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3423 W Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85017, United States

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REVIEWS OF Burger Shoppe IN Arizona

Dee Dee Shaffer

The food is delicious!! Love the late variety of food they have to offer. There is no way each person in a large group we find something they like on their menu. A little pricey, however one bite of your food and you'll quickly agree worth every cent

Roseanna Brown

They have the best burgers and fries for a sweet deal

Gabo Calde

Good price 2 for $6.00 clean place nice people


Please don’t eat here at least when they are busy. I waited about 15 minutes in drive thru and my burgers were cold. The young girl at drive thru her attitude is not called for she said they were made fresh... I asked for the manager she didn’t want to get them at first then when she did I told him they were cold and he said since they were busy the burgers are sitting there. Never again... poor customer service

Nydia Clarissa

Burgers and fries are delicious. Customer service could use improvement. Don't be so stingy with the yellow chilies especially when ordering for 4 people or more. Not pleased with cheap processed cheese slices being used instead of shredded cheese on salads. That was a disappointment.

Diana Aranda

Good food, good prices, large portions, fast service. Only complaint I have is that it was way too hot in there and the trash cans were filled to the top.

Charles Wetlaufer-Scoggins

Yummy burger yummy fries.

Roman Correa

Their hamburgers r good just the taste of it , the zucchinis r awesome nice big chunks like the size of the fries really good. I can say it's the best Hamburger quality fast food restaurant. the bad thing is that not that very much locations I've seen 2 only

Justin McCabe

Good local burger joint with nice and crispy onion rings. Worth the price.

Michael Alvidrez

Burger shop has always been the best. They should serve beer..

Paul Dubois

Food was kind of good but way too many onions on a regular cheeseburger. Why put extra onions if somebody doesn't ask for extra onions? Not only that the lady at the counter was very rude. When I went to get my order after they called my order number the lady would not give me my food she made me go back to the table and get the receipt to prove it was mine. A little frustrating when you're hungry. Table was dirty though & the restroom was absolutely disgusting. Other than that it was ok

Marthiano Yazzie

Breakfast and lunch service was quick great prices on food.

Bekah Smith

Fast friendly and the food was delicious!!

Maryhelen Gamboa

Super Friendly delishbomb

Jackie Williams

Lady that was taking orders is just looking and looking at us. Never asked if she can help us or if we are ready to place an order.She inhales and exhales deeply while rolling her eyes Really... What happened to Hi how can I Help you ?

Drea L

The service is always great and the food always delicious! prices are fair and even when they are busy they try to be as quick as possible. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a tasty burger. also, they have some tasty onion rings.

Lynda Franchino

Nothing fancy here. But good food. Live their chicken fingers.

Robert Limon

Always hits the spot. Awesome cheeseburger!

Mike Harris

Awesome food. Fast food crossed with a short order dinner.

Judy Abel

Clean and well stocked. Friendly staff. Drive thru. Good breakfast 2 for 1 special. Lots of regulars. Clean bathroom. Nice menu. Prompt service. Good location. Tv in English.

Confirmed Rater

Burgers cooked to order. Don't forget the pile of onion rings with their special sauce!

Louis Zimmerman

this has been one of the most iconic burger for more than 30 years. they still know how to cook it up good and dish it out affordably.

jessica ybarra

Always a great spot to grab some breakfast with a great price the servings are amazing! They stopped adding the bacon and sausage to the plate but still a great deal buy 1 get one for .99!

Michael Michaelson

The food is good i would give them 5 stars but they dont do breakfast all day if they did that it would bring more business and there order takers need to work on there customers service better ugly attitude

chief whitefoot

Big juicy burger, fat fries! Awesome food! Had a bacon cheeseburger and Large fries.

Michelle Flores

Bomb food! If you’re from Cali you’ll know what I mean by Cali style burgers and chili cheese fries, haven’t been able to find any other place here that makes Cali style chili cheese fries. I recommend 10/10

Kurt von Behrmann

One of the best hot pastrami sandwiches I have ever had. The onion rings are awesome. This is a must go to spot for very high quality food. Service is efficient. Do not let the humble looks fool you. This is a must go to place.

Vince Shumaker

Have enjoyed it for the last 30 plus years!!!

Franky Martinez

Good restaurants like basic mexi can americn. Lol

المستبد توريس

Best burgers in the area, prices are okay staff is okay but their food is great! Highly recommend it

Shaun Hayman

Burgers are delicious and service is great. Also, they have a menu that is for everyone including children. Clean tables, staff is courteous and I go there every chance I get. Special is buy one burger get the other for $0.99.

Victoria Gilligan

Always good food, good prices and friendly staff!

Tiffany Burks

It was very good, food was fresh and hot. Definitely recommend.

Nancy Piper

Excellent burgers! Good deals. And staff was great. Will be putting this place on return trip in near future.

Nadia Guerrero

Best chili cheese fries

Gil Pascual

Awesome food pastrami and the burgers are FANTASTIC. Best onion rings in Phoenix.

Boo Yah

Met a homeless chick and she recommended it so i took her there. I loved it. I Took my Mother there. She Loved it and talked it up at work they Love it. Took my fat homie from Compton. He Loved it. Called me the other day asking where it was again. Took anotha chick.... I dont know what she thought but she aint complain so that's always good. Even saw cops going through the drive thu so you Know they Loved it. Try it. You'll Love it!

Victor Rabago

My goodness Burger Shoppe has the best double quarter pounders in AZ so delicious make you want to slap your boss

virgo lee

Love their burgers and chili cheese fries!

filiberto velasquez

Good freakin burgers.

crystal black

Always a pleasure my whole family love it

Wallyrules 67

Birger were big and juicy

Jason Adams

Best Burgers around! I have been going to this place for 29 years! Always good food and service. You can't beat Burger Shoppe for the value!

wood wheel

I’m from Dallas TX and I stopped here while getting fuel and hands down 1 of the best burgers and onion rings I’ve ever had.

Ellen Ellison

I have loved the food there for years. I live at 51st & bel & am willing to travel to Thomas to eat there

Asa Trujillo

Decent chow, cold inside, Pepsi products, reasonable pricing considering portions.

Dennis Tucker

Best pastrami sandwich ever! Wasn't fatty and had great flavor.


I live this place been around for years great food

Mary Bleam

Very good inexpensive breakfast!

Karen Amado

Burger are ok, fries are fine, onion rings were a disappointment. Staff very friendly and fast pace.

Jasmine Phillips

I really like the food. It reminds me of my home town of Los Angeles. But the prices don't. They need to cut down on the expenses. I was going to get a small chili cheese fries w/ pastrami on top, and they were gonna charge me for a whole pastrami sandwich. Just to put some pastrami meat on the side and I requested for it to be on top and they told me they can't put it on top only on the side and they're going to charge me $9 for it. Which is the same price as the sandwich I just think that's a little bit ridiculous but the food is good they just need to do a little bit better on their pricing.

Hector Linares

Good hamburgers and love the fried zucchini

Mimi Acosta

Delicious mom & pop shop! Burgers have that home made taste

Jumal Namur

Great food but the pig lady wouldn't give me a receipt made me pay for 2 water bottles and only got one and still wouldn't give me a receipt the second time I have never spent under 30 buck at this place the food was good drive thru customer service was garbage I don't like getting ripped off I care less for the 2 buck I'll give you 5 but it's the respect I value

Catherine Sibole

They serve very good food here and they also take foodstamps here

A Riggs

These burgers are fresh and made to order. The buy one get deal is amazing for lunch. Portion sizes are great and the staff there are always nice and friendly. I haven't tried a sandwich yet but I watched one being made and they are huge!

Frank Jimenez

Not sure what all the hypes about, they aren't great and it wasn't bad... I think for the price, I'd rather go somewhere else for a burger. Sure I ate it all and although the patties are super thin (where's the beef?), I did get full (maybe from the fries)...

Verenice Chavez

Regular customer. Amazing food and amazing customer service. The prices are very reasonable for the simple fact that the portions are big. Their french fries are amazing, and I love their breakfast. I usually order the chili cheese omelette for breakfast and for lunch I like to get the chili fries or a burger meal.

Harrison Yazzie

Big portions, fast, and one of the best burgers

Sergio Pena Casas

Great breakfast and lunch spot. Good prices.


Excellent service and very delicious food

Robert Locker

Great burgers. Clean and pleasant. Great breakfast menu too served to 11am.

You don't know me I don't know you

Loved it. Great customer service

Azl Blue

Love there best but w/cheese burger its awesome. Staff need a little improvement in there hospitality or just a hi or smile. Other than that the best buy burger combo is delicious

Morgan Maddox

Soooooo freaking good

Errick Lloyd

Great people and great food!

Felipe Eylicio

I like the fries the burgers are almost homemade

Vanessa Flores

Very disappointed with my last visit here, I suppose it's my fault for getting breakfast at a burger place. I ordered a ham& cheese omelette and they literally just put two slices of cheese right on top of the eggs, I was so upset. Dont get me wrong, I love the burgers here but from now on I will never order anything else on the menu besides burgers.

Tony Guzman

Great food!! If you're from southern California and are familiar with restaurants like Farmer Boys, Tom's, Golden Ox , Burger , etc...... This is the place to go...!!!

Regina Fernandez

Bomb burgers, bomb fries, and BEST chili cheese fries EVER.

Alexey Nieland Pedroza

Good burger and fries. Very clean tables.

Kyle Reiniger

Definitely one of the best burgers I've ever had

FameluvsDeez Chavez

It's a good spot..I love their zucchini sticks they are really good. They put thousand island dressing in the burgers so if u like that then burgers are good. Carne asada tacos and salsa are always on point

Jose Galvan

Good food but the ranch container are half full and they make you pay 50 cents it’s BS

Frank Colantro

Great place for a burgers... nice staff.. service fast... great selections on the menu.. great specials daily.. serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.. love the onion rings crunshy and crispy.. not expensive limited parking and gets real busy .. clean..

Byron Sampson

Great breakfast burrito but need get all three meat in it had like no bacon a couple sausage no ham what's up And it got smaller. Think the problem is order 3 and one gets all meat cook needs to make sure they all get meat

victoria thompson

It's usually good but this last time I went the chilli was dry and my stomach hurted after a couple of bites I was so mad


Love their pastrami sandwich & zucchini sticks, & onion rings Good service, and fast

Ashley Wintermute

I love the food, I love the service. It was quick, they were polite. I called in my order and by the time I got there it was ready. Hot and Fresh. Only complaint is the online menu doesn't have pricing! If you guys added prices to the online menu, I would be very happy!

Kenny Rogers

Food was excellent, however I called in my order. It was ready but I had to wait in line 10 minutes to pay the cashier. Why call in at all. Can't spend 10 minutes of my lunch break in line to pay... Sorry!

Elmer Fudd

Always a great burger!! Sometimes its a little busy .... but always worth it! I have been visiting this same place for 30 years...

San Johnae Briscoe

They have been really friendly the few times I've been. Their avocado bacon burger is delicious. I've tried the onion rings, but I prefer their fries instead. You can see them prepare everything right in front of you.

Andrea Padgett

Been coming here for years.. believe me the portions are huge and inexpensive party of 3 adults and 3 hungry kids 45 bucks amazing service amazing food amazing atmosphere...

Shane Paisley

Great food great price great service

Mario Guzman

It's the best place to get your hamburgers because there really delicious

Mike F

Really good burgers & Fries and very fast service. We will return.

Marie Gutierrez

$15 is too much to pay for bread. Ordered a pastrami combo at the drive thru and it hardly had any meat at all. For that price they could have added more pastrami. And I think they might have not received their french fry shipment cuz there was only a small amount of fries and super soggy. Don't waste your money there or at least don't go through the drive thru. Lesson learned

Mercedes Unique

I love a food you should try it is very delicious I love eating a pastrami sandwich in a colossal burgers and they don't make a difference out of serving people they have good customer service and they make your food right no matter who you are

Goofygirl B

Always good food, although they're prices have gone up, still worth it since the burgers r so big

Krystal Crea

Absolutely fantastic hamburger I wouldn't say that smashburgers does it better in fact I would say the opposite Burger shop is my new go-to for hamburgers steak dinners and all my other cravings

Angee Carter

Chicken strips.. they have a delicious sweet n sour sauce.. a bit on the spicy side but definitely worth it!!

Bridget Alvarez

This is one of those hole in the walls that are freakin delicious but the area and the actual place is kinda not appealing. I love getting their fried zucchini and cheeseburgers. Their fries are awesome as well. They remind me of home back in Cali. The service is bilingual and speedy most of the times. Watch out for the traffic outside. It can be brutal on weekends. I have driven from Goodyear to here just for my fix. Worth it.

Fikisha Jones

Omg!!! The best burgers fresh off the grill!!

Jose Herrera

Huge portions of good food for a reasonable price. Make it to go or eat inside where it is clean and the weather is nice, depending on the season.

Jay Jones

Cheap and tasty. You can call in for a pick up. Burgers on point and food portions are huge.

Tim Randolph

Fast service and great food

Brenda Berish

Waited almost 10 min. in the drive thru. The sign is deceiving for the hamburger combo so $10+ is just ridiculous!!! Not what I was expecting. Fries need seasoning.

Victoria Sanchez

I always thought this place was not good, but I was totally wrong this place is super good I got full with a few bites.....

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