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REVIEWS OF Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que IN Arizona

prince cheatwood

Usually Famous Dave’s is pretty good but this location dropped the ball a bit. The brisket was dry and the ribs were borderline but the flavor was there. The food came out warm not hot, the service was good overall but my wife and I agreed we probably won’t eat at this location again.

Joni McKenzie

I like they're sauces. Generous portions and their beans are so good. We had good service the few times we have been there. We like it and will go back.

Larry Wooster

We had a awesome time w/ r Men & Women fellowship mtg ; & enjoyed da awesome food &Service

Alicia Livingston

The Apple crisp has absolutely no flavor.. It was like mush

Dawn Davis

Loved it...the food was delicious!! Couldn't even finish my meal. A big Thank you to my boyfriend for taking his mother n I out...

Jason Durivage

Good BBQ, a little pricey.

Trudy Conway

I always make it to Famous Dave's when I visit family. I love the ribs tips and the amazing dessert - especially the bread pudding.

Hector Mejias

I went there today with my friend Jim who lover BBQ. This place food is incredible. If you like real BBQ food, this is your place. Our waitress was Tea, she is very nice, explained different dishes and suggesting the the best ones. I highly recommend this place .

David Carter

Food was delicious, server was very good, but who moved me the most was Elizabeth, the Hostess. I took my 77 year old Mother to lunch, and she walks at a slow pace. As soon as we walked in the door, and Elizabeth saw me helping my Mom, she immediately grabbed two menus and set them at the closest table. When we were finished with our meal and got up from our table, Elizabeth saw us and immediately went to the door and opened it for us. She gently tapped my Mom on the shoulder and wished her a good day, and asked her to come back again because she would like to see her again. The smile on my Mom's face made my day. Elizabeth is amazing. Although I was already a fan of Famous Dave's, my loyalty has increased tenfold. Elizabeth definitely deserves some recognition from Famous Dave's. I encourage everyone to visit Famous Dave's at Chandler Fashion Mall and mention you read a wonderful review about her. I bet it would make her day.

Armando Beltran

Good food, fast service!

Daniel Hamilton

Famous days though it's a nice place to eat make sure you get their South side rib tips. Great customer service make sure I ask for complimentary Mini chips. I love the variety of sauces a taste for every tone


The other night, I ordered Famous Dave's through a delivery service and had to wait almost 2 HOURS to receive my food and it wasn't the delivery service fault at all. The driver contacted me almost immediately stating that they didn't have my order yet and that was okay, I liked the update. However, one hour after the order was placed, he still kept in contact saying it wasn't done. Again, appreciated. The last straw was when I was close to 70+ minutes in and the driver said he's getting frustrated with the carry out, saying it wasn't ready. The driver mentioned that most places like this ignore the delivery drivers and put them last. It sucks because we are customers as well, so why do we have to suffer. And the driver said he saw ONE receipt on the carry out slip, so we know where the priorities are. So in the end, my food came very late, almost 2 hours!!!! I'm beyond mad with how you organize your delivery. Again, not the delivery fault, the restaurant. Manager: PLEASE make sure the carry out knows about these delivery orders and it's not cool to have an order take 90+ minutes.

Daniel Stockton

Love the sampler plate great value and great food

Shawn Hawkins

Decent happy hour pricing and ribs were good.

David Bayba

I mostly order the hot link sausage - it's great.


Great service, good portions and I like some of the new items they've added to the menu

Casey Friedman

The perfect amount for a nice lunch.

Matt Williams

We wish there was one in prescott, we've eaten at Dave's bbq around the state.

Katheryn Kennedy

Just wonderful, I'll have to visit our restaurant here in Long Beach, CA.

Menashe Gold

Friendly staff, GREAT food. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Hai Nguyen

Great ribs and bbq sauces are great.


The manager Mike resolved my issue extremely fast !

Tim Daniels

1st time and service was great. Evan was very helpful as was Trey. Food was very good HH prices were very reasonable. We'll be back.

A Brandon

Great bbq options on the menu and sauces. For a chain the restaurant is definitely better then other local bbq spots in the Phoenix area. The Miss Pig lunch special is a great selection if you want to sample the different types of meat options.

Jonnathan Alcantara

Burnt ends and Wilbur beans! I need say nothing else! But I will, they have a great to go entrance that gets you in and out, in about 10 minutes. Worth the trip.

Jason K

I had the Mini Pig Roast and it was fantastic. Everything was perfect. The sausage had a great char, ribs fell off the bone and the sauces were so flavourful. Even the mustard based slaw and pickled onions were great. WILL BE BACK!

Kent Fuge

Consistently great BBQ. They are my go to BBQ place. Perfectly cooked meats, great sides and multiple awesome choices for sauces.

Loren Howell

This was the location southeast of Chandler Fashion Center. We went on a Thursday for the all-you-can-eat rib tips. This was the only time we didn't like the food at Famous Dave's. The rib tips were heavily oversalted; a cheap eatery trick to kill your appetite. We expected better. The service was also uncharacteristically slow. We had one plate of rib tips and didn't want any more. At least they were right about one thing; that was all we could eat. We'll be going to the San Tan location from now on.


Service was great but food quality suffers. Dry meat, cold and tasteless Mac n cheese. Potato salad is overwhelmed with celery. Nothing here that makes me crave their bbq any longer. Loved their feast platters for a long time now it's just a boring . I just wanted to get up and leave. Obviously I am not the only one who feels this way judging by the occupancy at less that half full at 6:30 on a Monday. Good luck Dave, a very noticeable change has taken place.

Tim Sanner

Great BBQ! Everything on the menu is very good. You can't go wrong here.

Ken Sergio

Service was good food was cold and dry.

Cotis Pouges

Service was very very slow today. Waited for 30 mins, just to get a box for my food to go, and then the credit card machine was down so had to grab some cash. That place is really going down hill from when it first opened

joseph puchacz

Great food, better service and good atmosphere.

james sturdivant

Great food and staff was on it. My family and I really enjoyed and looking to return soon.

Joseph Reyna

Excellent Baby Back Ribs!

Lloyd Watkins

Very good barbecue and nice size cold beers. Friendly, honest staff...will be back!

Russell G

The food was good and the service was great. My only problem was I've currently got a temporary disability placard due to an injury that I received from a motor vehicle accident and the Famous Dave's catering truck was parked in a handicapped parking spot. we notified manager and they failed to do anything about it.

Shelby Lepacek

This restaurant in Chandler is pretty bad least to say. I would even give it half a star if I could. The restaurant itself is totally unsanitary, looked like it hasn't been cleaned in years. There's mold building up near the sink, very sticky un-mopped floors, unsanitary bathrooms, and dust on the ceiling columns. Definitely will not come back again, the food was adequate and reminded me of Chili's. The staff was also very "dull", no one seemed to enjoy their job or have a personality and couldn't take criticism lightly. The manager should have been better groomed as well. I bet they even ignored our comment to clean up better. Would not recommend to anyone, At least the one in Chandler.

Staci Mayes

Very good. A little pricey for the amount of food.

Virginia Puchacz

Good food and good service.

Star Shine

Not great. Food wasn't hot. Rib rub tasted different like a mustard rub or something. Chopped pork was so dried out I could barely eat it. Used to be my favorite bbq but we probably won't go back.


Don't eat all day then go to this 0lace to consume some good ol down home BBQ...OH and the cornbread is to die for

Brian Gulli

I always love going to this place for BBQ. They are quick. The food is good. And the service is always great.

Michael DeNinno

This is more about the atmosphere than service or food. Fun and entertaining surroundings, but very standard BBQ and service from the point of walking in the door was well below par and not very friendly. From waiting while empty tables were available to unfriendly waiters to even rude waiters serving the table next to ours. Probably won't ever go back after the experience.

Mike Mahon

Great place and great food. Never disappointed

Bradley Chapman

Came in Friday about 7:30 pm. Asked bartender what was good today and ordered the brisket plate. The sides were great but the brisket was tough and dry, not what I expected at all. Tasted like warmed up leftovers with no flavor. Way overpriced for this.

Jay Charley

Service was on cue very friendly waitress constantly checking to see & ensure that we were enjoying the food and topping off our drinks and even dropping in to have a conversation from time to time, look forward to having another family get together as we always do

Salina Vonn

FOOD WAS DELICIOUS AND AMAZING!! Did not finish that platter between 2 people, but was good. I would go back whenever I crave bbq.

Jean Anderson

Thought I'd give them one more try and was disappointed again Server's have repeatedly gotten order incorrect, this time in addition to order being wrong the meat was cold and the recommended Coleslaw tasted like it was made with jalapeno Well Mike and the district manager went above and beyond to see that I had a chance to have a better experience at the restaurant. Took my daughter and 3 of her children to lunch, unfortunately Mike was on vacation. Server was exceptional and went out of her way to please, orders came out as ordered this time, only complaint was the pulled pork was very salty and had a fatty taste to it, ribs were delicious as well as the sides. Overall a much better experience Thank you both for allowing us to try the restaurant again.

Deandre Andrade

They have great service, they make there food very good and I had amazing timee

Stacie Boschert

Excellent food. Reasonably prices. Very sweet and friendly staff. Very helpful. Will definitely be going again.

steve handy

We ordered tonight. The food is good but the problems are many. The Russian roulette of bbq. This is the third time having it delivered. First time no BBQ sauce and skimpy quantities. Second time perfect, sauce and a great variety, the sides were healthy incredible. Tonight missing a side and magnificent other had zero sides. My brisket had 4 pieces maybe 4 inches long. If you order for delivery you never know and for the excessive cost roll the dice. Call them and that's another turn of events. Next time ask for William and tell him what happened. Who the hell is William the fricken wizard of Oz and why next time and not tonight. Not a place I care to deal with again. Be warned. I need to modify this. I was contacted by the GM Mike. He understood and worked with us. Ordering to go puts your order in others hands and can put a reputation of a restaurant at stake. Mike worked with us and have heard that these delivery services have access to your meal. Mike reached out and all is good. Sorry for the negative post. I went today for a late lunch with my magnificent other and enjoyed it so much. You must go here in person or you have robbed yourself of a fantastic experience. I thanked the GM Mike for responding to the original post. Mike is a great guy our waitress was a gem. Sorry I that I originally posted anything negative about Famous Dave's without actually being there in person. Perfect portions, great service and magnificent food. My favorite BBQ establishment.

Aesthetics RN

Love Famous Dave's don't get to eat here much so when I do I really eat, my face is pulled pork o think it's the Georgia plate or something like that. They have great potatoes and corn bread and basically everything you could ever want in a bbq place and the devils spit sauce is rockin awesome

Kimberly Sanford

Usually good food. Staff always seem confused or stressed in the take out section. Prices decent

Rey Lara

Well, the food was not good at all. Very dry and very bland food. Service was nice but a bit slow and selective when they felt like acknowledging you even if you're flagging them down. But again, nice people. However, nice people just aren't enough to bring me back to a famous Dave's ever again. The food just isn't worth it.

bob cassalia

Their brisket was tender and moist. Their fries were very tasty. We bought the feast and there was more food than 2 could eat so we had leftovers for the next day. Hope you get Famous Gage for a waiter. He was a great server and a quick wit.

Gina Rojo

Great Place! Fun. Appreciate the Suggestion... Servers Have Great Smiles... Neat Happy Hour.... Cute Motif...

Steve Dupree

Always good, man I love this place! Ribs and Georgia chopped pork!


The first waitress is totally in the wrong field. The manager came and told me that she couldn't put the happy hour menu in because it was past 7pm. So she offered me the cheese, sausage & pickle plate for $8.50 instead of the happy hour $5. It would have been 7 if the first waitress wasn't so difficult to communicate with. I agreed to the plate for $3.50 more. I was hungry. The manager was quite well at communicating with me. She had another waitress tend to our table. The second waitress is why I gave 3 stars and not 1. Our beans had a burnt taste and she took them back. Our replacement beans had a burnt flavor too. The cook had confirmed that they had indeed burnt the beans. The bill came and I was charged $13.50 for my sausage plate. It was not $8.50 like the manager said.

Roxy Marie

Delicious food, nice atmosphere, great staff.

Eleen G

Brisket was very dry, Brussels sprouts was drowniing in a plate of oil, Corn bread was excellent, server Erica was great and busy. She took the drink order, food order, served other customers... Took almost 15 mins to bring the check so we could pay and leave because they were hectic.... Change your process.

Gracelee FelixRice

The service was ok. A little mix up and a bit on the laxed-side.....

J Doog

Great Food & Service !!

Taylor Bischoff

DO NOT GO!!!! They have roaches In their food and probably won’t do a damn thing about it!!

Martin Mumba

I was really disappointed with the food at Famous Dave's, in the past I had bought from from here through Uber eats and I loved it. however, this was my first time there and the steak they gave me was cold and seemed like someone else left over... I could not finish it. It was pretty bad and the service was simply okay

Traci Pogue

Delicious food and a great atmosphere!


Had an absolute awesome meal and service at "Famous Dave's" . Our waitress was sweet, beautiful, and Professional. Our 2 feast trays were impeccably delicious .


Service isnt good, for bbq it's not very good. Their sauces are good though.

Jim Stilwell

Always great food and friendly staff. Pro-tip: ask your server to draw you a piggie with the BBQ sauce.

T Kap

Great rib tips

Crystal Davey

Service was good and the food was excellent

Steve Chadwick

Outstanding food and service. The restaurant is well managed.

Whohas Mylogin

Great staff but pretty average food for the money.

Dan Ujvari

Love this place. Love ALL of their meats. Try their spicy pickles.

Kristen Schultz

Decent prices for the portion and flavor you get. Try the firecracker green beans, they're delicious. My husband says the Memphis Style ribs are the best, but I prefer the Hot Links. Save room for the bread pudding as well. It is so good. Pro tip: do the survey on your receipt for a free dessert on your next visit. It's worth it!

Richard Lewin

My favorite barbecue restaurant. Always enjoy their ribs. There is a variety of other items as well.

Cristian Mateos

Used to be awesome, this last time was meh.

Jon P

Great bbq! Ive been going to this location for 6 plus years and eat bbq at least once a week from other bbq places around the east valley(lucilles!(also great), cant stop smoking, rudys, joes real bbq, andrews, honey bears etc. Im only writing this review to clear up some of the bad reviews. No matter which one you go to, if you go on a regular basis, sometimes the meat will be dryer or not as good from the last one you had. Meats, especially beef, are like grains in wood and not always the same. No the burnt ends are not always real burnt ends or they would run out so quick or be double the price(I could be wrong but it is a hit or miss on these),but i still order them every time. Hands down famous daves has the best sides of any of them. There corn muffins and wilbur beans have no comparison. A little pricey but most bbq is. 50cent wings on weds. and there really good.(get them naked, add sauce).The meats are seasoned and smoked well and the Ribs always fall off the bone. 4 or 5 diffrent sauces(Texas Pit is my favorite). Staff is always great here. The to go area needs some attention(under staffed, one person taking orders, getting, and checking food, sometimes two but still slow. They always seem new (first job) or needing manager assistance. It can be frustrating to have to wait to place your order when nobody is in the line. FYI though i hate waiting. Overall Famous Daves is definitely worth going to if you have never been and worth trying again if your meat was a little dry.

Corey Cashman

Service was pretty decent. Not the best ever but I don't have anything bad to say about them.

Cory Holmes

Such great service and the food is fantastic!

Noah Squires

They are great and prices are good for what you get . rib tips and the nachos are really good here. kids actully eat the food here to which is nice. if you love bbq they do a good job and service is on point

Jag Arthur

Famous Dave's is mouth watering goodness every single time I go eat here. You must get extra corn bread muffins as they are simply the best thing hands down like 6:30! And you can never go wrong with the ribs wet or dry, they are amazing. Order whatever, it's good. Won't disappoint and you will go back for more without question. Dreams of cornbread muffins weekly is the story of my life and I'm okay with that!! Just do it!

kathy suell

Very good food restaurant is always clean people that work there are always helpful and courteous

Allana Sida

Best cajun chicken sandwich ever. And the mac n cheese was amazing

Tim Walgren

Always good Q

T.C. Richmond

Really hate to post this. Very Very poor service by the staff and Manager twice within two weeks. First visit two weeks ago ordered take out at 1:30pm (expected pick up time told was 1:56pm) arrived at pick up window at 1:55pm. Stood at window until 2.06pm never being greeted or even acknowledged, finally saw the Manager walk by ask "is there anyone working out here" his answer was "sorry we're taking care of orders" and continued walking into kitchen (now 2:12pm) finally a server walks over (2:16pm) grabs the take out food that was sitting at the window when I walked in at 1:55pm and "will this be all for you?" I responded is that my order, as there was a person sitting there waiting when I walked in at 1:55pm and I also said "I don't get a sorry for having to wait 20 plus minutes for my order that was sitting at the window all this time and now your asking me to pay $31 for cold food" and her response was "sorry we're busy taking care of orders, do you want me to make your food again"? I touch the Box it was still warm, I paid she didn't say anything. I arrived home at 2:40pm, I live about 2.5miles from restaurant. Ordered food last night, on time but not right. I will find a different location, sucks because we have been going to this location for over 10 years at least twice a month. Famous Dave's we are not giving up on you. Please take A look at your Chandler restaurant.

April Tetzlaff

Really good BBQ. Have a really good lunch menu that is not expensive

Marisa Morales

Absolutely love eating here. We brought our puppy to their dog friendly patio and she loved the special attention and treats!

J Burrington

My favorite place to eat out. Absolutely the best food ever!

Dina Fife

Food was good device was more than a bit slow

Bryan Loveless

Make sure to sign up for thier club through the app, to get a coupon for a free sandwich.

Jaris Dolezal

Great BBQ and service..Will definitely return!

Travis Yazzie

ordered the all-american feast through grub hub last night and i made very small but important preferences.... such as which bbq sauce to include wth our meal, replacing the bbq chicken with pulled pork or brisket. replacing the chicken with pulled pork or brisket is something they always do for my family when i dine in so i dont understand why they couldnt do it for my delivery order. not only did they not follow any one of my instructions, i did not receive ANY bbq sauce for my all american feast, who eats bbq without the sauce?? i did not get any ranch for my smoked wings, even though i requested it in the “special instructions” portion of the order, half of the brisket i received was slices of fat.. who is putting together these orders to go? and who is not including bbq sauce with bbq food?? when i pay $100 for bbq i would expect alot more attention to detail for a delivery order.... not happy here!

CL Wharton

Nice people / Dry ribs / Small sides Dickies BBQ is more flavorful to me


They have a great happy hour food menu. Food is great tasting. Service was good. Will come back to watch football.

L Schupbach

Way better than "Can't stop smokin" frfr

Tracy Howard

Very good place to eat. I loved the fried pickles and rib tips.

Michael Flemister

The food was excellent. We had the ribs (six bones) and rip tip platters. We had enough to take hope and it taste great reheated. LOVE their rub style and sauces.

kristi johnson

Good barbeque but I'm not a fan of the brussel sprouts. They were fried and mostly burned.

Ann Turpin Thayer

The Wait staff are friendly and efficient. I ordered the plank smoked salmon with a pineapple sauce over it, it was over-cooked and dry, I didn't think the sauce went with salmon.

Mike Whitt

Happy to see they offer Memphis style - dry rub on their ribs. Thats the sign of great bbq...Sauce only compensates. Have been here several times and always great food and service (in the bar)

Ken Johnson

There was a piece of wire in our chips that our 7-year-old child nearly swallowed. When brought up to the manager, all he offered was the most insincere "Sorry about the wire". Have generally been dissatisfied with this location for their food and service, but after this experience we will not be coming back.

Khalid Ibrahim

The food's taste was dull, unless it's smoked. They highly depend on their five sauces (I'm not a big fan of table sauces, thus the 3 stars). Their famous fries has some potential to be of the best if they season it. Also, they should smoke the chicken like Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que.

matthew harrison

Food was good but service was kinda slow.

Roger Brown

For me...Best hamburger in the valley. Although, a bit expensive.

Justin M

First time at this location but it was as good as the Tempe marketplace location. Great food and good service. Did not wait for a table on a Saturday night around 6 which was great. They gave my brother in law a nice free ice cream desert since it was his birthday.

Rebecca Campbell

Decent bbq. Good happy hour specials. Server was awesome! Natasha rocks!

Michael T Boyd

The food is good, but way overpriced for what you get.

Tiana Mills-Sitowski

Food really good; Service, not so much

J. R. Wilson

Hard to beat. Great menu. Great food. Good prices. Good employees. A go to place for me.

Heath Winiesdorffer

My favorite BBQ with fast friendly staff.

Huvants Tuneau

Best value lunch specials, lots of meat and side choices. Great staff.

Jason Bourland

Good food, quick service for a Sunday lunch.

Mo Ste

Food wasn't good. Brisket was dry .

Kris O'Connor

Amazing bbq our favorite place to go

James Aderman

I enjoy eating at Dave's. This restaurant was the best of those I've visited. The food was delicious. It was served promptly by a wait staff that cared about their customers. This Dave's has a bar.

Bernhard Sayer

Came to visit a friend here in Arizona and he wanted to come to Famous Dave's. As soon as we arrived we where greeted and seated. Our waiter (Evan) was fast and getting our drink orders and asked us if we were ready to order. It took us about 10 minutes to order because I was not sure what to order but we went ahead and ordered the Davsample platter and a big Caesar salad.

Manuel Declay

The staff has EXCELLENT customer service! I ordered a feast for 2 for the 4th of July and although they were super busy (understandable because the holiday.) the staff were very accommodating and friendly. Laney and Griselda especially! They were patient and kind! Very great location!

GeorgeAnna Bell

Food was great service was excellent.


I had an order to go which was a platter the phone service when I called to make the order they put me on hold for almost 10 minutes so I hung up and had to call back again and it was at the beginning of the day at 11 a.m. in the morning so I was not happy about that but the platter itself was good

Sharon Grow

Great food & great service from Erica.

Noel Mendivil

Ask for Wilbur's revenge bbq sauce

Rae Hopf

Fabulous food. Moderately priced.

Ben S

Love the ribs and tri tip. My favorite sauce is the mustard one.

Mzzmonique Adams

My son and I came in for lunch with no wait! The food is always hot but ithis time it wasn’t as tasty. I didn’t complain but later I because nauseous and mentioned to my son he had the same symptoms. I won’t be back :(

tanaka tatsuki

My favorite BBQ in CHD!!

Sidonio Easbrae

Best ribs in my own opinion

Tammie M

Sign up for their email promotions, I'm sure glad I did because we recently took some visiting family members there for dinner and the promo offered at the time saved us some $$. Delicious meal, great service.

Shannon Stanley

Busy location but more than worth it. Located at Chandler fashion square tins of other stores and good parking

Debbie Barnett

Love there food. Easy parking too

Abdul Bailey

Famous Dave is good. The menu has a variety of main and side dishes to choose from. I enjoyed the breath of BBQ sauces they offer on the table. Hot, Sweet, Mustard Base, etc... a lot of choices. The cornbread muffins are very tasty.

Dustin Stapp

Great place. Decent service. Not super clean...

Jeffrey Rayner

For less quid, just share about three of Burnt End appetizers, at least for lunch. Pedestrian sauces, much better to just buy bottles at grocery store. Combo meals also "splitable" for a lunch. Nice atmosphere, good service. Food is the weakest point, as it is a little too "chain-like". Check it out if you have no alternatives. Try the Cat Fingers for a nice change of pace.


Always love their food. Hot, tasty, flavorful and fresh.

Shari Tucker

Food and service was decent, menu's were filthy.

Mark Dalton

I have a tendency to automatically think less of franchises when it comes to eating establishments. It's an unfair bias, for sure, but it is what it is. With that said, I have frequented Famous Dave's on a number of occasions and have not once been disappointed in the food. Dave's has become my go-to BBQ joint when I need BBQ in a pinch. Keep in mind, I grew up near Memphis, so I am pretty particular. Sure, I can drive out of the way to a stand-alone BBQ and get more authentic Q, but sometimes you just want it quick, and you want it with six cornbread muffins. Dave's fits the bill. The ingredients are high quality, the helpings heaving. Their meats, whether it's brisket, pulled pork, chicken, etc. are always tender and delicious.

Tay tay

I’ve seen a video on social media of a humongous roach inside someone’s food. It was so big there’s no way the cooks didn’t see it !

tim wood

Our server was slow she got part of the order wrong was to late to complain so we just ate what they brought and left

Karla Leon

The food was great and we had the best service by Ashley C

Vicki Merz

Prices were high for what you got. Food was okay. Don't think I'd go back

Dragos C

Used to be my favorite place when visiting. Idk, but this time something slipped. Can't really put my finger on it.

Michael Valverde

Great place for BBQ. Thank you.

Glen Wacker

I had excellent food here last time not so much they did make it right but by the time I got my food everyone else was done eating

Annette Oglevee

Service was excellent and food was good. I would recommend less salt on broccoli. I tasted more salt than the broccoli flavor

Kim Storie

The cooks are excellent as well as the servers. Definitely worth your money and time to visit


Great selection of sauces and smoked meats. To me it is definitely one of the best chain BBQ places.

Kenny Edwards

Great service/BBQ/bar/sauces/delivery speed for a great price. Consistent, it’s never bad for any area. That’s the most important thing restaurants struggle to achieve and this specific Famous Dave’s passes in flying colors for maintaining a stellar eating experience.

cheryl tisland

Awesome food and great service. Thank you for hosting our Chamber mixer!

Roger Thomas

The food was OK but not great except for the Wilbur Beans which were fantastic. While the staff was friendly the service was slow. It was easy to see why they weren't busy. I'm not a frequent visitor to Famous Dave's so I can't compare to other locations.

Adrienne Manuel

Pretty good food. Nice atmosphere

Dawn Bray

fantastic food and fantastic service

Marquita Bethea

I'm but the Fries are CRAZY GOOD.

Jameson Rivers

Famous Dave's is one of my favorite bbq spots in the Phoenix area. If you are looking for some properly smoked bbq, you should go check out Famous Dave's.

Scott Clobes

Service was good, the food was alright. A bit pricey though. The server brought me a dirty plate that wasn't properly cleaned so that had to go back.

Adam Pizarro

Best bbq good price

daniel G.M. G.M.

Little. Place. Food. No good. Food

Sean Nelson

It's so good you don't even need to add sauce.

Patrick Williams

Famous Valarie was AWESOME!!! We ordered take out for 20 people, she helped keep us on budget, the food was ready when we got there and it tasted DELICIOUS!!! P.S. No leftovers here

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Restaurant - Arizona