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REVIEWS OF Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers IN Arizona

Karen Keith

over priced and food was extra salty. Service was horrible. I do not recommend this place at all. Onion rings were crunchy but the salt was crazy. I asked doe medium well burger and it was more like medium rare and again the salt was crazy. Everything you order is up charged and they don't tell you that but when you order they ask what side do you want. I asked what are the choices? I was told chips, slaw and salad. I picked salad... $2 extra had I known I may have loved something else. I won't go there again too many other great places to eat for less money.

Andrew Smith

Great burgers, parking is limited , service is okay but can be spotty

Tyler Adamson

Absolutely love the food. There is good service and great sports viewing; however, the parking lot recently changed to valet only, which is a big deterrent to us returning. Should not be forced to valet in order to go to a casual burger joint.

Fawn Acuna

Really great burgers. Super enjoyable for those nights when you are looking for good pub food, big screens and room to enjoy sitting a spell.

Sherry Martinez

A lil pricey but the food is Amazing!!

Reggie Walls

Great/fun atmosphere need one in Ahwatukee

Roland Culver

Slowest lunchtime service I've ever received. 45 minutes to get my burger, 45 minutes to get my check. One waitress in the whole place and she was gone for 30 minutes at a time. Food was pretty bland to boot. Onion Rings were good.

Kemp Ellis

Best place in town to watch any sporting event. Awesome food !

Lynn McColley

Lots of TVs and a bunch beers. The food was above average and service was good. They did screw up one of the orders. Overall, it's a good place to watch a game with friends.

Robyn Hill

Can't beat the Build Your Own Burger Night on Wednesday. 13.50 with unlimited topping! Great deal on a delish burger!

Lillie Carter

First time being there hospitality I loved it and the stuffed burger perfect burger.. I defently will be returning and telling all my friends and family how great this place is.

Shari 2112

Pleasant place to dine. If you don't want to miss the big game, they have about 50 TVs in the joint. You won't miss a thing.

Whitney Castleberry

I didn't enjoy the food. The waitress, Jordyn, was rude and unattentive. The order was messed up. Pricing is a bit high. Not going to be returning.

Anna Ran

Great Burgers beers and cocktails. Dog and family friendly.

Terry Villarreal

First time here and the food and service were excellent. The bartender was slammed but she kept pace and made sure that we got everything we needed. Looking forward to my second visit.

Pete Barrera

Just started my keto diet yesterday so I was happy that they would modify the menu for me had a blast and highly recommend Jessica as a server .

Steven Craig

always good spot to take parents to for free food for moms or dads on their respective holidays

Tina Italia

Good food, fun atmosphere, and sports sports sports!

Richard Hall

The two stars are because the food was good, as it always is at any CB&C. If it weren't for the food, this would be one star. The service and atmosphere was awful. Our server did not ask to refill our beverages until they were empty and our waters were empty. Our appetizer never did show up (fried pickles). My burger was really good, cooked to perfection.(open pit). My friend had the road house, he said it was perfect as well. Our other friends had the all american burger and chicken tenders. Both really enjoyed them. Back to the two stars, some may not mind this part, personal preference, but WAY too many dogs on this patio. I don't want to eat at a zoo thank you. Yipping and yes, pissing. Second item, there is a clear sign stating no smoking. It is obvious that no-one reads, including the staff. Four different employees walked out and allowed the guy behind us to smoke. Maybe he was a regular.... But, still very rude and infuriating when you are trying to eat great food and get lungs full of some guys smoke. Will not be back to this location, and will obviously be letting everyone know about this experience.

Melanie Pandel

Always fresh. Buffalo chicken tats!

David Ory

The build your own is something else!


Service was a little slow but the good was exceptional and I would surely go back

Candace Mundorff

Best place in town! Food Service excellent, Wonderful Bartender

De Franco Brocks

The beers weren't just cold, they actually had a great variety of craft beers and some I hadn't had before. There were a couple that were rather potent as well...

Samantha Blevins

Good burgers and beer selection, if not a little overpriced

Michael Scott

With a name like cold beer and cheeseburgers I thought the beer would be ice cold served in cold glasses and the cheeseburgers would be above average. Sadly the coldness of their beer (not served in a cold glass) and their cheeseburger is on par with my local dive bar, except my dive bar serves the beer in a cold glass, and at half the price. During happy hour, I spent $30 (includes $5 tip) on a cheeseburger and two 20oz beers...twice the price of my dive bar. Nice environment, but not worth the price.

Cindy Gibson

Had a great time with my friend Wanda. We stopped in since it was on the way to dropping her off at home. We had some happy hour tacos and burgers. Everything was tasty and we had a great time.

Greg Owen

Solid go to. You know what you're going to get because it's a local chain. They are pretty much all the same, which isn't a bad thing at all. Go during happy hour or the bill can add up quickly. Great atmosphere for big games. I have always had friendly service, too.

al sharp

Kind of overrated. Good but not all that .

david Hicks

Lots of beers, but still could have better selection. Food was okay. Lots of TV's blaring in your face.

Marsha Burton

Unfortunately my burger was over salted. Beef was mediocre, cheddar was meh. I'm so sorry... my expectations were clearly too high. Simon's fault. Chips were good and waitress was fantastic.

Mary Ippolito

Great atmosphere, delicious food, great service, full bar. I had the Ruben and it was the best one I have ever eaten and I'm 64 so I have eaten a few.

Christa Yazzie

I love all the Cold Beer and Cheeseburger but the wait for your food needs to be a bit faster.

Devin Finn

Definitely good drinks, the food was good too and the portion sizes were large! We enjoyed the atmosphere and the service was good as well. My only suggestion is PLEASE, turn up the air. You guys have it set to polar vortex mode and it's beyond cold in there. I was almost unbearably cold, in the end of the summer. It's refreshing at first, then just too much.

Fered Utes

I'm not the biggest fan of burgers, and I tend to be very picky when it comes to burgers, but my boyfriend LOVES their burgers. I on the other hand, love their garlic fries and milkshakes. I can order those, while he orders a burger and we have a perfect meal for the two of us. The fries are always cooked to my idea of perfection, and the amount of garlic on them is AMAZING!! Also, I get a vanilla milkshake with peanut butter and banana added, and it is probably the BEST milkshake around! Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers

Suzanne Bronson

Well it's called cold beers & cheeseburgers so if you can't do a cheeseburger than you got problems. They have specials every day of the week. $3 cans on Tuesday $10 build your own Burger on Wednesdays etc. this is my go-to sports bar no more Buffalo wild wings. so if you love cold beer and cheeseburgers then this is the place

Simona Mendoza

Amazing staff! We came during a fight with a big group and accommodated us even though it was packed! Food and drinks were amazing!

Chuck Douglas

Be prepared to spend some cash here. Food was good.. service was meh.. had to sit outside on patio.. even though it was night, hot, humid weather not a good mix.

Tony Rivera

Good place. And food us good

Manny Alonzo

I liked the place, my prime rib dip was good and my Heineken was cold

Rachel Lent

Great food and service. Hangover burger is

sadie lopez

Food was great but my server seemed to pay attention to the other patrons more. The manager actually did come and I was quite pleased with his demeanor. He was more helpful then the server.


Really good looking girls, great beer and amazing food.

Carol Leach

Great Fun!!! awesome burgers...Very lively atmosphere...

Michael Case, Jr.

Jack trivia is engaging and a lot of fun. The cheeseburger was first class!

Arturo Rodriguez

The beer is cold and satisfying. The bartenders are very attentive and good at what they do. My kobe beef hamburger on the otherhand that I ordered was well done, and I ordered medium. In fact the patty was do dry, it crumbled as I broke into it. The manager was quick to replace it or credit my money back. I understand how it is to run a business , I declined the paid dinner and appreciated his way of correcting. No business is perfect, but what makes a business good, is how they correct a problem. I will be back!

Wyatt Johnson

A bit on the pricey side for a burger joint, but the Arizonan is one of the best burgers I've ever eaten.

Tyler Jackson

Placed a order over the phone for pick up... one burger was well done... one was medium.. and two sliders ..i called back immediately to change the slider order for my son to a kids burger all was good they said they would change it when i picked up this overly priced meal of 50 dollar's i noticed the two sliders in the bag but whatever it was already made so i was not going to argue about it and went on my was when i got home i began to eat i noticed they did not put the bbq in the bag that was asked for ok same thing its cool whatever people forget... but when i started eating my medium burger i noticed it was way cooked beyond medium in fact every burger was so over cook and dry it was HORRIBLE.. never had such a dry piece of charcoal in my cold beer and cheeseburgers thanks for robbing me of my hard earned money !

vance bartlett

This was my first visit. It was very busy but the wait time was almost non existent. The server was very professional and friendly. The food was delicious. It was an awesome experience! I plan on returning as soon as possible.

Ross Gunn

The name says it all, plus good service.

John deStefano

Good burger bun was a bit dry. Great friendly staff

Stephanie Johnson

Good burgers and sides. Pricey $17+ for a burger and frys

John Harrison

I really like this place, but it's the only place I've ever been where an order of wings (drmbettes) consists of 10 instead of 12 wings. And the "drumettes" are apparently of off pullets, instead of ckickens. They are really small. Delicious, but small.

Anna Padgett

Had the most delicious dinner at this place. Our waitness, Lauren was so awesome and took great care of us.


The people here are friendly, but the burgers just aren't good

Tara Hurt

The food the service the food we're both great the manager was very attentive to our needs the cold ones totally awesome totally awesome

Toni Vick

Wednesdsy are all topping on your burger for one price yumm yummm yummm

Jason Duggan

The PB & J burger was tasty and huge. Portions are larger than you think. Not the best burger ever but definitely good. Service was friendly. Wife didn't like the veggie burger at all but they were nice enough about taking it off the bill. Veggie burgers at hopdoddy caveman burger shake shack much better. But this is cold beer and cheeseburgers so I guess you go for the cold beer and cheeseburgers not the veggie burgers. It's understandable. If you want to watch sports and hang out and eat burgers this is your place. Would recommend to others probably just not for us.

Nicholas Pappagallo Jr

Custom burgers and mac / cheese- seems expensive for a burger and sometimes its hard to get service- decent food.

the rock lobster jeep

It does in fact have cold beer ant some amazing looking food selections. I didnt have a chance to eat much, but it was a great environment for the guys gals and any group function you might be having. The wait staff was quick to respond and served with a smile. 100% will come back when I'm in the area.

Rob Fatula

Great food. Plenty of selections for beer and burgers. Put 4 out of 5 due to it being pricey For a burger joint.

Sandy Juszkiewicz

Fantastic service and great food and drinks.

kendra hosack

Super tasty! Also specific bonus that the beading of the fried pickles comes off easier than some when your toddler wants fried pickles then remembers she just wants the pickles. Lots of tasty beer options as well.

John Runyan

Great burgers and cold beer! Neat how that worked out, isn't it?


The servers are really sweet and are very willing to help you out if you screw up your order

Tom Tinor

Nice bar and grill. Beer selection on tap was extensive.

Norel Hunt

Mmmac n cheese burger was amazing! Buffalo chicken egg rolls very tasty!

Assassin_de_PHXx _

Amazing Place for a GOOD Burger's and Cold Beers

Joan Ellis

Great food, great service, great place

Jerry Welch

1st time eating at CBCB, everything was fantastic !!! Definitely will be a place we will return to every chance we are in town


Good food.. nice service

Ryan DeWitt

Great service, tasty food, quick bartenders

Bryan K

The venue looked great. TVs everywhere, central bar, and seems like a great place to catch a game. However, after being seated, our group of three waited for about five minutes and never got waited on. If we had been given waters, we might have stayed, but after being left to all have internal debates over what burger we wanted for five minutes, we all decided to leave. It wasn't busy, there were plenty of waitresses, and the manager was even walking by tables asking on people. Not our table however. The restaurant had such promise, but we were let down. Maybe another time.

estela pena

Awesome burgers, love the atmosphere.

Richard zwaduk

Yummy but over priced dropped $80 on 2 burger and 3 beers.

Paul Rpl

A great place to eat! Burgers are delish!

6PACK 110

Great drinks and tasty burgers. Homerun Margarita is an excellent choice

Pete S

Atmosphere is nice. Great beer selection and lots of big sports TV's. Food is on dive bar level. If it's gonna be that pricey food needs to be of higher quality. service is average. Based on 3 visits and comparing food to surrounding joints.

Susan McArthur

Fantastic happy hour and great service at the bar top. Don't skip the peanut butter and jelly bacon cheeseburger sliders.... they're awesome!!!

Lara Patti

Yummy yummy food. A bit pricey.

Justina S.

Amazing beer selection, and a good offering of daily specials. Great for getting in and out on your lunch break, or taking your time catching up over dinner. The black bean veggie burger is fantastic.


Fun friendly atmosphere with music and plenty of TVs around. The staff all seemed courteous and I was greeted promptly at my table. Service was fast. My burger was really good, but I think over priced. The burgers come with chips, however you can sub a side for $2 extra. My meal was $18 because I opted for the sweet tots. The drinks are a bit pricey as well and kinda watered down. I ordered a shot of vodka for 1 of my drinks. I dined alone and after the meal, appetizer and 3 drinks my bill came to $73. The food was good, but I won’t eat here again. If you’ve got money to blow then I say eat here but you can get just as good a burger and better drinks at Chili’s for a lot less...


Really good food. The burger would have been fantastic even with nothing on it but the whole thing was great.

Bobby Collins

Amazing good time. TVs that line the wall your never hurting for a angle to watch a game. Great atmosphere and as the name says cold beer and I would add delicious cheese burgers. Sweet potato tots were absolutely delicious. The trivia game that was played was hella fun too. I actually came back to edit my review, I'm headed back there before I fly out tonight. If that's any consolation on how good this place is.

Jason Black

Full disclosure, I don't drink, so half of their menu was of no interest to me. With that being said, we went on the build your own burger day and have decided that's the only day it would even be worth going. The "free" toppings you get a sparce and the add ins would turn your burger into an even more overpriced mound of stuff. The food took forever to come out and then failed to deliver any "wow" factor. First bite, all the toppings fell off the burger and the serving of French fries wouldn't even feed Ghandi. I'm shocked so many people love this place. I was very disappointed.

Carmen Banks

Loved this place! My daughter and son-in-law took me there for the first time about a month ago. Food and service were great! Especially the service. They order an appetizer of tots and forgot to tell the server to nix the blue cheese. When it was brought to us is when they (my daughter and son-in-law) realized their mistake. They brought out us a new one anyway on them. True customer service! And they were delicious as well as everything else! Will recommend to all!

Talena Randall

Love the burgers here! Really different flavors you will love it

Harley Smith

Good food, and good service. What more could you want?

Cliff Hoffer

A bit pricey for my taste .Burger are good and service e good but really just par.

Jeepers480 Mr. T

Waited over 35 min and still didn't get food.

Bob Wentworth

My burger was great, my beer was great, and the service was great what more is there?

Bill Radke

Good beers and burgers! #thebillradkeexperience

Scott G

Way too expensive for a burger that was just okay. I mean, it was fine, but 4 a $50 dinner, I'd like my burger to be at least as good as my wife makes at home.

The Paddy Shaggers

One of my favorite places to get a beer and a meal. It's a bit pricey, but the service is always great. Beer is always cold and the food is always prepared well. The wait staff, bartenders, cooks, and even management seem to always be doing their best. One of the few places I've been multiple times without having a single complaint.

Reshma Modi

Great food. A little loud for my taste. It's a true sports bar, and while I love my Wolverines I found it a bit noxious.

Aaron Bee

I've been here a few times now. Each time I have received impecable service, food has been prepared exactly to my instructions, and the flavors of everything I've tried so far have tantalized my taste buds! The chefs are phenomenal at mixing together interesting flavors that work together like works of art! Definitely coming here more often.

Joseph Mendivil

Good food, vibe and service.


Love this place. Burger and beer was yummy. Appetizer yummy. Can't wait for the one at Park West to open cause its closer to our house. But I don't mind driving farther to this one for a good time.

Helena Tselos

Overpriced everything! Food was ok, service was good but everything is crazy expensive & totally not worth yet.

Rae Hughes

Their burgers are ok, but their salads are awesome!

Brent Cheatham

Our waitress was fantastic. Hannah did such a great job with recommendations, table manner and so much more. Will be back again because of her. Food was great, beer excellent but the service won us over.

Samra Habibovic

The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is nice. It was a little hot in there though, and that was sitting inside. I had the cheeseburger sliders which were very good. Also tried the mozzarella sticks, fried pickles and the pretzel. The food was good. I was recommended to try one of their burgers but I wasn’t hungry enough to get it. They are big burgers. I saw plates that others ordered and they looked delicious. I will be coming back to try the mac burger. Overall, a nice place with good food.

Michael Swan

Like usual the food feels overpriced and takes long to make. The food tastes good and had a great beer selection

DiAnn Iverson

Managers made the best of an awkeat situation and food was great! Thanks so much!

Shane Watters

The Pittsburger is the best. Great food.

Vikki Collier

I love building my own burger! :)

Christian Young

The burgers are just fantastic. Who would have thunk making a peanut butter and jelly hamburger but I SWEAR it WORKS!!! Yes it's a good place but IMO overpriced. In this day of great burgers you have to stand out. CBCB does indeed standout but the price has to be reasonable. I think it's a little OP but you can make the argument that you get what you pay for.

Linda Tilton

A little pricey however, I'd still go again. Wait staff could have been a little more attentive but nothing life shattering.

Steven Shroyer

Kind of pricey for burgers but good service.

ChaVonn Taylor

Well came in at like 3:30p. Didn’t leave for 2 hours. Waitress, Jordyn. Very unattentive, said no tomatoes on my burger and guess what? Tomatoes were present on my burger. Wings were decent. Had other waitresses come and be more of service than our own waitress. We get it, people have off days and ish but still. Cmonnnnn bruhhh. Was my first time going, didn’t excite me very much. But least I ate, right? Walking out the door, no, ‘oh thanks for coming in, have a good day’ no greeting or nothing. But anyways. Dope atmosphere just had a not so good waitress. If the waitress was better or the service, def would’ve given restaurant more stars.

Brandon Keith

I had the best BLT I have had in years!! Nice atmosphere great service and the food is wonderful.

Kelvin Ning

Solid 3. Environment was loud and distracting... But if you're into watching 8 different live games instead of your group, then you might be into that. Tried the steak truffle burger. Swapped with onion rings which were awesome. The burger had interesting flavors, but they were muddied together; couldn't distinguish one from the other. It was also all "soft"; no sense on texture in the burger. I probably would have preferred crunchy onions or crispy toaster bun. Not sure if the half-pound size was a feature or if they were trying to compensate for flavor. The onion rings were excellent; crunchy, flavorful. The original "Tot chos" were good too. No alcohol... All that for $40 including tip. Probably $10 more than what I enjoyed from it.

Jerrod Henry

The atomsphere/decor/patio set-up was awesome! The bartender was attentive and helpful with my beer flight selection and going through the menu options. The fries came out hot and well seasoned. The burger was just ok for me.

James Mcardle

Great beer. Good food. Excellent server. Didn't catch her name but our server was awesome. We were never left wanting anything yet she still never managed to interrupt. 7/5

Stephanie Hernandez

soooooo good! great service too!

Guillermo Tovar

The food here was amazing! Tried their double cheeseburger and fries and loved it! Will definitely come back and try their drinks!

Doninik L

Been in search of a great peanut butter burger and I found one. Cool atmosphere great service

Bill Hackett

A favorite spot! Great food, good service, comfortable atmosphere.

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