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12440 N Tatum Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85032, United States Located in: Paradise Valley Mall

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REVIEWS OF Arby's IN Arizona

Lynne MacVean

I love their Reuben sandwich and also the beef and cheddar. Both are high in protein. Their onion rings are the best, thick with huge pieces of onion. My family also likes their shakes, turnovers, and chicken tenders. I have enjoyed chocolate croissants, Oreo bites, and fried zucchini there, but they don't have those all the time.

Chrissy Conceicao

diego rosas

Staff and food are great. Its also one of the cleanest restaurant i have been.

Lacy Kruger

Baja Brake

I went with 6 people. Three kuds. We dined in, if u will. Service was great, food was fast and hot. It hadnt been sitting around forever. Great fast food option beyond burgers.

Salvador Sullivan

Update the hours please, it was closed at 1115 when i rolled past it. Hours say midnight.

Barbara Kelso

Fast service and delicious food

Jennifer Hejl

Very friendly staff and clean place. Juan was wonderful!

Virginia Stevenson

Great place

Jeanie Buttgereit

Good roast beef sandwich and very good counter staff.

Kenaih Caballero

(Translated by Google) I loved more the pecan chicken salads sandwich very good service and personal fast and friendly (Original) Me encantó mas el sándwich pecan chicken salads atención muy buena y personal rápido y amables


love their helopena poppers hee hee

Evelyn salsa Aguirre

(Translated by Google) The summer sandwich is excellent. (Original) El sándwich de verano es excelente.

Mel Cantrell

Nice. Very fat (large and filling) double beef & cheese. It only took one to fill me up. Very tinder beef and a nice and sloppy arby's sauce and cheese. Yes, I love sloppy sandwiches.

Mary Williams

Usually it is awesome! Tonight it was mediocre.

Jessica Hermez


Carmel Hood

Cliff Bonardi

Great service and nice people!

Christi Hughes

Derek Gens

Lisa Cabello

Nice place excellent care

Deandre Chism

Mike Hamblen

Good curly fries. Not greasy.

cool girl783

No gluten free options

Deb Keene

Love their sandwiches

Renee Bogman

Good rb sandwich

Chuck schwartz

This is a quiet location and the facilities are clean. The staff here are very friendly and helpful. Sometimes they will bring your food out to you if you are eating in the dining room. The bathrooms could use some updating, but again clean. They do place Christmas music a bit early, but it is not overly loud. This is a great example of a business run correctly, with the exception of team members taking breaks in groups in the dining room and being a bit loud. I come here regularly and like the enviroment.

MaryKay Gaines

Really great people. The loaded Italian sandwich delicious!

Margaret Cink

Lea Lewis

Liz Rankin

Very clean, very friendly and it was great.

Douglas Hill

It's conveniently located in Paradise Valley Mall on the outer circle road around the mall parking lot on the Tatum side. It's never too busy. It's never a long wait. The staff is always professional and friendly. I've always liked the quality of food at Arby's and it still is doin it for me, especially the chicken strips and and the number of potato cakes that you get with the large order (I think it's five) for less than a dollar more than the order of two. But I gotta watch my waistline.

Tanisha Canneady

Brian Bennett

Jonathan Dellmar

Run of the mill Arby's. The food was fresh and tasted good. But, you can tell that Arby's is a niche fast food restaurant and that this location is on the east end of a dying mall. The interior is corporate Southwest dated, which is tolerable as I don't think anybody goes to fast food for the decor. However, the restroom is on the bottom edge of the "tolerable" range and is in danger of slipping right over to "middle of nowhere truckstop" territory. Redolent of stale urine and poorly repaired for the least possible cost and effort, you can tell that this location is running on fumes of a glorious yester year. This would have been a four star review, but the dismal state of the lavatory consigns this location to a lower score than the balance of the restaurant deserves.

grant hubbard

Audrea Perry

Johnny Montoya

Jaime Ruiz

We order pretty standard fare French Dips an d Basic arbys samdwich they were fantastic

Anthony Maiden

We love Arby's!!!

magda garcia

Swoopsy 547

The food was delicious

Coco Sbarboro

Hot food,great service!!!

Dwayne Larramore

Love the sandwiches

luisss l

Loved it

Bah Bailey

Erin Barnes

Mike Kramer

Really good food and service

Sheila Nolen

Keith Pond

Very upbeat staff.

Shantel Ryan

Greg Duclos

Great people

Erik Rempel

spencer baillie

Theresa Ballinger Krieg Pokemon

Casey Evans

Nice food

Jared Vititoe

Jason Cortright

Meli Owen

Great shakes and staff pricey for what you get

raymond wilson

Victor Atchison

I asked for easy Mayo and lettuce but got extra

Melany Kneale

Tasty food. Costs a lot without coupons. Then we indulge!

Joe Brown

Small amount of meat on sandwiches. Very good tasting.

David Wilson

Only lettuce on salads anymore. WTF!

Michael Courter


Adam Williams

Really good quality meat, perfect bread and incredible milkshakes

Karen Hausteen

This location is so clean and welcoming. The seating area has clean carpet, attractive tables and decor. Oh, and the new sliders are good too! Not crazy about the onion rings, but it is the usual Arby's menu, served in a nice store!

Magik Mike

Food is always good but I found a nice cockroach in the bathroom.


This Arby's was a better experience than others I've been to, they made sure there was no bacon in my food. Other one's put bacon in it, even after a conversation about no bacon in my food for about 2 or 3 min. However this one was very careful not to put it in my food, they even checked to make sure. I would go back to this one.

Sean McReynolds

Allen Labayen

J Wild

Best food at the location

Dave Wolnik

Brandon Humbert

Jim Jones

Havent been to Arby's is years. Delicious sandwhich bacon burger

Tim Tesnow

Teresa golston

Heather M

Charles Joenz

Very nice staff and great food.

Jennie Hinson

Good food, decent prices, takes coupons!

Levi Robertson

It's arbys

victoria baker

Stephen Suchy

Starz Hewitt

Great food great service! :)

Mago B.

The Silders are extremely good! I ordered two Buffalo Chicken Sliders and two regular Chicken Sliders. The quality and freshness, in my opinion, is unmatched in the world of Chicken Sliders! Thank you Arby's! Your sliders are life changers!

Andor Villatoro

Three words: Smoked Meat Sandwiches.

Susan WagnerFiles

Brian Hill

Their food is good it's just too expensive

Michelle James


Matthew Norton

Mmmmmmmmm they got the beef yo, not lik I slang the beef but food wise yea

Joshua Hannah


Quick Drive thru and good, fresh food.

Warren Winstom

grate French dip

Leann Dixon

Anthony Moon

Michael Trippanera

Frank Saputo

Im always down for some Arby sauce.

Joey Munoz

Cynthia N

Pablo Mendoza KI7DBV

Always a great experience! The food is always been steaming hot when it needs to be hot and chill when it's supposed to be cold. I recommend the French Dip, and the turkey carver sandwich, and a turnover for dessert.

Shaun Perryman

Derrick Bryant


Fast friendly service with a smile

Nella Pizzi Harris

Good location.


Fast and good food

David L.

The staff is always friendly. They will on occasion bring my order to the table and remove the tray before I leave. It's not something I'd expect at a fast food establishment. I've also never had any problem with incorrect order or quality.

Tasha Ellifritz

I love the food and so does my family! The problem is the two times I've went through drive thru they forget something in my order. Normally I don't complain but a meal for my family of 4 is around $40. So when I don't get all the food I paid for it gets irritating! So because of this I won't be going back!

Chrystal Sullivan

Susan Cain

Jim Geissmann

Good food


Angel Larena

Terry Kurtzer

When it comes to fast food Nothing beats Arbies

celeste boucek

Howard Gerber

Fast service, good food

America Waterproofing

Raquel Barber

The employees gave superb service! The food was excellent! Place was very clean.

Geanette Garcia

Clean Restaurant. Courtesy worker. She bought our food to the table. Food was Fresh & Hot. I enjoy eating the Mozzarella Sticks.

Eric Klein

Arnel Neeley

The food is great and the staff are friendly, always clean. We eat here often.

Francis Zanzucchi

Great food and service. Ordered off of the new Hawaiian menu

Shaunte Allen


Dank Dex

Establishment is clean and nice, although their sandwiches are very meaty, boring and have lack of variety/flavor.


Great service very friendly

Francisco Leon

Randy Moe

Freezing cold inside

Hypnotic Network

Good food

Tay Usalis

New look, new menu. If you haven't visited lately it's worth another look!

Jareth Herndon

Erik Schmitz

Savannah Kumpfmiller


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C Red Johnson

Linda Rouse

Very good time n food with my sister

Laura Bonardi

Ulysses Williams

Desiree Cultivar

Peggy Jones

Good food, and if u forget your coupon, they will provide 1 four u

Tim Moore


Darlene Dillon

Pretty good food. The ruben wasn't toasted

Mira Smeirat

I had a very good salad. We loved the cowgirl water color prints on the wall.

Craig Gibson

Wish the ajue was hotter

Brian Reese

Adriel Ohmstedt

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