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100 South Avenida del Convento #150, Tucson, AZ 85745, United States Located in: Mercado San Agustin

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Barb DiMarco

This was a mixed experience. The cost for an Easter buffet was $ 65.00 per adult which seemed too high. The food wasn't put out right away, and getting certain condiments was an afterthought. The food tasted absolutely fantastic however. If the service was a little faster and the place more organized, it would have been worth at least $40 per person.

Susan Elson

Great food, very relaxing.


The food and drinks are always delicious, the hibiscus margarita and charred brussel sprouts are especially so. The service is generally top notch and even on busy nights they will address any issues that arise promptly.

Michelle Anne Leon

The atmosphere and food were excellent. Much of the product in the venues was too pricey. No happy medium.

Dennis Voulopos

Very very good, loved the atmosphere and happy hour at the bar. Got the mussels and they were excellent. Then had the cod, also excellent. Pleasant waitress made for a delightful evening.

bebe pavon

Wonderful place and great cuisine

Sean Doyle

We went there for brunch. Very good. Recommend the Mesquite pancakes .

Aleksei Maldonado

Gross food bad service waited 40 minutes

Amy Tremper

Great food. Anniversary.

Denise Bailey Craaybeek

Classy relaxing delcious

Carol HendersonDahms

Delicious food! Easy to get to and plenty of parking.

Misty Goad

Great food and atmosphere. Happy hour menu is good.

Harry Patton

Extremely high-quality service personnel and scrumptiously delicious selection. Spent slightly more than $23 per meal during late lunch time frame

Benjamin Philpott-Matson

Service was attentive to detail and speedy, the food was totally delicious. I had the fried Chicken and mesquite pancakes and the chicken was perfectly cooked but I wish they offered me hot sauce. Beautiful interior next to a neat little antique /open air market.

Jason Rowley

One of the best places in Arizona - let alone Tucson. I have high expectations, and it is always better than I remember it from the time before. Supremely unique and delicious menu.

Adan Sanchez Moreno

A heavily stocked bar (we've had an absinthe and some Japanese Whiskey), and meals that are much better tasting than they look (they look great). A bit out of the way from downtown proper, but 100% worth a visit..

Misty Solorzano

It's was ok... For the price it could have been alot better...

Suzanne Davis

We had dinner at Agustin two years ago and it was delicious. Very disappointed with our return. Both entrees had watery "sauces" and did not have all the ingredients listed on the menu. Poor execution.

Suzi Nomiyama

Delicious food, love the atmosphere and downtown vibe

Michael Anderson

Good good and service

Linda Berg

This was my second visit. Food was excellent!

Marcia Fanning

Great food and service. Went without a reservation but that made no difference to the staff

Desiree Carrillo

Very curious and professional staff. Loved the ambience of the place. Food was great!

Bonnie Wine

Excellent food and service. This is truly a hidden gem just outside of downtown. Try them... you'll probably want to return the very next time you go out to eat... I did

Sam Ile

Great spot! Food is delicious and service is great. Parties of 6 or more require a 22% tip. Seems high for the service we got.

Garrett Flora

Delicious breakfast (Juevos Rancheros), nice wait staff, and a pleasant and clean atmosphere. Highly recommend to anyone that'll be near the San Agustin Mercado district in Tucson.

Jeff White

Great food and atmosphere. Service was a little slow and wasn't too busy for a late Saturday afternoon.

Pedro Bretones

Amazing taste and presentation. Location is very nice

Jeffrey Anthony

Friendly service, great food, great atmosphere, a gem of a place!

Jean Gillis

Great food and really comfortable atmosphere.


Eh don't get the breakfast stuff every thing else is probably ok

Julia Levine

I’ve been here many times and always had great experiences. My friend wanted to have a birthday dinner here and we had high expectations. They messed up our entrees and didn’t tell us. Several tables that came in after us were served and left before we had our entrees. We got there at 8 and left at 10:30. We drank two bottles of wine before our entrees came. At that point I started trying to get one of the many wait staff members’ attention. It took five minutes. I asked about our food and if something was wrong and was told there were a lot of tables. Kind of a weird reason because there was a lot of staff, the place wasn’t full, we were there before the other tables, and also it’s a fancy restaurant that does this everyday. They began bringing our food out. The birthday girl’s plate did not come out with ours and there wasn’t any explanation. I asked the bus boy where that plate was. It was suppose to be a well done steak. It arrived after I asked about it, it was medium rare. My meal was not the right temperature. I think they messed up that one steak and let all of our food sit around while they fixed it. I just expect more when I order a $40 plate. I should have just ordered a salad. They comped our desserts. It was a nice gesture. I would have preferred they told us they messed up our food when it happened and offer us appetizers. I have been here a several times and had always recommended it I doubt I’ll go back after this.


Great food and staff. Easy parking. Lots of shops around to enjoy.

Margrethe Lauber

Excellent fare, but some of the worst table service I have ever experienced in fine dining around the world and across the U.S.. It’s a shame that the restaurant’s concept and the inventive kitchen will suffer due to the wait staff’s arrogance and disregard.

Nicole Reynolds

Food took a very very long time

Steven Backerman

Great food and ambiance

Haydn Roberts

Good food. Hosts good events as well. Fun environment.

Erica Creighton

I would say this restaurant is definitely split into two different restaurants. There is front of house and back of house. The back of house is on their A game, the food was to die for, I enjoyed every last bite and was in a very happy food coma. Front of house is a different story. When we arrived we were given side eye for not having a reservation, let me mention that the entire time it was us and only two other couples who were there.... definitely no need for reservation... I mentioned I was there since I saw on facebook that they were having a fried chicken event that day, the waiter had no idea and he had to go check which took like 10 minutes. Then when I ordered the pepper soup, he brought out a potato soup and was like sorry no pepper I was wrong. I would go back for the food, but not because of wait staff.

Leila Sanchez

Great atmosphere, attitude, and customer service.


Agustin is one of those restaurants we were thrilled to see in Tucson, when they opened. First visit was exciting and the food and drinks were excellent. We tried oysters, steak tartar, etc. All wonderful and we wanted to come back. Second visit was interestingly for St. Patrick’s Day, probably three+ years ago and I had the best corned beef and cabbage I’ve ever had. Very good margarita, but I thought the second margarita didn’t taste as good as the first - wrote it off to clashing flavors with the meal. Third visit, started at the bar for drinks. The bartender was excellent and her shaking technique was a hit with the dirty old men. She made a great lemonade (I was the designated driver). Don’t remember what we ordered but it was solid enough. Fourth visit, started at the bar and moved to the table...reordered same drink which had been very good at the bar...and it arrived tasting nothing like the first. Hadn’t received our food, so I know it wasn’t food influence. It just sat there, server never noticed. Food must have been ok since I don’t remember one way or another. Fifth visit (Around Christmas 2018) started at the bar waiting on friends. Again, drink excellent and this time I took note of the bartender’s name so I could ask for more drinks by him while eating. Table ordered apps and dinner, and drinks. My drink arrived and it was nothing like the first. Drank half, server never noticed. Food wasn’t as good...I think I had steak and it just didn’t impress me...and while I agree Barrio Bread is fabulous, it really shouldn’t be the hilight of a meal at a place like Agustin. This is when we decided maybe Agustin wasn’t worth returning to, for the price, and definitely wouldn’t reco to friends because we don’t feel the food/drinks are dependable. We have friends who stoped in after a flight, for lunch a few years ago, and were very disappointed. We had not recommended Agustin to them. I would have rated it five stars when it opened. I have no idea what’s going on with drinks - if they are watering them down or using inferior ingredients when customers aren’t watching, or just not putting as much care into them...but the taste difference has happened too many times to be my imagination.

Kristina Young

Great food, neat atmosphere, and the service was on point too. You all need to bring the bananas foster back :)

Kate Peterson

Great menu... ideal atmosphere! A regular stop each year!

Roya Rakhshani

Great menu, food and service were wonderful.

Ruth Blane

The food is generally good but the service is a miss. Went for lunch a few weeks ago and was all together disappointed. The server seemed annoyed we were there and the food was cold.

Daisy Wilson

Vastly overpriced ($35 for a rice & tomato dish with 4 shrimp), very poor service (waited at least 5 mins standing in the middle of a 75% empty restaurant to be seated, 20 mins to be asked if we want a drink & another twenty while they walked past us and ignored our bill ready to be paid). When we drew their attention to the wait we didn’t get the usual free round of drinks or appetizer you’d usually expect to make up for it. Just not good all the way round sadly.

Rhonda Rhudy

Love the lighting, atmosphere and music; which are representative of one another.

Mary Pascal

Great place for a pleasant happy hour

Leo T

It is dinner time at 5:30pm Saturday. Not very many people maybe it’s because it is raining outside and puddles of mud. But the atmosphere in here is upscale looking and the food prices are also a bit on the medium pricey side $$$. The hibiscus margarita is strong but has good flavor. I asked for red wine but he gave me Pinot Grigio, but it’s all good. The sirloin peppadew is pretty good flavorful with mint, horseraddish. The ciopinno is flavorful and shrimp and scallop is cooked perfectly but the chicken in the risotto is a bit dry.

cal broeker

Excellent quality, a little pricy. BEAUTIFUL restored property.

Chris Bedwell

Great happy our. Wonderful drinks! Try the Herb crusted fries with feta mayo. Yum


Arrived with high hopes and left VERY disappointed. Ordered one plate (Biscuits & Gravy) for my husband and I to share, waited 50+ mins with no food in sight. Kitchen was running behind with a half full dining/ bar area. Not sure if they were under staffed? Everyone and everything seemed to be lagging. We asked our bartender if our food was coming out soon and it wasn't close to being done. Paid our bill for drinks and left disappointed and hungry. ** Suggestion to Management: Train servers to create a better dining experience, Anticipate diners' needs, Communication: If the kitchen is running behind prep diners of that wait. This restaurant has great potential but in its current state it's lacking at their price point. *** We ended up at a fast food joint and their customer service was much better than this place.

Daniel Kirk

An amazing meal hear. Had the Elote Wings and cactus fries. Both delicious!

Mary Beth Barone

Good food. Service slow with few patrons. Pleasant.

johnny b

Great food. Took a long time to get the food. 1.5 hours on a busy Saturday night. If you like a slow dine, then it's fine. I suggest you plan on a long service on the weekend. I do love the place.

Tricia Ann Roloff

I love this place: festive, elegant and excellent food

Sandra Mauck

Best mothers day brunch ever!

Brandon Shough

Awesome food, but slightly expensive and mediocre service.

Andrew Dawson

Food is excellent....when you finally receive it. Server acted as though we were imposing on her by being there.

Lashel Sophia

Yum yum yum yum yum, and I really loved the music they had from real living and breathing human beings with with actual wooden violins! Hard to beat. The food is delicious if not mind blowingly so, and the atmosphere is very pleasant and sweet! The people working there were quite considerate all around and seemed relatively happy to be there. I had an absolutely delightful evening, and it looked like everyone else there did, too!

T Wade

Bad experience overall, we won't be coming back. The place was pretty empty for Sunday brunch which should have been our first clue. All of our food arrived completely cold including the cast iron skillet which one would expect to be pretty hot - you could rest your hand on it no problem. I sent mine back to be heated up and it came back at room temp. The service was really bad. Nice enough girl but we were largely ignored, the (cold) food took around 40 mins to come out and one of our items just never showed up. I don't know if they were short staffed or what the issue was but there was no communication or apology whatsoever for how long everything was taking and the place was maybe 40% full by the time we left. The taste of the food was just ok - too acidy and didn't live up to the lovely design of the restaurant nor the price tag. Go to Prep and get yourselves a decent breakfast Tucsonans.

E.M. Porter

Food is ok, though pricey and limited in selection. Have a drink here for the atmosphere but eat at Seis in the same plaza.

Scott Wright

Great setting, service & food. Been here several times and never disappoints.

Angelica Castaneda

I loved this place. Their customer service is excellent, they have a good menu for kids. The atmosphere is very nice as well as the food. I requested a cocktail without alcohol and they made a very special one for me. They have a very good selection at the bar too. Loved everything!

Irene Ramey

Historic Tour experience of St Augustin Kitchen was great! Chef quickly spoke to our table. Enjoyed Calamari and salad, delicious!

Taunya Johnston

Pricey, but worth it. Excellent staff.

Stephanie Steeck

Great cocktails.

Gabriel Sandoval

Beautiful setting. Delicious food, locally sourced and made by creative people who really love what they do. And the service is topnotch - they know the food, are always willing to accommodate special requests and aren't afraid to give suggestions that has always been on point. This is one of all-time favorite Tucson local restaurants.

Laura Parkin

Excellent food and service. Highly recommend this place.

Lance Hooker

Very nice staff. My burger sucked.

Del Messer

Great place, the bar has a great feel, bartenders spoiled me. Try the Ford

Joan Terry Drucker

Food was exceptional, large servings, great presentation. The downside was that salad and even bread was a la cart. Unless you order a soup or salad or bread you sit there. Service was exceptionally slow which made the evening drag on. The only consolation was that there was live music. For a high end (price wise and quality of food-wise) restaurant I expected much more. We have many phenomenal choices here in Tucson...I was hoping to add this to my list.

Maria Lupe Bustamante

Definitely going back next time we're in Tucson, good food, atmosphere and awesome service!

Joan Gallagher

Great food! The Gravlax and Asparagus Benedict. Delicious!

Richard Tucker

Wonderful dinner over new years.

John Suttman

We had a remarkable dinner. Really good. Nice room.

Dennis McMillan

Went here last night and I will say the environment was quite nice. I ordered the steak with fritz and I must say for the price tag it was a very mediocre steak. Based on the knife they provided me one would have thought this steak was going to be so tender however it was very tough and not very flavorful. The fritz looked like a very nice golden brown color but were undercooked on the inside. I've had far superior steaks for a lot less. Though the atmosphere was very nice the food and the pricing isn't worth ever coming back to this spot.

Dean Frio

Amazing place! Seriously one of the "must do" in Tucson. The food is amazing, the drinks are crafted with a fine eye for detail and the atmosphere is incredible!! They do have a great brunch menu and a fantastic happy hour. Again I can't stress enough, this place is a must if you are visiting Tucson. Keep up the great work!!

Ricardo Esquivel

A special place with authentic creative and organic delicious food. Customer service at its best. Accommodating, warm and inviting. You can't go wrong with their UNIQUE tasting flavors presented in their chicken and waffles, nopales salad and fingerling potatoes!

Liz !

The menu here is always interesting and the cocktail list even more so. However, recently (Dec. 2017 on is my reference point here), the quality seems to have slipped. Everything is good, but not great. Even the staff seem to vary between good and indifferent. I hope that I've just had some iffy experiences--it would be sad if Agustin slipped to second tier.

Rinni Sharma

Food waz extraordinarily delicious and perfect .....loved the deserts

Jeff H

Expensive for what you get with limited choice. Ex. Most burgers start around $15 with cheese being an extra $2 and wine is around $10/glass. Service was friendly and attentive but cannot recommend as there are much better places around.

Kathy Kolmer

Try the old fashioned and the mussels. Happy hour is exquisite!

Amber Soergel

A little pricey, but worth it. Very fancy inside, so great for special occasions. Casual outside with misters or heaters as the weather needs. Food was perfection. Service was a little slow, but likely to allow for lingering.

Claire Hendrickson

We stopped after a ride around town, hopping on and off the trolley. For a quick bite we had the soup of the day, which was asparagus. My friend enjoyed a couple oysters and a beer. Slightly pricey, but a nice setting at a great location.

Laura Schnaps

We had heard that Augustin had a Sunday night fried chicken special and it was delicious. We also had the bourbon BBQ ribs and they were also delicious. We were disappointed with the inattentive service. We will be back and hope the training for wait staff improves.

Neal Nelson

We had eaten here multiple times previously. Much to our surprise restaurant was about half full on a Sat night. That was a clue to our experience 5/4/2019. Two couples of us: guys ordered oysters (at $5 each oyster). Oysters were so small they looked like clams! Each guy ate 1 and immediately spit it out. Very strong & fishy. Sent the plate back. Each couple split a caesar salad - excellent salad. Charged for a very small bread serving. Crisp lettuce, nice dressing & abundant shaved parmigiano. One gal had risotto dish. Said it was very good. Others had chicken special. Chicken was dry & tough and not particularly flavorful. Had apple cobbler for desert. Excellent. Maybe it was an off night, but it will be a long time before we return.

Al K

We chose to make reservations, but the place was surprisingly empty when we arrived. This is typically not a good sign for restaurants, but our doubts were unfounded. I had the grilled pork chop. It was tender and juicy. The hominy and cotija cheese side was deliciously buttery. The tartness of the pickled onion complimented the dish extremely well. Kudos to the chef for an outstanding dish.

Chuck Parsons

Great options on the menu. Dog friendly patio.

Jessica Piwko

Pricey for quality of food.

Aleeta Alice

Very good food, beautiful environment, nice staff, highly recommended, easy parking.


Nice Steak

Roger Carrillo

Trendy new location on the Westside of town at the end of the street car line. You can sit inside or outside in the Mercado San Agustín courtyard. Nice but limited wine and beer list, varied menu, we had brunch at 2 pm on a Saturday and I really liked the Corned Beef. They also have a Happy Hour!

anthony zavas

The burger was raw not well done. How is that possible? It came to 24 with tax and tip. Beautiful building and complex. I felt all 1800s. They closed their next door bakery which had the best cheesecake in these here parts. Mistake. Better, authentic and cheaper is La Indita.

Gilad Peleg

Just had drinks, but they were excellent

Betsy Allen

Great dinner and drinks spot with a very cool vibe ✌

Dave Allen

Came here for a birthday and the parking lot was muddy. The service was bad the waitress had dirty nails I could see the dirt under her nails and it really grossed me out. I ordered ribs and they were so small and burnt I didn’t even get full off my plate. I expected a lot more for how pricey it is. If you do decide to give this place a shot do not wear any expensive heels or shoes because the parking lot is a mess with dirt. Definitely not a romantic way to start your date.

PC Nair

This place has great potential. Unfortunately they have a lackluster staff and very average good. Ambiance could be very cool if other areas are addressed.

Cynthia Shaver

Somewhat arrogant hostess and wannabe haughty clientelle, she tried to turn us away for not having a reservation despite having a dozen unfilled tables... I asked about the bar seating and the snotty hostess said sure that is open seating. We ended up having a lovely meal and I made a new friend!

Maria Gsrcia

Not Satisfied at all, I ask what kind of drinks they have, the minute he mentioned fresh home made Lemonade, witch is my favorite I order it and it wasn't, it was pre-made lemonade probably Tampico, my plate was Huevos Rancheros, I ask for over hard eggs, they were two eggs semi hard on top of two soft tortillas nothing on top with a scooped of green salsa on the side, again premade salsa from a can? It supposed to come with avocado on top, wich the waiter came to apologized, they were out of avocados but he offered avocado sauce but nothing Nada was on it but the worse thing were the beans, Black beans they were very dry and hard plobably they were left out overnight, not kiddin! With a taste of cinnamon with a cinnamon stick in it and tasted it sweet,

Miguel constantino

Hello nice place to visit

Matthew Bernier

One of my favorites in Tucson! Their steak in the Steak Frite dish was on point. Super tender, and perfect without any kind of sauce. The fries were al dente, which is just the way I like them. You'll probably enjoy this place even more than me if you like fish/ seafood, since that's also their thing....

AlexTheLion Bruh

Amazing restaurant with an upscale atmosphere the drinks are good but a tad bit pricey but worth it for a nice date night

julia askew

Amazing punch bowls and delicious food! Worth the price

Bill Ballard

Good place to meet and have local mixology style drinks

jauque allison

The foods exemplary and the venue is beautiful

Bob Jacobson

Super cookery in lovely San Agustin setting recalling Tucson's Spanish and Mexican heritage.

Elyssa Marley

Food was ok. Nothing mind blowing. Service was very slow. Very slow. It took us an hour to get our food after ordering and we weren't the only ones. We didn't see from the waiter at all after we ordered. Not even for an explanation as to why it was taking so long. Tell us something, missing staff, problem in kitchen, anything will do. But nothing. Hopefully this was just one bad day.

Thomas Piccolo

Not sure what happend to this place. What was once “the best” wings in tucson have now downsized to the typical wing you get at any ol wing cafe. They used to be the true definition of a “buffalo” wing (large, meaty, and juicy). However the taste is still wonderful and refined for a wing. My last two cents are for the mushroom dish. However, they are still very flavorful, and the excitement of having world famous “barrio bread” served along with them, you now receive overly oily shrooms (floated in oil). The barrio bread is fully toasted, (out of taste) to crostini strength, this will tear up your mouth. To boot, they are saturated in butter with no flavor (salts) to break up the oils. Between the shroom based oil butter broth and the bread, you’re mouth is left feeling oily and with no ability to taste food anymore. The service was mediocre at best. Lastly the drinks were phenomenal as always. So do try the drinks!

Ronald Widman

A little pricey and the bar noise was overwhelming at times

Connie Burnett

My daughter and I had a beautiful lunch and time together. This restaurant is lovely, elegant, simple, and traditional in a southwestern way.

Suzette Goebel

The whole Mercado San Agustin is a great place to visit. Very funky. We love their happy hour at the Agustín Kitchen.

Rico Suave

Absolutely excellent! Great and knowledgeable staff. Had a great oyster medley. I love this place! You won't be disappointed. Day or night, this place will satisfy.

Nicole Thurston

Agustin has the potential to great restaurant, (good location nice atmosphere) the food is fresh and tasty but the wait staff is absolutely horrible. I didn't feel like a valued customer. Don't think I'm going to waste my time going back.

Tania Gerard

Great service. Try the nopal fries, they are awesome.

George Vander Meulen

Fresh nice food. Wonderful people.


The best restaurant I have been in tucson

Team Lapadat

Amazing Chef-driven food! Ambiance and service were fantastic!! Will be back!

Joshua Spielberger

I have been several times. Food us always good and great atmosphere. Service can be slowish at times but all in all worth going.

Becky Nuckolls

We chose this place to host a wedding rehearsal. Sally, the owner, was great at helping us plan and guided us through our food and drink choices. The food was amazing! The guests had many entre choices, and we received many compliments on the quality of each dish. I had the goat and tasted the poached cod, the herbed chicken, and the chicken spaghetini. Each was delicious. The appetizers and cookies for dessert were also complimented. Jesse, the bartender, did a great job, even mixing special drinks for people. The room they have for special occasions is attractive and welcoming. We were completely pleased. We highly recommend this place, especially for a special event.

Kimberly Rose

The atmosphere was really nice - sort of old world meets modern design. Very cozy with lower lighting, allowing you to focus on your date. We started with the braised mushrooms, which were excellent. Very flavorful. I had the Carrot Risotto and my date had the veal. Presentation of the dishes were good, the flavors were also good. Somewhat on the rich side, though. Not as balanced as the flavors of the mushrooms. Service was attentive and friendly.

Raymond Rugg

My meal was extremely disappointing, ordered the Cioppino the sauce had so much lemon it was like eating a bowl of acid, paid extra for bread, which was very dried out and hard, for $33 it was barely eatable, should have sent it back but the scallops, shrimp and fish died to be eaten and not dumped in trash. For the price you would expect better quality control.


Not sure if I have placed a review here yet but I just love Augustin kitchen. The staff, the food, the style, it's just all amazing. They also have a separate private room you can rent out for special occasions and parties. We have done that as well and had a great experience. They always have great cocktail recipes and the chef is willing to accommodate for any need, allergy or special occasion. We have been her on date night, couples night and with family and never had a bad experience. You'd have to be pretty square to leave a bad review for Augustin kitchen, all they want is to make your experience as perfect as possible. Make a reservation and have a great night.

Marissa DeLaGuerra

Excellent food and service

Jeannie Orr

Cool atmosphere and the food is fresh with interesting twists.We have been there several times and it is always excellent.Sit at the bar and watch as really awesome cocktails are made! The patio is a nice option as well.

Ken Koz

Loved it. Wasnt perfect but everything asked was answered. Steak melted in my mouth. I will come here again. Super friedly wait staff.

Noah Vaughan

This is my favorite place to go when I need to spoil myself for the evening. Food is always top notch, and their drinks are all very fresh and made it house


So much class and ambiance. A true gem.

Tristan Fletcher

Great meal! Good service

robert holt

Friendly staff with great margeuritas .. inexpensive as well

Seth Gleason

This place is amazing. Kind of tucked away, but the courtyard is a lot more busy with all the development and the annex. They have a great menu that changes. The staff is extremely consistent and effective. Never had bad service, and drinks are awesome. It's on the slightly pricier side, but I think it's well worth it.

Brian Jones

Great service and phenomenal food in a great atmosphere. I was really surprised there weren't more customers because every one loved their meal and felt it was a great value for what you got. We definitely plan on going back.

Marcos Moreno

Best meatloaf I've ever had in my life. Try the nopales fries!

carol bymers

Best waiter!! Great food. A little on the spendy side..they make the BEST French fries.

Amanda Jeffers

Always great food, service, and their patio is fantastic

Andrea Fulton

Great food, presentation, atmosphere! Nice selection of wine by the glass.

Shelly Ford

Food was excellent - felt and tasted authentic and fresh made. Service was good and sitting in dappled shade in courtyard was perfect.

Weili Lin

Food is good.

Anna P

The pork tenderloin was fantastic and the staff were kind and attentive.

Kingralph Cuesta

Food was ok.. a little expensive for its quality. Plus was very loud for our taste

Chris Nicholson Miller

Really wonderful happy hour drinks and food! Great ambiance too.

Jojo Lopez

Calamari was delicious and thank you Alex for the history lesson.

Martha Sharp-Halla

Great dining in Tucson Thanks to all the staff, and chef

Helen Dominguez

Mexican restaurant is too popular. Only one ordering window and very slow due to visitors being unfamiliar with menu items and asking copious questions about the food and ingredients. Only outdoor seating available.

Rochelle Saldana

We came here with high hopes and, sadly, were disappointed. The food was only mediocre and overpriced. Dessert was a let down as well. We won’t be returning, but that taco place next door? Definitely want to check that place out!

Leaha Autumn

This place could be so great, but every time I go I'm left disappointed by the service

Carlos Aponte

You owe to yourself to dine here!

Dave Sal.

Simply put disappointed. Atmosphere is pleasing within the courtyard, sticker shock at the prices sets in when your dish arrives and leaves you wondering where the rest of the dish went. $20 for 4 grilled oysters, FOUR! maybe FORE! would be a more appropriate as you may want to duck. Now the reason for two stars Matthew the server first came to us telling us that the kitchen would be closing in 10 minutes putting us in wonder if we should just get up and leave. He took our drink order upon returning took our appetizer only order as we felt that would be safe to a closing kitchen. The dish looked good to the eye, but again 4 oysters. The seared sirloin & peppadews was prepared to order and tasted good with a horseradish sauce. Upon being asked how the dish was my wife attempted to make small talk with the server Matthew and was cut short saying "I don't have time for this" and rudely/quickly walked off leaving us wondering W.T.H, and did not return as we had two other servers finish for him. Both others were kind and considerate of us and apologised for their coworkers. New flash damage done!!

Michael Muenchow

I need to post about our great experience here because I see so many dissatisfied reviews. It makes me sad to read that others haven't enjoyed their time at Agustin when our experience showed how great the potential was. The location is awesome, definitely a cool part of town, and the decor and layout is on point for this concept. We were greeted and seated immediately and were brought waters while our server made her way over. The server made excellent suggestions for cocktails and food, as well as an informative description of the specials. Actually, the server at the table next to us did an even better job with suggestions, but we were still very happy. We enjoyed the mussels as our appetizer, which come in the best sauce I have ever had with mussels, and I lived in France! They were cooked to perfection and quite large as well. We tried the wine-poached orange salad which was interesting in a delicious way. My main course was absolutely perfect: curried cauliflower and potato croquettes with duck confit. I'm not sure what they use to season the red lentils, but I wish I could have them every day! All in all it was a great experience. My girlfriend and I are restaurant managers and love to dine out. We are often let down by poorly executed concepts, but I would definitely recommend AK to anyone.

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