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REVIEWS OF Taco King IN Alaska

Chris Gelatt

It was a pretty good burrito. The only thing I wasn't super fond of was that the menu didn't indicate that the king burrito comes with sour cream and guacamole, whereas it does indicate that about the burrito below it. I'd have ordered those off if I'd known.

Chelsea Ramirez

2 special tacos. Chicken quesadilla. 3 horchata. We order same thing every time! Been going here for at LEAST ten years!

Leon Bridges

Love these guys. Food is excellent, great crew at both Huffman and this mid town location. Am fully hooked.

Robert Kuenning

Very good authentic Mexican food. Very friendly service. Good affordable prices

melissa carlson

Delicious food and very filling

Roberta Stevens

All together a good place for Mexican in ANC. Altho I am surprised at the number of Mexican restaurants in ANC that do NOT offer black beans instead of refried upon request. This place is not the only one I have run into. Good food though, definitely not a health food place.

Alex Showcase

Finally a good Mexican food spot...

aurora Bannon

They’re fast and delicious Mexican food is always consistent they work very hard, and are consistent, the adobada burrito is by far the best

Nathan Cole

Great food, great prices, and friendly staff

Joe Howard

Fast, good food. I come here for the tacos as they are delicious. I really can't speak for most of the menu, but everything I've seen looks good. They have a good salsa bar with sour cream. However, I have found it is hit and miss with the halibut tacos. Sometimes they are really good and sometimes they are not.

John Doe Doe John

Food was cold... called them back and they said “we’re not taking it back if there’s a lot missing.” So we wait for them to get over here to the place just to come see that I took 2 little bites... then he walks off and says “ok.” Then we call them again asking if there going to remake it and he says “no.” Like are you serious you guys have bad service I’m never going to order from taco king ever again.. FYI La Cabanas foods way better and really fresh. Better service then you guys.. you guys really wanted me to take my food all the way there just to get a refund. You guys suck really bad!

Shauna Bailey

Tasty, quick meal. Small tables but minor overall since you're not spending a ton of time.

Cecil Haverty

Great place for a quick lunch.

Ken Erickson

Decent tex-mex food.

Maya Jones

It was okay, I ordered delivery and the deluxe burrito was good....but I feel like there's better taco places out there. I did really like this little side burrito better then the deluxe burrito, the meat was a little spicy and I loved that. I wish the deluxe burrito tasted like that.

Jeremy Swartwood

Beef enchalada with beans and rice! Also, fried ice cream,yum.

Cindy Ahwinona

That Fried IceCream was the bomb

Geoffrey Igarashi

It decent food, good service and at a good price.


As close to authentic (Northern) Mexican fast food/street food as Alaska can get. In California, one can smell the seductive scent of the tortilla a block away & find the vendor, our colder climate contains that, but it is always the right time for Mexican at Taco King or their sister restaurant, Burrito Queen. Great food, best decor for the winter blues, nice people. Just wish they'd open a tortilleria next door!

Pablo Samaniego

Good food

Becky Bb89

There's an ad someone posted on craigslist from someone in taco king that's offering messed up stuff. With the number. Great. Food and STDs.

Rich RUssell

Best Mexican food in Anchorage this week

Jeffry Kellerman

I was very very hungry and very very happy because myself and my three friends decided Taco King was probably the most immediate comfort food and apparently that was correct.

Abra Lleshi

This place used to be so good, I just do not know what happened to it. It has gone completely down hill. It is just plane gross now. It is very dirty! If it is that Un-clean in the areas visible to the customers then it is a %100 fact that it is even more gross in the areas not visible to the customer (like the kitchen). Last time I ate there I was sitting down eating my food when I looked down and saw a huge,long black hair wrapped up in the chunks of my lettuce , salsa, and beef. I felt the sudden urge to throw up. But I held it back and instead threw away all my food , left and vowed to NEVER EVER return. The thought of it still makes me sick .When I was a younger person (a kid) this used to be the place my parents would take me on the way home from a day of skiing and hiking. I was always excited To stop there at that point, now as an adult I realize how far down hill this place has sunk. Save your money and got to TACO BELL!!!!

Alison Kelley

You won't find health food here but the traditional posole and carne asada special tacos are delicious. They have a great salsa bar with multiple options to top with. These guys are so friendly. They all speak Spanish and seem to enjoy our attempts to speak it with them. They're open late so it is a good option for a quick bite on the way back from the trails.

Harley Kelevra

I love their food, when it doesn't come in a little of grease or soggy af. Usually a great place but my last few experiences have been unpleasant. Tacos were swimming in water last time and falling apart like the washed the leave and just dropped it and all the water in the box so I poured the water out picked out the tortillas and just crushed some tostitos into it like a taco salad. Pretty disappointing


Amazing food. Awesome employees and very clean restaurant

Jeanne Schultz


Danielle Christescu

LOVE THIS PLACE. Only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is because they didn't show up when I ordered delivery half an hour before close, so by the time I called, there wasnt anyone to talk to about it. But they're open pretty late, have tons of locations and the food is excellent.

Vince Vega

If your looking for good authentic Mexican food this is the place to go.. It's good food fast...

Marc Murray

Order was wrong had to ask for a fork for take out

Mark Bishop

Great place had an authentic feel much like a joint you'd find in Austin or Houston. The food was fast and hot grilled right in front of you. Nothing fancy just like a taco place should be. I do wish they had pastor but the lingua was excellent.

Menace G

Best Mexican food in Alaska!!!

DaunMichelle GREGG

The service was terrific, the food was great, but there was a strong cleaning chemical smell throughout the restaurant, which made for an unpleasant dining experience...

Andrea Nikki Foreman

The special tacos are always great.

April Baynum

Food is very good. Service is fast and efficient. The guys working there are very nice.

Greg Martin

The food is always fresh, quick, and good. However, for some reason they guys that work there seem to have trouble getting ice loaded in the soft drink machine before lunch. Drinking warm Pepsi products is never my favorite. I will usually opt to eat elsewhere just because I'm never sure if they will have ice.

Craig Kingsbury

Great food

Duke of Curb

If you like real Mexican food go here.

Kevin Pathmann

Like home Mexican food at a decent price.

Makayla Wiedenhoeft

Food had a good flavor just a bit greasy

Patrick Sauve - Brown

Easily some of the best Mexican food in town! You can get delicious meals for under $10 as well, so it's perfect for us broke college students.

Jill Jaeckel

Favorite chicken soup in the world.

Ataner Cantu

The service was excellent, the food fresh homemade and the variety. Excellent. I dine for lunch frequently, dinner occasionally.

jeep obsessed

Hot, fresh, and fast. Ordered the special tacos and was not disappointed.

Albert Kim

Mediocre at best..Coworkers and I order there all the time for convenience sake. We ordered 50 dollars worth of food and they brought us 1 of each sauce filled only half way up. Kind of tough to eat mexican food with half a cup of sauce to share with 3 other co workers. Place is pathetic, rude and customer service is absolute dog S**T

Emily Rose

Taco King is ALWAYS delicious. Closest to real authentic Mexican food in alaska. I really enjoy coming here for quick bites. Service is great. Eat where you want and bus your own tables.

James C

One of my favorites spots for a quick bite.

Skylar King-Strang

Taco King is a comfort food go to. Fantastic food, good prices, delicious sauces and ingredients. Always fast, never disappointing. Delivery takes a while though.

James Wilson

I've eaten at taco king all across anchorage and I feel the same about them all essentially. Probably the nest mexican chain you'll find in alaska. It's pretty solid consistently.

William Burton

Always good food. We really enjoy the food.

Frederick Fuddnudler

Some of my favorite Mexican in Anchorage..... And they have a salsa bar.... Yeah.

Luke Boyer

Friendly and quick service. I got a shrimp and halibut taco. Very delicious. Will go back.

Rodnixon cenas

The food there was very good they were very polite and honest.

DL Hereford

Excellent real tacos! Get something classic, the Verde Pork and Barbacoa are the best.

Michelle Atkinson

Food is always good & fresh.. love it

Chris Heering

Super good tacos.

William J Soule

Pretty good. Ambiance isn't the best.

Brenda Cundiff

My son and wonderful daughter-in-law took me to dinner here prior to my flight home. The food was amazing and the staff were courteous, friendly and very professional. I will definitely come back next time I am in Alaska.

Felicia Forletta

Great food! Great price!

Jeffery Walker

Good food for the prices!

Kyle and Jenn Todd

Great place for a quick bite to eat.

Kelley G. Tedd

This is not a great Taco King for now. I'll try it again in a few months. All the other Taco Kings in the Bowel are spectacular!

Will Tremaine

Taco King always satisfies. Flavorful, very affordable, and quick on the preparation. I like to dine in, but they also deliver.

Felix J Saavedra

Really fast attention really good customer service at really enjoying going there. Bueno bonito y barato un lugar bastante agradable

sandy longshore

Called because wanted a place that delivers. They were very rude on the phone . Almost seemed put out I even called then I was told min of twenty dollar order plus delivery fee. I have never eaten there and won't. I want to get my business to people that appreciate it


Finally had a torta after 6 years and it was almost unreal.

Ellie Sauce

I love taco king

Nelson Montalvo

Awesome place and awesome food for the price

William Boyles

Love taco king

Sabrena Perez

Love this place

Joshua Barro

Great food and fast

Mason Wilcox

Awesome food!

Chris Walker

Consistently good tacos.

Denise Christian

Good food in and out no in no time good place for lunch and dinner

Elly John

My daughter took me there for dinner she had a torta it had mostly veggies hardly no meat! I had a carne asada burrito the rice was very dry! The meat was so dry! Omg awful! The Taco king in Fairbanks is way better very fresh food @ friendly people who work there! I was very disappointed!

Matthew Moore

The guys are always friendly, quick service and the food is always good. Never disappointing.


I love this Taco King! I believe it is the best in town. Been coming to this place for years and have never been disappointed.

cora griffin

Food is good. Reminds me of real Mexican food in California. Tight space.

Jw Miller

They never deliver it's super frustrating trying to order and everytime its o it's to late or to far or to early..I wonder how much money they lose because of that

joseph hensley

Best Mexican food ever.period.


The place has the best. Mexican food in Anchorage. It is worth the drive free Palmer

Temple Clay

A go to for some good Mexican tacos.

Jessica Willson

Quick service, fair amount of choices, and the food tasted good. Seating area had a unique style, which added to the good experience.

Jo Kat

Get Carne Asada for Authentic Cooked Mexican Meat! I'm from Southern California so I grew up with THEE BEST Authentic Mexican food ❤ In fact when i first moved to Alaska a huge part of being homesick was the lack of not just Authentic Mexican food but Mexican Culture in general, so when i finally dined at Taco King (which i avoided at first bc the name & being a big chain here i assumed it'd be too 'Merican

Brenna Hughes

Always has been a great eatery. I crave their pozole when I’m sick...


I love Taco King. The food is great and authentic and the staff is amazing.

Johnny Ray

GreT food at a decent price! Always a pleasure!

Allen Miller

We always love this place. The food is good and the prices reasonable.

thomas krogman

The best Inexpensive Spanish food that never leaves you hunger after you leave.

Rose Rhythm

Great food reasonable prices

sam travis

Not a high class place, but fantastic value for the money. I've been coming here for years and everything I've ever had here was great. It's fresh, fast, inexpensive, healthy, and delicious. There is no down side.


Taco King food was great.. fast service to the table and today's special was the Enchilada Dinner which was amazing... Thanks Taco King

Billy Hodgson

Good real food fresh food. For the price I rather eat here than Taco Bell or McDonald's anyday.

ak db

Good fast inexpensive


There are many varieties of "Mexican restaurants" and styles of Mexican food. I'm from South Texas and these guys serve "my kind" of Mexican food in a "nothing wasted on frills just really good food" kind of way.

Chris Harris

Good food, decent prices

Noel Gaffney

Great quick Mexican

Michaela Pulanco

Great food at good prices. Occasionally the side dishes can be a bit bland, though that might be them catering to the lowest denominator when it comes to spice level; completely understandable.

Patti Davidsen

Decent food and prices. Kind workers.

Catherine Kenney


Stephen Dilley II

Good food just small portions

Rebecca Mitchell

Always kind and with an attention to detail. Food and pricing are compatible. Lots of flavor, and made like you want it. Salsa bar is always clean and stocked. My favorite tacos

audrey salas

Good service excellent food

Deanna Burt

This use to be one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. My food wasn't hot and the place was filthy!! So disappointing!

Lynda Parker

It's not great

Mark Kirven

Really good fast Mexican food.

Brian K Virgin

Good Mexican food and great pricing make this a good choice when you are in the mood for quick and good Mexican without a large check.

Casey McDonald

I love the special chicken tacos!!! I've tried a lot of their menu and have not been disappointed. I will say , it's a much better place to dine in the establishment rather than order, its so much better straight off the grill and some of their stuff that has salsa can be a little soggy when delivered.

Jason & Carla

I had three Mexican tacos with rice and beans. I'm so stuffed right now. That was really good with sour cream, hot salsa and jalapenos.

Roberta Berthold

Decent taco. Great for a quick bite.

Mayra Stender

The boss in making tacos.. most people don't know that making the perfect taco is an art and this peeps they got it! Northern lights taco king is in my humble opinion the best!

Rose Gueco

For Mexican fast food, this is so yummy. Always friendly staff. We are repeat customers.

Kristal Hayden

I love the staff, very very respectful. Curious and kind! Having teenagers of my own .....ok 18, considered adult next year; point here, is I love any restaurant that has a team where family or acquantices that acknowledges our younger generation , and provides them early on the importance of mainstream America.

Nick Pestrikoff

Fast efficient and good food, friendly staff

Ryan Jimenez

My second favorite location.

Marlon Hoagland

This place is always the bomb. The staff is friendly, the food is great, and the service is quick. If you want a good lunch break or something quick after a hard days work, this is the place I would recommend.

Blanche Sheppard

I love their street tacos

Dave Braman

Awsome food great service fast.

John Raymond

Good burritos

Karla Armenta

The best Mexican restaurant In the WORLD

Jerrad Anderson

Fast but full service. Good food at good prices.

Georgia Holdren

I liked the food but it gets expensive quick

Andy Rodriguez

Fast and friendly service! Keep it up

Sandra Santiago

Halibut tacos are fire.

Susan Maddock

Always great food and service

Seth guthrie

predictably delicious authentic mexican food!

Ralph Paul

Chicken tacos were very good

Raymond Bourdon

McDonald's would have been better. Taco Bell also would have been better

Paula Smith

It's delicious

Joseph Volk

Good food, ridiculously fast service. I have no idea how they can get food prepared that quickly.

Rick Derthick

Fresh food lots of sauces you can make it your way. Reasonable prices. The special chicken tacos are the best.

Jessica Zavaleta

Take my 5 star rating seriously as I am Hispanic and from Brownsville, Texas where the food is great!! Authentic food is always made from people who actually grew up eating it and cooking it. They are Hispanic and make their tacos as they suppose to be. Authentic tacos are not the hard shell tacos white people eat from Taco Bell. Gross!! The SPECIAL TACOS are the real tacos and are not soggy. ORDER THE CARNE ASADA SPECIAL TACOS AND SOME POZOLE. Your welcome!! Adios amigos!! By the way, for those people who left bad reviews and recommended people to go eat microwaved food from Taco Bell and cried bcuz you did not want hot sauce bcuz your a pu$$y, GTFO. Ohh and also complained about these people barely speaking English also go F*$% yourselves. America is a melting poth where the majority of people are bilingual. "The total # of languages spoken is 311. That's 310 more languages more that you are able to speak. As a matter of fact, 60% of the world


Still seeking: whole pinto beans vs refrie s in Anchorage, AK. Makes all the difference in a burrito!! Just keep some not-refried. PORFAVOR!!!. In the worst gringro speak possible...whole beans...are the best, pinto beans.

Emma Leavitt

Northern lights location is close to my work, so I called for delivery and got nothing but attitude from whoever was on the phone. I was Informed that I needed to add more to my order for delivery, and when I tried to say I would look over the menu and call back I was hung up on before I could finish my sentence. The staff seems to struggle with simple common coutesy. I don’t plan on ever spending my money here again and I’d reccomend to Take your money somewhere else too. Even Taco Bell has higher expectations for their employees. Ive only called this company one other time years ago. I received similar treatment and was hoping things would be different. Local business’ should have more pride in their presentation. Would rate zero stars if I could. Ridiculous.


Maybe my expectation were low; getting mexican in Alaska. But I really appreciated the tacos and the posole. Muy bien hecho!!

Reyna R. Tapia

Great desert, great Mexican food

Timothy Breeden

Clean smelling restaurant, delicious and super fast service. Sometimes they have my plate in hand and on the table before I get my fountain drink full. The employees are kind and have warm smiles. Try the King Burrito- carne asada. Yum.

Brian Francis

Very small portion of food for $10.45 and heated in a microwave to melt the cheese

esther merida

Amazing mexican food and tacos!!! Nice and clean places.

adam butler

It was very good and satisfied me and my wife. Service was great horchata not spicy enough

Amber Buck

Definitely decent food for the price. Good selection of food and salsa. Kind of spendy for a casual place with a chimichanga being 15.95, but it is a good portion and everything was tasty, but not 5 star. Good place for a casual lunch or dinner .

Jeff Lagneaux

Just as good as LaMex or Gallo's if you like two beef enchiladas with beans and rice!

cee will

Great food & service!

Antonius Yochanan

Great tasting food. Just a bit pricey too.

Scott Riedinger

Best tacos in town.

Ylka Ortega

Always get great service and delicious food. Every time I travel to Anchorage, I have to stop here.

Vanessa Sweet

This is one of the best places in the state. You will NOT like it if Taco Bell is your favorite-- This place is much closer to home-style Mexican joints in Cali. It's still fast food, so there is that element to it, but the food is better than you would get anywhere else, with fresh ingredients and a super polite staff (At the Northern Lights and Seward spots, never tried the other one).

Dreana Taylor

My husband loves eating here...

S.A Stapley

Good menu, quick service.

milo eakins

pretty good food but was too wet my tortillas didn't make it 2 mins before they were to soggy to eat as a taco

Aundre Braggs

If you like authentic Mexican food then you’re going to hate this trash taco king is a disgrace to latinos all over the world they should be closed Down I wouldn’t recommend this food for my dog

Dana Cantu

Save your money and go to taco bell. You'll be glad. Absolute worst restaurant in the state. Ordered a taco from the cook, who barely spoke English, asked for no salsa. When I got my taco, it had salsa, I tried to eat it but it was too hot. When I asked for another one, the cook physically waved me away and said I never asked for it. And argued with me to the point I was in tears. The absolute rudest, over priced and most unclean places I've ever been. As an Alaska grown citizen, I would never recommend this place to anyone.

Ashley Auliye

Best Mexican restaurant in Alaska

Muriel Hopson

Excellent food, fast service, price is right too

Jake Tyner

Can't go wrong with Taco King

Richard Kim

Please read carefully before getting home delivery from Taco King: There are two ways that these guys try to scam you, that you, as the consumer, should be aware of. Whenever you inquire about home delivery, make sure you know how much the food you order is going to amount to (they have their menu posted online with prices) because they are going to try to inflate the prices astronomically. Secondly, make sure that you get a receipt with the price breakdown as Taco King is infamous for giving out receipts with no prices listed whatsoever. I just ordered home delivery and paid more than $35 for food totaling $27...thats about a 28% premium for them driving less than 5 min. Not worth it! I will end by saying that they have good food, however, their home delivery is a scam in my opinion.

Karlie Wade

Only reason there is a star cause that’s the only way I can post a review. Don’t EVER get delivery from this place it completely sucks and the food isn’t the same. We waited over 2 hours for delivery and when I called they said said it was delivered to the wrong house. When it finally got here the Mexican tacos were so soggy they fell apart when you touched them and my deluxe burrito was cold. You would think the food would of been made fresh considering they had to remake everything but it was totally half ass and not worth the wait or the money. Such a disappointment, for sure lost my business and I will be telling others to steer clear.

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