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2640 E Tudor Rd, Anchorage, AK 99507, United States

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REVIEWS OF Taco Bell IN Alaska

Shawna Lobmiller

Well, it's TB how good are you expecting it to be? But the staff is always super cool!!!

EpicCakes ByTeresa

Diego waa awesome Always fast friendly service here


Friendly staff, fast service, and exceptionally clean restrooms

willie brown

Horrible service very rude

Noira Otero

It's pretty fast if they take too long they give you a free drink

Jordyn Long

Great customer service at this location, good experience overall

Invader Zen

Taco Bell is always great as long as you dont eat the beef

adrian lopez

There customer service is awesome. They are never rude and you get your food quickly.

Joshua Propp

It's Taco Bell folks... Nothing more, nothing less. This location was very clean and the staff was friendly, even tho I ordered on the kiosk.

Tim McHugh

Fast service. Good specials. Good price.

Andrea Marie

One of my favorite places to eat!

Stacy DuPont

Lovely services . Tacos on point

Fred Ybarra

Weird thing about it is you order your dozen tacos for dine in and they put them in that ridiculously huge cardboard box anyways THIS IS OBSURDLY WASTEFUL come on people put the dine in orders on a tray we can get a bag later if we need it as we ended up with 2 tacos left over and a huge box. And as for the drinks over priced and ridiculously sized what ever happened to the dollar menu having a drink on it

Cara Senecal

Awful they always mess up the order

Scripler Gaming HD Brilliantick99

My favorite taco bell of all time.

Rick Rendon

Good place to eat fake Mexican food if you're in a hurry, prices are good.

Kathy .

Clean, friendly service, great tasting food. I would recommend.

Richard Gehrke

Great value and service

Mary Gray

My co worker and I got the power steak bowls for lunch. She had sour cream in hers I did not. She got major food poisoning within 15 minutes. She was so sick she had to go home. So I think I will not be eating there anytime soon again. It happens everywhere so I'm not knocking just them. But I'll be making my own salad for awhile.

Jose Yanez

I ordered 12 pack no lettuce this taco Bell doesn't understand no lettuce for the third time do not come to this taco Bell if you customize your order.

MaryHelen Aguirre


Tiffany Marie

Their customer service is bomb. Always fresh food and good portions. Thanks for being my go to, it’s convenient for when you’re stoned & right up the road.

Michael Haycraft

Unless you use the drive thru you have to wait all day

shelly wassilie

Barley any meat in my food. With what looks like only 1 tablespoon of meat. You guys definitely didn't redeem yourselves today. Last time I got food there, I got food poisoning. Ended up sick for 2 weeks.

derrik pierce

The staff here is pretty enthusiastic for working at a fast food restaurant, while is rare to find! They also made my food look exactly like the pictures showed while is one of my pet peeves!!!!! If you flaunt it like that, I want it like that!

Douglas Ladowski

Drunk friends love it

rohi bloodlust

It's raining tacos


Its clean and they have good customer service

Monica A

Mobile order was fast! Chicken chalupabis soo good

Ashley Chadwick

Very good place I love their nachos fries

Rebouel Abigail Tribe Asher, Yahuah

Food is okay staff seem to work hard but over worked looking

Travel BySign

Food tasted fresh. Service was good they were polite and they were fast.


Love the food place great customer care

M0M LIF3 247

We always order huge orders with very specific special requests... As long as we go into lobby and its after 6.... We get amazing service

Abhishek Allam

Friendly staff but the place needs to be cleaner!! Outside and inside. Management issues. Not staff. Staff is excellent and do their job well.

Michael Gonzales

Yo this place is garbage took forever and screwed up my order entirely what a waste of money

Brandon Corona

The food I will admit was good, but the bathroom was so dirty I just couldn't believe it. The sink was so black and then there was no soap or paper towels so I was forced to dry my hands on my own pants. The real final stray was when I realized there was no toilet paper so I'm so glad that I was able to hold it and wait. When I went to the counter to advise them of this disgusting/bacteria infestation over 4 employees ignored me as well as the manager!

Daniel Galanti

Great fast food. However, everyone wants it too. So the lines are long but you can take micro naps, crochet or learn to play an instrument.

Herman Johnson

Nice foods,good place to stop by an grab yourself some very good food.or go out and enjoy a very good meal with the family,or even your friends.

Al Beall

Not once have they given me exactly what I wanted for my order. If you have food allergies DON'T EAT HERE. I'm done with taco Bell......

Jerry Bond

Pretty typical Taco Bell. Friendly service and our order didn't take long to complete. For fast food was good. Happened to have a craving for Taco Bell tonight...:)

Adam Watts

The rolled chicken tacos are absolutely a waste of money. It's like trying to eat a pencil. They're just overcooked taquitos. You can get a box of those at the grocery store for less then 4 cost here. I think I'm done with taco bell for good.

Charlotte Manley

Good food and service! Drive thru.

Raymond King

Much better with the remodeling. Good service. Breakfast menu..

Peggy Rushing

Fudo seems fresh thank you for feeding my family

Kelly Stull

I love there taco Supremes.

Liz Brown

Had the beef taco salad, food was good, service okay.

Billie Freeman

Great service

Tom Rea

I've been to several various Taco Bell locations over the last couple of weeks and I suppose it depends on the restaurant to go to stay away from the one on 22nd and Alvernon portions suck you get a burrito that's mostly all tortilla whereas other locations seem to put something in that tortilla to make it worthwhile

Celina Rosales

Sweet staff

Martha Diaz

Good service


Never bad but never amazing either.

John Arellano

It's been awhile since I've been to a Taco Bell I know they have a good tacos

Angel Avila

Decent place I suppose but not the most fast "fast food." They really took a while for a simple, one item, order. But the food itself is pretty good. Not authentic Mexican food by any means.

EVO DingoeTM

Good food

Joseph Brush

Occasionally mess up an order and food taste the same as always needs new taste not a new menu with the same ingredients

Joseph Greene

Was nice. Not cleanest ever but nice enough

Deanna Bowdoin

Delightful people

tek skye

I love taco Bell it's my favorite fast food and they remained Tru too they're value menu

Jon Edgren

every now and then. .

Jayson Jones

It’s Tacobell

Rebecca Phillips

They only gave us 3 cinnamon twists!!!

Richard Perez

Food was good and service was good..

Linda Williams

Wrappers/packaging for food could be better to know what is what.

William Burke

Good food and speedt service

Terina Saari

Food portions were small

Invader Zen

Tgis particular location is not bad at lunch sometimes i dont have good night experiences, but great day experiences! Enjoy a taco Supreme substitute taco meat for chicken add guacamole and salsa and a side of nachos and a baja blast and top it off with an order of cinnamon twists you will not be dissapointed and your stomach will thank you!

Nanelle Durning

Counter need to be some time i dont want to touch the bags

Brian Africano

Uhh... its taco bell... you know you are getting cold fast food prepped and served by a disgruntled staff but you want a taco...

Melissa Dobson

The front end employees were nice, but you could tell they were new, not very knowledgeable with the POS system. My daughter who is vegan made a special request, when she bit into her food there was meat in it. The manager quickly fixed her another meal. Will probably return again, but check food before eating.

Shred Dead Redemption II

The Doritos locos tacos taste exactly how my Tata used to make them!

Randy Waggner

Was breakfast in a pinch

Jason Tomberlin

I had a simple order, burrito with no sour cream. They put a squirt on one end and obviously realized I said no but proceeded to finish the burrito. Come on, just start over.

Jay Huffstetler

Fast friendly service. Clean environment for fast food.

Ravi Outwater

Love their food and their workers aren't to bad compared to other fast food workers in this town

Laura Homan

Quick and easy

Timothy Welty

Always fast and accurate service in the drive through.

Austin Merculieff

Was helped by a very nice woman while ordering. The man working the drive thru was constantly looking at his cell phone and had a bad attitude and treats his fellow co-workers like garbage. Needs better management.

Jim Kelly

With a new manager there's better food here now. Taco's are filled to the top now. Tables are cleaner and supplies like sauces, napkins, straws, are full. Tell them something is messy and they get right on it.

Velda Nix

Great order takers fresco is awesome

anthony webb

The worst taco bell ive been to ordered a quesarito and it was more like a beef burrito ive been here multiple times thinking ill give them a second chance because usually taco bell is really good but i even tried ordering extra topppings and it was cold cheese wasnt melted and rice was uncooked

Zother Onez2

Can't go wrong with taco Bell love their happier hour too


Always. Filling that void when studing ty Taco Bell

Nicholas Baker

Sweet Doritos locos for my body

celeste BadGirl1

It was ok but they did not give me what I wanted

Dave Reid

Always instant take out. Great food.

Tadeo T

A clean and nice place. The service was quick. It loses one star because it didn't have a baby Changing station In the restrooms


Im not that big of a fan for sour cream

Ru Tec

ew is what sums up all i can say about these processing plant "food" with a side of chemicals! yeah hit up taco king and you'll thank me later!

Aeon Psych

Impressed. Fast service, I got what I was expecting, and had no issues with customer service. I also got some rolled tacos (which I think are/were a limited time offering which were surprisingly better than I was expecting. Price is a bit on the high side, but is not outrageous every once in a while :)

Micah-Heather Lee

Really good place to eat, just sad the cheesy potato burrito is gone

Alex B

I asked for no cheese, but they put cheese in my food.

Brittany Nicole

Quick and easy when you're on the go

Brett Miller

Great place to go late at night

Elizabeth Tugatuk

Cool beans

Warren Ballard

Very helpful and friendly

MSH Harris

Stopped by ordered #3 Fresh n hot delicious ty cashier Very Professional n Courteous ty

samantha simien

Good food and great service

jesse clarkson

This is your typical taco bell. Cheap food unless you are ordering combos. Often they will leave something out of your order. When ordering sauce, be prepared for 200 packets in your bag. Make sure you buy some toilet paper on the way home. You will need it within 2 hours of consumption. Also avoid beef, it is not beef.

Gordon Aberbach

Almost always good. Good Mexican food at a good price. Good fast service.

p sua

This particular time on this particular night Straight up garbage got us all sick

Z. S. N.

Always busy. A pain to drive out of. Traffic is messed up. If you go inside, LOCK YOUR CAR. This is bum centeral station.

Tammy Mercado

Good service!

Michelle Andrews

Love their Nachos fries

Snow Kitty

Normally speedy service and they keep the portions correct (no under serving like others in the chain do)

Jarek Halat

The beefy frito burrito is the best deal at $1.39

Ashley Lytle

The guy that took our order was kinda weird and had a hard time with my order. Taco bell had good food

Tommy Stanford

Always a great place for food.

Steady Hauling

Breakfast was delicious I hadn't had Taco Bell in years but yet still I enjoy the breakfast steak quesadilla combo

Mom and Sammy Awesomeness Rules

Derrick the cashier was the friendliest person I've ever encountered at any Taco Bell. Kudos to that Taco Bell for having him as an employee!

Michael Vanhorne

My food was lukewarm at best. Entry and exit not the best.

tim smith

Most taco bells are quality food and service. This one is no different.

Eli Garcia

Don't come here at 2am. Tons of frat boys wanting tacos that will haunt you in the am. Waited 30 mins for a few tacos and a few burritos. 2am ish plus or minus an hour is hell hour. Typical taco bell otherwise.

Fernando Lopez

Drive through always slow. Order messed up and not a single sorry for the mistake

angelina mcgilton



This Taco Bell was very friendly and quick to get our order ready. The food tasted great!

Peggy Rushing

Order is usually excellent love their new freezie Mountain Dew blast

Brian Espetitee

Timely service

undead leader

-Food was "ok" -Service was quick -Staff are polite and friendly

Sabrina Richardson

It was ok .. Now depending on the employee and how they're feeling (their mood) depends on your food. 7/10 my food is skimpy or just throw together. But ive also had great experiences there too. Typically foods on point every time. Cheer up employees! Make decent items as it is a job you applied for, what your paid to do.

Preston Busby

Fast and employees are awesome.Only 4 stars because, you know... It's Taco Bell.

B Mason

I just order 4 Chicken Soft Tacos. The tacos had barely any meat on them and they were cold. Basically a soft shell with just lettuce in it. Slightly over $12 for the four soft tacos and med drink is a ripoff.

Natalie Carachuri

The food is very tasty! Its a very clean Taco Bell and the staff is super friendly. They make the food good ☻ my faves are the doritos tacos, beef n potato burrito, and the mini chicken quesadilla. That cravings meal is actually really good.

Kevin Rooyakkers

Great Frito burrito. Good price. Fast service

Maria GS

So everything about this Taco Bell is great EXCEPT every time I come I try and get a Watermelon Freeze and the machine is always broken. Every time.

Aaron Myers

Great food.

Philip Weedin

Your taste buds will love it, your body will not.

Mariceli Rosario

$5 value was all right

Dan Knueve

Good food and awesome friendly service.

Frances Dalglish

I enjoy tocos

Gabby De La Cruz

Just good for quick AMERICANIZED "tacos". Cheap, fast, and easy. It's fast food.

T Hickman

I would like to share that I have been coming here regularly for quite a long time and the Customer Service here is Phanonamol!!! I have always experienced the upmost exceptional customer service. Never have I encountered a bad experience here. The Entire Crew is awesome! Best I've seen anywhere in town. The food is always fresh, hot and very good also. They Always are working hard to keep the dining room and bathrooms clean also no matter how busy they are. Thank you all for a job Always well done!!

Tyler Gartmond

The best late night snack!

Phoenix Bowden

The food wasn't very fresh.

Mark Christenson

Got my order wrong. I ordered two things

Charlotte Chaney

Absolutely in love with there nacho fries are awesome text probably the main reason I go to taco Bell now it's for their nacho fries

Kelly Coderre

I love the 5 dollar boxes,they are inexspensive and the food you get is plenty. The atmosphere was quiet and the service was good

David H

Food is ok. Staff is friendly. Some thing food is messy. To much red sauce.

Frank Díaz

Hey! They got what you need. Right?

Gina Mascetti

Affordable food. Yummy

Roy Castleman

Every slow wait times an

Angela Leed

Wow homeless man asks for water then is told he can sit even though being respectful and quite Food handed on filthy tray Never agian

Stephan Izen

Clean, kind, friendly, efficient staff

Carol Curtis

I love taco bell. Such a variety and light meals. I also am a pepsi lover and it is one of the few fast foods that has pepsi. Thank you TB

Rosemarie Malesic

I love taco bell maybe not everything on menu but in general its a keeper.....till they put in that machine to order your food so i won't be going back till the machine is history

Amanda Haywood

Love the food and fast service

Sheri Mass

The young lady was very friendly and accommodating

Valerie Domingo

1 menu rocks

Samuel Allen

Exceptional Taco Bell location, especially good at delivery.

melanie krasnuik

It was alright prices reasonable

Faded Judo23

Waited 25 min. In the drive thru and than got parked?

Michael Kougl

This taco bell is the worst one I have ever stepped into if I could give a 0 star rate I would. They were serving breakfast but they didn't have their menu changed so I could see what they had for breakfast itenms

Kay Dee

All I gotta say is CHALUPA!!

Matthew Ordorff

Tucson seems to be highly populated with mental giants. How hard is it to read an order from a screen. I go inside to order on the machine and people just don’t want to read. 0 for 3 on orders, good job!!

Jonathon Cowley

By far, the strangest Taco Bell. I'll admit, I ask for modifications to menu items when I order. At most Taco Bells those modifications are never an issue. At this location, they just never seem to get it right. I've resorted to writing down my order, and they still get it wrong. Example1: Asked for no tomatoes on the Chalupas...the take off the tomatoes and give me a side of sour cream, cause they weren't sure if I wanted it or not? IF I wanted no sour cream I would have asked for it off with the tomatoes. EVERY SINGLE TIME! I wrote on the paper, keep the sour cream, and they told me "that's not necessary, just say what you don't want" Example2: Combo comes with Beef burrito; I want just a regular bean burrito. I ask for a regular bean burrito, and they get confused. They don't understand. If I write down, no beef, no lettuce, just beef, onion, and red sauce. They say that isn’t necessary to write all that. I ordered the same order 3 nights a week for 2 weeks at 11:45pm each time and they still didn't get it right every time. It's always right when I do it on the APP, but the APP doesn't have Combo #6 nor the cravings box. How am I supposed to get my order right?! Today got a #6 combo. Receipt shows correct order, received chicken instead of beef:(

Ajax Barricade Co.

Service was subpar. Not sure if a new crew was being trained or their game was off. There was at least 4 orders that were messed up and needed to be replaced while we ate there. Service was slow. Remodel looks good, but come on, no money to replace old bathroom fixtures? 2 stars.

Angelo Davenport

I stopped by here with my dad to grab a Postmates order, the customer service was too notch and it was also fast and accurate! I do recommend! I myself didn't order this time but I do like Taco Bell!

Robert Orozco

Good food and outstanding employee's serving you.

Jack Woodburn

Never been greated by so many polite staff in a fast food restaurant. What's up with that? Typical decent TB food, although it's getting too pricy.

Trickster Rickster

Iiiiits taco bell for sure. Customer service here is a little better than most, food is prepared at an expected pace. Good taco bell here

Lola Stevenson

Manager Shasta was great and prompt with service. She gave service with a friendly smile. Made me feel welcomed... Restaurant clean great! Loved the Bean burrito! Thank You Shasta!

Kevin L. Stephens

Restaurant was clean; food arrived timely; and customer service was accomplished with a smile. I appreciate the front counter individual bringing my tray of food to me after it was prepared. Thank You

Tonya Caruth

Amazing service and food. Who knew?

Alex Flores

The counter people was very nice and the food fresh and loaded

Norman Stark was cold...taco shells were soggy

Joshua Robles

Yes very good

Michael Landers

Food was piping hot and fresh. The server who took our order was very polite and answered all of our questions with courtesy. Very nice comfortable seating arrangements.

eulalia riffle

Food is ok but not the best Mexican food

Dorothy August

Taco Bell is vegetarian friendly. I love the bean tostada. The refried beans are vegetarian.

Laura Castillo

Awesome service from drive through lady every time. She is there during the week days during lunchtime. I don't know her name but she is awesome!

stapley rocks

They always mess up my order. The manager really sucks.

Insomniac Hart

The most non-Mexican Fast food restaurant ever. This is not or ever will be Mexican food.. However, their good is good for comfort food.

Elena Culcer

I love the food with just one exception and that is the liquid cheese. If they can get rid of that it would be even better.

Jennifer Golden

Clean n food n staff great

Clareon Chaos

This Taco Bell gave me constipation over 6 bean burritos, 2 Potato soft tacos and a custom ordered large Cheesy Bacon Potato burrito. Well played TacoBell... Well played...

Callieann Griffin

Love this yummy place to eat

Dirk Harris

Fast and quick service. Order placed and received without incident. Location is clean and welcoming.

Tanesha Weible

Taco bell is nice and clean and friendly staff and especially good food.

Ricardo Fernandez

New loaded back taco for a buck was bomb!

Cory Mcbride

Not great with the sauce make sure you ask for double because one ask is like 2 packs i need 4 per taco and if you specials any order like no lettuce no cheese ect... They will mess it up it is a guaranteed FACT

J Blair

I'm totally addicted to Taco Bell! Haha!

David Buel

It is Taco Bell quality. If you are doing a large order for the office they will miss 1 item for every 6.5 items ordered. Without fail. Every time. Check your bag before you drive away. Still giving four stars because they tried and I like tacos.

Lydia Sorensen

There was one wonderful employee named Maria that amazing to watch. She managed all the customers and still managed to keep the front clean. She was so very cheerful.

James Fabins

Slow service but you already know what the food will be like.

Wesley Hardman

Best "Mexican" food this side of the border. Clean, fast, what you would expect from a corporate fast food joint.

Glenda Hassell

Power bowl, yum. Good fast food that doesn't make my body protest

Thomas Lochner

Never had an issue any time I come here!

Teresa Hope Miller

Good food.

Lori guth

Tasted good at time but then had unbelievable heart burn. Sorry it about killed me , the gas from the food.


Good food

Kristie Figueredo

It's taco bell. Price is right. Fast service. Not much else to say.

Paula Graber

Quick drive through. They serve Pepsi products!

Sarah Jessee

That this is the best store in town xo

In Alaska

What can I say it's taco Bell they have a pretty polite crew, drive thru is quick, orders are accurate.


The computer order kiosk that they added is VERY user friendly. You have the option of paying with credit card at the kiosk or you can choose cash at the register. They are always quick on getting the order ready. Outlets are available in the dining area if you want to charge your phone or plug in your laptop. They have free wifi. The only downside to the wifi is you are disconnected every 30 minutes so you will have to reconnect.

Nicholas Urman

We had just arrived back in town and we stopped here on our way home from the airport to get something to eat. It was about midnight on Monday morning. The drivethrough took a very long time. I didn’t get anything and I don’t remember what my wife got, but I think it was called a macho bowl or a power bowl. She said it was very bad and didn’t finish eating it.

Yael Cruz

Very good food trust me try the cinnion delights there so delicious and sugary

Travis Johnson

Convenient and predictable. Great when you're running from meeting to meeting and you need a quick option.

Jacqulyn Downey

Small servings not much toppings in my say waste of money. Other then the drinks. Drinks are nice

Blake Ricketts

If you cant find one item on the menu you dont like, then I feel sorry for you and you need to re-evaluate your life choices

Jennifer Freeman

Fast & friendly

Chris Hunt

I love that now you can add pico to items!

Dereck Stonefish

Slow, got my order wrong 4 times so I just left!

Tracy Oldfield -Garringer

Ugh not real Mexican food , but it's good in a pinch

Teresa Nicholson

Kiara was the friendliest csr ive come across in my fast food travels,pkace is extra clean and private booths make for extra nice lunch.thoroughly enjoyable!!

Karen Conway

Very sweet, super polite young man waited on me. The offerings are varied with many choices and the prices are fair. Most importantly, the food is delish.

Anthony Kennedy

Quick food. About what you'd expect for a taco bell


This taco bell was very nice very clean restroom whas kept up nicely smelled good. Workers were very polite with smiles. Not a bad experience this time! Good job tacobell!

Robert Walters

For fast food it's hard to beat. Sometimes they seem a little challenged to correctly pack an order though. So count your tacos at the window.

KING J bryant

The food was great staff is very courteous and fast great job Taco Bell Speedway and Campbell

Barry Hunt

The Grande Nacho box is tasty and excellent value.

Hannah Fjeld

I won't be coming back because this location covered up the outlets. I used to come for lunch and study. Additionally, it seem like I barely got a sprinkle of meat in my crunch wrap supreme this time.

Alice McKechnie

The truck in front of me was having slow food. When the truck was done, I left with my fast food. It was great to get out with my fast dinner. Very easy to cook as long as you recall its wrapped in paper and ready to eat.

Jobe Repola

Where can you say late night at Taco Bell there's very little things that taste as good one thing is any Taco Bell taste the exact same no matter if you're into son or Maine or Washington or Florida it's all the same gotta love it

Jerrold Bell

Fresh food with quick and friendly service! Nice and clean lobby.

David Hackstadt

Nice people that work there very helpful awesome


Love the naked chicken chalupa

Dorothy August

Taco Bell has good, healthy, inexpensive Mexican food. Vegetarians will be happy to hear that the refried beans do not contain lard. The staff is always friendly.

zebadiah baney

0 stars!!! Taco bell if you advertise walk in pick up till 3am then it should be available! I paid for food via your mobile app and your restaurant is only open for drive through... I want a refund!

Margo Watson

Our favorite location for fast friendly service in their drive thru.

Melissa Drawdy

Fast, fresh, and wonderful fast food!

Agrafenia Pletnikoff

Its Taco Bell, I recieved the food and service I expected

Draik Papp

There was a guy puking his brains out in the women's restroom and pooo on the walls in the men's room so discusting

Jordan Wagner

They're always quick and friendly here. Haven't messed up any of my orders, I'm a vegetarian and sometimes ask for substitutions. No issues. Quick service.


Pretty quick service and accurate. So A+ in terms of taco bell

Alan Sobel

The best Mexican fast food. Always good fresh and cheap

Maija Hayes

My granddaughter was afraid to eat there because she didn't realize you could take things you didn't like out of the item. They made her day!!

Josh King

Good service and easy to order. And fast and easy


Fast Friendly Clean

Jozph G

Hey its Taco Bell open 24hrs, no need to say more.

Martha Smelter

Too expensive for fast food


Everything you would expect, when they get the order right Haha which is 90% of the time. They did miss lactose intolerant friends request of no cheese.

Thomas Llanos

Taco Bell on Northern Lights has years of good scores from food inspector.

F Del Mater

Very pleasant staff, nice service.

Luis Lopez

Manager sounded like she was about to spit the biggest loogie of her life. There fast but everything is thrown into the bags. There main manager Rochell looks like she was hung over.

Robert Smith

It was clean the staff was courteous and the prices were reasonable

Edward Montenegro

It's taco bell, fast.

Leland Jones

Fantastoc Taco bell! I will go to this Taco Bell anytime I am in need of a quick snack or meal to eat! Great service, and quick to order! Amazing location aswell. Right off to your right on E Tudor road! Can't miss it, and don't miss it!

Jessica Thacker

Food was good but you can tell they were in a hurry. Food all over the place

Carol Kinsey

The restaurant was clean the food was hot and fresh and the employees were friendly.

Kharan Sylva

Felt like chalupas

Ian Mills

It's a Taco Bell, what do you want me to say?

Jay Lanti

Fast food restaurants

Peggy Holder

Southeast corner of Alvernon and 22ndStreet, beside Walgreens. Good place to eat fast food. They just went through a remodeling project, and it is nice.

Luna Lux

So I'm going to start off by saying Jesse at this location gets a 5 star. Very nice and respectful. Very energetic but brings a chill vibe. The store is clean and most of the staff is nice. But there is this one girl maria g.. seems to be on a lil power trip and talks ish really loud. She comes off rude and has a very bad energy. And the manager seems ok with it. There is a way to say what u need to say with out coming off rude. But other then that Jesse has excellent customer service skills.

Britten Everts

Came in for breakfast only an hour or so after they opened the lobby and ordered sausage but apparently no-one thawed it out. Who doesn't prepare for breakfast when that's half of the menu items, smh.

Mona Zazueta

Slow service, they always get something wrong

Matthew Clayton Sr

A daily routine. This location is fast service and friendly.

Hiddenpower12 .

It's taco bell so the food is the same at any location. This one has fast service and they are very friendly. They do make mistakes sometimes so they are far from perfect. One of my late night food spots

Shania Taft

Fast service

Crystal Firestone

Taco bell. I kind of hate myself for going here, but it hit the need-food-now mark. Friendly drive thru staff, order was correct, and I have to admit these cinnabon things are pretty darn yummy. Like a cinnamon donut hole stuffed with cream cheese frosting. Not bad taco bell.

Jacob Husted

I love Taco Bell and their food, but last time I ate there I got a little sick :/


Very poor service and cool foo6

Jason G

The food was made super quick. And the filling was evenly spread on the crunchwrap. Great service.

J Stockton

Via Drive-Thru on a weekday about an hour or less before closing. Really courteous and patient lady took my order (for 5 of us) Got to the window and the guy was polite and friendly. Didn't wait long at all. Food was great. Will go again when in the area.

live Garcia

Great costumer service

John Macsi III

Like the food

Felipe Guzman

Its taco bell chulupa box really good

Cathy Newton

This is one of my most favorite taco Bell locations The staff is always friendly, my food is accurate -and I sometimes have very confusing orders due to food allegies and having to have things changed from the normal way they make something, and this store is just always on point I have never had a problem ordering food from here. I really appreciate everything that they do here

Rudy Corona

Great! Tina was awesome!!

Giorgio Celmo

Bean burrito my favorite with guacamole

T. Gabriel Laudel

Just taste like taco Bell these days

Azdimondkat Azdiamondkat

Good food we had for lunch today & good value. The atmosphere nice and clerk was friendly. Restrooms were nice and clean (thankfully) and glad they have it were you have to show your receipt in order to use the restrooms :) The only downside was there were a few tables dirty :/ but I still would recommend this taco bell to anyone that likes good food and friendly service :)

John Mares

Better than most fast food joints

Krysti Jones

Very Unpleasant

Yolanda Abarca

Does the trick but not REAL Mexican food.

Dustin Kern

Drive thru order screen was broken. Employee was rude. The rice in my burrito was hard. Worst location ive visted.


Service was busy but steady, customer service busy a bit but ok, Restrooms were cleaned Including Exterior areas.

Melanie K

Very friendly service was fast. Not stingy with the sauce. Great food

David Rice

It's a Taco Bell. Newer building. Order took about 3 min to make 7 things. Not bad! Store was clean, staff was friendly. I was the only one there at 7:40pm on a Friday evening.


my favorite place at Taco Bell I'd recommend to the customer go to eat

Louie Lyon

Nice and clean, quick service and attentive staff. Probably my fault for ordering the meal that I did but it was Much Too spicy for me. The board selections did not state that it was a spicy item. Thus I ordered it.

Carol Bailey

Good food

Hannah Dawn

The restaurant was very clean and the staff was friendly. They are also priced fairly amd have good quality food so that's a major us for me. I really liked that while I was visiting I noticed an elderly couple came in and ordered. When their order was ready the employee brought their food to them instead of having them get up. I thought it was really good service.

Al sager

Fast and friendly place. With good selection of food.

Richard Woodruff

Fast service friendly staff

Monique Huber

Customer service excellent, the food I ordered was the food that I received. Bathrooms was clean and so has the dining area.

Nolan Dixon

Amazing staff and very clean restaurant.

Arlene Marti

I go to the Taco Bell on Grant between Country Club in Columbus I believe there's a girl there that knows me just by my voice I got her name is Misty she knows already what I order cuz I order the same thing Monday Wednesday and Friday when I go to that Taco Bell so she is such a great worker to know exactly what I want so hope she can get some kind of recognition thank you

Richard Todd

Fast service and good food.

Frankie L

Very quick drive through even though there was a long line workers were kind and not In a rush

Luna Lux

Slow and rude. I wish I could say something nice... but I got nothing. Smh. The cook that handed out the food was nice tho so I guess there's that... she can get a five star. The cashier tho. She needs work.

Tom Norris

What can I say? It's Taco Bell.

Christopher McDonald

Great cheap food

Olivlier Llena

I just bought a number 6 meal steak supreme.and when i got home,i openned it,they gave me a beef suppreme..i was so mad,i want to come back and return it but i couldnt ,im already at home.


Love getting my breakfast skillet bowl there in the morning.

Craig b Griffin

good food. good prices. friendly people.

Rosemary Unok

Our food was cold

travis atkinson

Eagle River is the best location if you're going to the valley stop off in eagle River if you want to bell

Michael estrada

Excellent service

Merricat Roy

Just what you expect.


Friendly staff, fast service, adequately clean facilities, and they've always gotten my order right.

James Garcia

I felt a little cheated on the amount of fries that were in the box. I almost got up to say something, but in this case, less is more. And the cheese wasn't as hot as it should have been.


This is a great taco bell excellent customer service and food is fresh and awesome

James Wilson

Love the food

Kaylee Broadus

Very quick!

ReeceCharles Freeman

Always great for that midnight craving.

Kyle McBride

Fast food. Service is expected. Nothing to receive above okay.

Juan Montes

Restaurants are getting hit the hardest during the recession and fast food places should be no exception. With a $20 average for a two person meal in most fast food places , let me tell you, your money can be spent going somewhere else. This is not the first time I have had my order mixed up. I am more often left deciding whether its worth the gas money driving back through the drive-thru or just eating the meal I got - that's if I catch it before I get home. - The meal is anything what you'd expect. I once got an XXL burrito with - and I'm not joking here - half of the product that was advertised. My latest encounter, a crunch wrap supreme , had a load of lettuce and a sprinkle of meat. It was a joke that left me with the question, was that really worth the 9$? Should I drive back and complain? This is normal at this establishment and I hope management sees this and changes because a 9$ meal at other fast food places can give you better product. Don't believe the short reviews,save yourself the time and the money and go somewhere else. 9$ can get you something better across the street.

Bat Man

Decent food for super cheap.

Rashawn Green

Apple empanadas and Taco fries.

Nicci VanCleave

This TB is the best one I've been. The service is with a smile and the orders are correct.


Was fast service and good food

G-YO Galaz

Cashier was awesome very nice, helpful , big smile, and curious best customer service I've had at a taco Bell even the back safe was professional and all seemed to work together great which made everything fast

Joe J

Awful. Long waits. Inept staff. Unhelpful. Terrible experience. Will NEVER return here! Already emailed corporate with details. My advice AVOID AVOID AVOID!!


I've been to upscale restaurants and haven't seen bathrooms and tables as clean as these. That surprised me! Great friendly service and easy access to beverages and condiments. Food served looking fresh and tasty!

Deborah Trimmer

Quick cheapie quasi Mex fix. There are better choices

Bruce McClelland

Clean, efficient Taco Bell located next to the University of Arizona. The counter staff are usually bright students who serve you with a smile. Best TB in town!

Luke Steffey

paid them money, got my food, wasn't missing anything, I would say things went well. The caramel in the caramel apple freeze needs to be swirled in more, but that's the only criticism I can think of.

Cecilia S

I like taco bell...I was hangry and needed to make a food stop, thank goodness a TB was near. It was clean and workers we're friendly. Burrito supreme and taco were yummy with fire sauce!

D'Lany Nichols

T-Bell is always bomb.

David Pasquariello

This store was better than other ,and I'm a ex manager

shivarose kop

I love u taco bellll


Ordered the Steak Stacker and also the Sausage Stacker... I was not Impressed.. Consider ordering something different from the menu

Chris Norton

Good food when you need to get something quick. Unfortunately they've messed up our orders multiple times going through the drive through and heading off down the road realizing after we've left

Arianna Rodriguez

taco king is way better in my say.

mike harmon

Good food also hot and get it quick

Elizabeth Pinder

They're one of the better Taco Bells around. I usually don't even go to Taco Bell, but I trust this one.

Bina Soni

Love food at great price. Lovely decor.

Mr.Moose production

Really fresh and fast service.

Mishell Costello

I got my order right for my kids which is important as a parent on a limited lunch break

Gary Peltola

Good food but often overpriced compared to other fast food places

pamela ivy

4 people work on food line and still slow as molasses

Vincent Thrutchley

Typical Taco Bell.

Vicki Meyers

Always good service and good food.

Raul G Lopez

Staff is friendly and efficient. Food is always good and restaurant is clean.


Fast service; it’s just Taco Bell

Patti Davidsen

Good service

sarean caruthers

Love the food and the service

Fred D.

It's a Taco Bell like any other. This one is always fast and I really like the idea of the new ordering kiosks.

Michael Griffin

Mike G all over the place has so much fun looking at you laughing in yo face the taste of tacos so fresh to death the best sound is dong from the bell the taco hell the nails on my fingers was too much to eat and I made a bet that your friend couldnt go to taco bell and swallow 20 dollars of taco bell treats

dennis knoll

I asked them what all is on a double tostada they didn't even know what a double tostada is so I just ordered a simple burrito they can't screw that up I hope.

Rudy Corona

Very good!! Nice staff

Mikayla Bell

Great fast food choice for vegans, vegetarians, and meat lovers alike.

Charlotte chaney

Yeah buddy fav fast food restaurant

La La

Best fast food tacos always fresh and fast

Stephen Dilley II

Awesome food

Teresa Garcia

We tried the naked chicken box. Great fast service, the dorito taco was different, I always enjoy the bean burrito

Tammy Vig

Tables are usually pretty clean. The sauces and napkins are always full. Usually good customer service. But sometimes they just throw your food together instead of taking a bit more time and making it more yummy. But this place is defenitely good! In a great location. But this place isnt very healthy, so i would recommend going to subway, which is right next to it!

Timothy Navajo

Food was da bomd.

Rebecca Mitchell

Fast service

Ismael Ramirez

9am and they were runing out of stuff

Helen Coonfield

Have beencwih taco bell for many years and states too. Good food


This place is amazing. So many choices to choose from.

Vanessa Salinas

Fast food mexican american Just for the craving of the tacos when i am on the go

David Ford

Good inexpensive food choices, and extremely friendly service here!! Will definitely go here again!!

Jay Edelman

Maybe better customer service and friendly people

allen wrinn

The service to this location seems to be faster and better than most other locations.


Nice ppl, fast service!!!!

Patricia Ford

Prompt service, clean facility, bargain prices and salad very fresh. Chalupa box a bargain.

Kyle Alaniz

Classic taco Bell. Favorite thing to get us the 5 buck box.

Elisabeth Fischer

Cheese quesadilla was almost all tortilla .. bathrooms in bad shape

Milton Santos

Great employees who put good servings inside the burritos

bryan carr

Eas good food eaten, excellent service too


Great tacos

Bone krasha

Love their slushie

Isaac Delamater

Very clean, touch screen ordering, great staff, friendly place!

Spice Ayala

They are very fast.

Dan H

Food quality was poor. Got the impression that the place is stingy. Staff was not friendly. Better luck at the taco bell by ASU.

Tri-astral Winzer

Screwed up my order kept my debit card overall terrible experience. Management was decent at best but didn't seem very customer oriented

Giang Nguyen

A good deal for food especially for college students when much of the food on campus can be rather expensive.



Aimee Dunn

People were not really friendly

Leanne Wacker

Great service, super friendly staff, fast, delicious food, what can I say, I love taco bell

Jessica Galindo

Right as I walked in, I had to use the restroom and the caucasian lady at the counter said I had to pay for something before I could use the bathroom. Me and my son were going to eat a snack before one of our appts over at DES off of Alvernon. This isn't the first time that we have experienced racism., profiling and discrimination with taco bell. These people that work here really need to evaluate their employees and policies before hiring.. I wouldn't recommend this location and their views and values of people of color..

chris barros

No longer considered fast food.....over 20 mins just to get order

Natalya Mason

I love the breakfast bacon crunch wrap oh and if you're a Hash brown person they have Hash browns that are $1.50 and are twice the size of McDonald's hash browns so two for $3.00 instead of two for $3.50

Lana Dancer

The tostadas are bomb but the cinnamon twists are fried pasta and the beans you just add water they never to cook real beans

coriander zvx

I just ordered two crunch wraps and one cinnamon twist and got home and found two cinnamon twist and one supreme wrap. Of course I was charged for two wraps. pathetic


I awlays visit there and I love the food!

Dave Laughlin

Did not get what i ordered but what i did get was good, tables were dirty and sticky

Aaron Hassinger

The 5.00 box is such a great value

Virusfourtyoz .

Quick service, they got my order right the first time which is more than i can say for other taco bells

Jason Swift

Great food and great service

Jeanine C Nullar

Hot, good food at a resonable price

Carlos Torres

The young guy had great customer service. The food it's ok

Robert Bosley

Well they were efficient but English there I can barely understand them so you might want to try and bring him a little better so they can understand English better so that my order was okay but when I called out my name I barely have to understand her A1 Market was backwards singing in Spanish it's like scuse me I help out thank you

Maury C

Good place for lunch or dinner.

Marisol Lopez

Very tasty.

Benji Hunter

Food is always fresh and delicious! My favorite fast food spot!

Kit Claw

Order was right

Michael Valverde

Good food for a tasty, quick bite.

Martha Sotelo

Love their service and 5.00 meals

James Russell Ceizyk

I always loved Taco Bell, And I used to go here with my mom and we became friends with the manager there, Norma I think her name is. Not sure if she's still there. But, since mother passed away, I haven't been there as much as used too. But, I go there every now and then for the good memories. It's a good place to just sit back and relax. A lot of College students go there too. If it's the one on Campbell and Speedway. I highly recommend this place.

Joseph Fisher

Friendly service. Food prepared upon order. I can tell when it sits because the biting end will be soft and soggy upon the hand off. This location doesn't have this problem. Thankfully.

Gabriel Lewis

Always good for a filling meal. And making new friends! The dollar menu keeps me alive. Literally.

ryan GREEN

Sat in the drive-thru for 5 minutes and had to call the store with my cell phone to get some customer service. Unfortunately this has been a common experience with this location...thought they had fixed their ways but this experience has proven otherwise. Poor form, Taco Bell!

Mika chux

Do not go through the drive through. They always give you what you didn't order.

Joshua Coates

Typical fast-food fattening and salty

pstangel555 .

It's taco Bell

Venece Grant

Like duh. Of course I love this place.

Laura Romero

Crunchy tacos yum

justin leon

Check your bags.

Mike S

Good food and prompt service

Kelsey Bever

make sure they have your order correct before you leave, other wise it's good.

Aaron Dodson

Fast friendly service. Is Taco Bell is above average mainly because of the outstanding customer service.

Joseph Poole

Always been the best for me!!!

bear patino

very good service and is clean

Sm 2177

Wait time was..... Well the fact that there was one is a bit wrong. Js. But as usual food, on point!!

Dominic Garcia

One of my favorite places to grab a quick snack

Martha M

Great service, delicious food. Recommend their bacon crunch wrap combo. Includes crunch wrap, 2 cinnamon delights, and coffee. Their coffee tastes great, even the decaf.

Amy Jones

Service was great, took a bit to get our food but the order before us was huge. They brought us our food to our table so no complaints. Try the potato soft taco if you haven't yet. They are pretty yummy.

Chacho Garsha

Love Taco Bell! This location has friendly staff and quick service. I will be coming back. :)

Fernando Juarez

This taco Bell had polite and efficient staff. My order was made so fast that when they called my order, I couldn't believe it was my order.

Thomas Tunnell

Ok food, prices are ok, customer service was good

Joey Zuhair

Lowkey this is the best place to get food in Tucson

Carla Clark

The inside was 'pretty clean'. Employees were friendly. The restroom was needing some attention. The food was what you'd expect at Taco Bell. The hot sauce packets was well stocked. My taco actually had a nice layer of meat in it.order came up pretty quick, even for fast food it was quick. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because of the cleanliness. They weren't really busy so there was plenty of time for the cleaning to take place.

John Raymond


Cypher Scullion

got food poisoning here twice in six weeks! wow! salmonella symptoms: diarrhea and vomiting. avoid at all costs!!!! in previous two years, we had no problems, but something changed ☹

Tony K

Its Taco Bell, same as every other TB.

Ron Leddy

Food tastes good but for the money spent, their portions are small. Don't waste your money

Daniel Williams

Great convenient location.

Jerrad Anderson

Always good. If you like taco bell.

Anthony Warrior

Super fast enjoy as always just a guilty pleasure

Christy Parker

This Taco Bell is really good! Employees are friendly and helpful... Good food too!

Sandra LaValley

I've always had a good experience at this store

Sarah Blevins

The staff is great.

Kaleb Ryan

Love this location. Polite staff. Typically get my order right. Picky eater.. so i understand.

Patricia Blessings

My go to place for Tacos!! Plz bring back the cheese fries plz! Leave them as part of your menu!!

Lana Dancer

Taco if your reading this I asked for 10 fire you only gave me 3 and my mom asked for like 5 hot and they gave her like 15 like are you kidding me like taco get your counting right


It fast..

Ryan Stafford

Super fast service! Very polite employees. Drive Thru line can be very long, so go inside instead. Traffic will make for a long wait before turning onto street next to Taco Bell.

Ketchup Katie

Guys in drive thru that's what's up. Nuff said

Nick Myers

Crunchy, undercooked rice in my burrito. Not tasty at all.

Jamie Hadley

The food was amazing and the cashier was awesome. But we waited about 20 minutes to get our done in order and the weren't that busy.

Timothy Williams

Good fast food clean place.

Felicia R

I think it's a little better than the rest of the fast food places..

Daivd Hassell

Mobile order 24 hours a day and you can drive thru on a bike even at 3 am, this location in particular has Stellar fast service and a good attention to detail in all the customizations and condiments I've ordered. They packed well give a generous handful of napkins and got it all done in about 5 minutes for 10 to 15 items on a $30 order. AND THE FREEZIE MACHINE USUALLY ACTUALLY WORKS!

Lisa Watson

Good food, friendly staff

Sam Utzinger

5$ big box is the best thing.

Roxanne Sandoval

I love Taco bell .. Specially that mexican pizza...

Chlonda Tucker

They do have good food but every time we go there and ask for extra beef and cheese, they seem to always forget.

jeannette durfee

Got the wifi I needed

Di Marshall

The food was great but I could wish for less sauce.

Jeremy F.

Amazing food, and good prices, open late for the insomniacs of Tucson. Great place to grab a bite.

Lawrence Goche

Burritos were good

Dawn Drenth

Clean and good.

Katherine Gonsalves

Service was fast and friendly. My bean burrito KIND of tasted like the last of the beans with extra of the chewy bean shell parts and little sauce and cheese. Meh. It is always a hit or miss though.

David Chavez

Taco bizzzeee is the shizzzeee my nizzzeee

Alexia Noel

The employee "Jeremy" was absolutely TERRIBLE to us!! Ran us out of the restaurant before we even had a chance to order saying we had been there over an hour. Very strange, very discriminatory, and utterly dissapointing. I'd recommend ANY other location.


I included a pic that should explain. I guess I ordered a tortilla burrito.

Sheldon Rushing

Always good food friendly staff

James Russell Ceizyk

I always loved Taco Bell, And I used to go here with my mom and we became friends with the manager there, Norma I think her name is. Not sure if she's still there. But, since mother passed away, I haven't been there as much as used too. But, I go there every now and then for the good memories. It's a good place to just sit back and relax. A lot of College students go there too. If it's the one on Campbell and Speedway. I highly recommend this place.

Hari M

Food is delicious! Pleasant atmoshpere.

Four Sail

Live the value menu..just wish they had tacos on it

Josue Tarazon

If I can give a zero stars I would, I asked Ashley R that I please wanted fresh fries. She didn't do so, she gave me attitude for asking for fresh fries and all because I didn't have my money ready for her she closed the window on my face like if she owned the place. I understand the business, but if you can't handle this job Find something your good at since it seems fast food is too hard of a career choice for you. Worst customer service I've seen ever at taco bell, can't believe the company allows these type of workers.

evita soto

I hate when ppl think i'm dumb lol

Chanita Massingill

I get sick every time I go

Richard L. Satterlee

I dont even drink and I eat here. Food is quality staff is lazy.

Christopher Joy

Good food and good service and the place was clean

Fred Phelps

Its taco bell you know the deal. Funny that its labeled under mexican tho. Id just stick it in fast food and call it a day.

Jerry Quinn

The absolute best 11PM munchie opportunity on Tudor. And conveniently on the way home

Oleg Psarev

Like it! Never had issues with my orders! Recomend!

Kevin Merilatt

Went to Taco Bell and order the Nacho Bell box. When I opened it. It was a hot mess. Hardly anything on it I was highly disappointed. Could have got a Nacho Bell Grande and save money

Arvid Sollom

Inspired by Mexican is generous but sometimes you need a bell cleanse

Kenneth Weitl

Fast service. Lots of extra hot sauces to choose from.

Jay Jay

Good people service. Fast food.

john bavendam

Have a great experience there food was prepared properly and the volume menu items came out a nice size 2 also in a timely manner

Moises Estrella

Love me some Taco Bell Soft

Jake Elliott

One of my favorite fastfoods restaurant.

Carlos Velasquez

Fast and friendly

Vanessa Gonzalez

Tacos were well filled and shells were fresh.

Robert Thomas

I have to say that I am actually quite pleased with the new breakfast items. Cheapest breakfast burrito in town, though of course you get what you pay for. :P

Pete Donahoo

Best meal and service we've had some moving here in 2015. Thanks folks!

Nellie Owens

Bright was a little dirty but food was great service was great.

Joey Finley

Wish they bring back burrito supreme box deal...

Arezu Taghvaei

Good food and ok service.

JR Rivera

Awesome service

Heather Brown

I am sad that they no longer serve empanadas.


RAY was great. She went above and beyond and offered great service! This Taco Bell was really clean as well. Thank you Ray.

Rosemary Valdez

First time tasting the double crunch! It was Awesome...

Michael Fox

Thought I would grab something to eat before was too late since I don't own a vehicle & thought I could make it to Taco Bell before they close. It was 9:48pm when I left. I made from my place of residence to Taco Bell and back to my place where I reside by 10:04pm. I was hurried to leave & my order was wrong when I got home. So far out of the month I've been living near this restaurant, I'm not impressed.

Stephanie Smith

Great customer service and good food

Bryan Jase

Great TB store. in all my time coming here only had 1 issue (nothing major) and was resolved quickly. Great place to sit and relax


If Its no good on the next visit, trust me friends, It will be the last visit I make. It's sad to me. When I was young I loved this place. My friend and I would ride our motorcycles all day through the allys and in the washes. Desperately trying to avoid the cops as it's illegal to ride dirt bikes inside city limits. To then finally come to Taco Bell and get as many bean borritos as we could. It was a good time. 5 or 6 bucs between us and we would get so full. Now....well, lets just say its not the same.

Ghingher Erickson

Affordable Mexican quick food, chency on lettuce but when told they fixed it!

Freedom Baker

Best taco Bell location ever. Everything is always fresh fast and the people are so friendly

Rock Humper

It's tb. Slaps harder when you don't remember the last time you had it.

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