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3434 N Val Vista Dr, Mesa, AZ 85213, United States

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REVIEWS OF Jalapeño Buck's IN Arizona

Raina Villanueva

This place is amazing, their bbq a is tasty and burritos are crazy good. They also do weird but fun foods like brisket bean and cheese burrito and P&J brisket

Joe Zylla

Food tastes great, I wish they would dial in some efficiencies to reduce wait times.

Taylor Galas

I love this spot! It has very interesting options and the bbq is just as delicious as the burritos. The burnt ends are a must have. They also just started offering a keto burrito that my mom loves. The mixed burrito is my favorite and I always get the green sauce.


Who was fantastic service was good ,great value for your money

Les McPherson

Wow! I should have never waited until our last day in the Valley of the Sun to go to Buck's. This place was awesome! Should be featured on Diners Drive Ins and Dives

Christopher Tucker

The flavor of the salsa is amazing!!! Best in town

Greg Dunaway

Great food in a unique setting. Both the Mexican and Arizona BBQ are superb. Be aware there is no restroom.

Allan Schultz

Outstanding, very fast service reasonable prices very clean and well kept.

Tyler Adamson

Amazing bbq; great service and wonderful setting

Jeffrey Penrod

Good bbq, great keto burro. Main complaint I have with this place is no restroom for customers. That is plain silly. A restaurant with no restrooms? I could see if it was just a pure carry out place, but it is a sit down establishment also. Open up a restroom...

Louise Michael

This place is absolutely gorgeous and peaceful and the food is to die for! I found my new favorite lunch spot for sure! Everyone was beyond sweet as well, which only added to the experience. And they have ribs on Saturdays, it couldn't get better ❤

E Behrman

The food is fantastic the smell of barbecue in the air smells good I tried the shredded green chili burrito and it was very good very good taste with the hot Mexican hot sauce. My fiance had the keto burrito with brisket in it and it was very tasty as well. This is a place you must try

Xa Clay

My brother and his co-workers visited this place and when my Dad and I visited he recommended we go. Being born and raised in Nebraska, we all love really good meat! We all had the brisket and all found it to be mouth-wateringly delicious!! It was so flavorful there was no need to add BBQ sauce-but their sauces were incredible too so we used them. A note: there is a rather small parking lot and they are VERY popular. I recommend calling ahead to order and pick up or try to go before 11 am. If you do get caught in a rush they are DEFINITELY worth the wait in the line!!

Phillip Duncan

Oh my. A lot of people have told me that one particular place has the best BBQ in all the land. That place is good. But I think the fact that there is always a line, and they have a traffic/parking attendant guy there, every day at lunchtime, adds to their lore, but doesn't really make them the best. That would be Jalapeño Bucks. And there's parking.

David Davidoff

Great BBQ. I only complaint was that I couldn't find a restroom.


Its whatever.. honestly dont know what the hype is about. I've made way better brisket and I cant even cook... And you can get a really good burrito for less the price elswhere.

Tami Edwards

People say the BBQ here is great, but I always end up ordering the burros. The tortillas are soft and fresh and the fillings are flavorful with great spice. The atmosphere is definitely what those of us who grew up in Mesa, remember - warm, friendly, no-frills and welcoming. Great little neighborhood find. I only wish that they were open later. They are closed on Sunday and Monday and close at 6 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and at 7 on Friday and Saturday.

Amber Jones

Good price. Burritos are large. Add makes it extra delicious.

XxMarshmellow xX

Jaslapeño Buck's is an amzing place!!! They haave food made fresh and deliceus fresh made mengo salsa and meat plates and many more delish things on thire menu! This place is bueatiful! An has a wonderfull outside area to eat your yummy food.

Christy Blaker

Amazing! The best bbq in the valley.

Aaron Carlson

Ordered dinner for the fam tonight through Postmates and it was phenomenal. We had brisket and pulled pork sandwiches, the latter of which was probably the best I've ever had. The brisket was super yummy too but that pork was just unbelievable. Even the buns were amazing, reminiscent of a buttery Thanksgiving roll. Also enjoyed Mac salad, Mexican rice, and Cole slaw.. all very good. We'll be back soon, can't wait to try the green and red chilli burritos.

Jaycen Shaw

Amazing place, awesome owner. You HAVE to eat here

John Frick

It was delicious. Played back, outdoor eating. Great BBQ and the salsa and chips are really fresh. A must try location.

Allyssa Perri

Great bbq! Sauce was a bit lacking but I like sweeter. Meat was perfect.

Wendy Rogers

Hands down the best BBQ BRISQUET EVER!!!

Joel Calkins

Oh my god. Now I know why this place has a 4.7 out of 1000 reviews. It was delicious. My wife said their beans might rival her homemade beans. I called her a liar, but they were still very tasty. I ordered the keto burrito. Which was convenient since that's the diet I'm on and usually have to order things special. It was delicious with a cheddar cheese wrap filled with green chili. Wife got the three way burrito but there wasn't much meat in it but it was still very tasty. Daughter ordered bean and cheese quesadilla and she liked it. I'm definitely going back when though I don't live close by.

Jon Stephenson

It's phoenix and it's summer and they have no inside seating but none of that matters the food is so amazing. #mmm

Our Rentals

Had the brisket peanutbutter and jelly, it was really good. Sounds gross, but it is really good.

Ruth Scally

They food is always consistently great. I eat there several times a week

glen bevel

Great food, consistent quality and nice staff. What more can you ask for?

Jayton Brown

Best food I’ve had in Mesa. Every option on the menu is phenomenal! If you haven’t had it you’ve got to try it! Had a brother that lived in Florida and all he wanted for Christmas were some burritos. Ended up getting him a dozen of them and had to overnight ship them. Crazy cause the shipping was double the amount of the food! That’s how good this place is!

Ramona Willis

My husband and I went here for lunch today at noon on a Friday (6/28/19). It wasn’t that crowded, but then again, it was 105 degrees outside. We ordered the 1/2 pound brisket sandwich and the green chili beef burrito with cheese. Wow! We liked the Mudd sauce the best. We were too chicken to try the Hot Mexican sauce. The bread for the sandwich is the bomb. Everything was delicious. The misters bordering the patio help a lot because you have to eat outside. There is no bathroom here and the building next door is closed for the summer. Update 6/29/19 — does your Mudd sauce have pineapple in it? I got a severe allergic reaction from the BBQ sauce, but can’t find a listing of ingredients. No one has bothered to respond to my inquiry about the ingredients in your sauces. I can add pictures here to show you my allergic reaction but I don’t think you want reviewers to see that. I think for future safety you should have a list of ingredients in your sauces posted somewhere. Update 8/28/19 — never heard back from anyone regarding the inquiry of the ingredients for the Mudd sauce and my severe allergic reaction. It took 8 weeks for me to recover from my allergic reaction.

Jim Flynn

Sooo good. Beef brisket and beef burnt ends are to die for!


There keto burrito with green beef is the best! There Mexican Sauce is my favorite! One thing I do wish they added was the Macros for the keto burrito just so we can see the amount we are putting in. Overall very satisfied!!

Jason Craig

Best barbecue I've had here in arizona

Pablo Wilson

Best Bar B Que in the East valley! The peanut butter and jelly brisket is awesome!

Patrick Cluff

Cannot say I have ever had a better brisket sandwich in my life. Great green chili burros, as well.

Joshua Hansen

Casual dining... No fuss... Large portions

Heidi Wilson

THE. BEST. Seriously! The BEST ever brisket sandwich....get it topped with slaw and I promise you will be amazed. I had the Keto burrito with brisket the other day...amazing as expected and made 3 meals! Red chili pork burrito & the green chili burrito both very good choices as well...a bit expensive but you will not walk away hungry. (I always have left overs)

Coleman Anderson

Arizona hidden gem. If you are a foodie you will appreciate this joint. Amazing brisket, home made salsas, and delicious BBQ. It is next to a huge citrus farm with amazing deals.

John Brown

Great food and fun patio environment. Great customer service. Always worth the line.

Aaron Frerichs

Some of the best beef brisket sandwiches I have ever tasted. You cant pick a wrong sauce to add to your meat choice. Would recommend everyone that likes bbq give this place just one taste. Your taste buds will thank me later. Enjoy.

Daren Jones

Fist time going here. It was busy. I was waiting for my wife to order I went to find a table and was able to talk to some people that were just leaving. They spoke very highly of the place and said it was always busy. The food was pretty good. I liked that they focused on being AZ BBQ, not southern or Texas. I had the brisket quesadilla with the coleslaw. It was good. Not the best BBQ that I’ve ever had but it was good. Very friendly staff.

Stephanie Venzor

The brisket is soooo amazing!! The best I have ever had. The portions are a really good size. I loved ALL of their bbq sauces and salsa.


Food was amazing and the smells are on point for a classic bbq house. The food was well priced and they had classic rock music playing so it was a really nice atmosphere because of it. Gave it 4 stars due to the near 40 minute wait and from talking to other patrons this is a normal wait time around 30-40mins. Would recommend just get there earlier due to the wait

Chandler Bowyer

Great home cooked Mexican Barbeque

Gino Lech

Great food, beef is better than the pork! Beans and rice are awesome as well!

Chris Reid

Very tasty and VERY filling. My friend had the Keto burrito, which used fried cheese instead of a tortilla. I've never seen that before, and it was good! I had a burrito with red chili beef and green chili beef, also tasty. Finally, my other friend had ghost peppers on his BBQ sandwich, and they had good flavor without being too ridiculous on heat. Highly recommend.

Alexander Monson

The briscuit and pulled pork sandwiches are excellent. A small sandwich is 1/4 pound of delicious meat! The downside is that there is no indoor seating. Picnic tables under an awning is the only option. Also, the bbq sauces are well below par. We tried all 4 of the sauce offerings and decided that next time we will order to go and put on our own sauce choices at home.

Nannette Esparza

One of my favorite spots ever! Green chile beef today!

Justin Schenk

Not bad, not great. Burnt ends were okay, but not burnt ends like you'd get in KC. I ordered the beans not realizing they were not BBQ beans, but refried. They weren't very good either. At least the meat was smokey, but it was really dry, both the burnt ends and pork. Their sauces were extremely watery but not terrible, the mustard based sauce being the best. I'd put this on the level of a Dickey's BBQ or a Famous Dave's. Not bad, but there are much much better choices you could make

Chabelo Hernandez

Amazing mexican/bbq place..sounds weird but food is great

Reece Whatton

Ugh my stomach hurts and I will be there for you

Savannè Finklea

Interesting combination of bbq and mexican food, it was really good. The sauces are delicious! I had the 1/2 pork sandwich and I was stuffed! I do recommend eating there as my bun was slightly soggy from the coleslaw and the drive home.

Robert Dawson

Great brisket. Good atmosphere (outdoors). Meets BBQ-Joint qualifications.

Tara Goetzel

Great food in shaded, outdoor picnic table setting. Loved the green chili burrito. Warning, no public restroom.

Jim Boubelik

You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu!! Food is awesome!! I really like their Green Chili beef burrito. Their Green chili is some of the best I have ever had...a must try.

Debra Lech

BEST BEEF BRISKET EVER This time we tried the Smoked riblets and ribs. They were good but not as good as we hoped for. I'm a sauce girl and these are only a rub. So not really to my liking. But I'll keep going back for the brisket

Deidra Thomas Richards

This places is to die for! Being new in town and finding a place you really love is hard, but I think we've finally found our go to. Love love love and highly recommend.


I love this place. Its very laid back. Great service.

Dave R

Not much to say but to try it. My brisket sandwich was the best I've ever had. Cool atmosphere and very nice people. Go enjoy.

Randy Torres

BBQ and Burritos. Excellent burritos. Enjoyed the ground green chile burrito and the shredded hot red chile. Lovely setting and very busy.

Rhett Bushman

PB&J brisket sandwich wasn't my favorite, but the atmosphere was great and the service was quick. Be prepared for flies as it is all outdoors.

Flip Le Resche

Arizona BBQ here. I know, I didn't know there was such a thing either! It's in the orange groves on Val Vista a few yards South on the Red Mtn freeway. Order at the window. Limited outside seating.Most people take theirs home or realistically eat it on the way home. It's that good.Brisket, burnt ends, red Chile and green Chile and combo red/green. All I can say is you will be glad you found this gem. Ribs on Saturdays only and they run out way too early. Gove it a go.

Bonnie Burd Dubinskas

Very popular place! We ordered at a window and got our food to go in a short time. Burritos were wonderful! And very large! They were served with refried beans, rice and salad. All good at a reasonable price.

Delaina Oh

Amazing!!! First time here the food was phenomenal do much flavor truly one of s kind food we will need back got sure? Great service and totally worth the price. No pics because the good was gone too fast. Oh there a cute little country store that sells local citrus


when they said it wasn’t KC, Texas or St Louis Style they were correct. It wasn’t. Which is a shame it could have been so much better.

Nic Peters

Great local food, they use amazing buns on their sandwiches, which only made the pulled pork taste even better than it did by itself. Their sauces we're amazing and their service was quick. I'd highly recommend this place to anyone looking for good BBQ in Mesa or a good burrito!

John Gillespie

Burritos and BBQ make a great fit. So good!

Elissa Pearson

This place is sooooo good. We had a pulled pork quesadilla and a brisket and egg burrito with the mango salsa and chips. The portions are plentiful, so much so my husband and I were able to make 2 meals out of each of our orders. The meat was amazing, smoked perfection, seriously and I'm not a big meat eater. We can't wait to go back. Highly recommend.

Rachelle Lopez

Amazing food friendly staff

The Pie

Called in a take away order and everything was really good. Only had to wait a few minutes before everything was ready. I only wish that the hot BBQ sauce was hotter. We live in AZ making it spicy shouldn't be something we are afraid of. The girl at the counter was very nice and friendly definitely would recommend if you are in the mood for BBQ.

Angela Carias

1st time. Ordered chopped barbecue sandwich. DELICIOUS FLAVORFUL MEAT AND THE BUN WAS MELT IN YOUR MOUTH!!!!

Big Psych CB2

Food is awesome, i love the orange groves and the vibe!! Deep fried burritos and a bottled coke sends me to heaven! Pulled pork is really good also.

Alex N.

Amazing food. Great service. :)

Alex Buchanan

Awesome spot! It's very rare that you can find a place that has amazing food and also delivers massive quantity of it! We literally ate for days off of our meal and enjoyed it every single time!

George Fernandez

Haven't been disappointed yet!! Good & scenery is great!!

Amber Schumacher

Hands down the best bbq! You got to try all the sauces! Loved the mac salad!

Asher Ward

I love this place! Truly rad brisket, with incredible sauces. The stuff is very friendly and the atmosphere is really chill. Highly recommend!

Lottie Porter

My mom and I were getting me a new phone at a local store, the person taking care of us recommended Jalapeño Bucks. Ok we love new places. Well this one stole my heart, it is to this day the best brisket sandwich I’ve ever had. We’ve been through Texas hitting tons of places. Who knew it would be 10 years and in Arizona that I’ve found the best. Bun grilled to the perfect crunch, brisket so incredibly moist it melts in your mouth. Go Enjoy and go back again.


Food was very good and price was reasonable.


By far the beat place to eat in Mesa bye far the gentlemen that owns it walks around and is a very nice man just a cool little spot to get damn good BBQ

Victoria Quick

Always delicious! But make sure they label your vegetarian burritos clearly,,,

Clint Hetchler

Excellent food, I always eat here when I come to Mesa. Love the shredded beef burrito.

mike luta

Best brisket I've ever had!

Lacey Ellsworth

I've eaten here many times. My favorite is the bean and cheese burrito with brisket in it. You must eat only half if you don't want to feel horrid after. Tonight, I shared the brisket sandwich. Maybe it's just me and BBQ sauce, but I felt the need to drench my sandwich with it. The mango salsa is amazing

passive perfectionist

There mix burrito was really good and 5he selection of sauces are pretty good too.

Makoto Nguyen

Fresh food and sauces. BBQ is so good! Burritos are delicious. Nice picnic tables for seating. So good it gets very crowded.

Kaden Beck

Best Barbecue this side of town.

Chelsea Roberts

This place is amazing! Their brisket sandwich is to die for. Be prepared to wait. The line is almost always long with good reason. Best bbq I've ever had.

George Bock III

Excellent bbq. I usually get the 1/4 beef brisket. I like it both with and without slaw. Must eat immediately with slaw. If you wait it will be soggy. I also like the Keto Burrito. I doubt the bbq sauce is Keto, but worth adding it.

Davin Smith

Affordable and amazing BBQ set in a citrus orchard indicative of the old Mesa industry that dominated years ago. Parking is limited and can get full quickly, but since most people will pickup and go, it's not a problem. One of the best BBQ joints in the valley for sandwiches and ribs.

Windy Griffin

Best BBQ around! Great burritos as well

Morgan Alford

I was extremely skeptical when my fiance suggested this place. I thought barbecue and burritos was a weird combination, and I dislike barbecue immensely. However, the food was delicious! I had a brisket quesadilla and it was very tasty. The price is a bit higher than what you might expect from the description (my quesadilla was 10.50), but they give you a lot of food for the price. Mine will last for at least one more lunch, if not two. My only complaint is that any outdoor venue in Arizona has to have an efficient form of cooling. It was 118° outside today and none of the misters were pointed at the seating area, so it was pretty miserable. Fans or additional misters would make a world of difference. Overall, a good experience with the food, though!

Mary C

Delicious! Love the keto burrito!

David Yauch

They've got a really good thing going here. Great BBQ with a unique style. Neat location in the orange groves by the freeway. Only drawback is the word seems to have gotten out, so there can be a wait, especially as dinnertime nears. You can phone in an order in advance and I would definitely recommend it in the evening.

Camden Grindle

Great blend of BBQ and Mexican food, in a peculiar location . Outdoor only seating gets warm during the summer, but well worth it.

Mark Ellington

They used to be great... BBQ taste like it was dipped in fuel. Beware!

Ryan B

Food is hit and miss. The best pulled pork sandwich I've ever had, combined with the mud sauce is to die for.. but their ribs are bland and fatty, their burrito had almost no meat in it and fell apart in a sloppy mess of flavorless green water... I wish i could give them more stars.... Always busy and they need to up their sides game, fries would be nice, salsa and chips should be better priced. consistency is a huge problem.

S Servin

Fun experience, great service, some of the best bbq we ever had!

Cristian D. Navarro

First visit here and I love it. Go to lunch spot no doubt. Recommend the brisket burger or the green Chile burrito.

Scott Nielsen

My favorite place for brisket, and the buns they use are sense and delicious. Burritos are some of the best I've had too

Anthony Daly

First time visiting, had the 1/4lb brisket sandwich. Pretty darn good, definitely worth the stop!

Mark Gurrieri

Amazing brisket and cool atmosphere. The brisket, bean burrito was absolutely incredible. First time visiting over the weekend and i look forward to going back soon to try other items.

Joey Zack

The food was 5 stars for sure let me start with that ..the reason I gave it 3 stars is because of this no pet policy.. Me ,my wife ,kid ,and dog all drove about 20 minutes to try this place today and after I ordered our food I was told we could not stay on the property nless I put the dog in the car ( not gunna happen) this annoyed me a little because now we have to take all this food we just ordered and drive about 20 minutes back home ..luckly the food was still good or I'd be really not happy ..No pets ! Really ? I get if we are trying to go to Charlestons or something dogs are probably not allowed but this place is literally all outdoors and attached to a damn orange orchard pretty much a farm. Most restaurants allow pets on the patio or any outdoor seating and this place is all outdoors so I figured It would not be a problem..I was wrong .. I'm not sure I understand how or why pets being there is such a big deal but I would recommend they try and change that policy ...ok so now that I'm done with my rant let me at least give them this ..the food was really good I'd recommend this place to anyone that hates pets

Ethan Rodwell

A very backyard and rustic feel to the place. Great food, taste and seating to go along with the outdoor experience.

Theresa Ortiz

A delicious barbeque meal

greg sheen

You just have to try it to believe how amazing this place is! I recommend the brisket.

Jt Lees

The best pork I’ve ever had! Damn! Awesome!

Donald Redman

Quaint and rustic! Amazing Food!

Wayne Roland

We were on vacation found this place. I smoke meat myself. The brisket is awesome. I would highly recommend it.

summer horstmann

Love the food my husband took me here a few years ago and enjoy coming back every so often!

Night Shift

This place is hidden in the middle of nowhere. In the middle of an Orange Grove. This is my second visit. But I ordered the pulled pork sandwich. It was a half pound. It looks like it's a ciabatta bun and they toast it. Very tasty nice. The pulled pork was nicely flavored and moist. I ordered a sweet BBQ sauce. The sauce was not the like I've had with anyone else. It was not so overly sweet. It had a slight bite of spiciness. I ordered the mac salad. It was amazing. I should have gotten a bigger order of it. It had some carrots in it. I could have eaten that as a meal.

Corbin Jones

This place has been built up by several of my friends and it lived up to its reputation! Delicious green chili beef burro!! When the weather is nice, this is a great place to sit outside and enjoy good BBQ and burritos. Closed Sunday and Monday so plan accordingly.

Brian Schultz

Great place! A hidden gem for many. I'm so glad that Jalapeno Buck's was suggested to me. This was our first visit. Even in the August heat, there was a steady line. We each tried the pulled pork and chile burrito with a side of slaw. We were not disappointed. It was very good. We ordered some burnt ends to go. Order at one window, and within minutes, you are picking up your food at the other window. Covered picnic table seating with a mister system to keep it cooler. If it was this busy in the summer, I'm sure winter months are packed. Great food and service. If you've never been, try it. You will leave as a happy customer.

Ricardo Martinez

This was an unexpected surprise. The food was fantastic, but there was only only person taking orders and payments which slowed things down quite a bit. The flavor of the food was worth the wait, but the taking of orders could definitely have been improved.

Charles Trubl

Great barbecue food cute atmosphere. Seems like it's getting busier and busier and I hope they might get a larger restaurant. If you want to go there for lunch try to be a little early

Spencer Haws

Jalapeno Bucks is soooooooo good!!! Brisket quesadilla slaps! AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE! Everyone that works there is wonderful to be around!

Joshua Mylo

1/2 lb brisket sandwich is amazing had it 3 days in a row the first 3 times... lll

Karen Jones

Best food..great location

Valerie Dobson

Very good pulled pork sandwich

Alberta Sims

We had seen it when we were checking out the store next to them and decided to come back for lunch another day. We went on a Friday and wow, it was busy, the parking lot was full and cars were also parked on both sides of the road. There was a line, but the wait wasn't too bad. We had the pulled pork and the brisket sandwich, we also order a small bag with chips. The food was enjoyable, and what we liked is that you put your own sauce on it. They have 4 different sauces at the table. The chips were freshly made and still warm. We would come back here to try something else. This is a roadside place with outdoor seating at picnic tables. You place your order at the window, and pay. They will call your name when the order is ready. No utensils unless you order a side dish (we had rice and slaw which were tasty)

Leslie Wells

Absolutely delicious!! Fast service and amazing people working there!! Definitely will be back, must try everything!!

Lisa Blundell

Great bbq sandwiches, burritos and homemade salsa. Simply delicious

Brian Blakesley

A hidden gem. One of the best BBQ joints in town. Portions are HUGE, ingredients are fresh, and everything is made to order.

Michael Frattalone

The food is amazing. I would drive the half-hour from my house just to eat there.

Keith Ryan Haffron

Honestly I used to rave about this places pbj brisket sandwich, but I went there and got it today and it was disgusting. The meat was mushy and flavourless, I tried to eat it cause it is not cheap but I ended up throwing most of it up in the trash can. I guess they changed how they cook the sandwich meat now?

Lisa Kindt

I visited Texas recently and tried their famous BBQ, and found myself wishing I was at Jalapeno Bucks instead! It is consistently the best BBQ I've ever had. And the salsas are to die for! Love these guys!

Rocky Squirrel

Delicious food and great service. Worth the drive from Glendale!

David Hakes

Excellent food here. Mexican food and BBQ go do well together. If recommend them to anyone.

Cheryl Russell

Best bbque ever and the people are so friendly and nice

Johnny 34

The best beef brisket sandwich on the planet, and that is not an exaggeration.

Travis Luckett

Poor parking, poor sitting arrangements, always a crowd, didn't fold my burrito properly so it fell apart after a couple bites. Did not include napkins for my to go order which was messy due to them not wrapping my burrito. Food was pretty good but I can't stand the crowd and lack of sitting to enjoy my stay.

Steven Holder

These people can cook! First time here and only tried the brisket sandwich, but with how good it was I will be back to try everything. The brisket had a great bark that was caramelized and seasoned perfectly. It looks like it's cooked some more after they slice it, maybe searing it on the grill before serving or smoking it some more, which added a nice complexity to the texture. It was almost jerky like, but still super moist and tender. Really unique. The sandwich was hefty and had some of their house made 1000 island called Thunder Sauce that was lightly spread on the bottom bun. It added some depth to the flavor and a creaminess to the sandwich. Mixed with the smoky carmalized beef flavors and textures, the sandwich was phenomenal as it was. But with 4 other sauces at the table, I had to try some. They were all good sauces, but I liked it just the way it came. Get you some Jalapeno Bucks, you will not be disappointed. I have to go nap now.

Jason Hahn

Straight up the best BBQ around. Great food. Great service. Great atmosphere. Friendly people. I can't say enough great things about this place.

Gordon Rappole

Run! Don't walk or jog. Unique and distinctive. If you are in this corner of the Valley of the Sun plan a lunch or early dinner stop here! Moist meats are the sign of well tended BBQ. Subtle and complex smokiness in my pulled pork sandwich. Play with your food and test drive all the sauces. Nuf said for now.

Ashley Panik

Love the brisket here!! Great smokey flavor and great atmosphere. Also impressed with the mac salad!

Deanna Yauch

This place has some of the best brisket! My kids love the bean and cheese burritos. The restaurant itself is cute, with outdoor seating only. They have misters set up to keep you cool, and most of the table are shaded. The ability to call your order in ahead of time is very nice, since the line can easily be 30-40 minutes long some nights.

Travis Williams

The food was AWESOME!!!! Didn't expect much, but BOY was I in for a delightful surprise!!! I passed by this place for years thinking it was just another citrus stand of many that used to exist in the area!!! My whole lunch experience has been changed forever!!! I highly recommend Jalapeno Bucks to any and everybody that loves their tastebuds and who is searching for something other than the old fast food burgers and fries!!!

Shawn Wlotzko

It was our first time going took my wife and they have some of the best pork it was amazing highly recommend

Vernon Chang

Luv this place at Jalapeno Bucks! It's a nice outdoor patio place with nice BBQ meat and dipping sauce. It's a cozy place, casual, relaxing, hanging out with friends and families. You line up to place your order at the counter and find your seat and wait for your food. There are so many choices on the menu but I highly recommend the well-known Peanut Butter & Jam Beef Brisket Burger, I mean, how often a place serve PB&J with beef brisket burger? Not many. It may sound wacky but it's actually pretty damn good. The "burned ends" of the beef brisket is also my favourite, the crispyness of the outer layer is a good crunchy snack. For some reason, I dig the non-sweeten iced tea as well.

corey jallen

Amazing barbecue at a great price. Definitely one of those local gems. Also has a neat little farmers market store next door but the prices there are a bit steep.

Paul Petersen

This place is the best Arizona BBQ place around. The brisket sandwich is unparalleled (try it PB&J style for something truly mind blowing). The sauces are so good that they need to be protected by a patent. I could go on but I would just be wasting the time you could be spending getting in your car and driving over there to eat. Awesome local atmosphere in an old orange orchard in East Mesa. Enjoy!

Jenipher O'Connor

Amazing no frills food. I had the pulled pork and mac salad both were excellent I will be back ! ( Maybe tomorrow it was so good)

David Rollins

I've heard great things about this place. The three way burrito is absolutely phenomenal. I couldn't decide if I wanted the 3way or the brisket sandwich, so I got both. I'll follow up with this post after I have the brisket. I need to let the burrito settle. Portions are huge so be prepared when ordering. This is a must have!!!!

Brian McAllister

Amazing BBQ. But my favorite is the green chile pork burrito.

Jason Hood

Really good pulled pork sandwiches.

Hannah Nyberg

this place is delicious!! i recommend the brisket bean & cheese, soooo good. and the staff is absolutely amazing. sweet and so helpful. delicious and they even had misters for this AZ heat (-:

Nate Bishop

The food is always great.


Great food! I've never been let down and always left full!!! A little on the pricey side but always worth it.

Michelle Frary

We had been driving by seeing this place always busy and thought it must be good. So my daughter and I finally made it over for lunch and it was absolutely amazing. Some of the best BBQ I have ever had. Tons of food for a decent price and it tastes amazing!

Gilbert Gato Rodriguez

Yumm! Great food and friendly smiles! There PB&J is the Bomb diggity!!

p. offenberg

Wow what a great bbq pork sandwich. Gonna go back and try the brisket. Sure crazy sauce is the best. We loved the macaroni salad! Definitely worth the trip!

Shane Burks

Ooooo myyyyyyy goooodddd this place is AMAZING!

Tod Anderson

Best D*#n BBQ pork butt ... Don't forget the Mudd Sauce

Charles Sears

Great food for a great price!

KatieBeth Bowers

Awesome place very unexpected. Loved the outdoor seating with misters. Food was so good! Loved that they had keto friendly options.

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