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REVIEWS OF Spice It Up IN Alaska

Noah Johnson

Easily one of my favorite restaurants in town. Not only is the food so delicious that I will consume it to the point my stomach will no longer stretch, but the owner/head chef is terrific and made sure my whole family was taken care of; he brought extra plate of food for my kids at no cost. I will definitely be a regular at this establishment. The pricing is very reasonable as well.

Sara Hudson

Fantastic! The food, the staff, the portion sizes... They even serve cauliflower rice for those looking to reduce carbohydrate intake. Everything we sampled was excellent. If you like this type of food, you're in for a good time; if you've never tried it, this is the perfect place to start as the owner will personally work to find a dish that will appeal to you. And their Naan (a type of flat bread) is out of this world! We will be back!

Justin Harvey

Great addition to Fairbanks. Always friendly. Food is fast. Chicken curry rice is fantastic, and so are the lamb gyros. I've never liked lamb, sheep, or goat products due to the strong flavor. Whatever Tariq does to the lamb is great. I've probably eaten more lamb from Spice It Up than I have through the rest of my life combined. Try it.

Manogna Telikapalli

This place is closed until end of September. The owner of the store put a post outside the store.

Robert Carpenter

Top notch Gyros

Victoria Avery

A great place to grab a quick meal. There are options to suit most any diet. The owner goes above and beyond in customer service. So great food, great customer service at a great price--I can't say enough good things. Just go!

Ginger Wookie

Go here. Eat Food. Enjoy the good life choice.

Anne Holmes

Great food and fast sevice!

Steve Cross

shahab aria

In total recommended and it is the only Pakistani restaurant in Fairbanks Location,design and plastic fork and dishes was not great at all. quality of food was not bad, chicken was dry (maybe because it rest there for a long time) and instead of sliced lamb meat, tbey used choped lamb meat that had a lower quality. Foods was oily but taste was Okey. Price for quality and amount of food that we received was high (but normal for Fairbanks standard, because there is no competition here in Fairbanks). Staff was very helpful and kind.

Chad Squires

Very very delicious!!!

Salina Fountain

Amazing food, amazing staff. Owner is so sweet. Love this place!

Angela Margeson

Our favorite restaurant in town! Get the chicken curry, yum!!!

Mauricio Cardona

Excellent delicious!¡

David Claar

Everything is prepared and cooked at the highest level using fresh ingredients. The spices in the food create amazing flavors. I feel this restaurant has the highest quality food in Fairbanks and North Pole. I am addicted.

Brandon Jensen

The owner is an amazing guy! Food is even more amazing! Helpful staff and an easy menu. Can't beat it.

Destiny Schlegel

I love this place. The food is great and the service is amazing as well.

Rosemary Martin

Awesome food!! Favorite place in town!

Andrew Hedley

Incredible food. Value for amount and quality of food is exceptional! Will be going back for more!

Gary Galvin

The store front is now open and the food remains some of my favorite in Fairbanks. With an expanding menu and new staff Fairbanks is in for a treat.

Orren Hyatt

A surprisingly good change of pace for food in town! This restaurant acts as a soft of fast food Indian restaurant while also supplying a quality meal! I ordered the Lamb and Rice plus a garlic naan bread and was given huge portions that I could not get enough of! I wouldn't eat here every day but I do enjoy their food!

Tim Hess

Some of the best food in Fairbanks.

Courtney Wolf

The food is amazing, the owner is so kind. I come here as much as I can! It feels good to have a good meal and know that the cost goes to great people!

Karen Koch

William Knicley

Great food, Great people and great service!!!

Mark Davis

Wonderful flavors, fresh Alaskan halibut.

Alexandra Moreno

The food here is absolutely the best!!! I am always craving their Butter Chicken with rice and the bonus of this dish is that it is gluten-free! I love coming here and the food is 110% authentic!

Cydos Delevantai

The food was great, the service was prompt and courteous, and the staff went out of their way to provide a low carb lettuce wrap option. The visit was well worth it.

Shaima Awan

It was a very nice place to get halal food. We really enjoyed it. Must try garlic naan!

Casey C

This is one of the best indian food places i have eaten at. I tried the lamb rice and butter chicken and they were both amazing. I barely liked the butter chicken more.

Chris Pavlovich

Descent food felt a bit sloppy for the price, still feels like street food

jayant sharangpure

Have limited veg food options.

Jay Martin

Great staff and owner!

Christina Evans

Great owner yummy butter chicken

matt nations

Beef kabob and butter chicken combo!!!!

Adrian Ramos

Great tasting food

David Matz

Spice It Up features a variety of Indian and middle eastern dishes served food truck style. In other words, there is a limited menu of food that is on the menu for the day. Food is served quickly by friendly staff. They will happily provide samples if you are unfamiliar with a dish. There is plenty of seating, although it is a counter service restaurant. It is a great option to the traditional fast food.

Tyler Bell

Consistently wonderful food, and an incredibly welcoming staff! I just can't get enough of this place, at the prices it becomes more of a treat than an everyday go to but they aren't bad at all and when you taste that food you'll be happy you went!

Mercedes Anderson

A must go. Tariq is amazing and his staff are wonderful too. If it’s a new cuisine, you can taste test everything because it’s already prepared - cafeteria style. Get one of each of the naan styles too.

Ed Casey

Always great!

Ramprasad Gopalakrishnan

Vegan friendly. Vegetarian friendly. Great option for someone looking for some Indian food. The food is tasty and served hot. Note the food can be little fatty.

Tom M

Food is awesome and the staff is super friendly. After eating here a bunch of times I want to update the review. Not only is the dining area clean but I noticed the employees consistently wash their hands and glove up before handling the food. It's great seeing conscientious cleaning habits. They're always smiling and courteous and it's very welcoming. The food has been consistently great. It's served quickly and is always tasty. There's a tent and outdoor seating now too.

Nabil Al Nahin Chowdhury

The food is good. Not as spicy as the name suggests


Food looks aweful but is most amazing


This restaurant is just delicious! The environment is very cozy! The owner and staff are always friendly! You will truly enjoy your experience here!

Marie Rocheleau

Foods is phenomenal and authentic Owner is also the Chef and he is the sweetest man. Always comes out to see if you enjoyed your meal.

Tanesha James

I love gyros this is excellent

Katelyn Bryan

This place has amazing flavors and friendly staff, would highly recommend! They also cater.

Ashley Morris

The lamb and rice plate is my go-to dish.

Cami Pena


Joseph Sanders

Food was absolutely awesome. The staff was friendly, and the service was very fast. Got to speak with the owner, whose a very genuine guy. He takes a lot of pride in his restaurant. Also, just happened to have a conversation with a health inspector who says they run a very clean and organized kitchen. I'll be eating here again!


Great fresh food and fast service!

Matthew Raymond

Wonderful flavors and quick service. We had been to the food truck before and this was our first trip to the restaurant. We will be back again for the chicken curry rice, gyro, garlic naan, and the lamp/veggie/bean soup

Terry Oakes

I always enjoy eating at Spice It Up. It is always fast and fresh.


Love it all, especially the butter chicken.

Ian Dodds

The staff here make this store! Great service. Genuinely freindly.

Tyler Young

Amazing spot. Tariq is all about his customers. You'll often spot him randomly speaking to his patrons, ensuring their satisfaction. Amazing food, amazing service. Make sure to visit if you can.

Chris Mandery

Amazingly scrumptious, savory food. Tariq is friendly and accommodating

Traci Butz

Best best beat!

Heather Welch

Yumm! My husband and I ate here for a lunch/dinner today and absolutely loved every bite! The Tandoori chicken, butter chicken, and lamb were all excellent!! The Naan bread was perfectly baked, and the Samosa was delicious! The service was fast, but more importantly they are all very friendly, after the line died down the owner even came out to everyone and asked how we enjoyed the food. The portions were also very generous! I will highly recommend this to anyone!! Thank you so much Spice It Up!! Awesome job!!

Dallas Dale Leavitt

Awesome service came from the Mat-Su valley. Well worth the trip the food is amazing!

Cecilia Garcia

Best place in fairbanks.

LANE Grimsley

No way to know when theyre open or close...

A.J. Simmons

The butter chicken with rice is outstanding. Quick and easy to order. All staff are very polite. The owner takes pride by taking the time to greet and talk with his customers. Highly recommend!

Leigh Eberhart

This place is so great! The service and food is always wonderful and the owner is always adding new dishes and upgrading the restaurant. One of my favorite places to eat in Fairbanks!

Jonathan Worthen

Butter chicken and garlic naan are delicious.

Alex Klinkhamer

Delicious! Though the tandoori may have given me food poisoning...

David Jones

We’ve been residents of Fairbanks for about three months now and have eatin out about 5 or 6 times since arriving, every time we have been disappointed. The taste just isn’t very good at the places we have tried, for whatever reason. Couple poor taste with expensive pricing and it makes for a very poor experience. That was certainly not the case here. I don’t care about price, I don’t care about seating for large groups, I don’t care about cleanliness, when the food tastes this good, it doesn’t matter. Do not miss an opportunity to check this place out. If anyone rates this place anything less than 4 stars they are either crazy or in competition with them.

Glen Collinsworth

Excellent lamb Gyros

melisa kelsey

Great food and hospitality

Sherina Anderson

Oh my goodness. AMAZING food. The service was great, and they have free samples to help you decide what you want. I'm definitely going back.

Mallory Hulbert

I LOVED this place. So tasty!!! Wish I could eat here more often but I'm no longer local.

Rebecca Lawrence

Best food in town, hands down! Has anyone ever had any leftovers because I don't think it's possible. I recommend everything on the menu and don't miss out on the chicken when Tariq grills it!!

Matt Meissner

Amazing naan bread! If you want (what i believe) to be some of the best indian style food in fairbanks this is your place!

Jonathan Fennell

Amazing food, faiirly affordable pricing

Thomas Bowcutt

Great food and service, just the right amount of spice and amazing flavor.

Jeremiah Sonnenberg

Quaint little restaurant. The customer service is great, employees are cheerful and happy to help, they offer samples of all the food they sell. The food is fantastic, I ordered the gyro.

Dev Dharm Khalsa

Fantastic food; great service. Try the mango lassi!

Keith Schlemmer


Jan Krehel Mishin

Best food in Fairbanks!! Friendly people, clean facilities, fresh and savory ingredients and a TANDOORI OVEN !!!!

Matthew Hodges

Fantastic customer service and excellent food

donovan fredericksen

Great food and great service. Always a line but moves fast.

Tara Scogin

The BEST restaurant in Fairbanks hands down, 10/10 would recommend.

Charles Price

Butter chicken and garlic naan are great. Slightly expensive but will definitely be coming back often.

John Kolp

Absolutely love the lamb Gyro! Great place with friendly people!

dru h.

Spice It Up is my new favorite place to get GREAT food in Fairbanks. Everything is always fresh, hot, and delicious and the owner is always so sweet and attentive.

Wyatt Wilson

Gyro are awesome

Kris Nichols

Good food, but a lot of waste. Order put in a styrofoam container with a plastic fork whether you dine in or carry out. Would be nice to see reusable plates and eating utensils for dine in customers.

Tracy Asicksik

Great customer service, with great food and open options.

Ryan Metzger

Excellent local restaurant. I love the lamb rice and the samosas. I highly reccomend this restaurant!

david rodriguez

good but the guys who worked the food truck did a whole lot better then the blonde girl and the other guy. SPICE IT UP NEED TO STEP IT UP.

Michael Ervin

Awesome food! The Tandori Chicken is my favorite, the Lamb rice is my wife's and the Naan is fresh from the oven! They have some of the best flavor in town!

Nichole Benardo

Excited about this place! Fairbanks needs something like this.

Mary Lou Borden

Perfect every time.

Cynthia Wilson

Steve Floyd

Best Indian food in Alaska

Talyah Safir

Easily my new favorite place in town to eat, and the people are super nice.

Jeannie Laitinen

The food was amazing and the owner even came out to the table to ask how we liked the food.

Nita Desmond

Always a good experience. Big portions. Everything on the menu is delicious.

Nicholas Baker

The food is tremendous, we had the Tandori chicken and chicken curry, which includes a portion of salad, rice and spiced chicken all of which was very well cooked. The wait was non exsistent even with a steady stream of people. The only reason I gave them four stars instead of five is the pricing is a little high. Prices range from $10-$15 for the meals and the naan, which is absolutely delicious and fresh, is $5 a piece.

Mike S

Well done quick Indian lunch. Nothing fancy, but the lamb has great flavor, the service is quick, and this might be the best bargain in Fairbanks.

Pine App

It’s quite dirty,untidy. I saw the kitchen while going to washroom

Flynn McFarland

First impression: Wow that's a small menu. Second impression: Wow that's expensive for a gyro.. but hopefully it'll come with rice or something. Third impression: This is delicious but still expensive for what you get. $12 for a gyro a little bigger than a taco Bell chalupa and nothing else. I mean I get that it's Fairbanks and everything is expensive, but still.. I don't think I'll be back.

son of Liberty

Just like the food I miss so much from NYC. My favorite restaurant in all of Fairbanks.

Jeff er

Awesome curry

Michael Glassman

Very good food. A bit expensive. Service was quick. Not a lot of seating for large groups.

thomas Huddleston

This is by far the best place to have lunch in fairbanks. The lamb gyros are beyond amazing

Rusell Johnston

Great service and great food.

Hymavathi GV

Excellent Mediterranean and Indian food

Editha Bagoyo

Food is delicious, best in town, atmosphere is casual and great, servers are always nice and give great customer service... food portion differs with each server. One will give you half salad and half neat, another one will give you 1/4 salad with 3/4 meat. A bit pricey but the taste is worth it.

Misty Piech

Always amazing food and customer service.

Sebastian Ruiz

Amazing food and the employees and owner were really nice!!

David Joehnk

T your the man keep up the good food and service!

Dorian Granger

Wonderfully prepared food, great price and excellent service. 10/10 will eat here again. Very homey, personal, home town experience. Food selection is simple and delicious. I couldn't have asked for more.

Lisa Lake

Everything was great. Very helpful and friendly staff.

Joseph Krizek


Kweka Warner

The people and food was amazing ❤

Thomas Hudson

As a newcomer to Fairbanks, I was ecstatic to be introduced to Spice it Up by my coworkers. Tariq and his staff are fantastic, and the food is wonderful. They have a low-carb cauliflower rice option, which is an added bonus!


This food is amazing, its surely the quality of this comfy authentic food that makes us come back every time. The owner is so engaged with his customers and makes us feel so welcome. I have never had such amazing Mediterranean/India food in my life until I came here. The tandoori chicken, the lamb gyro and the seasoned naan is so fulfilling, flavorful, and seasoned with love and perfection. They are so considerate as well to my allergies. Just a great place to eat with family and friends and receive great customer service.

Chris & Jessi Morse

Wow my food was really good.

Jesse Lentz

Channa Masala is the best, but anything on their menu is authentic and delicious.

Lawrence Bento

Shubhangi Chauhan

Bea Lines

Love the food and staff is always welcoming

Carol Cummings

Tyler Stark

The best Indian food in town by far and the staff and owner are amazing.

jhenna williams

Food tasted fresh, with a home made recipe. Super tasty!

Nicole Cruse

Wonderful food. Owner is friendly. So glad this place has grown from a little food truck to a restaurant. Lamb and rice is one of the best items on the menu.

Undisclosed Username

Truly unique food and nice ambiance

Kevin C in Alaska

Best mobile food in town... Hands down!

Eric Midkiff

Great food and excellent, friendly service. The manager makes it a point to visit every table and ask how everyone is doing.


What a treat! I found these guys by accident, well worth the trip. Great food! Best lamb yuro that I have had in a long time!

Bill Witte

Quick great food very friendly

Matthew Adams

Without a doubt one of the best places to eat in Fairbanks.


Butter chicken was great!

Syed Anser Naqvi

Visiting Fairbanks Alaska from Ohio And found this Gem of a place. Very tasty food and very reasonable prices.Will be visiting every time we come here.The owner is very nice and down to earth.

Matthew Conlon

It was amazing!!! Best food ever!

Jerry Hollins

Audrey Diseth

Delicious food, friendly staff and quick service. The owner is incredibly nice and we're so glad he has a sit down type restaurant now.

Sergio Jacquez

Food was good but expensive for the amount of food you receive.

Jeffrey Simonson

(Translated by Google) Best vegan chana masala ever Wonderful Naan too (Original) Best vegan chana masala ever. Wonderful Naan too.

Bryan Rehwinkel

Great food and service. A bit pricey but one of the best options for a quick, tasty, and health lunch.

heather matumeak

Its yummy.. The flavors are amazing and the amint of food you get is worth it

Lee Johnston

Robert Petro

Quick and ready but still fresh! Not like other places. This place always pleases! Lamb rice is always on spot! Naan was delicious also! Staff is always friendly and quick to cater to you. Always recommend spice it up! And literally has the best gyros in Alaska!

Eric Sloan


Veronica Carlo

A new favorite of ours

Brooklyn Phillips

I ordered the lamb rice, and it was amazing! The rice is seasoned and the meat is super tender and flavorful. The staff was very friendly, and the owner made it a point to ask us about our meal, offer us samples, and say he appreciated our business. Very clean and comfortable, this will be a new go to in Fairbanks for me!

Morgan Smith

Delicious chicken gyro, SO much flavor! Can’t wait to come back and try the rest of the menu.

Travis Donovan

One of the best places to eat around!

Michael Young

Delicious food, friendly service!

miguel Olmo

Really really good food.

James Lindsey

Best Indian/Pakistani Food in the world!

Hunter UAS

Indian Food...yum!

Cav. David Middleton Gratta

Delicious Mediterranean food. Very casual atmosphere. Not upscale dining.

Jeffrey Baker

Always a treat. Quick, Polite and of course delicious food. Simple as that.

Walker Wheeler

This is a fantastic place to eat and worth going to multiple times a week! Friendly staff, quick service and tasty dishes. Of the small menu, there are also two veagan options that anyone would enjoy. First time visitors should try the lamb rice or one of the gyros.

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