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Liz Savage

They have a nice selection of wings too choose from and they have more then just wings on the menu. Every time I've been down there, all the employees have Been nothing but friendly to me And anyone else who's walked into the place has been treated the same. (From What I've seen)

Mark Gipson

The Best Wings in AK with some of the best flavors I have seen. Great fresh Salad Bar with plenty of options. Coupled with great sandwiches, burgers, and selection of AK craft beers make this one of Anchorage's best places to eat! PS, they also own Johnny Chicago's at 36th and Old Seward.

Jessica Moran

Service is friendly, but I'm sorry because the wings are absolutely terrible. I've tried "that wing place" several times now and have decided to not go back again which is ashame because and I live right down the block and it would be a convenient place to eat. The wings are over cooked and taste burnt every time I get them, there's almost no meat on the bones and they didn't have much flavor. The wings I make at home taste better than these so I just don't see the point in going here; last time I ate at that wing place, I only ate one wing and left the rest on the table because they were gross, which was sad because it was a waste, ya know. My room mate ordered chicken strips and asked for sauce on the side but got them covered in sauce which made them soggy, fries were soggy and limp as well. I did enjoy my salad though. I hope this review helps you - the customer and is constructive for the business owner. Because I would really like you the customer to have a good meal, and I would love for the business owner to be successful. This place has a lot of potential, but needs to work on improving food preparation quality. Thanks for your time

Scrub Lord

Foods okay. Incompetent staff will mess your order up most the time.

Jordan Dornellas

First time trying them this week and they were delicious. I ordered their hot wings but asked if they could make them crispy. 100% what I asked for. I already am scoping out plans to go back next week.

Dainard Caldwell

The meal and the portions were great.

Stewart Andringa

This is a great place for wings and beer. Lots of pub food on the menu, several sauce options, the interior of the restaurant really benefited from the update they did recently. Several local beers on tap and plenty of parking, I'll be back.

Oscar Villanueva

I ordered literally 2 hours ago for delivery, paid my money and no food. I called twice and both times was told that the driver had already left and was on the way. Currently still waiting. Trash service.

Austin Merculieff

If you're a fan of an Anchorage Classic, "W**gs-N-Things." Then you'll love their Wings. The service was better then some other mom and pop restaurants in town. Had a good experience overall.

Kenisha Ngumah

The food is great. The prices are affordable. But it shouldn't take 2 hours to drive 6 minutes across the street.

John jesse

Awesome wings my new wing joint

Daniel Schmitt

I come here all the time on my days off of work. Always satisfied with this place and always full and food is delicious and sauce is unique. Also love the combo meals

Nichole Perry

Best wings and friendly service! Pretty much love any sub I get too, but the hot wings are the BEST!

Adrienne McIntosh

Awesome food, great atmosphere, fabulous customer service

Jamal Moore

I’ve been here 3 times and never coming back! Very bad service! Told me my food would be ready in 15 to minutes. 40 minute late they bring my wings to me! Second time thing happened but the cook decided to sit down in a booth to talk to someone, then got up to do my order. Gave me a free cookie to console my wait!

Raedawn Matrese

Ordered delivery for the very first time- received food.. no sauces.. No ranch.. no carrots and celery and manager Keith didnt want to seem to help fix it. They said they would send another driver. Took them an hour to deliver food and I didnt want to wait another hour for sauce. Food was cold by the time we received it. Horrible service. Never eating here again..

John Carol

Love this place. Great food and great place. Very clean. People are very nice there! And environment is good. Watching NBA games while having food is great lol. Definitely going to watch to Super Bowl over there this season!

Orrin Burton

Wings are delicious! Original Wings N Things recipe. Hands down the best in Anchorage.

Elese Trujillo

Wings are so damn good!!! Every time!!!! Garlic Parmesan, spicy lemon pepper, and buffalo all my go to!!! I’m in love!

Jonathan Lindsay

Wings are fantastic! Crispy without heavy breading! They have several recipes to chose from. I went with something less traditional ( garlic parmessan and lemon pepper ) and they got gobbled up at our super bowl party in minutes. The resteraunt itself is clean, well set up and they have tons of TV's. But mainly the wings are exceptional!

Dustin Kiernan

Good food goood people. Put a order in on a very busy night. My order was lost or not put in. I called after a hour and a half and the manager helped me. Told her the situation. She was really apologetic and discounted my food and through in some soda. I like that. They took care of me and ill order there more often. Plus wings are the best in Anchorage.

Lee Thao

Okay wings. Communication from the front end and kitchen is a mess. Dine in took pretty long

Dan Cloud

This is a great place to eat. They have the most awesome wing sauces.

Travis Keene

Best wings in town!

Natalie Gutierrez

I got my food super late almost 2 hours later of ordering and I didn't even get any refund or anything to compensate my wait. Highly disappointed.

Kara Childs

I’m not one to leave a bad review for anywhere because I know people make mistakes but it’s different when every single time I order from here it’s wrong, what’s the point if it’s wrong every time and I’m not even getting what I wanted..? Just for an example, I ordered a cookie for my side and I got soggy fries. I ordered my burger with all of the vegetables and got none. Not even sauce.. I have ordered the hotzerella sticks here and gotten regular. And on times not received the item I ordered at all... do you guys even look at my order??? This is just the beginning of what I have encountered since I started ordering from here. Waste of money.

brianna gainey

Literally ordered from this place 1 day they messed up the order had to send it back.... we decided to try again ,we got our order and it was wrong again, then they brought us a new order that the manager herself looked over and it was wrong as well . I got a refund and I am never eating there again . It's a shame because the food is very delicious but they kept messing up it was not what I paid for . Poor Customer service

Michael Alto

There food is great

Preston Busby

If you're ordering online don't bother writing instructions for the cook or deliver driver. They wont read them. Food is mediocre at best. They only get 2 * because it's one of the rare burger places that deliver in Anchorage.

David Jorgensen

Past 3 times eating here were terrible. First Time they severely skimped on flavor, wings were very bland. Second time had the same problem, no sauce or flavor on the wings, just plain flavorless bland wings. My friend and I decided to try them one last time since they used to be good before. We both ended up getting sick right after eating here.

Brandon Kurz

A few weeks ago I ordered teriyaki chicken sandwich with everything and 30 garlic Parmesan wings for pick up. The sandwich had no toppings, the wings were plain and they shorted me 3 wings. I went back and they remade the sandwich and wings and said they would put credit on my account. Today I order 30 garlic Parmesan wings for pick up but only get 20 ( with no credit from their last mistake that mysteriously didn’t get put on my account). I feel they assume you won’t drive back after picking up your order, so to me their business practice is to short you wings to make a profit. Lesson learned always check your order but even better DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE.

Orrin Frederick

A casual, sports focused chicken wing and related item eatery. Clean, with good food.

Dirty SancheZ

Ordered the Philly and 10 Pc wings. The wings were small and underwhelming and for a wing place I wasn't impressed at all. Disappointed in prices and quality of wings. The Philly by itself was 14.00! And came with no french fries. The "Philly" only had lettuce,tomato and for some reason mustard on it. I guess anything can be called a Philly nowadays. The staff however, were very friendly and fast, no problems there. Although I wouldn't go here if you want a lot of bang for your buck.

drake cooper

Amazing customer service and dank wings

Timothy Connor

Grim Reaper wings were delicious, great costumer service.


I got hung up on by the owners wife . I guess osha and health inspector is on they way. All I wanted was wings cooked without a guy touching his face.this is a sign no more chicken.

dennis Chaussee

Fantastically wonderful as always... if you miss the original "wings and things" from downtown... this is the place to go.!!!!

Jenn Heyl

Love their wings! They aren't super greasy and gross. They're crispy the way wings should be. Their sauce is really good too. Their celery is always fresh and their ranch and blue cheese dressing are just right. We stop here pretty much anytime we come to Anchorage!

Shivonne Hernandez

Awesome subs, service and very clean and quiet.

Brianna Clayton

This place is wonderful! The food is delicious and the price isn't half bad, not when you consider the amount of food thag you receive. Everything is made to order and the employees are kind and quick to respond to any of your questions. Did I mention that the wings come with a solid dressing of sauce?! Finally, there's a place that understands the need for sauce on wings!

M Tauf

Good service and food. Menu always getting updated.

Mac Surin

Best chicken ever

Tracey Gordon

My daughter ordered wings for a sleepover and the girls ate half the wings and closed the box later I heard a weird noise coming from the box and opened it to find a LIVE cockroach!!!! I told her to call and tell them and get her money back and she told me they laughed at her and told her that was impossible because there are no cockroaches in Alaska. False. So I called back and spoke to the owner who told me it is “impossible” that it came from his store and suggested it came from my house

Vincent Henderson

Best wings in town.Great service and great entertainment

Skylar King-Strang

The sauce (nuke) was very tasty, but the wings were inconsistent. Lots of tension between the front and back of the house. Blue cheese sauce was really good, some of my favorite in town.

parker moran

They should rename their establisment, "That Place with the Meh Salad Bar." Wings so bad I couldn't even eat them. Tiny and cooked to all hell. Then to boot soggy limp fries. Best part of my meal was my celery?

Bekah Ratcliff

So hot and delicious


For the combo I order... the price went from $9.95 to $15.95 in what... 6 months? Not worth it.


I asked for my parmesan garlic wings to be crispy. What I didn't expect was some of the best wings I've ever had period. In flavor, texture, everything. This is THE place to go for wings. Burger was the same as any old place. BUT THOSE WINGS ARE 11/10

Aurelina Nolberto

Ordered delivery, wings came over seasoned to the point I had to scrape off dry rub, celery and carrot sticks were soggy, and drink ordered was watered down to the point I had to throw away! Do NOT recommend

Earl Howe

Got exactly what I ordered and within 15 minutes. Will definitely recommend this place to everyone.

loretta hoschar

Food was great. Had a great date.

Matt kramer

I enjoy this place a lot, the garlic parmesan wings are the best I've ever had. I order both pickup or delivery, pickup is way faster though, average wait for delivery is around an hour.

maia arnesen

I order these wings at least twice a month; either to my job or home. Delivery can be a little slow at times, but my order is always correct. Ask for your wings to be extra "crispy" and then they won't be lathered in grease/butter. I really like that they make their dressing from scratch everyday.

Denise Christian

Long wait 40 min for my order think they gave my order away to someone else,others came in place there order sat dowm and got there food before my order was even ready all I order was chicken wings

Justin Hatton

Good wings and sandwiches but a bit pricey

Christina Saetern

Best wings I’ve ever had. I order the grim reaper all the time and I’m never unsatisfied with the quality. This is the only spot my husband and I order from for wings.

Mr. B Unkown

Love them wings! Its a hit or miss on service and wait times. They do have an app that you can order from and they do deliver! Good wing sauces, overall one of the best wing places in Alaska. If you like spicy, get the grim reapers!

Ryan Bargelski

Best wings everrrrrr! We get hot and buffalo! I wish I had the recipes! We spend a lot of money at this place!

Larissa Law

Wings n Things is the best wings in town. I have at least 1x a week. I always order the mild, extra crispy but my son loves their sandwiches and fries (which are always crisp). The homemade ranch and blue cheese is excellent also, so if you like it on everything make sure to order extra. The phone and counter service is always super friendly and efficient and also has super fast delivery. The only complaint that I have is that the wings fluctuate in size, some orders they are bigger and some smaller but it isn't a big deal to me.

Silas Vongsamath

Edit: change of rating from 2 to 3 stars. After the weekend I recieved a phone call from the management. They went back through their order history and into their tickets. They saw what had happened are willing to work with me to make everything right. They gave me credit so the next time I order with them all should be well. Another edit will ensue for a food rating. Original post. Ordered take out. Buffalo chicken sandwich didn't have buffalo sauce and they disregarded the extras I added on and instead added condiments left out on request. Ordered 20 wings, unequal amounts of sauce in split containers. Left out the sauce on a French dip. They left out the bleu cheese, ranch, and veggies. Had to go back and pick up the sauces.. Paid $75, kind of a waste of time, but eh.

Colin Martin

The wings were really just terrible, specifically the sauce. It was very gritty, which for an order of mild wings, should not be. Lots of grease just sitting in the bottom of the container as well.

Shari Gilbert Mitchell

Nice salad bar, fair selection, prices ok... they were out of cheese curds, however, and that was disappointing. Very clean, nice bathrooms.

Benjemin Harris

Best wings in town, hands down. A unique set of sauces to suit any style.

Carter Brazell

Lovely people and service. Wings were cooked nicely. The medium and mild sauce that my wife and I had on our wings was extremely salty for our taste. Being from Buffalo,NY and having the original chicken wing this is very different. They offered us a 15% discount for the next purchase so that was really nice. I do not think we will be returning due to the staple of the restaurant (the sauce) being far too salty for our taste.

Viki Kelly

After this had changed names and expanded.... Its so nice. Seems like owner hired new help. Everybody is so friendly. Owner is great. Actually goes the extra mile or 2 to satisfy you. Place has cleaned up ALOT. I didnt want to even sit down in the older 1. Looked so dirty.

Jp Roulet

First and last time I order from this place. Ordered and got a text from them saying it'll be 45 minutes. At 30 minutes late I called to see if they got my order from the website I placed it on and was told in a rude way, "I'm sure the delivery driver has it right now, it's on it's way" without ever even asking what my name was or to see if my order made it through. The wings finally showed up an hour late, driver seemed cool. The wings are horrible. Taste microwaved, some were cold and some were too hot. Uneven sauce coating, like it sat in the to-go container for a few hours too long. Not worth the money, if I could do 0 stars I would.

Stephanie Phillips

Friendly staff. Very clean place a lot of tvs to watch any sport your into. Reasonable price. Deliousious food. Well definitely be coming back for more.

Ross Miner

Saled was delicious I ordered green Reapers cooked correctly tasted great I brought her friend he loved the food I'll be back

Tasha Lee Coleman

I’ve been eating in and ordering delivery off and on now for 2 years. The first few times I dined in, I was amazed, but there is zero consistency with this place. They over butter, over sauce, and way over season, even if you ask for drained butter and light seasoning! I’ve tried to give them a chance as I’ve had decent wings there in the past, but my last order was so awful that I had to throw them away. I went from a happy satisfied new customer, to a truly disappointed one. Bottom line, unless you really like to gamble, don’t waste your money or your time here. There are much better wings in town.

Pink Anderson

Great wings, great customer service, fair prices. Beats the heck out of wings and things or salads r us or whatever they choose to be on a given day at the 36th avenue location. Keep up the good work Jason and team.

Stan Vollenweider

Food was good .

sean hiler

They messed up my order. When I called they, they where more then happy to fix it. Very happy with them. Will be back

Thyren Lam

Best frickin wings and sandwiches everrrrrrr!!!!!

Jon Anderson

Fresh salad bar, decent wings. They seem to have a handle on the sauces. Generous portions but seems a little on the high side price wise. Especially from a place where you order at the counter and then sit down. Would get delivery from here though.

Amanda Graves

Awww the BEST WINGS EVER!!! Also my favorite Turkey sandwich in town!!!

Rebecca Mitchell

Always courteous and friendly. Food is always hot and delicious!! They do a fantastic job keeping things clean and tidy.

Ian Walser

The owner is friendly and works hard to make That Wing Place a great place to eat. Plenty of TVs, with all the games on. The food is great and their unique house sauce is fantastic and my top wing flavor. Without a doubt, my favorite place to eat wings in Alaska!

Ken Tuepker

The wings were decent, nothing to write home about.

Kevin Young

Honestly always have awesome customer service from the receptionist and the two gals upfront. This is my normal goto place for wings on the east side. I ordered a big order of about $100.00 and had some special requests. The delivery driver had great customer service and the girl who picked up made the requests happen. Great place! Highly recommended

Aaron Mason

The buffalo wings were average in taste but all of the wings were tough and overcooked. The nuclear were somewhat hot but the consistency of the sauce was too greasy and a little disgusting. The salad bar was good.

Michael Snodgrass

Friendly, courteous service... Lotsa TVs The chicken and salad bar is #1


I ordered the cheese steak and wings buffalo style.. Not to bad but the wings are really small is my only complaint...

John Kinnaird

Ordered a chicken teriyaki sandwich. After ordering, paying, and taking a seat, the server informs me that they ran out of chicken after they made the chicken sandwiches for everyone else in my party and that they wouldn’t be able to serve me what I ordered. It was the middle of the day during lunch and my party was the only party in the restaurant. I’m extremely baffled how a chicken restaurant runs out of chicken. Be prepared to deal with stuff like this if you plan on eating here.

Alexander Wassell

Good strong Christian and family ties in this business establishment, with decades of history here in Alaska my home state for 33 years, 20+ have been at locally owned and operated places like That Wing Place. Not going to brag about being the biggest fan but I have worked in multiple food industry environments for a good portion of my life and sometimes far away from home. I have asked my loved ones to freeze and ship out some nuke wings to me thousands of miles away. That Wing Place has my vote for not only best wings in the State of Alaska but Best Wings in the Nation.

Vanasha Williams

Good wings but needs to be saucier.

Keith Mcvey

Best wings in state and the staff is awesome

J. Stone

Not bad...the wings were cooked well and the tenders the same. Food came out piping hot. No lag time between kitchen and delivery. Service was a little slow because we were the beginning of a rush of about 10-12 people. The staff had to get their orders in before they could get ours completely out to us but they worked in between customers to deliver our food to the table. Wing flavors were varied and they are all oil based, extra virgin olive oil I believe but not 100% sure. So if I were to come again or get takeout I would ask for light sauce. Just not a fan of having a puddle of oil in my basket. It's not as noticable with other flavors but it is with lemon pepper. Very similar to DWC (Detroit wing company) if you've ever been there. Plus they offer military discount

JoAnn Vermilyea

Ordered through Grubhub never ordered wings from the wing place everything was absolutely perfect I am so happy I was so tired I just wanted to sit back have a glass of wine and watch a show on TV and order some dinner. the wings were perfectly cooked the potato salad was awesome and I love the little side of us celery and carrots I totally give a five star I was a little bit leery was afraid the wings would be under cook and I do not eat undercooked chicken but these were fabulous thank you I’ll order again from you

Yinelkis Rosario

Customer service was great. The food was overall pretty good. I did get half of my wings naked and I didn't know that they would truly be naked without salt or any type of seasoning. I got regular fries which didn't have any salt and were kind of soggy but aside from that the other wings are very good.

Robert Stranger

1st time eating here and the wings are amazing! I have found my new place.

Erich Neslund

The Wing Place is consistent and has great wings. Prices aren't great unless you order a lot, but it is worth it! They stopped delivering after 10 PM which saddens me! Please take deliveries up to 11 PM. It sounds like a silly and small change, but I, and probably many other people, love ordering a tad later because of our schedules. I hope this gathers your attention and gains some support! Thank you!

Terri Dukes

Nice people, clean place and the wings were tasty

Mondo Motorcycles

Worst wings I've ever had. Wife ordered mac and cheese bites and they where frozen still

Meggie Gelineau

My favorite place to go for wings, burgers and atmosphere!!

Jasey Ketcham

they've become so crappy, i wanna stop ordering from here. have had nothing but bad experiences this past month, waited an hour for a cheeseburger that they didn't even start making, every time me and my boyfriend make an order of extra crispy wings they're not even crispy. they're really gummy still and it's gross. tried placing a delivery order and there wasn't even any sauce on the wings. (ordered medium) if i could give a lower rating i would.

Gabriel Jaydon

Delivery was late, food cold. I would definitely recommend ordering from the 36th location instead!


best wings in town tbh - their food is a little better in the restaurant than when it's delivered but it's still really good! i love their saucy fries and the deep fried cheese curds oh my god.

Tilghman Travonne

I hate this place there customer service is lame the food was great until I found a piece of hair in my Ranch calling them about them problems they didn't care I asked to talk to a manager and she was really mean and didn't want to hear what I had to say this place use to be my favorite but now they trash


The wings are great!! Beer is Awesome!! The grim reaper wings were not hot enough.

genius alos

Food taste decent. If you get delivery guaranteed they will always mess up your order, the food can be soggy as well, then when I call and complain about it, they say it's not on their end not to mention the hour and a half to three hours you'll have to wait for a delivery. Give me a break I've had to have mozzarella sticks with no sauce multiple times now. Food with toppings I didn't order etc. They haven't done a single one of my orders correctly the last 5 times I have ordered from here and this mediocre food isn't cheap. So I'll take my money elsewhere and I would recommend you do too these people are completely incompetent and I have given them multiple chances however they have always disappointed.

Fr. Dismas Sayre, O.P.

Tasty wings, friendly folks!

Jeff Lagneaux

Best wings in Alaska! Great atmosphere with tv screens everywhere. Friendly, helpful service

Shana Hamilton

Ordering was made easy, customer service was excellent & the food was YUMMY!!!!!

JR Rivera

Best wings in town

D Thomas

Good sandwich was great. Wings were small. Good place .

Aaron Alexander

Make sure you count your wings!!! They tried to short me. I think that they’re doing it on purpose because it’s Super Bowl weekend. The less they give you, the more they can sell to other people. I went back to get mine and they gave nothing extra for my inconvenience. An apology and 15% off my next order. But there won’t be a next order from me. I wish I would have read the other reviews before I ordered. Poor customer service.

Jason Carter

I have been coming here since Wings N Things was downtown, Joe and Theresa Connelly have been in our family as friends since the 80s. Joe and my grandpops worked side by side in the 80s to make the wings and my uncle has worked there as well. The quality is outstanding, and I was thrilled to see that Jason Evans, who has been there for many years, opened up this spot in Anchorage. I had the wings n things on arctic and the quality is poor the sauce is incorrect, I have been eating these wings since 2004 and I couldn't ask for better. To the servers, to the employees who know my name when I call in just by my voice without asking my phone number, I appreciate it. Keep up the great work!

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