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2745 N Campbell Ave, Tucson, AZ 85719, United States

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REVIEWS OF BrushFire BBQ Co. IN Arizona

Alvaro Contreras

BBQ Sauces And Smokey Brisket The Best!! They Got Great Options And Ice Cream!!! Campbell Location My Favorite, Love The Sport Decorating With All Jerseys, Helmets

Sallyann Wassmuth


Jordyn Long

YUMMY. get the pulled pork!!!!!

Anthony Perri

Brushfire's food is absolutely delicious. The wings are always good but they also have some exceptional ice cream that I was surprised by. I will definitely be coming back in the near future.

Alan Miiller

Very nice staff and great food

Andreina Pierro

Great service, small place, food had good flavor, portion size somewhat small for the price.

Melinda Parris

This is the place I know I shouldn't but I have to. My favorite is pulled pork with Brushfire's own BBQ sauce - the hot version, which is not really "hot" but deliciously spicy. If you're feeling super-indulgent try the messy fries or messy mac-n-cheese. Either one takes the concept of comfort food to an everyone new level. DO NOT EAT IT ALL - though it's hard not to! My other favorite menu item is the baked beans - rich and sweet and thick with generous bits of meat (not sure if it's beef or pork) - get the family size because you'll want seconds and lunch for the next day, as well. Brushfire's other side dishes are hit and miss but on a good day their chocolate chip cookies can be superb. Don't forget to check in on facebook and let the cashier know for a free cookie or pickle - oh yeah, their pickles are tops, too!

Wes Scott

I was there years ago and haven't been back but when we were there it was good and we had the whole family there for a meal

Fernando Valenzuela

Pricey but good

Kate Callender

Meats very good, sauces very good, baked beans very good, cornbread disappoints

Donna leigh Williams

Great food and service

Jessica Gutierrez Chavez

1st Time after youth night service at church, we enjoyed it:)

Linda Molina

First time here ! Full rack of beef ribs execellent...I'm telling my friends about it !

Tarry Evans


John nie

Called an order in to pick on Superbowl Sunday. It was rather late, right at rush time but they said it wouldn't be a problem. It was busy and crowded when I got there. Checked in at counter and 5 minutes later I was out the door. The super awesome girls/ladies at the counter had everything under control. Before I left, they double checked all items in each bag with receipt. Fast, accurate and friendly. The food was even better than last time. What a surprisingly pleasant experience!

John Tautfest

Brisket was in strange little flat squares, told that's how they cut it. No bark or smoke ring just lots of fatty sections on each square. Obviously kept in warming pan, limp. The pulled pork was s soggy lump, no texture and must have been kept in a warming pan. Vinegar Cole slaw tasted okay but was colorless. Corn had grill marks but was soggy, must have been kept in water. We felt we were eating a school lunch, not a $27 meal. It was take-out so we had no recourse. Maybe no one in Tucson knows what hand cut BBQ is supposed to be?

David Stengel

Was great food, great prices and in a great shot will be going back again.

royce k

I was disappointed me here expecting great brisket forgot more like roast beef brisket had 0 smoke flavor know smoke ring and at worst it was choppy small pieces not sliced now the barbecue sauces raul pretty good all kind Tasted similar My favorite was the Molasses but the wings for awsome didn't have any smoke flavor either but crispy love the dry rub they had on him and then sauce on top Masterpiece some the best wings I've had in a long time And it's funny it's in a barbecue place by whatever would they use it's too lightly smoke And just avoid the cookie Taste like from a grocery store no good either and that when I come back except the wings

Rick Ramsey

Great food and service

p sua

Love the ribs and pulled pork

Dave Gillie

Decent food. Too expensive.

Scott Robins

Great food. A little high priced but worth it.

Christina Valdez

People were friendly and helpful. Food was cold. I ordered the 2 meats chicken and brisket. It wasn't even whole pieces it was like half a cup of shredded chicken and half a cup of little shreds and pieces of brisket. Really unhappy especially because of the price for the amount of food I got!! And the brisket tastes funny like it was old!!

Gage Thomas

Would get BBQ sauce behind my ears again.

Elizabeth Ogunbunmi

The nachos are okay but the food is completely underwhelming. I don’t know if it was an off night but I wasn’t impressed. I got the pulled pork sandwich which was lacking meat and was overall just okay. The food has no seasoning and the bbq was just okay as well. There’s better bbq in Tucson. Mr. K’s to be exact!!!


Great food. I highly recommend the pulled pork, it almost melted.

Mystic Krystal

Messy fries are life! Thank you.

Matt McCarty

Get a brisket sandwich and a beer, you will not be disappointed

Cami Ward

Loved this place. What a huge selection of meats, sauces, and sides. I had the smoked turkey and it was delicious. A good selection of tap beer as well. Friendly service is the cherry on top of the sundae. Will definitely be back.

Monica Islas

Pumba test

The first couple of times I went here I love this place. but the last time I went my sandwich was all bread and hardly any pork. The mac and cheese sides. Smaller. And the french fries were all over the bag and not even 4. And the price was the same. Get it together brushfire

Larissa Nichols

Excellent food and service!

Michael Borden

Great BBQ, Nice Friendly Staff, crowded $50 for two people. A little pricey.

Sara Runkee

Staff is so nice and helpful! Food is absolutely fantastic, and you get so much for your money!

Lee P

I love this place. Great food. Great service. I thought the fries were too salty, but it was more than made up for by the amazing smoked Thanksgiving turkey.

Thomas Bordner

As someone who works in the BBQ industry, I have to say that this has to be the best BBQ joint in Tuscon!

Bill Rayl

Excellent bbq, brisket is delicious and those beans oh my the beans!

Elizabeth Calhoun

Kristal was awesome. The best ever!

John Potts

Great food.

Chris Lee

I want in with high hopes of good BBQ, I was ordering to go. I didn't really check my order before I left... BBQ brisket meal with 2 sides, creamy coleslaw and green beans. So after a short wait I get my food and head home. Open the package found a small portion of brisket drowned in BBQ sauce. Cloeslaw was watery not creamy. Green beans were ok. Hot items were like warm at best. But the best part for a to go meal no silverware or napkins in bag

Manuel A. Mejía Cervantes

Best BBQ in Tucson. Highly recommend the brisket and the sausage. Their potato salad is second to none. And, if you still have the room for it, don't pass on the home-made ice cream.

John Zygmontowicz

The tacos were amazing, the price was reasonable. I'll definitely go back for more!

Dan Edwards

Great food, love the quick atmosphere. Brisket was great and the ribs had a nice desert smokey flavor.

Leanne Cowen

I love their food! It's perfect.

Jill Bo Bill

I want to love this place but the portions are just too small for what you're given. $40 should feed a family of 4-5, not 2 people. Ice cream tasted really weird like melted marshmallows or oversweatened butter cream frosting.

gwyn root


gigi marie

Yum yum. Had the messy Mac and cheese and brisket meal. Clean, fast, relatively inexpensive, good music playing overhead. You get a ton of sauce choices at the table so we tried all of them!

David Marcotte

Truly great BBQ in a strip mall. Good selection and superior sides

Gunner Rm

Employees seem to be in a world of their own stood at the cash register for a good 5 minutes before anybody would acknowledge us took a long time to get our food after people showed up to order food it seems like their food came a lot quicker than ours just seems like we were second-rate people they weren't worried about helping almost left next time not going to hang around

Kathy Reese

Casual dining, fall off the bone ribs with several sauce options, many different sides. I definitely will be going back for more!

Kathy Mize

We moved to Tucson in January, and it was one of the first restaurants we tried, everyone loved it. We have taken our out of town guest here when we have them and they also love it. Like the sign says, "it's habit forming" indeed. And they have good ice cream too.

Mike Leingang

Great but a bit pricey

Stephen Hall

Five stars because of the great food, proprortionate meal, and I was a guest. The TV's were not too loud, like in many other diners. Their clientele were very kind and seemed to be having a good time. Overall, if I had an opportunity to visit again, I would be pleased to return. Thank you for the great and hospitital service.

Arthur leeth

Just ok !!


The food is pretty solid, but I have to admit the quality has gone down and the price has nearly doubled. Don't get me wrong it's still great but not the amazing experience it once was...

Stephanie Draper

Everything here is amazing, but, this time I got the messy mac and cheese. It is my favorite thing on the menu. It's a little of everything in one dish, mac and cheese, pulled pork, swiss cheese and sweet molasses bbq on a bed of french fries or you can choose Fritos. All of the things mentioned actually have multiple choices, so, you can really customize your plate. If you have room you can get yummy ice cream for dessert.

Mr. Fabián S.

First time there; Decent prime rib...just had too much fat on it. Would have liked them to clean or trim the meat better. Overall pretty delicious!

Keiran Zehmisch

My family and I visited this place for my Father's birthday, and I doubt we could have chosen a better place. Main course meats were cooked perfectly and were excellently seasoned. The sides were also good, but they might have pushed the into the territory of too much food for one meal for a couple of us! That's not a criticism, but it's something to be wary of if you like to eat your sides first. The walls are lined with plenty of interesting decorations, and overall, this place is definitely worth a visit.

Y Pierson

Great food, great flavor, and great service! The girl who helped us at the front and brought us our food was awesome! She was very nice and helpful and I saw her working hard the entire time we were in the restaurant, she deserves a raise! I would definitely recommend this place for some good bbq!


This place makes absolutely outstanding bbq ribs! The service is great and the atmosphere is clean and inviting. It's definitely worth checking out!

Deiana Simmons

Terrible customer service.

Carson Fuls

Best wings and smoked chicken I've ever had!

Dustin Southway

I was very happy with the food here! Great meat and great sides!

Alex Sierrita

Kristal was amazing, super friendly! Absolutely I recommend this place, make sure you ask for Kristal

Robert Martinez

Tasty BBQ and delicious ice creams. Great place to take the kids for a meal.

Kevin Lakes

Hands down the best barbecue in Tucson. Better than the Big Chain stores. Every time I go there the experience is phenomenal. My family loves it and so do my friends. Highly recommend.

Chiquiris0076 Rodriguez

This is one of my favorite restaurants excellent food and the taste is unique.

Alvaro Escobedo

Met with some co-workers over lunch here. We had the family meal with ribs, pulled pork, Mac and cheese, beans. This place was such a good idea. The prickly pear tea is a winner. The food is good, service is fast and friendly, the atmosphere is lively and it smells exactly like you would expect it to in here. They have beer on tap, I'll be sure to be back here when I'm not working and I'll give you a run down on the beer here

Magma Blue

Brushfire BBQ is definitely one of the best BBQ spots in town! The Brisket is fantastic, in taco, sandwich or just as part of a plate. Other meats are good too but the brisket is definitely my favorite. Plus the mac and cheese, fries and sweet potatoes make it hard to choose a side. Wash it down with a Big Red (which they have in the fountain), or one of their teas: my favorite is the cinnamon tea with a little sweet tea mixed in!

Nicole Miller

We ordered food to go. It was gross we paid $77.00 for our family and the meat had a nasty taste to it. We had the ribs and brisket. The mac and cheese was gross and my son who loves corn hates the corn on the cob. When I called they said they would give me a free rack of ribs when i come in again. Wasted $77.00 since no one ate it and I wont even get the free rack because it was gross.

Nikkie T

This place is great!!! You pull up and just smell greatness! The customer service is wonderful, very friendly. Oh the food, the food is one of the best BBQ I've had. I truly recommend!

Trevor James

Went in for lunch, both registers have two employees at them. After looking at the menu for a bit deciding what to eat I walk up closer to the registers. I stand there wondering which one to go up to since neither set of employees even look up to greet me. I chose the second register. After standing right in front of them for a full 30 seconds of them talking to each other (which doesn't sound like much but actually count it or set a timer and tell me that's a ridiculous amount of time to ignore someone) one of the ladies finally says we have two big catering orders on both registers so it's going to be a second. No problem, I wish you would have paused your conversation earlier instead of making me feel like I'm bothering you, but totally cool. I go ahead and sit down at the table directly in front of the counter so they can tell me when they are ready for me. Maybe 5 minutes pass, still nothing. No big deal, I'm hungry but I understand if they are busy. The two employees at the first register have long since left it and went to do various other jobs, maybe they aren't allowed to put orders in or something, I mean why else would you ignore the people right in front of you clearly starving! New customer walks in...... One employee stops what they are doing and takes their order. I walked out, has to be one of the dumbest ways to lose a customer.

Mark Spivack

Always enjoyable. I will say my only complaint would be the sub bread rolls are way too large.

Eric Tilton

Well sometimes you get to find good bbq joints and some fall flat, this one fell flat. Heres the good, the salad was good and the chicken wings had some merit. The place itself was clean and people were courteous. Now let's venture on what wasnt right. I ordered the 2 meat meal, with a water, about $18.50. Thought that was a bit much but hey, if it's got quality and quantity, let'er buck. I ordered the chicken wings and the brisket. Well, as I said the taste of the wings had merit but what I recieved were 2 tiny dummies and 1 tiny wing, did I mention tiny? Local grocery stores have bigger "wings" so a disappointment there for sure but smoke flavor was on point. The second meat I ordered was their brisket. This is the stable I use to really measure how a place is. Well, utter disappointment is an understatement! I think they used one of those ice cream scoops to dish me out a lump. Basically it was all broke to shreds and you would be better off trying to eat it with a spoon. Finally I went with their House Mild BBQ sauce and the only taste you got, was overwhelming loaded with chili powder. Never was there any follow up from wait staff of "how was your meal" or else I would have gladly shared my notes. Always try new places to find that ultimate BBQ but with the tiny wings, poor quality and poor quanity, feel free to skip this one.

jacob sorenson

Compared to other BBQ I have had in the past, this spot comes up short. It’s not bad, but it’s not great. Especially for the price. A tad overpriced for the quality of food.

Dave Frank

Really good bbq. Just needs a little bit more meat in the serving for the $$

Matthew Knatz

Probably the best BBQ joint in Tucson. All of their meat is smoked to perfection. Super tender with the fight amount of smoke flavor coupled with a very good seasoned rub. Sides are decent, but you don't come to a BBQ joint for the coleslaw... Sauces are homemade, tomato based (as opposed to vinegar) and run the gamut from sweet and sticky to spicy and thin. All are pretty good, and they don't put too much on your order initially. I have used them for catering on several occasions with great success and they are a perennial favorite for office lunches. The parking situation is not the best, but the place itself is well marked and easy to see from traffic.

Faith Mosio

Love having brisket tacos and messy fries here. The ice cream is yummy!

Curtis Wrable

We stopped at brushfire to taste test before using them as a caterer for an upcoming event. We were very impressed! I ordered a combo plate of brisket and pork belly with potato salad and baked beans as a side. My finacee ordered pulled pork and sausage with Mac and cheese plus tater tots. FYI this a ton of food without the "hungry" version. All of it was cooked perfectly, and most of it was seasoned even before sauce was added. The brisket was one of the meats that needed sauce but it tasted amazing with any of them. Our highlights we're the pulled pork and the tater tots, tasted fantastic before seasoning and even better after. The Mac and cheese was just okay. Highly recommend Brushfire for any of your BBQ needs!

Kim Hedenberg

Unfortunately, I was really in the mood for good BBQ and didn't find it here. We ordered almost every meat, chicken, ribs & brisket and they were all very dried out. The flavors were great but too dry. Maybe we got an old batch but we were there for an early dinner 5ish on a Monday. The mac & cheese was killer! Creamy and the pasta was cooked perfectly! The atmosphere was amazing and our server was too!

Amber Soergel

Food is amazing! Plan to spend $30-40 for 2 adults and wait at least 10 minutes after ordering. Worth the cost & wait. There is sauce on tables if you want to control the amount yourself. Corn is salted & spiced. Mac & cheese uses shredded cheese, not Velveeta!

Lo Flores

Delicious food, good service. What more could one ask for?

Bruce Rundlett

Always good.

Brent Bauman

Great BBQ could use a little work on the bread but meat is the most important part.

Benjamin Davis

This isnt real bbq. No smoke ring on the meats at all. Overcooked dry brisket. Sides and sauces arent anything special either. Staff is nice atleast!

nate woiwode

Locally owned and delicious BBQ. Really good BBQ is rare in Tucson and I always choose Brushfire. The brisket is on point, the pulled pork, too. They've got a great deal with 6 wings and a Bud pint for 7.50 too. I'm into it. I wanna go for breakfast.

Melody Yopp

This place is amazing ! I’m from the south so good bbq is hard to find here - this place will set your tastebuds on fire !

Alexander Felton

First rate food! Great customer service from friendly staff!

Traver Riggs

Great food. A little spendy, 3.25 for a soda Always delicious bbq. Always busy but they get you taken care of fast.

Dennis McMillan

Good food

Terri Sirota

We ordered food for our company for 13 people. The food barely fed 8 people! When I called down to complain their answer was that they weighed the food for 13 people instead of making it right! That's unfortunate for them because my company caters in alot!

J Esparza

Service was friendly and prompt. Our order was delivered to our tables in about 12 minutes and was hot. Wings were very good and fries were very tasty. Fun atmosphere with plenty of large TV screens with sports. We visited in the afternoon and it was moderately busy.

Klaudia Wynne Kendall

Way better places to get BBQ close by... just search them up.

Joshua McKay

First time here and I was very happy with the bbq; it was delicious! What I was most impressed with was Kristal. Her customer service and friendly demeanor really made this a 5 star experience. Top knotch employee!!

Angelica Mendoza

First time here. Very good! A little crowded.

Jon Lawrence

Best BBQ in town. Love this place.

Mark Turner

this the best BBQ I ever have !!! I love the messy fries is just the best. very nice customer service !!!


I’ve tried many bbq places around town, including various dive joints on the south side and several high end steak houses. My conclusion after years of research it that BrushFire is the best bbq in town by a long shot. The quality of the meat, the manner of cooking, the flavors, and consistency are head and shoulders above any of the other places.

Michael Colon

Best brisket in Tucson, hands down.

Anthony Launey

The brisket was perfectly cooked and there are lots of different choices for bbq sauce.

Brooke Galarza

Great fresh food!

Jonathan Richards

First time visit, food was great! Thank you!

Patty Schietromo

First time there today. Was very good!

Mark Pedersen

Wife and I had 2 meals delivered to our hotel by the airport. We ordered a full rack of ribs and a plate with brisket and hot Italian sausage. We tried 4 sides: vinegar slaw, baked beans, potato salad, and mac&cheese. Also, the meal came with a hoagie bun, cut in half, split and toasted. The ribs were tough and dry. They tasted second rate. The brisket was amazing. Although the portion size was paltry, at best, it melted in my mouth with a fantastic molasses bbq. The Italian sausages were small and ordinary. All 4 sides were a Styrofoam cup the size of a small serving spoon. And the cost was $60. My wife and I were shocked that they had the audacity to charge that much. I will never return, and I hope that all who read this decide to save their money, rather than fund these thieves.

Olivia Ojeda

this restaurant has a promotion type where if you buy 10 meals you get the 11 th one free, well today I went in and bought my 10th meal and was expecting to get my 11 th meal free, but the cashier said I had to come in again another time which would be understandable, if the previous times I had done this they Would’ve told me the same thing. No I always go in for my 10 th meal and the 11th one that same day. never been an issue until today. So I let it go I said fine I’ll still pay and come in next time, I ordered a hungry size and a regular size pork meal Togo, I get home and they have same amount of food. It is a ridiculous price to pay for the hungry size when you get the same amount in the regular. I always say it takes one bad experience to lose a customer, and this is the last time I’ll be going there. Not only was the service bad but the food was not portioned correctly and the Mac and cheese tasted like water. I didn’t take it back because I live a ways from brushfire so I lost $35 today and you lost a customer.

Stacie Smith

Visiting Tucson for UofA Homecoming (and my kids who attend) and was taken here by my kids. Best BBQ I have ever had in Tucson and maybe ever. The "Messy" items are amazing. Kids had fries, mac n cheese and I had potatoe (chicken, pulled pork and Tri tip were ordered for the meat and wow so good). My kids found a gem here in Tucson. The price is right, regular portions are plenty but the Hungry has got to be amazing to share or for that high protein eater. know where I will be coming to eat each time I visit. You made me a huge fan!

Theo Salomon

Fast service and great sandwiches.

john wlaskolich

Very delicious food , a little on the expensive side but all in all well worth what you pay for. Will definitely be returning for more . When life afford me too

Ren Caldwell

I love the messy mac n cheese with brisket! Every bit from the fries to the diced pork belly is amazing!

Marla Hurst

Excellent ribs, more than friendly helpful staff.. good size portions. Will definitely return..

Devonay Bryant

Disappointed I was excited to try this place. Ordered Italian sausage, brisket, shredded chicken and pulled pork. All was below expectations. Sweet potatoes taste like are from a can. Potato salad was warm. Mac n cheese was just noodles with melted cheese. Waste of money.

Anita Glascoe

It smelled Great upon entering the restaurant...... But the young lady at the counter wasn't Friendly at all.... No smile..... I won't spend my money here again.....


Average at best. Slightly expensive for the amount of meat you get. Ordered the Smokey Brisket Meal. Only a hand full of diced brisket (I prefer full sliced brisket) soaked in sauce. I asked the server for moist brisket. She had no idea what I was asking for. Even with all the sauce the brisket was a little dry. The creamy slaw was good and so were the seasoned fries. They have a hint of heat and sweat to them. Parking is very limited at times (in the front). I had to park about 8 business away. On my walk to the restaurant I noticed there was additional parking behind but it's easy to miss the small driveway between the buildings. There is no table waiting. All orders have to be done at the counter. When busy this can be a pain, especially if you want to get another beer. The restaurant was somewhat dirty and had several flys bothering throughout my meal. All in all it was just OK at best. I will have to keep on looking for a good BBQ restaurant in Tucson. Seriously doubt I'll ever be back here.

Bart Pringle

No bad food and fast service.

Shane Stevenson

Food was so average, bread was cold, meat was room temperature. Not worth the money


Wow..good meat. Food is great. Nice people. Place look a little bit old. But the food is the bom

Matthew Stubler

Delicious BBQ! I recommend splitting the family meal to keep the price more reasonable. In typical Arizona fashion the barbecue has a bit of a Mexican/chipotle twist compared to what you'd get in the east. If you eat in there are 6 house sauces to try. This is an order at the desk place. No waitresses. Take out is available. Expect to pay $13-18 for your meal (sans drink) or $40-50 for a 4 person meal depending on your meat choice. They have house red all for $4 a glass as well. A $4 person meal split 3 ways left enough leftovers for a small meal later each.

Rebecca Rountree

We always love their food!

Kelly Straube

New owners and new sports decor but same great food. Dont understand the bbq theme going to sports exactly but I guess it works. There was a bit more fat in the pulled pork. Bummer because I hate having to pick through it before eating. Otherwise great. Took two newbies and they loved it too!

Patricia Blessings

This barbecue joint on Campbell area, is a small hole in the wall. With the best selection of food. The beef ribs are my favorite!

Monica Acedo

Best barbecue

A Stotsky

Beef ribs and vinegar slaw need I say more??

Jenifer Land

Clean location. Service was good & quick. Pork was delicious, no extra sauce needed. Corn on the cob was fabulous. Ribs were just ok & sweet potatoes were bleh.

Stacy Payne

Good food, great beer selection

Matthew Wright

The tacos are bangin

Diana Velazco

We have a very bad experience at the one in 22nd and kolb the cashier was very rude, give us the wrong order and when we told her she got mad and give us a bad actitud... Honestly ruin the whole experience, the food is good but I'm pretty sure that I'm not coming back again this location.

Bretton Hollis Barber

Certainly the best barbecue you're going to find in all of Tucson. It's delicious, don't get your hopes up too much. It's nothing like anything you'd find in the South or on the East Coast, but it's the best Tucson has to offer and it's pretty damn good.

Sam Utzinger

I've been going sense I was a kid and I love and something go for my Birthday

Lorie Brown

Chicken was way over cooked, tough to chew. Was not impressed with the atmosphere either.

Jacqueline Glass

Best Bar B.Q. Ribs ever the corn on the Cobb is also great actually there isn't anything that's not good i highly recommend this place of your a Bar B.Q. lover.

Cruzin520 !

Gotta try the brisket fries!

John Baumberger

Good food, Great service.

Kimberly Branch

Loved the pulled pork, but it took MUCH too long to wait for the food

Jason Weger

Portions are very small for the price. Got the brisket and pork combo and the amount of meat given was seriously what you would cut off to let someone sample at a BBQ, hardly anything at all. I'm not kidding when I say four bites of each meat. Wasn't even enough meat to have a bite with each of the different BBQ sauces they have on the table. Got the Deviled Egg Potato Salad as a side and the first couple bites I though "This stuff is really cold." After a couple more bites a got some potato that was either starting to freeze or in the middle of thawing out. I could feel the crunch of the ice crystals. The Cinnamon Tea was awesome as always. Doubt I'll be back anytime soon, if ever. Definitely not worth the $12.99 per combo for the portions we got. The guy at the table next to us got the nachos, and the amount of food he had looks like a much better value than the meat we order.

Noah Perlite

Every time I'm in Tucson I make sure to grab some grub from brushfire BBQ.

David Lafrance

Love there bbq!

spirit dude

Food is always good. Service is friendly and quick .

James Hollis

Very good food and nice friendly staff

Troy Draper

Great food at reasonable prices...

dawn houghton

Very mediocre bbq. Rib eye steak sandwich mostly bread. Ribeye was tough. Came with wrong bbq sauce. Very dissatisfied.

Angelina Hendrix

Best BBQ place ever.

Jeremy Staats

This place is awesome!! Love the insane variety of flavors of wings. The food is always good and portions are perfect. Never a letter down when we come here. Service and atmosphere are excellent and upbeat, especially for a BBQ place. Lots of things to try here and there is something for most everyone. Will definitely be returning here and making this a go to for wings.

jessica craig

Great food I'll be back many more times

Mary Peterson

The loaded fires (I can't remember the clever name) are spectacular!

Adria Barday

My Fave...

Daniel Poreda

Prices went up, quality went down... I placed a to-go order and it couldn't have been more complicated. The person taking my order messed up and had to start over 3 times. Then, the total didn't match what my menu said it should be. My menu said my total should be $22 + tax and my actually total was almost $29. Apparently they raised the prices about 30%, which my menu doesn't reflect. Finally, to top it off, what use to be full (or overflowing) boxes of French fries were only 1/2 full and the sandwiches were incorrectky made and sloppily thrown together. Pretty disappointed for a place I use to consider as a go-to.

Houston Brown

Bushfire barbeque is the best. I like the ribs without additional sauce. The smoked wings are unique. The brisket is so tender. The burnt ends are fantastic. The fries are good, really good on days when they are not rushed. The corn is good, as are both slaws. Wow. Best anywhere.


Brisket was good. Have never experienced Italian sausage at a BBQ place

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Italian restaurant

Bobo's Restaurant
Bobo's Restaurant
Restaurant - Arizona

Breakfast restaurant

Jalapeño Buck's
Jalapeño Buck's
Restaurant - Arizona

Barbecue restaurant