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13761 W Bell Rd suite b213, Surprise, AZ 85374, United States

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REVIEWS OF Haldi Indian Cuisine IN Arizona

Karen Henriksen

So delicious! Great staff, wonderful food.

Stu Brodie

Best Indian food this side of the Atlantic. Wouldn't go to any other Indian. The absolute best

Alica Blas

Delicious and varied buffet. Traditional favorites along with new dishes that were the perfect compliment. The Tandori chicken was absolutely delicious! The naan, rice pudding were also tasty! Definitely will be back here...thrilled to have delicious Indian food in the far West Valley!

Amber L

Finally. REAL TASTY food on this end of town (& super fair prices to boot). We drive in from Wickenburg to eat here as often as we can for dinner. The masala tea is so comforting and good. The lassi's are just perfect. I try something new everytime I eat here and it never disappoints. They have a lunch buffett too.....awesome! Very attentive and comfortable, clean place.

Serena Uible

Was there for the lunch buffet. The buffet was good. Staff are very friendly and helpful. Price is good. The location is great - right near Sprouts.

Comms76 Arizona

5 Stars gets Service only I'm Indian No No No Food not the greatest Garlic Nan to start with a spread really ...........NO .............................YUCK the Chicken Vidalu Not spicy at all no kick for medium tasted like the cook had no idea of Indian Flavors not good sorry Aervice person was great on customer service 5 stars for customer service not food yuck

Larry Curran

Great Indian food comes to the West Valley. My only quarrel is the atmosphere. It is a small restaurant and noisy on weekends.

Timothy Wells

When we initially tried their food it was great. Over time the volume of meat and vegetables in the curry declined. The flavor has also changed away from true Indian. The last curry I ordered tasted more like ketchup and less traditional. We will not be ordereing food from here again.


Finally! An Indian restaurant near me! I love their other location, but I am so glad to have one close by. The food is always fantastic, and just the right amount of spicy. We will definitely be regulars.

Bikram Mishra

This place is awesome!! I have eaten Indian food all, almost, 40 years of my life

Melissa Ruth

Best Indian food in town! Love the prices and the owners are great.

Hector Martinez

Small & simple. Great food and attentive employees. Try it, you will not regret it.

Jacob Frantz

Decent quality and selection not the best but would probably be back in a pinch

Richard Shute

Great food, nice little place and staff was very friendly!

Dean Reed

Great place, owner is awesome, we eat there as often as we're in town

Jeffrey West

Pretty cheap authentic Indian food, filled my sister, my father and I up. Tons of options from hot to mild. Would recomend for a small family.

Mark Hammon

What a gem! I just moved to the Surprise area from Seattle, and was worried I wouldn’t be able to find any decent food. People here seem to love their chain restaurants. Anyway, I came across Haldi One day while I was shopping at the Sprouts next-door. I immediately went in For lunch the following day, and I’m sure glad I did! I had the buffet, which consisted of a large variety of dishes, So I was able to try many different things. The food is wonderfully flavored, and I especially like their twist on butter chicken. They call theirs honey butter chicken, As it’s got a hint of honey in the sauce which makes it slightly sweet and savory. It’s delicious! The garlic naan had The perfect amount of garlic and cilantro, just the way I like it! The actual restaurant is cozy and casual and Mustafa and his staff are wonderful! I instantly felt at home. If you haven’t tried Haldi, I highly recommend that you go out and try immediately! You will love it! Let’s keep this gem busy!

Rada Ann Labe

v ery good buffets

Kevin Minnich

The food was terrific, especially the Tandoori Sampler and the Garlic Naan. The service was also fantastic, with special thanks to Mustafa and Prabu. What a great new restaurant!

Michael Osman

Great service, great food, wonderful variety at a good price.

sheiren marx

I tried the lunch buffet here with my son everything tasted amazing, the people working there answered all my questions to explain what the items were and were so helpful. I will definitely be back.

Kathy Daniels

We ate here last night for the first time and will definitely be back! The food was delicious and the staff was very friendly! I hope more people discover this restaurant so we can keep them open for business! Genuine and delicious Indian food!!!!

Emily Koeshner

Amazing food and the lunch buffet is out of this world.

Anthony Ortiz

We have search for a long time to try and find a good Indian place and this is it! So incredible! The service was awesome, the people so nice and I can’t complement the food enough. In the picture the curry on the left is Madras Lamb Curry and on the right is Honey Buttery Curry. Both incredible! We will be back soon. It also looks like they have a large lunch buffet.

Mr. B

Excellent food and great service. Would go back!!

Kristi F

Love this place! So awesome that Suprise has a great Indian food restaurant. Yummy chicken korma, naan bread, garbanzo masala, samosas and more! And friendly staff!

Laurence Scroggins

Best Indian food in west Phoenix, or all of Phoenix for that matter. Everything is ace here

Robert Montero

Very friendly and helpful, food was delicious!

Robyn Ross

Outstanging service and delicious buffet.

Konrad Taft

Awesome food! Great service! I have seen so many restaurants move in and out of this location and I hope this one stays for good! My girlfriend and I really want to try the lunch buffet!

James Bright

It was our first time and we loved it

Emily Giroux

Came here for the first time today, on recommendation from my sister. This place exceeded my wildest imaginations! The restaurant itself is small, quiet, and humble. But the FOOD! Everything was outstandingly flavorful. I came for the lunch buffet and ate to my heart's delight. I would give 500 stars if I could. If you live in Surprise or are just visiting, I highly recommending stopping by this place. It might be the best restaurant in town.

Ajax Manatiso

Buffet style Indian cuisine with pretty good food at low prices. Limited hours - just open for lunch.


Some of the best Indian food I’ve had in the valley. The garlic nan is to die for. The prices are fair, when you get the chance you gotta try the lunch buffet.


Today my grandma and I headed in for our first visit here. I'm an avid Indian eater myself so when we saw that they had the lunch buffet, I was eager to try it. The food was fresh, and delectable but what really bothered me is one, the space is very cramped, and two, how hard it was to get a hold of one of the servers. I had to get up or signal myself to get their attention. Perhaps it's a cultural difference, but they were nice overall. Just work on upping your attentiveness to customers.

Zabdy Rios


Denise Marie

Fantastic Indian food. My husband is from England and missed eating proper Indian food. This is the real deal! Great service and freindly staff. We are so pleased and grateful to have a restaurant in which a vegetarian and vegan can eat at or order out. Not many in the Surprise area. Reasonable prices too. We had the lunch buffet and are looking forward to eating there again. We also enjoyed the background music during our meal.

Alyna Fierro

I heard about this place from a family member and I decided to try it out, I was craving something different and new. I ordered a few different dishes, an order of the chicken curry (medium spicy) and vegetable rice with chicken. BOTH DISHES WERE AMAZING!!!! I would recommend this place to any one who wants to try some authentic, fresh, and flavorful.

One Mandalorian

Great food!!! I went here with my family when it was newly opening. We're all travelers from different walks of life with a love of unique foods. Haldi didn't disappoint, well worth the visit and an excellent place for Indian cuisine in the far west valley.

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Food is great! Great service

herman rosario

For the money, buffet is great tasting with good variety. Staff is always gracious & attentive (from the owner to the waiter staff). Surprise needs places like this as oposded to the ubiquitous chain-restaurants. Two thumbs up!

Tom Williams

This establishment is good, could use more selections for the lunch buffet.

Denise Carlquist

Excellent food. Fairly priced for all you can eat buffet.

Kevin D'Mello

Indian food for American taste buds.

Mimi Johnson

Great Indian food

Tyreece Berry

Food was good. Asked for the super spicy but itvwasnt as hot as we were hoping. But it still had lots of flavor. Go and enjoy.

Nina Houston

Good food. Not super authentic but still tasty. Delicious gulab jamuns. Tried the butter was ok. I think I'm just spoiled because I make my own authentic Indian food. If you don't know the dishes well, you'll be fine and enjoy your time. If you know Indian food well, you'll probably notice the difference.


Excellent tasting Indian food

Dave Wolf

Decent Indian cuisine. Wish they would keep resupplying the food during their started lunch hours. As a vegetarian, my choices are already limited.

Melissa O'Banan

Great food & friendly staff. We went to the buffet & enjoyed every second of it.

Holly Jones

Enjoyed a fantastic lunch at Haldi's. Spring rolls were fresh and light. Coconut curry chicken was yummy and the tomato curry dish was perfectly spicy and creamy. They've been open less than a year, and they'll definitely need a bigger space once word is out about how great the food is!

Mark Coffey

Came here for first time wanting something different, great home style service, food amazing and friendly too! Will be back.

Brenda Yaugo

We ate here about two weeks ago for lunch. I'm not a fan of buffets, but this one was excellent. The food was nice and hot, a good selection of vegetarian and meat dishes, and very friendly service. We are going back to order off the dinner menu.

Rachel Chicas

OMG I loved it here!! They are so nice and not just that but my food what super good! I will definitely be coming back!

Matt N0G0

I waited to visit a second time before I gave a review, The food tastes amazing, the place was clean, the 2 waiters working the front were very friendly. Went for the lunchtime buffet both times and just tried everything both times to see how everything tasted. So far haven't found anything I dislike.

Tim Moynihan

My Wife and I just had the lunch Buffet. What a great deal. Go, eat, and enjoy. The people there are very welcoming.

Marcus Eads

This place was wonderful. I had the Chicken Vindaloo made spicy, and it may been the best dishes that I have had it any restaurant (at least the top 3). Also, my daughter had Chicken Tikka Masala and it was the best Tikka Masala that I have ever had. I highly recommend it. The garlic naan is extremely tasty. If a higher rating was possible, I would give it.

Sean Lundberg

Ordered the garlic naan and the chicken curry. The naan was great, soft and garlicky but not too much garlic. The curry was excellent. I ordered mild. It had a small amount of heat and was big on flavor. I think medium would have been perfect but since I didn't know the chefs scale I was conservative on the spice. I will know for next time. This was my first visit and I look forward to more.

Andrew Parker

Haldi Indian Cuisine is an incredible restaurant. The staff members are polite, welcoming, and hospitable. Additionally, the food is delicious. If you like Indian food, I would highly recommend eating at this restaurant. I am willing to bet that you will become a regular customer!

James Nesfield

Awesome chicken tikki masala. Lamb curry was a bit spicy for my tastes but was still excellent. Great spot for good food.

Leslie Steffes

We would love to share our experience except that we and another couple that arrived when we did today were turned away from the restaurant at 1:46 p.m. The host explained that they were letting existing customers finish up. Your hours state that you're open until 2:00p for lunch. Maybe you should change that to 1:30p so this doesn't happen to other potential customers. What a disappointing "first experience."

Marcus E

The host is always very friendly. The serversvwere quick. The weekend lunch is very good! I highly recommend this place!

Erica Heddy

The service is pretty good and the food is amazing! My only complaint is that all the dishes are glass, so our toddlers ended up smashing one.

Laura Stocks

The food was excellent, flavorful and the portions adequate. Garden salad was underwhelming, but in retrospect a poor choice to order alongside my curry. The service was a bit slow despite it being relatively empty. Will be back.

Michael Sheneman

Really nice people here, the dishes were really light in meat and mildly flavored.

Dean Breon

Awesome food. Restaurant could use an upgrade in the seating area. Otherwise, they have excellent food and a great buffet.

Lizbeth Turner

The worst Indian food I have ever experienced, and we have dined all over the planet. The food from the buffet was cold (health code violation) and the labels were not readable. A lot of the meat was unchewable with included bone and gristle. Just terrible terrible terrible on every level. Bad.

Alana Weber

I am so glad this new Indian place opened up by us. The food was wonderful, and the people are nice in a comfortably casual space. We will definitely come back again.

Michele Barclay

Love this place. Never thought I would like Indian food but it's really good. It's very spicy, so ask for mild if you are not used to it. Lots of choices. The naan bread is fantastic.

Hevenly Davy

Amazing food. Our first time trying indian food and will definitely be going back. They were very friendly, the service was excellent. Highly recommend!

James Rios

Lunch Buffet is Amazing!!!!! Tasty. Fresh. And they serve unlimited hot chai. Surprise really needed an Indian restaurant. They got a good one!!! 5stars

David Brinkman

We are here for dinner last week and had the noon buffet today. Both were terrific! Dishes very tasty. Both meat and vegetarian dishes. I am so glad there is an Indian restaurant in this area, and we will be back.

Dick Nunez

There is only one word needed for all (service, food, variety) AMAZING!!

mel collins

The food and service are excellent. The Chef, Ravi, comes out to check that everything is right. Highly recommend. !

Cynara W.

I haven’t eaten Indian food in forever, but thought I would try it again. This restaurant was surprisingly lovely. The buffet food did not taste buffet-y at all. There was a wide selection. I was able to try a variety of things. Some I liked; some I didn’t as is the case anywhere, but I would be happy to eat here again.

ashley beatty

So glad Surprise finally got an Indian food place, and its a really good one too! Thanks for bringing this joy to our side of town!

Christopher Sorensen

Ordered from Uber eats. The food was amazing! Best Indian for I have ever had!

edi tem

Five stars go to the staff, but biryani’s rice was old , got warmed up and served. I felt like I’m home warming up yesterday’s meal. Sad but true....

Christine Dorr

The best Indian food in the area. Very attentive staff and they serve a buffet 11:00-2:00. Delicious. Very casual atmosphere.

Mr M

The food is soooo wonderful!! I love this place!!

Marie Nelson

Haven't had Indian food in ages, however this came highly recommended by someone from London. The best food in London is Indian, so tried it out. Great decision! The buffet has enough choices to address any one's tastes. The sauces are complex and satisfying. Entrees include various chicken dishes, lamb and vegetarian choices. Then garlic naan was freshly made. The staff was very accommodating to our group. We stayed until 2:00 p.m. and they did not rush us. Will be back.

Nick 64

This place is family owned very friendly and great food clean and the food is very good chicken curry is great Nice find


Food had a great taste but the staff was incredibly disorganized. The lamb dish barely had any meat. Was not worth the price. 3 dishes were $50.

Mary Jane Johnson

They have a daily lunch buffet with different Indian items reach day. A fun experience, great service and they are happy to explain their selections.

Janine Schaefer

I do the buffet and I'm never disappointed

Donna Maddox

The best Indian Cuisine around! Great service and I wish I could eat there every day. Love the buffet!

Mary Thomas

Food is always amazing, service is fantastic.

lee wiechmann

the food was so good! especially the chicken pakoda, basic curry, and the malai kofta. also, order something spicy! the medium is more like a mild. irregardless, the staff and the food were great.

Corey Drescher

I got some fantastic Lamb vindalo. The food was really good and the service was quality. I can't wait to go in for their afternoon special.

MJ Johnson

Delicious food, warm and friendly atmosphere. Highly recommend this restaurant.

Tina Mitchell

We finally got an Indian Restaurant in Surprise! I'm a little late in posting, as we visited here the second week after they opened their doors. I haven't tried their buffet, but would like to try a little more of their menu items to be able to rate them better. I have been frequenting Indian Restaurant's since 1995, in various cities throughout AZ and CA. So, I know my Indian Food! The food was good, and we enjoyed it very much. I don't have any complaints as the servings were also generous as well. The gentleman serving us was quite pleasant, but quiet. However, the young girl standing around in the dining room never smiled, and seemed uptight, which made the atmosphere somewhat unpleasant. We would like to visit again to try the buffet, and also the music and decor could use a little ethnic lift.

Matt Wickstrom

Of course I was their 1st customer ever! The service and food were perfect. We are very lucky to have Haldi in Surprise! Let's keep them in business. Coming soon to this location: my framed $2 bill.

autumn wallace

Went here for dinner and it was SO good ! Very friendly people working! We had the gobi manchurian, lamb curry, chicken vindaloo, garlic and this other naan that was stuffed with almond, cherries, raisins and honey. Everything was so delicious and tasty ! We will go back, and we want to try the buffet next time. Surprise is very lucky to have this little gem !

Big Steven 91

You definitely get what you pay for. I have been here three times ordered different each time and it’s all been terrific. Service is prompt and informative. I always order it spicy but wouldn’t advise it for everyone because when they say spicy they mean it!

Judy Brooks

The food was EXCELLENT!!! The service was speedy, the eating area was very clean, and the staff friendly. I LOVED it, and I will definitely be back!

Jig Patel

We got take out from them for the first time. The food is awesome. We ordered quite a lot and every dish tasted great. I've tried quite a few Indian restaurants in Arizona and this is by far the best one in the state. I'll definitely be a regular customer.

Boba Couple

Best indian food in Surprise! The garlic Naan is out of this world and the service is fast and friendly.

Jeremiah Brewer

Okay, so I’m a bit late in discovering Haldi in Surprise. It’s my first visit but it will not be my last. As the saying goes, “better late than never.” If you’ve not been to Haldi you’ve got to go, call in, pick up or have it delivered, but get some Haldi. First rate service and the food is real good. I like spicy and they were able to accommodate me. I ordered the Kashmir Naan, Lamb Biryani and the chicken Tikka Masala. Excellent stuff. The Naan was a suggestion to me by the owner and I was glad he did. The Kashmir Naan has nuts so it’s not for everyone. My wife loves the Mango Lassi so we got that too. I’ve given it five stars because it rates it. Yes the restaurant could be bigger, more ambience and music. If you like Indian cuisine there is a place in Surprise called Haldi. What are you waiting for? Go.

Gregg Murray

Great high quality ingredients/food, very clean immaculate restaurant, good tasting r/o water and ice, friendly attentive staff, very affordable, was surprised by low price. You can tell they are perfectionists. Air conditioner a bit warm but it was a hot day.

Ella Dragu

I came here since they open it . There are nice stuff every time ! The food is , omg , water in your mouth . It's very very good . My husband's and I favorite is chicken butter with rice and garlic naan ❤ the price are affordable. Best indian cuisine ❣

Sandra Olson

This is seriously good curry! Very fresh and pure deliciousness. My husband and I have eaten alot of Indian food and this will be a regular place we go to. So happy it's close to us.

Doug Hanson

Surprisingly fresh and great flavor on the buffet. Big selection. We will be Back :-)

Barbara Holland

I have been here only for the lunch buffet a couple times. IT'S SO DELICIOUS! And such a great deal. The host (maybe owner?) is a lovely, welcoming man and the wait staff is very nice. Can't wait to go back. So glad it is in the neighborhood.

Kulose Masters

The food was good but they had flies in the dining area.

Allison Greely

We came here for the first time and were not impressed. The food tastes old. Not sure if they re use the buffet food from the previous day to serve in their entrees. We felt sick after eating here. Very small place. Felt uncomfortable and could hear everyones conversation. Very bland and left much to be desired. Will not recommend.

Caitlin Gilson

Stopped in here for a late lunch, since they open late for the dinner crowd. The food was amazing. Some of the best Indian food I have had. The portions seemed small, yet I still left with leftovers. The menu is extensive, and they offer options on spice level, in case you like things spicy, or in case you don't. Even the mildest of options still has a bite, but it's pleasant, and this is also coming from someone who has a pretty bad sensitivity to capsaicin. The owner is very friendly and fun to talk with, and the whole place is rather small, but cozy.

Lisa Patrick

Absolulty amazing Food! I've never had Indian cuisine and I'm a fan now. The taste&spices are so good. Service was great and it's elegant setting plus nice linens.

Joseph Broadhead

Small establishment but the food was pretty good during the lunch buffet. I wish they would have brought out more naan.

Jerry Plankinton

Good food. Buffet closes at 2

Warren Estrada

Staff is always polite. Signs on buffet are sometimes unclear but the taste of everything is amazing and the staff is willing to answer questions if you can't read their notes. Naan is excellent and made fresh. Definitely recommend the butter chicken and honey butter chicken if available or ordering from their menu.


Hello, rice & potatoes anyone? Don't waste your money on the chips when you can have fried dough.

Moses Melchor

I've never had Indian cuisine before but this place is a place to go

Desiree Baumer

We have only had take out from this place, but it has always been fresh and piping hot ready when we bring it home. If you weren't hungry before you will be once the delicious aroma fills your car (take out)... They are very friendly and helpful over the phone (we are new to Indian food, but are usually adventurous foodies). The tandoori chicken and dum biryani is a must! Onion kulcha and/or garlic naan go great with any sauce based entrees. Only reason for 4 stars vs. 5 is because of the size of portions... biryani is huge, but all other things we've tried are small, especially compared to price. Also, wish this location had dosa like the other location. I do look forward to trying the lunch buffet! Finally something different in Surpise area!!! :-)

Amber Kolami

This place is fantastic! We ordered at the other location by phone by mistake, and they were so apologetic and let us try the buffet before making our order here at the surprise location. Their food is phenomenal and a good price!! We love it and will be coming back soon!

Shippee Shippee

Very poor service n cheap quality of not go it’s waste of money.

Carol Wedin

Food was excellent and very reasonably priced. No alcohol...would have been nice to have a glass of wine

Robert Raab

Really enjoyed the lunch buffet

Rajiv Varma

This place is in Surprise so obviously the people who would end up here are pretty old. I honestly dont understand the concept of Indian restaurant when you cant even serve a single dish on the buffet which resembles "Indian". Food was torturous at best and I wont be returning. All the positive reviews you read are from older folks who probably have never eaten real Indian food.

Elyse Horst

Excellent food. Horrible service and plates and table weren't entirely clean. We will be ordering take out if we go here again.

Rocky Smith

Very good, pricing was not expensive .service was very friendly. The only con was that they had no pictures on the menu of there food items and not eating Indian food very often I could not remember what was called what .now that this place is close to my house I will be eating there a lot. The pricing was around 12.00 a plate and there was plenty of food we spent 35.00 and have enough left over for a full lunch for two the next day.they are open seven days a week. They close from 2 to 4 to get ready for dinner. They have a lunch buffet. That I have not tried yet but I will. They don't have a lot of seating that will be the biggest downfall. We got there right after 6 pm got seated right away ten minutes after we were there it was packed. The wait for food was very short. We both ordered a mild spice not knowing how hot they served but will definitely go hotter next time. Enjoy and I hope this helps everyone enjoy as we both did very much. (Update) I went to the lunch buffet. Very good as usual but to warn you the chef makes what ever he wishes and most buffets will have there an item from the dinner menu that is one of the better dishes so you know what dinner is also like and that day he did not. I heard many people asking if the dinner is the same. It was very good but did not have any of the top items included and that can turn people off. Dont get me wrong it was very good and well worth the price but some people can get the wrong idea. Trust me if you like that type of food it is a good place to go I personally have been back a few times its amazing what you get for the price I also love the onion and the garlic breads. If you have not tried it you dont know what your missing

Sean Jaeger

We have now made this our main go-to Indian restuarant. I think the food is excellent, the service is outstanding, and I love the option of the take-home buffet. The price of a buffet being only $12 which includes all you can eat, Naan, and great table service. The staff are extremely courteous... and since we have been there multiple times now, remember us and treat us as friends. I 100% recommended this place for both their excellent service and amazing food.

Chrystal Cartmill

Tastes fantastic and reasonably priced.

Melanie Seale

Great Indian Food, finally, in Surprise! We tried Haldi for the first time a week ago and have already eaten there twice (once in the restaurant and the other take-out).Chicken curry is excellent along with a few other dishes we've tried. Great naan as well. The only slight critique is that the restaurant environment itself is a bit lacking, very small and not much ambiance but the yummy food makes up for it.

Wen-Ping Chen

Food tastes not bad to me. However it didn't create the atmosphere to make you feel like eating at an authentic Indian restaurant.

Meg Alexander

Hands down this is the best Indian food I've had since moving to Arizona, and I'm THRILLED it's here in Surprise.

Tricia George

The food was amazing however, I'm a newbie to Indian food. The colors, the flavors, the wonderful spices. Everything was delicious!! The servers were very kind. The decor just a little sterile but I plan on going back again for the buffet to learn more about this wonderful cuisine!

Rafael Romero

Worst meal ever, save yourself the disappointment. Would not go back or recommend.

Alan Hoffman

Great food. Great owners and staff. Glad to see them in Surprise. We will definitely be back.

Christopher Monarrez

This place is awesome fair price and some even better food. I love the buffet they offer and so glad we can get some amazing Indian food right here in Surprise, Az. The gentleman who is always there working on the floor and working the buffet keeping it full. He is amazing guy and always so soft spoken and friendly as can be. We stop in here about once a week and like I said the food is always amazing, for sure a must visit if you like indian food.

Margaret Popp

When you walk in you can smell how good it is going to taste. Great service...we will be back.

EG Arnold

My wife and I just had the pleasure of eating at Haldi Indian Cuisine. WOW! To sum it up, the food, service and clean quiet atmosphere made for a fantastic lunch. We both did the lunch buffet and we loved it all. Their version of tandoori chicken was absolutely delicious, it was spicy and had the red coloration of tiki masala, but the depth of tandoori. The rice, nan, butter chicken, curry meatballs were amazing. I also had a fried chicken that was so light and airy in a delicious batter of spices. My wife had the curry potato and eggplant and said it was her favorite. The service was equally wonderful. We were greeted warmly and taken care of promptly, including multiple refills always at the right time. The music was beautiful and added to the experience. The place is simple, not overly dressed, which we loved. This place is all about their food, it right there in the front to greet you and it is their biggest strength. We went and there were maybe half a dozen people at lunch, all having the buffet. This is a hidden gem, go before people figure it out. We found the prices were also very good. Lunch buffet is a little over $10 and comes with your choice of nan. That is an amazing price when you consider the quality and variety of your choices. We will now be going on a regular basis, look for us at lunchtime, I’ll be the guy grinning and telling my wife how much I love it.

laurie smith

Great food! Good prices. Nice people.

steve schield

The food was delicious! And reasonably priced. But on a busy Friday night when every restaurant in the area is packed I was the only one dining. The dacor is kind of tired Industrial but the warm staff made it a good experience.

Kay Radwanski

We, too, have eaten a lot of Indian food. But this was, by far, the best. The food is excellent, and the servers are attentive and friendly. We were there for dinner, and we can't wait to try the lunch buffet. So happy you've brought such quality cuisine to Surprise.

Linda Misischia

Delicious lunch buffet! Lots of choices! Will be back, for sure.

Art Acosta

Awesome service and great food. Definitely will be coming back! I highly recommend this place.

Ann Rasella

Fantastic! Great for everyone, meat lovers vegetarians, and vegans! Please go there now now; don't delay! We need to make sure they stick around. The location that they are in has had two restaurants fail already in the last couple of years. This restaurant is authentic, has excellent service, and we need to support them to make sure they do well! If you work in the area, it's a perfect place to grab lunch from the buffet. Get there before 2 because they close for a break and then reopen for dinner with just the menu. Everything on the menu is awesome! Enjoy!

Kenny Herrera

I used to work here, aside from extremely rude staff, it is unsanitary in the back as well. they use a filthy water bucket to "clean" cookware do not work here, they did not pay me for a month's worth of work and took me a lot of effort to get my last paycheck (they pay staff under the table to avoid reporting wages)

Stephanie Sidora

love the food, the owner is great!

Eric Goodman

Wow wow wow! I have been and Indian food lover for over 25 years and have eaten at a great number of them in the valley. When I heard Surprise was getting on I was excited and nervous that it might not be good. I am so glad to say that it is one of the best in the valley. They have all the major dishes that foodies love and they are going to keep adding in different dishes to mix it up a bit. If you have never had Indian food before I highly recommend you go during lunch so you can try a good amount of dishes. Please make sure you ask if you do not know what something is the staff was very helpful a d kind. My family loved it so much I think we found a new regular spot. Be sure to tell a friend like I will. We want to keep them open.

Deb B

The food here was a major disappointment. It did not taste like authentic Indian food at all! There wasn't much atmosphere and the walls looked like there was a food fight. We're not going back there again

James Heacock

30 chair store front. Basic decor. Extensive menu. We were there for dinner but has a 3hr daily lunch buffet. Samoa was excellent. Vindaloo - nice and spicy. Large portion. Naan very good. Cauliflower and broccoli appetizers also large and good. Highly recommend this place. Basic decor with great food

David Crabtree

Very good food for buffet style food. Good price authentic flavors

Laurie Gertenbach

Absolutely delightful food, the service was good and very friendly as well. We will be going back very soon.

The Chandlers

Always a wonderful place to dine!! Amazing food awesome service


It was my first time at Haldi. I couldn't wait to try their lunch buffet, and I wasn't disappointed! I didn't eat Indian food for over 6 years and the taste is the same as I remember it, delicious and authentic. Staff was very attentive and helpful. It was a pleasure to learn about their takeout and home delivery services. I've got a menu and delivery service card with discount code. Thanks guys, will definitely return!!

Taylor Tackitt

Amazing food awesome people! Buffet is a bargain for the amount of food you can get

Mila Duenas

Oh my gosh if you love Indian food do yourself a favor and go! The food is AMAZING and the service is excellent. I went for the lunch buffet and stuffed myself full it was so good. The buffet menu changes daily so I'm excited to come back and see what else they offer. I highly recommend the chicken curry and the kadai chicken and the garlic naan, which is cooked to order, is out of this world. So happy we have authentic Indian food right here in Surprise! We will definitely be back!

Noodle Doodle

Service is top notch. Food is amazing. Really not much more to say. Worth the visit.

Sachini ballads

It was going good and then it happened. One afternoon i went to the restaurant. I never got the salad i asked for and paid for. When it did come the lettuce was actually dirty. The salad was thrown together. Clearly service slips when more than 5 people are seated.. Buffett almost empty the head waiter told me to pick from the scraps.????? I said no ill wait for FRESH???? The waitress had a fowl attitude and blushed through the whole ordeal. But this time its so bad i have to write. Sour stale rice mixed with heated up curry goat thrown together sold as Byrianni. Absolutely deliberate.. The dish was all different tempetatures. It was so foul i opened the package the smell stunk out my home. The rice was off completely. Now i don't know whats up but i threw it away. Im never going back im telling all my friends... Nasty I get it u don't like me.. Lookibg at the other things saudc. I can only put it down to race then. They go round back n give who they dobtcluje sour Stale food Esp dirty lettuce who does that????? Im never going without an apology...

Jim Carlson

Had dinner there on January 17th. It was outstanding. My wife and I both ordered Chicken Dum Biryani (hot) and it had a great kick to it. Adding the very nice yogurt/cucumber/carrot sauce helped smooth out a spices a bit. The chicken and rice were very flavorful. I wanted to try the Goat Dum Biryani but they were out of goat meat. The serving sizes were very generous. We had enough to bring home for another meal two nights later. This is a small restaurant with only a few employees so it will take a while to place your order. But the great food was worth it. So glad to find a nice Indian restaurant in Surprise.

Mike Parker

Edit: Was in for lunch on 6/14/18 when the power breaker failed and caught fire out back. I would like to thank the staff for their generosity to the patrons who were dining in. Your customer service is top notch, even when service isn't on the table anymore. I wish you a speedy repair and will be coming back a lot. A wonderful restaurant and buffet in the heart of Surprise. The buffet selections (we went for lunch) were fresh, delicious, and varied. My one nitpick is that the chicken in Chicken Tikka Masala was a bit dry. Not off putting, but likely a result of being in a warmer tray on a buffet. Hopefully, as this is a new place, the chef/cook is still perfecting their technique and may serve the chicken a bit sooner, knowing that it will dry as it lays on the warming pan. All the flavors are great and nothing was too spicy. I was made to understand that if you order directly from the menu the spice level can be tailored to your taste which is great. As to the location itself, it is a bit small, but they make it work really well. I would like to see a bit more Indian decor. It is a bit sterile in that it is a restaurant layout with a buffet. It looks as if simply swapping out entrees could change this from Indian, to Greek, to Mexican, to VFW meeting. I just think some wall decor or the like would go a long way. Finally, as good as the food is and with their price point actually being a bargain for places to eat out, I don't see them being able to stay in this location long, it just wont be big enough. As the word spreads that there is not only a Indian food place in Surprise, but a darn good one , I think there will be lines out the door. I know they've made me add this to my weekly eat out list.

Sloane Lipkin

fresh and hot food BUT completely overpriced and definitely not the best Indian food I have had. Literally paid 3.99 for three tiny Gulab Jamun aka small dough balls soaked in honey diluted with oil. and 5.99 for 2 very average sized vegetable samosas. I have eaten Indian food in many cities, including those with the highest prices in the country (NYC and DC) and these prices are completely outrageous for what youre getting. very disappointed especially because I used uber eats aka I paid $19.91 for three small dough balls and two vegetable samosas. I could have a full meal at a steak house for that price LOL. If I knew that Id be getting such a tiny amount of food I would have never ordered. The owners who set these prices and portions are clearly delusional. I will not order again, which is a shame considering there is a lack of Indian food in the valley. reply to comment below: Thank you for your response. I appreciate that you took the time. I understand that ordering from UberEats makes the charge higher due to delivery fees. However, charging 3.99(this is the price WITHOUT UberEats charges) for 3 small balls of dough in diluted honey and approximately 6 dollars for two medium samosas that are vegetarian seems outrageous to me. I have never seen that high price for that small portion and it makes me feel taken advantage of as a customer. However, if your customers are happy with that then more power to you. In my opinion it is far too much money for the portion and quality. I appreciate your time.

Alex Stephenson

Great food and service. I had to leave unexpectedly and the gentlemen serving us got us our to go boxes, check, and food all around the same time. I will definitely be coming back.

Yolanda S

Delicious food! Good prices, generous portions and a great lunch buffet!

Karen S

Great Buffett, spicy and amazing garlic naan

Allison Chandler

Great food and service. Very reasonable price. Worth the drive from Buckeye.

Garry Goemann

Good food and choices

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