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REVIEWS OF American Eat Company IN Arizona

Michael Frank

A little hard to find but so worth it. A fantastic collection of 2 bars, an ice cream joint, a coffee bar and 5 restaurants offer as much selection as any group could possibly want. My son got pizza and I got Greek. We also got some coffee and ice cream. Everything was great. The atmosphere was casual and everyone was having a great time.

Andrew Jacob Sorensen

Place is amazing but the woman who worked as the bartender on this day and this time, dressed in yellow did not wash her hands when leaving the bathroom. I saw her exit the restroom glance at the line to wash her hands, skip it and walk back to the bar. I am currently watching her fill up drinks and laugh with customers. Absolutely disgusting.

Helena Caldwell

Such a great friendly place with yummy food. A place that brings all kinds of people together. Had a great time and will return.

AandJ inTucsonAzUSA

It's an awesome place to enjoy delicious food from a diverse selection of mini cafes. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly. The environment is clean and attractive indoors and their outdoor patio. We love going there.

Alexandra Armstrong

This is such a fun concept, with options for everyone from coffee to beer to ice cream to gyros. Pretty much guaranteed to please a mixed group. Good atmosphere. So nice I went back the next day with another group. Even when quite busy there was parking not too far away, and we were still able to find seats.

Roxanne Martinez

First time visiting. So many options and I wanted it all

Christopher Miller

Fantastic unknown eatery in Tucson

Sterling Nattrass

There's a plethora of choices and they're all delicious! My wife and I split a gyro platter from the Greek counter. Lots of meat and salad, only 4 pita points though, still plenty for 2 unless you're REALLY hungry. Still want more afterwards? Have some ice cream for dessert, made here and constantly changing. My favorite flavor for today was "Unicorn Swirl" yummy! Greek, Sliders, Poke, Pizza, Street style Mexican, BBQ plus a bar and the coffee/ice cream shop all in one cozy place. Don't forget to visit the butcher case!

Raquel Vargas

Cool place with a variety of food choices. We tried Opa & the gyros were great! Large portions & great atmosphere. Will definitely go back to try something else.

Mark Holgate

Similar concept as "The Yard" in Phoenix. Several different restaurants bundled together with a common eating area, basically an upscale food court. It's pretty expensive for what it is, but it's a fun experience and most of the food is pretty good.

Malachi Eldridge

My new favorite. And everyone i know who go there love it. For those indecisive nights this is an easy pick. Best part is the vibe. Also sarurdays there is a magician!

Leondra McDowell

This place is really great! I've tried just about every one of the restaurants, and the food has been delicious, I especially like Opa, and their gyro platter. This place is perfect for groups who can't agree on what to eat.

Alexis Favis

After visiting these styles of markets often in California I was really happy to see one open in Tucson. They have done a nice job with the space and the variety is great. Definitely check out Avenue, for great crispy tacos and Upper Crust for a nice slice (they seem a bit pricey, but the slices are huge!) They also have a bar serving up regional and local beers. Seems to stay busy, even on weeknights. There's something for all tastes here.

A Jimenez

Very nice place to pick up or sit down to eat. They have several choice businesses to choose from. Plenty of seating.

Bill Foraker

a very cool place for a variety of good food! Check out their web site and you'll see you can order Chicano, Hawaiian, Pizza, Greek, Ribs and Chicken, great maxi sliders, great sweet potato fries, and have beer or wine with your meal.

Chaz Humphrey

What a wonderful surprise! Extremely well planned out for every pallet to experience. Spacious surrounds. We had a BIRTHDAY celebration here and everyone enjoyed themselves. Good for ALL age's. Very friendly and family orientated.

Paul South

I love this place. Different kinds of food, fast service and the food is bomb!! Especially OPA! LOVE IT

sandy bakker

Sliders were great! Good service!

Mark Mckenna

I was there with 2 other guests and as I walked in I appreciated the deco and the place seemed to have a pretty vibe. The concept of American Eats is pretty much a collaboration of restaurants that you can choose from and everyone shares the same dining area. In the dining area there are tables, booths, stools at bars, and picnic style tables. There are various cuisines throughout and I ate at Sliders, and if you can guess, they make sliders (burgers) here. My guests had their meals at a trendy Mexican flavor restaurant. To get to the point of my 3 rating was the service was lacking at the places we visited. Maybe it was the time of the day end of the evening, but i wont ever dish out a 4 star if I dont get Thank You's or Smiles.....Simple. The other thing is that for my tastes it's kind of pricey. 2 sliders with sweet potato fries, and a small drink was $18. For $18 per person I could have eaten up the street at Minidito Restaurant had a Margarita and chips and salsa with my meal! In all fairness there are other restaurants and definitely worth while to investigate all your options. Recommend :) Please like the review after viewing! :)

Andrea Lemus

very nice service and good variety of options for food

Erik Frangos

This place is awesome. So many food choices, you can't go wrong with whatever you choose. Highly recommend checking this out.

Frederick Palladino

Had a great Greek Salad at Opa. Almost opted for sliders at The Bite but one of the cooks and the cashier were both chewing gum ravenously. I get that it's a casual atmosphere but that is a little too casual and a tad gross. Overall it was a good experience and I would go back.

Phil Buonomo

Fun environment. Great food. Awesome service. The young lady at dumb fish took such good care us. She recommended the spicy bowl, and it was amazing. Thank you, Rosana!!

Gilbert Torres

Love the concept & the food even MORE! It's fun, trendy, has great variety & I've enjoyed every employee interaction in each of the food choices I've made. I highly recommend

Charles Pifer

Great spot. Having a child, it is nice to have multiple options in one spot for dining. Comfy seating and atmosphere.

Leandra Bailey

Love this place! There is something for everyone here. Coffee, ice cream, burgers, wings, ribs, Greek food, Poke, mexican, a butcher shop, and a bar! All of the food is wonderful, and the atmosphere is very welcoming and fun. A good place for all ages!

Derek Haner

The food I had was really good. It's set up like a food court so there are several options. I had the spicy Greek chicken that had a ton of flavor. I really liked it. The atmosphere is sort of chaotic. The seating area is probably not as large as it needs to be. The thing I would like to see is a way to view the menus for each place without having to walk around. It's too crowded to have to stand there and decide what I want to eat. Maybe it's an app with all of the menus or the or it in their website, either way I think it would make selecting my food much easier.

Roxy pop cheer

Great people, great food, great owners. Relaxed and spacious. Great place to eat and socialize

Andrea Rivera

So amazing here!! Anything from American hamburgers to Greek food to Italian Pizza to Japanese poke bowls to Southern style ribs and wings to a delicious local Brewery or even coffee and ice cream and meat market. Mexican apps place too. One stop shop! Games playing right now on the big screen. We're actually low key watching the ice cream shop make fresh waffle cones. Amazing concept and genuine staff with excellent customer service. You have to see this place for yourself. Very unique and delicious. Support local.

angela begeman

On January 4, 2019 my friends and I decided to have American Eats for dinner, usually it’s s great place for 10 of us to enjoy what we want to eat and drink, however on this particular night it wasn’t so pleasurable for me, upon trying to order a glass of wine, I was told by the bartender her boss would not serve me, no explanation, just no, I find it odd when I was the only one in my party with no prior alcohol, was it because I laughed at my friends joke, or simply she didn’t like the way I looked, could’ve been a million things , I understand it was her choice, but I have to wonder why is it someone who was served multiple times had to be helped out the door from so many high content beers, but this 47 year old woman couldn’t get a glass of wine .

Mike Nielson

Great choices good food plenty of space for family

Amanda Maus

Basically an open seating food court, with better food options. The Opa Greek place platter is huge and tastes great. The Chicano Mexican place nachos were tasty but awkward since they are served in a bowl and all the cheesy goodness is on the bottom. Free drink refills.

Chaco Yeti

Just awesome, don't know how else to describe it

Retha Schmucker

I really liked the diversity of settings such as common cables, boost, mixture of different types of chairs. The tsitsiki sauce for the Gyro was very good while the Greek salad had a bit too much oil in the dressing but was still good overall. The one thing that really bothered us was since there is no sink in the men's room my husband observed an employee coming out of the men's room and not stopping to wash his hands before going back into the kitchen!

Sonjia Martin

It has all kinds of food ro choose from you can't go wrong eating there

Ofelia Flores

Delicious Greek chicken ceasar salad. Humus appetizer was fresh & delicious. Kimshi fried rice was good too, could have had a little more Kimshi in it thou... Enjoyed variety of food choices/restaurants. Coming back soon!

Anthony Valencia

It's the GO TO PLACE great food awesome staff always a good crowd to enjoy TUCSON with. I've tried all of the restaurants can't figure out which one I like the best usually go twice a week. The butcher shop has some of the best steaks in TUCSON hands down Andy and his wife have the best cuts of meat around.

Tinebra Sanvean

I had pasta at the greek restaurant and it was very overcooked. Moral of the story: don't have pasta!

Zac White

Very cool eatery. It's like a food court with elevated cuisine. We chose to eat at Pinche's. It was a delicious restaurant with unique twists on dishes. We had Torta sliders and totchos. Tater tot nachos with chorizo and guacamole. The salsa they had was on point. Perfect heat and balance. For desert we had Isabella's ice cream. The stand out of the ice cream was the whiskey chocolate. (Not for children) The whiskey taste clearly came through the chocolate in a delicious mixing of flavours.

Sam Martinez

This is a great group of resturants and the staff is very friendly and nice. They pay homage to the previous building that was great American meat Co. There is a good variety of restaurants and there is a good seating area and parking available.

Jose Rosas

A a fantastic new Eatery with lots of choices for the whole family. The barbecue was on point and really enjoyed the Gourmet soda. It was a nice change. The climate control would have been better if it was set a little cooler. It can get a little hot with the presence of everyone eating.

Manuel Mendibles

Food from Pinches and AZ Rib house. This time Pinches is a must for the totchoes tater tot nachoes with chorizo topping. Wife got Tucson wings (Strawberry Chipotle) idk but mmmm mmmm good. Anyway I gave the food a 5 Star and atmosphere all around friendly courteus and attentive as ever. Only Bad thing is the bartender caused a scene in which the whole place was interrupted and it may just be me as a man but, seems like she is trying to get laid with every guy at the bar. Her service and work habits need improvement asap.

Matthew Potter

Took the family and we all really enjoyed it. Good court convenience without the mall and much better food! Tried Opa and Upper crust for our first go. Would recommend both but Opa was definitely better. Going for the rib company next, and hoping to check out the butcher (they were closed when we went).

E Basmck

Amazing food .... great people!

Dawn Mckenna

Fantastic place to take family and friends. Excellent service Great Food and Friendly and helpful people that work there. GIVE IT A TRY ! YOU WILL REALLY ENJOY THE ATMOSPHERE ALSO .

Kat OKelley

Great concept. It's a food court made up of mostly local restaurants. I had a poke bowl from Dumb Fish

gj Anderson

A wide variety of food choices Fish, BBQ, Pizza, Ice Cream, burgers. Good service and prices. The people were great. I really enjoyed it. Way to go Daniel!

CG Smith

3 shops closed within. Hope they get replaced soon. Seems like a promising venue. Tried sliders, gyro platter, and bbq plate; they were pretty good.

Sioux Komoroski

Can't agree on what the group wants to eat? Just go to American Eat Company. Great, healthy choices.

Lawrence Williams

Great place for a casual meal. Very good food, love the Greek restaurant

Marty D

Food court for hipsters

J Blair

GREAT! Very cool place! So much variety. So many different restaurants. Mini food court. Something for everyone.

Edgardo A

Awesome place to eat and drink. You have your pick of 5 or 6 different restaurants, and even a dessert place. The bar is relaxed with a good variety of craft beers.

Raul Chavez

My mom and i used to go here when i was a kid. This was an old meat market now renovated into a multi eatery. Serving greek Japanese, draft beers... pizza, coffee. and if course a meat market as they pay homage.. to history. Cant wait to try them all.

Ashley Albright

This place is awesome! I love the concept of several restaurants packed into one building. Both my husband and I have different tastes so this was perfect - I got some tuna nachos from Dumb Fish and he got a gyro at Opa Time. We were both happy with our meals. This is a must go for bites in Tucson!

Tricia W

A great food court in a much needed area! Because this has been open a week there are certainly some kinks to work out but this place will thrive. The parking lot is small but there is plenty of street parking. If you go during lunch expect the place to be crazy busy and long wait times. If you have only an hour lunch break this place may not be for you yet. There are a variety of food options and each place runs ordering differently. This is where my four stars come in. Some places handle them better than others. What I mean by this is that one food place has numbers they hand out and a food runner to take food out, some text your phone when ready while other places simply take your name. The problem is that you are desperately hunting for a table and that could be across the food court so waiting for your name to be called is not practical when the wait is 15 minutes. A text, while in theory is a great idea is not very practical either because the wait is too long and you aren't sure if the text didn't work or the wait is just too long. There are janitors that do a great job clearing peoples dishes and wiping tables so why can't there be community food runners so each food place can give out numbers and food can be brought out. It would make things a lot more efficient. The food itself is good. A lot of local places you know from food trucks or their main restaurant. Greek food, ice cream, mexxican, pizza by the slice,ribs with authentic local rubs, seafood and a bar. Once the food is made faster and served more efficiently this place will be golden!!

Martin Hernandez

The gyro was very good

Aaron B

Cool place with a large variety of good eats. Perfect if you are with picky kids. Everyone gets what they want.

Lisa Lanham

Love the food. The rustic look of the tables and chairs makes this place shine.

Victoria Mann

Terrific variety of good food choices in a friendly, unpretentious environment. Good place to meet friends for a beer and a meal with enough variety to satisfy all appetites.

Aubree Rebenar

Loved all of the options! Seriously great service at every restaurant we ordered from and everything was delicious!

Adrian Lopez

Went here for the 1st time, and tried a little bit of everything. The Greek place with the gyros was pretty good, next was the burger place, where I got some sliders, was also good, last was the Mexican place. It was okay, not sure if I would go there again though.

Bill Dunn

What a great idea! Stand alone foodcourt! Anything one could want to eat at one or another of the food stands from appetizer to dessert.

Patricia Fierros

Great environment and selection of food. Ate at the Opa Time and ate the Gyro Pita with salad. It was tasty and very generous serving. Would definitely eat there again.

Brenda Hall

Had a great visit. Lots of different food to choose from. Nice atmosphere.

Jennifer Hicks

Opa Time and The Bite is absolutely amazing!! Never unhappy when we come to eat here.

Steve Repola

This is an interesting place. Greek Gyro plate was excellent... Easily shared. The sliders were very good.... Again easily shared. Would I visit again? IN A HEARTBEAT!

Teresa Mendez

Love this place if you have different cravings for multiple people it's a great place to dine at! Steak was outstanding, wings were delish, and the tatiki poke bowl was amazing! Want to return to try out all the other diners!

Bradley Calimer

This place is absolutely amazing. It's like a food court at the mall but cleaner and much, much better. So many choices for good food and beverages. They even have a small store and coffee shop in there too. A little bar sits off to the right of the entrance with TV's for sporting events and such. The sinks for the bathrooms are out in the hallway in case you just need to wash your hands. This is one of the best places I've visited in Tucson so far. The prices are fair and the food and service is great. The employees are nice and respectful. I will be returning here soon and I recommend that anyone reading this review (even those who aren't reading it) go try this place out ASAP. You won't regret it. Cheers!

Troy E. Pelaar

Brisket is amazing! Chicken is great. All quite going d.

Mike Turner

I really enjoyed this new spot! It's a good place to go with a group, especially if not everyone can agree on what to eat. There are many options of food and decent seating. It's worth the trip, and I'll be back. Update: on the second visit, many of the restaurants said they were closed, nearly 50 minutes before closing time. I'm also realizing the pricing is a bit high for Tucson standards. $7 for a slice of pizza? I hope they will get their act together, or this new favorite might soon be history for my friends and I.

Stephanie Walters

Had the gyros. They were excellent. Huge portions.

Garridon G

Great concept, good selection with high quality and flavor being consistent across all of the different vendors. From street tacos to Greek food, to pizza to grass-fed beef sliders, to handtrimmed steaks.... there's something for everyone. Check it out

Ray Watters

I was only able to eat a slice from Upper Crust Pizza and I'm glad we have a decent pizza place on the South side of town now.. Anxious to try all the different combos there.. also looking forward to trying the other different shops there as the slider place looked interesting and good.. will also be buying some meat from the meat market.. a great idea to have all the different choices Under One Roof, and I'll be back..

Freddy Elmesselmani

Great concept. Silly location. I was parked in some neighborhood on the south side since the parking lot for this place is tiny and overflowing. The inside decor is perfect. 2 out of the 5 orders we put in came correct from the first try. Bar is slooooooow. Food is local so no complaints. Price points are dreamy especially for where it's located.

Norma Esquivias

It was our first time eating dinner at this amazing place. Loved it.

Erik Petersen

This place is so fun. Everyone can get what they want. The upper crust here is just as good as the other one in town.

Alberto Ranjel

Not a restaurant exactly, more like an upscale mall food court. Don't want to sell this place short, though. With a bar, coffee shop, meat market, and 7 distinct food kiosks (encompassing BBQ, Mexican, Hawaiian/Asian, pizza, Greek, burgers, and ice cream) there is something for everyone. A couple of the hidden items to note: on Friday and Saturday evenings you can pick any steak in the meat case and they'll grill it for you on the spot, no matter the cut. They even have a fair number of tomahawk chops for those with a healthy appetite. Secondly, on Sunday mornings the coffee shop has Mexican pastries, and you can order white or red menudo from the meat counter, with all the fixings, including chiltepines. Delicious. More photos and descriptions to come for each of the areas!

Monica Esqueda

Tried the Mexican tacos and way too salty. Ordered twice and the ground beef was not edible due to the salt. Gotta try something else next time. Went back about a month later with friends and ordered from 2 other vendors. Both had very very salty fries. I wont go back to pay so much money for salty food I cant enjoy.

Lina Anaya

Loved the gyros and the will try something new.

Hao Charlot

Good price, big portion. Good variety of food choices.

Maricruz Ruiz

Love this local gem. Perfect for getting together with large groups - caters to a variety of palates. Great for game night, family friendly and fun. Had the Horchata latte at Cafe con Leche and it was yummy. But what I love to order when I'm there is a Poke bowl from the Dumb Fish (Dumb Salmon).

Joe Mac

Nice layout, chill atmosphere. The BBQ place was real good. Had the pulled pork and sausage sandwich with fries. The bar had a good selection of local AZ beers. Defenitely would go again.

ramon g

Cool place with bar , BBQ place has great wings and Fry's , sliders! Coffee! Pinches! All good

AJ Machado

Fun place, not too crowded. Had the barbque ribs, delicious. The only problem,they are served in metal bowls which tend to make your food become cold quickly. I had an Michelob Ultra, paid over 5 dollars, a bit high!

Christopher Ruszkowski

This place has unlimited potential that is starting to be fulfilled

Steve E

Decent joint in a bit of a sketchy area...nice to have several options for food that doesn't feel like a mall food court.

Neil Esqueda

this place has a great gyro plate that is almost as good as my favorite place. Love the variety of food.

Shawn Kaylor

Great place to hangout with family or friends. All in one venue. I don't normally rate 5 stars, but this place earned it. I'm also reviewing the venue, not the restaurants inside. That's a different review.

Bette Taylor

Had a salmon poke bowl. Salmon not fresh and very chewy. Seaweed salad good. Ate some of that and chucked the bowl.

Ana Rascon

This place is really cool. There is a little bit of everything. Has a vive kind of like a food court at the mall but better. You can choose from Ribs and meats, Gyros, Chinese, pizza, sliders, Mexican and more. Once everyone buys their food you can sit and eat your food and share it all. We had such a fun time here I recommend it

Lawrence Medina

Surprised what a nice selection ribs / meats ;Greek Great food ; pizza many different slices ; Mexican Good + Asian bowls -- nice bar + coffee bar..

Kenneth Taylor

The food court format offers a variety of seating options (booth, table or long table) and eating or drinking choices, bar, coffee shop, pizza slices and more. My favorite is the Opa Greek counter which is the current incarnation of a popular Tucson restaurant. It is a more convenient format and the food is still excellent, economical too. We eat here often and I would comment on other dining choices except that I keep coming back to Opa.

Knight Ster

1st visit. A very unique environment. A small food court with a friendly atmosphere. A good place to hang out with friends.

Crystal Firestone

Great food court! I tried dumb fish, the poke place, and all my friends got Greek. I was thrilled with my choice, which was flavorful and unique. My friends were served quickly, and all received huge platters of wonderful looking Greek food. There is a bar here, a bbq place, poke, burgers, Greek, pizza, ice cream, coffee and a butcher shop/market. I will definitely be returning friday or Saturday to try out the butcher shop's offer of cooking any steak you pick out of their case. There's a central beverage area with lots of wonderful choices, in addition to plenty of staff walking around offering to bus your table or bring you doggy bags. This place is ideal for groups, or anyone with kids who are picky. I wish there were more places like this!

Patrick Sullivan

The owner of this place made a new creation for the south side community.. this place is super great if I could I would make this a 10/5 stars because the people that work here make you actually feel like a customer but honestly more than that.. they make you feel like family. I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED eating here!

Justin Lamb

Nice sized portions. Reasonably priced. Great atmosphere

Sam Coin

Do you like Chinese food? How about Greek? American? Mexican? Steak, Pizza, Burgers, Coffee, Beer, Gyros, Ice Cream, Soups, and sandwiches. These are just some of the things you can get at this awesome place. You really cant go wrong with anything, the food quality is held to a high standard and anything you get from any of the restaurants is going to be delicious. I highly recommend for a good, cheap family place.

Kelly Dolan

Great food and fun atmosphere! Tonight I came to celebrate a dear friend's birthday and there was plenty of room. Staff was

Sarah Walker

This was a pleasant surprise! This is more than just a food court! The food was so good as well as interesting option at the soda fountain.

Brad Zahne

The American Eat Company boasts it has a "taste for everyone." So why can't it order a box of tea to serve at their "Café con Leche" coffee shop? What kind of coffee shop doesn't also offer tea?

Lisa Hagood

Cool concept dining. Variety of eating options to please everyone in your party with whatever they are interested and sit in common area. Several seating options to accommodate individuals up to large groups. BBQ, poke, pizza, Greek, hamburger, steak, ice cream and much more.

Christopher DeNamur

Great place with a wide variety of food to choose from! Friendly staff that are always helpful!

Doreen Castles

My first visit and im so happy that someone had recommended it to me. I ate the slidders, which were very good. I had some guacamole at one of the other spots, it was ok. But the place itself, was fun, clean and great choices of food and beverages.

Candice Gamboa

We had a blast our first time at American Eats! Everyone was very helpful, especially one of the bus boys. I wish I could remember his name..he was very personable and helpful! Thank you for making our experience memorable. Young Mexican kid with curls!!

Dan Moren

The bar tender does not wash her hands, for greek food you will pay 8 dlls for lettuce... Pizza are dry and flavorless... BBQ place, commercial; pre-made flavorless and expensive... Burger place nothing special; cheaper and better flavor in an Carls Jr... Those colectives of food stations should be improved and better give better selection of food and prices...

Ralph Sanchez

Great food & a good time at the cornhole tournament they hosted

Sean King

Awesome place. Something for everyone. Great service.

Johnny Valenzuela

Best food court in town.... Best customer service and everyone is so friendly there. What I like the best is that every restaurant in there is good. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone that hasn't been there.

Fabian Delgado

This place is like a food court with out the mall. It's a great place to go to if the members of you party (kids,wife,friends) can not agree on a place to eat. You can get anything from Greek, Italian, Mexican, or American comfort food. They also have a bar here.

Justin B.

This place is amazing! There's a butcher and they cook your meat for you on Fri/Sat. There is a burger joint called The Bite with great sliders. Not little like White Castle. Two burgers and fries. They were so good. The gyro place has the some of the best meat I've ever tasted. The Chicano good place was really cool too. There is an ice cream shop and a Hispanic "leche" shop which has coffee stuff. And a pizza place for pizza by the slice, huge slices. And the garlic knots... so good. I almost ran into someone and we did that awkward dance. He ended up being the owner of the gyro place. He was super nice and it was cool being able to compliment the food in person. I will be going back for sure.

Daimon Rikuhei

I ordered Tsuna Tataki Poke and Poke Tacos at Dumb Fish. Not so bad. but not so good. Average. Regarding Tsuna Tataki, topping ingredients were cold and some were frozen yet. I understand they use frozen base ingredients, but I should mention this experience. My child said the taste of Poke Tacos were nice, but it was difficult to eat. Price. It was not reasonable. Poke bowl was over $11. I think one dish was enough to eat. But taking quality into consideration, it was not reasonable. Staffs were friendly and serving speed was great.

T Loving

This place is awesome sauce!!! The service is always excellent. And such an incredible vibe. They have a lot of really good food offerings & have Stubborn soda

Matthew Bernier

Such a neat concept! It's like being at a super trendy mall food court...if that mall were all about awesome decor, and the food court was all about delicious local food. Ribs, wings, and fries combo was a win! Try their neat Stubborn soda flavors too! Orange hibiscus was pretty rad.

Manuel Ruiz

Love this place!! Great for meetups and a bite to eat at the same time. A nice selection of food options to calm any craving!! ...and CAFÉ!!!

Kevin Wells

Is busy place but great food best T Bone i have had in a long time

Darin B.

All the different foods we tried were all excellent. The ice cream is awesome. Ribs were my favorite.

Steven Terry

Wide variety of foods to choose from and coffee and ice cream and... I can go on. Plenty if seating and parking. Come down to South Tucson and have some fun South of 22nd Ave... It's a great space and place.

Gabriel Gutierrez

Always a great experience and it never has to be the same. Try all the different restaurants and you won't be disappointed!

Robin Birdsong


Richard L. Hofmann

First time here. A little hectic. Lots of different eateries in a small place. Nice atmosphere. Food was good. Good selection of different kinds of food. Everything was good.....except Mac and cheese. No one in our party liked it Everything else was delicious and reasonably priced. Would definitely go back.


Great place, all kinds of really flavorful food and fantastic atmosphere. Families, couples a quick bite all makes sense. This morning we had menudo and it was fantastic.

Jon Weissman

I went to American Eat Co with some co-workers after work on a Friday. This was my first time coming here, and I was very impressed. The food was fantastic, the atmosphere was warm and relaxed, and the staff at each of the vendors were very nice. I can't wait to come back!

Reina Robles aka Diaz

Yum. Always a great place.

Chris Ligerman

This is what Tucson has been waiting for and I can't wait to go back for the delicious options I have yet to try. Wonderful atmosphere and service. The space is funky and cozy but quite noisy too. Great options for family or birthday party dining and the small bodega style grocery has fantastic tortillas, steaks and salsas.

king video 332

Eat the bite sliders pinches tacos and eat the pizza before it closes down for a new restaurant also go by there for special events like Halloween and stuff 10/10

mack sigmon

The Greek platter I had from Opa was fine. Unfortunately, several of the original restaurants are closed, including the one that made the really good pokes. The concept cant maintain without a variety of choices, so I'm not sure this is going to make it. Lunch crowd was thin.

Aron C

Super disappointed with AZ ribs I believe it's called. I've never had such flavorless meat in my life. The ribs tasted like they were boiled in water to cook them, then slathered in spice and tossed in the microwave. I ordered lemon pepper wings which were packaged to go with a lot of pickled onions on top of them. Guess what the wings tasted like? Pickled onions. Not lemon pepper, not any other flavor, just heavy pickled onions. Each wing looked just like the attached photo.


1st visit here for a birthday lunch with family and it was so much fun!! I love the atmosphere and everyone is so nice! The drinks at the bar are the best! I didn’t get the name of the bartender but he was awesome, welcoming and nice!! As for the food I tried their tator tot nachos! It was the best thing I’ve ever had! I can’t wait to go back and try everything else they have!! Will definitely come back!! Perfect place for any occasion!! If you haven’t tried this place, you need to!!

Paula Hampton

Everybody can choose their own meal. Upscale food court.


Really great vibe, awesome selection of food, what we tried (sliders and pizza) were delicious. Slightly on the expensive side, but worth it for sure. Will be back.

Nikki Holgate

Really cute place! Similar to The Yard in Central Phoenix but fast food. A little expensive for fast food, but everything is fresh. It's a great place to gather where everyone can grab what they want.

Angela saralequi

I was so impressed when I went in last week. It was jam packed but the service from each and every vendor was amazing. One of the owners was walking around checking on the tables. And the food was amazing!!!!

Francisco Tapia

Great place to go when you're not sure what you want to eat. The tacos and Elotes are really good

Patrick Marchant

Great vibe, good family setting. The Gryro and Pizza by the slice places were great.

Ben Brieschke

This place is "Lit" as the kids say. Damn good food and great prices. Cool place to hang and eat.

AZ Rick

I wish we had one near me on the NW side. Great food

Jose Hernandez

Great, reasonably priced with a number of good choices of food. The gyro platter, in particular, stands out. The happy hour sangria at the bar is well worth it too!

Erin Potts

Excellent variety. Had a poke bowl from Dumb Fish and ice cream from Isabella, and they were both delicious. Absolutely coming back to try more!

Zachary Recio-De Simone

Absolutely horrible and unprofessional service. The Mangers do NOT care about their customers and the cashiers are just as bad without any proper training. If you ever want a "refund" you'll be told sorry, your going to have to wait 3-10 business days. Very overpriced for their supposedly fresh food at every eatery here. Horribly thrown together and I will never be stepping foot in this "restaurant" again.

Duane Brownell

A 'food court' that's not in a mall! Nice venue, clean and neatly kept with a variety of food vendors. ice cream shop, a bar and a meat market! I tried the Gyro platter and it was pretty good! My spouse tried the pizza, it was pretty good also but the crust was a little bit tough. A friend tried the 'dual slider burgers", they were good but he indicated the fries weren't too great. IMO, it is certainly worth a try.

Edward Caro

This place is a great addition to the Tucson culinary scene. It has a little something for everyone. I appreciate how they honored the prior owners with a set table, pictures and news clippings celebrating their contribution this community. This location is just another step in revitalizating the food scene in Tucson.

Julie Smith

Food is very good, with so many choices. Always clean, with friendly staff.

Joaquin Munoz

If youve never been, go! This place is wonderful, and has food choices for everyone!

Glenn Hamblin

Great place. It's akin to a food court with a wide variety foods.

jalon jackson

I really like the food-court style and the ambiance of the place as well. I tried the poke place and will definitely be coming back for more lobster puffs and kimchi fried rice! There was free parking, which was nice too. I think that there could be an extra person or two bussing tables and wiping them down but otherwise it's a great place to eat with a group of friends that have different tastes!

Heather Ingram

I was hoping these restaurants would be more knowledgeable and have more gluten free options over time, but it has not happened. Opa and Dumb Fish are the best options.

Howard Rains

Today was my first visit to American Eat Company. I was with two friends. The selection of restaurants is wonderful. There is something for everyone. There are a couple of huge tables for large parties. Also, there is a side room that can be reserved, free of charge, for group of 20+. My only gripe is that the prices are higher than I expected, but I will still go back

Keirra Kuczynski

Great place. Pizza not so great. Lacked flavor and was burnt. How do you mess up pizza? I'll check out the other places inside for sure though!

Gina Gaskill

You can satisfy almost any craving. What a wonderful idea. The bar stocked with local brews! Awesome

Sam Rodriguez

Great atmosphere with excellent restaurants to choose from

Jimmy Franco

Avoid the mexican food here. It's very greasy and expensive. Even the chicken my friend got was really greasy. With great mexican food all over Tucson, it's just not worth it. I didnt give it a 1 star only because the service was quick.

Joseph Young

Can't decide on what to eat? Bring the family or crew here... a Greek spot, a poke bowl spot, a taco place, a burger joint, barbecue place, a great beer and wine bar, TVs all over and cool helpful staff. Isabella's ice cream for dessert and a little market for take home stuff. Everything under one roof! Boom!

Caitlin Duarte

Very nice must admit on Saturdays it does get very busy so if you're not a people person I'd reccomend getting there before 4. I personally love the Greek restaurant called "Opa" and have tried both of their pastas I preferred the Penne Pasta more though, because I like saucier pasta. 10/10 reccomend great service and very hospitable a nice place to hang out and has a very homey feel to it.

Julie Reed

So great that everyone can get what they want to eat —indoor and outdoor seating —and sometimes there’s even a magician who is totally amazing!!

Heather A. Strong

What a great place to spend my birthday lunch with my co-workers today! Arrive early, around 11:30a to avoid the rush. We all selected Opa! to order from. Delicious as always. Good service. Such a variety of food and drinks to select from. Fun, open, and positive atmosphere. I was also there several months ago and easily spent five hours there with a good friend hanging out... it was lively on a Thursday night!

Eric Pelfresne

Great selection and variety of food. Good little bar with awesome draft beer selection as well

John C.

Great concept. All the vendors we tried were great--pizza, Opa's, bbq, ice cream.

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