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REVIEWS OF Thai Orchid Restaurant, INC IN Alaska

Anonymous 907

Great food. Good service. Reasonable prices. I just wish they’d get a larger location to fit more people or make the waiting room a little more inviting.

Kadyn Erickson

Helpful and friendly staff. Food is consistently well prepared and very tasty. For all the years I've dined here, I haven't found a better place for Thai food.

Steven Boyle

I love the flavors in every dish my wife and I shared. The service is very good and not pushy or loud.

Emily Moreno

***Best Thai restaurant in Alaska*** The food is amazing! I mean, try anything on the menu and you won't be disappointed. Their prices are reasonable, and they have exceptional customer service, the staff is very friendly and accommodating. Because the food is so good they get packed fast, so keep that in mind when you want to dine in! Lovely place

Andrea Beatty

Best Thai in Alaska

Jairo Taveras

Best I never had

Aaron Greberman

Consistently above-average Thai food. Best peanut sauce around.

James Peterson

Nice place for quick lunch. Decent Thai food.

Michael Kage

Great food all made to order. Sometimes the wait is long. I suggest arriving before 7.

Peter Jaime

Always delicious!

Robert Kuenning

Very nice food.. Good service. Good prices

Mark Bouman

Went in to the Thai Orchid, have eaten there before so we know the food is good. This time the service was sorta surreal and the waiter was quite rude. We went in, he asked us how many, pointed to a table and we sat down. About 10 minutes later, having had no service yet, the waiter and a gal came over and told us to get up because there were people ahead of us. When we walked in there was NO ONE at the entrance and we told them so. It's a very small place and entryway so it's not difficult to miss a line of folks waiting. They insisted so we got up respectfully, then he proceeded to ask us if we were next in line or if the couple that had just walked in were ahead of us. He was not pleasant, acted imposed upon, and he knew we were already sitting for 10 minutes. It was bizarre, awkward and quite disappointing. We left and had a great meal elsewhere. Having lived in SE Asia for several years, Pho Lena Restaurant is just as good and the service does not compare!

Michal Clark

My favorite!

Delbert Brown

Good food, nice people...

Alexis Hart

Great restaurant. Usually packed. Relatively quick service. Food is great, prices are reasonable, and service is friendly.

Rock Bottom

Great food

Amanda Reineke

Yummy! Small and accommodating, large menu and if you like spicy, ask your server ..

Bobby B

Food always great

Louise Russell

Always great food and service.

rudd plate

Best thai food in anchorage

m pratt

They have home made wide rice noodles! Curry Noodles, Pad Ze Yew (sp?) are all very delicious. Every thing from the tea to the sticky rice is delicious! A very clean, family run operation...

Michael Broek

Joana Zabala

The best Thai food in town. From the chicken red curry, to the tom yum, to the larb. I don't go to any other Thai place. :)

Alex Steyer

Efficient, friendly, and good food. The lunch specials are all very tasty. About $12 per dish. Service is good, they are very prompt about filling up water. Usually packed after 1145/1200 on weekdays. Don't forget to ask for Thai Iced Tea without ice - its still cold and you get twice as much.

Jesse Perry

Really good salad and curry

Lacey Keil

Hearty portions, reasonably priced, super friendly staff! Best Thai in town!

Tom Tunnell

Great food.

Oleg Averyanov

awesome food

Bharathram Rajaraman

Mediocre tasting food. The curry was too watery and the veggies were soggy. A surplus of $4 for adding tofu as well. Phhh I’d definitely not be going back here.

Katie Halvorson

The best thai food in anchorage!!!!!!

Damien Frye

Good food, cool folks.

LaVerne Robinson Kent

It is always a pleasure to dine here; the staff is welcoming and friendly, and the food is always great!

Jarek Halat

Lunch prices are very reasonable and the food is most amazing!

Shelton Landon

Now I've been coming here for quite some time now I always find that the food is freshly prepared comfortable and hot but not too hot to burn your mouth if you like it hot I find that they can provide you with that taste as well. This is my experience here has always been very polite and attentive to all of my request, I like the fact that the place is clean the kitchen is clean bathrooms are clean and the environment is almost like family it's like eating with family everytime I go there.

William G

The best Thai in Anchorage—exceptional service and homemade flat noodles that are incredible.

Evelyn Blandino

Dine in or take out, I consistently get high quality Thai food here. The Plah Shrimp (pictured) is phenomenal! And their Rama and Angel Noodles are also family favorites. Friends have tried some of their Americanized dishes and raved about them. Basically, if you want the freshest ingredients and the most consistant recipes, this is the place to go!

Peter Alward

Truly TERRIBLE service food was poorly madw;more Chinese than Thai. Just a very substandard restaurant Save your money and go somewhere else

S R Hayes

Excellent food, great staff, friendly!

Tutan fowlis

Great food, only problem is it's popularity, as it makes for long wait times upon receiving your food.

Fun family


Rachele Queja

If you like fresh roll, they've got the best!!! Gotta at least try 75% of thier food, I'm sure you'll find your most favorite half way trough. We usually get panang chicken, special thai noodle (the best), and garlic chicken. We take home more than half of the panang chicken, it's even more better the next day or 2, and it's also good cold with hot rice.

Dustin Erdman

So much Thai goodness. We ordered a variety and just shared family-style. Pineapple fried rice, chicken and eggplant, spring rolls, green curry - all so good!

Michelle Mitton

Favorite Thai place in town.

Potato EJ

Great food but very small seating capacity. Due for an new larger location.

Waldo Miller

This place was AWESOME!

Lesley Sanchez

I just love it! I try several dishes and they were fantastic. I definitely recommend it. If you love Thai food you should try it.

Roy Habib

By far the best Thai place in town, would highly recommend them. I eat there quite often, great quality of food and extremely consistent.

Nick Victor

Best Food In The World.

Princess Phoebe

The best Thai restaurant in Anchorage!

Peggy Kelly

Always good food

Mizuho Morgan

Always crowded,wonderful tasty THAI FOOD RESTAURANT in town.

Sabrina Woody

Number 17 soup is the best! And the special noodle is delicious

Vilma Chavez

My favorite place to eat, love the food and the staff, everything is so good, can't go wrong with anything you order.

Enrico Ferroni

Great lunch specials!

Eron Singleton

Best Thai in Anchorage, no contest!


I have tried many places in Alaska as far as asian food it is one of my favorite , BUT this place by far is better then most ive tried . Ive never been to a place that has so many choices, and Every single one is GREAT !

David Burman

Fantastic Little Thai restaurant that Mrs. Burman and I can count on for a wonderful meal. I try something new every time I go there and have not found anything that I haven’t enjoyed. Mrs. Burman has the cashew chicken every time and is tickled pink with what they have to offer. I appreciate the staff making suggestions and offering variations on the dishes listed on the menu. If there is a dish better than the curry with pork belly, I can’t remember what it is. I am looking forward to my next visit… It won’t come soon enough.

Blair Mathews

This place is awesome!!! I love everything I have ever had here. They make amazing food. My parents request that we go here at least twice when they are in town for a week. Their wait staff are attentive and friendly. Go here!!

Jill Jaeckel

I tried the Thai Orchid salad tonight. So yummy. Light with protein of lovely shrimp, egg & chicken. Great service always

Molon Labe

Really great food, all cooked to order and in reasonable time. Staff was attentive but not intrusive.

Ryan Meade

Great food good service. Nice environment

Reverend Richard Haahr

Food was good, customer service was tried. It was a very busy time, and so we understood that they were done and wanted to go home. Thai tea is definitely lipton based, not terrible, but it is distinctive. The noodles appear to all be made in house, so the udone, for example, is much different here than anywhere else in town. I think the Thai Orchid could benefit from a bit larger area, going from the rule of build for the busiest. A large number of people came in for carryout amd had to wait at the counter in a very traffic-heavy area. The food was good, healthy portions, and they are very happy to make anything vegetarian (their menu says vegan).

Conce Rock

Always delicious! Wonderful variety of Thai food. Friendly service. Small facility so get there early, fills quickly for lunch and dinner. Worth a wait though.

will shumway

Super good food, the ability to choose the spicyness really sold me.

James C

Best pad thai in town, hands down.

Amber P

Great food. Huge portions, I definitely had leftovers so I could enjoy it more than once!

Michael Tallino

Good food, not too pricey, especially when you don't want to go across town to Pho Lena.

Austin L

Some of the most flavorful Thai Cury I've had in Anchorage!

Tarheels MyTeam

Being new to Alaska and a connoisseur of Thai food I decided to try something new. I ventured there for lunch and was not disappointed. I ordered the "phat kee-mao" aka "drunken noodles". Being a beefy man with a large appetite, I was shocked that their dish was able to fill me up. In addition to the food being delicious, the hospitality was superb! The kindness that was shown to me will not be forgotten. They welcomed me with smiles, were attentive to me beverage and all in all it reminded me of the Thai eateries back home. I usually only leave reviews when food/service is terrible, but I felt it was my duty to give this place the five stars it deserves!

Robert Craig

First time visit and food was prepared as described and very good. Will certainly be back.

Nancie Merkouris

I always order the pad see Mao and am never disappointed.

Brady Kuenning

Love the people and the food.

M Andrew

They got good food! I hope they are thinking about a bigger building.

paris stevens

I had the laarb and my companion had the special. The food was great and prices are fair. Try it!!! If you like Thai, you won't be sorry!!!

Mark Rivera

Best Thai in Anchorage.

Lisa Rivas

Best Thai food in Anchorage!?

Crispin Hasley

Eugene Pak

Great flavorful food and friendly staff.

Simone Thistle

My favorite Thai restaurant in town. Great service, delicious food. Every time we’ve ordered anything, everyone LOVES there dish.

Marion Eclevia Rivera

We had a thai food fridays from my workplace before and we tried almost all in their menu list and every time we were satisfied and looked forward for the next experience! Love Thai Orchid! :-D


Best thai in town. Everything I've ordered here has come out sooo flavorful and meat tender. Been ordering here for 3 years and never had any complaints. I love this place.

Pacha S

We always get to go and I always enjoy the food! Their fresh spring rolls are one of the best!

Amy Ellett

Great food!

Eileen Nickoloff

We have been to Thai Orchid several times, and while we weren't overly impressed with the food, the Mee Krop was terrific and worth going for on its own. But this time, the Mee Krop was dry and tasteless and you had to search the garlic chicken to even find any garlic. In addition, several young children (belonging, I assume to the staff) were screaming in a back room and could be clearly heard. Then they began running thru the restaurant and bothering customers, and were not stopped. It was not a pleasant experience.

David Lambe

We really love the food, it's fresh and always very good. The restaurant is very clean also. The only problem we have experienced there is the server we had is very unfriendly, at times rude when I asked questions about the food, because Im not familiar with Thai food. It was our favorite place. I will spend my money where Im not treated rudely.

Glen Collinsworth

Had the shu shi halibut with extra spice and it was amazing.

Darrell Brower

We love Thai Orchid. Service is quick, food is always freshly prepared. Portions are generous and the Lake Otis location is roomier.

Mahmoud Elgassier

Very cozy and intimate setting. I had the Thom Ka Gai soup, and it was really good. The service was very good as well and friendly.

bea joehnk

The Fresh rolls are my favorite.

Scott Martin

The best Thai food in town at the staff always remembers you

Meghan Williams

Staff was pretty rude and the place was a bit run down. Food was good, though.

Phil Izon

Great place to grab a quick bite. Prices are very reasonable. The hot thai tea is a great deal.

F Bowen

This is definitely my favorite Thai restaurant in town! And their spring rolls are AMAZING!! It’s a smaller space, but food and service get an A+!

Jan Schwarzburg

Excellent food and service.

Kalu Kalu

Great food always.

Jean Paul Baquiran

Best of the Best Thai Food In Anchorage, AK. 5Stars JPBB

Karl Reiche

Nice family place off of Lake Otis, near the post office. We had the fresh spring rolls and #70 Gaeng Phed Chicken curry. We will be back!

Seth Schumacher

The food here is absolutely stunning. Sometimes the wait for a table is a bit long, but that just shows how good the food is that they're crowded so often. Lunchtime is usually quicker with fewer folks.

Marcy Sowers

I have eaten at Thai Orchid for 16 years. We started out at their Dimond location and followed them to their Lake Otis spot. They have always been above and beyond for our expectations and their fast service and friendly atmosphere is great. This is the best casual dining experience for Thai in Anchorage. Our family particularly loves their fresh rolls, spring rolls, Ka Pao (#58) chicken. My husband is a fan of their cashew chicken. I’ve always loved #40 their Thai noodles (vermicelli) with either chicken or tofu. The garlic or shrimp is also outstanding!! My kids loved coming here once a month and even when we could barely afford it we happily kept our tradition. There aren’t too many places I can say I’d recommend without hesitation and one that doesn’t disappoint in 16 years. Just stellar food every time. I love this family run business and hope you give them a try. Worth the wait if you have to wait for a table!!

Andrea Dean

Garlic chicken is phenomenal

Joseph Schachtner

Never had a dish I didn't love and the staff are personable, accommodating, and professional. The one restaurant if yet to stop recommending to everyone I know.


Very good Thai. Staff was friendly and the restaurant was clean.

Marquita Lawrence

Love Love LOVE their Larb!! And they also make the best Thai Iced Tea!! Definitely my 1# go to restaurant for Thai

Rashawn Green

One of thee best in town

Carol Clausson

Simply the best Thai food ever!

Ed Gross

Surprised by how busy they were, I soon learned that it was because their food is really good!

Sonthaya Tongkaew

A little too much MSG

Andrew Frank

I haven't visited many Thai restaurants so I can't critique it extensively. I had phat thai and it was really good. It did seem cramped though.

Steve Parkinson

You need a ka pow burrito. It's amazing.

Felipe Rodrigues

I really like their food, especially the lunch combos, but the restaurant is small and there is usually a 10 to 15min wait at lunch.

Michael Odell

Pretty solid, food was great, takes a little while but I think it's worth it. It's across the street from where I live so it's convenient.

The Waffle Company

My Favorite thai food

Zenny Derpington

Awesome curry. You won't be disappointed.

Chris Rac

I really had high expectations for this place after the article about their special chicken wings. But I was severely disappointed in the whole experience. I had called to place a to-go order of wings, spring rolls, pineapple rice and curry noodles and was told it would be an hour. No problem, I understand being busy. When when I showed up an hour later, the food wasn't ready and I ended up having to wait about another 15 minutes. When I got home, I found the wings weren't as saucy as the picture in the new article. Did they taste good, yes. Would I have liked my wings to be sauced like the wings in the pic, triple yes. Lastly, the icing on the cake for me were the spring rolls. The presentation of them led me to believe they weren't freshly made as they were in the same container and wrapping you find ground beef in. They also all stuck together so when I separated them, each one fell apart and the fixings spilled out. Maybe things are different if you dine-in but based on this, I don't think we'll be back.

Brenda Collinge

Food is fresh and good great flavor

Heather Sobasky

I love them so freaking much. The fat noodles are fresh handmade with a dumpling texture. The flavor is great with a good spicy kick. The service was great and the food came out quickly. I really liked the low key eating with an extended family. Very hospitable. Go as often as possible when I travel to Anchorage. Worth the drive.

McConnell Adams

Pork belly is bomb! Staff is fast and friendly. Food is outstanding and I highly recommend them! Thai ice tea is great! Can't say enough about these guys. Give them a try.


VERY RUDE STAFF!! They will only remember you if they see your stupid enough to pay the CRAZY high prices ! They are stealing people outa their money for food that is same as other Thai places. DONT go here. Unless you wanna be treated terribly and given ripoff overpriced food

Lauren Howard

Had the gaeng massaman lunch special, pretty good! I thought it was a fair amount of good for the price.

Melinda Mendez

Pretty good

Harold Hency

The best Thai food I Have ever had!!! I highly recommend this little Restaurant

Adam Chapman

Easily the best Thai food in Alaska. Great staff who remembers returning customers and provides fresh and flavorful meals. Would highly recommend.

Charlotte Ava

great prices and staff

Cyndi Kramer

Best Thai iced tea, very friendly and speedy staff

Rudy T

One our favorite places to eat out we enjoy pretty much everything on the menu. They cook to order so it's not fast food but it's worth it! Fairly small location so I try and avoid the peak hours as it is a fairly popular shop

Chris Adamcik

Awesome Noodles

Rebekah Pierce

Very good American Thai food. Very good at mentioning the types of spicy levels.

Stuart Barranco

Visiting from Ft Lauderdale, FL. Great food. Quick service. I had the chicken Panang, which is my "go to" Thai dish and it was one of the best versions I have ever had.

Mel W.

One of the best Thai places in town. Usually pretty busy at lunch as the restaurant is small, but take-out times are always quick. Food is made to order, so sometimes it can take a minute. Consistency is great and the price is very reasonable for the portion size. (I almost always leave with leftovers.)

Sergey Kulikov

Very little flavor. Very average thai overall. The whole thing doesn't feel authentic.

Jerry Miller

Always good!

Alexandra Ellis


Kelli L

Some of the best Thai food around


Food is good!

Devin McFarlane

The ka pow chicken is amazing.

Caprecia Esaw


Scott Rees

Great food. Glad we tried it. We'll return if we are on that side of town.

Juanita Ybarra Rains

Absolute best Thai food on the planet! I'm from Houston, TX where there is no such thing as a bad restaurant and even we don't have a Thai restaurant that compares.

Lindel Mitchell

Amazing curry, and attentive wait staff.

Dallas Stepetin

Absolutely amazing

David Bozard

Love this place for lunch and dinner. Lard Na (#32) is the bomb! I find myself craving the oyster sauce flavor quite often. The Phat Tai (#34) is also on point. They are always friendly as well. BEST THAI IN ANCHORAGE!

Yash Balasaria

Hands down best Thai food in Anchorage. Ka Pao Chicken = Must try!

Eddie Saraphanh

Best place to eat thai food

Connie Dougherty

A favorite "Go To" .... small, cramped space, but awesome food. Prompt friendly service

natasha camacho

Best Thai food ever! tried other places while they were closed for the holidays and i was very disapointed. BEST PAD THAI AND GARLIC SHRIMP!

noxious byproduct

I seem to eat a lot of thai food because of great places like these guys. Great food

Chelsea Spaulding

They’re so fresh and delicious! Quality food every time!

Will C

Best Thai in Anchorage, been coming here for years and years now. New location is a bit nicer then the old, but still has the mom and pop charm.

Bernadette Albrecht

Great service and food

Jared Holbrook

That Jungle Curry is... "souper" good. Pineapple curry rice? Killer. Great people, great service. Can't go wrong here.

Ronell Ramcharitar

Best Thai food in Anchorage and great price also!

Gregg Hazen

Great food, seems to have got a bit pricey unless you are getting a lunch special.

Dewayne Joehnk

Thai Orchid is consistently the best Thai food in Alaska. The employees are kind and responsive, the food amazing, and it is always jumping. We've been going there since they were at their old location - over 12 years now - and we've never been disappointed. Give them a try.

Melodious Merri

The curry here was my favorite over everywhere else.

Shannon Deike

One of the best Thai restaurants in Anchorage.

Alaska 507


Very tasty but it's a small place so when it gets busy there can be a long wait.

Ali Anderson

This place is always so friendly and the food is consistently good! Papaya salad is the freshest And best tasting in town.

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