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310 W Frontier St, Eloy, AZ 85131, United States

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REVIEWS OF Encore Family Restaurant IN Arizona

Laura West

Go there and order sourdough cheeseburger no mustard or onions I'm going out tonight. Lol . Add the french fries no salt. You put the salt on it yourself and then get a medium size half strawberry half banana shake all for under $10 absolutely delicious

Linda Jaimes

Best food in Eloy and service with a smile great family atmosphere

James Sena

Yup, you're in Eloy and you have limited options. Eat here. Staff is friendly and burgers are good.

Louie Montijo

Little hometown spot in out service not much on decorations or coziness but food is great

slade hafner

Delicious Mom & Pop...

Taylor Carius

Amazing food, great service!!!!!

Mary Hashimoto

Host glad to see you and is proud to give you a short history. Open since 1955 with the same menu. Known for their burgers and the chili cheese burger was excellent. Other sandwiches include chicken fried or grilled, roast beef, and fried fish filet. Burrritos, tacos & taquitos are great, too. They have ice cream shakes with 14 flavors and mixers. But above all, the fries are ½" square, lightly browned and crisp outside and soft inside. You must have the onion rings! Drowned in thick beer batter and deep fried brown, salted and crispy, the onion stays put with each bite. I went back 2 days in a row to try other things but really to get more onion rings. They are the best I've ever had in my 55 years. You can dine inside or on outdoor tables, drive through, and in your car. Makes us happy we chose to move here!

Kelly Bumpers

The place is cheap but it would just be cheaper to go to the store and buy what they sell there

David Barajas


Santana Garcia

Old school food

Tom Thomas Duane Dauer

Wonderful Employee and Great Food

Raquel Johns

Great family restaurant and great food

Liz Ramirez

Anytime I'm in Eloy I always stop in... The food is always bomb....

Albert Avila

Good food

Becca Flores

The Best!!!

Vergel Harker

Great food, good service, relatively inexpensive! Restrooms are a bit sketchy!

Monique Gonzalez

Many family memories here. I love this place

J. David Escalante

Awesome food and service. If you haven't made it there you are really missing out. Family night there will certainly score points with mom too!

Ken Blondeaux

Great food, service and home spin atmosphere... it was our first visit after moving to Eloy, we will be back 4 sure!

Jason chappell

Great hamburgers here

Ashira Harmer

I love taco Tuesday....and the corndogs...omg...delicious

Hello Darkness my old friend

I live in Eloy and i love encore, your burgers have great taste, always taste fresh, when it had arcade games, I used to play the games while waiting, 5 stars

Cruz Baeza

Excellent customer service,,,,, seafood dinner was very good,,,,

Brittany Alexander

They have good food

daniel hammons

Small family owned and great prices

Tiffany Hungerford

The food is the best within a 40 mile radius. Stop here for burgers, shakes, hot dogs, Mexican food, ice cream or even fish! This place is awesome to eat in or out and the food is not overly priced. Do not pass this place. It's not too far off the highway!!

James Horner

Excellent! Good burger and great fries!


Tried the hotdog! The bomb! Hhahaha

Michael Mavis

Staff was really friendly and the food was great

Raymond Jimenez

Good food made by good peoples.

Cian Reynolds

Ordered a burrito. Found out it's the same type of burrito that I could buy from Walmart. Thought they would have fresh foods but I guess not. Not going back.

Manuel Villegas

Old school style takes me back to the good old days

The Laura Miller Show

Excellent food especially the sourdough Burger with the half banana and half strawberry shake. The Fry's are off the chain. This place I will always go to at least once a week. Especially when I don't want to cook for myself. This is the place where I get a family meal as far as I'm concerned hamburger and fries is an American masterpiece

Mindy Brunn

Decided to stop at Encore Family Restaurant on our road trip. (4 miles off I10.) We are so glad we did their food was delicious and their customer service was out of this world. They all catered to your every need from the moment you walk in the door. Do not miss out on this place, stop if you want burgers, chicken, hot dogs, Mexican food, fish, shakes, and ice cream! Not overly priced and it’s not too far off the highway!!

eric montgomery

Good food at low prices and good people and service

George E Castillo

Encore is a decent place to eat.

Aristeo Juarez

We've been going for a long time, still just as good.

Norma Alexander

Encore is real good

Carol Ilten

Nice little local burger/sandwich place with the friendliest people around. The fries are delish and they now have a great club sandwich, a recent addition.

Jeremy Woodruff

Good service and burgers!

Arriana Niles

Good food,good prices,and very busy.

Melinda Vega

Good food, good service, and affordable prices.

Johnny Franklin

Let's keep this place alive! Great place to take the family. Great food priced nice and great service! I stop here with the family every chance I get!!!

Joseph Lugo

GREAT burgers especially the jalapeno burger lunch special.

Cassandra Santos

Damn they have really stepped there game up. Food taste delicious low price

Krystle Niles

Great family owned restaurant. Jalapeno poppers are my favorite

Connie Marie

German chocolate cyclone is definitely worth the drive from the city!

Kenny Hejduk

Good food. Kinda of hot inside the restaurant.

Melissa Malzahn

Great food and service staff is very friendly

George Tuia

Our family experience here has always been a good one. On the night of September 14, 2017, staff were amazingly courteous and polite. It's a nice place in the middle of no where. But the service here felt like that of the Midwest; down to Earth and genuine. By the way, sorry for my kids spilling their drinks. But you know how it is when these 4 year olds get tipsy....

David Espinoza

Awesome fast food, come on down n enjoy a mexicali burger , that's what I had Mmm Mmm good.

Kim Boykin

Good food and excellent staff. They are efficient at handling large orders. We have never had a bad meal.

Arizonafied OG

Place has been here for quite some time and it is still some of the best food you can buy in Eloy. All around great place to grab some take out or sit down and enjoy the great customer service from one of their staff to cater to your every need. I'm impressed with this place and how it's run. Now this is how all places should be operated, while making customers happy. I will always be glad to spend my hard earned money here.

Juan Diaz

Great staff

Terry Montoya

Great service by employees and owner of the business, super friendly and the food is amazing. Totally worth the drive from the freeway on a comute passed.

Melody Mays

This is a little hole in the wall place that you can miss easily. They have the best burgers and onion rings. I eat their Mexicali burger normally. The girl at the desk is super friendly and the owner always makes his presence known. Very friendly place and great food.


Great neighborhood place. Amazing to get a quick bite to eat. Great food, great service.

Kizzy Graham

Good food!!!

Saul Urrea

Very friendly people there

Desiree Arnett

Great Restaurant and they have a newenu as well

Ernesto Larios

Their food is great their customer service is out of this world

Lexi Goeser

Great food, great service! The prices were really good and the food was out quickly and correctly! Awesome place!

Mr. Shooze

Great joint

Chris Tiffani Vanderpool

Always love this place

Elmer Adams

This place was awesome. The food kicked butt. I got a triple decker cheese burger with cheese, curly fries, and a strawberry shake. The owner was there and he treated us like royalty. Great to see a small well run American business.

Rosa Hernandez

Absolutely love this place! Not only are the employees very courteous but they also get your order accurate and out in a timely manner. The food is fantastic and hot wether you eat in, take out or phone your order in, I highly recommend their tacos. Thanks Encore for your great service I will recommend your restaurant to my friends and family.

Alisha Minghelli

I absolutely love this restaurant. They are always friendly and their food is amazing. Usually, I eat only the ranch chicken wraps but recently tried their supreme burrito. It's just amazing!

Suzanne Payan

Food has gotten better! Customer service is excellent and very pleasant staff! They take pride in what they do!


Nice family place

Karen - With a 'K'

Food is good at a great price! The owner Miguel is truly a delight. Great customer service- takes pride in his work.

Belle B

We only gave it four stars because we haven't eaten here yet, we only had ice cream and a shake. But what we had was good. Marten and John that work there are super helpful and friendly. Place was clean and they had a good menu at fair prices. We will be back to eat and will update this review at that time.

Paul Rodriguez

Love it.

BoOmEr harris

Could be better! $82 spent on a family of 7

Pinal SelfStorage

Have visited many times. Nice nostalgic place has best burgers in town. Big ice cream and shake selection for your kids. Large Mex/Amer selection.

Veronica lira

Great place to eat ❤️

Luis Pacheco

Good burgers. Nice people.

Shawna Espinoza

This lil restuarant is in Eloy, blink you'll miss it kinda town. But, there is a dinner called Encore. They have old school dinner food along with their touch of ethnicity added to their menu. GREAT food, but a lil pricie, but well worth it!

Estoque Mary Ann

Awesome food

Michael Whitsey

Never been here

Alma Cruz

Good food...

Alma Porras

Back to the best!!

Gracie Lacy

The visit was nice one thing i didnt ask for bacon i haven ate pork in 15 yrs i took the bacon off but that pork was still on there it made me sick pork make you sick after you havent ate in a while....but other than that..

Kathleen Rice

Very good food.

Veronica Gant

Great food and awesome customer service!

Lynnette Longoria

Always great food and service!!! Stop by and check it out for yourself!!! You won't regret it

Monica Reyes

Love it here!

Leo Quinones

Miss Hugo the old owner but the restaurant need improving

Eric H

Small diner with good quick food. Had a hamburger and fries, service was great. I'd eat there again.

Julie West

I got this place confused with a different place in Eloy. That one was bad and is now closed. This one was very good. Nice people. I can be difficult when ordering (no mayo, no salt, extra crispy) but the staff was patient with me and my food came out just as I ordered.


Amazing food, friendly staff.

Guadalupe Barreras

Good food , prices are fair great service .

Daniel Zarate

This restaurant is like a time capsule been the same way since the 90's

Agustin Sauceda

Home town, great food, great customer service and the best ice cream around.

Danny Hodges

Great food

Monica Munoz

Food is delicious and great custom service.

Antonio Meza

Best Burger Joint in Pinal County.

Angelita Coryell

Has the feel of a small town restaurant the food is good , The prices are good I would go there again.

Wangech Bualuay

I like all the food, and very nice people Good service


Still as good as it was years ago

John Farmer

Best food between Phoenix and Tucson. Burgers, fries and onion rings are all good.

Byron Glemba

Great burgers

Carlos Ortega

Excellent choice of food and the Blizzard ice cream is fantastic.

William Stephenson

Good food good prices.

Tom Joice

Try the Mexican Burger

Debra Marsh

I love this place! Great dining experience.

Rose G

They have the best hamburgers in Eloy.

Cryss Orozco

The food is actually pretty good and decent for its price. Been going there since I was a kid

Fred Hantzsche

Stopped in for lunch Monday afternoon clean Place friendly place food was great definitely will be going back have to tell my friends good place

Angelica Badger

We love encore the food is amazing and the workers are always friendly I would much rather spend money at encore then any chain restaurants

C. T. Sapienza

Great burgers! Place is clean. Nice (owners) guys. Yes I would go back.

Susana Coronado

GREAT FOOD & SERVICE it's Ash Wednesday had a pretty good fish sandwich & my son had the fish & chips dinner it was very tasty as always will go back the cashier girls kept checking on us even after we finished our food

Nabor Rubio

Best curly fries Ive ever had.

Chuck Chapman

Very friendly and helpful. Excellent Burger.

Michael Martinez

Very great customer service. Ice cream is on point! The fruity pebbles cyclone are a family favorite.

Roger Gutierrez

Love this place. Food is always the best here.

Ray Kinn

Great burger,

Rosalinda Herrera

Best food in town. The burgers and burrito supreme are awesome!

Jerry B

Good burger, excellent fries. Great service.

Jeri McRae

The service was awesome and the food was one of the best hamburgers I have had.

Gloria Noriz

Great Food

Angie Ruiz

Great Food , Good Deals, Owner n Workers are Super Friendly n Courteous !

April Lamaide

Made all fresh, amazing

James Childress

Friendly service, inexpensive, great selection of ice cream and good food!

Anna Ortiz

Good burgers and ice cream!! :)

Camie B

Awesome place to eat! Loved this place since I was a kid going and getting mixed cones with mom n dad and playing pacman! loved it as a teen too! excellent service,food and memories!

Stacy Ortega

Excellent prices! Nice enjoyable environment.

cristal ypena

A great hidden treasure in Eloy

Vincent Lopez

The best place to get a burger

Derrick Ethington

Awesome Ice Cream!!!!

Frank Murillo

A very small restaurant but nice the food tastes very good it's not too expensive very cozy

Nathan Smith

Best in Eloy

AJ Harris

good food. great prices. I still can't figure out why their ice cream has this yummy sweetness to it that is not normal

Felicity Ramirez

Always love going there .

Muthana Alanzi

Ooh really good food

Steve Mejia

I enjoyed the fish and chips

Pumpkin Martinez

Great food at great prices good family place!

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