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Paul Vo

My wife & I had lunch here based on a recommendation from a friend. The service is good & professional. It is a smaller buffet, with one counter dedicated to dim sum items. The price is low, less than $12/person (including taxes). The quality of the food is acceptable. Like many restaurants inside casinos, this one suffers the same problem for me. I must cross a gambling room full of tobacco smoke to reach it. That air just significantly reduces my appetite. Since there is nothing outstanding about this restaurant, I am uncertain I will go back.

Kelly B

I wasn't impressed. I went during the day on an early Friday afternoon when there were no promotions or special menu items and there was truly nothing unique about this buffet. The menu is extremely limited and the fare isn't particularly unique. Most food items were just typical run-of-the-mill items you could get anywhere else, like tacos and other quick-serve foods. There was a carving station and a plethora of other meat such as sausages, but the salad bar was severely lacking and there was a noticeable absence of pasta. It really didn't have any items I would enjoy or did enjoy. The one thing I was excited to try was the only pasta I did find which was a cheese tortellini and it was so overcooked the noodles were a sticky, flavorless glob which left me feeling extremely disappointed. The seating is uncomfortable if you're unfortunate enough to have to sit at a table rather than booth. The place was mostly empty when I went yet they sat my family and me right next to the kitchen doors which also wasn't ideal. Overall a buffet with a lackluster menu and much left to be desired.


IF THIS PLACE WAS FREE ID STAY HOME AND EAT A BURGER. Anyone who waits online more than 2 minutes to get into this waste of money dump buffet. Has never done a search or doesn’t know how. Is desperately hungry. Pure insanity. For those who have eaten in highly rated restaurants proceed here with caution. This food is generic cafeteria style food. They need to remove the buffet out of the name. Other than the crab leg people you are lucky to find 2 decent dishes to eat. Whomever makes out the menu needs to be replaced. Weird selections that would be served in a test kitchen. If they priced it at $9.99 at least you would be throwing out your money.without feeling bad about it..PACIFIC BLUE SEAFOOD BUFFET ON ARIZONA HAS 100% better quality and better cooks for around the same dinner price but you’ll get an excellent meal with excellent non stop large crab legs filled every few minutes, wake up. If you call this place anything other than one and 2 stares you need to wake up and look elsewhere. Try the sister casino also if you want quality and selection at 5 stars for real. How one is excellent and the eagle is horrible is beyond comprehension. Read the menu on line before you throw your money in the garbage. This is the saddest excuse for a buffet probably in the United States no less ARIZONA. Good luck at pot luck buffet. If you have money to burn, burn it before you go there and save the gas for your car and stomach. Eating here after you come once is sheer madness!!!

Gladis Morales

Amazing food for chipper price

leocadio balcazar

Great service excelente food feels like home.

Aye Halawani

So delicious

Kien Wu

Dim sum lunch

Micah T

Love hearing a group of Asians sing happy birthday to you....their accents makes me smile

Asif Ishtiaque

Positive: - A good variety of dessert - Fresh food - Good service Negative: - Number of item is not much - Pricy

Richard Hatfield


Hoai Nguyen

Very disappointed at the behavior of hostess. Unacceptable policy regarding keeping two separate lines for VIP and non-VIP casino cardholder. It is not a free buffet therefore the cardholder shouldn't be able bypass the line while everyone else have been waiting for an open table. We were told that they were cleaning up the table for us when we check-in with the receptionist but when another group of 5 people show up in the VIP line several minutes later they went ahead and bypass us without even give us an explanation. After that 3 more groups of 4,1,2 people respectively jumped through the line from the VIP line again. I then confronted the receptionist and they just nonchalantly said the customer have the casino VIP card so they are honored first. Also during this time a new hostess came out to count the number of people in each party so obviously they were not even keeping track of the line from our side at all.We have visited multiple times and this line never had existed. No other casino buffets let the casino cardholder jump the line, they only get a discounted price. We would never come back again.

Tamari Farquharson

Amazing. I went on a Saturday at 5pm and it wasnt crowded. Kids under 5 eat free. The best $25 I've spent in a while.

Johnny Tse

Very good buffet inside Casino Arizona. The staff is friendly and attentive. Drinks are included with the buffet price. Dessert section is a good size. Enjoy!

Vsco girl sksksks

I always go there

Kali Casper

Delicious soft shell crab and roast duck. Get those. Go for the shrimp dumpling noodle soup, too. Or anything with the noodz. You can't go wrong, really.

pa co

Best buffet in town

Barbara Morris

Nice variety, very tasty food.

Wylie Francoeur

The food is always fresh and delicious.


Great service, great food, awesome time

Michelle Avila

Great buffet

Tammy Maldonado

Amazing food!!!

Jeff King

Crab legs not so good.

Philip Waspi

Had Christmas day dinner buffet here. One of the best buffets around for the money

kathy joyce

Food superb & all you can eat. Drinks come with buffet. Service also excellent

Sarah DeFer

My husband and I come here for crab night and it is pretty good.

Jeff Cross

Very good as always

Ashley D

$12.50 for unlimited prime beef & gourmet desserts, & fast service too. There is no way to say no to this place. I have already recommended this to many people.

Johnny StarMusicMedia

The food was absolutely fantastic! Crab legs come straight from the pot and are hot, big and don't stick to the shells when cracking. Other selections were excellent tasting and the dessert bar is to die for. It was well worth the price!

Bob Smith

Best buffet we've been to in the valley. Lunch is about $11 including a drink. Not as many choices as some buffets, but the quality of food is outstanding overall. Nice atmosphere for a buffet, and being in a casino there are seldom children there.

Phillip Chen

No doubt, the best seafood buffet in Phoenix Metropolitan.

Barbara Seabert

They are great for Chinese food. Its called dim sum. You pick and choose what you want. Family friendly and great for party groups as well whether it's a birthday party for someone turning 18 or something else. Even kids could join in on the food.

Kirstin Fernandez

I love coming here. The display is amazing. So many great foods to choose from. The crab leg night is awesome and affordable. It’s never too crowded either.

Justin Ngo

Go here for the all you can eat crab legs

Arnold Meyers

Ok food

Sonny Poole

Not bad. The fish was all a little bit dry, but for $20 it's worth it.

Steven Edwards

Prime Rib was great.

Todd Ferreira

Crab legs are awesome! Happy hour beers are a great price too

Alex Kulak

Always great food, and great service.. kinda expensive but well worth the wait and the money. Its all you can eat and you can spend hours if you are a bottomless pit. Trust me this is my go to

MaryAnn Valencia

Pretty good food, service was excellent

1Perfect Doll

Very impressed!

Star Shine

Great food, great service! Best value in Arizona!

Carina Vazquez

Great food and service

Elle G.

Went on Easter Sunday at 12:30. Wait was only 45 minutes. The wait wasn't bad. Families had a lot of space between each other, the air was nice and cool and a server was taking drink orders. Once inside the experience was delightful. Food areas were clean, employees kept maintaining every aspect of the serving areas. The food was really good. Everything was cooked and even warm to the touch. My family tried all the areas of food and we enjoyed everything. Our server was great as well. She tended to us very much and we were never needed to chase her down. Overall a wonderful buffet, especially since we went on Easter Sunday. Cost 3 adults: 112.00 (after tip) Types of food: Shrimp, crab legs, mashed potatoes, corn, waffles, chicken, donuts, pancakes, broccoli, macaroni salad, Cesar salad, TONS of desert Seating: Booth & Table

Andrew Donaldson

The Eagles Buffet. Saturday Prime Rib and seafood all you can eat two adults under $60 with tip. Several fish entrees. Prime rib roast sliced and grilled by request so tender it cut like butter. Pork roast. Pizza. Taco bar. Salad bar. Dessert of all kinds some sugar free. Ice cream floats by request several flavors. Very friendly service quick seating an overall exceptional experience. We will return! Good place for a date night!

Fred Cheek

Nothing major at all.

Eloina Gaytan

Always delicious clean and friendly plenty of room

william bird

Mediocre to put it nicely. Compared to other casinos, this buffet was a disappointment. Yes its $10-15 cheaper than the closest casino, but do yourself a favor and pay the difference and get better food and nicer, cleaner service.

Emmanuelle C.

Rather inexpensive and plentiful!

Stephanie Bloniarz

Mmmmm! All you can eat crab is the BEST!

Ben Lawless

Great Seafood Buffet on Friday nights

Blanca Mojica

Good price and food quality

Colette Cronstrom

Best crab leg buffet in town!

Veronica Zuniga

Its ok

Dad Gunn

The all you can eat crab legs are exceptional on Wednesday night Very friendly staff

Don Lee

We went there on Wed, best crab legs (only Wed, Thur) in Phoenix area.

Vafing Bamba

Nice place to be during the weekend.

Storm McAdrian

Was disappointed after many years coming here. The food was warm not hot, and wasn't up to the standared they are known for. The waitress was very hurried and rushed us each and every time.

Sheikh Minhaj Hossain

They have great food quality! A lot of varieties in the dessert. I Loved it overall. A little too pricy. But that's ok. It would have been better if it was $20/person.

liz p

It was great girls in the front and servers as well the cooks were very friendly food was delicious. dessert was great I had so much to choice from ice cream was my favorite we had a great dinner with my family everyone loved it

Unknown Ramen

It was the greatest buffet I've ever had.The food was delicious and there are peaches and cottage cheese too.Even though I'm only 13 years old and not a food critic it was delicious food ever.I also had a good time there too.

Joy Balanon

The food was good. I just wish they had more selections.

May Bennett

Pretty good food. As usual with buffets, some foods are better than others. The real winners were the prime rib and the omelets. Most of the desserts taste prepackaged not homemade. Our waitress was standoffish and acted like she hates her job. We went for Sunday brunch, $40 for 2 people. Includes 2 bloody Mary or 2 champagne, if you can get your waitress to acknowledge you. We will be back, but for regular buffet.

Sylvia Mendoza

Good food selection. The wait staff is nice, and if you come in with a toddler they are patient and accommodating.

Allan Condit

Pretty piss poor food most of which is under cooked. The only redemption is friendly staff.

daniel pemberton

Love the weekday dim sum buffet.

AnneM Brady

The dim sum is excellent. Every piece I tried. Husband did not like the pork ribs. I almost ate Caeser salad, but reminded not to. Not sure why they are still serving it.


All you can eat crab legs on Wednesday and Thursday. Nice and steamed.

Luis Campos

The cuisine is the best, everything here is of the best. Chefs are very nice. Best IceTea

Jeff McTag

Great food, period. It just happens to be a buffet at a casino.

Tricia G.

Staff was great. Food delicious. Everything clean and organized. Mini root beer floats were the best way to end the meal. (I wish they had sushi)


Great food, great customer service!

Warren Ma

It's a nice place for families and friends

Stacey Spencer

Always a great time..Great food and Great service

Deej J

Love the all you can eat crab legs

Rain M

My family and I have been going to Eagles Buffet, at least once a month for the past 10+ years. We absolutely love the atmosphere and the employees who always make us feel welcomed.

Anton Kentjana

Good food for buffet at very reasonable price.

Robert Erhart

Went there for my birthday


Surprised at the one star ratings. This is usually a pretty decent buffet. It varies from mediocre to very good to excellent on certain items. My wife likes it because she has a lot of salad and vegetarian choices. There are also enough meat choices to satisfy the meat eater. Usually fish, beef, pork and chicken. A couple times, I got some really good liver and onions. There is usually good variety in all the food so that you can find at least several items that you like. The desserts are always good and sized just right (small) after eating a large buffet. Desserts are unlimited too, as is the buffet. Soft drinks are included with free refills. Wait staff (for seating and drinks) is usually quite attentive and deserves a generous tip.

Licensed Professional

Above Average Overpriced Buffet, the sald bar was beyond disappointing because they failed to offer raw spinach and kale to build a healthy nutritious meal and half the buffet was dessert item's. Very few meat dishes, the staff speaks poor english, there are no convenient restrooms located inside the restaurant, you have to hike far across the casino to find one and smoking is permitted. Overall I was not happy with the food and beverage service choices and do not plan to return.

Xd Gaming

It was the most best buffet i have been to so far

Jacque del Valle

Good selection in a buffet

Phil Kruger

Food is good, staff are very friendly.

Maria Konar

Crab leg night ❤ they are usually pretty good, sometimes saltier than others. I love seafood, so when they have fish and shrimp on top of the crab legs is a mayor plus for me. Unfortunately today the bake fish was really dry. It look like nobody had touch it on the last 2hrs.

Rigoberto Ramirez

Good buffet but service needs to be more organized the lines to get food or so confusing... you have a bunch of kids under the age of eight running around getting food grabbing stuff with her hands and the parents don't care since they're drinking mimosas... on several locations I saw people put stuff in their plates touch different items in the plate and then return it back when nobody was supposedly looking the food definitely gets 5 stars but the staff needs to be on top of their kitchen

Paul Hejja MD

Great lunch buffet with mix of serving stations of Chinese dim sum, Me ican, American and some seafood. Great dessert and ice cream choices as well. Regular drinks included.

Moutaz Cheyad

Bad food and service 0%

Joseph Furnari

Christmas Eve dinner for the two of us. Large selection of items, buffet line was well stocked and clean. If you want a good buffet this is it.

Michelle Hampshire

Good clean food and Awesome service

Marcela Klymko

Good variety of dishes. Remodeled and clean.

Katya Ayala

absolute amazing food great service

Todd Schaefer

It's a decent place to eat but the Wildhorse Buffet at the Talking Stick Resort is Superior in every way. The selection at Eagles Buffet is so-so, but halfway decent overall. The salad bar could be more robust. If you're going to the casino it's an okay place to stop in at. But I would probably try a different spot next time. The wait staff is average, not particularly warm, and they don't check in on your table enough.

Steve lemke

decent value but nothing special

Dj juan Martinez

Food & service were awesome if there were more stars to rate I wood.Highly recommend this Buffett.

Shaughnessy Painting

Sure beats chinese buffet

Abrahan Garibay

This buffet is great, overwhelming variety of food, staff was somewhat attentive, but all in all good experience. Prime rib was excellent. Will come again soon

Ellen Velarides

3.5 - good selection and value. Skip it on holidays and they do not take reservations and the wait can be hours.

Heath Hudson

The crab use to be great. They changed the crab but it's still will worth the experience. 25 dollars about in 2017. I have noticed on Wednesday night in the carving station is ham and beef. On Thursday there is turkey and beef. Really love the turkey!

David S

great selection of food. very clean and good service. food is tasty.

Luke Drake

Was not worth it in my opinion. Didn't enjoy the selection, which lacked variety of meats.


Delicious!!! Very clean!! Love it,!!

Z 7691

It's on the pricey side but then you keep out the riff raff. You definitely will need your Google GPS to find it it's not that easy. The buffet seems to feature more of a seafood Trenton. Because of the price which is on the higher side it's also cleaner. Not the greatest desert selection. Because of certain Peak traffic you need to plan your time and visit carefully in order to get to this establishment

Nina Ferrer

We went here specifically for the dim sum buffet. Small selection but they picked the usual favorites. The wonton soup is phenomenal! The broth tastes clean and the perfect amount of savory. The wontons were perfect. They were juicy and not overcooked. The only down side is the fact that the dim sum selection isn't available during the weekends, making it nearly impossible for those working 9-5 jobs to partake without having to take time off of work.

joseph montenegro

First time eating here food was excellent

Carlos a

Dim sum is the best

Nate Brown

One of the better buffets in terms of value. They have crab legs on Weds and Thurs for $18.50 a person. I think the crab legs are fine and you can get Old Bay seasoning to mix with your butter. They usually have a carving station with two types of meat. Today they also had fried chicken which was fried perfect and very moist. The service has been consistently good over the six times that I have eaten here. Every time has been a good experience. The dessert stations offer a variety of tasty treats including creme brulee.


It was my first time going here, and since I arrived at 7:40 pm, it was going to close at 9 pm. I ate with my parents, and the three of us only costed around $60. It seemed expensive at first, but it was worth it. Even though the menu variety may seem a bit restricted for exotic eaters, the food is just too good to complain about. I highly recommend getting pork belly with their bacon fried-rice and mix it with their whipped potatoes and some buttered corn. The waiter that we had was very nice, and we all were able to converse with her. After my two plates of delicious food, I went to the desserts. Let me just say, they have a whole square in the middle of the buffet, FILLED WITH DESSERTS! Except, I only grabbed two little cakes, along with cookies, since I was pretty much stuffed with food. For a buffet in a casino, it actually smelled and looked pretty good compared to the rest of the casino. The seats and tables were all almost flawless, and the worse that I really smelled was little bit of smoke, since some guy was smoking right in front of the entrance, he left though. Overall, this place was marvelous, it's almost like a Luxury Buffet, even though it was only $60 for us. However, I wouldn't recommend going here if you aren't really hungry, or if you would rather prefer exotic or fried foods.

Jose Penaloza

Service good. Food so so.


Fun and great food

Bobby Chapman

Crabfest.... got my fill!

johnny barrios

Ok omg I'm going to write a little bit here but this was amazing . The eagles buffet at casino Arizona. As we entered the casino we asked the floor man where the buffet was located. A man named ben anton friendly with happy conversation escorted us all the way to buffet entrance . The supervisor sally seated us and recommended the top items today. The food was delicious. cheerful chef rick hearn gave us recommended sides to the wonderful entrees we selected . The wait staff was on top of their game when our drinks were half full another would appear. When we left for seconds we returned to fresh drinks and napkins. I dont know who is running hospitality here but this was a phenomenal experience. Best part is lunch was $12.95 . Even the chefs came out to the dining room to conversate with guests . Inquiring about your meal and friendly chat. I have paid $65 for buffets in vegas and have had half the experience. The food was 4 out of 5 stars but the friendly staff made this a 5 star experience. ** p.s. after our meal we complimented the staff and made our way to guest services . I asked were I could leave a comment. not knowing if my comments were good or bad the director of food and beverage himself came down to greet us . His name is victor. Cheers to you victor we had a wonderful experience . It's been years since a dining experience has made our entire day.

Kathryn Westlake

Great service. Relaxed atmosphere.

Michael Wang

Great service. Food choice seems a bit limited.

Isabella Ely

Prime Rib was good. Hope they served seafood.

Gregg Buckner

Great food, and friendly staff

Dawn M

Nice variety of food...if you like prime rib its a good deal!

James Lee

Snowcrab leg. Excellent out of world my favorite

Frank Werner

High quality food but it's also on the more expensive side. Prime rib and all you can eat crab nights keep bring us back over and over again! The dessert bar has been expanded and is sure to fill almost anyone's sweet tooth cravings. Serving staff has always been very friendly and welcoming.

Antar Wagoner

food was good. then I bit into a piece of steel wire about an inch long that was nested inside my coconut cream pie! Lookes like part of a wire brush perhaps? Passed it on to the Eagles Buffet manager. He did not seem too concerned. Said "sorry" and walked away.

S&M Mcknight

Cold food, stinky crab, leathery oysters, sour dressing, runny mash potatos (instant?), smoked roasted rib not prime but maybe USDA choice, old bread, too much sour cream with horseradish, salty corn and beans, etc...sorry. Your employees work hard, change the food up and make them proud to serve great food!

Rob Watkins

Tasty food, prime rib was very good. Wait staff very friendly and attentive. A pleasant experience overall.

Jaime Wallin

2nd time we've went. The crab was delicious. They had more desserts to pick from this time including plain cheesecake & pumpkin pie. The staff is always friendly!

Thomas Hooper

I went for prime rib on Saturday. I would come again. The selection was a little smaller than other buffets but the food was of high quality.

Brad D

Great tasting food. Not a huge selection but prices match the limitation. Go for lunch its like half the dinner price

Abraham Hermosillo

Omg to die for

M erysa

Very fresh snow crab. The price is perfect. Love it.

Lonny Nguyen

Good Food - good prices

Samuel Levon Brown

Always good food

Kaotic Kameleon

Best food at great prices! The atmosphere is calm, and it's always very clean!

william giordano

No roast beef and paying top dollar for chicken and

Alexandre Takamatsu

Good service, good food, cozy atmosphere.

neo zheng

It’s so slow only one cashier !!!!!!

Gabriela Comeaux

My family & I ate here yesterday & we were not disappointed! If I could give it more stars I would! Price was great, food was incredible, staff was the nicest staff I’ve had wait on me, & the restaurant itself was very pretty! Can’t wait to come back. Food was amazing!

Lisa Ferraguti

So much great food!

Tisha Gilson

The buffet is so good. Brunch and dinner are my favorite times to go. Not too crowded and food is always hot and fresh.

Ron Long

The food choices seemed to be plentiful enough. I hope this was a one time thing but two of us were very sick the next day.

Sandra Triplett/Van Wagner

Awesome Dim Sum Buffett!!

Miles Bassik

Ribs are fall off the bone, brisket melts in your mouth. Tried a bit of everything and it was all great. Service is as good as the food.

Larry Bartelt

Awesome food! Nice friendly service.


Nice selections great price

Hannah Le

I come here for eat buffet seafood! I buy 3 people for 37.14 usd but they don’t have sea food and I ask they say they out no. More! Why they sell tickets ‘

Athena Roberts

A bit overpriced for what's available. Food was okay but not great.

sandi jones

Awesome value and great service!

lillian begay

Very yummy foods

Mase Vankat

Crab night never lets me down

She'l ES

Service is always good but small seating and not that much choice.


Food is great but I was asked to leave 1 hour before the restaurant closes probably because I sat there (paid) and is waiting for a friend of mine to come. I mean, the service is terrible, they wanted me to get out asap and refusing to do service at my table with dirty dishes. At the end, I would not recommend this hostile service.

Walter Kastner


Colleen Forcier

Great selection! All you can eat.

Michael Rich

Ok buffet, a bit over priced.

Rex Williamson

By far the best Thanksgiving meal I've ever had. Best food, best service... Overall outstanding experience like always. Favorite place to dine. Ty to all staff and cooks. Keep up the phenomenal job you all are doing. Already looking forward to next Thanksgiving. Hahaha

Annette Wray

Good selection

Werner Skolimowski

I really like the buffet... unfortunately you have to go through all that disgusting cigarette smoke... ruins everything...

Crystal Pierce

Great service. Pretty good selection of food. Outstanding dessert!!

Lucian Brown

Single diner, gave me lots attention though not important to me, visible chef gorgeous desserts. Not big on cumin without onion and garlic. Was crab night, was more classy ambience for a casino buffet. So kudos, from Memphis visiting employee if Lancer at the zoo

Nico Mirolla

Amazing in every way.

Callie Gaytan

Great selection, something for everybody, but also done well. Very short wait time before we were seated, and the waitress was always quick with refills and picking up our dishes. Will definitely come back.

Patricia Brooks

A bit expensive but well worth it. The eggs benidect is excellent!!! Go, go, go and eat, eat, eat.

Tim Stidd

Awesome food...

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