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2500 S Woodlands Village Blvd #8, Flagstaff, AZ 86001, United States

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REVIEWS OF Delhi Palace IN Arizona

Corinne Belbe

Always fantastic! Customer service is great and they are always checking up on you. You never have to ask for water because they always come and fill it. The best indian food I have tried! Their indian coffee and tea are authentic and tastes so good. Drove two hours just to come eat here again! Will recommend!

प्रसन्न जोशी

The proper Indian food. Fantastic

Billy Thorton

Actually it's a 4.5 on my scale as everything seemed a bit salty, but that could be attributed to me having a cold. Everything seemed a bit on the spicy hot side which I enjoyed. There were two meats at this lunch buffet chicken and the goat. There were probably no less than 10 vegetable dishes. There was also a mango drink that refreshed the pallet. There were three puddings for dessert the standard rice, a carrot, and something else, I found the carrot the best. They have a senior discount if asked for. I could be a repeat customer next time I'm in town.

Katrina Jørgensen

While the food was good, we tried Dosa and loved it. We we're not impressed with the service. Water was never refilled after we sat down (and we were one of only two families there). We ordered a beer, it never came. The Dosa was offered to us but at the end of the meal. We will probably order takeout from here but not dine in the restaurant.

Studio One Graphics

Had an enjoyable time. The service was good too.

Amrit Harripaul

Best Indian restaurant in town. Probably one of the best I've ever been to.

Carlo Panieri

Extremely friendly personnel. Rather big portions. Authentic Indian cuisine experience. Take away is fast and very well packed.


My favorite place to eat out! Wonderful staff and the food is amazing

Paddy P

Lunch Buffet had a decent choice entrees and other dishes. Food was maintained hot and presented nicely. While the taste was a little bland by authentic Indian standards, it probably will be more acceptable to local patrons not used to spicy, hot Indian food. All in all, a pleasant, satisfying experience.

Vaidyanathan N

We recently visited Flagstaff and were in search of good Indian food. Delhi palace proved to be a great choice. Amazingly good buffet at a very down to earth price. Very tasty vegetarian menu. Overall 5 stars. Anyone visiting Sedona to grand Canyon can definitely try their hands here for a tasty retreat.

Harsh Patel

First of all the spacious restaurant was beautifully setup and looked nice from inside & outside. The service and the way we were greeted was extraordinary. And finally, the food. The food was spectacular and amazing! The taste, quality, quantity and smell, everything was great! The previous reviews for this restaurant are well said and worth it. I would definitely recommend visiting this restaurant AT LEAST ONCE, if you’re in flagstaff. P.S. we are vegetarians and the food was really well made. Not a lot of places can cook vegetarian food this well.

Evan Casler

Friendly staff, excellent food, pleasant ambience. Recommended!

Andy Wells

Fantastic Indian food and excellent service. Rarely crowded. They also have an Indian grocery store in a separate building on the same lot. Highly recommend this hidden gem.

Bryan Kowacich

Ever heard of price gouging? Yeah these guys are the kings of price gouging. Not only is there food just mediocre but they also charge exorbitant prices for anything that normally other restaurants would include with the meal. I.e.: rice I will never ever be returning to this place. Ever!

Stacie Hall

Hi there Google Gang, service was excellent, staff was friendly and helpful... Call in order was on POINT... Thanks I will recommend this SPOT to friends and family

Sam Joynson

Great food, clean atmoshpere, very similar to Himalayan grill. Accommodating and very friendly staff. $10 buffet is great.

sudarshan dange

Flagstaff ka no.1 Indian restaurant! Special mention to their butter chicken! It's much much better than anything you get in California! it is kids friendly! ample of parking outside. Ambience is nice & so is their service! If you're in Flagstaff and craving for Indian food then this is the place for you.


Good. Consistent. Regular customer.

Rachael Beargeon

This place has a wonderful buffet. Everything is so fresh. The wait staff are very nice. The restaurant is very clean. The mango pudding is so smooth and sweet. Best Indian food in South Carolina. Great for a quick delicious meal.

Steven Soares

I had the lunch buffet. Food was delicious and they provided more nan than we could eat at no extra charge. We had a buy one get one half off coupon which they applied to our bill and then gave back to us to use again! The servers were polite and friendly. The atmosphere was nice, the place was clean and the price was very reasonable. I'd give them 6 stars if Google would let me!

John Smith

If you want some good at authentic Indian food this is the place for you. Where's the money go for the buffet. Be fair warned the some of the food it is highly spicy. So keep the water coming

Michael Davenport

Wow Danny and the entire staff are incredibly welcoming and friendly...quite the hospitality!! Oh and the food was delicious and inexpensive. One of the best experiences I've had in a restaurant in a long time!

Gina Fine

One of our favorite places to eat! My husband travels for work and has had Indian food all over the US, and he's yet to find any as good as Delhi Palace. We're vegetarian now and love how many non-meat choices there are on the buffet. Our favorite dishes are always there, and there are always new dishes to try. If we don't go there at least once a week we feel like we've missed out!

Brett Bradshaw

Wonderful food, perfect for the lunch crowd.

Misty Dean

The food here is delicious!! They have a great selection (we had the buffet) and it's all wonderful. My son-in-law is from western India and he says this is the best Indian food in Flagstaff.

Kendra M

Good food. Naan is brought to table.

James Marjie

One of the best meals I have ever had. Got the mushroom korma and shrimp Tikka masalla. Everyone was super helpful. Can't recommend enough.

Jonathan Cody

My son and I really liked our food. I just wish that they had a dinner buffet in addition to their lunch buffet. The service was very good. The staff tended to us often. The frozen vegetables used in the vegetable dishes was kind of disappointing, however.

Frank Hodges

This was my first time visiting this location. The Indian food was delicious. My friend and I had the buffet. There were plenty of options to choose from, and all as equally delicious as the last. I was pleased the food was not as spicy hot as some Indian restaurants, which makes the food more appealing to a larger clientele. I look forward to going back.

John Vergona

They don't have too much variety at the lunch buffet, can't speak for any other time, but trust me they don't need to. They do what they do very well, I haven't once left the place unsatisfied.

D Cooper

Not a fan of buffets but the wife talked me into trying it here instead of ordering off the menu...Quite a few choices available but nothing stood out. If I return I will order tandoori prawns off the menu. Friendly service!

Michael Van Ness

Consistently excellent and all you can eat - an abundance of helpful staff - can't do better at their prices.

Elizabeth Rodriguez

Beautifully authentic food with good sized portions.

Bharathkrishna G M

Great food for average price. Good North Indian varieties.

Lloyd Fuller

Danny is the man great server!

Kat Seekatz

Most delicious food! Everything is tasty and well seasoned. Soup was delicious today. A fabulous place for lunch.

Vijayanand Phad

Friendly people, Tasty food. Good ambience. $9 weekday Buffett is surely worth it. I tried veg food only.

Sendur Rajaa

Good Food. Recommended. Thanks

Sara Desalme

This is my favorite place to eat! The whole staff, from the owner to the servers to the cooks, everyone is fantastic. The whole team are always professional, kind, punctual and friendly. Of course, the food is delicious. It's always full of flavor, cooked fresh and I have never been disappointed. Best Indian restaurant I've had the pleasure to dine in.


We enjoyed our visit here. It was ranked number two on TripAdvisor so we thought we would give it a try. Stop were very friendly and attentive and plenty of smiles all around. The dishes we ate were rather salty, but the flavor was quite good. We would go back especially to try their lunch buffet which we hear is really good

Jayson and Courtney Watabe

Delicious food! Incredible service! Most delicious pistachio ice cream I've ever had!!

Charles Simons

The goat was good but next instead of the bar I think I will order me some lamb but over all.its something new to try instead of hamburgers and fries and steaks. Try it you might like other things on the bar that I didn't try

BK Kerai

Great food and great service.... the owner Parminder is well known with the local community and the restaurant has a good reputation .....

google usee

We ordered a pav bhaji which was not at all pav bhaji , they r serving any vegetable curry ( we got aloo matar curry, in which ginger n asafoetida was over powering ) with hot dog buns n making people fool, n other one was chicken biryani which was full of colors n it didn't had any taste of spice, it was like a turmeric rice n uneven cooked pieces of chicken n their service is also very slow , everything was tasteless n chill n tasted like 4-5 days old.

Jon Beargeon

The buffet was delicious and fresh. The restaurant was very clean and the staff was nice and friendly. I recommend the chicken tika it was the best I have ever had.

Abigail Holland

Beautiful setting and delicious food. The food is fresh and authentic. I wish I lived closer so I could go more often

Zenna Macgregor

Love love love this restaurant and staff! Food is very authentic and prepared very professionally. Prices are fair. The first time I ordered to go and returned home missing a couple of items so I called right away and they took care of issues in a very generous manner. I like the atmosphere and I highly recommend this restaurant! I was married to an Indian man for 8 years and his Mom taught me to cook, so I know my Indian food! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Ps, they offer an NAU discount so remember to ask for that if you have a Jacks Card! I will be returning again and again!

Jeremy Kingsbury

They have a great lunch buffet. If you've never had their food the lunch buffet gives you the perfect opportunity to try a little of everything. It is very good and I highly recommend eating here.

Vikram Sharma

Very flavorful food, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Make sure to only order spicy if you can handle very spicy food otherwise go with mild.

Sea Shells

Awesome food. Naan was great!

Justine Brent

As an official Indian food connoisseur who hunts out Indian restaurants all over the country and the world, I'd have to say this one is one of the best-- a true hidden gem! The spices are on point, and the variety of the buffet is outstanding!

Calvin Corn

Amazing food as always. Nice place to sit back with friends and catch up whole enjoying some very good food.

Curtis Keisler

Best Indian food in Columbia right now. Classy environment.

Gregory Charlton


Shuchita Chaturvedi

Authentic tasty Indian food,big spread and courteous smiling staff.Must taste the mango chutney. Will go back again.


I went for the buffet and it was fantastic. The naan bread and chicken curry were excellent. The food was replenished as it ran out. It was a great deal for $10 a person.

yashuwahisreal israel

I went in their grocery store and the owners wife is very prejudice towards me and my daughter, she threw the pen down to me and my change, I will never shop there ever again!!!!

Walter Matute

Best Samosas in South Carolina. The Lamb Samosas are my favorite but the vegetable Samosas are really good to. The tandoori chicken is amazing. If you like beer try the Flying Horse, I ordered it and liked it. The restuarant offers a buffet or menu dinner.

Alex dos Santos

Stopped by on the way to the Grand Canyon. The food was exceptionally cooked and the staff was extremely friendly. Would definitely recommend stopping in for a meal.

Aj K

Real good food

Marc Griffin

Great and also the store has great prices! You see how much you are being ripped off by others when you see the great prices they have

Carolanne Brandt

Very tasty Indian food. I recommend the lunch buffet. The service was great, too.

Mike Gillis

Worth a stop. One of the best in the area. Parmenter and his family are good people. Visit the grocery out back. Great prices on spices.

Mustahseen Mobashwer Dipro

Foods are good. Can be a little better in terms of serving and waiting time.

Steve Weston

I am very sensitive to sweet flavors, I prefer savory foods instead. Most places I go end up having at least a little sweetness in the food even when a dish traditionally doesn't use any sweeteners or naturally sweet ingredients. I tried several items from the menu and nothing had a sweet flavor, it was all very savory and delicious! I will definitely be back again and again. Also the spice was just right, not over the top.

sadia jehan

Worst food ever. When I was placing order I told him to make maximum spicy and hot and he started lecturing me about it and told me cook just increases the red chili powder that’s all there is nothing special about it. The way he spoke to me I thought food would be really good but food was absolutely third grade. Chicken 65 was blood red color and it looked not so good to eat, it had no salt no spice. Veg fried rice was not veg fried rice but it was vegetable pulao with green beans and peas in it and chicken kadhai was the worst of all. Never going to this place back again.

john couchman

Really good Indian cuisine. All the regular dishes you would expect and a few less common dishes. Excellent service and reasonable prices. Very clean.

maolculm M

Best Massala I've ever had. Haven't had anything there that I didn't like.

William VonHarten

I don't live in the area. Was passing through a couple of years ago, and tried it, and was not too impressed. Was in the area again on the Thanksgiving holiday at lunch and Delhi Palace was the only non fast food restaurant I could find open in the immediate I went. The food to me has improved dramatically! One of my favorites was the goat curry I put over rice. Everything else I tried was good, including the desserts! I stopped again to eat three days later on my way back through the area. I asked if it was new owner or management. I was told there was a new chef.

Medhashri B K

Great service, good Indian food and nominal pricing.

Khairul Alam Siddiqi

Good Indian foods in a reasonable price; soothing interior....


A must-go in Flagstaff. The buffet is still the best Indian buffet I've been to. Delicious food and large portions. Waiters are quick to refill and help you if you need something.

The Aisling Adventure

Perfect Indian food. Not too spicy with lots of flavor.

Toshi Anand

Delicious food. All the dishes in the buffet were good. Their garlic naan is the best naan I have had so far.

Saralouise Cunningham

Staff was very friendly, food was so fresh and amazing, very clean place! I will definitely drive the hour and a half to go back!


Delicious and super polite staff.

Irene P

We enjoyed our dinner at the restaurant. Service was very friendly, food was prepared to our liking. We are great lovers of spicy food, and I have great concerns if we are not getting spicy meals at restaurants. This place didn’t disappoint us at all - the food came out just right. We had Tandoori Mixed Grill and Lamb Curry, and the food was delicious!

Het Heru Mer Djehuty

Excellent customer at the Spice grocery store next door. Very helpful and affordable!

Barbara Whittaker

Dosa night was delicious. We usually eat here at lunch in order to enjoy the buffet

Reese Kain

Best Indian food in Northern Arizona.

Jennifer Rawlings

Love Delhi Palace! We always get the buffet for lunch, because everything is too delicious to decide on just one dish. On this visit, everything was spicy, which we love. There was a good mix of vegetarian and meat-containing dishes, and a couple of new offerings I hadn't seen before (such as paneer korma). As always, the service was great, too. :)

David Chudd

Good service, selections of the buffet change daily. Good food

Terry Horn

Great food and service! The staff ensured you had everything you wanted in a respectful and timely manner. The variety of food was exceptional with my favorite always being the Goat curry. Paul has done a great job with the place and I would recommend to everyone.

Ankit Patel

Service is excellent, food could be improved but all nan breads are awesome every time.

Paris Bitsoi

Always great food... Vegan Friendly!

Laura B

Great buffet

JLH Travels Here

$8.95 Lunch Buffet is a great deal. The mango chutney, paneer, and korma dishes were delicious. I really enjoyed the fresh coleslaw like dish. Great service. Comfortable. Clean. Easy to get to. Lots of parking. 30 items on the buffet line.

Amit Sheth

It was worth 15-20 minute drive. Main dishes (we went for vegetarian dishes) were outstanding (tasty and not oily, felt fresh), and quantify was excellent. Service was attentive. One thing the restaurant can improve upon: there is some smell when you enter-- perhaps from afternoon buffet--that could turn of a patron (I did not notice it but my wife did). Second time, I felt Bhindi masala while fresh had a bit more oil, and so did chapati. Tarka daal was great.

Khair Sharif

We came to Flagstaff as visitors, and choose to have our first night dinner at the Deli Palace. My wife and I ordered a few things including vege pakora, veg soups and chicken soups, Shrimp Biryani and paluo. We packed Biryani to eat it later. When opened it later to eat, it was not fresh and had bad smelling, so it was through to the garbage. The soup was very salty and paluo was very oily. I found their service good but their food was not healthy and fresh. I would not recommend this place to eat.

Arun Siddharth

Excellent place. Went there for the lunch buffet and was very happy with the authenticity of the food. Clean place, delicious food and very reasonable prices.

Sylvianne Alexander

Lovely food and great service

mana D

This not authentic indian food.this foods taste like nepalese cuisine...biriyani is not authentic indian biriyani at all not even polau.we dont put peanuts in our biriyani.i think all reviews r fake or this reviewers did not know anything about indian food.biriyani taste like soggy spicy rice..medium level food also very spicy ...

Frank Tedesco

Very good luncheon buffet. We've been twice over a few years. Definitely on our Flagstaff do-list.

vaibhav mehta

Amazing Indian food in town. Visited for lunch buffet and plenty of vegetarian options and food was yummy. Dessert were even better. Owner is very friendly and welcoming guy. Don't miss this place if you want authentic indian food. We will definitely be back

Leslie Meek

Amazing food , great prices , and outstanding service! Had been driving all day and stopped by for dinner. It was a memorable experience and I would HIGHLY recommend.

Mark Ashcraft

Good food. Great service and price.

Natalyn Abbey

Stopped here for lunch while passing through from the Grand Canyon and SO GLAD we did! Lunch buffet had a fantastic assortment of all my favorites, saag paneer, vindaloo, masala, the naan came to the table quickly, the service was so friendly and prompt!! Definitely recommend if you're in Flagstaff!!

Karl Heinmiller

Still the best Indian food in Columbia. Their buffet is also a great way to introduce friends who are new to Indian cuisine.

Theresa Fletcher Fletcher

Prakash was an awesome server! He was very attentive and introduced me to some amazing dishes. The chef did a superb job preparing each dish. I'm in love and will return!

stephanie curry

This place is always amazing. Cheap prices but never cheap quality or service. Sunday brunch buffet is a must, with bottomless mimosas and naan.

Krystin Mertz

My mum and i ate here last night and the service was wonderful and food was just delicious!! Ordered the tandoori dinner and split between the both of us- one meal several different tasters and we had leftovers for the next day! 10/10 would highly recommend !!!


Let me start off by saying I'm vegan and this restaurant is awesome. The food and customer service is great. I believe the manager assisted me today while I was dining in. Nothing better than seeing the big man get his hands dirty. I will return with friends!!!

Queenie Candice Denise

I love this place. Ever since I studied abroad I love Indian food and culture. The food is WONDERFUL. The staff is great; the atmosphere is just right especially on a Saturday evening for dinner. I love to go to Columbia; this place is the perfect way to wrap up a day of yoga and meditation! My favorite dishes are the Chicken Madras, Chicken Korma and Chicken Makhani.

Yves Dubé

Wow! A must place to eat ... Excellent food, tasty and wonderful service by Danny ... what could you ask more..!! Visit this excellent restaurant on March 27th, 2019.

Johanna Hughes

My friend and I had just hiked 5 miles at the Grand Canyon and we were starving. Delhi Palace was just what we needed. Great service and delicious food that made us feel warm and welcome.

Tim Jacobson

We like the variety on the buffet. Many wonderful flavors.

Daniel Phipps

I had a fantastic experience. Our server was Danny and he made the delicious food even better by bringing a jovial mood and a lively atmosphere to the whole place. Delhi palace: the food is unbelievable.

Mahendran Hariharan

I am from the Midwest, so we found the restaurant relatively big, neat and surprisingly reasonably priced

Mike Carter

We have eaten here several times and it is outstanding. One of our favorite places. Some friends of ours say the same.


I am a ten year old . awesome food. greet service very nice good bread and dessert .bathrooms are very clean and nice. dads say its affordable. try its really good

Paxton Gyves

The absolute best Indian food in flagstaff!

A Verified Google User

Delicious food, great setting, fast service and very affordable.

Daniel Pearson

Quick service, big portions and most importantly tasty and well priced. Agree with the other reviews, definitely worth a visit.

Gerald Thorning

Excellent Indian food in a part of the USA not known for good Indian fare. Their lunch buffet provides a range of meat, vegetarian and salad dishes as well as desserts. Friendly and diligent staff. A favourite with locals and Indians alike. We have eaten Indian food on four continents. Our expectations in America had sunk pretty low. Then we found this gem. Certainly one of the best in Arizona. We return frequently.

mayur jhadav

This place sucks very dirty and is not clean at all , guys see the front door when u visit , they have been certified as"C" grade from health and safety of SC, no one need to say a word, that means they r not clean in the kitchen, why do u pay n eat unclean stuff,people here are so sick , the manager who is taking care of the hotel , looks like a chief chef working at back , he is so disgusting charector , doesnt know to handle customers, got stomach infection after eating his idly, if idly remains , he will prepare idly pakoda the next day using same idlies, omg one day sambar was gone and it was staled, most of the americans dont know the taste of it so they cannot recognise if its gone, after we told he replaced it, can u believe once used for the buffet he uses the same food through out the week... same old food ...and he is very dirty , my son ,saw him not washing his hands from the bathroom ... this guy is a racist , he says if u know tamil then i will give discount service industry all customers should be same , one my frnd said he saw cocroach near buffet scrwlling, anyways after seeing him not washing his hands n all yuk ...will never visit there ,god bless customers

Jonathan Ross

The food is always hot, fresh and delicious! God to have found this gem in Columbia.


Once you walk into this restaurant, you know it will be good. Delicious food and great service. Family owned and everyone is friendly and respectful.

YaBoi Samosa

This place is honestly amazing. We went three years ago and came back again and it was still amazingly tasty. This is by far the best Indian Cuisine ever and everyone should check it out. Not to mention the look and feel of the place and the amazingly patient and kind waiters it is truly great at an affordable price.

Jennifer Wolery

This place will become a regular stop for me whenever I get the opportunity to work in Columbia! Very clean, well kept restaurant. Attentive and friendly staff met me at the door and seated me immediately. On this Saturday evening their weekend buffet was full of wonderful entrees and sides. Everything I tested was hot, fresh, and flavorful. There are plenty of choices for vegetarian diners as well as omnivores like me. My favorites of the evening were the goat curry (some of the best I've ever had) and the eggplant. Desserts were wonderful... The mango pudding and rice pudding were both delicious! The wait staff were friendly and helpful. A great experience! I will be back!

Yasmeen Fareed

Excellent food and great service

Eli Phillips

Great food, friendly service, and I enjoyed the atmosphere.

Meg O'Neil

Excellent staff. The chicken tikka is delicious. Excellent deals. Strongly recommend! My boyfriend & I come in all the time.

Ashlynn Pope

I absolutely love this place. I love going to their buffets that they have, especially on Sundays when they have unlimited mimosas. The food is fantastic and the staff and owners are super friendly.

Rebecca Griffin

My fiance and I came here for date night and were blown away by the food AND the service. Our glasses were never empty. It's rare to find a place that is top quality in both of those areas. Go here and get the Tika Masala!

Anna Kingsley

Enjoyed my visit.

Jonathan Roberts

Curry so spicy itll make your face sweat, i love it

Stephanie Maclean

Amazing food and great service, highly recommend

Erik V

I arrived an hour before closing and was greeted warmly and shown to a clean table where water was poured into a REAL glass. No plastic here. I was asked if I would like naan and I thought I was SOL with my wheat allergy. Not so, Danny to my delight and surprise brought out a wheat free alternative naan that was quite tasty. The buffet had an array of flavorful choices. Food was authentic though not as spicy as one might have at an Indian friend's house, definitely toned down for the American palate. The goat curry was fantastic as was the Tandoori chicken and saag paneer. I liked that mint and tamarind chutney and raita were available and tasted fresh. Danny was very kind, accommodating and receptive to the needs of the diners. The owner Ramesh is very lucky to have him as an employee. Thanks for an excellent late lunch experience.

Monali Patel

Whole store smells like sewer. Poor service between such busy lunch only 2 employees. You can't order in parts they expect you to order everything at once. We use to go about 4 years ago frequently but stopped going for same reasons. Thought to give it a try hoping things may have change but still the same so good from us forever. All my relatives don't like going there

Cassandra Becker

This is the place to go for a special occasion or just a great meal!!! Friends FROM India took us here the first time and we keep coming back. We have been there for the buffet several times. Went there last night for a birthday. They could not have been more hospitable and helpful. Our server even brought out complementary rice pudding with birthday candles. Pretty tough to top that kind of service!

Darrell Boyleston

Really enjoyed the food. Great experience!

Tae Il Eom

The taste was really awesome compared to other Indian restaurants I have visited:)

Rebecca Bigler

Average Indian restaurant. The dinner buffer was nice with about 20 items to choose from. Fresh complimentary mango juice was a unique and unexpected treat!

Marc Burkett

The service is awesome and the food is even better, my personal favorites are the chili lamb and murgh makhani.

Scott McKinney

Great buffet with variety of veggie and meat curries. Good service and good price for what you get. Would return if back in the area.

Jaya Nair

We ordered take out and it was done as per our request. The food was really good and had an authentic Indian touch to it. The kebab platter, dal and butter chicken were top notch.

Amr Abdelgawad

Very nice food. Very good price The staff is friendly The food has many varieties.

Yam Pd. Acharya

Delicious food. Fantastic service. Check this place if you would like to taste Indian/Nepali food on top of everything else. Simply love this place.

Dennis Caspino

Great healthy spicy dishes and fruit drinks. Reasonable prices for lunch.

Jennifer Reynolds

Best Indian buffet in town! Love everything even if I don't know what it is! Excellent, very friendly staff!

Brian McElwain

Service is absolutely awesome. Paul who runs the restaurant is top notch. The food is always spot on and the prices are more than fair. I've been coming to Delhi Palace for about 7 years I highly recommend the lunch buffet


Surprisingly excellent food but they do put sugar in their bread but it tastes absolutely fantastic Beware of the sugar in the bread

Anurag Khare

Good food and friendly staff. I would definitely recommend.


I had dinner here on a Saturday night, several different waiters which is fine, I took a few minutes to order as I was not sure what to get, the one waiter who did come and take my order was good, real good, fast talking broken indian/english and my bill was $34.00 for one person and I had water to drink, I felt like he totally upsold me and added things on that I thought came with the meal, like rice, no, sauce, no, bread, nope! they are all add ons ...... would have been a bit better if the food was exceptional but it wasnt, Sorry no eat here again.

Amber Meza

We visited on a Sunday evening about 6pm. Upon entering the restaurant we stood to be seated for a good 5 minutes before someone emerged from the back somewhere to seat us but, was more concerned about the people that came in behind us to pick up a To Go Order. There was only one other table sitting down eating when we got there. After we were seated about 5 other tables were seated that came in after us. There was only one guy taking care of everything from people coming in to people picking up orders and answering the phone (which the phone ringing was horribly loud and the phone was announcing who the caller was). Our server never gave us a drink option other than water. Then our drinks went unfilled to the point I had to get up and go get the water pitcher myself to refill our drinks. Another table followed my example when their drinks were not being refilled as well. To me it seemed very SERVE YOYRSELF. Refill your own water and let your dirty plates stack up on your table because we are not cleaning them off for you. Now, that makes sense because there were a few dirty tables with plates stacked on them when we got there and they did not start cleaning those tables until we were leaving. We got the buffet. The food was okay. I don't think I would come back for the price or the service. Also, just a recommendation.....if they would play some music. Hearing that phone ring loudly and speaking the callers number was super annoying.

Bimal R

Nice Indian buffet place. Clean, not too expensive, food is tasty and spiced right. Worth a trip if you're visiting Flagstaff or nearby areas

Dee Sickles

I have a full schedule - so mainly go to their amazing full Indian Buffet they have from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. M - F = only $8.99 per person - includes: meal, rice, some desserts - extra for drinks! (Like 7 - 8 x year) Went for 3rd time (in 15 years) at night/dinner. Had Great Fish w/Masala & rice & a terrific Mango Drink! YUM! Great service & attitudes... Day & Night!

sridhar chandrasekaran

Not great today. Usually a great place.

Caitlin Colleary

This would be my last meal. Best Indian food I've ever had out of multiple cities across the country and England.

Esper Hunter

Amazing food, service, cleanliness, and ridiculously large portions. Worth every dollar and can't wait to go back!

Richard Johnson

I just found out that the original owner is back. I will be giving them another try in the next week and will update my review then. I am giving them 4 stars based on how the restaurant was when he owned it before.

Jenya Rose

The best Indian food we've had in years! Just passing through Flagstaff, but I would come back here just for this restaurant!

Jonathan Bean

Great flavors and large selection for the buffet!

Justin Chapman

Absolutely loved this place. Fantastic buffet arrangement, loved the atmosphere, the service was excellent. Can't wait to go again.


Excellent service and delicious food. I eat there a couple times a month. It’s the best in the area.

Nicolle Spann

Came here for the lunch buffet. Everything was delicious and had mild spiciness. The staff was so nice and was very attentive with bringing water refills, naan, and picking up finished plates from the table.

x Pa

Exceptional, best service, food and pricing. Totally recommend. Lunch buffet is unbelievable value and service is top notch no matter how busy they are.

Charles Hoskins

A great menu. The garlic naan was flavorful and soft. The naan could have used a little more crispness on the outside. The chicken tiki masala had a great deal of chicken and the right amount of spice at medium. Overall, a great experience.

Jon Cook

This place was fantastic and totally hit the mark. The food was delicious, the waiting staff were very friendly, and the location was very clean and inviting. Danny made sure we were well taken care of and happy. Highly recommended.

Sa W

Fantastic food!

Kathleen Szabo

Warm, inviting atmosphere with rich aromas that make your mouth water! The food is deliciously spiced. You cannot beat the lunch buffet for quality and value. Wait staff is extremely on task. Definitely a Flagstaff jewel!

Nandini Chaturvedi

Very good food. I had the vegetarian thali which was great and a lot of food. I loved that they serve papad as a complimentary appetizer. Small things count!

Darshi Patel

The place is clean, clam and great for a dinner or lunch with friends and family. The food is great!!! Staff is attentive and friendly.

Khadijah Hunter

The food was delicious as always

Helena Weymouth

i went there the other day, i don’t have much experience with indian food and that’s neither here nor there because it was delicious regardless!! i just had some chicken tikka masala and had some of my dads food too, also had the soan papdi for dessert. it was very savory, all of the spices worked together great, the restaurant was impeccably clean and i noticed zero “sewer odor”. it smelled pleasantly like curry. it was a really great restaurant that i think needs better recognition! i’ll certainly be coming back, thanks for the food!!!

LaRae Middleton

Ive always loved their good food and enjoyed my experiences there...until about 6months ago, I ordered my usual Chicken Tikka and had to send it back twice after finding a long hair and then an eyelash in the separate dishes. I gave it several months and decided to maybe it was a bad day and to try again. Yesterday, I took a friend this time to introduce them complimenting the food, only to, YES, once again be served food with a super long hair in it! Never ever again!

Isharaka guna

Service must improve, the music playing not really matching the restaurant decor, food needs more attention, restrooms are really dirty.

Rick Jenkins

Great Indian food at a great price.

Mouryan soni

Very bad... -5 star.

Scott Wachowski

Just the BEST service, best food, and friendliest staff in town!!! Feels like coming home, when "Mom" greets you, and your host already know which type of Naan you want (and what you usually have to drink!). Love, love, love this place and this family!! Tikka Massalla (sp?l) to infinity!!!

Melissa Mark

Great value and service at the buffet. Dinner is a bit better, more options of course.

Monica Krusewicz

Delicious food. I've never had Indian and I definitely had no idea what I was eating but I tried some of everything in the buffet and it was all was so good. We got a Groupon for here too so after two of us eating our total was $1. Waiter was attentive to filling drinks

Hyun Sik

AMAZING!!! The lunch buffet for $9 cannot be beat! Reminds me of the best Indian restaurants in London. Plenty of vegetarian and meat options, and everything tastes fresh (including the veggies). The dessert options are great, and the two soups tasted fantastic as well. Very friendly service, and the garlic naan tasted great (and they also didn’t skimp on the naan which I really appreciated)

Joseph Eisenreich

Even when I lived in San Francisco (and a smaller town down on the peninsula that lit up every year for Diwali), I missed this place. I recommend not going during the buffet, but on "normal" nights, it's so so good!!!

Subbash Patel

Good Indian food and Very friendly Staff.

Harold Nelson

Food was very good and the server was friendly and personable. Will totally be coming back

Ron Januchowski

Great wait staff - very attentive and helpful. Good variety of food present from the typical Indian standards to some more different dishes. Good value for the price!

kasun gunasinghe

Dirtiest and most unpleasant Indian restaurant in Columbia SC.

Heather Martin

First time there. Really good customer service!! Food was something I had never tried before and they really went above and beyond helping me find what I would like.

Maxine Russell

Thr people there are very friendly and enjoy helping their customers.

Kathleen White

Awesome. Plenty of choices, food is delicious, staff is friendly and attentive.

Domenika Denissenko

Amazing food!!! Excellent hospitality too. Everything was so lovely! Thank you so much for the wonderful dining experience!

Lina B

Always good food, never disappointed!

Mark Mustoe

Great find in Flag! Gracious hosts, many from Nepal, guided us through the menu options. Wife and I each ordered a complete dinner, to try the many offerings. WARNING:.. portions are huge. Either meal could have fed 2 easily. Everything was great, prices very reasonable for quality and size; 2 adults stuffed, with included tea or coffee, with take away for 2 more, $40 out the door. Will eat there again on next visit, highly recommended.

Matt None

Excellent India cuisine. Full of perfect flavor. Friendly and professional staff. Thumbs up all the way.

Captain Tortuga

Lunch Buffet for $11.99. Totally worth it.

Alex Lew

Awesome lunch buffet. Great price and service

Neisha Goodwin

I love it here! Such a gem and reminds me of the places back home.


I'm not a vegetarian but preferred the vegetarian dishes over the meat ones. Food was above average

Sonali Zanke

Very unsatisfied..The food is old and nasty. Bad quality, expensive and very unfriendly

Anna Rip

Used to like this place a few years ago, but it's not as good as it used to be. The chicken 65 didn't taste right, it was just hot and no other flavor and the chicken was gummy not crispy like it should be, pakora tasted old, samosa wasn't overly flavorful, chicken tikka masala barely had any flavor and chicken was tough. Naan was the best thing overall, and I'm not going here for just naan. Plus the restaurant wasn't busy so they kept coming over to the table and bugging us. They literally refilled my husband's drink twice, he hadn't even drank any before they put more in there. They were nice but I just want to have a conversation with my family and relax and not be interrupted constantly over nothing. Thankfully we didn't get a ton to eat so I don't feel it was a waste, but I 100% will be finding about Indian restaurant in Columbia and not coming back.

Deepak Agarwal

Amazed to find such good Indian food, in a Tier -2 city of Az(Flagstaff). The only Indian place in AZ where I waited to get the table. High energy service totally made up for it.

amira mira

New decorations and old management back to business. The food was great and we really enjoyed.

Rohan Sadale

Great tandoori. Must go place after a long hike. Their Tandoori dinner is good for 2 people.

Jijo Jose

Good food ,Nice service

Brandon B

Great place for Indian food. The staff are very helpful and friendly. I have gone a couple time for the lunch buffet and for dinner also. Both are great. If you go for dinner and you are a party of 2, get the meal for two. You get a variety of food to try and it is great tasting. Will continue to dine here.

Archives of Creation

Great Indian Food

Richard A Little

If one likes Asiatic Indian food. This is a good place to go. Food is good, prices competotive. Order from the menu or choose the buffet. If you have not tried "Indian" choose the buffet for a broad cross section of Indian food.


Very fast service. Delicious food and amazing customer service. Ambience is perfect for a date.

Michael Dantzler

One of best Indian cuisine spots in the Columbia metropolitan area! Lunch buffet at $10 is a great deal too. Free mango drink included!

samantha turner

Love the buffet

Joseph Azar

Disappointing not to find tandoori chicken on buffet all the time. Good but not great. Still enjoyable though.

Ashutosh Pattnaik

One of the best Indian lunch buffets I have had apart from NY/NJ, DC and Bay area. The staff is very friendly and well mannered. Would definitely recommend dropping by it.

Jitendra Kumar Agarwala

Best Indian Restaurant in the area. Always go for their buffet spread which is an absolute value for money!

Susan Barakat

It was pleasantly nice for a hot day! Not only was it hot outside but do I need to say so wasn't certain dishes hot/ great waitress also...price a little more than I needed to pay for lunch $14.00. Whew...

Robert Shelton

Chicken was chewy with cartilage other that the food was good. A bit overpriced.

sherri barton

Picking up a doordash order and the food was not ready and I had to wait on a huge order to be prepared

Brenna Hood

So many choices, and so many wonderful flavors. Even the more spicy dishes are so good I have to force myself to handle the heat!

Aaron Sidder

I ordered the vegetable samosas and chicken tikka masala for takeout. The food was delicious. I thought the tikka masala had a different flavor than other Indian restaurants that I frequent, which I really appreciated. I also thought the staff was kind and considerate. My only complaint is that the takeout did have a lot of styrofoam and plastic wrap—reduce waste and go green, my friends!

B Broschat

Authentic Indian buffet. Excellent value., Friendly staff, family owned.

Melissa Littlejohn

The server accidentally gave me the wrong dish of curry lamb with a level 3 spice for my friend's which was the same except hers was a level 4 in spice. If you know anything about the levels, the 4 is a lot hotter than the 3 (obviously) The server felt bad so he gave me AND my friend their yogurt tea on the house. Cooled my mouth down for sure. Great food, great service. They deserve these stars.

Pablo Poulain

A incredible experience. Best quality/price. Waiters attending your every needs and so gentle. Will totaly recommend.

Ian S

Wow. We have been here twice to have their buffet. Their selection is very big and great while the price is incredibly low. The service is very good. We will definitely keep returning.

Carl Grimsman

I've enjoyed the lunch buffet over the years whenever I'm in town. Can't wait to revisit in January when next I arrive in Flagstaff. Clean, comfortable dining room with exceptional service and lovely foods. Can't say enough about it.

Hannah Risley

I have been to plenty of curry houses in the UK and I mean it when I say this my favorite Indian restaurant. Impeccable food, service, and ambiance. Highly recommend!

Jason Davis

Great options, but not always the freshest.

Shiva Ganeshan

Food is tasty. Soups are not at all good

Markie Proctor

Food is always fresh and flavorful. I love the fresh naan.

Alicia Plemmons

The lunch buffet is awesome, I just wish they would clearly label what is 100% vegetarian or not. Very authentic food. Clean, quiet, never overly crowded.

Lee Green

If you're ever in Flagstaff and want a bit of spice, head to the Delhi Palace. - tastefully decorated - peaceful ambience - BEST service I've had in awhile - *delicious* food (saag paneer is to die for!) - reasonably priced

Lev Starikov

This place has awesome and authentic Indian food, this is coming from a NYC local. Amazing service and the staff was very friendly! Definitely would recommend!

Niloufar Shirani

The environment was very clean, the staff very polite and friendly. The food was very good. The only thing I did not like was the chicken taste which was like not marinated. The lam meat taste was really good.

Balakarthik Venkataramanan

Decent place, good ambience, nice staff and good quality food. We went on a weekend and it was very crowded but still they may managed to maintain decent service. Price is very decent compared to what I am used to paying in Phoenix and surrounding areas. Food was not greasy and was tasty. Ambience was great as well. Overall, definitely recommend!

Frank B

Great food, buffet is awesome! Can't wait to go back!

Jonathan M

What happened the food used to be so flavorful now it is really bland just like 2 Gingers

Jane Cassady

Excellent buffet. Garlic naan is outstanding.

Ruth Hammer

Good food, quiet and respectful atmosphere!

Parth Shah

Amazing amazing food, and great Service... The staff is very nice and friendly. If I could give extra star for service I would. Best Indian food restaurant in town. Loved it.

Nikkhil Chander

The place has a good ambience providing nice Indian Food. One could choose to indulge in the buffet option that despite requiring a little improvements is still a great option with a good choice of dishes. You could also choose to try out the ala carte options as well. The restaurant host was really nice and caring and made sure that the entire dining experience was wonderful. Definitely would try out again.

Patricia Scheetz

We have eaten at Delhi Palace a number of times and have always been very satisfied. The restaurant has a lunch buffet like most Indian restaurants offer. The pleasant surprise is they offer a buffet on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings. The buffet is great for trying new items so you then know what to order from the menu. The full menu has both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. They will adjust the amount of spiciness to suite your taste.

Dhaval Desai

Excellent Food and Sumptuous portion sizes! Authentic North Indian Punjabi Food!! Highly Recommend!! Great Customer Service!! ❤❤

chikku puttu

It is the worst place we have ever been to, nothing is eatable Food is inconsistent. Service is poor even when not busy. Tables often left dirty. Good prices are it's only asset.I would not recommend this place to anyone. I wouldn't even give this place a 1 star. HORRIBLE customer service , so if you are smart enough and check reviews online before you go then stay away.

Jessica Zuehl-Miller

Delicious food and the smell when you walk in is AMAZING.

Scott Groom

The food is fantastic but the service could be better.

Anthony Persiani

Great food... Family owned... A must go!

Justin Novello

I enjoy the atmosphere here. It's not an uncommon scene to see heads of South Carolina dining here (Former Gov. Haley). There is a quality at this restaurant that raises the bar for the rest of St. Andrews.

David Lawrence

My partner and I love Indian food, so choosing to try the Delhi Palace in Flagstaff, AZ was an easy choice. We couldn't have been happier with our food and service. Honestly, the food was absolutely delicious and quite flavorful. I told Danny, our server, that it took everything not to lick my plate, the food was so good! Our regret is that we were unable to return for another meal. We will definitely seek the Delhi Palace out on future trips!

Chris Denny

I've been going to the Delhi Palace for over a year on a regular basis (2-3 times a month). The food is always fresh, the restaurant is extremely clean, and the customer service is outstanding! This place never disappoints!

Gia D

Really nice restuarant great service and food,I tried the mango lassi which is made with yogurt and it was delicious i enjoyed my generous portion of eggplant and rice and finished with a homemade mango ice cream. I definitely will be back and i highly recommend this establishment.

Brian Haddock

Great food and service

Joel Weiss

I really like this place. Not a lot of Indian options in the area, but this is a good one. Buffet lunch, which is good, but I prefer to order off the menu for dinner. Nice selection and haven't had a bad dish. Good looking restaurant, wait staff is nice and helpful.

lovelesh chawla

One of the best Indian food I have had. Amit of options in buffet to choose from

Cameron S

Absolutely fantastic service, and incredible food. My hands down favorite restaurant in Flagstaff.

Alma Hemingway

Love it love it love it

Caroline Sherman

It was so good and filing. Really like the chai tea and the bread

Ariana Bingell

Absolutely delicious. Best buffet in my opinion!

martino amello

Delicious and the goat curry is wonderful.. Very pleasant place to eat.

Mohammed M. Sarvath

The selection of food was fantastic, price was affordable, taste is a solid 8/10

Ken Denk

Really yummy Indian buffet. The staff was kind and attentive, the food was excellent. Will definitely go there again!

Monica Ravizza

Really good Indian food. The tandoori dinner set was full of a variety of tasty meats and was almost enough for two people. Veggie korma was also really good. The staff were incredibly friendly. Would definitely come back.


We had a buffet. They have many dishes and variety of choices, and they are so generous with the food .most importantly, the price is extremely cheap compare with other Indian restaurants.

Sarvesh Rathore

Do not go there if you are an Indian and want to be treated like second grade. Owner is racist and very badly behaved. Food is not authentic Indian food. Plz do not get fooled by positive reviews if you want authentic Indian food. My worst experience ever in an Indian restaurant.

Tina Marie Devlin

Wonderful and delicious authentic Indian food for less than $10 for the lunch buffet. Great service from the wait staff as well. I used to patronize this place often (at least 1x-2x per month)! Great place!


Nice restaurant, friendly staff, great food.


Very nice lunch buffet very clean and nice selection send very good food

Marie Churro

Just like home. Food was mouthwateringly good and most satisfying. Cost was such that I can visit frequently. An affordable healthy eatery. What more can b asked for?

Jason Freels

Very good food and service.

Karen DeLeon

3.5* Much better since my last visit, flavor and freshness. I see new faces working in there, just a tip for a Waiter, change your clothes daily and use deodorant. That gives a better presentation. Pistachio milkshake, is a must try. Cardamom sweet dessert, delicious. Food taste good. Only a little pass on the salt. For me. Welcoming people. In general great improvements.


I had high hopes for this place and it did not disappoint ! I can't wait to come back and try the buffet option. I'm glad I had no trouble finding good Indian food moving from South Florida

Steven Coffey

The waiter was really helpful and gave us recommendations based on our preferences. The food was fantastic and reasonably priced.

Judy Canova

The Sunday buffet is good. Many different choices of main dishes and nice desserts on Sunday.

Scott E. Mayer

My wife loves Indian food I personally don’t normally care Ford but I survived. Staff was very friendly and helpful. I’m sure we’ll be back

Joshua Watts

So up until now, I have never felt extremely compelled to write a review on a place, but Delhi Palace is absolutely fantastic, the staff is as on point as the food, and believe me, it’s on point. I got the lunch buffet, which is an amazing deal, the naan is incredible and they have a good selection of vegetarian choices. Would highly recommend to anyone coming through flagstaff with an empty belly. Also, the establishment is very clean and employees are very friendly

pooja gehani

Worst experience......just because of one staff member

Mohammad Askar

You'll find just about anything at this store. We drive from the other side of town to shop there. Prices are cheaper than other Indian stores.

Martina Menzies

My family had come from out of town along with my SUPER PICKY uncle who never eats anything new. However, the Delhi Palace was captured his taste buds and he's been asking constantly. Now we are here and he wants to come tomorrow

vicki thornton

Always something different to try. Love it all. Staff is great and food a plenty on the buffet.

Kevin Pierson

This is the best place to eat, great people and great service and friendly environment, I recommend this restaurant to any and everyone

Donna Brooks

This food is awesome! Real authentic East Indian food. You will not be disappointed. I ate here in 2008. Today is March 2019. Taste good then, as well as today. Yum Yum

Deep Narula

Friday night buffet was not fresh, all the veggies were a thick mush as it was kept on slow flame to keep it hot. Use a better quality rice.

De Ri

Wait staff was phenomenal! Great food!

Susan Myers

We love eating here. This is THE stop we make everytime we drive home from Charleston. The buffet is always diverse and delicious.

Dan Bevan

Food and Service is Excellent!! MUST Revisit!!

Danielle R

We love this place! Great selection of authentic Indian fare, something for everyone! Delicious vegetarian options and choose your own heat level.

Nanci Francis

We have been eating at Delhi Palace since our son, who is now 16, was very young. The food is always delicious and the staff is very friendly. We especially love the Chicken Korma! I highly recommend Delhi Palace, especially to those who think they will not enjoy Indian cuisine. Eating here will change your mind, and you will become a lover of Indian food for a lifetime!

Kunal Mitra

I don't want it to sound bad but I have had better Indian food. They do have lot more selections in the buffet than other place. Hope to try their menu soon.

wendy li

Great food and great service.

R. Dude Tedford

Interesting food. Chicken Tikka masala is popular. Also - try breads. Cooked on tandoori oven. .fresh

Mark Miller

The food was delicious, the service was fast and friendly, and the atmosphere was comfortable. If you love Indian cuisine, this is the place!

Neenu Ohson

We are from Toronto and found this food amazing. Naan are excellent, chai superb. We ordered a veg and non-veg thalis. There was lots of delicious food. Service is the best. Subash, Danny and all of the staff are very welcoming, polite and attentive. If you want good food excellent service you gotta eat here .

Isaac Davis

Delicious food. Excellent service. Never needed to ask for anything. Very happy with my experience

Gilbert j

Amazing food, freshest naan bread, outstanding service.... #favorite #yummy


This is our favorite place to eat in town. Not only is the food superb but it has some of the best service I've had at any restaurant. We have two little ones who come with us and our server, Danny, is always very attentive to everyone at the table and loves children. A great place for a family to come and enjoy high quality Indian cuisine.


Delicious...I always hit this spot when I am in town. Great service.

Fitness Dreamz

Good quality food and good service.

ashwini ashu

I and my husband were returning from Grand Canyon and we were too hungry. This place was recommended by a friend of us and it was not disappointing. We ordered garlic Nan, chilly chicken and chicken curry To Go. Taste was spot on. Aroma and taste of food was too good. Just loved everything we ordered...will definitely visit again when in flagstaff...

Antoney Trice

Buffet was good and a good price.

Alyson Bottke

Love this local Indian food restaurant! Great vegetarian options, drink menu and rarely wait for a table! Kind service and I love the whole staff! Check it out!


The former owner is back!!! Good food , Good service. Had chili paneer from menu , nice and spicy!! Now we have to come back and try the buffet.

Jessica S

Awesome food!

Ruchi Sahay

Went here for weekend buffet on the way to home, the restaurant was a mess. We had to look for table ourselves and ask for water atleast couple times. Food was not super good either, we did not like any of the curries. Appetizers like pakora, samosa n tandoori chicken were good. Ras malai was fresh.

Kat M

Always amazing customer service and great fresh food. Love feeling so welcome in this establishment.

Kristy Graham

Nice, clean restaurant. Friendly staff. Quiet atmosphere. Fresh buffet. Decent food overall.

Frances Meyer

Danny was so so friendly! And the food was great too. The lamb saag was the best I have had. Medium spicy was the perfect amount for our group. Highly recommend for good service and good food. Highlight of my visit in Flagstaff

Alex Cochran

Amazing food and staff!

Julie Bradshaw

My husband and I have tried their lunch buffet several times. I like to have unsweetened tea at lunch, my husband likes sweet tea. We were not offered anything other than water and an unpleasant kool-aid type beverage. In their defense, they are not the only Indian restaurant in town that doesn't offer anything to drink besides water and kool-aid.

Eva Beauregard

Great food! The staff was so friendly and made us feel very welcome. We were visiting from out of state and I wish they were closer to us because I would definitely be a frequent visitor. Prices are reasonable. The keema naan and madrasi chicken were delicious. My little son was constantly asking them questions and talking to the staff and they all took the time to talk to him kindly and respectfully and didn't seem at all bothered even though I'm sure they were busy. Such great service and it smells amazing as soon as you walk through the door. All 6 if us loved our meals. Thank you for the awesome food and for being so genuinely kind!

Cathy Blanco

Really delicious Indian food and friendly staff! We really enjoyed our dinner here and will be back! They also have some excellent wines to choose from.

Musaad Alkhaldi

Thanks Danny and subash.Food is great and your hospitality is just amazing

Samiul Hasan

Tried Non veg Platter, Lamb Biriyani and Kheer. All the items were good. Service is also good.

Hema C. P. Movva

A spacious Indian restaurant with a good lunch buffet. The spread is the right size to taste all the dishes and not overwhelming like a few Indian restaurants where you don't get to try half the dishes on the buffet. The entire restaurant has a strong Indian smell to it, but the food surprisingly doesn't leave the typical post-Indian-lunch aftertaste. Their butter naan is not on the buffet spread, but is brought to your table on request, which is a great because it keeps the naan nice and tender.

Samantha Chirebvu

delicious! the full dinner had way more food than i expected. everything was tasty

Jonathan Boan

One of the best Indian restaurants I've ever been to

Kevin Marts

This one. Don't overthink it, don't "maybe" it, this one. Go here if you are looking for fantastic Indian flavor.

Ashleigh Faulstich

Very tasty food but "extra hot" was really only mild. Naan was the worst I've ever had. Vegetable samosas, veggie korma, mataar paneer were all excellent though mild. Friendly service. Good prices. Great neighborhood.

Saud Alrashdi

Great people and great food.Danny,Subash

Felicia Holden

We visited for Mother's Day and got the buffet. I wish we'd gone to our normal Indian Food spot but we wanted to try somewhere new. I haven't quite ever had this bad and bland of Indian food until we came here. The Tikka Masala was far from creamy and flavorful. Rice was bland and most of the other buffet choices were subpar. Even the naan was off. I had a knat (spelling??) in my water. The staff was friendly and the gentleman made sure we always had water. Compared to other places in Columbia it just didn't cut it for us. And we LOVE Indian food.

Chapin Burgess

Tasty buffett for lunch and supper both. I eat here frequently when in town.

Molly Alldredge

Excellent Indian food! All three dishes we tried were so flavorful and different! They had good inexpensive wine options. The service was quick and attentive. We had Danny as our server and he was very kind and helpful! I would definitely go again!

Neelu Tauh

We had lunch buffet there. Beautiful ambience and excellent service. Good food. Food could have been little more spicier. Overall, great place. Will go there again when in the area.

Agustin Iturricha Artero

It was my first time trying Indian Food and it was amazing! The place has a charming and cozy atmosphere. The waiter (I think his name was Dani) was a really nice and cheerful person. He walked us through how to eat Indian food with a lot of patience. And the food was really tasty! I definitely recommend this place!

Sunil Gokul

Best Indian restaurant in Flagstaff area. I visit this restaurant every-time I visit flagstaff or pass by. Value for money and very tasty food. Please try if you are visiting Flagstaff. Located in the heart of the town.

David Cravens

My favorite place to nab some lamb vindaloo for sure! Always have a great time here!

Bert Stanfield-Pinel

Ihave had two lunch buffet there and both times I was very pleased. The restaurant is fairly new and a model for cleanliness. The buffet fare is the usual and is frequently replenished with plenty of choices. If my work schedule were better, I would be eating there a lot more. I wish this family would open a location in Prescott as the choice down there is dismal.

Daniel Mungioli

Solid buffet - I usually get it to go where they charge by the pound. I wish it was possible to use my own container to cut down on waste.

Meesha Magalit

Food is wonderful and service is great with friendly waiters.

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