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3711 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85716, United States

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REVIEWS OF In-N-Out Burger IN Arizona

Connor Walker

Not a lot of in and outs near San Francisco so this one is a massive tourist trap. But honestly being 40th in line when you order and getting your food in under 30 minutes is a spectacle you can't miss. Bonus points for enjoying your burger after walking 2 blocks east in a nice park with benches

Sam Crabtree

Food and as good. Service was good as usual. Price was good as usual. Value was good as usual.

Chris armstead

Always up for In & out. Good burger and fries. A bit crowded at times but worth the wait

George Husick

Great burgers & fresh cut fries at an awesome price.

Davin Rahardjo

Everyone's favorite burger (?) All of my friends recommend me, didn't disappoint, now I recommend you guys. Their burger is just amazing.

Nate Tinner-Williams

Decent place to get junk food if you're hungry in the late night hours. It's a California staple as well, so there's that. You usually get your food relatively quickly even if the crowd is huge. They're efficient like that.

Jackie Vogt

Super busy location in fisherman's wharf, but the service is still pretty quick as In-N-Out has a limited menu and good workflow. Finding a seat is difficult, but there's plenty of places to sit nearby. The burgers are really good, one of my favorite fast food burgers for sure.

Savita Sund

Food was good. Got the hamburger wrapped in lettuce to make it gluten-free!

Erika Ornelas

In & Out is always delicious and the service is always outstanding. They did accidentally give me a plain double double with cheese even though I didn't ask for cheese, but, this is the first time I've ever received a wrong order. Treat yourself to In & Out, you won't regret it!

Yannick Bielefeldt

Very close to the perfect burger. They keep it really simple, just the three burgers (double, cheese, normal) are available, but that's totally fine since the quality really is high and it tastes absolutely delicious. Staff is friendly, the restaurant was really clean and even with tons of people inside, we didn't have to wait too long. I would recommend this place to anyone who is visiting Fisherman's Wharf!

Monica Whitted

Fries were cold but still good.

Jason Lance

Well oiled machine cranking out top notch burgers!

Drew Keele

Maya, I think I have her name right. What a smile. She came out energized with a long line to help with and huge smile that made waiting in that line no big deal. Refreshing as I have been in SF for a few days and I have noticed smiles are rare in the customer service section. I wanted to recruit her. Maybe I will head back in tomorrow. Thanks Maya and In and out for the expierence. DK

oro bello

My order was called and the guy didnt believe it was my food. I presented my receipt and he continued to ask me questions about my order and be littleing me in front of other customers. Because I am mexican he didnt believe me, no one else was asked questions and he kept asking and asking. This is rediculous in SF they discriminate against Mexicans at in n out BS. Whites asians all others nothing only me. Racist workers here stay away

Andrew Impellitteri

Was very busy but a good In-n-out location.

Joynes Joynes

A West Coast Classic, still serving the All American burger & fries. Affordably

Jacques Kochen

Glad I got to go to an In-N-Out Burger and the staff was super friendly. But, they gave me the completely wrong food for seven people and of course I didn't check it before I left.

Michael is the name. .

They called my order and there were so many people there I got scared and I didn't get it and they threw it out and I just lost $50! Ahhhh

Ryan Wong

Yum animal style. Pricey upgrade though. Nice cheap burger


Really good quality food and fast service

tallknight72 .

Food was excellent as always. Was a little surprised we weren't asked at drive thru if we are eating in the car . Had to tell them tgat to switch packaging at last minute.

Rachel Kempisty

Growing up in the midwest (where everyone dreams about eating at an In&Out Burger), whenever I have the opportunity to eat here, it’s impossible to resist! Always treat myself with double double animal style, double fried fries & a vanilla milkshake. Never disappoints.

Derek Griffin

Can never go wrong with the double double animal style

Krïşpy Ķřëmě

First time visiting! this place is a very trendy area. That explains why it's crowded with people from different countries! Staff was Polite. food was quick but the guy at the register, (didn't catch his name) was Nice I didn't understand his accent But he was calm and helpful when I asked him to repeat the menu Would recommend 5/5!

Red Allen Diesel

Very busy place,we didnt wait too long. Employees were very friendly and efficient. Nice operation and great quality food!

Flora Teyu

Food was OK, definitely nothing to shout about. My patty was dry and thin, and the buns slightly over cooked that it felt a tad too crispy. Didn’t enjoy the animal fries either, felt that it was really overrated. I’ll take Macs fries over their fries any day.

Shay Wilson

This is my second time eating at this restaurant in a week. The staff are really nice and the the restaurant was spacious and clean. They took her orders quickly and got food out to us within a timely manner. Again I've only eaten at this restaurant a couple of times but I think the secrets in the sauce.

hockeylabjapan .

Always busy but they serve quick.

Helen Brown

Worst burger and fries (if you can even call them that) I have ever had. I could taste the salad more than the burger which says a lot and the so called “fries” were crisp with nothing in the middle. They disintegrated into a fine powder when run between fingers. Waste of money and time. Don’t get what the hype is about. Go to Shake Shack. They are a million times better.

Taina Rivera

First time visiting, I leave in Orlando, Florida and felt in love with the burgers and the chocolate shake. Even though the place was full and the drive thru line was around the service was very fast. Next time I visit California will definitely eat there.

Pamela Glazebrook

This was our first In-N-Out burger experience. I liked their simple menu. The restaurant was very busy, but they move fast! I have worked in many restaurants kitchens and was very impressed with their kitchen. I have never seen so many young people working together so well! Everyone knew what their job was and the flow was awe inspiring Potatoes are fresh cut into fries and quickly cooked. So satisfying to taste that freshness! Hamburgers were cooked to perfection and covered with gooey cheese. A very satisfying experience!

Rickey Jones

The milkshake was delicious the fries what's not but the burger what's the best it was worth the wait in line. I went to the one near the airport at about 10:30 p.m. the line was wrapped around the building the drive-thru. They had someone outside taking orders car to car to the speed up the process so the customer service was excellent.

Brian Bulloch

Drive thru line takes FOREVER on a Saturday. Where are the workers with the tablets taking orders in the drive thru on weekends? Line is wrapped around the building. Would make more sense to have someone taking orders while theres 20 cars lined up behind the speaker. Fries were burnt, dark brown and disgusting!

Eric Karosan

Absolute unit. Was cranking out food faster than people could order. Double cheese was good but fries tasted like a sweaty soccer sock after a weekend tournament.

katty Haley

This place is popular and gets busy from when it opens! Ideally this restaurant needs to be a bit bigger to cope especially when the queue is outside. The food tastes so good and is definitely worth the wait and worth flying over 5000 miles for

Kevin Verrept

Best bang for your buck on the west coast! Greetings from Belgium!

David R Gonzalez

Good for fast food. Clean establishment inside and out. Friendly staff. However, seating capacity overwhelmed at busiest times.

Zhilei Xu

Always a good choice. Pro tip: although they don't show it on the menu, they actually sell 4-by-4 burgers. Yes, it is 4 patties and 4 cheese slices!

S Phenix

Great service. Nice comfortable vibe Everytime I've eat there

DeLisa Donnelly

Dined in. Lucky to have found seats. Waited 35+ mins for our food. When we finally received our food, it was cold and burger was very mushy. Absolutely NOT impressed for being our 1st time experience with this company. Overrated and a joke. We should have dined at Jack in the Box...

Dick Sinay

In-N-Out burgers always good. We enjoyed having double cheeseburger and fries. It is one of the best places to visit for a quick meal.

Paloma Prime

The staff was very kind and helpful. It's probably the cheapest place to eat in the area, everywhere else is insanely overpriced. There are few options, only burgers, but they're very good. My sister and I are both vegetarians, and they made us patty-less burgers which were very good. The fries are homemade and amazing. Also, it's a California classic. 100% recommended.

Conner Kempf

The food and service are great, just like every In-N-Out. Expect a long wait (by fast food standards) and difficulty finding an open table due to the location in a tourist-heavy area. Getting your food to go and eating in the park a few blocks to the west is a good option if you're with a large group.

John Del Mar Man

I have never had a bad meal at any location. Short sweet and simple they still write in my top five best burger joints!

Jesse Ryski

The burger was good. It tasted like a burger, the fries were only ok. A little soggy... All in all, for the quantity, the food tastes good.

Marc Crawford

What else can I say that can't already be said. Every In-N-Out is awesome!

Carlos Osornio

I will have to give props to the staff at this location. During lunch it's super BUSY and they run so efficiently. The food still c8mes out fast and of course fresh and warm. The staff is always very friendly. My go to lunch meal for sure!!!

Peter Franzke

It's worth it for the food and to see how the staff handles the amount of customers they get at one time. It's a 10 to 15 minute wait and it's worth it. It's a fun atmosphere as most of the people there are tourist like ourselves. That adds to making the atmosphere more relaxed as we're all on vacation trying to relax ourselves. So even though it's chaos it's organized chaos and it's worth the wait because it's In and Out Burger.

Bill Spitzer

In-N-Out reminds me of old time fast food! Burgers are Absolutely Great, the fries are fresh and cut by old hand cutter!! The Milk Shakes are very good!

Holly Schultz

The service was great, very friendly people. I didn't even mind the wait time. What I did mind were the fold soggy fries I got. The only redeeming quality was the burger.

Debra Jenkins

It was nice not big enough and that the bathrooms are not in there is a downer

Reggie Bryant

For a casual meal that's cheap, tasty, and fast, I enjoyed their burgers. I think they're hyped up a lot, but I did enjoy the flavor, the special sauce, and the fluffy bun. I also think the lettuce and tomato included is a good portion. The patties are a bit thin for my taste, so I'd get a Double. If you're into the secret menu, you can get a lettuce wrap instead of a bun and can go Animal Style and get a special sauce and sautéed onions on top of your burger (you can get your fries that special way too). The fries are from real potatoes cut in the store, so they're not like I'm used to -- a little more floppy -- but get them extra crispy!

Kristine Wang

First time coming, it's so crowded the tables are VERY gross no one cleans them. I reccomend u take them Togo. You almost have to stare people down to even get a seat. their fries at this location was THE WORST. ur going to be eating cardboard. the animal fries here r the WORST it wasnt melted cheese it was just a cheese slice. oh wait it was a cheese slice. NOTHING WAS FRESH even though on the bottom tray of the fries intimates "Fresh" they r VERY wrong.

Mike Chivers

The best of fast food burgers. Fresh ingredients, fast friendly service, and decent prices. And they serve actual 7-up. One of the things Californians whine about missing when they are out of the state. Buns are fresh baked but often not up to surviving the burger. Leads to gobbling. Never try to eat one while driving. Sad, but that bun is worth a whole star

lexingtonbelle .

I cannot understand what all the fuss is about this restaurant. Such a limited menu with such below average quality. The cheeseburger is better at McDonald's or Wendy's! Fries were plentiful but not that good. Drink selection is better almost Anywhere else! Thus place was recommended by do many people. We were told "you just have to go there" !! Yuck! I would not bother to come here again.

Calvio Parejas

The best burgers, protein style is my favorite, add the animal style fries and a flying dutchman and you will be amazed.

Raymond Cloud

I got here before they opened. The manager told me that he would be happy to take my order and start making my food before they were open. This was awesome. I didn’t ask him to do this. He just did. Great customer service !! Thanks again.

Timur Gapurov

The burgers we took were good but I wouldn’t call them outstanding. Had to wait for a good 30 minutes in total to order and then to get the food due to the huge line. The fries were too “healthy” and dry. Overall I would go back for a burger but only if there is no line.

Erin Stringer

Come on. It's in n out. What else do you need to know? The quality is always good and the price is always fair.

Julia H

best burgers I've ever had! everything fresh made!

Kiara Di Paola

Unbeatable west coast burger, so so so good!! And the old school sign is everything. Cheap

Joshua Wagnon

Very fresh, decent ticket times for as busy as they are. Went twice in the 3 days were in San Francisco. It's a good burger joint if you just want something quick.

Roy Portillo

Better than Whataburger by a long shot and the prices are better. Been coming here for years and not once has an order been made incorrectly.

Marilyn Nanninga

Super fast, super simple, super delicious! And everything is incredibly affordable.

Aritzu L

Hamburgers were great but the fries were raw on the middle and not good. Be ready to be in line and wait its very popular so it gets crowded

Jeff Munoz

First time going to this In-N-Out Burger location. Same friendly atmosphere as all the others. Freshly made burgers and fries. Always a treat to visit.

Robin Murphy

First time at In-N-Out Burger yesterday. Yes, the burgers are great but even better was the sweet guy who took our order. He was so careful with our order (we had many special requests!) and kind. I have no idea if that’s the way all In-N-Out Burger staff are but this guy was a great representative!

Sophia Alme

People are always friendly here. Orders are fast and I have never seen them make a mistake.

Tracy Smith

Again no parking. Food was good. Restaurant was very well run and efficient as possible considering the volume of people.clean.

diamond gold

In-N-Out is just perfect. The burgers are perfect, the fries, everything. Love it!

Nickoya C.

Good place, very clean, today was some fast and some table available, I'm very satisfied for my dinner, I really feel able to recommend this place. Good Job and Great Food. Thanks.


The food was good, but there were two dogs in the restaurant with not service vest or anything and the guy had the dog on the table while the lady has hers on the ground. Isn't that a health code violation??

Jose Lopez

Great burgers. The only down fall is the entrance to get in is very dangerous. Be careful with the traffic going south on Indian hill Blvd.

yung jang

Excellent service

Bart Posey

Can't say enough about this place great burgers at a great price and super friendly employees, A+ In-N-Out.

Corey Jimpson

Cool and professional people working and they are always very fast with orders!!!!!

Erica Topete

Good place to enjoy a hamburger, more tables


Wonderful service and excellent food.

Shars Health Tips

The drive through line is still too slow but the food is good but not like it was a few years ago.

Mike Huber

Nice young man named Yousef working the window. Wants to be a dentist in Dubai. Really cheerful and helpful! And the food is always awesome at In-N-Out!


Food was great. It's an In & Out. Although I jokingly posted on another In & Out review that I had not yet found a "bad" In & Out. We'll I think I just did but its not for its food. This place was creepy at night. I said "this area has to be bad if In & Out has a private security guard on the premises. Food is great but be wary at night and maybe during the day as well.

kyle the dragon

So bad to dry burger not good never go if you dont wnat be scammed dont come

Amparo Santiago

Delicious food

Amy Huntley

Great hamburgers and a super clean atmosphere.

Richard Carr

Not too sure what to say here. If you have been to an In-n-Out then you already know their limited menu, very affordable prices, and relatively quick service for the large number of customers they have at any one time. Burgers are fine, nothing really special, and the only option offered is with or without onions. Make sure you really want them if you say, "with," as mine usually come with copious onions. Fries are also quite generous, apparently measured with a shovel, and, for a fast food place, freshly cut, thin sliced, on site. There was one person who was just putting freshly peeled potatoes into the slicer, slicing, and dropping into the cookers. Well but not overly salted. I would think a great place for kids as the burgers are small enough for them to eat, and simple enough to not be "scary." I stop here regularly, even though the line of cars often goes through the lot, and still get served fairly quickly, fresh fries, and freshly cooked burger.


The food was excellent! The service was good, they were friendly and nice. The food was like in the photo! I love it!

Carlos Zapata

Great hamburges like always.and good service.

Cortney Z

Lines are usually long but they move fairly quickly. Chocolate shakes are good

Yolanda Hernandez

I love because de poratoes

Michael Ehlerman

A great place to eat as far as In N Out Burgers go. Drive through lane is usually really quick and painless to get through. Restaurant and bathroom is almost always spotlessly clean.

Mike Nguyen

I normally do fast food but we were in southern California and wanted to have in and out burger. They were so busy but had plenty of staff working to accommodate the crowd food came in a reasonable amount of ti.e ordered a regular cheese burger and 2 order bbn of fries the burger was very good but the fries were just ok. I think McDonald's fries are better.

Manny Carrasco

I have ALWAYS loved In & Out Burgers, there fries are cut & made fresh right there, burgers are fresh not frozen, for those who have a health kick U can order them with a lettuce wrap instead of the bun, if it daring order it fries "MONSTER" it means covered in grilled onions cheese & special sauce

Fred Ybarra

Good service very quick and so far always right with my special orders Will be back again in the future

Jose Alvarez

They are always so quick with the orders, they always get them correctly and I'm one of those "picky" eaters I suppose. I get a 4x4, and animal fries with raw chopped onion instead of grilled. In n out is the golden standard of good burgers at a really good price. Where I work a regular burger and fries cost about 17 and change, in n out is not only 999 times better, but for what I order it's less than 14$

seong won myung

No need to mention it. Once you are in SoCal you must be there and enjoy its fresh taste. Yummy.

Kayla Paul

Food was good, service was excellent! Employees helped customers carry their food and drinks to the table if needed and the entire staff was very motivated. The managers were constantly making sure the employees had what they needed

Art Abarca

Quick & courteous service. Most importantly, delicious food.

Bobbie Rojas

They are always bomb..they just gotta figure out the line for the drive thru cuz its out to the steeet and one of these times someone is going to cause an accident

Charlie Corpening

Great burgers great price!

George L. Profeta

Inexpensive diner with good burgers and fries. The place is clean and sanitary with lots of parking for those who want to eat in

Vinny K

Like any In-N-Out, this location gets busy! The drive-thru line is sometimes backed up onto the street which is ridiculous! Nonetheless, the food is fresh and the customer service is great!

Nana Andriana

Cheap and delicious. Worth it! Double cheese & meat only $4.8 include tax

Luis Torres

Awesome burger place. Too bad its always full

Fredna Butler

I love In and Out. My favorite place to eat. The french fries and cheeseburgers are the best!!

Kaleb Shannon

Great and delicious food, I loved the atmosphere the place has, and the employees were helpful. Will surely come back in the future.

Mordis Mordis

First time ever going to In and Out Burger it was very good not greasy at all and full of flavor A+

Jason Abbuehl

Very fast service, quick and clean!

Mrs. Campbell

Always delish


It amazing. The burgers make me water my mouth for them and the tase I beyond satisfactory. Every food in here is amazing. There is only one thing I despise. That is the amount of people in there. Its way too many. I know its not In-N-out's fault, but there's just way too many people.

Dave Fleming

Lives up the the hype. Helpful, knowledgeable, fast staff. Still loaded with cars lined up. It was quite easy to walk up and order for there or to-go. It was probably twice as fast as waiting in car line. Park nearby and enjoy the picnic tables

Jonathan Quinones

Always love coming here and never anything to complain about. Great employees, clean and tidy establishment, and very quick with the food. The food was exactly what we ordered and tasted delicious.

Bessy Romero

I love this place!

Kathy Lara

I just curious to order what I wanna . It's very nice and it's look like not expensive $$

Earl Hicks

Love these bergers


Chilis in a 3 by 3 cheeseburger and on top of animal style fries!

Lorraine Mercado

Always awesome burgers ....goes great with the yellow chili peppers.mmmmmm so Good!!!!

Cecilia Herrera

Always our favorite! Always clean, always friendly and always yummy!

Claudia Wence

Fast service..!

Caitlin Encinas

Vegetarian options are available on the secret menu, and I personally love them! The prices are also very affordable. The only unfortunate aspect is that the place is always packed!

danni Neconi

They're really nice here

Tabatha Kiser

Good fresh food. There's outdoor seating available for dogs.

Marylnn Rodriguez

In n out is so perfectly simple... Burgers... frys... and drinks... LOVE IT! This location has friendly staff and the wait time is minimal.

Lisa Marchbanks

My favorite burger chain by a mile.

Ismael Mendoza

You best believe it's the business

Nora Leon

Fast and quick received our food

Lucy Gonzalez

The fries ,animal style the best burgers delicious

Sean Lotz

Consistent with all In and Out Burger places I've been to; friendly, smiling employees, always the same great dining experience! So sad that this experience can only be had on the Western side of the US, but we always look forward to going here on vacation!

Roger Brown

Consistently good quality and the meatless burger it the bomb, toasted bread, lettuce, tomatoe, grilled onions, ketchup and mustard instead, add pickles and I swear you won't know there is no meat! Ice tea no sugar and now you can eat with your friends even though your a Vegetarian

Megan Hymers

Very efficient drive-thru (which was appreciated with a whining baby in the car!) The cheeseburger was tasty with plenty of fresh veggies and the chocolate shake was the perfect consistency and flavor.

Jacob Murphy

Still good, even short staffed they can give good service.

Sonny Olive

I've only been to In and Out a couple times, I didn't necessarily love them like most everybody does. But I took 8 kids over there the other day and the staff was unbelievably awesome! They checked on us they gave the kids hats, they were patient with the kids as they ordered. And they had the best service and the best attitude about it all. And the food was really good! I am now fan!

Garth Hansen

Always a great place to eat

matthew wheaton

This location is scary the line goes into the street but the food is awesome

Joseph Delapast

Fast friendly, good food, good prive

Jesus Reyna

Great place too eat..

Ashley Svent

My Animal Style Grilled Cheese was amazing! Highly recommended with buns extra toasted.

Autumn Ricketts

Fast service and amazing burgers. Even picky kids can order a grilled cheese! The facilities are always tidy and so is the rest of the restaurant.

dawn mottola

Yummy! Drive thru sucks, sometimes your out in the street, but they really try to get you through quick and the employees are great.

Apolonio Quintanilla

Great food just big lines on the drive thru


I enjoyed everything from the food to the energy from the workers, a top notch fast food experience.

Sandra Devora

The hamburger was good but the French fries tasted like cardboard but not only this time, them french fries always taste like that..

Matt M

Always a great burger with friendly service.

Grizelda Lopez

In & out never disappoints me or my family. Customer service is awesome.

Kayla Chapman

OMG What more can i say, these are the best burgers i have ever eaten. Yes there may be a wait , but they are always fresh and tasty :)

Ivan Ramirez

The hype is real... Very tasty!!!!

Hector V

Nothing bad to say about in n out, ever!

Wohoo Wahoo

Great customer service with the standard good food from an In'n'Out


Don't go during when its super busy. Food is not well cooked, super salty fries and patties. Go to other places like bobos burger. Quality when its still super busy in the drive thru

Hound Hunt Arizona McNeely/Taylor

These burgers are great. Animal style all day. Fast service and happy to help you staff.

Jim Mangan

Delicious burgers and fries fast friendly service

Ana Chirinos

Best Burgers Ever nothing like this it's really good and cheap also very nice place and love that everything is made from real food not frozen foods. Loved it

Quijada Martin Quijada

Good food and good price's

Andre Mendez

They cook the food nicely but its quite a busy place so there's usually a wait.

Temp Mosquito326

Very nice people that serve there and very tasty especially the double double burger great service.

Bryon zzz

Food took long to come out just for the fries to be cold and taste disgusting. Service was wack

Pedro Ramos

Like always it's a good place to eat but u have to be patient because most of the time is crowded

Dianne Clay

Ate To much. Good delicious but not all the timw.

Tamela Frank

Of "The Big Lebowski" fame, this clean restaurant boasts a competent and friendly staff, great tasting food at a very affordable price.

Giselle Duran

Their fries r SO GOOD MAN


I've been going to this place for years and have never had an issue. Staff are always friendly and the food is always great

Jasmone Halbert

Uh.... inconsistently good! Not my first choice

Alison Charney

This place is always overly busy. And I'm just not the biggest In n Out fan. The burger is good, fries not so much. The price is very good and the staff is always very nice.

Andrew Shinn

This is a busy location, but with kind and efficient staff. The parking is pretty crowded here, but there's a parking lot in the back that usually have some space. It's close to the highway - great for a quick stop!

a calderon

In n out always good. Good employees and good food

Jeffery Kuchar

Best Hamburgers all the way around.

Mike Smith

A good place to buy a hamburger and shakes. The place is usually busy when there are tour buses full of people to eat at this place which means a longer than normal wait time at this location; however, the staff will usually get the orders done as quickly and as efficiently as possible. The downside and all places has downsides -- the panhandlers at this location will ask you for change while you dine here. Other than the panhandlers/homeless the place is a nice place to eat.

Audino RICO

The burguer Re delicious


I remember I was at the in-out and I was waiting for a milkshake and it took a while and I asked nicely and some people were just messing around don’t know who one person stepped in and gave me it to for free It was the most nice thing a person has done And whoever it was I would thank them.

Joohyung Park

Just great! I love this place and their burgers.

Kim Villanueva

The protein burger for people who are eating a low carb diet is great!

Luis Almanza

Food is good and service is good and quite fast

Judah Aranda

The service is good, even though they forget an item or two when U order to go. Once U let them know about the missing items they work on correcting those mistakes on the Spot. And of course the food is great don't have a complaint there.

G-mo 26

It was fine great customer service and I m sure is a better quality of burger yet it was too busy and it reflected on the cleanliness of the restaurant

Sport Montana

Ok guys, you REALLY have to blanch your fries before you fry them. How do you not know this!?

Steve Phillips

Always great food and service

Gus Salmon

Great ch. Burger, and fast service

Joel Lopez

Fast service thru the drive thru


My problem with this In-N-Out was the lack in the customer service. All I saw was young ppl and they were somewhat rude. They weren't smiling or engaging. Chick-fil-A across from them has way better customer service. So I won't be back.

M. C.

Great service always polite. beware the line is always long and a bit shady

Melanie Huguet

Really good hamburgers there,I personally think it's better than McDonald's or Burger King.

Chris Eggleston

Kevin M. gave us great customer service!

Monique White

My kids liked the food. They messed up my order, but fixed it.

Ruben Reyes

Clean with shade

Nathanael Yang

I come from the Bay Area so we don't have many In-n-Outs like this one. Overall great experience!!!

Dwayne Taylor

Good Service They Repeat Your Order Back To You Cleary No Error In Between Great Food As Well I Would Visit Again Definently

Joseph Acree

Great food, great prices, and great service. No need to wonder why this place always has customers lined up! But they speed through with efficient and courteous work.

Kristen East

I ate at Inn-n-out 3 times in a two week period, and though none disappointed, this one stood out as the best! All of the food was piping hot and made exactly to order (including my half-strawberry-half-vanilla shake). The service was also exceptional. Our waiter gave my 2-year-old nephew two sticker sheets without me even having to ask. My nephew was tired and cranky from our road trip, and those stickers saved the day and diverted several meltdowns during lunch and the rest of the afternoon!

Keith Booker

I love this place

Nelida Cruz

Always fast and courteous service..

Carla Fis

They have the best burgers. The protein burger is very delicious.

Maria Robles

Clean efficient and fast service

Fernando Moreno

It's always Fresh

Dominique Dixon

I love the French fries are always fresh and not burnt

Heather Clemmer

Excellent service and quality food!

David Lopez Jr

In n out always only gets 1 star because of their ability to do something about the parking lot and yet 2019 it's still a SAFETY hazard getting in to eat. If the owners ever decides to move more past the Midwest it'll ease the congestion out this way. In n out needs more restraunts in the east coast.

Adam Hamm

It's In-N-Out, friendly staff good burgers never frozen yada yada.


This are the best burgers in Southern California. Fries and animal fries are so good and natural.

Garcia Family

The best fresh burgers ever my family loves in and out keep up the good delicious work

patti triviso

Loved this place the menu was simply and the orders were out fast.

Ian Glockner

Very consistently good. Very affordable.

Christina Votaw

The drive through line can be past the parking lot, but they still manage to get you out quick and not mess up my order!

Fat Nurd

Really good food and very professional but a lot of people there

Nor.4 North

One of the best burger joints that I know of this place is great I love their food I had the triple burger with fries and it was delicious the bathroom and the restrooms for clean the parking lot was cleaned the staff was friendly and also very considerate

Wendi Benedict

Friendly, speedy service with a smile!

Rosita Zepeda

Friendly and attentive staff, no complaints about the food. The only thing bad about this location is the dinning area because it's too small. Not enough seats and you have to have someone order the food while another person waits for a table, even the seats outside.

Michael Morris

So happy to find our California hometown favorite in Arizona. Same great food, same great value, same great service! Take some time to research and try the "Secret Menu" Tuscon...pleasant surprises and new favorites, I promise you!!

Dorothy Rea

Good food... Long lines slow

Angelica Bello

Line super long but good Customer service

Conrad Hutchings

Fast food burgers. Patties are super thin. Not enough places to sit.

Nancy Denison

Great service many smiling faces yummy food!

GoodVibez 444

Expect to wait awhile. I waited 35 mins from waiting in line to receiving food. The place was completely packed. I thought the food was just ok but I like that they use fresh products without preservatives.

Frederick Ennin

Services are great and amazing young men and women ready to help. Very respectful. Thanks to you all for everything.

Abby Purcell

Not very in and out. Took 10 minutes que up and then 25 minutes just to get a cheese burger fries. Other then that it was tasty.

John Mathew

Great food ,great place , value for money but too crowded

John Woo

Very busy today (saturday) as crowds came over from fisherman's wharf. Ordered and waited 20 minutes for a standard double double burger and animal fries. Burger came nice and fresh though but fries were old.

Mark Hernandez

Customer service was awesome. Great meal there will be back!!!!

Damaris Jacobo

Good service but it is very busy all the time due to the location.

Nick Gizzi

First time there. Was crowded, but the line moved quick. Staff was polite and helpful. Food was good, all and all good experiences. The only thing is the place needs to be bigger. Waiting area to pick up the food is to small for the amount of business that they do.

Basil Masood

The menu is simple but the food is great. The burgers are really good and the inexpensive.

Imani Carey

Nice quick service and very good burgers and shakes

Mamzelle Remix

It's good if you know the secret menu because without it you have hardly no choice and the best items are on the secret menu. Only downside is that the patty is very salty. They have a option for you're dog : it's a saltless patty ( check the secret menu for more info ).

Jamil Juma

Great burgers great shakes great fries all at a decent price. Excellent service here the staff are well trained and efficient which they need to be because it is super busy. A must try fast food option when visiting California!

Jason Olson

Fantastic food man absolutely great service amazing people amazing times


The quality was near excellent and the staff are stars. But the usual system just couldn't cope with the amount of people trying to eat there. They need to change to a using some screens further away so people don't crowd round the service area and block everyone else while waiting.

Corbin Spence

I go to this restaurant quite often! This is my favorite restaurant to pass a nice evening. I visit this place many times. The meals are very good, the team is polite and the cost is good. I like going in this place to have a rich meal.


Excellent service, very friendly staff quality product for the price, step ahead from other burgers franchises

Michael Whalen

I love in and out Burger but there is something I've noticed. The burgers sometimes have a small tinge of pink in them. I was with family and one of them flipped out as she can't have any pink in her burger. I looked it up and an article said one in every 3 burgers cooked to safe internal temperatures actually changes color to brown. So I don't think it's an issue. Has anyone else noticed that as well? Still love me some in and out

Johnny Wagnon

We stopped in the first day we were here in San Francisco and we loved it so much we had to come back before we left today!

Louisa S.

The burger was decent, slightly better than McDonald's but not better than Burger King. The fries were terrible. They tasted like they were deep fried then left out for 3 hours, then deep fried again. Aside from that, the location was great but there were little seating. The wait was very long.

Mark J Fiore

Fast service. Easy menu to order from.

Neal Hesselton

In n out is great. If you haven't tried it just go.

Mike Mcgrew

Clean. Friendly people and it's just like you'd expect in n out burger to be, delicious.

Thomas San Francisco

The number one of a double double cheeseburger, fries, and medium drink refillable for $10 satisfied our hunger pangs after a long day in Chinatown exploring the hundreds of booths at the Autumn Moon Festival. There was a crowd lined up patiently for these tasty burgers and the fries freshly cut were additive though definitely not a healthy food. But once in awhile give in to your cravings though they may not meet the approval of your doctors and vegan friends.

Zach Myers

Loved it - had my first ANIMAL STYLE burger and it was worth the wait. Service was friendly and the meal came out super fresh and hot. He restaurant was clean and the clerk even came over to wipe our table down for us before we sat down. Gotta try this place if you’re not from the California area.


Well, what shall I say? It's an In-N-Out Burger! It's soooo good. As mostly it was packed with lots of people and you had to wait but the staff managed this and each order nicely. Well done! My Double-Double Burger was excellent and my Animal Style Fries as well. Go, you definitely must try that.

Eddie S

Good Burgers, but expect to wait in line for a while. Here in California you get paper straw and there not good at all. Bring your own if you can or otherwise you will be sucking on the straw forever to get a sip.

Patrick Heart

Good fast food always good for a quick bite.

Disht Advani

Super fresh meat , animal fries and a must do when in California and you are a burger lover. I personally would do this on my next visit here. Wait time can be long and it can be pricey if you don’t know what to order. Ask for the hidden or secret menu with the animal fries which is a specialty for this joint. #CalforniaBurger

Andrew Aegerter

This place is awesome. I just wish they more consistent in drive-thru. One minute they're cranking out orders, and then it all comes to a stand still.. I'm thinking someone got some huge order and you look and see that the hold up was, one burger or and small drink.

Mellissa Roberts

Super fresh and more freakishly fast than the sandwich guy!

HG Hawkins

good stuff always. but the wait in line is worth it.

Erich J Snyder

Their lines are long but food is definitely worth it, and they get you through faster than a lot of these other fast food joints.

who ami

Very good burger, absolutely terrible, dehydrated, unseasoned, hard fries. Never had worse in my whole life.

Jim Mikrut

Run Professionally, great job, always wish fries were longer, too many stubs.

Juan Hickman

Retired Brits on holiday in Arizona, with a long list of places where we want to eat, mostly based on US films and TV series. We don't have In-N-Out Burger back home and we, well particularly my other half, have been wanting to test the claim, often stated, that they are the best. The USP of just having 5 menu items didn't seem to hold up for one confused Brit at the counter, even having checked the menu online before our visit. Thanks to my server who talked me through the process without making me feel completely hopeless. Dare I say that I'm not a huge fan of burgers, particularly fast food but my other half was so keen, so I decided to give it a go too. I opted for the burger wrapped in lettuce - Protein - and my other half had a double double. We opted for well done fries. Strawberry milk shake and iced tea completed the meal.


Everyone knows these burgers, fries, and shakes. Are yummmmmmmmmy to ya tummy!!

William A

The burgers were amazing and great customer service. It's a small place but amazing experience.They also have a secret menu.

aReLLy NiEto Rmz

Great burguers! Not the best I have had though. The fact that this restaurant doesn't have a customer bathroom is annoying :(

Cefcef Cefcef

Easily best fast food burger anywhere!

Adrian Epstein

Literally had a layover in San Francisco to try this famed burger joint before we head to New York. The burger didn't let us down, full of flavour and very fresh product. The fries would have been great but were so cold we couldn't get the appreciation that others have. The (secret menu) animal fries were tasty but again having it with hot fries would have been awesome. Still recommended but the quality check needs to be better to ensure all items are fresh.

Bill Sandigo

Double-double is always worth the wait in the drive thru as this location is extremely busy all day. Super friendly staff from ordering, paying, to food delivery. My order is always correct at every In & Out I have visited through the years.

James Mak

Took the drive thru. The drive thru back up was getting long and got greeted with an In-N-Out employee who took my order.

Donovan Hadaway

It's a burger, what can I say? Very tasty, fun and inspiring staff. Nice people.

Nashmin H

Customer service was great! Place as clean too. The animal fries and the burger was delicious!

Tom Taylor

There’s nothing like stepping in to an American fast food restaurant at 1145am for a chilling reminder that this nation has a YOLO attitude to healthy living. (I ate a banana whilst my friend quaffed this)

Hayley Smith

The burgers are very tasty. I love the thin patty. Everything is so fresh, you can really taste the difference between other fast food restaurants. Animal style fries is my new favorite.

Alex Y. Moreno

The ingredients tasted fresh and so did the Fries. In my opinion the food quality is a little better than other fast food restaurants. But their service definitely stands out. Good job

Steve Chung

Burgers, for some reason, didn’t taste as good as the ones I had in LA or even in Dallas. It’s still my favorite place to visit whenever I am in the West Coast and I will probably visit this restaurant again when I am back in SFO. The guy taking orders at the counter was full of energy and was very helpful.

Just Recytix

Never had such incredibly delicious burgers! There might be only 3 on the menu but those have been made to perfection. It's rather cheap compared to Wendy's etc. I really love it and i would love to see an in n out in my home country! ❤ Much love from Germany, looking forward to comming back to enjoy those burgers and the beauty of america!!!

Clint Davis

Always a good choice. Drive thru is hectic during peak hours but it's hard to go wrong for the price.

Justin L

It’s always good fast food at in n out

James Hughes

Great burgers. What more can I dsy. Drove half way across Phoenix to find one.

Raymond G. Arias

So I heard praise about this place. it's an interesting restaurant people dressed in white all working together in unison to put together the order for the patrons. Impressive show of teamwork. French fries made from fresh cut fries. Now to my burger and Fry experience. I arrived on a busy lunch time. I believe the quality is acceptable not fitting of the praise bestowed by the people who told me to eat here. The fries are okay again I keep thinking of the praise given to this place. if I had not heard such praise give him by others then I probably would have given this place a higher rating but I was disappointed to say the least. What I visit again maybe I'll have to think on that. Outside from the entertainment of the team dressed in white I did not find the food that's substantially better over any other chain it competes with. I live in Florida we have a company called checkers I consider their product Superior. If this review offends any of your opinions just relax this is my opinion.

Cathy Perez

Crazy busy location but I haven't had a double-double since November and it tasted amazing! The fries were super crispy and delicious. Hard time finding seating as the place was packed.

Dennis T

tasty burgers and really good fries at a great price. can get crowded but lines move s quick and worth the wait.

Mish Canyon

I have good burger, if u haven't had one. Get one now

AI dusty

Good service and excellent food. Couldn't think of any bad criticism but lots of people. Well expected of a big fast food business.

James Gibson

It's always been right , my order, my food, & it would be 5 stars if it weren't for the long lines of cars with people liking same food as me

Scott Minster

Haven't been to In-and-Out Burger in some time and today couldn't have reminded me any more of why I always am missing it. I was raised on In-and-Out being from So Cal. This location in Chandler runs like a well oiled machine meaning everything is proper, efficient, friendly, and just to the point. Just enough friendliness to put a smile on your face but more importantly, you're served properly and quickly. The double double was perfect as were the fries. The only complaint I have is, it seems the size of the shake cups seems to have shrunk quite a bit. I don't order shakes often from anywhere so I may be mistaken but the shake was excellent as expected. I finished up just as the early dinner rush was coming in so that worked out and as business picked up so did the volume of one employees voice to almost an obnoxious level. Not a big deal, of course. This establishment will never let you down. Ever.

Dan Erickson

In n out is amazing. This particular location has always been one of the weaker stores. You can sit in line at the drive through for 20 minutes if you come at the wrong time... Like 2 pm.

james Brown

Good service, tasty and a good price

T Templeton

Being from the East coast. We had to try it. Not bad. Very clean. As busy as they are in downtown San Francisco still fast.

J. Lynn Harbison-Blauser

At the time of my visit they were extremely busy a school bus in the parking lot. I observed all employees were working efficiently moving quickly and working well together. Another school bus arrived. My order was ready in about 5 minutes and was correct. The restaurant was kept clean and inviting. Job well done under pressure.

Sierra Miller

This is the worst In N Out I’ve ever been to in Arizona. Doesn’t matter what time of day you come, even if the are 5 people in the drive thru line it takes a LONG time to get food here. I’m writing this is line right now and still haven’t moved. I don’t understand how other In N Outs can move floods of people quicker than this place can move 5. Seriously need to have corporate look into this location and how they can improve their efficiency.

Kelly Bigliazzi

Food and service was great! Matthew was especially very polite and helpful.

chloe green

The burgers are great. Has great service and you get your food fast


Pretty much perfect every single time. That's In-N-Out for you. The location is very busy in the summer months so be prepared for a wait around lunch and dinner and probably all day, but it's worth it. I will say the animal style fries are good but no where near as good as the burger. Either way it's a must try item at least once, or twice, or every time.

Zachary Andrew

In-N-Out on ray road is our go-to stop whenever we leave Phoenix headed South. There's usually a huge line, and yet we never wait long. There tends to be lots of high school kids at this location, and they can be rowdy. Staff are super fast and efficient, as per In-N-Out standards. Not much else to say! There's a reason they rule the fast-but-quality burger sector.

David Le

I like hamburger. Food taste like hamburger. Yum yum yum yum in my tummy. Fries are the bomb.

Kathleen Barrera

One of my top spots for delicious burgers. I've had nothing but pleasant experiences here and plan to keep coming back. Prices were appropriate. They have so many great reviews for a reason.

Saif Uddin

Horrible Fries, 2nd rate milkshake but PHENOMENAL Burgers

Joshua Greaks

I love me a classic In & Out burger. Fresh, affordable, simple menu. Milkshakes are better than other fast food joints I've been to. Service is fast and employees are quick to help you out.

DBrummer .

Have to give In-N-Out 5 stars! Always friendly, always consistent, made any way you want. It doesn't matter how many people are there (and it was crowded tonight), because they do a great job of keeping everybody's orders coming.

Lupita Chavez

Burgers are great! Fries and shakes are basic. Comfortable environment. Overall, great price value.

Kelly Wilson

Another "must eat" location checked off my bucket list. I am probably the outsider here saying I was not impressed. I understand the name now and the fact that the fries are cut & cooked right there one irder at a time was cool. Fast service was super fast and perfect for busy people. The burgers were good just nothing to write home about.

Jeremy M

You know they are good when there's a line even at 11:30 at night

Savanna Fernandez

I LOVE In-N-Out but this time I had my worst burger. Our buns were burnt on the grill making the bread very hard and the burnt flavor changed the flavor of the whole burger. The young man that attended us was exceptional. I always love this place, just didn't have the best food experience this time.

Darrin Mikesell

Gotta love in n out. It's not on the menu but you can order protein style for a lettuce wrap Instead of a bun. Our family has a couple of wheat allergies.

Bruce B

5 stars of course for in-n-out but this one loses a star just because the location is so tough to enjoy because of the crowds. Traffic is brutal, seats are almost always full. It may not be completely fair to knock them because they’re so busy, but it’s more than that as the location just isn’t great- just not as accessible as others.

James Rivera

A very simple concept with great tasting burgers.

John Harkins

Amazing food was crowded and still got my meal relatively quick !

Victoria & Levi WILDER HEART CO

One of the busiest in and outs i have ever been too! had to wait for a table for a while and everyone was standing and waiting too. Don’t plan to linger too long after you are done eating!

Linda Manton

Great food and great price. Fast service. Order the way u like it.

Leanne Cowen

The employees are always friendly and my order has never been wrong. Only fast food restaurant I can say that about


Can't go wrong with this place if you're hungry for hamburgers. Not much to say except make sure you know when it's a good time to go to avoid a swarm of customers.

ChrisDMan Reynolds

Good double cheeseburger. One of the best. Can't afford anything else though. My son that treats me there once in awhile likes the fries. I don't like them

Tommy O'Malia

All the way from Princeton, NJ, the ONE MAIN THING I was told I HAD to do on my trip to California was try In-N-Out Burger. I had just come from seeing the gorgeous Yosemite National Park, and let me tell you - as utterly stunning as the park was in its natural beauty, it could not hold a candle to the double-double burger I had. I'm going to multiple sights and multiple restaurants on my trip to California, and the only place I will be seeing more than once will be In-N-Out Burger.

Dylan Strickland

The burgers were pretty good but I don't think it lives up to all the hype that locals give it. Though I will admit it is better than most fast food burgers.

Raul Flores Nunez

Great Service quick and quality Food the atmosphere is a bit Crammed But it works I wouldn't Change a thing

Kelly Moe

One thing you always know what to expect when you go to In-N-Out! My burger was perfect grilled to perfection , juicy and delicious and (no onion just like I ordered) fries were crispy and fresh and not to salty just perfect. Vanilla shake was cool and creamy - thank you In-N-Out Burger. I will be back - to bad your not in Minnesota

Patricia Quinn

Slow service and not-so-hot fries but the burger was awesome.

Blanca Arteaga

Not enough parking and seating in and out doors. Staff is nice and try to get your order out fast. Just not enough seating

Patrick Bessette

Always good. This store although it's very tiny they were pretty fast and the food was great

Snuggly Puff

I love ino but the burger was very dry

Bernardo Guardi

Always good. My daughters love this place. The milkshakes and hamburgers are their favorites.

Terena Twyman

Great burgers change in cooking all the time.

Andrew Pasimio

Fast and good service. Plus delicious burgers!

Juan Nuno

You can never go 2rong with In N out Burgers. Food is always fresh a full of flavor. They customize your burger and order to your likes and are open late. Expect to wait....there is always a line in the drive thru and even if you go inside the building. But its worth the wait!!!

Ivan M. Llata

DEFINITELY A top 5 BURGER in my opinion


Burger was super salty. I dont like coming here i like the one in south gate better.

Bonnie Glitsch

I ordered at the drive thru and when I got home I discovered I didn't receive my animal style fries. I checked my receipt and I paid for it so that was a big let down. Innout has great food but it's pricey. I still love to come occasionally but as a treat. It was such a disappointment to not receive what I paid for.

Adam Roberson

Always fast like I was in an out

Jarrod McKnelly

It's in n out. Love it! Super quick service and friendly staff.


Place to eat hamburger delicious

lazydafever music

It was good I didn't have to wait alot because everyone was working fast

Julie Anne CornejoRodriguez

The food was good and anything the only bad thing is that we asked for 2 cheese burgers and 2 milk shakes and they only gave us one of each but from that on the food was delicious completely recommend it

Brandito Cruise

great customer service as the usual from this in-n-out, except may need some work on the cleanliness. Other than that, pretty good.

Luis Lopez

French fries cool quickly and they don't taste the same anymore, they taste ugly

Susan Paramore

They have the best lettuce in the world!

Itz G

Who ever decides to make places bigger should make In-N-Out bigger it gets packed

Carol Curtis

Not impressed. The food was not enjoyable. Probably won't go back for awhile.

Michael Anderson

even tho they are busy they will always take care you and the staff is moving trying to clean the tables as quick as they can while still being friendly. great place to take the family

benny esseling

Awsome burger's

Courtney Mortenson

Never had tried it before but they were good! Shakes are awesome but I would add bacon to the burgers.

Larry Alvarado

Delicious and simple menu. Good fries and good service

Bill Sbardella

Great selection as well as prices and the employees at this location seem to actually care unlike other locations I have visited in the past:) great food and service as always

Paul Ukaegbu

First time there and I was dissapointed. My food was really cold!! I didn't want to be that customer so I threw it away and I am never going back. It wasnt worth a 30 min drive from downtown L.A

Cpt. Gogo Rilla

I've always heard that it's the place to go for a burger but it's good but wouldn't say the best I've had better

David Estrella

Good burger and service

Linda H

In N Out Burger is amazing burger place. The Merced In N Out is almost always busy but service is as quick as possible while still maintaining that delicious and accurate food/service. Amazing! Much more affordable that most burger joints of similar quality. Don't miss ordering from the not so secret menu (details available readily online). I recommend the well done fries which are crisp and yummy. Kudos to the nimble staff and good management. It's unfailingly clean and welcoming too!

Esther Aguilar

Super friendly staff

Naomi Gardner

You haven't been in California unless you eat at In-N-Out Burger. Simple menus. Tasty food.

Christian Michael

Absolutely no comparison. Some of the best burgers I've ever had. Any location is just as good. Sometimes there's a decent wait, but it's definitely worth it.


I mean cmon it’s In-N-Out burger, I’ve never had a non-pleasant experience here. Staff was super friendly and worked fast even when there were a lot of people. If you are newer to In-N-Out, definitely try out some of the “secret” options they have. Such as adding chili peppers to your burger or having is wrapped in lettuce (protein style)

Kyme Stanley

Love this place sure do miss it

Akono Hite

How can you go wrong with a double double?

anna marie parra

It continues to be the home of the Californian Hamburger. Nothing like the taste you get from each bite. The meat is delicious, the lettuce is always fresh, the bun is perfectly toasted and the fries can be seen peeled before their made …

Mayra Alejandra Barajas-Leon

Food is great service is as quick as can be this in n out is busy always creates traffic on the street because customers dont use both lanes but what can we do about that not much. Always have good food there.

michael pierre

The best burger in so cal

Andrew Aegerter

This place is awesome. I just wish they more consistent in drive-thru. One minute they're cranking out orders, and then it all comes to a stand still.. I'm thinking someone got some huge order and you look and see that the hold up was, one burger or and small drink.

Francisco R

a simple, but effective formula. usually get the double cause the meat tastes so good

Mari Carrasco

It's In N Out So. Cals best burger joint

Michael Abeyta

Nothing like a double double animal style!

Sarah Kirk

Great place! Food was delicious and the service was excellent! Ceasar helped us out and he was wonderful. Friendly, funny, and was so nice to my kids.

Carlos Pandis

Simply the best burgers and fries you can think of

Ashton Hughes

Everybody knows that In-N-Out isthe best fast food hamburger chain. There is no praise I can give that hasn't been given before. People visit Cali for the weather but they stay in Cali for the Double Double

Yahaira Talavera

good service, not enough room though

Seth Mackey

Soda from both self serve machines has tasted like cleaning chemicals for a few months now. I have tried both machines and several sodas with the same results. The lemonade is safe. I guess drive thru only. It is almost a peppery or Ajax flavor. It even smells bad. So strange! My kids agree the soda tastes like Ajax.

Hilary Eshelman

In n Out is the only fast food burger my kid will eat. Plus, I love the ethics of the company. Win win.

Vickie Mac

It was good


The Burgers were good and just right espicially the animal style fries

Michael Whitfield

Fast double drive thru service. Awesome

Wallace Brown

Love this place! Food is done rapidly, good customer service and a clean place to dine in.

Robbie Pabst

Great food!! Grub hub delivered both great job!

Cristina Mireles

Food and services are great the only issue is the drive through ugh it gets so packed and on coming cars are honking people cutting in front its ridiculous but besides that no complaints on food or services

Stephanie Ballesteros

The only problem it's the wait and the traffic, always I lost like 20 minutes and this is a problem for years they should hire more people or do something to solve...........

Kelly Mack

Always fast and friendly! Food is amazing!

Allen Morrison

I greatly enjoyed my first visit to In-n-out. I love the crunchy fries and moist burgers. My only complaint is the use of special sauce. I much rather have a burger without it.


Had a overdue mother and daughter outing with Alexa had a great time

Jigna Maru

I love their burger. Some reason it was not the same.

Valerie Thomas

Love those fries too...

Bridget M

Native Californian who moved to the East Coast. Stopped in for old time sake when visiting the Bay Area ....and the burgers were gross and super small. What happened to fresh hand made patties? These looked like McDonald's IMO ( haven't had that gross stuff in 20+ years)... growing too fast maybe and losing the fresh flavors that made them so unique? Sad. .

val val

Fast service. Great food. Considering its always crowded they do not fail at great service

Christine Bryant

Great protein burgers & other custom items. Just can't get it right. I like lots of pickles in a bag... not 2 slices.

fadi chalhoub

Best hamburger in town. Always good. The spread with frensh fries are yummy.

Lola Stevenson

Thank you Marcos for helping me get to the online application.

Martin Ortiz

Great had lettuce wrap and double double

Mynor Marroquin

Love the way the help people


Amazing burgers and shakes

Eliza Mej

Best freshest burgers in Town!

Elvis Queme

Drive thru line usually extends into the street

Juan Pena

Eventhough it was very busy due to lunch hour, our food was ready fairly quickly. The restaurant was very clean and customer service was excellent as always. Food was even taken to our table. Great experience!

Alvaro Lemmen Meyer Díaz

Damn, do I even have to say it? In-N-out is a must stop in the UUSS, Its always the same good taste and quality in every restaurant, the prices are great, and people are nice.

Liz Alvarez

is that even a ? in n out is pretty darn good

Allen Choi

La's best

Carol Connors

Awesome as always. Soooooo good.

Min Privatus

In-n-out is just great. It taste amazing and the ingredients are straightforward and simple. When I get a double double protein style it's not even a guilty pleasure just a pleasure. That's another thing. The secret menu is awesome. Lots of good things on there. The Merced In-n-out is just as good as any of the others if not better. I eat there about twice a month and I never normally wIt more than 10 to 15 minutes inside and about 5 to 10 in the drive through. If I had to say one bad thong about In-n-out it'd that their prices aren't as low as they used to be. With that said it's move than worth the price in my opinion.

Socorro Rodriguez

I love this place because the burgers,fries are fresh not frozen. For fast food is the healthies place to go also you could ask for your burgers be Protein no bread.

Josh Loring

Classically delicious, needs nothing more. Drive through is super efficient, even offering convenient boxes for maximum in car eatability.

Naomi Luna

Always quick and flavorful. I like ordering protein style so I don't feel so guilty about the fries (ꈍᴗꈍ)

Joel Williams

I was having a moment and this In-N-Out Burger brought me back to life. Its deep fried ance really good add some pickles and jalapenos and raw onions, some ketchup...yummmmm. you also need a side of fries and good company :-)

B Gonzalez

Can never go wrong with In-N-Out. Makes great burgers, somehow makes service quick even with 10 person lines, packed house and 100 degree weather

westlakes make the world go round

Good clean place fast service even when its crowded

john zuniga

Super delicious

Deanna Valencia

Only place I'll eat a fast food burger...yum

J S Bailey

Always Top Notch . . . We have eaten at In and Outs in CA, TX, CO and now AZ. Everytime has been great. The food is always great and the service is fantastic. These places are always busy. This is a good sign. Try it, we bet you will like it.

Dan Orozco

Can't go wrong

Angie Buchanan

I love inn and out but I just found a curly hair in my burger

Alex Montes

Best burgers in the world

Brandon H

Hands down the best burger and fries chain ever. Don’t mess with what works. Great price. Always a hit. Simple good and quick. Try saying “mustard fried” on your burger to add some flavor to your burger. That’s my local secret to you.

Jossie Hayes Sanchez

Allways easy at druve thru

Sabastian Guerrero

Possibly one of the most iconic franchises of California In N Out is the burger by which all others are measured and with hat comes a high responsibly of those that work the locations. The Indian Hill location is constantly over run by people and not because they are slow. This popular establishment has lines almost daily and still manages to make a mean classic burger and fries while serving them up with a smile. Be it taken out or dine in your car or their covered tables. always courteous and always well made.

LeeAndra Singletary

I in and out is always great I love it and I love the fries I just wish you put more lettuce on the burger your little stingy with the letters but the tomatoes are great I love in and out

Invested Insurance Agency

Best fast food burger around! Their staff always impresses me with smiles, kind words, and efficiency.

J. Lynn Harbison-Blauser

At the time of my visit they were extremely busy a school bus in the parking lot. I observed all employees were working efficiently moving quickly and working well together. Another school bus arrived. My order was ready in about 5 minutes and was correct. The restaurant was kept clean and inviting. Job well done under pressure.


I love the burgers here really good quality food . always a happy ending with in-n-out.

Veronica Pinto

Drive thru service was fast. Food was delicious!!

Yosselin C

My whole Family loves this place. They're always so nice. Always super busy.

Norberto Mariscal

I always come at midnight lines are not bad

Sam Mcintyre

Good food but always super busy

Andy Garcia

A real good burger at a great price.

dc cruz

Order the deals and get sticks for grandson

Ana Torres

I love it yummy its delicious

Stanley Hayes

Great customer service as always even though there's Lions very long but the service is very fast and the food is always good


California fast food institution!!!

Sean Treacy

Ahhh. In-N-Out. I traveled 44hrs for a double-double animal style with extra toppings, light-well fries, and a strawberry shake, and I have one word: dayyum. It did not disappoint. The In-N-Out hype is real!

Melissa Underhill

Amazing vintage shakes that make you remember what a true milkshake used to be

Jay Gonzalez

I only get my protein style burgers from here when I'm on a low carb day

Barbara Fleming

It's a good freshly made fast food hamburger. The prices are reasonable and their customer service has always been great.

Tommy Vo

Great food and customer service!

Johnny Maez

I never went to in N Out place I saw list of food they served really not for me but it was very busy like it popular restaurant people eat. But I did try fries was very delicious. I looki

Aubrie Henderson

Simple easy menu, tasty yet healthy fast food! Friendly professional staff.

Valerio Moreno

Excellent burgers. However, it was a long wait to pick up your food, even when I order just one hamburger. Overall, it was a great experience to eat at.

Brenda Mendoza

The best burger in town and although crowded, they offer the best service ever.

daniel shifflett

Usually good but today wasnt fries were soggy

Henry Warren

These burgers are the best! I always bring out of town guests here and eat until we explode.

Sandra Baeza

The freshness and good price.

Arthur Hernandez

Yummy burgers thanks staff at in n out your all the greatest

Liss A

The best hamburgers in town just too much time to wait

jamie del mundo

Great staff, good personality

XxFearExemptxX GD

One of the most iconic burger places in American really just an amazing place to eat!

Stephanie Wollard

Busy, but good. Of course all In-N-Out Burgers are slammed. I loved their large parking lot.

Cindy Chandler

I LOVE IN N OUT! I'd eat there every day if I could afford it. They are very reasonably priced. My fiance wanted chicken from next door but it was outrageous and selection extremely limited. Made me happy I'd chosen to go to In n Out! This particular one has a drive up (no matter which one you go to, the drive thru is always packed) and a walk-up window. There's 6 tables outside. Had it been a little warmer, I'd have enjoyed it more. Maybe a wind-shield of some kind would make it great, regardless of weather. The young man who served us was very professional, well spoken and made our visit even better! I told him it was a joy to be served by him Just thinking about it makes me want a double-double, best fries ever and a chocolate milk shake. Some day I wanna try animal fries!

Ferdinand Doyle

In-N-Out Burger is legendary in this area. It's fast food but reasonably tasty and very inexpensive. But the menu is very limited -- hamburgers, fries, and beverage. The staff is well trained and the restaurant is clean. But the place is often inundated with travelers, so you may struggle to get a table -- especially during summer months.

Jim Carter

Good meal great price.

Kodjo Akyeampong

This is the very first In-n-out that i wasn't satisfied with the burgers. I bought 2 double doubles, 2 cheese burgers and 2 fries. The double i ate was cold, didnt feel frest and the buns were burnt and crusty. Didnt taste the others but i wasn't pleased with mine, for the very first time.

xoxo b

Employees were all amazing! Def coming back!

Tonya Limon

Love it always fast & order is always right. Always greeted with a smile. Reasonable prices!!

Jeremy Snavely

Not a huge fan of the burgers. Don't get me wrong I won't turn one down, just not a favorite. But the chocolate shake is delicious in my book.

Preston Boyd

It's in and out if, you eaten there before you know what to expect if you're from out-of-state it's as good as they say.

fernando corona

Good hamburgers


Best burger place in town, delicious burger and fries, crowded enough though.

Rose Coleman

Quick service despite being packed and a delish burger especially for the price

D Sh

Easy to spot and easy to order! People here are super friendly. The day we went they were doing a kids special with free hot chocolate with every order. Since we were traveling with 2 they both got hot chocolate and stickers. As they say if you are in Cali you have to go to In and out!

Alex L

I can't for the life of me remember what's the fuss is all about. I think I liked it back in the day, but not anymore. It's very simple basic burger of a very decent quality, well worth it's price, but besides that there's nothing special about it - it is extremely overhyped. If your goal is just to satisfy your hunger inexpensively - go for it, otherwise you can easily find some much more enjoyable food around here, that won't make you feel guilty after eating it.


There was no place to sit at the location and it was packed with people. However, after watiting for 30 minutes you will find a place to sit and the burger was really good

Joël Kai Lenz

Everyone I knew told me to try this In-N-Out Burger in SF. And it didn't disappoint! What a fantastic place. Their service is superb! I was there when a big tourist group swung by and they had everything under control. I got my food within 5 minutes, which was crazy fast! It's clean as well and if the weather is nice, you can even sit outside and enjoy the view.

Stephen Johnston

Old fashioned burgers, old fashioned service at an old fashioned price. Love the French frys make from potatoes fresh in the building, not frozen crap.

shaun sloan

Love this place. Great burgers and fries. No gimmicks just great tasting food and serice

Arrhen Knight

Always a treat! Especially after 11 hours in the air, and hours dealing with long lines at the airport. In-N-Out is like a revitalising and reinvigorating serum

Jason Ioffe

The best of the best. The crowd never ends and seating is limited, but this is hands-down the tastiest In-n-Out that I've exposed my east coast palate to. Honestly, every time I travel through San Francisco without stopping by, I feel a double-double, animal-style-sized hole in my heart. Be sure to research the “secret” menu before trying this chain for the first time. If that is too much effort, simply remember to order animal style burgers and fries with chillies. Forget any overpriced, trendy restaurant. Enjoy every savory bite for an excellent price. Plus, they have stickers! Stop by when visiting fisherman's wharf.

Marty Johnston

The fries are amazing. The service is spectacular. The prices are good. I guess I should give it 5 stars, instead of 4. Oh, the lines are too long.

Evelyn Willis

The staff was absolutely wonderful they all have such a positive outlook and great attitudes and the food was absolutely amazing

Leanne Howard

In-N-Out burgers always good. We enjoyed having double cheeseburger and fries.

kris leclerc

Just another fast food place in my opinion. The food was fine.

ron bo

Always good for me. Don't really know why others would say there are better burger joints than this. It is a matter of what my pallete enjoys. I have tried Five Guys but for some reason, I cannot bring myself to go back there as I did not enjoy the food. Apologies to Five Guys and their supporters. I am sure their clients enjoy their food as well.

Mike Roman

I love this place! My parents use to take me here as a young kid as a special treat in so cal. They are always consistent and always delicious!!! Heres a picture of the flying dutchman with whole grilled onions for the paleo or keto fans. Mmmm! This is the only fast food place where you can order a hamburger or cheeseburger where the lettuce will be ice cold and the hamburger will be hot and fresh.

Raul H

The location is great but the food did not live up to the hype. Everything tasted good and the employees were polite and helpful. The food was comparable to Canadian McDonald's restaurants. I would recommend this to people but would inform them about my experience.

Don Wilmink

Never disappoints. Fast friendly serviy.

Edward Sans

What can I say, it's great. Better food and cheaper than McDonald's. Not too long wait times even for lunch.

Peter Ceres

For the only In-N-Out Burger located in the city you'll have to make a trek out to Fisherman's Wharf. Depending on the time of the year, lines can be long going out the door. I've noticed when it is cold, you'll have a shorter wait. Ordering is pretty straight forward if you don't get creative. I suggest upping your burger game by doing the following: - Getting your buns extra toasted - Getting the flying dutchman (two patties with cheese melted in between) - Getting the animal style burger - Getting your burger protein style - Getting whole grilled onions vs sliced Craving In-N-Out while in the city, stop by this location to get your burger fix.

dave decator

Great burger but french fries were not that good. No place to wash your hands or sanitizer. Over capacity of 63 guest. There was over 100.

JD McQueen

Fresh burgers! Great food. Limited seating inside but additional outside seating in back.

Sean Miller

Probably one of the only fast-food burger shops in which the burger really reminds me of a true home cooked burger - and perhaps even better! I've had better burgers, but for a quick bite (despite the perennially super long lines, service is exceptionally fast) and a surprisingly reasonable price, In-N-Out definitely takes the throne of the fast-food burger world, and it's not really close.

2fps doggo

So good if you love burgers then head on over its great

justin sandusky

Always clean, fast/friendly service, and quality food. If you've never been, I'd recommend Googling some hidden menu options. Otherwise, their menu is very simple ('Animal Style' is a local favorite)

Gregory Norris

Absolutely not worth the hassle or wait to have an average burger w average fries.

John N

I used to love in n out however I believe shake shack takes the #1 spot.


Great Burgers & Great Place Too Work Also, I must say


Love this concept, simple menu, incredible customer service. Delicious!!

Jay Way Spec

One of the best burger. Fishermen's Warth

Isairis Garcia

Great burger and animal fries. Got our food quickly considering how packed the place was.

Jason Williams

It's In-N-Out, it's the best. If you don't have them where you live, come west and visit us. Best fast food burger ever. I have never had a bad meal. Triple with cheese protein style. If you are not watching your carbs get your fries animal style.

Hal Li

Nothing to say. It’s In-N-Out. I wish they could be more faster even they already did. Have you ever try to put the monster fries into their hamburger. Can’t stop.

Gilbert Artiaga

Try it you'll like it like the rest of Pasadena. It can get busy at lunch and the dinner pickup hours, but totally worth the wait.

christina mendivil

The Best Burgers ever i Love it!! Ok ❤

jeff pearce

I’m from New York and I always make it a thing to get some In-N-Out when I’m in California. I recently had a Double-Double Protein Burger with animal fries. It was good but if you’re going to order animal fries you might as well order your hamburger with the bun. Protein burgers are when they substitute the bread bun and wrap the burger in lettuce. It’s still good but I prefer a traditional burger. The counter person was nice and friendly. The store is always clean.

Sammy Feliciano

I think that this is the simplest but best Cheesburger for a fast food chain. The animal style cheese fries was very delicious and the burger was fresh, big, and seasoned. Bathrooms were clean and the menu is simple which is a relief. Staff was friendly and it is family friendly. Dine in and carryout available.

Dallas Urwin

The food quality at this location was sad. I've had some very good meals at In-n-out, so I know they usually have a good quality product. The buns on the burgers were burnt and hard, and the fries were chewy and likely over cooked as well. If you're looking for an In-n-out experience, I think the lesson learned is to stay away from the tourist trap locations and find a more local setting if possible.

Sweetie Jackson

Delish..nothing like a good ol fashioned burger. Busy... but service was quick. We were In n Out!

Adam Bergstrom

Long lines and an ever longer wait once we ordered. People were friendly but honestly, this was way over hyped. Marginally better than McDonalds. Get your self to a 5 Guys and have a good hamburger.

Julie Watts

Love, love my In-N-Out but sometimes there's a wait due to freshness and demand and cheese fries. And sometimes you end up sitting next to the homeless dudes they let come in for free drinks. It's a cultural experience and not one to be missed. Getting in, or out, can take a bit, but it's my go to when hitting the zoo, which is very close by. BRB, need cheese fries.

Linda Block

The best at what they do, a, staff friendly and helpful.

David Stocks

Basic, but much better than it appears. Very good hamburger. Very friendly staff, seen to observe hygiene standards (gloves, etc.).

Tessa Wong

Not sure what all the hype is about, but the burgers were very normal. Nothing to shout about. The patties were thin too. The fries were soggy and we didn’t finish them.


Never ever ever ever, a bad idea when your hungry and don't know where to eat to just make In-N-Out your fall back. It's not even a bad idea to make it your first choice. Its never a bad idea to get a double double with animal styles fries and a pink lemonade. This place, this particular In-N-Out was amazing. Really good spot. Even when they were absolutely slammed! We still got our food quick!

Aman Mishra

Best cheeseburgers in the area. Animal fries are pretty cool too!

Line Cliché

It's In-N-Out... Named that for the way it used to run in the 50s before anybody ever heard of it. Now it's bout-10-min... but as good as ever. Bring someone with you to anchor a table while waiting for your food. It's pleasantly busy all the time, but it makes it an adventure

Cecilia Choi

You can make valu consumption at here. Clean and simply taste.( If you prefer chewy and oily taste you may not get any satisfaction.)


In n Out is always good when I am craving it . I love their cheeseburger with grilled onions, the animal fires, and their milkshakes are amazing. The biggest issue I find with In n Out is you have to eat it ASAP do not get it to go and take a long time to get home. It is definitely a meal best eaten right away.

brittany williams

First time going here both burgers were still raw for being such thin patties you’d think they’d be cooked all the way.

M Fisher

The single patty burger is a lot of lettuce, tomatoes & buns, cause the patty is thin..I was somewhat disappointed. This was the first time I had order a single..I know now to stick with the DBL..

Stephie G.

We went in just before lunch time. The place can get a little crowded during lunch. The burger is delicious but not something out of the ordinary. The service is great and fast.

Jessica Gonani

Always delicious. Animal style, protein style is my fave!

Christophe C.

Best place to save a few bucks near Fisherman's Warf. If you're not run California, stop by and get some "animal" style fries. It's always busy, but the line goes fast.

Addie F

Everything was great except our to-go order sat waiting for fries while several dine-in customers were getting their meals who ordered after us... Frustrating as we were trying to rush. Burger was excellent and fries hot.

Brad Wright

Awesome and delicious! Fast, fresh and always super good. Also, always super busy. This place is always packed! But that's IN-N-Out all the time. Double-Double with cheese, please!


It has really tasty burgers with all kinds of shakes and has a really nice seating arrangement. The service is also fast. I was touring there and it was one of the best places where I had eaten on my way coast tour of the USA.

Electric Booozsht!

Great service even better food

Elliot Rodriguez

I love the food that in n out serves. The burgers are always delicious, the fries are always hot, the drinks are always cold. Simply delicious, with the really friendly workers and their "secret" menu, it's always a great choice for a quick bite.


I loved it because it was no line, even though it was full house...Then it seems people in there are literally in and we managed to get a seat before we got our order...and this is by far one of the fastest service I've me they all have fast service but this knocked it out the ballpark...I even got some to go, it was so good..I knew once I got back home in downtown LA, was gonna want more...

Sherrie Nicole Peacher

Many many employees on staff. Super slow getting irders out even though no lines. Food was burnt and crispy.

Kimberly Gila

Wonderful old fashioned burgers fries and shakes at affordable prices

Saemi P

Great, fast, and friendly service whether you drive through or dine-in. Food comes out fresh, made to order which is a bonus. Hot fries are the best. Their shakes are great too!

Abrian McCaw

I got in line at about 1am and after three others got through the ordering process the employee told me they were closed. I asked why the other people in front of me got to order and they told me it was because they were in line before close. Why didn't they send anyone out to let me and the person behind me know? I waited for almost 15 minutes to find out they were not going to take my order? What kind of customer service is this? I asked for the manager, Jackie, and she told me, "sorry, you were just too late." What kind of service is that? I will not be going to this location again. I do not recommend anyone else try here in the future if this is managements stance on their guests.

Krutika Mude

Best beef burger I have ever had. We went there on 4th of July and in spite on huge rush and big queue outside the store their service was fast and good at the same time. The staff is really patient and friendly.

Jessee Teodore

In-N-Out Burger was so great place for so good food. They have a massive burger and has a juicy filling at affordable priced. Cool place and friendly staff.

Beverly Scurry

Standard in and out. Nice employees. Just prepare for a line. Fishermans wharf is a busy location, right up until close!

Raven Sikkness TV

I could probably make a better burger to be completely honest. I don't get the hype of In-N-Out Burger. The fries are mediocre but easy to stomach.

Hope Robledo

Made perfectly! We all loved it! And definitely ate too much

Nathan Vogt

As a midwesterner, we don't have this so I had to try it while I was here. They hype is legit. This place is like old school McDonald's, you want a burger fries and a shake? Good, that's all they serve. Basic burger and fries that are exactly what I wanted after a 5 hour flight and an hour bus ride. This particular location was absolutely bangin' on a Saturday afternoon, and we were still in and out in about 10 minutes. I guess the name speaks for itself.

Doug Adams

Great food! Clean restaurant. Fast service.

Nelson Daley

Burgers were tasty. Fries were strange. Not sure of a better way to describe what was obviously a fresh cut fry but still tasted old.

Michael Schultz

Good food, but excellent service. My wife demands that we stop when any trip brings us by one. Once it's my limit though. Sadly, fries are only mediocre. Perhaps they be better if cooked longer.

Leszek Rymsza

Burger. If you like burgers I can recommend this place.

Victor Aguirre

Quick service even though it is always busy here. It's In N Out, you know what to expect. Always good

Ryan Bachtold

Best burgers in California! Hot and fresh every time. They litterly cut their potatoes into fries right in front of you! Other fast food places just buy frozen fries off a food service semi.. In and Out definitely goes the extra mile.

Josue Preciado

Fries get stail pretty quick but the burgers live up to all the talk. If you are going to get fries I recommend the animal style

Leo Garcia

Too many kids working at this place there is no adult the food is great

Kerri Jonas

Always clean, friendly staff, good value and always fresh. #1 go to.!! Thank you

Clarence Chase

Amazing place with best quality food. specialty of the place is the burgers and the fries. it is known for them . It has very fast delivery and service. The prices are affordable and it is worth the amount we pay for the food.

Nathanyal Carbray

I got the strawberry shakes fast service very tasty

Derek Griffin

Great service and fast. I had the Double Double (animal style) meal and substituted the drink for a chocolate shake. The reason I didn't give it 5 stars was fries were not crispy enough and the shakes are way to small (size was almost like a kids size).

Maddy Manzo

There hard work and great burgers are always appreciated

Terry Linthicum

Great burger! The double double is a meal in itself

Ramona Chavez

More than likely I ordered a protein animal style burger double patty with fries and a Neopalatin shake. I moslty always enjoy In N Out.

Honza Mikulka

Very tasty burger, simple menu, good prices, outside seating.

Rubina Khater

The food was good bc its in n out but when i received my food it was cold. Cold fries and burgers. Service is horrible they confused my order like 3 times smh. Poor management.

Stephen Johnston

Old fashioned burgers, old fashioned service at an old fashioned price. Love the French frys make from potatoes fresh in the building, not frozen crap.

Pedro Sanchez

Very tasty and cheap meals. You can find these fast food restaurants only on the east coast. So go got it. I recommend.

Blury Kitty

Going to California for the first time and having this place HYPED up was ended with extreme disappointment. It was an absolutely disgusting restaurant with a staff that had a horrible attitude, no sweet tea, and only 4 menu times. Like what? That and the burger was bad. I have ZERO clue why anyone hyped it up, I was told it's the best burger over there. Burger King or McDonald's would have been better and cheaper

Marty Johnston

The fries are amazing. The service is spectacular. The prices are good. I guess I should give it 5 stars, instead of 4. Oh, the lines are too long.

James Marquez


Evelyn Willis

The staff was absolutely wonderful they all have such a positive outlook and great attitudes and the food was absolutely amazing

Myra Small

I love me some in and out

Noe Garcia

It was the best thing I've ever tasted soooo good recommend it if you like eating out side well this in-N-out is for you

Og Slashnder

The burgers were the best the fries were good but not the best but what would you expect for cheap over all this was a good place and you should go to

Robert Gutierrez

Headed out for a business meet up and needed to fill our bellies before the drive. Stopped by good ol' In-N-Out. Line was fairly long but as usual moved very quickly. Kinda hard to knock a place that always comes through. Nothing exuberant but always delicious.

Pauline Little

Prices, people and food is delicious!!

Steven Ortega

Triple stack protein style is a must

Andrew Jeppesen

In and out is awesome no matter where you go. This location does not disappoint. The staff is Snappy and responsive in getting your order out and the food is always Super Fresh. Excellent management of this location, my wife and I were very impressed.

J Robles

The freshest, best burger in my opinion. In N Out is a treat!!!Fresh, made to order, great fries and shakes!!! Enough said

Edward Sans

What can I say, it's great. Better food and cheaper than McDonald's. Not too long wait times even for lunch.

Matt Krause

Good food the drive threw was packed in to the main street. The prices was decent

Harmonious Unicorn

Good food. Good price. Small place so it gets packed fast. Still worth it.

Logan Carter

The workers are absolutely wonderful.

Ronald Tacey

We were looking for a quick bite for lunch and took the next exit. There was the unusual assortment of fast food chains. We noticed that most of the cars were at In-N-Out Burger. Not being from California, we were not familiar with this chain. It obviously has quite a local following. Service was quick despite the big lunch crowd. The burgers were good. Better than most fast food chains. We enjoyed the fries also. It was a good experience and if we had the choice of where to eat again, we would choose In-N-Out Burger over the bigger name brands.

Liliana Torres

Good food fast service and nice customer appreciation

Stacy R

Food was great. But customer service was not good. Rude cashiers.

Maribel Cruz

Great food great service about 20 min wait.

Scott Carlin

This is standard really good in and out experience. Exactly what you hope for!


Obviously great food! But even though the line was long it moved surprisingly fast and a bit of a wait to receive the food. Efficient and friendly staff, seating was at a premium but we ate on the car. There was traffic when we left to go eat but plenty of parking when there.

Miguel Calderon

As always great costumer service

MEME16 2

In my opinion it is one of the best burgers in the world

jorge flores

I love in & out, Dentro y fuera los recomiendo just remember they have Free soda refills.

Edgar Flores

Drive thru is quick and efficient. Excellent food quality. Highly recommend this in n out and have been coming here for years.

Veronica Gomez Sanchez

Love how they open the door for you and they were so awesome to there regulars. There awesome all around, the manager should reward then with something nice. They all deserve it

Edjah Man man man

Simply one of the best In and Out locations that I've ever been to. I've been to a lot of locations. Very high quality employees and food. Thank you!

Bernice Pedroza

Great service and great food

Claudia Velasquez

Excellent customer service

Donald Tidmore

Never a disappointment love the animal style fries and burger.

Kimberly Moreno

I love this place and the food and service are awesome.

Christopher Kraft

I like In-N-Out burgers because they are made fresh and are quite tasty. I usually get the #2 Combo, a single with cheese, fries and a drink. I also like to the chili peppers.

James Goss

The thousand island dressing with sweet relish should be band by law it is gross!

Ann Scott

Great value meals, usually during just hours there is an employee with an iPad to take order so there is no delay in drive thru. Fresh ingredients and always hit off the grill.

A Ramirez

Love this place! Lines are never too long and they move fast! Only a 5 minute drive from where I live! Employees are super nice


Always the most reliable service and quality out of any fastfood restaurant.

Bismark Reyes

Best Burgers in California ...!!!

Marco Lopez escutia

Exallent parking. Clean good service.

Albert Pangilinan

If you need to ask, then you are missing out. Go and order a double double animal style or a 3x3 protein style if you are on keto

Anna Vibanco

Great food and great service

Cathleen Gonzalez

First time at this specific location. It was crowded at midnight like most in n outs but that is what we expected. As usual, the drive through was crowded but it was pretty quick and the order was perfect. Also, I'm not sure if it was just this location, or the time we happened to be there, it was but the bread was a little more toasty than other locations and I personally thought it added a good crunch to the burger!

dalila gomez

Always good anytime

Danny Padilla

Best Burger's , clean , fresh buns, lettuce, tomato,. Friendly service. I wish we had one in Atwater.

Joshua Paylor

when I order just one hamburger. Overall, it was a great experience to eat at.

Julie Watts

Love, love my In-N-Out but sometimes there's a wait due to freshness and demand and cheese fries. And sometimes you end up sitting next to the homeless dudes they let come in for free drinks. It's a cultural experience and not one to be missed. Getting in, or out, can take a bit, but it's my go to when hitting the zoo, which is very close by. BRB, need cheese fries.

Jazmin Alcorn

Great and quick service. Good burgers, not too big though.

Liz Jara

I love In n Out. The staff are always polite. The burger is great and so are the animal fries.

Derric Brown

Top Choice always

Alondra Salgado

I love in-n-out, but the burgers from this place taste weird, didn't like them.

Heriberto Cordova

Very good food great service

Ares Esias

Took a really long time and they messed up a couple things in the order. But I liked the Double Double, so it evens out

Rick Moraga

Love it! I just realized that the only way to eat the fries there is Animal style. Yummy!

Camille Vo

Delivers as always. In-n-Out has a high standard of quality and this location is no exception. The drive thru is so speedy that you'll get through a crazy long line in under 10 minutes. Pictured is a fat animal style double double.

Vanessa Escalante

Amazing burgers! Fast service

Lillian Snyder

In-N-Out Burger is a dependable, good hamburger place when the family is hungry. Yummy, satisfying and at fair price.

Robert Delaware

Get animal style it's the best but take some tums after.

Brianna Hidalgo

Best burgers i have ever had! I can never get a burger for cheap that taste this good! Always a long wait but it is worth it. Bathrooms are always clean to. Also love that it's open so late!

Leo Rio

Great food with quick service, what more would you like from an In n Out?

Christian Aldana

Service is perfect but many Better burger places in my opinion not worth the long lines just go to five guys

Keni Lopez

Really good service and a helping hand

Rachel Veeneman

It reminds me a lot of steak n shake from back east. Wanted to try it out and had an enjoyable time. Customer service was great. The aesthetic was 1950s excellence. The food was so-so. The buns for the burger were toasted to long so there wedges were crunchy or stale. The fries just were kinda meh. I actually went back to the counter and asked for fresh fries cause the ones I had tasted old. They kindly got me new fries and to my disappointment the fresh ones weren't much better. They kinda had a rescue of a sponge with not much flavor in some areas. Probably won't be going back to in n out Burger but I'm glad we got to experience it as it's been in our list of places to try out. Soda machines were super fresh and the burger and vegetables themselves were good though!

John Bazan

This is one of the best in and outs I've eaten at. The one in Upland and San Dimas sucks.

Robert Webster

Fast location and same ole recipes


In n out is just great. The service was fast even though they had a lot of customers in line.

زمن الود

Super tasty definitely recommend it for anyone

Mark Barbrick

They make great burgers and fries the right way!

Itza Monge

Unique tasting Burgers, plus a good place to hang out with family and friends. U don't have to break the bank either, good prices.

Adelfo Carvente

as usual the doble doble

Eli Tuber

Had to try it out on vacation. Good thing i was not that hungry. Burger was pretty thin.

Tarundeep Singh

Great and delicious burgers. Animal fries are pretty impressive.

Kevin Zheng

I think in and out in smaller cities are way better!

Richard Reed

If you've never had a burger and fries here then you should try it just once. If you do it won't be your last visit. Have yet to encounter a face there without a smile to go with the service.

A. Bootz

Usual good burgers and very friendly staff. Juan was very nice!

sean daniel

Always a hit. Food quality on point! Go support then and your taste buds. Fast efficient system of customer service. Always busy always good. Fair price for one of the best burgers in the world.

Pat Block

Always reliable. Fries get soggy quick. Ask for fries crispy

Eric Smith

Ehhh it was ok I guess. I didnt get sick. So I guess it gets more than 1 star.

Patty Crouch

The Best! I have been going here for over 30 years and they have never messed up my order!

Santos Flores

I love In-N-out, beautiful people, tanks for your delicious burgers


Good in and out was very good got our hamburgers Nathan hot are french fries cooked fresh that was good

Shawn Conley

Great food & great service.

Gaming with Angel_YT

It was probably the best meal I had in a while

John Farr

Always good cheeseburger

Jeff Jaques

Great food and relatively quick service. Fries are only so-so, but I love chili peppers on the burgers!

Lyle Johnson

Best Burgers in town and dont let the long line scare you. Very fast service!

Maria Garcia

They have to do something related with the long wait the lines hold the traffic and it's not worth it spend 15-20 minutes for an hamburger......................

Hard Style

You simply cannot beat in n out. GREAT fresh flavors, a fair price, nice place, very quick, very attentive and very friendly workers They win every way!


Always the same good no surprises

Stephanie Varela

Love the protein burger here!! Meat is flavorful and French fries are fresh and always hot!!

Lacey lover1245

Good it was ok it wasn't like the one in Fresno that one's my favorite

Drew Nelson

Waited my whole life to try In-N-Out and finally had it today. Was everything I'd hoped for and more! Animal style is the way to go

linda landry

I used to love this burger joint. Disappointed the last few times with soggy lettuce. Won't be going back.


Fast short lines usually

Jene Watt

It was busy but I didn't have to wait too long. And the cashier was very nice to me.


Amazing burgers!! Great for dates!

Jose Aguilar

we could said the is Because it's my Favorite food. love it.


The animal fries were delish!


Wonderful service. The free hot cocoa for kids on rainy days was a great touch! I wouldn't be lying if I said I came all the way from Hong Kong for an animal style double double. And the fries are worth cheating on any diet for.

Horocchi Senpai

Great food, fair pricing. Great employees.

Brian To

Great burgers and love the fact they have a lettuce wrap option

Lupe Ramirez

Great cheese hamburgers and fits our budget place friendly cashiers with a smile!

Shane Hemeryck

Always the best burgers with the best service. I don't always eat out but when I do I go to In-N-Out!

Cristina Jimenez

Always clean, great employees and one of the most delicious burgers that I ever had

Skarce Voxan

It's a delicious hot spot with bomb juicy in your stomach burgers. That's all you need to kno >:)


the communication is kind of okay I've been to some in and outs were there just like clockwork at this particular one I feel the front staff kind of dropped the ball a little bit as far as getting the orders correct maybe they're rushing too much and maybe they should just pay a little bit closer attention to the order to get it correct for the first time the line does get big inside and we know that drive-thru is priority so it's important to get the order correct the first time because the stand in the huge line all over again to get it corrected or add something it's kind of a headache

Dan Barnett

It's what a hamburgers all about, Best burger chain on the West Coast. California Dreaming with these delicious burgers, fries and shakes

Ana Arreguin

Very good hamburgers and clean places I

Sunshine Salgado

It was okay.The lady at the window kept messing everyone's order up. But in n out is good so I really didn't care.I just wish there was better service.They were also very slow just to get a drink which i don't get because it takes 5 seconds but it was bomb so...

Itzel Neptune

Always the best hands down it's always very packed especially during the evening but it's worth it!!

Jayson Rogers

Always great service and freshly made burgers... Delicious!!!!

Blanca Torres

Great burgers n fries no need to say more

Traci Cohen

Can You Cook Bigger Frieds .These Frieds Are To Sharp.

gloria bejarano

Best place to eat burgers

Dr. David Johnson PhD

Good food but they seem to be living off the name service was not that great.

rae wu

always consistent here. I enjoy their burgers and they always taste good, never a sloppy burger, service or attitude. gets very busy at peak hours though because of the location

Nelson Daley

Burgers were tasty. Fries were strange. Not sure of a better way to describe what was obviously a fresh cut fry but still tasted old.

Lance Paine

We stopped here on our way back to LAX and London, to try the much vaunted California Institution. Delicious. Friendly. A delight! I'm currently following a low-carb diet and had a 4x4, which was so delicious I had another (somehow losing fat on this - science) My wife had the cheeseburger, fries and a shake. She assured me they were great too. Paulette and Kevin brought the food to us on the 'patio' with great smiles and left us with a good impression. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend.


We don't have these where we live so it is always a treat. Service was quick, food came out quick considering how crazy busy that they were. And as always: Delicious!

Lourdes - Lou Cases

Service was quick. Hamburguer was delicious, however, fries were cold and stale.

CindyJo Ferguson

Always so nice and friendly, I love the happy people that work there. Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!

Giang Nguyen

The food is very consistent so you'll always know what you're getting when you walk in and its always consistent on good quality. These aren't the best burgers in the world but they are undeniably solid and affordable burgers.

Steve Vickers

Best place for a late night burger

Rylie Bell

Excelent service. Staff is attentive and polite. In my experience this is one of the only fast food resturaunts ( or in n out resturaunts for that matter ) that makes sure your food quality is guarenteed. I am allergic to tomatoes and without fail the staff is always made sure to do everything they can to accomidate that. The restraunt is clean and has a good atmosphere. I recomend it to anyone who hasn't tried it before.

Cathy Roberts Greenwell

I loved In and Out before they got stale dry buns and cold burgers :( Culvers is the best fast burger in town

Aaron Z

Really good burgers. The fries are decent but they’re cut really thin, so you have to eat them quick if you want to eat them hot. However, I’ve never ever gotten cold food from In-N-Out. It’s also immaculately clean considering the ton of business they do daily.

Cesar Aceves

Good food, good service.

Timothy Decker

There is usually a long line but well worth the wait. Good customer service and very consistent food.

Ting X

Pretty crowed all day long, but the line moved pretty quick. Service is good and fast. Food is pretty good and fair. However just hard to find a seat.

ashley gale

Services was good but the burgers taste to salty.. couldn't even finish my food

Tish Williams

Best In-N-Out in California. It's gets really busy here but the line moves quickly.

Renuka Kulkarni

Too good in terms of taste and quality.Must try animal style veggie burger and strawberry thick shake for vegetarian options.


Enjoyed a freshly made 3x3 and fries. The average In-N-Out order takes 11 minutes. My favorite burger place.

Vikki Gaines

The burger was fresh and most enjoyable. The fries may be good for some, but they were not my favorite cut. I love waffle fries wat too much.

Davina Maurien

Simple but oh so delicious burgers and fries! The fries are freshly sliced. You can basically watch them make your fries. From a proper potato

Kinich Ahau

Just okay In N Out - not really able to deliver flavor and quality consistently like some other locations.

Jackie Kemp

My Best Friend is visiting from Minnesota... she wanted to try the famous In-N-Out... Very busy... however we were both impressed with how swiftly and coordinated the team was. There was a lot of people but the wait was doable... The …

Beverly Nichols

This place will not disappoint. We come here when we want our burger fix. Customer service is absolutely AWESOME and the food is AWESOME. Love it! Love it! Love it!

Chad Nichols

Sometimes you get that in and out urge and they never let me down. Love this place

Michel Oechslin

Foos excellent as always but about 50% more expensive as usual

Amber H

They are efficient, bubbly, youngsters with more energy than I. A bit noisy and distracted though. One lady who was on the burger line and was wrapping moved like a machine. She was impressive to watch. The food, as always, was delicious and made to order and the wait wasn't bad at all.

Jay Sung Kim

It's in n out and it has all these smart UCLA students working there. Your order can't go wrong.. and if it does, just ask them to make it for you again. BAM! Five Stars!

Melissa McIntosh

All I can say is we love this place. Great everything.

Danny Choi

One of my top 3 burger places to go to. The SF local is busier than others but they go a system to serve people fast. Someone needs to get the tourist in line. Not cool blocking the exits and soda machines. But a loud excuse me or gentle tap on the shoulder will get them to move

Steven N.

The food was what one can always expect from an In N Out; tasty and served hot. And like most every In N Out I've ever been to, about 25 of them, it was crowded. But unlike those I've visited up and down the west coast, this was the slowest and least cleanest so far.

Michael Robles

Went through drive through and the service was friendly & fast . thanks in &out.

Edwin Poon

Standard American style fast food fare, although the cheeseburger I had was really good and didn't have any sogginess I would typically associate with a meal like this.

Jeff Miller

My wife and I never (past tense!) understood the In N Out craze. We thought the lines were always unjustified and unwarranted. Not so! We were wrong! The burgers are great and can be scaled as high with patties as you want! Protein style (lettuce wrapped).... Great for someone that eats low carb (keto, diabetes, Atkins.... Etc). The food is great, fat better quality than any other fast food burgers, and I CANNOT beat the price! And to boot, the service is friendly too! Seriously... Go.

Audrey E

For the first time this afternoon I had a double-double bunless cheeseburger. It was delicious. Just really hard to find a place to sit in there, it's crowded. Easy to see why it's such a popular place though!

Roxana Pedraza

Loved it tasty chesee bergers fast service and yummy fries definitely recommend it I Double Double fills you up

Emmanuel Sandoval

If you like fresh ingredients try the Double Double Protein Style with Onions, extra lettuce and extra tomatoes" I like to add crush chillies. Ask for at least 2 extra spread on the side

CM Brown

I liked In-N-Out enough to come here twice and even return in the future but, it still does not outrank my favorite burger place (Five Guys).

Purple Rice

Best staff I've ever encountered at a fast food restaurant - We stopped by here for a quick bite after the Alcatraz tour. The restaurant is at a good location so it seems permanently packed with people. The food was not bad, but what really made me write this review is because of one of the staff who was going around cleaning the tables. Not only did he clean everyone's table with a super polite attitude, but when you say "thank you", he even bothered to add "you are welcome, because we want you to have a great experience here". What a breath of fresh air in this day and age! Please promote this guy or give him a raise at least!!!


We had heard so much about it but got a bit disappointed in the end. I don't know how burger king taste in US but in Europe I would have rather go there to in and out

Bryan R

Classic burger place with good burgers and shakes! The fries are not very good which i a major disappointment, but that is an issue at all locations. Good burger, but would not go out of my way for it. It did not live up to the hype

Jeff Anderson

Food was good, particularly the milkshake. But call a bug exterminator.

Jeanna Nolette

I have eaten here 3 times this month, the burgers are really good. I like that they post where they get there meat from, I believe it said grass feed and no hormones added. The onion rings are ok the fries are good. Service is good very polite and quick service.

Bob Burns

Always have to stop here when in town. All fresh ingredients make for a great burger at a great price!


Whenever I get to the West Coast, I am much happier when I can stop at one. Always great food and friendly service!

Mazin Shallal

The menu is so limited, even for a fast food place. You basically only could order cheeseburgers. Not really worth all the hype that people from outside of California usually get, which is kind of a let down. and after all the taste could be compared to McDonald’s food.

Derrick Woods

First time having this West Coast staple. Wasn't sure what to expect. But similar to Ms. Anne's in Atlanta I knew I had to check this off the list of spots to try... There are only 3 options to choose from hence the well deserved In N Out moniker... I opted to keep it simple with a number 2 no tomato add keep the onions... While waiting I watched one the cooks prep the fries fresh... That impressed me... It may have taken a total of 5min for me to get my order as this location was busy for lunch. Once I got my order I can say for the price I was satisfied. The fries were fresh and crisp. Not too salty and very little grease. But the main attraction didn't live up to the hype for me... It lacked flavor. I loved the presentation especially the wrapping that makes it so easy to enjoy your hamburger. However, it lacked flavor and seasoning overall and just came off as the burger and fries your Mom makes for you. I'd try it again... More than likely one in LA just because. 4 stars for speed, accuracy, friendliness & presentation

E Marney

Be sure to search for the secret menu online. Animal style well done fries are my favorite.

Jeff Vielstich

Simple menu with Cheeseburger, hamburger and fries. Inexpensive but food is average.

abed alami

The best one which gives fast food in sanfrancisco very clean And good service


Timing was a bit long but they were busy, love the innout way!

Christopher Thomas

Believe it or not this was my first time and they have had locations in my area for many years. It was good but I don't understand what all the hype is about. That being said, I'd go again.

morfeeis W

Never disappointment, always great quality food at a great price.

Luke Hedquist

Finally did it! First time here and it was wonderful food at a great price! Service was top-notch. Great fries!

Aerol Rees Shelde

Love my protein style 4x4. Always long line but thays for the quality burgers! Still get a 5 star on food

Dugan Seawell

First time ever to visit them. Went through the drive thru. Had a 50's 60's feel when I got my burger the taste was also. A little nostalgic for me, not a lot but a little. Enjoyed it most likely will return.


Great customer service! The burger was good but the fries didn't taste like they were done. It was my second time having In-N-Out and I think the west coast version is different from the Texas version. The overall quality of the Cali version is better to me.

Deborah Zamora

Now. When it comes to burger... nothing beats in n out... they have the freshest burgers, fries are cut right in front of you. And the shakes are made from real ice cream. I love the fact that they pay their employees so well. The only 2 downfalls I've seen is it gets so busy that it can take a while to get your food. But it is worth the wait. The second is they aren't all over. Mainly California and Nevada. But once you try it, you will understand!

David Boyce

Has great burgers, but you will wait a long time to get one.

Arathas Kyusepis

When first entering In-N-Out burger, you may be tricked into thinking it is quite retro, but upon closer inspection, you'll realise its not retro, it's just dated! We will get to the food, but first... The hype surrounding this place is almost laughable. The over crowded location is NOT equipped with enough seats to cater for its demand. Instead, what you get is people staring at you whilst you eat so they can take your table the second you wipe your mouth. What a lovely dining experience. The service is pleasantly robotic, but I think this place could benefit from a sign on the counter saying "tell your server if you'd like onions" rather than hear "would you like onions on that" 100 times before you even reach the counter. This particular location has no toilet and when I asked the staff where I could wash my hands before my meal, they simple started throwing instructions at me for another restaurant a few doors down and around some corner which apparently allows anyone to use their restrooms... For me this is unacceptable!! For a fast food joint, the service was as pleasant as it was slow. "So I need to wait 15 minutes for them to cook my burger, and I need to clean my own table, so what right?" I don't really mind waiting as the place was super busy and they cook fresh, but let's get those tables cleaned please!! Ok, so the food arrives. The presentation is great and I think the size of the burger is perfect too. I ordered what I order from any burger joint, two double cheeseburgers. Upon my first bite I think to myself "now that's a tasty burger" but by my second burger, I'm thinking one thing only "SALT OVERLOAD". I've heard of loading food with salt to promote drink sales, but never executed quite as good as this. Needless to say, I couldn't finish my second cheeseburger due to the outrageous salt content. The decorations dotted around the walls are quite awesome, and show In-N-Out in an actual retro way, and these are great. There is also a section for merchandise, which can also be purchased online and which includes In-N-Out themed clothing. This was a nice touch, but ultimately, if the food isn't doing it for me, you don't get my five stars, and this place couldn't even break three for me. Nice experience, decent burgers for salt lovers but get a toilet, expand your seating, put the onion sign on the counter, retrain your staff to be both polite (which they are) and efficient (which they need work on), get those tables cleaned and give the option of reduced salt content burgers!!

Kareem Sherif

First time at that branch, same quality experience as anywhere else

Aryan Mann

The burgers are pretty nice and juicy although the place smells like trash. Order take-out next time lol.

Amy Leemat

People had raved about this place but it's terrible. Probably one of the worst burgers I've ever had. Definitely better culinary delights to find in San Francisco

Lebogang Thabe

Great burgers and fries. The place is very busy. Otherwise great.

Caveat Emptor

Location - 5/5 ( It’s great place to walk around ) Entrance - 5/5 ( They got two entrance ) Sitting - 3/5 ( It gets extremely crowded and there is not enough space ) Staff - 5/5 Quality - 5/5 ( These are the best burgers in town ) Quantity - 5/5 ( Super fulfilling ) - There is nice outdoor sitting around the back foot entrance. - Nice ketchup dispenser. - The french fried are amazing. - The staff is super nice specially when they are bringing items inside the store. - You will be amazed how cheap and good it is.

James Burdette

One of our Burgers was pink inside, they remade the Burger with Great Customer Serbice

Kellz The one and only Lefontae

What can I say, it's In n Out. Always good.

Danielle Basta

Double double was excellent! In-N-Out defies market trends - purchased burger looked exactly like the photo. Animal fries could have been better. They have been in the past, this attempt was a swing and a miss.

Steven Acevez

Always fast service, plus the food here is the most accurate compared to the California ones I used to frequent. Good stuff!

Andrew Ross

Loved it. Line moves quickly and burgers are great. Old school.

Ms Travel

Best burgers in town. When our son comes to visit from nyc, it's the first place he wants to go, even if it's late at night. Have it their way or have it your way. Lettuce instead of a bun, no problem, grilled instead of raw onions, no problem. Free refills, lots of napkins for the juicy burger, eat in, eat outside, or take it to go. You will be coming back soon and if you are from out of town where there is no In and Out burger, you might want to move.


Nothing exceptional. The burger is pretty much average and the fries were bland. Seriously, slightly larger than McDonald's burger and the taste is pretty much average. However, the fries are definitely better at the McDonald's.

Rob B

Always good food and service. Theres long lines for a reason..

Niklas Mann

Packed but stuff did very good job. Despite ordering at 70 and having number 17 we just waited 10-12 minutes. Taste was great as usual! 4 Stars because there were no restrooms available

rita Lowden

Love the food! And great customer service!

Alexandra Vlad

Loved it, cheap price, excellent quality meat and veggies. Fries lightly salted, just great! This was my first time trying this, I'm from Chicago so nothing this awesome exists out east so this is a must.

Renee Bertola

Food was good, service excellent. In n Out is very consistent. Always a pleasure

John Simpson

Love me some In-N-Out! What can I say that hasn't already been said...AMAZING! This particular location 7050 W Ray Rd in Chandler had very fast service, the store was clean, and the staff had a commitment to serving customers quickly and efficiently.

C Hartwell

Thank goodness for In-N-Out, after a long shift working, they are such a good place to get food. You guys working there are doing an amazing service.

Andreas Ianc

It was very crowded,a lot of people but the cashier is very fast.I order number 1(double double burger,fries,medium drink) and it was 10.25$ with tax. Waiting like 10 minutes ,meanwhile drink a cup of coke and try to find a empty table.The food is very good better that average fast-food.I like the originality of the restaurant and the people working there.

Timothy Lo

One of the best burgers in San Francisco. The burger was juicy and came with fresh vegetables.

dean gallaher

What's not to like about an in-n-out double/double and fries. Yummy

Maddie Westall

I order my food and the gave me my receipt. However, they lost my order. So I had to give them my receipt to make my food. Then, I started counting how many people went before I got my food. It ended up with 20 people, before I got my food. The odd thing is it is called in-n-out, it's supposed to be fast right? It wasn't! Also, I never got my receipt back.

Juan Ruiz

The burger was so good. The French fries not good at all. :(

Craig Clevenger

First time visiting, staff was great. Food was disappointing, had the double and fries. Fries tasted stale and burger was average at best. At least it was inexpensive.

Jean Masse

Her first time n I told her she would love it. She did

Dan Larsen

Great food and service, willing to cook your food the way you like it

Benjamin Marinho

Good burgers ! Was the first time and it's really nice. You can choose only between 3 burgers so that makes it easy to order. The fries are home made. And it's quite cheap also. To try at least once even for the non fast food lovers!

Nathanael Meckes

Good food, but they forgot my fries and had to wait an extra 10 minutes for them. Bonus points for this opening in 1970. Very cool.

Guillermo C Olivares

I really don't understand why this place is so popular. The burger was average and the cheese fries were cold with half melted cheese. It was just congealed into a stiff mass on top of the cold fries.

Nichi Hernandez

Everything is amazing. It's always packed but its really fast service.

Ruth Amponsah

It was our first first time visiting an In N Out location, and it was delicious. The menu is very simple, just three styles of Hamburger, sodas, and fries w/wo cheese and animal style. Not at all vegan friendly. I had a double double and the burger taste like they were cooked with care not an unseasoned patty slapped on the grill. The fries are a little dry, I think McDonald's beats them in this area. Overall I would visit again

Alex Jacques

Service at this place has been consistently wonderful. Whether it was in person or at the drive through the staff is always friendly. The food is prepared perfectly and tastes like an authentic burger. Prices are very fair too! If you're craving something much healthier than McDonald's for the same price this is perfect!

Ken Hyland

Would've gave it five stars but the fries were crispy. Spent too much time in the fryer. Burgers are always good. Fries are hit or miss. Missed it this time.

José Luis Garcia

Good burgers, good fries, great milkshakes

Florentino Duarte

Burgers made just right

Norma Soto

The best burgers to me and my son

Yolanda Rodriguez

I like that their frys are always fresh

Bobby Hall

Like all the In N Outs I've been to, the employees here are friendly and the food is outstanding.

J. M.

Crew here amzing and the food is great

Michael Salgado

Great service. Food was made correct to order. Isaiah was very nice.

Rodolfo Garcia

The burgers are always fresh and the French fries too. They keep their word when they say fresh daily. With in n out you cant go wrong

Courtney Hernandez

Burgers are delicious friendly and quick service

ponce luis

Fast service! Great dining area!

Music by Choice

The only hospitable, accommodating, and cheerful place filled with gentle, kind-hearted associates to munch down on mouth-watering, salubrious burgers and fries.

Damian Rivas

Decent place to eat. It's always packed but that's true for all In N Outs. The burgers are very good, but overrated if you ask me.

Bryana Eve

Always a treat to eat here . I can't get enough of their animal frys.

Mark Folkertsma

Always consistent. Delicious and fresh. I miss not having one close to my home.

Cindy Jugglers

Talk about the best burgers, both in LA and las vegas! In n out is great!

Larry Mitchell

with in the top 3 of all burgers

Wayne LeCheminant

Fortunately, they usually get the order correct. Unfortunately, you usually have to wait on Indian Hill--the street--and worry about getting rear-ended by oncoming traffic. Except for the nagging worries about getting demolished in an accident, this In-N-Out is generally a fine place to go.

Steven Fiala

Good service, friendly staff. It's the 2 lane drive through type, so be prepared to wait a small bit

Salvador Estrella

I go here at least 3 times a week.service is always ok.i just dont like to try something everyday over the drive threw.they never say how or if its a sample.but other than that..always good service.

Matt Bresnyan

Although one of the hamburgers that I ordered was made incorrectly they quickly made me a replacement and let me keep the other 1 which I gave to the baby mama

Roxy Reyes

Always like their burgers. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Guy Lemcoe

Great food & service. A+

Flex Moeller

Quick cheap and good with a 50s vibe. Great on the run

JoyceMarie P

I love in n out. Despite lines, they are pretty fast. I go for the protein style burgers or flying dutchman

child awakener

I have never had any problems with this restaurant and the food is good.


nostalgic atmosphere and cheap prices but the taste is not enough. the fries are unusual and dry. probably was the best once but anymore.

Adham Aleid

Delicious tasty hamburgers and French fries

Mark Maedge

GREAT burgers and fries. Milkshakes are very good too.

k mix

Good service great burgers

Marcus Neumann

I love in n out and this one is especially fast and gives there employees shade and drinks. Veey nice.

Edgar M.

I bought a burger here about 3 days ago i still want to buy more burgers.

Danielle Graham

Always great

Cameron Fatemi

Slow as f**k ... per usual. Frickin' line of frickin' cars backed out into the frickin' street frickin' blocking frickin' traffic ... per usual. Food is good. Fresh veg. Meat not overly greasy. It's frickin' In-N-Out. Wha'd'ya want?

Martin Perez-Hernandez

What else can you say about in-n-out burger that hasn't already been said. Fabulous place in the west coast

Jesus Esqueda

He Cashier an amazing smile and it was almost 1 am

Brian Salazar

3×3 real potatoes fries and a coke. Yes!

T. Fontaine

So cheap you'll think you eat rat. Maybe it's the case. Seriously, the burger are realmy good fpr that price. The french fries are cooked with the wrong oil, making them pretty bad. Go for burgers, not fries ;)

Jessica Anderson

Delicious food with great customer service

Alan Dunning

I used to work at this location in 1984. Restaurant is clean and service is quick.

Di Marshall

This is a blast from the past. You can get your burger with or without cheese; fries come in small, medium, or large. They an assortment of soft drinks available self-serve. Shakes and malts , in the standard chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. That is the extent of their menu. The food they serve is quite good but I wish thay had onion rings.

Naif Orabi

Pretty crowded. Well organised. Lovely staff and very affordable prices. I like it.

Steve K

You can never go wrong with in and out Burger.

Brandon Cobb

Good food and efficient service. Crazy busy but ate within 15 minutes.

Rita Kaminsky

When they're not too busy, the place is on par with any in-n-out. When they're busy the quality lowers a little at times but overall still better than most fast food places.

Vladimir Rodriguez

Great place am always is fast to serve u

Tracy Nguyen

I usually don't eat fast food but when I do, I only go to In-N-Out. It's always nice, bright and clean inside. The staff always get my orders right, no matter how much customization I make to each item. But the most important thing I love about In-N-Out is that they have a delicious vegetarian burger (although misleadingly named as the "Grilled Cheese Sandwich")! It's more of a burger without the meat patty because it has burger buns, the amazing In-N-Out spread, lettuce and tomatoes just like the other burgers. I normally don't care for cheese but the way they make it is so good! I always request for added grilled onions and get extra spread to make it even more delicious

Ryan Carey

Great novelty. I enjoy visiting one whenever in an area with one. I had a great strawberry shake too!

Lisa Dorward

Love it but don't like the thousand sauce they put on the burgers

Santo Locascio

Best burgers. Never a bad visit or burger.

Javier Medina

It's nice place to eat and delicious hamburger

Anessa Menard

Service is always fast and efficient!

Douglas Osborne

I think **in-n-out** "Makes America Great Again" in their own way by simply being....great!

Hector Yanez

Theu always make my food to order without mistakes every single time

Pamela Wheatley

I love in n out, the quality never falters, and the employees are some of the friendliest people working in fast food. I did wait quite a while (25 minutes with only 5 cars in front of me) which isn't typical for most in-n-out locations. I don't visit this one too often so I will have to try it again to see if maybe it was just a bad day.

Minooo Atef

This is not a clean branch. They presented sandwiches with fungus and musty buns. When spoke to the staff they were trying to convince me there is no issue!!! After negotiation they swap it for me, but never again and not recommended to any one. STAY AWAY FROM THAT LOCATION for your safety issues

Robert Paulson

Very friendly good food

Misato Blushing

Friendly white staff made me feel welcome and at home.

Lisa Green

Excellent...service..even when packed

Victoria Canela

My kids love this place especially when they order special items. Good burgers

Valerie Rivas

Good food.. always super busy.. hard to find a seat when dining in.. good price..

Brian E. Fisher

In-N-Out overrated. Service is quick and never had an order wrong

Olga Reyes

Delicious and great service ! The place so nice and clean !

Christopher Herrick

As good as any other in n out

Lori Minch Robinson

I love In-N-Out, however anytime I come to this location the soda tastes like soap. I have no idea why it just does.

James Bakos

Most excellent as usual. Again had the burgers wrapped in thick, crunchy lettuce instead of on a bun. The best!

Daniel Solis

The interior is always well kept. Be weary of their drive-thru, it is almost always busy after 5pm

Broken Dreamer

Great food, friendly staff

Victoria Bailey

I missed this so much the service was great and I was extra hungry thank yall so much

Pete Andrews

Always great food and nice staff

s graham

I got the veggie burger, and I had low expectations of it. It was honestly an amazingly delicious burger. I will dedi gently be getting it all the time.

Emily Ha

We couldn't leave California without going to In-N-Out! We passed by here after visiting Yosemite National Park. This was the second time I've had In-N-Out and I'd say my experience with In-N-Out was okay. We got 2 double double animal style burgers with fries and their neapolitan shake. The (mixture of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla) shake was tasty but I did think it was on the thicker side. Burgers had double meat patties with extra thousand Island spread, mustard grilled patties, and extra pickles. They were all right, didn't have anything special in it my opinion. I did like how their fries were fried with sunflower oil but heads up, they were soggy. I would suggest telling them to have your fries well done or light well which are crunchier but not overcooked. Cheap and quick bite to go!

Nolan Minor

Honestly you can never go wrong here. Merced may be a bad town in some sense but the in n out is always great. They have fantastic front service and if by some chance they mess up your order its quickly fixed and more often than not they will ask if you want a shake to make up for it. 5 stars for taste and kindness.


The food is good, Berry fresh. Customer service is really good.

Mike Ochoa


Erika gonzalez

Best burgers I've tried 100%

Alex Zapien

Love In N Out great place to eat especially if you want a great hamburger and animal style frys

Jesus Zapata

Best burgers in town

jesus zarate

Customer service here is excellent. Only so many restaurants have this but one employee that helped me was Jose W he is very friendly and helpful he will go out of his way to help I know that he will keep doing a good job

LaVonne Nance-Esparza

Good food and service

Christina Nevins

Love animal-style hidden menu options. Also love the energetic, smiling employees and low prices for good quality food

R. Harrison

Always a good place to eat a burger! Double-double! The line might be longer than expected, but worth it.

George Jaimes

New paint job and also clean for Pomona neighbors little bit different beware

Sally Mae Carr

Animal style burger and fries awesome as always

Danny Northup

Allways good to go.

Seneca Robinson

Fast friendly and the food was great

Ivan Tobar

It was good especially the the baked fries

Joe Hlava

Best burgers in California. A must try if you like burgers.

alexis resendiz

Classic burger place. Wish there were more of them this place is always packed! I will say that the people who work here can really get those burgers from the grill to ur hands quick!!

sabino ramirez

Food is legitness lol

Daniel Martinez

Good food, the only thing is not much space to eat indoors.

Luis Caballeros

Got me the bubbleguts nasty

Bill Bakken

Just a burger place, but the best burger place.

Sunshine Girl

In N Out is always yummy!

Nikita K

Nice famous chain of burger place on west coast. And there fries are best!!!

Peter Sweeney

I got fast service, and the food is good.

Martin Linsenbigler

Of all the burger places I always like In-N-Out. Especially the fresh cut French fries. I like them better than Culver's for sure.


Like any In N out. Line is long but service always great.

Alexis Cabrera

They gave me my order fast and it tasted good nothing to really complain about here.

Taz Smith

I broke out from them putting onions on it when I asked for no onions.

joseph hughes

I’m from Washington State and people always say that In-N-Out Burger is overrated and not worth getting. But every time I’ve gone it’s been slammed. And the burgers have always been downright tasty. The meat is juicy, the sauce is to die for, and the blend of all the ingredients together work like a professional orchestra. Overall experience has time and time again, exceeded my expectations.

WestLAHunitspoke cali baby

The. Best. Burgers. Ever.

Jennifer Bryant

Great food never a disappointment when eating here

halle kavern

Long lines but we were surprised how fast we got through

Jose Diazdeleonambriz

Really? What can i say that hasn't been said about "IN and OUT" The whether the hamburgers are doubles or singles, are plain, with onions, or animal syle they are deliciuos and in my opinion worth the wait. My personal favorites are the 3x3( 3 meats and three cheese slices) and the animal style fries. Can't go wrong if you choose to dine here.

Barb Cz

For a fast food hamburger the service is quick prices are good and the Hamburger itself is wonderful

Mary Tyler

Thank you in In and Out staff at lunch on Friday. I had a to go order for 25 people with all different orders. It was done on time and was all labeled with their names. I got help carrying it to my car! We got everything we ordered and it was delicious! Thank you for doing a great job! Mrs. T

Jose Verduzco

Great places to eat

Paradox Silva

God wanted a burger restaurant and made In-N-Out. The best burger place on the planet.

David Cramer

Ok, I know ya all love this place but come on now, is it the best Burger you have ever eaten...NO. And those fries, in two minutes they are cold. But hey they make up for this in price, you say. True. Very true. Their sodas are good. Cups good. Still have plastic straws bad or are they...straws I mean. Gotta go...later.

Adam B. Chuckran

A great chain restaurant with Burgers Shakes and fries and is a nice clean location


Great chess Burger's

Terminally Unique

What can I say? It's In n Out...fresh ingredients...simple menu...burgers and fries. Check out the secret can for sure find that online. I'm not saying it makes the single greatest burger ever...but as a makes s really consistently great burger. If you've never had now...get in your car and go there...go ahead...go..

Danielle Baker

In-N-Out never disappoints, they are fantastic. I think I have been eating at this location since I was a kid.

Miriam Perez

protein burgers are super good

Jorge Garcia

Very delicious

Lily Vega

Very good customer service and always excellent service. Worth the wait

Allen Joiner, Jr

First time at a in-n-out, and the order take was very helpful and took the time to explain the menu. Great food!

Breann Wallace

Never had a problem. Always fast and friendly.

Beans Borra

Fresh tasty hamburger and warm crispy flavorful french.

Venesa Clark

Love those animal fries.


Great burgers and fries; you can get grilled onions!

John Lugo

Best place. To eat anytime

Thomas Flores

What can I say? Every good

sadiq bolden

In & out > chic filet PERIOD.

Ari Slater

My favorite location in Tucson! Friendly staff and super efficient despite being insanely busy! The manager today was helpful and kind -thanks Anthony! I'll be sure to return soon

Cassie McGuire

Usually do love it I don't like the type of pickles there now putting on their hamburgers they like bread and butter pickles not just regular hamburger pickles

Gustavo Vergara Jr

Loved it The best

Mike Hudson

Friendly and fast. Good job

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