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417 D St, Anchorage, AK 99501, United States

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Where is The Bubbly Mermaid Oyster Bar?

REVIEWS OF The Bubbly Mermaid Oyster Bar IN Alaska

Erica Trittschuh Armitage

If you like fresh oysters and champagne, this is not to be missed. Very small inside, but that adds to the charm. There are no individual tables so if you don't like meeting people and sharing conversation, this isn't for you. Just a ship bar and bar stools around the sides. Delicious oysters, both a hot and a cold menu, all $3 each. Love how unique this place is!

Kim Wriggins

What a unique bar! The bartenders are delightful, so many different bubbly wines and more oysters than we dreamed of.....great original place to stop. All of the other customers were really nice and everyone was having FUN!

C. Schillo

Dive bar that serves nothing but a plethora of champagne and mostly oysters in every imaginable combination (and then some) of cooked or raw. Down to earth, yet crazy helpful bartenders that knew where to steer two foodies looking for a good time. Thank you for being our now favorite gem in Anchorage.

Jenna Campbell

The oyster shooters are amazing! Definitely recommend stopping by and having some amazing food. The decor and feel alone is worthy of a look inside!


Staff is not very friendly, kind of rude. We had a blonde bartender girl in the back Mexican section. Also they don't accept cards for some reason, so bring cash. Or don't go at all

Timothy Rose

Unique atmosphere...perfect for dates or with small groups of friends. Wonderful bubbles and wine. Love the baked oysters!

Scott Harrison

Prices on champagne way too expensive. Restaurants right nearby with comparable atmosphere have same drinks but half the price.

David A

Definitely go here!!! NYC or LA would be lucky to have this place. Owner/operator is legit. It’s worth the prices to support them. If we ever come back to anchorage, you know where we’ll be. As long as you have a debit card, you’re good to go.


The bar seating was very uncomfortable. Hard to have a conversation. Definitely not a place to celebrate private life events. Oysters were fresh and champagne recommendations were paired well. If you are going to spend a lot of money on champagne and oysters one would expect cleanliness and comfort. If you are looking for some ambience and class this is not the place for you.

Magnetron Magnetron

You don't need a reason to pop the bubbly, eat variety of oysters, and enjoy this 'hidden' treat. In addition to their aptly themed atmosphere, their staff is well versed in their selection, so even the less experienced champagne and oyster crowd can enjoy all they have to offer. Don't foget about brunch.

Cj Hayward

Crazy guy causing commotion for no reason, great content, keep it up!

Matt Duke

Oysters were decent, Champaign was amazing. Service was the worst I have expierenced.

Tiffany De Las Alas

Absolutely amazing! I can't wait to visit Anchorage again and eat here. Most creative selection of oysters (hot & cold) I have ever seen. If you visit Anchorage you have to go here. Limited space/seating so the earlier the better.


Bartender is great! People come in with a pushy attitude and she stands her ground!

Kristiane Naegler

Loved this small space. Cozy, romantic and great oysters.

Renee P

Rose champagne and oyster shooters, how could this be a bad thing? From the cold side I had the Diablo and the Belfast shooters, yum! From the hot side of the bar I ordered the Thomas, this was my first hot oyster, filled with cheese, panko and worchestire, very good and I was glad I tried them all.

Nicole Lambros

We went in two days in a row! The taco bar in the back is cute, but the 5 stars is for the front. Staff at the front bar is well informed about the champagne, the variety of sparkling was impressive and the oysters were amazing. I was reluctant to try the creative toppings, but by the end I had tasted my way through the board. So happy we found it!

Anna Krawczyk

Champagne was good, oysters were ok. When new customers arrived the owner made a comment that he would like us to leave, additionally his pos terminal is not set to accept credit cards, so he made us pay 4% more using the wholesale seafood one. Overall experience was ruined by that behavior.

Renee Tatusko

This is a charming little cafe for superior oysters, cold or hot, and an excellent selection of champagne. I would give 5 stars except for one thing -- you can only use a credit/debit card if you have a pin. It's a bit of a pain. So if you go, be forewarned.

Ru Tec

love the oyster bar and taco bar out back but very spendy thou.

Matthew Bigman

Unique atmosphere with a charming sea inspired design, this place is excellent is your hankering oysters and champagne. But that's all your coming here for. The selection for both is varied and wise ranging, and your sure to enjoy yourself thanks to s friendly and helpful staff. Bathroom could be slightly better barked.

Island Girl

great tacos and sangria!

Aaron Abramovitz

Great oysters with champagne. Terrific selection with fitting staff.


Quirky and memorable, no doubt a must-visit if one is into oysters and champagne: Options aplenty! Cozy or cramped seating (depending on your neighbors), with effervescent staff at times more interested in visiting than providing service. Signage declares they accept debit cards, but they leave their policy of not accepting credit cards unsaid—until it's time to pay. Having to run to nearby ATM to take care of tab left a bad taste in my mouth.

Fabian Lopez

Awesome place, good night made with me and my wife.

Tyler Bell

This place is amazing. Every hot and cold oyster I had here was delicious. There's a great champagne selection too. This will definitely be a regular stop for me each time I'm in Anchorage.

Angelene Fitch

Ever kind of oyster imaginable. So good if you like oysters you have to get there! I little on the spendy side but well worth every penny!

Samuel Bartlett

A variety of delicious oysters and bubbly in an intimate cozy setting. Always a good way to go.

Garry Post

Fun place for sparkling wine or beer and oysters done many different ways. Small venue and very cheerful.

Gerald long

Very quaint setting. Oysters were great!!! Very large selection of champagne and variety of differently prepared oysters. Soup was very good also.

Scott Eddy

What a cool place.

james forman

Always a good time, great service. It's not cheap, but oysters and champagne aren't meant to be. They still have plenty of options to fit most budgets though. Always worth checking out when you're downtown

Simone Murphy

So after a long day at work coming to somewhere new that I never been at and seen driving by many times, was worth it to come in on a Tuesday night , I really enjoyed myself . The bartender/server ,she was friendly and shared some memorable stories. It was quiet as far as space, the customers there fantastic and we bonded on similar stories. The food was good , enjoyed all the hot cooked oysters plus one raw shooter which was worth it. I would definitely doing this again on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Elisha Waugh

Very cool place with great food!

Alison Kelley

My five star rating depends 100% entirely on WHO is working. If you want someone who knows the menu and champagne, you want Mina or Allison. As a niche spot, staff should be ready and willing to help you select bubbly and oysters. We've been there when staff didn't know anything about champagne or oysters, and we've had staff completely ignore us. Since I love what they serve, I tried one more time, after friends advised that we have to go "when there's a woman bartender." We agree, but not just any women. An exceptional experience with Mina and a few other fun patrons stole my heart and turned me on to a lovely new (for me) bubbly, Goutorbe blanc de blanc. I took a friend the following week, eager to share my "discovery" but the staff that night, though friendly and attentive, didn't know champagne or oysters. A 3rd attempt yielded a great experience with Allison. She loves to talk and share her champagne knowledge and helped me discover another new favorite, Pierre Peters blanc de blanc. You drop some bank here, and the bartender can make or break your experience. And a caveat: Alaskan oysters are in limited supply, largely due to seasonality, but we've learned to enjoy out of state oysters. We prefer naked and raw, and especially liked the Fanny Bay and the Miyagi.

Sonja Stafford

Cute atmosphere and great champagne but... the service is terrible. In a small spot that can only sit 20 people tops and only had about 12 in it at the time and two waitresses/bartenders we received the worst service especially for the prices. The absolute WORST part was instead of the waitress walking our oysters to us since we were sitting by the window she passed them through the customers sitting st the bar while shouting the names the Oysters were. Is that sanitary?? I was appalled and just furious. We didn’t get utincels and had to wait standing at the bar for eye contact for atleast 6 minutes. She had forgotten about our second round of champagne, our food and basically our existence. We waited 45 minutes for the Oysters and had to remind her... On top of it all our Oysters were not fresh, I’ve never had a fish after taste in my mouth so bad and had to spit out a oyster for being too fishy! Not what my friends and I were looking for on a girls night.

Ahmed Abdulmajeed

Absolutely must visit. Small and cozy space. Beautiful design. Knowledgeable and helpful staff. The oysters came fresh and delicious. Make sure to try the Casino, Marinier, St. Jacques, BBQ. Make sure to try the Salmon caviar, and leave some room for the chocolate mousse.

Adam Russ

Apollo, the bartender... was amazing! Very knowledgeable about champagne and a lot of fun! Small bar... European feel. I would recommend everyone wanting a break from the norm come here! Stick around for the after party! That’s usually after 3 am

Blake F. Quackenbush

The best! If you read the review from "B B" below, don't listen to that noise, especially when they can't use a comma. the experience you need in your life. Owner (Naff) is the man!

Kevin Kelleher

Nice little bar, super small, prepare to cozy up if there's more than a handful of people. Oysters were reasonably priced for individual specialty oysters, champagne started around 80$ a bottle to 250$. Wouldn't recommend for people with claustrophobia or anxiety from being shoulder to shoulder with people.

Jonathan Green

Cool sea themed, very intimate space. Great selection of bubbles. Long list of oysters. It's a fun space. It gets busy. I'll be back

Andrew Zimmer

What a unique bar off the beaten tourist path! Been here a few times and love the fun service and atmosphere. While I haven’t sampled the oysters, my friends have and love them. There is a hidden bar in the back specializing in Mexican drinks and food, definitely a must see! Service is great all around even if crowded. Have a go at the Trivial Pursuit cards....good times!

African Blonde

Champagne and oysters.. what more could a girl want?!! You've never seen a place like this... uniqueness throughout the whole experience! Not for the weak pallet. Ask about their private mystery dinners.... Too much fun!

Brent Fessler

Very good fresh oysters small fun place.

Amy Agidius

The most magical and wonderful of places. I adored everything we tried. The amazing bartender told us "My champagnes tell stories and my oysters sing songs. "

Stirling Spencer

A whimsical dive bar that serves the freshest Pacific Oysters and Champagnes for every price point. The Bubbly Mermaid is one of the most unique spots I've ever been to. It's like you've been whisked away by the Northern Lights to a cozy bar in a fantastical land, playing music that livens your heart and food that fuels your soul. There's no place like it! Oysters, Champagne... that's it...oh, and no credit cards, debit cards are okay and cash.

Jonathan Zack

Unique place owners built it environmentally friendly, cool feel good crowd the Mexican joint in the back had the best tacos in town hands down but the oysters are small service is slow. Over the last 3 years I have been coming here I have noticed it's a very inconsistent experiance.

jennifer mancone

Great selection of oysters and knowledgeable bartenders to walk you through dressings. The bathrooms are a maze, use your flashlight.

sky nye

Feeling bougie? Go here. Probably one of the coolest interiors if any restaurant in the northern hemisphere. They mean it when they say champagne and ousters. The food is top notch. Also there may it may not be a secret bar in the back, rumors..

Michael Perez

The bartenders here are awesome! The path and entry are so much fun.

Sarah Gold

Oysters, Champagne, Great Friends and a unique comfortable atmosphere. Cheers!

Marcin O'Brien

Delish....and the boublies!!!!

Olga Moza

Oysters menu was huge and very diverse. But very cramped place with no clean tables. Very drunk and loud people. No culture of oyster bar in it's normal sence. Too wild for my taste! Female bartender had very low, inappropriate cleavage. And the owner was rude and very disrespectful. I gave 3 stars just for oysters menu. Otherwise it's "0"

John Thain

What a great place! Very small horseshoe bar and no tables or booths, make getting a seat rather challenging. Amazing wine selection and smart servers. This place was a little too fancy for me - I'm a beer and burger guy. But they do it right.

Morgan Young

I’ve been here a couple of times for fun, way too expensive to be a regular place to go. However if you prefer your oysters parasite-free this isn’t the place for you. The second oyster I received, had a worm on it. I was pretty shocked, took out my phone flashlight and told the bartender. She looked at me, completely annoyed, and said “....are you surreee?” I asked her if she’d like to use my flashlight to see. She half-heartedly looked at the plate, then asked if I’d like another. Of course I said no and asked for the check. She wasn’t apologetic in any way, didn’t wish us a good day on our way out, in fact she didn’t say anything to us at all after the incident. Extremely rude and unprofessional. I was too disgusted to even think about taking a picture but upon google investigation was able to find what is called an “oyster worm” which are “generally not parasitic” ... not the best news but not the worst. In any case, I obviously will not be returning. Tried contacting management to no avail.

Michael Paunovski

Came here for a glass of champagne and tried a variety of hot and cold oysters. This place has a romantic charm to it and is definitely a fun spot to enjoy a quick bite. The service wasn't exactly the most welcoming and friendly but it was a great last stop before our flight out.

Eric Conner

So cute! Love the design a feel of the speakeasy secret expansion.

Alex Tran

My friend introduced me to this place. It's a cute little Oyster Bar that serves hot and cold oysters. They also serve raw oysters on the half shell. The owner is Apollo and is super friendly! I ended up ordering about a twisters. We also had some champagne as well. I ordered a canapes dish that consisted of a salmon caviar. Overall, great atmosphere and delicious food.

Lucy Pavalock

New fave. Oysters are fantastic and the staff was truly exceptional. So welcoming. Great way to begin our Alaskan adventure.

Robert Craig

What an absolutely fantastic place! All aspects were fantastic today from the service to the oysters and champagne. The venue is very intimate and lends itself well to both the guests and proprietor interacting during a visit which only adds to the charm. Anchorage is very lucky to have this jewel in the community.


Right and the best place for oysters. And lots of selection for champagne. You want to all options but once is not enough for that:)

Julie Nordstrom

Exclusive offers of champagne and oysters, plus many other tapas. Super fun venue! Purchase a nice bottle of champagne to share and the owner will saber it for you.

Matt chu

Very nice small joint.

Tane Bathke

Used to be good. Terrible staff. Don't know their Champagnes At All! All we heard dry, do you want dry? Had no idea where the oysters came from. Terrible service, ignored, and with only seating 20 people!! Dirty bathroom, dirty counters, came home sick. Someone was trying to wash glasses on the counter. We live here and I will Not go back or recommend!

Connie Hanson

Loved this place! The selection of champagne was amazing! It's quaint and charming. They offer flights starting from $15. Very fun.

Herakles Li

It's a small bar that is shaped like the front of a boat! They have quite the selection of oyster recipes to try and a huge array of champagne as well. The bar also has a secret that is quite spectacular as well and discovering this secret is part of the fun!

Troy Thomas

Unique and fun.

Jaella Morris

Great little bar to grab a glass of champagne and have a few oysters. The bar is small best for small groups.

Ethan Whitehouse

Best oyster bar in NA. My son, Paul, is autistic and the staff really did a great job to catering to his needs, although he was quite startled by some of the aggressive patrons, this did not ruin our experience. 10/10 Cx

DJ Brian Allen Hoff

Loved it

Ryan Weik

I was served a rancid oyster. They removed 1 oyster from the bill, but when you are paying 4 per oyster and 15 a glass for champagne you shouldn't have to worry about being fed rancid oysters at an oyster house. I was unable to remove the flavor from my mouth and was forced to end my meal not to mention the embarrassment of having to spit it out in front of everyone at the bar because shellfish food poisoning is not something I ever want to experience again. 0 attempts made by staff to rectify, not even water and crackers.

Chrystal Clark

Amazing! ✨

Chelsea Heaton

I was just in Seattle and Maine eating oysters they were no where near this price. We paid 40 dollars for 12 oysters. They only serve champagne, and it is also extremely expensive. There are no menus, I think in an effort to deter customers for knowing the prices. I tried to order the crab cakes, and he said they don't have a full menu on Mondays. It was Tuesday. I think he knew we were out of town and made up a crazy price for our oysters. Please don't go here.

odin hurst

Not a lot of room for a bar, not really kid friendly food. I ordered the quice

Courtney Jones

So amazing!!! We went two days in a row. Bartenders were great and helped suggest champagnes while we did rounds of oysters.

Tim Hufford

This place has a simple menu, yet quite the variety. It's all about oysters, and champagne...that's it. They have a huge variety of oysters on the half shell, both cold and hot, as well as shooters. One of my favorites was the Poke oysters.....oyster on the half shell with a little poke and ginger. They also have a large variety of champagne to choose from by the glass, and their staff is well trained on the variety and their differences to help you narrow it down to a champagne that will fit your palette

Melissa Moody

Delicious oysters - try the hot preparations. The small space is cozy and facilitates great conversation! Oysters were gone so fast I didn't get a "before" pic...

nina groenke

The waitress/cashier continually had to keep the straps of her dress up while trying to serve. The oysters were extremely small, not fresh, had an odor. Nothing was served like how any of the other Google review photos looked. I was not impressed. At all! Only gave a star because I had to. We went to Peter's sushi spot.

Michael Ferguson

Great place for raw oysters and oyster shooters! Bubbly champagne is the drink of choice with oysters on the half shell or with inventive additions for great eating.

Billy Driver

Very small and intimate, super legit oysters and the accompaniments are great as is the service. Great spot!

Chantal Baxter

Best kept secret in Anchorage. Absolutely love this place.

SierraMadreSue Behrens

Tiny place, mostly bar seating, around a big boat. Oysters and champagne are worth the price, seafood chowder disappointing.

Karem Charles

Though standing room only venue, it's offers a unique experience for meet and greet. Great choices of Oyster and Champagne. combination.

Peter Kerl

Very small oysters. High prices and crowded space. Not comfortable seating.

Deborah Trimmer

Wonderful! Perfect for date night, closing out the evening after dinner and movies, etc.

taylor frank

There service was great we went before the rush to grab dinner. Food was really good we had the calamari and halibut fish and chips. Would definitely recommend this place.

Dori Harz

The atmosphere is enchanting & the oysters were simply amazing!

Courtney Marchesani

Excellent oyster shooters in a warm vintage atmosphere. The service was excellent and both bartenders friendly and helpful. The only downside is there isn't much space.

Anna Strange

Mermazing little spot in downtown Anchorage. Staff was very friendly and helpful with champagne choice. The crowded bar gave the ocean/pirate theme a more authentic feel. A lovely experience all around.

Lori Nelson

If you like Champagne it's the place to go. They had no coffee or tea or even ice for water.The oysters were really good though.

Brad Roche

A bit of character in downtown Anchorage. Very small, so get there early.

Alan Roy

Wonderful oyster bar, excellent service.

Eric Lee

Cold Brews friendly atmosphere customer service is above all and oysters what more do you need

Anthony Berkemeyer

The concept of this place is fantastic. Very simple but delicious menu of oysters and shrimp paired with the perfect champagne. Champagnes are priced by the glass and range from reasonable to very expensive.

Bernadette Brown

Fun place to go and hang out

Gil Leask

Great Oyster bar. Small, great atmosphere

Jeremy Harvill

You get what you pay for....and we got awesome. Great job guys. I love this place

Travis Starling

Probably the greatest place in Anchorage. I've ended many great nights here. Huge champagne selection and I love the oysters...and they're only $3/each.

Charles Willoughby

Great atmosphere and excellent oysters and Champaign. Very cool spot to check out if you're living or visiting Anchorage.

Nelle Bradley

Quaint with great character. Delicious oysters and champagne. Definitely a go!

Beth Izold

Steph was learning, she did a good job!!

Matthew Amundsen

Best oysters in town!

Linda Amoroso

Ok place found it very overpriced not worth the money

Keli Jones

Came her on a recommendation from a co-worker for a place to take my BFF who was visiting from the lower 48. What a find! We spent way too much money but totally worth it and would do it again in a heartbeat! Oysters were freaking amazing, champagne a great compliment, and the personalized service was top notch. Definitely a must do if you're in Anchorage!

Pru Sanae

cute Lil place with excellent selection of oysters. enjoy champagne flights plus they ave a house white and red wine if champagne isn't your thing.

Rachael Dingle

Excellent choice if you aren't quite sure what bubbles or oysters you like as the staff is incredibly knoeledknowleand happy to help you. Everything was wonderful!

chelsey veytia

Crappy service, oysters were ok. Had better service and oysters at Simons. Owner needs to get his servers to understand they are in the customer service industry, if he wants to charge people this ridiculous price.

Bill Rainbird

The bubbly mermaid is cool, small, intimate oyster bar,but is you find the hidden door the surprise at the end makes this a must try.

Brittany Jackson

Bubbly Mermaid is that cool hole in the wall that you dream you could stumble across when you're trying to impress your cool friends/first date/literally anyone - our servers, Allison & Martie, were absolute dreamboats: hospitable, hilarious and incredibly knowledgable about their champagne and oysters - we had so much fun at Bubbly Mermaid on our last night in Anchorage that we showed up the next morning at 9:50 for brunch (call us eager, we don't give a f) - in short, Bubbly Mermaid was so amazing I would drive the 6,684km from Montreal any day of the week to go back to that bar

Shawn Stewart

They do a good job filling the niche of 'oysters and champagne as their selection of both is quite varied. Not a place to go on a budget: oysters are $3 each and champagne starts at $12/glass and goes up from there. VERY tiny venue! Great atmosphere.

Casey Paul

Cozy bar, you can talk to anyone in there. Feels like you are all in it together. Solid oysters with large variety of garnishments and bubbly. Simple but effective. 3% fee for credit cards.

Garrett Floyd

Good oysters, decent (but pricey) champagne, and ok service. Does not accept credit cards, which seems ridiculous for a $100+ per person bill. The service and experience should match the premium price point. Owner is often present but generally sits to the side and does not jump in to help when things get busy. Not friendly either, which is odd for a small town with lots of potential repeat customers.

Tiara Light

Best oysters in town! Best place in town! I absolutely love this place! The staff is excellent! If you don't know your way around champagne and sparkling wine they're very knowledgeable and can help you choose something you're guaranteed to like. Also the used to be secret club is pretty cool. They'll bring you oysters back there

Noa Otto

It's the Bubbly Mermaid. Should be world famous. Not sure why it isn't.

christian johnson

This place is full of character. All the oyster options were awesome and the service was friendly.

Terri Dukes

A tiny little hole in the wall champagne bar I'm absolutely in love with.


They accommodated me and my friend Paul Denino, amazing oysters!

Nathaniel Myer

Intimate environment, loved the decor, 8 types of oyster shooters, 15 other type of hot and cold oyster combos with 8 oysters available solo on the half shell. Very impressive bubbly selection.

Rachel Flanagan

Delicious oysters, friendly staff, tasty drinks!


The best gay bar in Alaska! I love sucking down these oysters and champagne with my boyfriend

Kyle Johnston

My favorite bar in Anchorage. Limited seating with a fantastic ambience. If you like bubbly and oysters you have to go here.

Chase Yarbrough

Awesome place,vibe and food

Lee Schwichtenberg

Wide variety so you can find something you like. Ask about the speak easy.

Vanessa Noble

Hands-down the best place in Anchorage for Champagne and Oysters!!. Whether you love oysters or are not so fond, you can find an Oyster specialty cooked or otherwise that is fantastically delicious for your palate!! A MUST TRY!!! Exquisite Champagne selection!!

Katherine Mooter

What time does the Mexican bar in the back open?

Boyd Soule

The oysters were very tasty and the wine amazing but make sure you bring a couple hundred dollars to blow as your wallet will be sad you visited.

Veronica Santos

Loved this little spot. Great service and even better food and champagne. Best oysters I've ever had so far!

Eric C

Great oyster bar, they're very camera friendly with friendly people!!

Tony Tam

What, so the owner recently got divorced or something? You just wanna punch him in the face, he’s insulting and thinks it’s funny. Overpriced, servers don’t understand what customer service means. Small tiny lil place, you can’t have conversation.

Daniel Briem

Great oyster bar. Just a heads up they strictly only have oysters and a few tapas. They were delcious! The staff is very friendly and they have a great selection of champagnes. This is a very intimate place as well so may not work well for large groups.

Ash A

Great,( but very tiny spot!) Nice selection of bubbly and wide variety of oysters.

Amy Eklund

Got charged $40 for 2 seats. And it didn’t go towards our bill also were required to pay $100 for a bottle of champagne. The bisque tastes like paprika and milk...won’t be going back. Wait staff was nice. But not worth the $184

McLane Gardner

What a cool bat! Ask about the "other" bar...

Lisa Birnel Douglas

Creepy way to the bathroom, Restaurant/Pub is horribly small with $12 glass of Prosecco

Cindy Lee

Had an absolute blast. And the tacos were pretty on point

Trayvon Brown

Diablo Shooters!

Pete Donahoo

Music was a bit different when we visited, more of an upbeat modern french rock or something of the sort but LOVED the place. It is that quant little hidden gem that you did not know you needed to find. They are open till they run out of oysters. The cooked variations on the wall are also well worth the try. The first time we visited around 9:30-10:30 on a winter night, well worth getting out of the house

devin mazza

Over priced champagne but delicious oysters.

Bruce Thomson

This place is awesome! Be prepared to pay a premium for the champagne. But the oyster price is on par with most other establishments at $3/each. My wife really enjoyed their cooked options and I had the raw varieties, which all tasted fresh. The staff was great and the ambience and music made for some good vibes!

milo eakins

the oysters are amazing. you buy them 1 at a time. I ended up trying almost all of the 15 different kinds. the Saigon was by far my favorite. however, the "guy" was rude and stand-offish and we were never offered a drink or a hello really. was our first time it was kind of confusing.

Gwen Feher

Large selection of champagnes and a dozen different can get them cooked or as a shooter and of course raw. Inside is a bit small, maybe a dozen people can fit inside. I love the boat shaped bar. Very kitchy, and wonderful.

Kylee Hickok

I love this place! Freshest oysters I've ever had. Cheerful service.

Chad Slaughter

great atmosphere, many different options for oysters

EddieB Moneyhat

Without question, the single greatest oystet bar in the entire universe. Wander past the bathroom for an incredible taco and an even better conversation. Order every hot oyster, they're all incredible. Splurge on champagne. Push on the walls on the way to the bathroom, who knows what you'll find. Honestly, perfect.

David Kingz

Make sure you ask them about the underground bar they have killer tacos.

Ryan Pattyn

My autistic son and his friend Oyster Andy were having a great time when a drunk guy stumbled into the Oyster Bar and was picking on my son. The bar handled the situation well and overall it was a good experience.

Carol Man

Been here twice, oyster is really fresh and tasty

Chel-SEE Curry

Super cute yet very very small place. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly!

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