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REVIEWS OF Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant IN Arizona

Monica Bromberg

We had so much fun celebrating my 11 year young sons birthday here!! The place was clean as always, staff was thoughtful and were the kind that only let your cup empty 1/4th of the way before they refilled it, we tried 3 of the desserts and all were fabulous! I recommend using the open table app because it asked in the beginning of the reservation if I wanted to set a do not disturb as long as I was there. We will be back for more celebrations and more tables!

Oswald Cobblepot

We came in for a family get-together of about 15 people, and received the some of the best service we have ever received for such a large group at our reunions. Everyone went home stuffed, as both the service and food were absolutely amazing. The staff was friendly and our service was fast. Austin made our visit exemplary with his upbeat attitude and hard work, while the establishment's manager Robert was very accommodating to our unplanned arrival and found us room to all sit together. The whole family enjoyed our experience and we definitely plan on coming back! Highly recommend!

Abigail Rawlins

Very lovely restaurant. Yes there is a lot of traffic around the mall but it is worth it. Plenty of parking. We asked to sit in the kitchen and it was a fabulous experience, i’m so glad we did (the table we sat in was probably big enough for at least six people). I would definitely recommend you eat back there at least once. Sometimes they will even give you some little bits of food to try. I can’t even explain how nice the workers were they made you feel so special. Service was super fast. The food of course is family style, which i love. it is a fun experience. The food was absolutely fantastic, i wish i could eat here everyday. We ordered mashed potatoes ( and oh my goodness potato heaven and the perfect amount of herbs) and the lemon veil special which was a perfect pair. I would recommend both of those.

Monica Lira

I never write reviews but not only the food but our waiter deserves it! The food was amazing but our server Marty from the Florida Mall location was phenomenal! He was very attentive, friendly, and had a great attitude it was contagious ,even though he was pretty busy attending other tables with big parties, he made us feel as if we were the only ones there! The food was delicious, my 7 year old ate all his spaghetti (he doesn't like spaghetti) that says a lot! Best food and service we have ever gotten, great job Marty!

Sayed Hashimi

Kids loved it, they had a good time . A great way to get out of the Florida heat. Just a note this is not a place where you can order small plates the whole menu is family style. Food and drinks are very expensive. The night we were there service was very slow. PS the manager on duty was a jerk to his employees.

crystal O'Barts

I dont normally leave bad reviews but because $$$ i have to start off atmosphere was awsome servers were great calamari spot on marana awsome just enough spice salad disappointed no olives or pepers which menu says had 18$and pasta chicken alfredo with peas a and italian bacon not enough chicken dry spent $40 thinking good leftovers dry came home added 2 grilled chicken breast and two jars of alfredo and mozzarella to be able to half way enjoy adding $15 extra$ to the $100 it costs :(:(

Jenn Lopez

Great service and overall good family experience. The server Shelly, was very attentive and had great recommendations that we loved! The food came out promptly, fresh, and hot. Highly recommend.

Brice Sang

Literally some of the best pasta and pizza I've had. I ordered the spicy chicken rigatoni and it was THE BEST pasta I have ever tasted. Went here for the first time today and when they go to sit you, they walk you through the kitchen with picture on the wall of the famous people that have eaten there. The staff is super friendly and says, "hi" to you as you walk through. Our server, "Mateo" was amazingly nice and polite. Can't wait to bring the entire family back. As a side note, their menu is set up, "family style" which means each dish comes in, "small" which feeds up to 3 people (I think it could absolutely feed more than that) and, "large" which feeds up to 5 people. I can't imagine how big those servings most be! So it's spendy unless you really do share dishes. Go here. Now.

Bernard Fronzaglio

Veal parm. 9.00 then u had to pay xxxxfor spaghetti xxxxfor salad bread. We leff

Taylor Hansen

This location is the second Buca I’ve been to, my one away from home. Our server Marty is incredibly sweet and interactive with us, he really made us enjoy our time here. Food is delicious and I will most definitely have leftovers to last me the weekend. We were constantly checked on and taken good care of. Love it here.

Carol Gillem

I had a great birthday at Buca di Beppo. If two people are going I would recommend you both share an order. Each order is for 3 people or 5. It is served family style. The food is awesome. We also had the brownie with ice cream which is huge. Together we maybe ate a third. Brownie, chocolate ice cream and whipped cream. Delicious. If you join their email list they send you discount coupons.

Robert Lyle

This visit was not up to Bucas usual. Kitchen meshed up food order first time . Second try was the right order, but prep was not all that good. Service was good.

Jason Adam Baker

I thought this place was going to rule because of this gem of a photo and a sweet shrine to Frank Sinatra. However a person wearing a uniform left one of the bathroom stalls after taking a poop and didn't wash his hands. Kind of lost my appetite.

Shanna Mullis

Had a great time as always! Our family loves to come to Buca! Anna was a very attentive waitress would love to have her take care of us again!

Nancy S.

Honesty, after all the reviews I was extremely excited to visit this place but was so disappointed. The Fettuccini Alfredo had a weird after taste, sort of like it was about to be burned, but I was able to overpower it with a lot of cheese and pepper and the garlic bread was potent. The, the waitress didn’t ever ask to refill my water while I was eating nor waiting, and never asked how my food tasted like she asked others. The only good thing was the bread with butter.

Christine Rivera-reyes

Pasta good. I didn't like meatballs. Bread with oil and spices on table was a plus.

Rachael Jones

The staff at this location is overwhelmed and over worked and they take it out on the guest. The last thing you want when you are trying to enjoy an evening out is an upset hostess, waitress and manager all NOT helping you. Will probably go to winter park if we choose to go any more.

Noble Mcgregor

The burger I had was very tasty. The Patty actually covered the whole bun. The sweet potato fries were too greasy. I guess it's something allot of places still need work on. The prices here were very good.

Caitlin Encinas

Favorite restaurant! As a vegetarian I appreciate their veggie options, and I love how it all tastes pretty amazing! Get their spaghetti!

Guillermo Zalazar

Food was ok have to wait for my order because someone took mine, accident happened I understand, but they rushed the pasta and it wasn't too good and they didn't offer extra bread

ap 723

The food was amazing but there was a lady that was very rood and did not let me use the bathroom when we were about to enter the restaurant and did not let us sit in a better table

Bob Weber

Overrated Italian joint. Very pricy!!! I can make better tasting food at home. Not worth it.

Nikita Terho

This place was amazing. The service was fantastic with such a great waiter, Marty! The food was delicious & I’m very excited to have the best kind of leftovers for the next couple of days!

David Martin-Kubiak

Great Sunday Dinner, amazing venue, Value and service. We had never been but now, we are fans. Love the location at the mall.

Scott Baty

Had a great dining experience in the kitchen today. Our waiter Marty called Chef Luis over so I could describe a dish they used to serve. Chef was kind enough to make it himself for me even though it's not on the menu any more. We can't wait to go back for a large gathering in June and will be requesting Marty. - Lisa Baty

Ann Johnson

I would not order online for this Buca di Beppo. Ordered yesterday, received a confirmation email with order number and my order listed. I spent $119.00 for my order and when I arrived to pick it up at the scheduled time there was NO ORDER!! If it wasn't for a party of 10 that is expecting this food to go along with the main course, I would have left and gone somewhere else. Waiting now for them to make my order Candy the bartender was awesome - I give her 5+☆!! Rob the manager realized their error and bought our drinks in the bar while we waited.

Nicole Busby

Was good. Kitchen tour is weird and doesn't feel sanitary for me to be back there. Meatball was gross tasting. Their machine doesn't make latte and yet it's on the menu. Waitress said corporate doesnt update the drink menu and shrugged.

Andrew Scott

Sam, Curtis, and Bobby were our servers and we had an amazing experience!!! They served our group of 65 high schools with wonderful attitude and efficiency. I would take my group there again without hesitation!!

Lucy VanPellet

We just had the best meal, greatest service and we are stuffed. Shout out to Anna our server and John the manager who were both so friendly.

Ostler boys

Food was good, but for not being busy service was low. We had to ask several times for water and they brought out cold coffee to never bring out a new cup. Then kept it on the bill, but was corrected.

Stefan Zobrist

Sorry, absolutely overpriced. We had a little pizza, supposed to be for 3, a few shrimps, supposed to be for 3, a glass of shabby wine and payed 55D plus tip. Pizza was average, rather small and shrimps were tasteless. Never again

Jackie -

The food and services were absolutely fantastic! I had some birthday coupons and the waiter was absolutely the nicest I've ever had. The portions are fantastic for someone who can eat well, or if you have a lot of people!

fidele morte

Had a wonderful meal at this awesome establishment portions are huge and feed many people. Highly recommend!

Edward Troncoso

In this restaurant you will find a good variety of typical Italian dishes. It is a good choice for a family dinner or to celebrate a special ovation with your friends. I recommend ordering various dishes and sharing them all among the diners, the portions are plentiful and all the dishes come in 2 sizes, the small one for 3 people and the large one for 5. As soon as the service is excellent and professional, the atmosphere in the restaurant It is very cozy and makes you feel like you are in a home-made restaurant.

Jennifer Quillin

When you ask for a table of 12 without a reservation, you can expect to have a few read bumps. But that's not why I docked a star. The place was nearly empty. When you get relegated to the back of the restaurant with your party of 12, you can expect slow service on drinks; but that's not why I docked them a star. I took 4 stars because the bartender started cleaning with BLEACH at 8:30pm and stunk us or if the restaurant. I was gagging, and hadn't even started my dessert yet. BdB - PLEASE don't start your cleaning routine while guests are still dining. Cleaning odor and Italian food DON'T mix. We were there to celebrate a birthday, but had to leave before they could even serve the birthday dessert!

Alicia Gaston

First time in! Yummy family style Italian food for dinner. Lunch is still huge portions, too. Service was friendly but try to proactively keep drinks filled. Our table had to ask for refills like a dozen times, no joke. Our only complaint was someone changing out all the burned out light bulbs in the dining room during our meal. Do that before or after service, honestly. Despite that, we are definitely coming back to try more yummy goodness.

Tom Calano

The atmosphere is wonderful fulled with many many pictures and various painting. Eclectic to say the least. Wonderful. The food is pretty good. I enjoyed eating the Brussels sprouts with prosciutto, the prosciutto I personally think was a little over cooked. Also enjoyed the fettuccini Alfredo with chicken (very creamy) , and I enjoyed the raviolis. The cheese in the raviolis was wonderful with good flavorand the meat sauce is packed with meat and tomotoes...a little on the acidy side for my liking but still enjoyable. The portions a generous. Bring your appetite. This like when you sit down at a home cooked meal. Order differwnt dishesb rhe bring it to you and You put the portion on your plate that you want to eat and how much; al a carte. This restaurant is on the rear side of the Florida mall, inside, next to the Crayola experience.

Rebecca Ellington

We love this place! No better way to spend a holiday than with Bucca. We celebrated Easter had two familiar servers, Marty and Anna, for our large party. Our dinner was fabulous and our service was spectacular. Bucca has such a great family atmosphere. Anna and Marty remembered us from our visits past which made it extra special

Carol Spalla

Great service and food. Prices fair for family style.

Ann Granata

If there was a spot for zero stars I would have clicked it. We came in for dinner tonight. I arrived early to inform the staff it was a birthday. When the two others arrived we were the first ones seated in a dinning room and their birthday stand went on the table. To make a long,miserable dinning experience short the waitstaff made us wait. When our server did finally approach us we ordered salad and entre at the same time worried we might not see him again. By this time 2 other tables had been sat and served beverages and apps. 2 more tables are sat and served drinks and food. We have yet to receive the sangria we ordered. After all this tables are eating dinner we receive our entrées. And had to ask for our salad. We never saw a supervisor,the server never even attempted to make eye contact with us. Finally no mention of the birthday . Food lacked sauce but at least was hot. Avoid this place .

Kalona Newcomb

We came in for a Christmas staff party (approx. 50 people) and received the best service we have ever encountered for such a large group of people. Everyone left incredibly satisfied and the service was absolutely amazing. The staff was so friendly and accommodating and very prompt. Shane truly made the experience over the top with his hardworking and kind attitude. Everyone loved our experience and we definitely plan to return in the future! I can't recommend this location enough! It is by far my favorite in the area!

Anna Barnes

We took a band trip to Orlando and this was definitely a highlight of our trip. Super friendly staff. Very accommodating to our large party. And the food was AMAZING!

Rachel Turner

Manager Richard and server William were fantastic! Richard explained your care with each recipe and how the food moved through the kitchen to our table. Great team!

Earnest Ford

Great food.,outstanding service.,great atmosphere!!!

Gregory Jimenez

Went there for my birthday, the food servings were tremendous!! Flowing off the plate, it felt as if I were enjoying a piece of Italy!!! Even got a giant monstrous bowl of 3 or 4 scoops of different types of ice cream!!! Oh I was sooo full I had to give leftovers to everyone at the table, great first encounter of real family Italian was excellent I felt right at home guys thankyou!!!

Vincent Kusmierski

Food was great service was good kinda hate going through the kitchen to get to my table but werth it though

Robert Lostraglio

Very different they don't do single portion the place needs dusting bad , very outdated and the fake pipe head creaped me out . But food wasnt bad but wish wife and I could have ordered something different from each other . If we did would have had leftovers for days

Landry Incardova

Amazing Thanksgiving, We had made reservations on Thanksgiving for 3:30. Our flight was leaving Minneapolis and we planned on arriving at 2:30 which was going to give us plenty of time to get to our favorite Buca di Beppo and enjoy a relaxing dinner on our first full day of vacation. We got notice that we were going to be delayed and I called to cancel. This is when our day started to get better. I spoke with John on the phone who suggested we just move our reservation back a few hours and keep him updated as he was running the door the whole day. How nice! We got notice that we would be re routed and arrive much later. I called him back and he was as nice as could be, changed our reservation time again and just told us to relax, he would have dinner waiting for us. So now we have 7:30 reservations and know that we are going to get to eat. I called him when we landed at 6:30 and he said come on over, I will work you in. There was a packed house and he worked magic, we were seated within 5 minutes of getting there with a line at the door. Our party of 3 felt like the most VIP in the place because of John and our server. I think this special care made the food taste just that much better. You will always be our number one choice.

Mathew Jewell

Good Italian food, large family style portions. Fun atmosphere with walls covered in Italian photos, albums, etc...

Jessica Sato

For one thing, this restaurant have THE BEST Lasagna in the city!! But last night when I made an online order on their website, and the third party company they hire (Postmate) disappeared with my food, the manager of the store went above and beyond. When I explained that I couldn't go and pick it up, because the exact reason I bought it online, was because I had a flat tire, he so incredibly kind got a fresh lasagna made and delivered to me with by an employee of the store. I'm so thankful to still find just plain nice people in the world. I would certainly recommend this restaurant !

Sylvia Mendoza

This Buca is always on point. There is a waiter there who has taken care of us a few times, and he never disappoints. This place is clean, friendly and has fast service. I won't even go to my neighborhood Buca because this one is just too good.

Amber Lakowski

We came in tonight with some friends to celebrate some wedding planning and to just get together. Kendall was our waitress and she was hands down the sweetest waitress I have ever had. She always made sure everything was great for us and made our dinner out a great experience! Thank you Buca di Beppo for a delicious dinner, and thank you Kendall for a wonderful experience! p.s. congratulations on your wedding!

Marie Faw

We go here frequently when we travel to Orlando. The portions are so large, even for family style, we always have plenty for the next day. We always sit at the bar. The bar staff are fun. They are always ready to share stories or listen to you story. Fun atmosphere and always leave full.

Michael Faucher

Went there for our first time last weekend. Food was alright. Alfredo was so thick it was like glue but tasty. Raviolis with meat sauce very good. Baked ziti special that feeds four is huge but tastes like ricotta and garlic only. I wish I would of tried something else. I like garlic bread not bread with my garlic though. Service was fine. Disappointed that we were celebrating 2 birthdays and an anniversary and all they served us was two scoops of ice cream. I am sure we will go back but it’s not a priority.


Great experience! Had the chicken salted bocca and spaghetti and meatballs. My family always comes here and are treated like family. From the hosts Becca and Justin down to the server Cindy. We had also had the pleasure of meeting the GM Robert who stopped by our table to make sure our experience and expectations were met.. Highly recommend visiting the Buca in Chandler, Az

Bill Ransom

Great atmosphere. Family style Italian dinners! Fresh and lots of it!

Michael Singh

I went there for a friends birthday, the drinks were OK and the food was OK. There are better options in the Orlando area.

Chelsi Donnelly

Had a great experience here! Came with a big wedding party and they were very accommodating and made everything so fun and perfect for us

Derek Correira

I tend to come with large groups from work and the family style meals make that nice and easy. Be sure to check out the Pope room

Linda Beck

Normally we would give this restaurant 5 stars, but not the case this visit. Upon entering, we had to find a hostess to seat up, we sat at bar. As usual, we ordered eggplant parmigiana., along with anti pasta salad. The eggplant was over coonked, but being hungry, we ate it. When manager approached us, we addressed it with him, and he acknowledged he had already addressed it with chef and offered to replace it. As we had already eaten half of it, we declined thinking he might take it off the bill...he did not offer. We were presented our bill. Paid for the terrible meal, and left. Management needs to reassess customer concerns and rectify the situation. As much as we enjoy Bucca, i’m not sure we’ll’s 45 miles for us one way! Wake up Bucca...train your staff better. Satisfy the customer....

Lindsay Carson

Service is excellent, asking for an allergy substitute was no problem at all.

Stephanie Cannon

Great food and even better service! Marty is hands down the best server my family and I have had, anywhere. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would.

Kitty Mio

Great service and food. I went with some friends for a girl's day and our server, Betsy, was fabulous. The eggplant parmesan was the best I've ever had! My friends both had the lunch chicken parmesan and said it was fantastic! We will definitely be back and Betsy better be working.

starky carrillo

Good service great flavor waiter is really good prices for the amount of food really good if you like Italian food and you wanna spend family this is the place to go

Katherine Grebe

This location did a great job. The food was outstanding, the service was great. Comfort food when we needed it.

Vanessa Johnson

Rod our server was amazing the food spectacular and being with family, priceless.....


The food is good, prizes are very acceptable and the amount of the servings is huge!

Todd Klausen

Amazing Experience, I have worked in the food and beverage industry for about 30 years and have to tell you this place has totally gotten everything right. You can have great food but, you have to have great people and you have them in this store. Three people deserve special recognition tonight. The hostess, Tate, a very nice warm and welcoming girl who genuinely loves her job. She was so nice and happy to be at work, you can tell when you walk in, this started the night off right. My kids have not sat at the kitchen table yet so when she offered it to us, we got excited. Next is our server, Jeremy. Friendly, Knowledgeable and just knew how to make everything right. He was on top of everything, nothing went empty and we were very happy. Your Manager John was excellent. It is so hard to find someone who displays genuine hospitality and you have found one of the best that I have ever encountered. He made sure that we enjoyed every bit of the meal and even had a very engaging conversation getting me signed up for your coupon club. I could go on and on but you have 3 5 star employees right there.

Rachel Ramiro

I came here about 3 months ago , I returned again on Monday recently and I noticed the service is different also the server we used to have Marty is gone which I was quite surprised about aslo the host that helped me three times before is gone too she was extremely sweet I always had conversations with her, her name was Jessica I Believe, I saw her a lot before maybe she just wasn't working that day don't know for sure, I always came here for the service because it was amazing , but the service I received on Monday was horrible I don't know why it's not consistent it's sad too I really liked coming to this location but now I don't want to go to the Florida mall location no more the service was different and the food didn't taste the same there's no consistency I was for sure Marty was going to to be there at least now i know he is at a different location

Mandy Estrada

Had Spaghetti and Meatballs with a Cesar salad. The meal was excellent! Service was great.

Brian Luckett

A very nice Italian restaurant with family sized portions. The small plates serve 2-3 while their larger plates serve 4-5. The service at the Florida Mall location is always up to par and the wait time usually isn't terrible for my wife and I. Large parties would be wise to make reservations as this spot is known and those that want in plan ahead!

Clancy O

Has a good atmosphere. Lots to enjoy as far as visually. Service is very friendly and the food to match. Fine place.

Dana Ortiz

Good enough but nothing compared to the Vegas location

Mike Schmelzle

Wow we had the shrimp fra Diavlo it was amazing. So fresh so good. Walter the manager checked on us to make sure all was good Brianna was our server and she gave us excellent service we sat in the kitchen and saw all the food made fresh right in front of us. So much fun celebrating my daughters birthday

Cristiano de Paula Lock

I have traveled all the world but have never been treated so bad as I was this jul 29th 2019. And it happened with an attendant and the management as well...I just went out right away, couldn’t believe.

Dante Webb

On 4/25, my choir traveled to Orlando from Memphis to compete in a choir competition. I had dinner reservations reserved for this restaurant for my 60 plus students and chaperones. Unfortunately, our bus company ran out of hours and refused to pick us up if they had to take us to the restaurant. I panicked and didn’t know what to do. This company loaded and delivered our meal to the hotel AT THE LAST MINUTE. Maybe an hour before we were suppose to come there and dine in. The food was delicious and hot. They picked up canned drinks for us and included so much food that we literally were able to feed other guest in the hotel. If I am ever in Orlando again, Buca will ALWAYS get my business. If it had not been for them my kids would have went hungry that night. Bless you Buca!

Owen Kennedy

Spaghetti and meatballs. Half price on Meatball Monday. The olive oil with a splash of balsamic vinegar is excellent as well.

Jord Williams

Buca's has been one of our go to standards for Italian for years. We prefer a local family run restaurant, but in some areas of the country, decent Italian is not easy to find. This location is not the quality we've come to expect. The pricing is comparable to others, which is not $$$, but more than $$ ($78, less q tip for a small speghetti with meatballs, salad, iced tea, and a beer). The food was okay, not great. The service was terrible. We will not return and do not recommend this location. Fortunately, there are a number of very good Italian restaurants near our home in Cocoa.

Nick Alati

Understandably they serve family style portions. When you go in and you were the only person that is gluten-free and they hand you a separate menu it says gluten free. I ordered the dish it look like Italian style salsa on top of slice of bread. Keep in mind this is on there gluten free menu. It was absolutely delicious extremely expensive like 27 bucks because it comes family style not single order but the Italian style salsa with gluten free not the bread that it said on. My stomach was killing me after eating it I would have been someone who has celiac I could have ended up in the hospital because of their mistake

Sarah Ashe

The food was tasty but unfortunately cold. You would think baked ziti would be warm. It came out of the oven. We had garlic cheese bread. Wow on the garlic. Spoons full of garlic with just a little cheese. Too garlicy to eat See photo

Gitanjali More

Delicious pasta.....perfectly cooked...this was my second visit n they did not portion even the small one is enough for 3-4 people .....nice place for family get together....will surely visit again..

katie whetstone

It wasn't the worst visit. Besides the extra long wait for out reserved table, the service was pretty good. Definitely better than the val vista and arrowhead location. I would definitely be back. Thank you for letting us celebrate our mother's day at your establishment.


This place is wonderful. It is a family style restaurant so the portions are to be shared. The small feed 3 people and the large feeds 4 people. Waiters were great. If you have never been there make sure to ask for the tour. The food is great with a homemade taste to it. Great ambiance and very Italian. I definitely recommend this place. Only draw back is they don't serve Shrimp Scampi but the Shrimp Florentine is a close 2nd.

P Cloud

Great atmosphere, but the food is not one I'd reccomend. I'm never coming back......overpriced food.


We ordered off the lunch menu and still for two people it was still $40. Portions were large even for the lunch menu. Food was okay. The chicken was over cooked and burnt on the bottom. The fettuccine was really actually quiet flavorless. Having never been there prior I don't see myself returning to spend that much on just okay food.

Don Karl Juravin

Beautiful place. Big portions. The food feel mass produced and is not tasty. Not authentic. No quality just quantity. The Alfredo was very dry and the red sauce is... plain and too sweet. Not Italian! Not interesting.

Dorothy Hartleben

When you have such great service, food and Managers you have a winning combination. To the Kitchen, Anna and John, everything was amazing. Anna is the best server we have had in years, the food was top notch and John is so friendly. If we lived here, this would be where we ate all the time. Thank you!!!

ryan green

We had our business meeting at Buca. Everything was great. The servers were very accommodating. The host was friendly, and their Sales Manager, Andrew made the reservation process simple. Great people here.

Joseph Senn III

We ate here on Friday before Cirque De Solie and wow, what an amazing place. The hotel suggested this place to us as they knew we did not want to go far before the event. Your salads are amazing, your server Anna was great and we just enjoyed everything. Next time we will know to get here with more time to spare so we can have dessert.

Josh Davis

Got three dinners to split at the table since its family style. Chicken Parmigiana is only chicken, never been to a place that didn't serve pasta with chicken Parmigiana. It was 27 dollars for 3 pieces. The pieces were fried too long and were dry. The cheese on it was good. Almost no sauce on it to help with the dryness. There was some tomatoes on it but no real sauce. Shrimp scampi, just plain noodles with shrimp, almost no garlic or butter sauce on it. Friend took it home to remake it and add some sauce to the almost plain noodles. Italian pizza, can't remember full name. It had a lot of veggies, like giant chunks of onions, one slice was basically all onion. Friend had pasta leak in take home container before we even left. Ice cream was good, but all they do is scoop it out.

michael strang

This is nothing but a tourist trap. I come from a family of Italians and grew up on great Italian food. The prices are way too high for the quality of food. We ordered the calimari , I t was the small portion for 18.00. ha would not feed three people and the sauce was to acidic. The breading had no seasoning. The bread was fine but the olive oil with way too much basamic vinegar was not good. Also there was no seasoning in the oil. The pizza was a big joke dry as cardboard and it was the size of a rectangle frozen pizza. We had two ice tea and the bill was 32.00 but that is because we have a 15.00 coupon. If I didn't get the discount I would of complained to management. What a disappointed experience. Never again will I go there. The only reason I gave one star is because it's the lowest star. Don't waste your money.

Natalia Philbin

Best meatballs! Great authentic atmosphere. Friendly staff!


I’ve never had authentic Italian food before, so this was a great experience. The waitstaff was very kind and patient with our rowdy group. Overall this was just a great experience and I’m glad that I was given the opportunity to eat here.

Carolyn Bridgewater

Birthday's at Buca are the best! Have 2 more to celebrate this Sunday July 28th at 6:30 pm and our entire family can't wait. Carolyn

Mackenzie Downs

I LOVE BUCA. Buca is where my Nonna would take the family when she didn't feel like making enough food for 10+ people. They have always gone above and beyond with their service with me and my husband. We go there a few times a year. We went there one night because I just wanted some calamari and I know they have fairly good calamari. When we got there and ordered, they were out. They subbed our appetizer (Buca Trio) which we always choose the calamari, fried shrimp, and fried mozzarella. They gave us double shrimp to make up for not having calamari, and when we went to pay for our bill (after ordering entrees) they told us they were sorry for being out of calamari and they took our appetizer off the bill for the "inconvenience" which wasn't necessary because we love the fried shrimp too. They treat you like family. Every time we go there we have a wonderful experience.

Tomasha Williams

Great food everything tasted exceptional! Lasagna tasted authentic and the Bianca pizza was to die for. My ONLY complaint is $28 for the sangria that came in a small craft glass I find to be ridiculous I've gotten a bigger pitcher of sangria for wayyyyyyyy less than that but all around it was really delicious and the experience was great. I love the fact that there's lots to look at inside!

Thelma Parker

Very busy night at the Buca di Beppo. Everyone moving and shaking. Hosts, our waiter shakeria and the managers all did a great job hustling all night. A tall thin manager stopped by and made us feel so welcome. Yes our food took a little long but that’s the price you pay for quality! THANK YOU!

Emily Boersma

I love Buca! I’ve been coming here for years. I love to try the new dishes, gotta get them before they’re gone. Recently was served by someone new. Keegan. He was lovely and attentive. Can’t wait to come back.


The food was great. Cheese manicotti was cooked just right and it came with their delicious marinara sauce. This is the first time I can say I have had great marinara. It was not overly acidic and it had great flavor. Just wished there was a little more on the plates, maybe one scoop more to not overpower the rest of the dish. Dessert was delicious as well. Thank you Jeremy for taking care of us even if it might not have been your section.

corey caldwell

Awesome atmosphere and really good Italian food. Added bonus is the great staff they have that takes care of each guest.

Luis Lema

Food was good but service was horrible. I had to stand up to get my own silverware. Then we had dessert and we had no napkins, i had to stand up and find napkins on my own. Pay with cash and waiter kept walking around and didn't return our change.

email sender

Not really impressed with the food or service. Too many loud heavily bratted families

Ranique Rodriguez

Great location, Large portions we shared the large spaghetti & meatballs, large salad, large pepperoni pizza, mozzarella garlic bread between 5 adults 2 kids and each family had enough to take food home. This place has decent prices, friendly staff and is very clean. We came in for a bday party and I recommend calling ahead for reservations for large parties.

Luana Tapernoux

We all enjoyed the food. We ate shrimp florentine, chicken stuffed with prosciutto & dish with ravioli, manicotti, & stuffed shells. Beer prices seemed high though at $6 for 14 oz.

XxFlawed L0giKxX

It’s Buca, what else can you say. Family portions all around, take my dad here every year for Thanksgiving. Spicy sausage is incredible

Scott Conder

The food here is always delicious and plentiful! The staff is also very friendly and helpful.

Denise Spurny

Amazing...the portion size for family size was huge. We got portions that settle 3 people but it will feed more than that. Lots of doggy bags. We went for lunch were it was quiet. A better place for dinner.

Tito Fontes

Excellent food and service!

Alexis Kelly

Will and Anna took such amazing care of my group and I on our trip! They kept all the drinks full and were prompt with absolutely everything. They cleared the table so nothing was in our way and we could not have been more grateful!! Thank you so much for making our first experience here such an amazing memorable one!

Rose Echeveste

Was delicious great customer service

Daniel Fieldstone

This is one of the best restaurant concepts I have ever seen. The place is loud and covered with decorations everywhere. No two places look the same. The most amazing thing about it is that you can even have a seat IN THE KITCHEN... I do not know if the people who designed this place were on drugs but it works.

Orlando Thrifter

First time eating here. At first the concept of the meal / portion sizes seemed weird. We were a party of 2. We ordered a meal for 3. And we were brought enough to literally feed 5 people. Price per person breaks down to fairly cheap considering the type of restaurant. Food was extremely good. Service was extremely good as well. Decor was vintage trendy and cool to look at. We will definitely be back and absolutely bring more people next time.

April Churchill

The reason I went was because I got a coupon in the mail. I feel like it's expensive for what you get and for going at 2:30pm it took FOREVER to get drinks, to get the food, to get our check, etc. My 6mo old son was super cranky by the time we left. We purposefully picked that time because it was right after his nap and we wouldn't annoy other people if he gets fussy. The whole meal took 1.5 hours with nobody in the restaurant and ordering right away. Our server was really nice, but my companion said it was because she smelled like alcohol and likely a bit tipsy. I didn't notice but I wasn't close to her. Anyways, not a place I would ever go to frequently.

amelfi alix

Truly love this place. The food was amazing the server was very nice and very knowledgeable of the food and all the elements thats would make anyone tastebuds go crazy. I must said i loved my dinner experience here.

Caleb Bell

The food and service was great! We just had my wife's and I rehersal dinner there with almost 40 guest and everything went smoothly. Everyone really enjoyed the food and there was a lot leftover they let us take home. Highly recommend.

Jean Drake

The food taste better if my 17 yr cooked it chicken parmesan didnt have seasoning just bread and cheese not happy with new cook

Kenneth Marinelli

Incredible Italian and Seafood restaurant. Just like the best ones in New York City !!!

Shaye Jones

Super awesome food, especially the GIANT homemade meatballs! We always have a great time for lunch. Sarah is always very friendly and helpful. Can't wait to return!

Patrick Brady

Moms. Day was great. Staff was friendly and honest. Why I know they they are honest dropmy wallet with close to 300 in cash as well as cards 9 and all there ! nice friendly honest crew

jerry d

Nice selection of Italian cuisine and a great atmosphere and friendly staff. Went for my fav—lasagna!

Blake Cowdell

Great family restaurant. Amazing service and very delicious fresh food.

Ryan Granados

Good food, friendly staff our server Stephanie was extremely nice and attentive.


Really good italian food, perfect for birthdays. Love the pasta.

Yvonne Mora

The atmosphere is amazing! The food was great and the portions are made to enjoy with either family or friends. Mike at the Florida Mall greated us like family and gave us a tour including the kitchen and the entire staff made us feel like we were family. I advise you to make a reservation because it is always packed and I can understand why. We look forward to going back!!

Richard Rivera

Host and wait staff were friendly and courteous. Decor and atmosphere was awesome. The quality and quantity of food was excellent. Recommend eating here. Plenty of parking space. Limited disabled parking space.

Alberto Esperon

Really good food and the service was great. It was my first time there and I love it.

tokalah aï

We went in for the Birthday Sundae. It was our first time there and we enjoyed our experience. We may have our Anniversary dinner here.Our server Edubey took very good care of us. I highly recommend this place and Edubey. We give it 5 stars.

Jeff Lancaster

My family and I received phenomenal service tonight from host Kelly and server Yumi! Yumi was friendly and very helpful. We ended up getting the spicy chiken rigatoni and the chicken parm, both of which were delicious! My family and I will be coming back for sure!

Michele Gleeton

We love Buca! The food is always great here. I recommend making a reservation, especially on a busy night. It's super easy! We just go to their website and you can do it there!

Jake Duffner

The food was amazing. When I was there with my school, I was amazed how the service is. Sam, Bobby, and Curtis were amazing servers. And I would definitely recommend going here when you can.

Will Turner

This is one of my favorite restaurants! The food is always good and the service is excellent.

Mandy Lofurno

We had dinner on Monday Night and it was perfect. Lasagna was great. Our server Heather was exceptional and we could see it was very busy but she still made everything perfect.

Virginia Petrucelli

What a great experience! My Mom and two daughters came into the restaurant not knowing what to expect. The restaurant surpassed our expectations! From the fun decor to the wait staff. Marty was an exceptional waiter. Very attentive and knowledgeable about the menu. The food was excellent and surpassed many Italian restaurants in the area - both locally owned and chain. I live about 40 minutes from the Florida Mall, but would definitely return just for this restaurant.


We had a fantastic service here today! Anna was our server she was amazing!! She was very very friendly and very helpful and accommodating! Had a blast celebrating a special day today. Will 100% come back again for dinner. FYI portion sizes are HUGEEEE. We ordered a large and that would have easily fed 6-7 people.

Amy Moore

Food was good. Punch bowl was great.

Amber Musend

Had a wonderful time last night. Service was great and the food was fantastic. Will be returning in the near future.

Christian Becker

We dined as a group of 20+ after attending a business meeting nearby. Online reservations were simple, the food was outstanding, and our server Lindsey was simply fantastic. She kept our drinks full, gave great suggestions on what to order, and was attentive to our needs. We will definitely be returning if we have another business meeting in the future!

Bunny King

The last few times we have gone. it has been a bit disappointing. Service, food quality, etc. I used to enjoy this place. Hopefully next time will be an improvement.

Liz Dannheim

Wonderful experience! We had a suprise party with 30+ people and they were able to accommodate us in a semi-private dining room. The food was fresh and absolutely delicious. The servers and manager were on top of everything and made the party awesome. We will be back!

leo vascik

Food was subpar for the visit an cost at this location.. staff does a talk an walk rather than work your table as well.. have to track the. Down your self.. had the chicken with lemon wine butter sauce n capers... was more like butter only.. if picking a spot we recommend the east mesa val vista an 60 location. Everything always great an tasty.. was $100 upset this round

Cara Hernandez

Went way over our 19 person reservation for my daughter's 6th bday, and they were not only still able to accommodate, but did not break under the pressure. They were more than helpful and so calm with a party of 24 young children. Servers Marty and Anna most particularly. I could not have asked for better service!

leonard charley

The wife and I are here from Chicago for a visit and came to Buca di Beppo Italian restaurant with family and this place right here is off the chain. Food was great and plentiful, service was fantastic and I would recommend this place to anyone wanting a nice Italian dish.


Always a fun and great place to eat! A staple to any trip best one of these places. Family style, meaning huge portions. Great service with fun waiters. Highly recommend!

Jason Franks

Very good food. Family style ordering and would recommend the kitchen tour.

Stephen Teaster

To call this place unique doesn't seem adequate, but that is the best description I can give it. To call the food delicious is an understatement. We love it!

Garrett King

Sunday Dinner was an amazing deal. We left stuffed and had so many leftovers to take with us. Our server, he was great. Thank you all so much.

jasia march

First, i would like to say the food was truly amazing. However, the service my family and i received was completely unprofessional. I do understand restaurants get busy and we all know it’s a faced past environment to begin with. Nevertheless , we waited 20 minutes for complimentary breed mind you we had to ask for ourselves! Our arrival time was before 7:40 pm m, 7:47 pm we ordered and was advised at that time a 25 to 30 min for our meals. We didn’t receive our meals until about 8:40. When our meals arrived we asked for boxes as well, as you can imagine by that time we were just ready to leave. Even waiting for the check was a job within itself which took an additional 10 mins to get after our food was all boxes and easy to go. We were later told there was a part being held in the back but still no apology was given.

Gabby S

This place is absolutely amazing I come here all the time and it’s always a great time. All the staff are amazing especially Marty Brianna and Walter. Definitely recommend.

June Haime

Amazing lunch with friends today. The Service from Anna was excellent, the food was tasty and John is a Theme Park Expert. He had all the answers we needed to make our vacation even more fun. You have an amazing staff and restaurant.

nelson lima

We were there on Sunday June the 10th to celebrate our son's 7th b-day and oh my God what a wow experience. I have been a client for about 15 years when i used to live in Naples and since we moved to central Florida this one at Florida mall is my closest one, my son want it to go due to the big meatball, so as soon as we got there and my son mentioned to the host that it was his b-day she put a sign on the table, by the time (JAVI) our server got there he acknowledge my son, and with so much happiness he coordinated for him to have a special day at Buca, he called the chef (Luis Montalvo) so my son can tell him how much he enjoyed his meatball, after that, he brought a cheff hat signed by everyone in the kitchen, then allow him to go to the kitchen with us and make his own dessert and then all the servers sang happy bday. I always loved this restaurant but now for me is more that just a restaurant is home. I don't take for granted what they did, because they didn't have to do it.THANKS FOR CARING AND GIVE MY SON THE BEST B-DAY EVER!!!!! THANKS JAVI,CHEF LUIS, MANAGEMENT,KITCHEN STAFF AND ALL THE CREW FOR MAKING THIS A TRUE FAMILY RESTAURANT!!!!!!

Josette Giguere

This is outside of crayola in the mall. It was awesome to sit there and see us as butterflys. I loved it. I thought it was awesome and the grandchildren loved being butterflys with there grandpa

Anastacia Douglas

Smelled. The food tasted like plastic and like it came from a can. Horrible. Great service,but terrible food. Inappropriate dolls for kids.

Jon Cooper

Let me start by saying this place is just awesome! Amazing food. Meatball Monday is now my favorite thing right after Taco Tuesday! 20 bucks for that huge ball of pasta with 3 giant balls on top. All that saucy goodness... We will be back. Its gonna take me a week to eat the leftovers.

Serrano Accounting and Tax Serv

Good food, good prices. Make sure you come hungry and you eat a lot. All there meal are for sharing. They only have 2 portions, small or large. It a place to eat with family or a group of friends. Thanks to our server Cynthia.

Matt P.

Had our holiday party here for several years. Service has only gotten worse each time. Food is great but you cant entertain 25 people for the amount of money it costs and not have an all around great experience. Manager on duty was little to no help and trying to deal with management afterward was a waste of time. They do so much business they didnt even contact us for the next year to see if we were wanting to come back.

James Harhi

My wife brought me here for my birthday. It became comical the amount of things they were out of and unorganized they were. I will say the staff was polite and apologetic so that kept us from letting it ruin our night.

Caroline Broomfield

Excellent place to take a large group of people. Good service. Helpful Waiters.

Esteban Henriquez

New to Buca di Beppo and it's concept on how to order meals, whether it be with friends, family or single. I was reluctant to give any Italian restaurant a chance due to the lack of flavors and "meh" sensation Olive Garden had left in my mouth. However, unlike them, Buca di Beppo managed to exceed expectations I had previously held in regards to Italian food. The plate friends and I shared was flavorful, fresh, in short, it was on point!

Jake Droege

If you want to go to a place that is unusual, fun and have large portions of food, this is the place to go! Due to having food allergies It’s very difficult for me to eat out. But I was blown away by a great waitress, her name is Lady. I was able to ask her so many questions and she was so patient, going back-and-forth to the chef making sure that the food was safe for me. When I first came here we were placed by the bar (very loud). I requested to be moved to a quieter place table and (Jacquie) was very, accommodating and provided us with a great table. I Highly recommend this place to anyone!

flaming avocado

This has the best Italian restaurant in the world and they let you see the kitchen before you eat definitely come back

Saijem Guzman

We had dinner and our waiter Marty was amazing. We had him before and gave us great service again!! He was so helpful and helping us decide what to get where we could get more bang for our buck!! Food was delicious and came out fast. Will come back again very soon!!

Kim Dziubczynski

Shane was awesome! What a great personality. Manager also very personable. Came to make sure everything was good. Great food and atmosphere.

Scott Jeffery

The staff were cordial but not attentive or particularly friendly; and the reception food was mediocre, convenience packaged food, such as you might buy in the frozen section to keep on hand for a football party, that was reheated. Even the meal that was prepared to order for me seemed uninventive and a bit bland. I wouldn't choose to return for a reception or a to go order, but I might try again if I'm seated in the restaurant where a front of house manager may be present, on another occasion, if I were someone's guest.

Amity Decker

We were in recently and have to say that we loved everything here. Our servers were Josh and Jessica in the bar. They were so much fun! Great personalities and super friendly. It was a really busy night in there but they made us feel special. We will be back.

Kate Kremmer

Amazing from start to finnish! I am a server so I know how hard it can be to be perfect but this place is. We ate on Friday 3/8/19 around 6 pm. Your staff, Jessica at the door, CW our server and Jon the manager were all so nice. The decor is fun, food is excellent and we just had a great meal and a great time. Thank you all.

Michael Ortiz

The service is great! We loved Keygen. The manager John made sure we had a lovely experience

Roel Sarmago

When they say a small order serves 3, they're assuming 3 adults with big appetites. We had the calamari appetizer, small chicken carbonara and Tiramisu for 2 adults and 2 children. We finished the calamari, ate less than half the pasta and half the Tiramisu. All were very tasty. Just a bonus that the portions were so huge.


Great food and most of staff friendly (not all). 3 stars because they were confused about a reservation we did 2 weeks in advanced with all the details. We were split in 2 sections when we all fit in one and they were being asked to move back and forth and tables were not even ready when we arrived. Food is delicious.

C Acosta

Yes, even though they say there large size option is a family size serving of up to 5, I thought it was overpriced. Especially the salads. I felt that at least the salads should come w/1 refill. The pasta was good, but needed a little more sauce in them. They were a little on the dry side. It didn't come w/any kind of meats 4 the price you paid. Those were an extra $8+. They should offer more specials so that it's more affordable to families & willing 2 come more often.☺

Rafael Ortega

What to say about Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant? Best family-style restaurant we have been to, so it makes sense it's Italian. We have been many times and the consistency in quality is great. It really does feel like a small family restaurant. So great job on that. The server was great and professional and continued speaking to us in English and waited the right moment to speak to us in the other language we were speaking once she got to know us. The blue cheese and nuts salad is the best thing to eat here. I know, it's supposed to be pasta, but that salad is still my favorite! Haha Keep up the great job!

khalid hasan

Buca Di Beppo is always a special place to visit and enjoy some of the best Italian chow Chandler, AZ has to offer. You get a sense of double-intrigue art on the walls (in the restaurant), plus art on your plate with the splendid food! Be sure to link up with their email list for constant specials, no doubt!

yasser del villar

Best experience ever,good food and big portion

M Crcs

Ahhhh I love this place! Unfortunately they shut down a few locations throughout the country.

Sarah G

Great food, huge portions you will definitely not leave hungry! And great service from Marty

Sheila Popovich

We came on a Monday night for our daughter's birthday. The environment is really what we came for but the wait staff were really kind and went out of their way for her birthday celebration!

Andrea Banovic

Personally the family style eating concept is out. Consumers want options. Food was meh, service was slow.

Rafael Lopez

The food here is excellent I tried the chicken carbonara & the calamari & it was wonderful the server was wonderful & chef Cristian made sure our food was perfect for us I recommend if your looking for Italian food this is the place you want to go to

Pat Greenwood

Food was good. Serving was plenty to feed 3-4 people. Was surprised a salad was not included.

Claire Sweeney

This restaurant has a terrible smell.... we had a big family dinner there and the smell of the restaurant was really off putting. Carpet needs to be changed and some ventilation needed. Service: Hostess was not “on the ball” at all. Waiter was ok. When we asked regarding smell etc was expecting to be visited by manager but surprisingly weren’t. Food: Very hit and miss. Gluten free menu is crazy. Not sure why they bother to claim to have one. Hate posting negative reviews but visiting from abroad and standards at this place were very below par. If visiting from Europe avoid!

Abigail Monroe

Went to buca and had one of the best experiences I’ve had in a long time. Food was amazing.... so good we ordered a extra entree to go home with. Our server was friendly and attentive!! We will definitely be returning to this Buca with our friends and family!!! Do yourself a favor and end your meal with the brownie sundae!!!

Kyle McKinney

I’m clinically addicted to Tiramisu so i’ve become very familiar with this restaurant. The food is amazing, the dessert is awesome (I recommend the Italian creme cake or, of course, the tiramisu), and the employees are great human beings. Robert, the manager, is very friendly and has taken care of me with my consistent To-Go orders over the course of my patronage with the restaurant many times and Stacey, one of the servers, deserves a very special mention for making my entire weekend by recognizing me as a return customer and taking care of my dessert tonight when I’ve been having the worst day ever. Buca di Beppo is great Italian food, with massive portions, in a great family atmosphere. You should definitely give it a try if you haven’t already.

Chop Yu

Italian cuisine served family style. Visitors beware the portions are enormous if you order large. Flavors are good but don't expect anything that stands out except the Titanium! It was very good! Not too sweet and not too rich. Atmosphere is friendly and cheerful. Ideal for large parties and they open on all major holidays. So if you have a big family holiday gathering and don't want to kill yourself in the kitchen, this is a good alternative to have on your list.


They catered my wedding and did a perfect job. We have been back several times since. Each time has been a great experiance.


Did a take out order. Smooth transaction. Had their chicken parmigiana, rigatoni and shrimp florentine. All 3 delicious!

Lili delicias

What an amazing experience!!!!! Everything so perfect and delicious. My favorite Italian restaurant from now on. Ohhhhhh and the canolli!!!!! THE BEST EVER

Stephanie Miller

We always going in during the lunch hour, its normally a pretty slow time. There proportions are amazing. The prices look shocking but we almost always have leftovers. (Which are just as good!)

Samantha Rogers

Amazing food and atmosphere!! Very highly suggested. The sever Shelly did an amazing job guiding us through the whole experience.

Calvin Goetz

Fantastic portion size, truly family style eating. Otherwise though, regrettably I found it kind of like the Applebee's of Italian joints. Food: 4/5 sauces were decent, but too much pasta compared to the rest of the dish. 80% carbs isn't quite what I'm looking for with authentic Italian food. Drinks: 4/5 selection was okay and included a couple Italian beers Service: 5/5 super friendly service Value: 5/5 definitely get your money's wort All in all, I just wish you could trade off some of the quantity for quality. I would stop by again though if I was really in the mood for a heaping pile of pasta.

Joe Alessandro

I really enjoyed eating here, but have not been in the area to eat here again.

Ms Hop

My initial review was based on another experience. Here is my true experience on this restaurant. So much food!! Good friendly place. I would recommend for family!

William Warstler

Mama's big plates of Italian food. Save room for the best chocolate cake anywhere !

Brittany Johnston

Just moved into chandler and my family and I are so happy it’s closer to this place!! We used to drive 30 minutes to eat dinner at this location due to the wonderful staff and delicious food. Never disappointed! Dat at the bar with a Cindy and she was phenomenal as always!! Thanks Bucca!

Kathi Ohearn

Usually great but this time tortellini way under done and not hot when delivered.

Nicole Romero

Good service, good food, good atmosphere

muskan shah

Anna made our visit here amazing!! She has fantastic customer service and always has a smile on her face! She was always checking in with us and honestly provided us with 5 star service!

Syntia Zeni

The food is spectacular and the service is even better! Relaxing fun environment and you will not leave hungry ;)

lawrence battle

Very nice place but sometimes the rooms are too close together so it's like you and your neighbors are in the same room

Nikki Lamont

Our waitress Jessica was amazing, the food was authentic Italian. Tasted as if I was having Sunday dinner at my mom's.

Courtney De Tello

I have been to a few of these and this one has been by far the worst. 1. It is in a mall so it is good for times you want to sit down and eat after a long day of shopping, but definitely not a place you want to drive to to eat (especially in Orlando where there are many other great options) 2. The food was okay. They brought bread for the table (one slice for each of us). If you aren’t a bread person then this shouldn’t bother you, but as a bread person, I had to continue to ask for bread- they never brought it out willingly and I had a feeling they were not going to unless I asked 3. Service was good. Not the best, but nothing to point out that made our night terrible. Just not very friendly staff- when we walked in it was almost like we were a bother 4. Price. Usually I don’t mind their prices but I don’t want to spend over $100 at a restaurant connected to the mall All in all, I had to give it a 3.

Logan Fort

Great night all around. Manager Richard stopped by to make sure everything was great. Good employees here.

Mark Lacienski

Besides the Great food, I wanted to Thank our Server "Lindsey" at the Florida Mall Location. She had all the attributes of a Server that you could ask for. Friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive, Kudos to her and that location should be proud to have her. Keep up the Good Work! PS. Its nice to have a Manager come around twice making sure everything was going well, most places don't do that anymore.

Cynthia Rieber

Great family friendly place

Robert Hebbs

Great food. Great Service. We had an excellent lunch on 7/31. Manager was very nice, stopped by and chated for a bit. Our server was the bartender and I think his name is Ed. Great guy. our grand kids loved it all.

Jordan DiAmbrosio

We went out n for lunch. The place was almost empty. The food was okay, but expensive. The service was so so. Used to come here a lot but not really any more.

Orlando Foss

Buca di Beppo is not just a great restaurant, it is a destination that should be experienced with your family and friends. Food is served family style with portions best described as big and bigger. But I warn you, the food is so good that you will eat a lot more than you thought you would. During this visit we were seated at the Pope’s table. Best to reserve well ahead of time, the Pope’s table is round and very large, capable of seating about 8 to 10. A lazy Susan makes it easy to move stuff around as needed. There are other themed tables with one in the kitchen (very cool). The staff is great with everyone doing their best to make your experience as fantastic as possible. Your first visit will lead to many more. I live 50 miles away but there is only one Buca in Orlando and well worth the trip.

Jason Johnson

Love this restaurant!! From the moment we walked in to the moment we rolled ourselves out to our car we enjoyed every moment of stuffing ourselves. You guys seriously over do it with the portions but I am not complaining. CW was an excellent waiter, got to talk to John about the restaurant and found out there is one close to where we live over in Davie. We will have to try that out when we make it home. Great job on everything, what a fun night and we did love the music too.

Molly Mankins

Super yummy food! Went to a rehearsal dinner that was held here and the staff was super friendly!

Christinne Roach-Lugo

Had a quick lunch, nice service, reasonable prices. It's a family restaurant so they serve generous portions. I'd suggest suscribe to their newsletter for great discounts.

Nunya Bidness

Service was great. Food was mediocre. Husband prefers the restaurant in Scottsdale.

Michael Jimenez

Tell my friends great food an Customer service

faith galvin

Just had the best experience i’ve had in a long time. Great service from josh, so sweet and helpful. Would recommend to everyone!!

Marva Burroughs

Great service and food.

Maria Lourdes Velasquez Defoor

Have always enjoyed both food and service, can't see where it varies in service, can't or won't allow me to use a 20 dollar coupon, on a party of sixteen when everyone else uses it for separate checks. It's hard to go to our usual Boca do Beppo because of this one. Not good service at all

Pete Kakoyannis

Overpriced and pretty mediocre. Went for a simple pizza & salad lunch for one. It came to $35! + tip. I can do lunch at Cap Grille for less!! Salad way over-dressed, White pizza oozing grease. Live and learn.

Tara Pigue

I will never go back. It took 30 minutes to get a drink they advertised as their drink of choice. My entire party were 2 drinks in before I was served my first. The food was cold. You could tell the food sat for a while. They were aware of the reservations and should have adjusted their staff accordingly. Long story short, cold food bad service. Not recommended! I wouldn't even give it 1 star but had to in order to comment.

Momo Senzații

Came for my birthday and the food was phenomenal and the service was as the young kids say.... "On fleek"

Brian Decker

This is an amazing place with amazing service. I wanted to thank Josh and Jessica as our servers, both were really busy in the bar and they took amazing care of us. We could tell that they were busy but they took the time to explain everything to us and make us feel special. You two are fantastic.

steven wong

our server didnt offer us bread like the table behind us we had to ask for it. We ordered a chicken entree that came out burnt and tasted burnt, we waited for a long time. Manager offer to make a new one but we didnt want to wait since our kid were almost done with their meal. This second time in a row that we weren't offered bread at this location in Florida Mall, the winter park location we always had great service but this one always seen to be very bad, didnt even fill my empty glass of water. The servers here are not attentive

Michael Durrough

Serve was awesome, food was mind blowing. It's worth the price. The food tasted like, you were eating in Italy itself.

Antonio Claudio

Nice place good food

Marsha Hughes

Enjoyed the food and the experience very much. Ordered the lasagna and it was very good. Took over half of it home and shared it with my sister the next evening.

Casandra Reyes

My experience was so amazing I looked up on Google for a Italian restaurant and buca was one of the top five.I came to experience it and it' was amazing the memorabilia is awesome it's a relaxing place to eat and enjoy your food with your family or friends. I came two days in a row yesterday was my first time coming and I came back today cuz the food was so amazing you can definitely taste the homemade in the food and the love that they put inside the food our server Betsy was awesome she's very knowledgeable is considerate and super sweet. Daniel is a really nice manager he continuously checks up on the table and cares about all of the guests that walked in the building. Heather and the host was amazing as well we were doing our tour she was professional as well had a smile on her face and even came to check on our table to see how we like our experience after all of this I will continue to bring friends and family here and countine my journey the portions are huge and full filling.

Janet Pechous

We are so disappointed, we ate there in 2002 and l got so sick, we decided to try it again. Sad to report it was so hot, the waiters were sweating, it was way over priced l do not recommend this restaurant at all. Got sick again. Good luck to anyone that decides to eat there...the restroom was the worse, when you flush it sprayed all over you! Gross

Jane Olson

Fun place and reasonably priced. We were there for the first time and I loved the tour of the kitchen!

Welton Giolo

Nice place to have a dinner, nice food

Rick Wrobel

Mercy!!! What a great place. Can't believe I waited so long to go. Go hungry or have leftovers

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