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1605 S Pacific Ave, Yuma, AZ 85365, United States

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Maria Salazar

The food there is so good. It has different kinds of foods Mexican Chinese Mongolian American you name it they have it I just love that place

Sam Sung

Excellent,was good before and now better. Slight variations on the usual, very tasty.


The food has improved greatly since they opened. Defiently a better option than cocopah casino or golden corral if you're willing to spend a little more money.

Daffy Duck

There's a good selection of great food and polite service

Chris Cardenas

I like going there the service is great

Jinny Moore

Foods always great but the manager or owner who ever he is is RUDE N NO CUSTOMER SERVICE

Randy Sherman

The food is amazing. There are so many delicious dishes on the buffet complimented by a Mongolian Grill, steak, and sushi that it's very difficult to choose. Highly recommend a visit to Lins!! You will be satisfied and FULL!!

Cassandra CoVal

A great variety and selection of food.

Melissa ortega

The food has no flavor & it's not very pleasing to the eye. The service could be worked on

antonio obana

Great place great location close to shopping center

Danny Mann

Great food, service could be better.

Angelica Romero

A bit pricey but it's worth it, steak, Mongolian BBQ and sushi, variety of seafood, Chinese food and a ton of different desserts and salad bar, been there a few times for different celebrations, food is delicious


Good food.

Steven Hedges

The goods good and the servers do far have been attentive and nice

Wesley Norton

Nice place. Well organized. Good variety of Chinese. Some sushi and hot pot items Mongolian grill. Even Mexican, Italian and American choices. Very clean and friendly. I would stop there again.

Sherm Acord

Food fresh and was good. Like the decor. Service was good too.

Tammi Leroy

If you have a cast iron stomach, you ll be happy here. Most everything was either too salty or to greasy. Good price for a buffet.

charlie k

I've stopped there numerous times when in yuma. Food is cooked to perfection and fresh. Best Teramisu cake I've ever had.

dariel Garcia

Great food and seafood my favorite.

Stephanie Martinez

We really enjiy this buffet, great food something for everybody in the family


Expensive for dinner time, but a nice change of pace. If it weren't for the price, I'd 5-star Lin's. It has good food, most every time we go, there's a worker who's constantly at our table asking for refills or taking plates. When we go, it is worth it. Would go more if it weren't so expensive. 2 adults and 1 child, I'm spending nearly 100 (especially if we order drinks).

Laura Miranda

It had good food and even better service. The waiter was on it as always, cleaning tables, seating ppl and still kept our drinks coming. Hes awesome!!!

Brian Mitchell

Customer service is pretty good. If you go when they are busy. Food is amazing. After a point. They stop bring more food out and it starts to get nasty.

Glen Nino

The food did not feel fresh

Mark Schreier

Food was ok, nothing spectacular. Service was adequate, not that friendly and inviting and just felt like a "feed em up, move em out" type of place, not a real welcoming atmosphere.

Aguilar's Land Care Jay Aguilar

Good food and the fruit is great as the service is wonderful

Jose Marquez

One of the best Buffets! Delicious food, variety of choices. Highly recommended.

Kathy Stites

Huge selection, clean, wonderful wait staff, and fair prices.

Shitzue Figueroa

They have a wide variety to choose from, food is always fresh, great grill. The place is always clean and they have friendly waiters.

Lucy German

Came in 1 before it closed but still was able to enjoy a great variety of food. Steaks and sushi were fantastic. Our waitress was a little distracted, but overall a good experience.

Robert Fee

Great grub, but you can't mind a dirty plate from time to time.

Sergiu Loznianu

So good next time all be go again...

Debbie Mettler

Nice place. Lots of food

Jerry Steel

Been there hundreds of times for whatever reason the last month the qualities dropped

Lester Hartness

We only get to Yuma once a year, sadly, but always try to make a trip to Lin's. Their ribs are really good, with a slightly Korean influence to the sauce. The sushi is a lot better than our last trip, two years ago. I could easily make a meal just from the sushi bar. The waitresses are very attentive, helpful, friendly, and just all around wonderful ladies. We'll be back next February!

Jose Ramirez

Great food and service

Denise Morgan-Alme

Very good place, fresh food and will return again

Joni Hally

We will go back! The price is right, the food is good, service excellent. What more do you want!

Ella Davies

I got a takeout box and had to wait for items to be brought out to steam tables. The teriyaki chicken skewers were over cooked and charcoaled so didn't get those. On previous visits the teriyaki chicken was also charcoaled. Other items I selected we're good.

Peter Pan

Good customer service and I love the variety of food

Stacy Merchant

Love the food and great service. Is a busy place so go a lil early.

Robin Huber

This is a jewel in the desert. Great tasting Chinese/Japanese food here at this buffet style restaurant. Price is easy on the pocket book. Seen it here before. Glad I finally tried it. Four stars says there is always room for improvement in any venue, food or entertainment. Enjoy.

Emilio Diaz

One of my favorite place to eat in Yuma. All the food taste great. They have plenty of options in food. I love to hit the Mongolia station were you can choose what they cook for you. Great steaks as well.

Athian Camberos

Everything is delicious as heck I wish I could come everyday

Jesus Gracia

Excellent food good prices highly recommended stoners dream the hostess is gorgeous, lol

Eric Zhang

It's an interesting restaurant were you pay first then enjoy the buffet, so how would I leave the tip afterwards if I'm using card?! The food selection was was decent and it even included a hibachi grill section. The only downside was that my plates kept on pulling up, but no signs of the wait staff till I hit 2 empty plates, 1 cup of soup, and 1 glass of water.


Good selection. Food was good. However, does not have crab legs

Robert Castle

Fantastic buffet for a very reasonable price!

Jhoana Ferrel

Great variety of food.

N Teigen

Nice atmosphere. Food was average but it was the end of the day. I don't appreciate them raising the prices on mother's day. Not cool.

Araceli de JESÚS MonteCRISTO


Papu El Pro

One of the best buffet i have been to. It has a good variety of foods and deserts. Recommended by me.


I took a big poo poo after I ate and I later noticed that someone smeared caca on the door. Que puerco,wey

Darlene Fehr

Very good food, price and variety. Service was exceptional. Definitely a place to eat.

Cyndi Robinson

I went to this establishment when they first opened. The food was very good however I had a reaction to the MSG that is in the food. The first time I went I didnt realize what was going on so I went back a month later with worse results and it was then I put two and two together. I called the restaurant to confirm that there is MSG in the food and the gal said yes. Although I enjoyed the meal, and I have friends that can go there regularly I haven't been back. Those allergic or sensitive to MSG need to be aware of this if deciding to eat there. A reaction can be very dangerous. For those not sensitive to MSG this place has a great selection of food and it's very good.

Esther Fallis

Very nice places to eat with your family


Well 1st of all if you're going there for the sushi don't and don't go there for the Mongolian grill but I'll tell you what everything else they've got and their hot trays art is pretty darn good and they are right on top of keeping it fresh and hot so if you like a buffet and if you'd like try a Chinese buffet this is the one in Yuma I would recommend and I did try the other 1 and I didn't feel it was clean enough for displeasant is comfortable so my recommendation for buffet Chinese with a little Korean . This is the place

Robin Ruggeri

Oh this place is great. A good variety of food and very tasty. Will go there everytime we go to Yuma.

Myra Marie

This place has a very nice variety of food. The food is good, but not great. It is a very busy place, but it seems to be quite dirty. The staff has been excellent each time we have gone.

Carla Ivey

Typical all you can eat Chinese buffet. Nothing unusual to go on and on about. Food is ok not bad. Just not super. It is quick if you just wamt to grab and go though.

ElmerHomero 3.1416

The best buffet in yuma by far. Everything is delicious and freshly cooked.

Salvador Miranda

First time here, good selection of food. Everything looked and tasted fresh, the price was a bit steep though. I wish they would have had tuna sushi!

keith anderson

Great variety good food. A little on the pricey side.

Jim Monroe

Parking area and around the building was full of trash, which had to have accumulated over more than a day or two. One of the entry doors did not function, and an "use other door" sign looked to have been there more than just that day. In my opinion, what does that say about the food preparation? Or the cleanliness of the kitchen area? There was a generous selection of food items, but I was not impressed with some of the dishes offered. I have had better Chinese food at other restaurants in Yuma. I was not impressed with the desserts offered, and the cost of the meal was higher than comparable places in Yuma and elsewhere.

BØrn Guīłty

I love how they have lostsa choices but i am waiting for the day finally serve Dim Sum

Dylene Freeland

Best Chinese buffet EVER!

Maggie J

Just what you'd expect from a Chinese buffet! They had all of the traditional food items and a unique, your choice of fresh veggies and meats, mongolian grill in the back. The price was decent for an adult given the selection, but the drinks were separate from the buffet price. Which I think is normal practice for buffets. Didn't get the chance to check out the bathrooms , since they say to judge cleanliness by how clean the bathrooms are, but the dining hall was clean and the waitresses were on top of cleaning and picking up after people. I'd definitely come back on our next trip to Yuma.

Anthony Alarcon

Hand down the best buffet in Yuma. They have a great selection of food and for those who don't like Asian they have steaks and shrimp and pizza plus more. Also have a desert bar and ice cream cones for after your meal. Pretty awesome place for all you can eat.

Mark Madden

Eating here as we speak... Don't listen to the guy about the broken door and dirty parking lot. First of all, things break and no one should judge a restaurant based on doors. I have a feeling he hasn't been in Yuma long could have one gust of wind and your parking lot is covered in trash. The place is very nice and tidy with a nice selection of food. It may be a little restricted if you are eating a ketogenic diet like I am, but I have to tell you the ribs are excellent. I chose broccoli from some of the other dishes and it is great quality. The staff is very attentive, they usually bring you a new beverage without even asking when you are at about 30-40%. I am here working temporarily, recommended 5/5 and I will be back numerous times. Give this place a shot you won't be disappointed.

Angelita Sandoval

Love this place, would've given them a five for being cheap priced but good food if it wasn't for the waiter waiting on us he kept checking out my husband and replaced my husband soda but would skip my daughter and I. First of all my husband felt very uncomfortable and I had to kiss my husband and hug up on him so the waiter would stop staring at my husband, this is not Sodom and Gomorrah, not everyone is gay lol I what happened to the men there they were all struck blind by the same angels that these men wanted to get to know. By the way it was a Hispanic guy and I didn't appreciate it, we were there to eat not to have my husband feel uncomfortable.

Michell Molina Cruz

All the trays of food were kept full, hot, and fresh. It was a good experience overall, will definitely be returning. Also, for a family of five it was reasonably priced compared to other family restaurants.

Donald Bryan

I don't know if I could have been any more stuffed after I left a restaurant and it was almost all great food. The buffet costs about $17 and is well worth it. The sushi is fresh and good. The Mongolian barbecue is well prepared also. The steak was a bit thin and over done but still tasty. Most of the things on the buffet were great. Maybe a few were just a little old or overdone so I'm dinging a star for that. The waiter was very attentive and kept our drinks full and the empty plates cleared. The place was clean and well maintained. This was a great experience and we'll be back when we're in Yuma again.

Andrew Allison

Lin's Grand Buffet checks all the boxes for a good bet restaurant. There is a large variety of food and it seemed the staff made sure to keep it fresh. The Mongolian grill there does a great job of grilling up your concoctions. The waitress did a great job keeping our drinks filled even with the group of 17 that I was with. The place was very clean and the decor was nice as well.

Duane Vecera

Good buffet. The Mongolian grill and made to order steaks are great

Angel Yepez

Food was either too sweet or too salty.

Hannah Straight

Although they were very busy there was plenty of hot delicious food available. The service was fast and friendly. Prices were surprisingly low compared to many buffets I have been to. I would recommend.

Jose Viramontes

Good food and fast service!

Gregg Olson

I am not a buffet fan, however, I throughly enjoy this one. It is a well run restaurant. The host are courteous, wait staff is efficient, and the food is quit good! Sometimes it is just fun to put out. Especially when the food is tasty. Would recommend to anyone for a first try. I come anytime I'm visiting Yuma.

Donna Surry

Was excellent! So many choices. Every and any kind of food you want. I dont even get dessert I'm so stuffed. Food is awesome. Recommend this place to everyone. Great service !

Bryan Shepard

This place had everything, great fish and lots of everything else nice interior

331 470

It was good people are nice

estela b

We ordered to go. Food was delicious!

Barry Parker

If you like a Chinese buffet, this is the place to go in Yuma.


Best buffet in town. Large selection refreshed often. Along with the Chinese items they also have sushi, Mongolian BBQ, enchiladas, pizza and a really good salad and desert bar.

Marc Brown

It's hard to find great Chinese food in Arizona, and very rare to find decent Chinese in a buffet. However Lin's in Yuma puts out an amazing variety of decent dishes. Its definitely worth a stop when you have a tin to eat lots of Chinese!

Richard Cottrill

Good fish, but little over cooked

Skye R.

The good thing about this place is that the food is consistently good. I've always enjoyed it. The downfall is the crowds. The service is a little slow but thinking they have to deal with so many people it's not bad.

John Alspaw

Every single thing I put on my plate was outstanding... Good salad bar for those of you dieting. Yummy pork ribs!. Was my third visit and will definitely keep coming back.

Richard Bragg

good all you can eat buffet. GOOD food Easy on off Highway 95.

Elizabeth Lopez

It's a nice place I like to eat her when I get. a chance they have a variety of food choices and it seems fresh. The service is usually on point but sometimes they can be a little rude.

Nate Fee

this place could use something. the wait staff was 5 star awsome but the mongolian grill needed some love.

Stanley Horowitz

Selection great; quality average for Asian buffet.

Kevin Flores

Food is good its just the reputation that the place has

Heath Hudson

Surprisingly good food! I was weary of this restaurant. Visiting from Phoenix and had a family event here. Super busy and packed, but it ran like clockwork. Food was fresh and tasty. Wait staff was on it! Refilled drinks, cleared plates. Good food, great staff = good experience. Will definitely visit again when traveling through.

Gennean Shepherd

Friendly Atmosphere

Randy Smith

Staff were friendly and professional. The food was hot and flavorful. We will definitely come back and tell our friends.

Cutup Gerry

Over all great. But some seemed dried out from setting too long

Jamese Diamondcrest

Food was great. Tables could have been further apart. Iss coo tho.

Ken Woolgar

Good food , good price, nice people.

Jeremy Johnson

Typical Chinese buffet. It has plenty of decently good dishes, but nothing specifically great

Rachel Piche

A lot of food and an amazing variety but most of the food is just so-so. Some of it was great though. The Korean barbecue was really good. If I had to go back, that's the only thing I would eat with one exception. There was one Chinese dish that was really good and if I remember correctly it was a General Tso chicken. It was very busy and very loud in there but the service was good.

martha marmolejo-cervantes

They have the best and biggest buffet in yuma!

Andrea Morrill

I love their seamer chicken and their jello. Their server is quick with refilling your drinks.

Sandra Elias

The bestest of the best in buffets!!!... Everything is super good, freshly made!!!

perry anderson

Good service good food good for a good break.

Sandra Clark

I appreciate all staff for being pleasant, providing great customer service. We celebrated my mother birthday with the family and we appreciate our server we love his service his name is Hector G. Thank you and also Felicite Juarez for amazing service from our family come in and enjoy Lins Grand Buffet food it's super delicious.

Jacqueline Buck

Really great. LOTS of choices...all delicious.

Julio Tc

Love all Kind they are awesome


Buffet has a great selection of food, plus a sushi bar & Mongolian bar & desert bar. $12 adult kids less. Can't beat that all you can eat! Its normally packed, but a huge place so wait is very short. Cant wait to go again!

Lord Nano

The food was meh service was good

Beatriz Rivera

Lins Buffet is far the best in town! Tons of options to chose from! And the flavor of each single item is awsome! You can chose from chinese food, sucha as fried rice, beef with broccoli, or japanese like teriyaki and sushi. They even have a big pan where you put your favorite food on top and it's cook in minutes! Add to your favorites plates fresh seafood and desert to complete your experience at lins buffet. My favorite buffet so far in Yuma town!

Doug Henwood

Nothing over the top or special, it's just another Chineese Buffett.

Brenda Melcher

Very clean good food


Great food and super variety. Have tried the others and they are waste of time. This is best in Yuma.

R. Ortiz

Ridiculously well stocked, great food selection, great customer service and great! My family LOVED it!

luong le

Great buffet, Foods always fresh and a good number of entrees

Crystal Carvajal

Food isnt great :( Got full way too quick. Must be putting something so you don't eat too much because i went with an appetite

Alexandra Montes

Best buffet in Yuma hands down! Cheap and delicious with a great variety of options, even unlimited stake made in the moment! Usually full, no time limit but they do charge for leftovers.

Erik Lopez

Excellent, best Asian buffet of that sort that I've ever eaten at

Tom Park

Great food and tremendous value! You can get all the sushi, salmon, steak & / or Mongolian barbeque you want plus all the other buffet items for the price of one of those individual items at another restaurant!

Doug Wollan

Absolutely one of the best buffets in the country. So much variety, including some American. Excellent choice

Aurelio Ruiz

Very friendly n food was great

Jessica Manley

It was delicious. Definitely coming back again!

Ivan Rodriguez

Excellent place, warm, big and the staff very friendly. The food was excellent!! Will come back again!!

Smidty Schripsema

Great selection. A good price too!

Toni Tom

Great selection for a buffet. Priced fairly well. Clean facility, friendly staff.

Teressa Owens

The food was delicious

Kathleen McHenry

Food was not that good but the waitress was wonderful very helpfull i wish i could have given her a better tip

Roxanne Wark

Used to be a really good place. Still have plenty of selections but the flavor quality has gone way down. We won't be going back.

garrett sorensen

It's a reasonable Chinese buffet especially for such a small town. I'm fairly partial to Chinese buffets for some unknown reason though.

Alan Poulter

Service and food was excellent.

Linda Hall

Very good selection of food good price for lunch only complaint was we were there before 12 and the food wasn't hot. Hope they can turn up the heat.

Norma Webster

Nice buffet. Great variety of foods! Very clean!

Virginia R

I love it there they had friendly waitress and the food was great

Brandon Miller

The decor and selection here are both pretty good, but the food, music, and wait staff all seemed more modern and contemporary then I would prefer when dining out at an Asian restaurant. I just think that compared to some other places that I've eaten at in Yuma, this place doesn't have as authentic of feel. Also, it doesn't help that our waitress didn't even offer to refill the one glass of black tea that I finished, I had to specifically ask for a refill. Those are just my thoughts, but I hope you may find them useful.

Rob Sipes

Normally, I don't give more than two stars for most buffet restaurants, but I'm giving Lins four. The place was clean, the food was fresh, and the staff was professional, friendly, and attentive. Our server(s) removed our dirty plates quickly, and asked to refill our drinks when they were low. I was there early for lunch. I'll be back again next time I'm in Yuma. Cheers! Rob

Judy Kimball

Lots & lots of great food

Fernanda Rodriguez

Service is fast and friendly. Great options available.

Mike Ruiz

It was only $12 a person!!! They had all this different foods and it tasted good. They had steak shrimp sushi you name it they had it!!! Did I say it was all for $12!!!!

Valeria Valenzuela

Prices they have posted on wall do not match what i was charged, supposedly the food they have is different but THEY ALWAYS HAVE THE SAME STUFF.

Kenny G

Above average buffet. Great service. Lots and lots of choices

kelly donathan

I used to love the baby octopus...but now it's too hot...can't eat hot food...spicy that is.

JM Sanderson

The superstore-equivalent of Chinese buffets. This place was larger than an airplane hanger. The food was good.

Best Friends RV/Sailing

The whole experience was great. The server was so great and constantly checking our table to clear away the dishes and filling our water. The food was hot and fresh both time we went up. Very good experience.

Pamela Vinson

Great service and abundance of fresh foods!

james van fosson

Went in to have lunch. It was 6 min to open. The young lady said they were not open yet, in a rude manner. Usually have lunch here several times a month. Left to go down the street, and thought. So I called Lins on the phone. Told them i was going down the street to a competitor. Asked if it was ok to lose a customer over 6 min. She said ok. Asked for a supervisor, asked the same question. Was told ok. So glad to know that they have so much business that you can be rude to a regular. Will never go there again. There are to many places in Yuma that want my business.

Sean Joe

Very clean, very grand atmosphere for a buffet, I really enjoyed how fresh the food was and how clean the dinnerware is (everyone that knows me knows I cannot stand a buffet where I can pinpoint disregarded food safety regulations) and the waitress was a doll! She was obviously overwhelmed but had a keen eye for refills and she checked on us twice (we dined for about an hour and some change so I felt that she inquired adequately). Needless to say I will go out of my way to eat here and that speaks volumes because I live hours away from this place. I will reccomend to anyone I know.

Celia Bravo

Always excelent food and service.

Corri Pugh

Great food. LOTS of different choices

Jeannie Lucas

This is a wonderful place to eat with lots and lots of choices and with a reasonable price.

Michael De La Paz

Losing food quality...hope it changes

Jeremiah Coffman

Good hot food at dinner time

Justine Russell

My husband loved it...but I think the price plays a big factor here. $12.99 for an adult dinner buffet. The food was okay and they had big selection. The server was polite and friendly. It was packed for 4:00 pm, but hardly a wait.

Abc Def

Food is good... but come one guys... clean those restrooms. They are disgusting. Plus, they make a lot of money cause always is busy, but the booth seats are ripped off.

jess and i

It was great the price is $10.49 for adults and $6 for the kids and they have a bit of everything.

Eric Dawson

We have been going to this restaurant for 3 years, this time with company the food was horrible, shrimp uncooked, gooey spring rolls ect. Am going to call management tomorrow, Waitress was unitentive. Worst dinner ever, to bad was a great restaurant.

chip watkins

Food was not hot overall just didnt taste good and I'm spoiled being from the St Louis area our Chinese food is far superior. That beef and broccoli threw me off because wasnt sure it was beef I was eating!

Lyn Kunder

This is the best buffet I ever ate at! The price was more than reasonable. The service was great and always there ready to help. The food was incredible and plenty of it.

Blank Formula

Great variety of food and quick portions of food for one round

Scott Nelson

Definitely the best Oriental buffet around! I tried most in the 8-9 months I've been in Yuma. I have always liked buffets. Choices! Something for everyone in the family. The ones more hungry.... Fine! This place has a Very lot of things to choose from. As well as Oriental, they have Spanish and American dishes too. Lots of dessert choices! Only been there six or eight times now. Definitely will be there again. Even chose them for Xmas

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