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1 W Jefferson St, Phoenix, AZ 85003, United States

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REVIEWS OF Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour IN Arizona

Karen Henriksen

Love sitting at the bar here. The drinks are great. The menu is like a novel! Always a feast for the eyes and palate.

Beth Platek

Popular upscale downtown bar. Menu is very creative and fun. Tim Burton could have been a contributing designer as the ambiance is basically extra dark Alice in Wonderland. It's noisy, but fun.

Paula Guptill

The atmosphere is awesome, The drink menu is out of this world and the food was amazing. Actually, their drink menu is laid out like a fairy tale book, totally great. Will definitely be back! The shrimp tacos were delicious and I could not get enough, The fried chicken bites were also one of the favorites. I also ate a bunch of the tempura cauliflower to feel like I was getting some veggies. I would highly recommend checking it out.

Matthew Gleason

Crazy good cocktails. Some are a little out there but cool place to try.

Shelley Shelton

If this bar isnt on your bucket list add it now!! By far one of the most unique and beautiful bars Ive ever stepped inside of! The drinks are amazing but so is the food!! All of the bartenders make Tom Cruise look like an amateur!!! This Alabama girl can not wait to get back to Phoenix ASAP to check out the new menu.. I cant imagine it being any better!!

Anais Sanchez

Bitter & Twisted is a gem! The drinks, food, and staff are all amazing. They have such a wide selection of drinks and they are all beyond delish! I had the Pornstar Martini which our server recommended and I was in heaven. My drink even had a piece of passion fruit in it!! I highly recommend this place but please make a reservation otherwise you won't get in!

Aurelia Smith

Loved it! Timmy is an awesome bartender! Made my friend into a believer for coming back.

Edward Barnett

This place was really cool. I loved the atmosphere and the fish and chips were to die for. The drink menu is very clever and definitely makes me want to go back.


Another bar that has an awesome vibe and the drinks that I got were sooo good. I believe they were the top 2 in the last page of the menu.

Leondra McDowell

The drinks are fantastic! I wanted one alteration on my drink when I ordered it, but they were fine with doing that. The drink menu is huge, and very creative, and laid out in a really fun way. We went on a very busy Friday night, so service wasn't amazing.

Brad Randazzo

Awesome & amazing. No way to be disappointed. Great vibe.

Collette Teodorski

The management team was SO ACCOMMODATING. when I had an ID issue. They took the proper steps to ensure my age and identity was legitimate but did not just turn their backs and simply deny me service. Loved it there in every regard!

Julie Halderman

Have yet to have to anything negative to say about this delightful place. Always on point drinks to that are straight up mouth orgasms. Food is delicious. Had the green chili mac n cheese with bacon last time I was there. It was amazing. Great staff and ambiance.

Kelly Brown

Great cocktail bar in downtown Phoenix.

Mark Thaggard

This place is super cool and amazing cocktails and food. We had apps and cocktails before the ballet and it was really good!

Petrona Zickgraf

Cool place. Large selection of beverages. Try the nachos! Music was a little too loud.

Jennifer Simper

They make some of the best cocktails in town

Jaina Mistry

Fantastic cocktails and an awesome vibe here. The menu is vast, but that just means there's definitely something for whatever your cocktail preference is.

Bobbi M

Prepare yourself for foods you've never tried before. Go there during late happy hour! Drinks are great and so is the food. Portions are small so order up of you're hungry.

Bobby B

Great invenitive drinks!

Luther Martinez

My only question is : Is there a better cocktail in Phoenix?

Phuong Nguyen

Tim, the bartender rocks it. Awesome cocktails, but more than that, great service.

Bill Soroka

What a fun spin on the typical cocktail lounge. The menu looks like a children's fairy tale book of adult libations with colorful and fun illustrations. It's a bit overwhelming, the number of cocktails they have available, but we did our best to try them out. All were delicious!

Gregory Carter

Super awesome spot for fun funky glass fillers! Had an array of drink the other day with friends from out of town had a great time! Staff was attentive and friendly but didn’t loom over waiting for us was very respectful. Highly recommend to anyone look for a cocktail with a bit of whimsy but still fills good on the tongue! Cheers to B&T!!

Kyle C

This place is awesome!! The moment I found out I could have an alcoholic Capri Sun, I was in. A+++

Ryan Balagtas

Some of the best food I’ve ever had. The brisket tacos are to die for. The Mac and cheese and Mac and cheese bites are amazing. The drinks are awesome too.


Food handcrafted Hendricks cocktail are my personal fav. The food is absolutely amazing Korean nachos and brisket tacos are fantastic

Sable Dixon

Insanely fun menu, atmosphere and staff. Plan to spend at least an hour here, if not more, to fully enjoy your experience because you will want to try multiple cocktails and read thru the super creative menu storybook!

Sara Colopy

fantastic drinks, but very expensive. Bouncer not very friendly - treated you like it was a privilege for you to be there. wait staff great

Michael Ion

Generally great cocktails, be adament in the drink you order as waitstaff needs to auto-fill the order, bartenders know their stuff though, extraordinary menu, narrative and atmosphere for the Brooklin Brut / Neo Deco purist. Default tip was set to 20% broadest and most creative menu in the phoenix metro area and therefore the southwest.

Jason Allen

I was just visiting and happen to come upon the bitter and twisted before heading do a d-backs game .Great place ! The drinks were amazing! Food was good . Ambiance was cool . Pretty sure the bar tender Tim is the best bar tender on the planet ! I'll definatley recommend it .

Bella Lopez

Craft cocktails, lively music, great bartenders, and good food. If you want to go to a place that has pros making your drinks this is it. The food has a twist to it, but in very good ways. Drinks and food will definitely satisfy your palate.

D. Kano

A "Fairytale" style bar that serves delicious drinks for reasonable prices (most cocktails are $10-14 range). Great for catching up with friends. Drinks are "fairly" strong, so lightweights be ware! If you are lost as to which cocktail is best for you...flip the menu to the last page--they provide their monthly popular drink ranking. The interior consists of a warehouse-renovated high-ceiling, with graffiti on the walls. Not too much to look at, but we're here to drink and enjoy good company right?

Arvin Ahmadieh

They have a ton of drink options, drinks that you can't get at many other bars. The decor is really nice. But the treatment from the staff was unpleasant. The "bouncer" took his job way too seriously, as if he works for the FBI. Between the ipad in his hand and the earpiece, it took him a while to decide to let us in. There wasn't even a line. Once we were finally seated, the waitress was very stuck up. The arrogant vibe made the entire experience uncomfortable. We couldn't wait to leave. Then she selected a 20% tip on the iPad for me to sign the check and stood there watching for me to sign. Very uncomfortable.

shan jensen

The cocktails aren't cheap, but once you try one you know why.. they are amazing!! We all had something different and each was sensational!! I can't wait to go back and try a couple more! And the atmosphere is really something.. what a beautiful place to visit!

John McKeever

Will never go to this bar again for the sole reason of their door host and supposed manager upfront. I went with a group but dropped them off to find parking so I arrived late by about 5 to 10 minutes. Upon arriving to the door I find a doorman upfront with a manager holding a tablet for what I assume is used to seat guests. The rope that is used to create a line was unopened and upon walking to the front the doorman closed the rope and asked me if I had a table. I informed him that I was with a group who had a table inside and gave the names they would be under before being told there were no tables under that name. This went on for far too long before people from my table came out to get me. The way I was treated up front from the two men mainly the door guy gave me the impression my business was not wanted there, which believe me the feeling is mutual now. I was not given a reason as to why they were being so difficult other than them hinting to me to “take care of them” to let me in. There was no line and a plethora of tables inside the bar. If you want to give the impression your club is busy then there are better ways to do it then try to grease the customers coming into spend money by creating a line outside the club. The inside of the club is very nice and they have a good cocktail selection but a limited beer selection. The food was incredibly average in my opinion but needless to say I will never step foot Inside of this club again because of how I was treated upon attempting to enter.

Tess Weckter

Great experience here, drinks are well mixed and the bartender I had was very versed in alcohol. was a great experience and I loved every minute. As a femme at a bar this(photo) kind of openly posted sign in the bathroom makes this a recommendable date place. A safe place. I did not need to test the staffs willingness to relocate anyone but the posted signs gave me a sense of safety and hope for the bar scene in Phoenix.

Breahna Williams

Overwhelming options that won't leave you unsettled. Fine cocktails & an interesting vibe! My husband & I really enjoyed the top 10 list.

Rebekah Ross

That first cocktail, the Bourbon Butter Cloud, was nice to look at, but not so nice to drink, especially through a straw. It was essentially delicious tasting foam in a glass full of ice. But fear not, all was redeemed with the second drink (their take on a boulevardier and/or old fashioned), and the Buffalo Cauliflower, especially when dipped into the sweet spicy red sauce. I had a hard time letting the other 5 people at the table get near it

Scott Stevens

Fantastic atmosphere and good service. Drinks were high quality, although I was a bit bummed to find there's an extra charge for olives in a martini, like that's not a key ingredient.


Retro. Friendly service. Good craft cocktails. But probably wouldn’t return. Overpriced, and had a club feel for a lounge.

Stefanie Groner

Had a lovely time, enjoyed everything I ate and my funky drink, and didn't feel weird being alone. Was also on a fun date. Make a reservation if there's an event downtown. Try to deconstructed smores too!

Beki Kendrick Katzman

Great cocktails and good food but server was less than stellar ... In fact she could have cared less about us ... And then when paying our tab chose the 20% button for her tip (new type of table side automated payments) ... I elected to just pay with her self selected tip rather than ruin what was a great night starting at the Queen concert by calling her out ... Disappointed and hoping she will have moved on when I go back ...

Tylar McCulloch

Amazing bar! This was the place my parents took me for my 21st and now I take all my friends here. Besides having amazing cocktails, the food is delicious and the atmosphere is incredible. One of the best bars in Phoenix! Also, use OpenTable to skip the line!

William Allen

The food is excellent an to die for. Never waited long, always enjoyed the atmosphere an the people it attracted..

Kalla Paige

I have never had a server be more rude to me than the server I had at Bitter & Twisted. Her name is Mariah. The drinks are okay, the service is terrible. Also my Moscow mule was served in a can??? AND IT WAS MY 30TH BIRTHDAY!!!!

Jordan Synkelma

This place was insanely good! Cocktails were amazing, service was great and the food was spectacular! My family and I all shared 4 different dishes and we loved all of them! The Korean Nachos are A MUST

Lizet Trevizo

Extremely rude staff. I get that it's a sitting bar, but that does not excuse the rudeness. Tab splitting is not allowed and we weren't notified of this until we asked for the tab. The drinks are overpriced and were terrible. Extremely sour to the point of undrinkable. Our friend volunteered to pay the tab and we just gave him cash for our meals. The part of bother was that the server did not want to take his American Express card saying "it was too heavy and would crash the system." I never knew the physical weight of a credit card could cause I.T. issues... Definitely not a happy place. I will not go there again. There is no way to socialize there, and there are all these rules for a place that is supposed to be for food, drinks, music and socializing.

Lesley Telford

The cocktails were fun. The tables in the back room are weird and low and I coudln't get my legs underneath them.

Mark Contento

Very rude. Made us wait over a half hour and then refused to serve us when we reported back to the door man. We never got in and will never go back.

Kris M. G.

Cocktails and Bartenders exceptional, I-Pod Door Greeting is arrogant and off putting.

April Koosh

Had the privilege of find this jewel. Amazing drinks, great menu, and fabulous mixologists!! Would give it 10 stars if possible.

Anthony Imming

Great atmosphere, interesting and massive drink menu. Food was good.

Maria Russell

This place is amazing! I’ve heard it hyped up for years but never made it over to check it out. My friends and I ended up here after a night out downtown and we have been raving about it since. We all wanted to order the fried Mac n cheese but they were out so we ordered the grilled cheeses instead. So yum. But THEN our waitress came back and said they had them again and she got us 3 free orders for the wait! I think everyone at the table (like 12 of us) all got different drinks, and they were all amazing. The service was great and it definitely lived up to all the hype. I’m going back ASAP

Nemo Farr

I was so excited to see this bar for the first time and sadly disappointed by the service. My date didnt like her cocktail after one sip but the server wouldn't take it back or bring the manager over as requested. We were made to pay for an untouched, drink and were largely ignored the rest of the night. The hostess also said they would validate parking and that turned out to be false. The evening didnt have to go like that. The bar is a beautiful scene, yet I dont plan to go back :(

Sally Ouyang

LOVE THIS PLACE! The atmosphere is amazing. They have a very fun and extensive drink menu! They have happy hours daily and we got their chicken and waffle app and it was delicious! Definitely plan on coming back!

Kevin Murphy

Tldr I’d recommend checking out other places in downtown Phoenix. Super weird/rude vibe from most all the staff. Drinks were very ok but -definitely- not worth the price. The guys at the front should act like they’re in the service industry. The whole macho shtick (Eg ear pieces, steroids, etc) didn’t really bother me until they began acting tough to a group behind us which was pretty bizarre and off putting. The place has a strange seating situation where no one can be standing which I guess is due to fire code. Seems like whoever owns the bar got the exact amount of seats for their fire code cap which was a really poor decision. People stand at bars, and it’s a bar, so staff shouldn’t get upset if/when people want to stand. I honesty felt like I was being pranked when we were told we couldn’t stand at the bar even if we had seats. We were there for well over an hour and saw our waitress three times.. once when we sat down, once when we got drinks, once when we got our check. She seemed to be the single waitress for the entire place so I don’t blame her for being incredibly absent. Management should hire more staff so they can provide better service (which id expect from a place that charges NYC prices). Disappointing experience overall. Hopefully they can figure it out soon.

Kimmi Lowder

The beef tacos were great and the Pina Colada's perfect

Anthony Kern

Good service, great cocktails, delicious snacks

David Phillips

Incredible cocktails and a massive variety too. You can't go wrong with their classic Long Island Tea variant though. Also incredibly nice staff!

Alissa Roegge

Wonderful drinks and great food as well. A must visit when visiting downtown Phoenix!

Michael Vena

Unfortunately, this is yet another place that wants to be an exclusive “invite only” venue on New Years Eve. We arrived because they are listed on the Tourism Phoenix website as a place to visit on a NYE bar crawl. We were turned away by the bouncer only 10 minutes after they opened at 8pm. There was no info about any special events on their website. Why not live up to your “first come first served” policy on your website? Or else make sure you post info so folks don’t waste their time trying to visit if you are going to turn them away?

Garrett Mehlberg

Amazing place, a but pricey but worth every penny. Try the Korean Nachos you will thank me.

danielle mihelich

On Tuesday night seven of my coworkers walked in to grab a cocktail. The hostess just seemed overwhelmed when we told her that we had 10 more behind us. We weren’t planning to eat. We didn’t even want to sit together, when we looked inside it was pretty empty. Maybe four people at the bar. The bartenders weren’t busy. They could have made a lot of money off of our party. She didn’t even make the effort to check with the manager or try to accommodate us. So all of us walked out. I’m sure those bartenders would like to know that they could have made a lot more that night with a bunch of good tippers walking in. Just a thought maybe coach your host staff on how to be more accommodating. especially when there really wasn’t a need for her to get overwhelmed, the staff look like they totally could have accommodated us.

Vikki Johnson

This was my first time visiting this place. The presentation of the drinks were on point, and the ambiance is nice. The bartenders weren't as friendly as other places in Phoenix, but they weren't rude. I definitely want to go back to try other drinks. The drink menu is a little overwhelming as it is incredibly extensive. This is a unique place if you're looking for something a little different.

Christen Lorincz

We went to B&T for our anniversary because of high reccomendations. The place was very clean, but we sat in the private dining room which was very awkward. The tables were too low for the seats to be comfortable, and it was just the two of us in a whole room for a while with everyone else in the restaurant in the main room. It very well may have been timing, but it was a bit "exile-ish". I ordered the weekly drink special "Rumming on Empty" which was very good. For dinner i had the Dumpling Burger, which, while very delicious with the sauces, was $14 by itself, no sides. I did not find it to be spectacular enough to be worth that much. We also ordered the Ho Lee Fuk Noodles which were delicious, and very well worth the price. I would order them again, hands down. My significant other ordered the Chish and Fips, which was just three pieces of fried fish and a dozen potato wedges. $17? Go to a pub if you want fish and chips... Their drink specials are well priced, but their drink menu is pricey, however the drink menu is whimsical and very extensive. If you're ok with spending a little more money on a date, I would say give this place a try. However if you're looking for food worth its value, look the other way. And definitely sit in the bar area if given the opportunity.

Robert Hitchcock

Used to love this place when it first opened. Now just paid $26 for 2 drinks I watched get 1/2 oz. Of booze. All simple syrup and lime juice. They killed what made them good. Didn't take a sip of the drink Edit: I sent you an email. I'm not looking for anything recompense, just sharing our poor experience.

Sarah K

Cocktails and service was amazing! Cocktails seem pricey, but for the taste and quality it was appropriate! The food was okay. The drinks are what makes this place!

Ben Webb

Extensive and entertaining cocktail menu with good food, especially late night

Rick Rios

Delicious and amazing cocktails properly done. Not the overly strong, thoughtless mixed drinks you might find at a lesser establishment. Huge drink menu and the food is always top notch. Big fan of the Dragon Dumpling Burger. It's like huge, meaty Chinese style dumpling in flavor but in burger form.

Louis Nigg

Outstanding takes on drinks I tried - great staff - hope to stop back after dinner. Definitely a do over!


Love their mixed drinks! Food was good but I'd say the drinks are the strongest selling point. They have so many varieties and the four I tasted were phenomenal. Atmosphere is inviting and servers are welcoming.

Willie Castillo

The service is so good and very knowledgeable

Kellin Baldenegro

pretty cool place. Cool cocktails. Great place for a drink with a date.

Eric F.

Amazing cocktails and food!! Front door area is a little unorganized.

Lauren Schwartz

This place is so cool! The most extensive cocktail menu I’ve ever seen—so creative and unique. My drink was out of this workd

Jill Nguyen

The food and drinks are awesome. The people out front arent very nice but worth it to go despite them.

Jonny Five

Literally they have award winning mixologists. This was one of the best cocktail bars I have been to.

Stoney Schaffer

Great drinks and great atmosphere! Their themed menu is a fun way to order drinks and even find new cocktails. I haven’t really eaten the food, other than the popcorn, which was pretty amazing. Strongly suggest giving it a try.

Courtney Fitzke

Horrible experience. Not only did we have hair in our food when we finally got it, but they turned half of our group away and the manager stated "is everyone having a good time tonight? Us:yes. Her:good we are going to keep it that way and only you you and you can come in." There was no one inside to start with but they turned half of our group away.

HR Hamada

Inventive cuisine and inventive cocktails with fun inventive names. Bar staff has loads of personality! Creative food by a great chef and an excellent team. Amazingly beautiful interior. And be sure to also check out Little Rituals nearby

Ashwin Gupta

A massive selection of drinks, ask for help if you need it. The happy hour selection for food is great. Definitely will go again to try some more cocktails

Avery Clark

It's super fun place to hang out after work. Tons of drinks to choose from.

Shannon McKinnon

Love the craft cocktails and experience of Bitter & Twisted! Their one of a kind drinks are incredible and definitely worth the price and wait.

Richard Kwasneski

Great bar, large drink menu! Kind of a throwback to the days if fun and professional bartenders. The waitstaff is attentive and the food is good as well. Solid A.

Silas Potter

Very cool atmosphere and a nice staff. However, for a cocktail lounge, these were some of the weakest pours I’ve ever had from any bar. $10-15 for most of the cocktails and it was practically juice; quite disappointing.

Elite Poker Runs

Very cool place with some creative cocktails. I would love to come back for dinner and when it is busy. It seems like the place would be a great time. Hopefully next time we are in town for the weekend. Some reviews said the drink prices were high but I did not find them to be high for any downtown city. The bartender was great.

Kate Dixon

Incredible selection of cocktails that will take your pallet on an adventure. This place is aesthetically unique and fits a diverse crowd.

Jimmy Durden

Update 07/29/19: I took a friend here Friday night. We got stopped at the door and were told there was a wait, but probably only about 10 minutes. I live downtown, and we had walked there, and it was hot as hell. I asked if we could wait inside, and was told "there's nowhere to wait". I have been many times before, and I knew that wasn't true, as there is a couch right inside the door. I figured maybe it was occupied, so I didn't question it, just gave my number so I could get a text. We walked across the street to get some water. Received a text about 10 minutes later and returned. When we walked inside, there were at least 5 unoccupied tables right in front of us and at least 8 seats at the bar. We got seated in the corner at a table, and I asked if we could sit at the bar. The hostess said, "let me check". She was gone for a minute, then returned and said we could sit at the bar. We did, and when we sat down, I saw the couch inside the door was unoccupied. As we sat at the bar, I watched the same thing happen to other people outside the door. I get that the marketing for the bar is a hip vibe and they want to seem exclusive, but give us a break, we can tell when we get inside you aren't busy, why would you turn away customer you have space for? That's a terrible business model, how many people just say "OK" and go somewhere else? Dumb. Super dumb. ------- Hip place to hang out with a cool atmosphere, great food, and a HUGE drink menu of drinks you won’t find anywhere else. For many of my friends, this is their favorite place ever.


Great place, horrible staff. There’s a bunch of ways to say your place’s rules, you only need talent. This place lacks a bunch.

Bonnie Fillmore

Great cocktails - worth the price and the occasional wait!

Vince Terrazas

This is one of my favorite places in Arizona to drink and recently to eat. The cocktails here are amazing and the bartenders are professionals in what they are doing. They can create drinks for you and you can easily find something on the menu to fit your need. The food here is also amazing especially the noodles and fish and chips. If you sit on the bar makes sure you talk to keefer.

Jake Orgyen

One of the best spots for a good drink

Greg Galluzzi

We had a very nice cocktail hour here hosted by my company. The drinks were strong and the food was excellent.

Gabriela Rodriguez

I typically like this place but had a terrible waitress this past Saturday. She was rude and ignored our table I had to go get cashed out by a bartender.

Ryan Sweet

Very cool drinks! Came here on a visit to Phoenix...its straight out of a fairy tale. The ambiance is great and the specialty coctail selection is very unique!

Hyla Stanton

Great service and drinks.

Richard Charles

Great venue for a private event.


It's like going to cocktail heaven! Basically any kind of cocktail you can imagine and then some! The Korean nachos were an interesting twist on the original too.

Matthew Bernier

Favorite cocktail bar around.

Sean Kettenhoven

A lot more relaxed than I expected. Don't be self conscious about being new to ordering cocktails the servers were very helpful and inviting to help you try new drinks. Had a really great time.

Mike Roberts

Awesome shrimp tacos, fast service and great cocktails.

Lionel Thundercloud Gomez

100% recommend, very good selection of unique cocktails at reasonable prices. High ceilings and dark yet merry atmosphere. They take great care in the making of their everything. We had the Pornstar Martini and L.I.T. Up which is worth the price just to watch how they make it. First time here and will be back!

Jordan Pangelinan

Dumpling burger and “coq and balz” (chicken and waffles) were great, as was the popcorn-paired cocktail

Megan McBride

I loved this place! 3 it off the 4 stinks I had were delicious. The one I didn't like was mainly just not my fancy. Loved the menu, and atmosphere

tyler coppage

Excellent wait staff, provided my drink preferences and she always came back with a different drink and I enjoyed each one very much!

Nicholas Erickson

Seldom does a week go by in which we aren’t drawn to this place. A remarkable cocktail program, extraordinary service, and creative and tasty eats (even late night) keep us coming back time and time again. It’s a busy place with painstakingly crafted cocktails and you have to be seated - even at the bar. But it’s very well managed; they definitely have the process down. It’s one of our favorite places to be, bar none (no pun intended

Kevin Delvalle

I have lost count of how many times I've been to this place and every time I've been inpressed. They hace an over-the-top cocktail menu that is creatively laid out. The waitresses are always eager to help you make a decision of you find their menu to be too overwhelming. The wait to get in can be long, especially on the weekends, but it's worth it. What I love is how each cocktail is unique and has interesting ingredients, for example fresh passion fruit, sage leaves, and chili oil. Plus, every 6 months or maybe it's every year, they redesign their menu to have a different theme. I look forward to see what they do next.

Evan Steinberg

This establishment should be known as racist, homophobic, and misogynistic. The bouncer at the door made some under the breath racist, homophobic comment as we were walking away, then proceeded to let everyone else in the door despite waiting for an hour. It wasn't until he was asked about the wait and we talked to the manager when we found out their true nature and they told us people like us weren't allowed in their establishment. Stay away from this uninclusive, discriminatory establishment. A place like this does not belong anywhere in America.

Chely Melo

Amazing Service! I will totally return.

Dan Morris

Very good cocktails and atmosphere. Server was timely and courteous.

mike harbinson

Great place service excellent

Free Samples

This place was recommended to us to visit before a concert. The atmosphere is awesome, the drink menu is out of this world and the food was amazing. Literally their drink menu is laid out like a fairy tale book, totally cool. Will definitely be back!

Lynn Buss

Great bar. Tim is an awesome bartender. Highly recommended

Amber Remillard

Fun, packed with interesting people and beverages. The drink menu is intimidating but the bartenders are great at helping you navigate to something that fits your style. Prices are reasonable for the artistry involved. We didn't eat here but a few folks around us did and seemed quite happy with what they got. Also I have to give extra love to any place that has a little rescue card in the restroom. Nice work guys!

Erin Lightheart

Ok, so this place is straight up fun. I had a blast just using (yes using, not just reading) the menu, in all it's color-coded, categorized wonder: they sell copies of it and I undersrand why. The bartenders know their stuff, and the drinks are amazingly prepared with high quality ingredients (including fresh squeezed juices). Top notch cocktail bar.

Sunshine Ellis

Great atmosphere and an amazing variety of cocktails! I also love the decor. Will be back soon!


Pirouz in the bar is amazing, huge cocktail menu, don't get intimidated, the staff is helpful and knowledgeable.

Keisha love

I loved the drinks but the food was either too hard to eat, or oddly plated. Interesting fusions but the flavor wasn't what I was hoping. Definitely needs a little more umami

Katie Mehin

I need to come back here so I can work my way thru the menu!! There are so many drink options and the menu is so beautifully put together. I appreciated that our server pointed us straight to the back of the menu where the top drinks are listed. This helped narrow down the selection. The seating was great for groups, lots of areas that seated groups of 6 or more.

Jonathon Harley

Wow, what a selection and top notch mixology.

Alex Sorrell

What more can I say than B&T has probably the best cocktails in the city. Combine the amazing drinks with the hurricane popcorn and you have my version of heaven.

David Higgins

Eclectic joint. Tons of drink derivations to choose from. Staff is hit or miss and menus were in short supply? Definitely worth a second go before a solid yes or no (1/2 or 4/5 star) i love the decorum though and the general vibe...i so want this place to be great..i will try it agai

Nicolas Schoenfeld

Great cocktails, awesome happy hour!!! Great meat and cheese plate, can't wait to come back and work though the drink menu!!! Awesome service!!!

Jeanine Divis

The drink menu is overwhelming, although the drinks themselves are top notch. The food is great. My biggest issue with this place, and why I gave it such a low rating, is that they have a ridiculously overbearing seating situation starting at 6pm (at keast on the weekends). If you arrive after it starts, expect to wait, even if the place is half empty. And definitely don't expect to be allowed in to find your party. It's forbidden.

Edward Beaulieu

Great experience, atmosphere and the bartenders were fantastic. Highly recommend this place.

Kay Udjuni

Drinks are pretty tasty. Cool spot to grab a few drinks with friends.

Thamous 1

I can't say enough nice things about this place. My friends brought me here because I am very picky about my beverages. They told me to trust the servers and just describe what I like in a drink and what I don't like, and they would have recommendations. I did and she was SPOT on. I had 2 drinks, can't remember the full or correct names. One was fruitlover? And the other was the Solero? Anyway, delicious. Also, had the hurricane popcorn. Nice with a little spice and the Korean nachos that were

Michael Owen

Great drink menu. Huge. Good food.

Nadien M

This place is lots of fun! Amazing servers! Omg those cocktails though

Jake H.

By far the best cocktail bar in Metro Phoenix. No one else comes close to the quantity (around 80 cocktails on the menu) or quality of the drinks that the bartenders produce at this Prohibition era building. Along with their outstanding drinks, they also bost an incredible Asian inspired cuisine menu.

Raissa Harrell

I love there menu! So creative!

Torrence Sullivan

Decent drink. Staff wasn't friendly or enthusiastic. Bar was nearly empty, but the several bartenders seemed pretty focused on polishing empty glasses instead of making drinks or talking to customers. Had potential, given better training or hiring.

Stephanie Thompson

Had a great time! The drink menu is incredible! Definitely worth the wait!

Robynn Turley

Fun place for Happy Hour. Huge selection of fun drinks to choose from.

Anonymous City

Oh man! This place is awesome Surpassed my expectations. Excellent selection of drinks and food is superve. Will definetely come back. Service was great. This was my favorite drink you see on the picture.

J Norville

Great Mezcal drinks and helpful staff!

Hexane Smith

Very heavy on the AYCH tax (Attractive Young Caucasian Hipster Tax). Very "see and be seen". Velvet ropes for gd'sake. Recommended for Instagram influencers with too much money.

Martin Beyer

Drinks were incredible and enjoyed by all.

Susan Graefe

Great cocktails, they have a lot of really fun drinks to try and the atmosphere is really fun and retro.

Scott Foust

This is an amazing place with unique and exteamly well crafted drinks off a really fun menu (not kidding the menu is a well illusted twisted fairy tail). Oh, and the food was way above your average bar food (it would totally stand on it's own). Do yourself a favor, check this place out.

andisa tontowi

Cute but very expensive. The food was good too.

William Townsend

Great Cocktail bar, great Wait staff and Bartenders. Very cool vibe. Fun place to spend an evening.

Nick T

The cocktails were good, but for a cocktail bar, the vibe did not make sense. It looks like a chain restaurant, has the music of a dance club, and the menu is super complicated.

Megan Krot

This place is awesome! We went for my birthday & the cocktail menu was EXTREME. It’s a little difficult to read in the dim lighting & my friend started to get overwhelmed trying to find the right drink & our server Nara (spellings?) was AMAZING. She was so knowledgeable on all the drinks & asked us lots of questions on what kind of drinks we liked & ALL of her suggestions were perfect. We even tried our other friends drinks & they were all delicious. I’m definitely coming back here.

Suzi Rickerson

2nd visit and just as impressed as last time! Great cocktails and service combined with eclectic food pairings, you can't go wrong here!

Linda Tilton

Perfect place with the perfect name for my friend and I to share some drinks and some commiserating

Angie Collins

Best drinks in town and a FUN atmosphere and menu

Griffin Wiebel

Creative, tasty cocktails that warrants several visits and plenty of fun nights with friends. All 8 drinks we had were great, except the old-fashioned, and the presentations were outstanding. The menu is my favorite menu from any restaurant, so creative and helpful. Servers were friendly and the atmosphere was lively. Expect a wait here every night.

Elizabeth Wilcox

An excellent cocktail bar experience, with equally excellent food. Do expect to pay a premium price for your visit, though. Two entrees and three cocktails set me back about $90 with tip, to give you an idea. The vast cocktail menu can be intimidating, but it's also rather adorable (and can be purchased as a keepsake for $20 if such strikes your fancy). You can also stick with ordering classic cocktails if you're feeling less adventurous. The food is Asian fusion and is really amazing. I highly recommend the dumpling burger, but it's really hard to go wrong with what you pick. Overall, to compare it with another favorite cocktail bar with similar pricing: Bitter and Twisted has a more extensive cocktail menu, but I'd place the overall inventiveness and presentation of the cocktails at The Brickyard above them. On the other hand, although food at The Brickyard is great, I'd say Bitter and Twisted wins out on this front.

Kalyn Dowdle

Sweet experience! Super fun drinks, food, and atmosphere! Just too expensive.

Michelle Sensat

Insane drinks!! Very unique place.

Jason Baca

Food and drinks were amazing, great place!

Don Stout

Great place to hang out, have a burger, a beer, a rib roast of beef, or some fish. Very comfortable environment. The onion rings are a specialty.

Edward Coveyduck

Best cocktails in Phoenix! The queue can be long during busy times but it's well worth the wait. Great atmosphere, upmarket looking place to meet most moods and settings.

Carissa Secchiari

So many cool and unique cocktails and nice bartenders that can hold a conversation. Loved the older music playlist as well. 10/10 would recommend.

Lea DeVore

Great music, drinks, and food. Staff were so friendly and fast. Love this place!

Ashton Thomas

Great place to go grab a drink with friends. Highly recommend. Huge selection on their cocktail list.. A must go for drinks downtown

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