

So good first time there an everything was good


Food didn't look like what I ordered and had to ask twice for a refill

Jaime Popoca Rivera

Nice Mexican food

Roberto Chacon

Great food, amazing costumer service! Aguas frescas are delicious.

April A

I love coming here. They have the best ceviche in any restaurant I've tried, and the service is always very pleasant. It's a nice, familial ambience and they have both Spanish and English speaking servers. I would honestly recommend coming here to try authentic Mexican food, a lot of it reminds me of the food my own parents used to make me when I was a child. Very delicious.

Adan Castillo

Delicious tortas

Eric Ditter

I'm guna do it, 5 $tar rated. From the moment I walked into doors I had a feeling. 1st time there and I've lived 2 blocks away for past two years. Staff was super helpful and very nice. I side was also very nice. Ordered a Carne asada torta, meat was incredible tasty and they don't skimp on the meat. I'm guna say it was by far the Best Torta I've ever had. Bread was soft, tomato and other fixings where, crisp and fresh. I wasn't really hungry when so I only ate half. Ate other have next day, and it was even better. Reheated nicely and tastes so good. Salsa was perfect. My wife ordered Enchilada dish, it was Fantastic. I would eat here every day if I could. My goal is to try everything on menu. A definitely must try. One of the best Mexican food places in Valley. No Doubt.

Adam Kingsley

Great staff that payed attention to our table. Being near the blenders was kinda loud but not disruptive. Portions were very good for the moderate prices of the place. Food tasted excellent. They take wireless payments.

Andy A

Amazing service & food

Skipper Janczewski

Amazing service Great Staff, Delicious menu.. and of course one can not forget the Carlos V.


Have the ''Cubano'' everything else was good too!

Stacy Brookman

Great sandwiches and ceviche! The tacos were amazing. The tres leches is the best I've ever tasted. I only dropped off one star because the chips weren't very fresh.

Eduardo Perez

The best tortas..

Laura Bastidas

The best tortas I have evee had in Phoenix, remi ds my if my hometown!

David Bell

Food was alright. Service was a little slow.

Isaac Flores

I wish there was 10 stars on this review board all I have to say is hands-down the best I've ever had

a m

food was ok I think couldn't really enjoy it while having a pounding headache from sitting right next to a blender going almost consistently for an hour. next time I will be ordering to go or refuse to sit in the back seating next to the blender

Zelena S.

Really good food and prices.

Ray Myers

I just stopped to get a menu and haven't used it yet.

Lydia Grijalva

I was a little disappointed with my food. It was cold and had no flavor.

Chelsea Critter

Absolutely delicious!

Martie G

This place is great! Always passed it on my way to my old taco place.... I say old because now that I've been here, there's no going anywhere else! Great selection of food and the agua fresca Is just delicious! Totally recommend the torta and the watermelon agua fresca

Bernardo Valle

Good food try torta Hawaiian


Best tortas in town!!! The eaquimo drinks are bomb too my favorite is the rompope

Steve Jumpp

Good place to eat and meet up

Julio L.

The key word for this place is overwhelmed or over the top, food piled up in a grotesque manner, I totally get it and understand creativity but this way of making tortas it's just not pretty and hard to taste anything my torta actually fell apart it was heavy. The drinks were the bomb tho

Gabriel Hernandez

Bomb ass tortas couldn't be any more happier

Beachie Williams

Food was ok not bad would go agian

Edward Temporado

Very good food and affordable

Edith Guzman

I had tasted a great torta I have

Carla Rusconi

My spots for tortas, and oh God their Mexican quesadillas are the best, just be aware, one torta can feed like 3 people! :)

Trasi France

Clean and super good

connie hernandez

Was a. Really good. Place to. Get. Mexican. Food. Here

Ryan Tsosie

Very expensive waitress no friendly at all

Valentin Gonzalez

We like coming here for the tortas and the fresh juices. I especially like the mango. The service can be hit or miss. This visit the service was average, nothing to spectacular. The only problem we had was the tostada de ceviche my wife ordered, the tomato had gone bad.

Christian Martinez

They have the best torta and alambres . pluse there costumer services was great they where really nice and polite

Adan Leon

Waited to long to be served a cup of water to wash down their watered down salsa and chips. Kept trying to grab a hostess but no one was around. Finally when I got irritated by the loud laughs of the hyena women sitting there drinking what they think is a healthy juice drink my wife and I walked out. Don’t recommend at least his location.

Annex M

You gotta try the EL REY torta... It's amazing.

Elvis Soto

Good service. Good food.

Charlie P

Gteat food good price highly recommended

Adam Malone

The torta nortena del rey was amazing!

Tiffany Orrego

Friendly service. Delicious food

Melissa Missy

Authentic Mexican food. Chicken salad was great

Sergio Arredondo

Woman were hot.

Tom Vance

Best Mexican sandwiches in all of Arizona hands down. They have absolutely excellent service.

Adam Barney

Great food .. this is a go to spot.. If you not thinking about eating fresh and friendly do it. I would go more if they had Happy Hour menu and regular dinner plates if you come by often, 10 meals earn a free dinner meal or lunch plate. So the management can really rock the ball out of the stadium.

Denisse Ibarra

Food was delicious. Definitely will come back. A little pricey though but they also deliver. Just in case anyone wants to know.

Leonard Scott

I have always wanted to try a Torta, so the family and I decided to go to Los Reyes De La Torta today for a late lunch based on the great reviews. We were not disappointed. The food and service were amazing! We started with the Chilaquiles w/quevos and I had the Del Rey Torta for lunch. It was delicious. Great flavor and spices and lots of food. I took half home and now I can't wait for dinner just so I can have the other half! Definitely on my list of places to revisit...often!

Oscar Garcia

The food is just ok

Amanda Reyna

I see why it made it on Man vs food. Yummy

Amy Page

So yummy! Great food, great service, and it's been nicely remodeled.

Nicole Razo

Too pricey but some of the food is good.

Joshua Iturbe

Great quality of food. And great service overall

R. C.

OMG! So many options to choose from and the food is definitely worth your money and great prices too! Definitely worth a try.

Jav Gar

The tortas are good and good size. However, they are not the greatest and they are kind of pricey for a torta, they charged us even for lemons... who does that?

Miguel Farias

Good food, a little bit of wait but good food

Craig Monroney

Great place...don't drive by!@

Blanca Carrillo

No taste what so ever. Food was not good. One star for the flavored water and that's about it. Do not recommend that all. I didn't even take my leftovers home it was so gross. Not the right place to taste authentic Mexican food.

Martin Terminel

Oh that Torta de Milanesa, the best of all tortas!! (Torta=Mexican Sandwich) great food, everybody speaks English and Spanish, awesome service!!

Michael Matteson

The food is amazing, especially their tortas! However, the service needs a bit of help. Drinks sat empty entire duration of stay until it was time to bring the bill. Address situational awareness to staff and you're looking at a 5 star rating.

Ashley Bresan

They are just bomb. Food is always delicious. Have to go at least once.

Michael Wilbanks

Carne Asada Sandwich is great!

L Gonzalez

Beat tortas ive had in my life. Alot of different options. Also their other food options are really good!

Vicente Cerecer

I like to go eat there , because they have good fresh food , and different water flavors like watermelon and pineapple

Wayne Barnhart

The biggest selection of non traditional tortas you could imagine. Also offers tacos, burritos and other items. Non alcoholic drinks. The Staff is friendly and helpful.

Tamaria Gammage

Food was piping hot, yummy.

J Vince

Great food items and lots of variety

alexis zurita

First time being here. This popular Restaurant was Very busy place. Lots of people. But the food was so amazing it's a small place. They are a authentic mexican Restaurant with different food choices too choose from. It's worth the wait. Great staff.

Raul Mata

Tortas are great.. recommend cubana and Hawaiiana. The aquas fresca never disappoint either.

Kris Gonzalez

Love there food.

Michelle Chi

It's cool ! I loved their food but had to eat somewhere else because there was no place to sit....

Kimmy Becca

So delicious, my favorite place to get a torta.

Coleman Rice

Some of the dishes feel so randomly put together. But holy cow do they come together in the best possible way. My wife had a burrito and I had the Del Rey. Both were beyond amazing. Cannot wait to order again.

roberto hernandez

Delicious food, drinks are amazing, clean place, averages prices, friendly staff.

Cinthya G

Love eveything here. Probably the best place for central mexico style food, D. F. Style. Milanesa de pollo torta is a favorite. Or their corn quesadillas del rey style too.

Eric Lowe

Great tortas

Hexane Smith

Great food, great service. Excellent juices and licuados. Good prices, large servings are big enough to split. Not crowded.

will chavez

Good, but not great

Ruby Sanchez

The BEST place to eat in the west.. Hands down! The FOOD IS DELICIOUS!!! Plus they make fresh fruit drinks made to order. Absolutely LOVE Los Reyes De La Torta!!!

Elisa Saenz

It's always a pleasure to come here they have wonderful staff and amazing food. You definitely get what you paid for.

Ruben Soto

The girls here always make you feel like you are at home. The foods is always good

Felix Angulo

Our kids are usually very picky with their food. I'm not sure if they were just really hungry or what it was, but they loved their food and drinks. Great for, portions, and service.

Alex Vargas

Besides the constant flies flying around the place. The food was good. Although the glass soda was like at room temperature. Nastaay


Food was great, shrimp grilled to my liking, and staff very friendly and attentive. Will be back soon.

Joe R Maese

Everything what I expected

Patricia Sosa

Good service good food

Francisco Bejar

Recently updated restaurant it's nice and the food is good

Queen Aneesa

Very quick. Walked in and walked out with zero issues.

Leighann Breeze

The service is so quick and so friendly! For food I would recommend getting a torta (we tried both the burrito and a torta but it's obvious that they do tortas best!) I also recommend the fresh juice - and you can order it without extra sugar. We got everything to-go and sat at the bench out front with our dog.

Kim Coleman

Food is good that's why I'm giving 2 stars. Service was HORRIBLE. Only time our waitress came to us was to order our food and bring it to us. Never asked for drinks or about our food. Not to mention, once I got done with my drink, I noticed a DEAD FLY in an ice cube. I will never be back here!!

Ruby Vazquez

Normally i don't put bad reviews but this is out of control the torta and gordita it was horrible and tips is no more tips because is part of the bill now. Seriously?? Wow never come back

Graciela Soriano

Excellent service...delicious food..neat and clean place.I always enjoy my family time in the drinks!!!

Ben Hernandez

Great variety of Mexican food with great fresh made fruit juices. Very authentic.

Michelle Smith

I say two because one there isnt any refills on soda. They brought us a can thats usually 50 to 75 cents. Charged 2.00 for it. Then i ordered a 12 inch quesa and it was 4 slices dont think it was 12 inch. Subway is definitely longer. I just think its too much for what you actually get. Food is good for most part.

Octavio Orozco Lopez

Best food great people, LA TORTA DEL REY my favorite with fresh juices of your choice.

bman m

Great food good service

Diane Snedden

Great lunch. Fresh! Good service. Terrific fresh juices.

Nidia Chavez

I give it 2 stars just for the service but the food is gross la torta del Rey is the most disgusting thing I ever tried before the only thing I liked is the juices I don't recommend this place

omar king

Great place great food very familiar!! Will definitely come back!!

Michael Backs

Outstanding food, great service

Michael Bocanegra

I would not recommend going in here at all. I went in today for lunch and ordered two tostadas de guac. They gave me literally have an avocado for both and they took 30 mins. Ill never spend my money there again. Ps i also got a order of fries only to wait anothe 20 min cuz there fryer was turned offf.

Carlos Ramirez

Nice and clean, good service, good food. I hadn't seen a server ( female ) with so many neck hickys since High School.

Melissa Betancourt

This place is always clean and food is great. Love going here for lunch.


I have been at this place many times, the food was always very good. I stop to eat today and I was very disappointed I order the srimp tacos. They change the srimp to a very small srimp and were very overcooked. Sad to say I won't be coming back.

Evaristo Valadez

Good Place!

Christina Jean Paulk

Great environment

Alex Bailey

Awesome food great ppl working

Domdela Connie Marie De la Fuente DA CMD

Place was clean. Nice music. Menu simple Mexican dishes. A little over priced. No soda fountain. Gotta buy individual can or bottle. Carne asada torta is my favorite.

Christine Carroll

I go to the panaderia for delicious tamales and pan rule. They have a good selection of sweet breads

nothingbut love&positivity

Great food. Fast service! In and out no problem

Arizona's Smoked Media

Not my scene. Felt a little too... Bean.

mike foisy

Great food good drinks green salsa was great

German Magana

Food is way too expensive

James OConnor

A quaint little restaurant with friendly courteous people who go out of their way to insure your dinner is delicious. My food was excellent and I will definitely return for more. They serve Mexican Coke so you can enjoy your food with dinner. I had the King Tacos and I was in awe with each bite. The Cheese was tasty with the tender beef and sweet onions.

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