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9191 Old Seward Hwy, Anchorage, AK 99515, United States

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REVIEWS OF Winky's Wings IN Alaska

Corey McCurry

Updated: ordered delivery (original hot), came quickly, wings tasted great with just the right amount of spice I was told the wings here are great and I'm sure they are but my first time walking in I waited nearly 10 minutes without being greeted or given any indication I was even noticed. I walked out, I may try again at some point but not a good first impression

Jaro Palmén

Enrique Flores

Sky Money

Needs a good outside cleaning

Jennifer Silva

Adam Thomas

LOVE these wings!!


Phil Perry

Michael Whitten

Never answers their phone. Recording gives hours stating open from 4pm to 10pm and to please call back during business hours. However called 4 times between 5:30 Pm and 5:45 pm and received same recording. Looks like from other posts that this is a reoccurring problem.

kalyn montague

sorry cant

Richard Allen

The very best Philly I've ever had! Not to mention it's only 4 blocks from work. Yum!!!!!

Lakeview Recording Studio

Best wings in Alaska...hands down.

Kaine Wootan

Great food, good service

Brett Woofter

Kris Knox

Amanda Vanderbilt

They have good food most of the time, but they have kids that work there and sometimes you end up with the wrong order, or if they answer the phone you're put on hold for a while.

William Phillips

I love their wings! Better than Wings and Things!

Jessica Crow

BEST wings I have ever had in my entire life.

Lidia Martinez

We’ve ordered wings from Winkys for many years now. Our order is usually the same; extra crispy with extra seasoning. The last two times we ordered, our wings were really bare and not very crispy. This is the only reason I decided to call them to complain when I got home and noticed subpar wings, again. The man that answered the phone then handed the call to Stacey. I explained to her what the problem was and she was more concerned with proving me wrong than actually trying to rectify the problem. That’s what bothered me more than anything, the lack of customer service. If she would have offered to redo our order, I would have been happy to drive back and exchange the wings. But she spent more time arguing with me than trying to find a solution. Once I realized that she wasn’t even trying to fix it, I ended the call and hung up. It sucks because we really like their wings, but I won’t be returning to Winkys. Their service definitely left a bad taste in my mouth.

TheWadelet .

Mac and cheese wedges.. smaller portions and burnt Cheesesteak so salty I couldn’t eat it Empanadas are fabulous but they get smaller every time I order them. So basically I got two empanadas for thirty bucks..... sad

Priscilla Dipola

Awesome place! Great customer service!

Roberto Black

Out of all the wing places in Anchorage, hands down the best. Service isn't the fastest but it was always delicious, pickup or delivery.

Master Decker

Great service, we loved the dry rub wings, they weren't swimming in oil like most every other place. Their Philly cheese steak is about the best in town. Come hungry, leave full and happy. Prices are on par with other similar restaurants.

Evelyn Solaita

I really enjoy the chicken n variety of flavor

Chris Murray

Tried them twice different food each time everything has been amazing so far.


Amy Castillo

Love this family local restaurant!! Soooo good. I just wish they were open earlier on the weekdays.

Ryan Shannon

Chris Kirk

Kevin Hite

Good selection...

Austin O'Neill-Koch

ive been making attempts to call this place for the last 3 days for a delivery order. they never answer the phone. i dont know why but ive gone somewhere else now for my dinners simply because they cant even answer tbe phone. horroble customer service, the food is ok, if you can get any!!!

arthella head

Robert Walters

Top notch! Best cheeseburger in town. Cajun food is outstanding as well. Priced very modestly. You can't go wrong here!

Chance Donovan

Great food but, I guess you can't expect to get an order within 30 minutes from closing. I called them around 9:35 and made more attempts to call as I made my way there.I get there about 9:45 and there was plenty of people who could've answered my calls. However, despite the door being propped open with a sign that said open, the employees there said they were closed.

Kim Mauthner

Great food

Amber Jordan


Love the atomic boneless wings.

Richard Binion

Andy Mullen

Overpriced and Overrated. We went here because they were supposed to be "the best wings in AK", they weren't. Asked for mild wings and extra crispy, we received a spicy wing, that was soggy, and barely had meat on the bone. Do not fall for the hype, their is no place to sit, and this place is not worth the money.

David Fairclough

Excellent food and customer service!

nancy mejia-lopez

My first time eating there tonight. I was greeted less than one minute after walking in. I ordered the mushroom and swiss burger with a side of collard greens and red beans and rice. The guy who took my order was nice and was honest and said it could take up to 25 minutes, but I had time to wait. I could see they had a lot of deliveries too so I get it. They kept me updated on my order and even brought it to my car when it was ready. I went home and it was good! The burger was big and juicy, the collard greens had flavor and the red beans and rice had a nice kick. Until next time!! -One happy pregnant mama!

Shaylin Sterling

This has to be the best cajun food!! We loved the food here! We will be ordering from here again! The delivery guy was super nice!

Timothy Hames

Have been going/ordering from for nearly 5 years. Can honestly say the best philly's in town, very good wings (they don't soak them with dripping wet sauce, which I prefer). I've always encountered wonderful customer service and reasonable delivery times. (Hint to those that complain about it...don't be an ass...)

Rob G

Zkk Pt

Nothing better on game day or getting off work

Spark Plug

Best burgers wings pork sandwich pasta jumalia to catfish. 100 % awesome

Kandiiz Way

Dissappointed because the food all my family members wanted was not available. I was really looking forward to it. Got hung up on and and service was rude.

Stephanie Morris

Horrible customer service and ok food!! I called at 7:34pm and they told me it would take 30-40 mins. When I got there I was told it would be an additional 15-20 minutes waited longer then was told 7-8 mins waited almost another 20 minutes. Finally got our food and got back to our house there was missing food so I called and the guy was very rude about it. So I just said fine after spending $71 and going through that I won't be going back.

Brian Lee

By far the best wings I've ever had anywhere and its right here in Anchorage.


ikonik kid

You're website has no hours posted. Google says you're open Sunday but I guess otherwise.

Off The Ground OTG

Bob Skaats

Great people, great food, thanks

Tom Jones

Wings to make your taste buds do backflips, one of the gems here in Anchorage, the deep fried zucchini, service was friendly, fast, very professional.

Mike Anderson

Best wings in town! I've tried 5 or 6 other places & no where else has wings quite as good as Winkys! Delivery times can be higher than avg & I wish they were open Sundays, but otherwise, I love the food!

Sandie Kieselbach

Best wings in town by far! They are crisp and juicy!

Mikey Potter

Great food

Stephanie Fraser

Best wings in town!

William Ferguson

Best wings in town

Ryan Raynor

Kathi-jo Skaats

Good customer service and good food

Irene R

Great wings!

Carlton Gaines

I enjoyed the wings but the wait for delivery is not worth it and the hours they are supposed to be open they are closed


Tommy V Brown 2

#1 spot in Anchorage

Hans Hanner

Great fried okra, awesome catfish, and some of the best wings I've ever had. I'm really glad we found this place, we'll be sure to come back.

Michael Mckoon

Good wings slow service though

Shannon Storrs

Has great food I enjoy the dry wings

Terry Richardson

Go for the "Cajun Shrimp"

Marilyn c

Wicky Wings: Very nice guy, took order quickly, I was the only one in store, got it to go, 1 order hot wings orginal. A lady fixed them in back and brought them to me.Everything was good. Untill late that nigh I woke up very sick and could not stop up chucking for about 4 hours and run fever for 48 hours Never again!

Kedrick May

Great ! The best chicken of all time !!!

Real Jive

Over 1.5 hours to receive an order? Then to receive a call; they're on a road past where I live? I'm very sad. Last place that seemed dependable. Only get one chance. Time to move on.

Amy Noket

I like the wings but customer service is so rude! No matter how polite you are they act as though you're a bothersome and just hang up on you without a Thank you.

chuck Craig

Best wings in town!

Karen Bergamaschi

I have ordered the reaper wings for my husband and he loves spicy/hot good. I had the bacon wrapped deep fried covered in cheese hotdog. At first i was thinking costco size dog. Nope it was a small perfectly size dog snd i gave my husband a bite even lol. One thing to think about is using cash with small business owners the processing fees are eating into their profits. Just something to think about.

Universe Critic

Hole in the wall, but great wings. They got some various things on the menu (think it might be too much), but for it being a "Wing" place, its pretty darn good for the price.

Scott Griffith

Always great wings and friendly owner. I am a bit concerned about the recent price hike in February 2018. This will impact the frequency that I go here but I will be back for more.

Ashley Windle

As a guy who grew up just outside of Philly, I have to say that these guys make the best cheesesteaks in town. The wings are phenomenal as well. The service is great, and I don't mind waiting.

Andrei Chaschin

Best wings in town, hands down. I also just tried their chicken bacon ranch pizza, for now on I will only order from Winky's.

Calvin Kashevarof

Zoe Head



This is a hang out for teenagers. The wings aren't good.

Duane Phillips

Nicholas Spring

Best wings in town!

Adam Anderson


I decided to order from Winkys because of a good review and totally regretted it. The Philly cheese steak sandwich is the worst in Anchorage. No flavor whatsoever! I've had a better Philly from the 5th Ave Mall. We also ordered Cajun shrimp, no flavor; 'inferno' wings, terrible; and a cheeseburger, no flavor. It also took an hour and a half for our food to be delivered. Not worth it.

Tee Rose

I always only go to winky's for wings! Best in Alaska! I usually get the inferno and I'm never disappointed . I found out today that they also have a REAPER wing . Gotta try that next time!

John Daet

Need better hours...

Jasmine H

Great garlic fries

Ben Nove

Ngozi Opara

This place takes too damn long. And they advertise as being “FAST”. Sigh

Kris Roman

steven wright

Good food good people, makes me feel like I am back in the South

Luis Morales

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