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11321 Old Seward Hwy, Anchorage, AK 99515, United States

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REVIEWS OF The Bradley House Food & Spirits IN Alaska

Megan Christine

It took 20 minutes for us to even get water. Our food came out....the zucchini was bad and mushy. The fries were horrible, which I didn't know could happen. The salad was bland and gross. I literally had one bite and couldn't even eat it. The Benedict was less than ideal. The eggs, meat, everything was over cooked and the taste of everything was not good. All said in one even asked if anything was wrong and or realized we hardly touched our food. We ended up paying $75.00+ for horrible food. I've been coming here for so long and each time it just seems worse and worse. It's so sad.

A Google User

Burt Napierala

Nice neighborhood place and great patio

Candence Hirby

Halibut is off the chain Delish

Joelle Swalling

nt. Templin

Spendy but very good.

Heidi Moore

Christopher .Jordan

Its okay. Not great not bad.

Daniel Loebmann

kalyn montague

nicholas jackson

Great burger , but we waited so long . !

Victor G Major

Austin Wym

Soup wasn’t what is was really watery not creamy like it was

Anchorage Mom of 4

We were a group of four ladies with a baby stopping in for refreshments in the late afternoon. We asked and were told that they have no high chairs. We noticed that the menu clearly states in at least 2 places that children are not really welcome. The servers were extremely apologetic and clearly wanted to accommodate our party. I am not sure why the owner wouldn't welcome everyone to enjoy a cocktail on the beautiful deck and have some appetizers (even those who had the the apparently poor judgement to be breeders) I can't fairly comment on the food or drinks because we went across the street to the deck at South where the baby was welcomed with open arms and our patronage was appreciated.

shizuoka shizuoka

Good food

Suzan Simonds

Service was slow and disorganized.

Rosalind Griffin

Great Burger

Dave Tuttle

Great food excellent service and good place to meet friends

Eric Robinson

Karin Kiehn

Lindsey Lensegrav

Zac Kreiss

Jeffrey Pepper

Great little place! Good food, good people!

Mathew Maxey

The staff was really nice and their food was great. Can't wait to go back when the weather gets better and the outdoors is open.

Holly Schmidt

Lori Nagel

Their chicken soup with the pepperjack cream base is THE BOMB! I could literally drink it by the gallon! Cool place to eat if you're in town for a visit.

Kent Pendleton

Diana Kutcher

Nice little restaurant with good food and drinks.

James Lane

Excellent food selection tion fresh Alaskan food

Shawn Fitzpatrick

The quintessential hangout for the martini lover. Great food and generous martinis served in mini-shakers.

Ben Jarratt

One of the best outdoor patios in Anchorage!

Edward pico

More of a Ritchie crowd however upper scale blue collar workers frequent nice atmosphere excellent food and the staff is very pleasurable to be around..... If you love French dips there's are absolutely awesome one of the best in town

Ceci Allen

S L Kerr

Great service and consistent quality food. Small but good for small gatherings

Brett Anderson

Burgers are great. Small cozy atmosphere. Very comfortable for a bite with friends.

Christopher Ricker

Black burger was Awesome! A little noisey though! Would recommend!

Gerald Taft

Great place for Sunday brunch. Wonderful food, attentive service, inviting dining area. A little noisy when it gets busy but all in all a fine choice for our family gatherings.

Jayce Hageman

Great service and by far the best drinks money can buy. Very clean always


Paige lee Wilson

russell mckenzie

Always a 5 star experience!

Brandon Kendall

Jerry Bates

Kai Bell

Conce Rock

Tasty sellections on both regular menu and special s menu. From soup to burger to open faced hot turkey sandwich, all was prepared and presented nicely. They only item that could have been better was the crab & artichoke dip. It was on the dry side and difficult time spread; taste was good, however. Great service. Pleasant, warm environment inside. Still too chilly to sit outside.

Todd Enyart

Brianna Mike

Bill Kennedy

Good food and service

Leah Heller

Brandi Odom

Kevin McElhaney

Drinks good. Food too expensive and lackluster

Staci Richardson

Elizabeth Fisher

Cool place, good food and beer

Stormie Storms


David Lishman

Always good eats n drinks great company with my lovely wife

Grace Vo

denis vlasov

Great food Not expensive Clean and friendly

Calvin Schrage

creper family YT

Inara Baker

Russ Matthess

Timothy Heavner

Nihao Style

The place was nice and casual. The prices were mid to high range. The staff was friendly and prompt when ordering, refills, and suggestions. It a bit of history with a refreshing face.

Sarah Jeter

Always delicious, the service is completely hit or miss, but never terrible, just slow

jerome graves

Glenn Goodall

Stopped by for a couple of beers, nice place and a very knowledgeable and friendly bartender. I will definitely go back.

Andrew Repking

Great spot for good food, and morning cocktails.

Jessie n

Julie Pearson

deck is cold, food great and servers are COOL.

Garry Hanley

Michal Frystacky

Excellent food and service and crazy good price on mixed drinks. This would be a top place in Anchorage to get great and affordable drinks.

Craig Valdez


Great place to visit in the summer on a sunny day on the deck. Inside can be loud when that is your only option. Recommended.

Jason Stewart

Terese Galvin

Long wait times. I should've left when we had to move 3 times because there was a table of completely inebriated people who could who did nothing but say the f word every other word and were so loud you could hear them across the outside patio. Because it was such a beautiful day we decided to wait however it took our waitress 45 minutes to bring us a glass of water and then another 45 minutes to bring us our food, which by the way was cold and not all that great. The food is overrated and their staff is absolutely horrible. This is my last chance at going back to them. I've never had much success coming here, this just validated it.

MaryAnn Cosgrave

Great place to hang out to drink and eat

Roberta Urena

The food is excellent. They recently remodeled and it is gorgeous! It is wonderful place for a romantic date night or for breakfast or lunch. My husband and I really enjoy eating here. Family atmosphere!

Rudy T

I typically enjoy Bradley House. But today, the order of a hamburger and cobb salad took over 30 minutes to fill and due to that the fries were cold. Place was not even half full inside, maybe one group outside I think. That is just poor food management. The cooks knew it, and they still served it. This place is too expensive to be getting cold fries. To their credit they took off a soda that my daughter ordered. They did offer to replace the fries but since they took so long to deliver the food, we didn't have time. Even if we did, getting just the fries later is ridiculous. If you are going to charge 15 bucks for a plain cheese burger, fries better be hot. Will re-rate and post another review the next time I go.

Grant Hartwig

Average in my opinion and a little pricey for what you get.


The walnut and goat cheese salad was delicious. Kudos to th chef. I understand he was the only one cooking for a full house. All of our meals were excellent and service was great as usual.

K Lane

dave brown

Kathy Randall

Excellent atmosphere, great service, perfect meal!

Brandon Waipa

Alex Jenkins

Eric Fagan

Ryan Kauzlarich

If you have a food allergy you might want to eat someplace else. I ordered a Chicken Caesar Salad while the other 3 people at my table ordered Shrimp Caesars. After eating about 1/3 of the salad the back of my tongue started to sting and my throat started to swell. We asked the waitress if the shrimp was cooked with the chicken and she left to ask the chef. She came back and said they cook them on the same surface but separated from one another. I wasn't able to continue eating, and luckily didn't have to go to the ER... Shellfish is a common allergy. I didn't order any, but managed to get some in my food anyway. Not cool.

Chester Ince

Steak and Blue salad is best!

Tammy Fairbanks


I'm giving this place 2 stars, which is probably one more star than it deserves. The patio is great for a nice summer day, to sit outside and enjoy a nice cold adult beverage.... That is, if you can get one within 45 minutes! Seat yourself service should have been my first indication. We finally got a dirty table that stayed dirty for almost the entire time we were here. Finally had to ask the waitress twice to remove the dirty dishes and glasses. After we finally got our drinks, they were ok. Nothing spectacular. To order the food, which they state is not there strong suit, we once again had to wave down a waitress to place an order. When we got to order, they were out of 3 very basic items! Fries being one of them! This was at 7:45pm. The food also is nothing to write home about. Very basic, over priced, greasy food. This place is a disorganized mess. Great for the patio! But that is it.


Robert Durych

Barrie P.

Great place to eat outside. Weather permitting.

Yolanda Brydone

Always great food

Tabb Thoms

Heather is absolutely incredible server, and their desserts are second to none. I not only recommend to my friends I want to express to all to ask for the extra sauce on your dessert and you'll be surprisingly delighted

ashley johnson

I don't know about "fine dining" - but it is a forgotten Southside stop that I always enjoy. Great (small) place to catch up with friends and enjoy some strong drinks. The crowd skews older and the deck is a great spot in the summer.

Scott Moore

Had a nice snack with a couple of drinks delicious

Andy InAk

This place is nice. Not really a family location. As they state "a bar that serves food" something smelled horrible in this place. Old fish or something. Very nice staff though. Also Yay drinks.

Riley Ritchey

A little expensive for mediocre food and drinks. Nothing to get excited about.

Madeline Mullikin

This place has tasty food, great service, and open bar seating available! I definitely recommend it.

Cale Anderson

Overrated food, expensive drinks (get a martini, at least you get alot) very pompous atmosphere, average age: 55.

rick h

David O'Brien

Food is great, service with a smile.

Mike McCabe

Great food and service! Wish they had more tables!

Ross Dean

Jake Staser

Anjum Masoud

Daniel Ellis

Took my father-in-law here because the Bradley House has a great out door patio. I quote many many many people. My father has never been there and was exited to check out there patio. As was I. It's been raining for a few days just to put this in context and it was quite nice this afternoon. So i go to the bar tender and say hey we want to drink on the patio. Sir it's closed. Ok I think no worries. Bartender lady I don't mind ordering here and taking it outside. Sir the patio is closed. Well I don't mind coming in though. The Lazy bartender then states " well if you go outside on the patio then everyone will want to go out there". I've worked through college in bars and restaurants so don't tell me it's hard to open another section. Boohoo. Don't work a little harder to make some more cash. Also for a better reference South across the street always let's my wife and I on there patio even though it's closed because of the season. Obviously it's open right now.

TJ Snell

Always a fun place. Food isn't great but the atmosphere is awesome.

tenecia stiffler

Great place for drinks and food.

Craig Mollerstuen

Good service. Good food. The Steak and Blue salad was excellent.

Maria johnson

phillip philemonoff

It was the best. The French dip sandwich was the best by far... And the service was great.. make sure to go at lunch time and enjoy the sunny beautiful outside seating...

W McDonald

Nice option for a break outside in the Alaskan summer. The attention to detail with the potted trees and flowers really helps the atmosphere. Nice having a satellite bar outside serving the deck.

Jennie Stewart

Dry chicken, wrong order, wrong take-home dessert, nonexistent service. Will never go back again.

Janell Huberman

stephanie pirot

awsome food was vary well thought out

Bohdan Moisiienko

Christian Blalock Sr.

Not as good as it was hyped up to be. Steak and burger need to be seasoned better.

bryan grella

Kim Balazs

Cher Komakhuk

The Best in South Anchorage by Sherri

Apocalypse Inc

Great food if you can get a seat.

Kyle Belk

Jo Costello

derrick mells

good food and the drinks were really good. also really strong...

Jeremy C

Stephanie kirchner

Delectable good and awesome service!

Adam S

Very pleasant atmosphere. Good service, friendly and the food is great!

Nani Albert

Love the food

Chris Brandt

Nice little local area food and small bar. We go for the good food and quaint atmosphere.

R K Nibbe

Halibut on cauliflower mash with vegetables and ginger sauce. Welcome to the new cook in the kitchen! Fabulous.

Will Platzek

Delicious food, delightful staff, great place to catch up or watch the world go by.

Lois Rodrigues

Julianne Lamp

krista ross

I really love going to Bradley House when I want to have a drink and visit with friends. It's not loud or wall to wall people (most of the time) wait staff is about as good as it gets, and then some. I've never had an unpleasant experience there❤

Trunk Creative

One of my favorite places to sit outside with friends and family and have one hell of a Cosmo!

chelsi jones

The goat cheese salad is to die for!

Michelle O'Malia

Bernie still keeping the tradition of wonderful food and service alive from the family Oriental Gardens days. Exceptional night.

The Cat's Meow Grooming & Suites

Beatrice Klingman

Tempura shrimp tasted like it was dipped in pancake batter, then left to swim in warm oil. It’s a good thing the drinks are strong, and Danielle is s nice server. We

xx killxx

Worst place ever!!

Evan Harrington

Amazing bartenders nice place to meet important people

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