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2400 E Camelback Rd #112, Phoenix, AZ 85016 Located in: Biltmore Fashion Park

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Where is California Pizza Kitchen at Biltmore?

REVIEWS OF California Pizza Kitchen at Biltmore IN Arizona

Jonathan Roeder

Have not had a bad pizza yet at California Pizza Kitchen. Not overfilling and always tasty! My son loves their pizza as well. They have a good selection of other dishes as well. I particularly like their salads.

Lowell Schwartz

Great Pizza, pasta & Hamburgers very friendly staff, reasonable prices & close to great shopping.

Bobby Roberts

Good service not great. The food was just ok but not for the price. Good atmosphere and friendly but I will look for something else next time in this area.


Good area and always good food

Tiger Audio

The redhead that is really a blonde that took care of me was delightful and good conversation. I found the staff overall to appear happy. The crispy mac and cheese bites are always great.

Joesphine Pete

Manager greeted us with a big warm welcome. Fast service. Excellent deserts.

Shonii Mitchell

Holy cow their menu is awesome! If you can give this place a try. The pizza here is awesome and not to be missed!

Valecia Hill

First visit to California Pizza Kitchen was a pleasant surprise to me and my guy. He described the establishment as elegant and the Ambiance was very pleasing and romantic. I would say very clean, welcoming, wonderful customer service, great food and plenty. We will definitely add this to our dining out list, thank you kindly.


Good food but slow service.


That was my first time there and mad that I haven't been here before. OMG it was so delicious.

Amelia Cearlock

Who doesn't love the BBQ chicken pizza? It's tasty. The spinach salad is great too. The lunch deal is perfect.


Excellent service by Riley and Manager Tino. Food was fresh And dessert delicious!! Butter cake is 10 stars. Tino even talked us into a $5 take and Bake.

Tony Keya'ani

Food took forever. Order had to be remade due to getting "lost" and took staff triple the time they stated despite not being busy.

Naji Raad

Great menu fast service


Food was good, service was great, kinda hidden though

Johnny V

Food is delicious, i do recommend this place.

Luvkki Moneypennie

They messed up our pizza twice and when I said something to the manager he called me rude when I was being more than nice about it.

Steve Tishko

Delicious salads, hand stretched pizza with fresh toppings. Also some pasta dishes and other meat items. Flavored iced teas are very good, but they also serve alcohol.

Larry Vitagliano

Friendly employees, good selection of pizza and non pizza food items, fair pricing, the Italian chopped salad is a favorite

David HubbardEngineering

Great staff great food!!!

El Paso Telescope Cafe Astronomer Chris L. Grohusk

Always sheer perfection here. Upscale, clean, inviting place. Pizza always tastes amazing and savory. I'll always love it here. Please hit your like button below for this review after you finish reading, so Google can credit me and all your local guide reviewers for all their hard work!

Mitch Friedlander

I had the Sicilian thin crust. It was fantastic!! Had to take home the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Marcia Bond

We went to CPK last night for a light dinner. There was five of us and we all had soup and or salad. Our service was very good and so was the food. Three of us ordered half salads and we were happy we went with the smaller size. The smaller size is more than enough especially with a cup of soup. Can't remember our server's name but he had a tall Mohawk hair do. He was very attentive but not overbearing and we enjoyed his service. Great visit over all and will definitely go back!

Jaime Vazquez

I love it this place the pizza is delicious and all the food

Rheanna Schmidt

Was there on a Sunday night, rather quiet and easy to get a seat. parking was relatively easy to find, although might be more difficult at busy times. Might be easier to get parking if you go to the parking garage, or parking area north of CPK. The manager was...meh. She overcharged me for a drink, handed it to me with margarita salt all over the cup, and took a little too long to get our broken table fixed, but the servers were fantastic! The food was good, but not great. I actually would prefer their frozen CPK's that you buy at grocery store. The crust was a bit too soft for my liking, but the rest of my party really enjoyed their food so perhaps I'm a bit picky.


I came here for lunch and felt that the lunch specials were not all that great. There were limited options, which can be the case for lunch, and they were quick to charge for any extras. I also felt the service was not very speedy, especially for a lunch crowd. I used to serve and I remember at lunch it was always ingrained in us to be quick and prompt with service and follow through since people are rushing back to work. Overall though, the food is good and the staff was friendly.

Roland Vasquez

Food was amazing! The drinks werent the best unfortunately.. Great service

Terrance Beeson

It's a chain. Pizza is decent.

Dara Jones

Cauliflower pizza crust didn't disappoint!!

Terri Johnson

Best Pizza EVER...THE Jamaican Jerk pizza is delicious. Too bad there's not a place over in Goodyear. I know a lot of people that would go.

John Daley

Snobby wait staff, slow almost needed to whistle! Came close to walking out waiting. Tried several items on the menu between 2 of us. Not impressed, surprising how they could afford the rent.

Bianca Dunn

I love CPK because I always know what to expect. The food is always served at the same high standard. I love the Garlic Cream Fettuccine.

Marco Meza

Very good service,The pizza is delicious

Darren Benjamin Burr

Ok for the record the food is good but the price does not justify what your getting. 18$ for a medium sized Cobb salad

Beatrice Ray

Great food, served Gio was great


I love this place

Linda Yeatts

Love the Biltmore CPK! My FAV CPK location.

Stuart Morrell

Had dinner with a colleague on a business trip. They had several soups on their menu, but only had one in stock....very disappointing. I had a plain pepperoni pizza which was tasty and my colleague had the halibut. He said it was good, but I found the price to be extreme.


Lots of choices on the menu and they're all good. Prices are reasonable and there are also small plates on offer when you don't want to eat a large meal. Staff extremely friendly. I had the chicken flatbread and it was very tasty. We also really enjoyed the gyoza dumplings to start.

Pawel Wiktorko

Nice, clean place. Pizza was delicious and I didn't wait too long for my order. Amy, the server was super nice.

Pat Hawkins

Waitress was efficient. Food was good. Drinks were refreshed as needed. The assisting workers were also nice.

Crystal Valdez

Our server was friendly and helpful. Atmosphere is clean and casual.

Katey Reiman

We tried the gluten free pizza and loved it!

Christine Spooler

Nice dishes,good service.


DO NOT EAT HERE! - As a former employee of a different store at The Biltmore area, I chose to dine here for lunch with a few colleagues. There was nobody to seat us, so we decided to sit at the bar. During this time, we were able to see everything going on in the kitchen area. Bad news. We saw a cook drop the tongs on the ground, and then pick them up and continue to book with them. We also saw the MANAGER using his cellphone WITH his gloves on, then proceed to touch the toppings. - When we expressed our concern to the staff about their management, he didn't seem to are at all. Super gross!

Mary Rose Sullivan

The food was great. Service was ok. Took a while to get refills and it was very busy. Would go back again.

Right Brain Renegade

Ordered 2 pizzas on my birthday. Went to pick them up and they were both made incorrectly but no big deal. Walked around the fashion square with my 2yo and headed back. As she was getting hungry and grumpy i verified verbally (my fault for not looking) that they were the right toppings. Got home to find that my husband's pizza was good but mine simply had cheese and burnt bacon. Not a Cali. Club. So i called and spoke with a male manager who took my information and promised a new pizza at a future date. Fast forward to one week later, following weekend, i call to order my replacement pizza and no one knows anything about whats going on and conveniently i would have to wait to speak with a manager as they were already on the phone. A little less than 15min later i finally request that the manager call me back. The female employee on the line stated they would call as soon as they were finished with the other customer. 5 hours before their closing time... never got a call back. Not worth the money or hassle.

Carrie Wolf

Great food & Tyler was an awesome waiter!!!


Called when I got there, Waited 20 minutes over curbside estimate time. Eventually went in to pick up my food that had been ready for sometime. Food was good but something upset my stomach.

Brandon Pickett

Cauliflower crust pepperoni pizza was delicious. You couldn't even tell the crust was different. The kids mac and cheese was very well prepared. Our kid loved it and he's pretty picky pasta eater. The pepperoni, Italian sausage, and mushroom pizza with cauliflower crust was excellent. Both pizzas had a perfect amount of sauce and cheese. The shrimp lettuce wraps were great as well, just would've like a larger portion.

Jeff Chase

The lunch pasta bolognese, salad, and pizzas were delicious. Small pasta portion. Excellent service.

Kevin Johnson

Always good at CPK!

Ira Schwartz

Food and service was quite extraordinary. My daughter and I enjoyed visiting the restaurant.

Josh Kebert

I had a great time at this CPK. Food was great and the bartender was really helpful and accommodating. Will definitely be back

angel a

Great food. They have a wild variety of pizzas.

Daniel Chandler

My wife loves this place

Armando lara

I actually went to groom and broom barber shop. The pizza smelled delicious, people looked happy, and i didn't see one trumo or hilart supporter so........ Ill be going to cali pizza chicken sometime in February 2019. #harambe

javier luna

I love there pizza and butter cakes.

Ken St. Andre

Delicious food, friendly courteous staff, clean cheerful ambiance, moderate prices.

CJ Johnson

Food is ok the service has been bad my last 3 times. They chat among themselves. Tables are dirty and you must get up to tell them you need a refill or whatevet. Priot to that i talked w mgmt twice regarding my take out. Mgmt seemed to be immature and uninterested

Randi Haranzo

Great customer service. Genuine and kind.

Terry Carter

Great Pizza and atmosphere!!

Brian Roberts

Always love the Italian Chopped Salad and crunchy bread... great menu!

Joshua Taylor

The wait staff could be a little bit friendlier cuz our waiter was kind of two series

Tamela Gilman

BBQ chicken is life.

Matt blank

This is a nice place located within the Biltmore mall. Nice menu selection which is available online. They offer curbside pickup of orders, which is great because the mall parking can be a nightmare sometimes. One of the things I have to point out, is the nice selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Max M

HORRIBLE SERVICE!!! I have never been spoken to this disrespectfully at a restaurant before. I called in a take-out order for two salads, bread, oil and butter. When I got to CPK the food was ready and the girl packaging up the food put in one bag of bread with 2 pieces of bread in the bag. I very politely because I did not want to insult her in case she was the one who took the order said “when I called in the order I was asked how many servings of bread I would like and I said 4”. From past experiences I assumed that each bag of bread would account for one serving per person. I also said that I had asked for some butter which was not in the bag and while she was at it could I get an additional ranch dressing for the $15 salad that came with a half full 2oz container of ranch. She seemed upset by this so I quickly made the joke “they used to put a lot more bread in these bags”. And here is the interaction that followed: Employee: We always put 2 pieces in each bag. Customer: I have been to multiple locations dozens of times and have never seen 2 pieces in a bag. Employee: No, they didn’t we have never put more than 2 pieces in each bag. Customer: How long have you worked here? Employee: 6 month Customer: Seems like a strange thing to argue with a customer about when you have only been here for six months. That was pretty much the end of our back-and-forth. She proceeded to take payment without saying a word to me and I was on my way. When I got home I opened up the oil for the bread and saw that it had barely 1 ounce of oil in a 2 ounce container. My wife immediately said “oil for four people huh?”. My next issue with the food was that the bread was as hard as a rock and had clearly been sitting there all day. I then opened my salad to find blue cheese crumbles on my chicken Waldorf salad. I am very particular about blue cheese, onions and tomatoes so I always check the ingredients on the website menu before I order. There is not supposed to be blue cheese on the salad. Needless to say I will not be going back to this location anytime soon. When you pay such a high price for a salad you expect to get decent customer service and a reasonable amount of dressing. The thing that always amazes me about servers at restaurants is when you asked them to do their job and they get upset about it. That would be like walking into a tire shop and asking them to replace your tire and then them getting upset with you that they had to change your tire. Doesn’t make a lot of sense. Anyway I would stay away from this place at all cost.

Ryan Fox

Still good even though they got rid of my favorite menu item.

Ralph DeVenanzio

The veggie sandwich and tomato bisque were excellient. Server attentive, lovely young woman!

kathleen sexton

Excellent service by Tyler & incredible food all around

Roxana A

Awesome. First time at this place. Luv the wild mushroom pizza!

Sreekar Reddy

This restaurant is very decent and have many options to choose from apart from the pizza though they have a wide variety of pizzas! The staff and customer service is very nice and they would want to take care of all their customers in a good manner. Also not to forget the dessert is not less, the plating is amazing and also the soufflé was perfect with bitter chocolate made an awesome end to a great lunch!

Freddy Molina

AMAZING experience at the bar section. I'm vegan so it's usually pretty complicated to order as the servers get super baffled when they hear vegan; they seem to lose total sense of reality for some reason. Chef Saldana, who took the my order knew exactly what vegan meant. I ordered my food and with ease, and it was FRESH! I'll say its was the best Salad I've had in years. It was the roasted veggie salad. I even ordered one to go!

Michell Cartwright

Excellent Management and deliciousness for the tummy! We had maybe 10 of 30 guests who had never eaten there and they all loved it. We had a birthday dinner celebration

Sara Arroyo

There souls are wonderful! And the salads and desserts. We love this place, my entire family (from 8 to 92 years olds) likes to go there and always enjoy the food!

Lawrence O Apley

I always have great service here

Henry Smith, Jr

Amazing service and absolutely delicious food!

Lilach Mazor Power

Great birthday party for a 5 years old!!! Manager was very helpful at booking and Gio took care of us ! Kids got to make pizza, tour the kitchen and eat the pizza they made. It was so much fun!!! Thank you CPK Biltmore team.

Dale Russell

Great cauliflower pizza.

Natarajan Ganesan

Great place. Friendly service. Soup or salad or pizza ... All of them were really good. Great attention to detail and personal service by the staff. --------------------------------- UPDATE On our last visit Gio took care of our orders very well and the dishes were just perfectly made.


Good as always

Peter Lawrence

Definitely the best pizza ever.

Master Blaster

I finally get to feel comfortable giving a

Rebecca Torres

Very good food and very friendly servers.and very clean.

Liliana Alvarez

Love the food Excellent service

Gisele Glazier

Excellent cauliflower pizza! Love that they have a separate gf area to prepare the food for allergies.

Tatiana Solovyeva

Service is good. Food ous exelant.

Steve Shinn

A quiet place to have lunch after church.

Barry Napiello

My friend and I went in for takeout, the Manager Joel was absolutely incredible, went above and beyond to answer questions. We never visited this Restaurant before but will definitely return. Visit and order you won't be disappointed.

Holly Todd

Great food and awesome service

Thaddeus Jones

On the go order took 10 min longer than they said, restaurant was not busy. Not a big deal unless your on a quick lunch timeline. The salad was good, but not for the price.

Lori Barr

The service was wonderful, the Christmas music created a great atmosphere.

Cierra Nelson

Quinoa salad with cranberries and walnuts is amazing best salad that I have ever had, lunch date with my big sis was great

Pat Smith

Always enjoy CPK. Food is good & service is friendly & attentive. It's a great place to go for lunch or dinner.

Shevon Propst

Really great pizza

Wayne Lacey

Great service here, and the food is reliably good just like every other CPK.

Jesus Quiroz

Service was outstanding

melissa sherman

We love this CPK!!! Amazing staff and location!

Jorge Ortega Hernandez

Clean and tidy, love the courtesy of bread and balsamic oil when you get in, the Cedar Plank Salmon is really delicious, served on a piece of wood, it comes with a well seasoned portion of corn -recommended-. Don't give 5 stars, as my daughter's order were mistaken, taking in consideration the place wasn't busy at all, it wasn't nice, but anyway the server apologized.

Louis Greenfield

The hostess was very helpful as my aunt was in a wheel chair. The entire staff was great. We both had lunch duos. The food came quickly ant was nice and hot. It was a very pleasant meal. I will be returning as CPK is always consistent. My aunt will not be able to join me as she has passed away. Thank your crew as they made one of her last meals with me, a very nice experance.

Jesse Hinshaw

First time visiting today. The pizza was great and awesome friendly staff. We will be coming back very soon to try new things.

Tommy Murrietta

Server was a %!$@

Erin F Schulman

Great Food! Had the classic BBQ chicken pizza is was yummy! The place was clean and we did receive prompt courteous service. The omly suggestion I have is thatth the servers need to smile more when interacting with their customers. The service was great but needed the personal touch. Make customers feel welconed and cared for. Otherwise everything was awesome.

Aldo Aleman

Excelente place to eat a pizza .

Nick Bizzie

Madison was the best lead server! She had someone that she was watching help our large group with her and they did a fantastic job. The attention they gave to our group was simply awesome and I couldn't ask for more. Thank you CPK for a great group event!!!!!

Hugh Mackechnie

Service was good. Planked salmon was okay but somewhat overcooked.

Kacee Christian

Not really pizza. Nothing to write home about. Very very noisy.

Julian Quintanares

CPK is just not the same, food and service has really declined.

Gonzalo Lopez

Food was really good and great service even the manager asked if everything was good

Shannon _

Fantastic service and delicious!

Ivan Enrique Jimenez Arzaga.

Best pizza

Matt Murray

Great food and good location.

Jessica Graham

Staff is always very pleasant and helpful, the food is insanely good. So good it’s bad, as soon as I walk through the doors my health is at risk. I can’t stop eating no matter how hard I try. Their crispy Mac n cheese bites are the best things I’ve ever experienced and I get the creamy garlic fettuccine with shrimp every time I come here.

Kelly Benford

California Pizza Kitchen at the Biltmore pretty fast service and good people

Ashish Puthran

CPK has always been one of the best place to have Pizza, I really like Chipotle Chicken Pizza and Spinach Artichoke Dip.

Derek Neff

Absolutely love this location. Excellent staff.

jon wilson

Good service, good food, reasonable prices for area great for before or after movie dinner

Tina Martinez

Omg!!!! love, love, love my friend and I went there last Friday. The ceasar salad with chicken amazing. The bread with olive oil amazing. The service amazing and the energy amazing. Thank you for making my day amazing.

Erika Munoz

Wouldn’t recommend this location, they never have anything listed on the menu. I went in around 6 and half there menu was out there response to me was “come earlier” I love the food I would just recommend a different location that’s more reliable.

Trevor Van Huizen

Beautiful atmosphere and good service along with great tasting food

Katie Quimby

Love CPK, like slipping on an old pair of blue jeans. Ordered the half Waldorf salad...need I say more. Crisp apples, gorgonzola cheese, red seedless grapes, the greens with arugala, and the tender chicken. Mmm, mmm, mmm. I shouldn't have stayed away for so long.

Javier Monjaraz

I think I ran past here. Food looks good though.

Tanya Maness

BEYOND delicious and a different spin on pizza crust. I loved the cauliflower pizza crust, YUMMY

Roxi S101

The food and service was great...

Michael Pritchard

Great Manhattans

Johnathon Wood

My wife and I came in Wednesday night for dinner. We were quickly sat and greeted by our server Sam. Ordered an alcoholic beverage and to our surpise when we looked behind the bar, Sam was making our drinks! He told us that he was the bartender for the night as well. Sam guided us through the food menu and answered every question we had about the food. If you want good service, ask for Sam.

Kristy Ben

My Sunday Spot with Mr. Moye.

Key Edwards

OMG OMG OMG!!! Yummy!! Amazing staff and wonderful food!

wendy knau

Great pizza

Khambrell Arnold-Henderson

Good food, clean place & cute staff lol

Peter Doumas


Thane Nat

I and may husband always loved CPK- Never missed a chance if there was one in the city we lived. Yesterday we went to the one in Biltmore, AZ and it was close to 10 pm. We ordered Dakota smashed pea soup, thin crust veggie topped Tostada and the Thai crunch veggie salad. Really delicious. The waiter was very pleasant and when I requested for the meat free salad, he suggested adding avocado and it was yummy!. great service and great food. Will visit again and so close to home! And the ambience was so pleasant! Reminded me of the CPK in Pentagon city mall which we used to visit frequently many years ago when we lived in DC.

Alondra Garcia

Love it ! Highly recommend they have gluten free pizza,vegetarian, and so much more

Jeremy Killmer

Great food

Troy Nichols

Great food, great service, and very accommodating to our large party.

Kathy Miller

We had a GREAT waiter, Gia, who made our visit even better. Had soup and a salad, one of the lunch specials. Perfect for a rainy day. The tortilla soup is delicious, and vegetarian to boot! We all enjoyed.

susan pintel

Quick service, friendly staff and food that is really good. A great place to stop by after done with shopping at the stores nearby.

Huxley Richardson

Excellent, good food good prices

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