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1811 Abbott Rd, Anchorage, AK 99507

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REVIEWS OF Seward's Folly Bar & Grill IN Alaska

Carolee Chapman

Food was excellent and our waitress was very friendly and professional.

nt. Templin

Best patio ever! Great food!

Amanda Waring

Always a great experience here; the service is on point, the draft selections are superb, and the food...consistent and delicious. What more could you want? Whether a neighborhood local, visiting from out of town, or looking for a great brunch spot - check it out! I go here weekly and have yet to be disappointed!

Will Nabors

This place is run by very nice people, who have been polite, patient, and friendly to my father and I when we come here, despite our terrible sense of humor. While you might assume Seward's Folly doesn't look like it has good food, I was initially surprised to find that it's one of the best restaurants in it's price range in the entire city. I'm very happy with these folks because they are my bar of choice. Keep up the good work, guys!

Matthew Benedetti

Good beers, cool food, decent place to watch some sports

David Besh

I had very low expectations entering the establishment. I entered thinking of expensive food and low quality. Wrong ish. Waitresses did an awesome job and I left a nice tip. Beer was cheap. Watched football. Had a half order of biscuits and gravy and was very full and not dissapointed. Friends ordered the breakfast burrito which looked

Josh Ashcraft

Good food but service could've been faster

Christopher .Jordan

Trash food trash service. Got served hockey puck burgers. Won't be back

Jim Kelly

Very disappointed with this place. We waited months for our schedules to sync up only to be disappointed in the food and our waiter.

Christian Jones

Stopped serving bottomless mimosas, management changed and needless to say everybody is upset. I believe I’m speaking for most of anchorage when I say it’s not a good idea to come here anymore

Gwen D.

Really good! Locally sourced fish, according to our waitress. Pasta was delicious and fish was on point. Open late like a true Alaskan establishment. Would eat there again. Cost $$

Harvey wing

Good Service !! Good Management Reasonable prices for food, good selection of beers and Coors beer 2 Dollars !! AWESOME DECK.!! With TV'S.

Ru Tec

price is alright and good has been good. The prime rib dip and wings are good. the bottomless mimosas my ex loves.

Jillian Murphy

The food leaves something to be desired.

Margaret Wiltfong Tovrea

A regrettable, most unfortunate choice. French dip made of shreds of meat, tasteless, unless you counted the overload of salt. Au jus was primarily au sel. Burnt AND cold sweet potato fries - how do they do that?! Sent the pinot noir back; got a table visit by a hostile manager, untrained in productive customer interaction. Server was unable to describe any wine; and the manager stated she doesn't (and nor do most of the other people there) know much about wines. The SOLE positive note was the attention and caring on the part of the server. I recommended several other restaurants she should consider, where her talents and attitude wouldn't be for nil. I hope to see her at one of those, because I won't be seeing her here again!

Julian Davis

Great food and great staff

Jon Larson

Halibut Olympia was raw the first time around. I was brought what I thought would be a new one. NOPE finished it off in the oven and brought back as I was told the rest of the halibut was frozen. My sauteed vegetables were brought back after I said they were missing. You guessed it the same ones I was served before, now ICE COLD. I wasn't offered my second side. They knocked a whopping $10 off my meal when I believe it should have been comped. The Halibut Olympia is at the top of the entree meal menu and says NEW right next to it, but if you wanted it Mother's Day 2019 too bad I got the last one as the rest were frozen. A neighbor at the next table ordered it and sure enough his server came back and said "sorry we have salmon that is ok". Not impressed at all with the size of the prices on the menu. What a shame.

Lydia Yoder

Delicious food, large portions, great service, cold local beer, clean restaurant/restrooms

Robin Radlein

We love the beer battered cod and fries. Perfect when you are really hungry.

Leonard d

The food used to be good we been going there off and on for several years the food needs salt and my 8 month olds high chair strap was broken and the 2nd height sure they brought so wobbly we're afraid I was gonna fall out of it.

Michael Tierese

Awesome family grill/bar, there are TVs and tables everywhere. It is a large place, with a huge bar, the staff is the best part about the place in my own opinion, it’s the type of place they remember you and treat you like a friend , remembering your drinks, name, family, huge thumbs up , hard to find anymore.

D Morse

Great food and service!

Chelsea Graf

Service was prompt and courteous. Food was worth the price.

Jerry Q

I recently became a fan of this place. After trying the club sandwich, I have gone back just for this delicious fare every few days this past month. This is not my only pick, but if you haven't done the "club", you must give it a try...

Peter Alward

suuuuuper slow service medocre quality not a good value

Tiffany Berry

We went for brunch very loud due to multiply tvs with football on food is great had to bring leftovers home will go back after football season

Jim Wicker

Good burgers. Good service.

Nick Eckert

GREAT FOOD. GREAT SERVICE. REASONABLE PRICES!!!!!! 10/10 WOULD RECOMMEND. Staff are VERY friendly and welcoming!!!!!! Would dine here every day if I was rich and wasn't on a diet. lol

Matt Dockett

Food was really great! Service sucked. Waitress never filled drinks or checked in on us, we had to wave her down to get anything, asked for boxes three times before we got it, took forever to bring the check etc. Would be great if you'd get some basic level service besides taking order and bringing the food.

Lori Nagel

The menu has a good variety which makes this a good place to bring the whole family.

Lisa Marie

Amazing service! Best bang for your buck for food and drinks in the anchorage area!

Ty Kuiper

Great place to watch football and get a very affordable meal. I had the prime rib and it was perfect. Service was good too. Nice atmosphere and the HD TV were great watching football. Overall Seward's Folly Bar & Grill gets a high mark.

Isaac Zorea

Poor job on big party...

Michelle Kiel

Awesome atmosphere! Lots of fun! Tvs all playing top sports games, patio area & nice bar area. Its got it all, only thing missing is a dance floor. They should add a dance floor area! Variety of Great tasty food, I love their house sauces, salads, & awesome desserts, too.

Kyrstn Knudson

Very good, portions are huge and love the options. Service is slow especially during lunch hours. Be prepared to hunt down your server. The evening has much better service.

Steven Boyle

My buddy ordered and received a very nice prime rib dinner. He didn't receive his salad. I ordered onion rings and a salad wedge. Onion rings were perfect and the wedge with blue cheese dressing was also great. But why the dinner salad with the wedge? Could it have been my buddy's missing salad? My other buddy had the shrimp tacos and really didn't like the runny sauce and couldn't pick one up. He didn't finish his dinner and was disappointed.

Belinda MacIntire

Nice outside dinning in summer food is good

Craig Kingsbury

Good maybe prices slightly high

Aaliyah And Ed

The food portions are very inconsistent and not worth the money I pay for, for what I had ordered. I've tried the bowl of chili, the cornbread was really dry and tasteless. Not to mention I did order a bowl of clam chowder and got chili. The server heard me and charged me for clam chowder but I had gotten chili instead? The wait time for the food was incredibly long so I didn't want to wait for a remake. But according to the waitress, clam chowder and reindeer chili are the same and saw that chowder was on the bill and not chili so recharged me for the higher price item. Im really unhappy about this whole experience. The calamari portions were different each visit. It'll either be a full plate or half but you still pay the same price. My experience this time was a bit disappointing, which sucks because I had a good experience last time and had brought friends. I understand Virgin drinks are a pain in the ass but if im paying $4 for it I'd expect it to at least taste like a Virgin pina colada, fully blended. It's just ice with light flavor. I held high expectations, sad to say I don't think my group would be coming back :( I was really excited to share this place but the experience was pretty bad for all of us that they weren't impressed nor happy. :(

Kevin Pathmann

Good local eatery

Grant Cate

Great food and good beer selection.

Donna Frankson-Harris

This place is okay.


Love this place. Fun atmosphere, good beer, good food, good service. Can't ask for more.

Lynda Lewis

Went for a late lunch. It was very slow. Few people dining but the service was beyond awful. Once seated our drink order was taken and drinks were brought. Then nothing...ten minutes go by and we see the waitress on the phone. 5 more minutes she is still on the phone. So we go to the hostess and ask to be reseated. We are seated again. Over 5 minutes goes by. No one even glances at us. Just as we were getting ready to leave the waitress shows up and says no one told her we were seated at her station. They comped our appetizer. But I still don't think I will be back. It was a lousy experince.

Natalie Day

It took over 25 minutes for our food to be delivered. My husband's pizza was hot and tasty. My chicken teriyaki sandwich was served COLD :-( The manager comped the sandwich, but still charged me for the upcharge for onion rings instead of fries .... wouldn't recommend.

L. LaVonne Scott

Waiter didn't know what he was doing, meals did not come out at the same time and some courses never arrived. Manager discounted our meals.

Ray Marshall

Ribs had an uneven temperature. Side vegetables were great. Chili was good, clam chowder was good. Smoked prime rib special was good sized but the fat wasn't rendered nor was the meat hot let alone warm. Felt like it was under seasoned, had to actually add salt and tobacco sauce to give it some flavor.

Inmaly V

I give this restaurant 3 stars, but it would probably have 4-5 if the customer service was a little better. Our waitress took a while to take our order, and we waited a while for her to come back to give us our tab as well as take our payment. She wasn't busy either, I believe she had 2-3 other tables to wait on total. When she did take our order, she was not fully attentive to us. She looked the other way right in the middle of our order to stare at something that I'm not sure if so that was a little awkward. Other than the service, our food was very good. My friend and I both had the chicken fried steak, which came with eggs, country potatoes, and toast. Everything was perfect! The amount of food you get is great for the price as well. I had enough to eat for brunch and take home for dinner later. I would definitely go back to this restaurant. It's nice and clean. There were a lot of other items on the menu that I was interested in as well, but hopefully the service is better next time.

Susan Overman

The cook does not know how to make a well done hamburger. Burnt on the outside and raw on the inside. We tried twice

Robby, Robbie Causey


Micheal Forsythe

Best service in town. Food is pretty good too.

Jan Tolen

What happened to the cook? Second time we have ordered burgers and this time mine was dried out and hard my husbands was half raw.

Ginger Hutcherson

Delicious food! Our server was a little slow but she was very nice.

Walbert Schulpen

Your run of the mill grill and bar.

Ron Paye

Bergers and food choices not to be missed an enjoyable place to be

Barbara Schaefer

Very good food, very good prices. Came in for brunch on my 21st birthday, mimosas were very tasty, and the staff was great

jackie reinstedler

Fantastic food, great service!!

Gerry Y

Always great food and super service. One of our favorite brunch spots.

Brandon Wheeler

It was great, as usual, and out waitress was extra nice and helpful. Thank you!

Jessica Maves

Great service and a great place to watch football!!!


Steak and eggs burnt steak. over seasoned potatoes burnt salty bacon only crab eggs Benedict was blah. Dont waste your money. Only thing that was ok was the eggs

Samuel Kauffman

Great place to get out and enjoy a lunch. Good food and environment.

Heather J

This place was pretty great. The servings where pretty big. The food tastes great. My club sandwich was huge. The sweet potatoes fries were yummy.

Chantel Shouse

Menu has improved, food has improved. Calamari needs to improve. Staff and service was great. Very clean. We will come back.

Linda Coonrad

Good service, great calamari, good New Haven pizza.

sean c

It's sad that you don't get to choose your customer and I'm sorry that I'm not the type/color of customer you wanted, but my money is green, just like all other customers money! It doesn't look professional...did you really have to give me that look?

Muache Yang

Only gave it a 1 star because I can’t give it a zero. Heard so much about this place. First off we didn’t even get a greeting from the seater. We came here wanting to get the prime rib dinner, but the server told me that they don’t serve it on sundays when it clearly says on the menu that they ONLY serve it Fridays-Sunday’s. We waited about 45-50 min to get some cold and over cooked steaks that were clearly burnt. We also got the reindeer dog and when it arrived it was again COLD. How do you mess up a hot dog like really? While waiting for our food to come out about 3 tables who came after us got their food way before us and we’re about done eating when we finally got ours. Not only was the food horrible, but not once did our server came check up on us or fill our waters. I would never recommend this place to anyone and I’m definitely not coming back ever.

Terese Galvin

Consistently good food and staff. A large choice of Amy Nails in appetizers to choose from. My favorite is the clam chowder and the Cobb salad, top that off with a good beer and it's fantastic.

Benjamin Spink

A great local burger joint with a lot more than burgers. They cook the meat to order; none of that "some pink or no pink" bs. The sides are amazing and the beers are full to the top, and neither are garden variety fares. Be sure to check out the old timey photos of Alaska that create a family atmosphere.


Great food, great service, nice place to go and watch sports

Barbara Hrubes

Had a birthday lunch at Sewards Folly. Took my sister in law for her birthday. She had the Ruben sandwich with gets. Lo9ked really good, LARGE sandwich. I took a birthday cake ahead of time and dropped it it would be a surprise. The people there were very nice about the cake and getting it to us after our meal.

Kim Brooks

Great food and excellent, friendly service. Awesome bottomless battered fish & fries


Food was just ok, however the service was the slowest we've had in Anchorage!

David Huntley

So, the experience wasn't that great. Took almost an hour to get our food and it wasn't complete. My wife had to wait for her Nachos, nachos. I ate my entire Double Grillen Chicken sandwich before she got her Nachos. The food was decent, better than we had before. Would I go again, Yes it's worth another shot...

Sarah Haley

The food was great but on a night they weren’t that busy, my friends and I felt we were being rushed out. Will be going back to see if we have a better experience before leaving a more detailed review.

Diane Belczyk

Best food served by the best wait staff and bartenders ever!!!!

Austin Levy

Bottomless mimosas are the best! Food was okay.


Excellent service. Beyond excellent. Was amazed with the service. Food was absolutely delicious. Great atmosphere. Will be going back for sure.

Dawn Michel

Love their brisket sandwich!

Glen Parks

Onion rings came late and not with sandwiches

Randall Danes

Excellent service, great all-around food. I ordered the Buffalo brat with sourkraut. Very filling.


Staff are nice.... Served a beer off of an infected beer line. Food was meh... Went back after several years because of a power outage.

Eric Latus

Best wings in anchorage

Luke Young

Ordered the Bratwurst ot was the bratworst! It came on a French bread baggute heavy mustard light kraut] and the dog well.. it was long but the "cook" completely killed it no only did he score it but also split it all the way and it seemed microwaved withering it to something that resembled a slimjim First and last time no thanks


Long...i mean long wait for food. I just ordered a hot dog! Not again :(

Rob Moriarty

Food was good and service was cheery. A little wait for the food.

Abraham Hsieh

Pretty good comfort food at reasonable prices and you can't beat the Coors light price there. Staff is friendly and there's a good regulars crowd.

Dana Warrick

I love the outside seats. Good food great service. It's always my birthday celebration place.

Kaitie Taylor

Fries were a little rubbery, the calamari had decent flavor but the coating texture was weird and the aioli was really thin and the only flavor I got was garlic. The patty melt was flavorless. :-( sad day The service was great though.

Grant Smith

This is the first restaurant that has ever motivated me to actually write a review. The drinks were fine, though I wish I'd ordered 3 or 4 more before this "meal". The service was great, but the food... I seriously felt bad for our server, he was fantastic but obviously uncomfortable with what he had to serve. 1/3rd of the "sirloin" was so tough I couldn't even cut it, let alone chew it, and the entire thing was covered in French's fried onions that were already soggy from the sheer volume of grease on the plate. The "ranch" for the obviously bagged salad looked and tasted like plain buttermilk. The "sauteed vegetables" had more oil than vegetables- enough oil to literally coat the entire comically large plate in the time it took them to bring it to the table. The mac and cheese was alright, but let's be honest- it's pretty hard to mess that up. Overall, completely embarrassing. Save yourself the trouble.

Tom P

Great place with some keto friendly options!

Brandon Harker

Service mediocre, took while to see server and get waters., she seemed to be stretched pretty thin. Loaded tots, flavorless and what little cheese there was, was over broiled/burned so bad that we litteraly had to chip tots free to eat them. Wifes burger, ordered medium, came out burned and covered in pickles when clearly asked for no pickes, there were so many it almost looked intentional and her mashed potatoes were barely luke warm. My burger ordered medium also, came out well done and rubbery, bacon was potato chip crispy, and one of onion rings were unable to cut due to it being a breaded part of outer onion, and the bbq sauce had zero flavor like it had been watered down, never tasted such a tastless bbq sauce in my life! My wife is not one to add salt or flavor to anything caise she likes “taste all flavors” and she even was adding salt and commented that bbq sauce had no flavor. Only thing that was good were the sidewinder fries and oir server, she tried he best and realized we were not eating food and took time to inquire and appologize, after we voiced concerns she did say “kitchen seems to be having some trouble tonight”, big time! Saw her have to apologize to at least one other table just in ahoet tome we were there. Mgr did give discount on bill, but never came to talk with us or ask any questions about food or experience. Place is too inconsistent, 1 out of last 3 times were good... I see owner keeps comenting on how they are a sportsbar...but no where do I see anything saying this in their advertising or signs. Used to be a nice sit down restaurant with good food, sorry to say we probably wont be back again!

Sharlene Moyers

Good food with a wide selection.

Raleigh Diamond

Great food great service. Comfortable environment

michelle mcnairdavis

Went on the 4th at 8pm. Tomato basil soup tasted as though it had been simmering all day. Had a burned taste. Abby, our server prompted us at least 4 times to move it along at 8:45, although they weren't closing till 10. Food just ok. Won't be back.

Lauren Dolgner

Long wait time on the food, but the server was attentive and kept us updated. Food was delicious once it arrived.

Christopher Mitchell

Great bottomless fish and chips!

Chakaphan P.

Plenty of parking and seating. They have a good size bar with games on multiple televisions. We ordered multiple dishes and they were all good with large portion. Service is good and prompt. They also have free WiFi available (both 2.4 and 5 GHz).

Greg Shepard

We found ourselves on the south side of Anchorage last night and were looking for a place to have dinner in that area. I had driven by it numerous times over the years but had never tried or talked to anyone that had been there. We decided to give it a try and couldn't have been happier with the service or the quality of our meal.

David Olson

Good food and good service. Just had the Hilibut Olympia and my Mom had the ribs. Great portions. We'll be back.

Steven Carner

Great food at nice prices service top notch!

Dennis Bryant

We sat down and waited 15 mins for water. Another 10 to get our order taken and then an hour for our food. For a his and burger it took an hour. The waitress fairly refilled our drinks.

Crystal Klein

Hit or miss with Seward's Folly. 9:00pm/Saturday: Waited to be seated on restaurant side, but no hostess came so we just sat on bar side. Waitress was friendly and took our order quickly. Ordered: BLT w/potato salad, Turkey Club w/ side salad. Waited 45 minutes for sandwiches to finally come out

Steffan Britto

great atmosphere!!! awesome brunch. perfect place to watch the games or hang out

Nunyo Bidnez

Atmosphere is great, food was good, prices were quite a bit higher than expected. Lunch for one came to 19.95 plus tip.

Manuel Colon

First time visitor. The food was very good. The service was good. A nice neighborhood restaurant/sports bar. I was there for an early approximately 4:45; no problem getting a table. The bar was pretty active.

Lisa Lake

Half pound BLT is the bomb!

Shannon Hawkins

Food was decent, wish we could of had the bar tender as our server. Our server took the plates without asking if the party was done with our food. Not sure the gentlemans name at the bar but he was working the room and serving food to the larger tables.


This was one of the worst experiences in my life at a restaurant, and after trying to contact the GM TWICE to no avail, I decided to post here. They sat two unreserved large parties (12 and 22) without call ahead. On a slow night, that's understandable to an extent. What isn't understandable is why the first two items I ordered they were out of and made me WAIT UNTIL THEY PUT THE ORDER IN to tell me. So finally after I ordered my third item on the menu, the ticket time was ONE HOUR. So we asked for a manager. Not because we wanted discounts or free things, but because these practices are indicative of poor management and boy is that the case. Ish decided to have an attitude and talk OVER the person I was with until I had to snap at her to get her to shut up long enough. And then while I, a young man -which is important to note, am sitting at the table, she went on to explain that their issues are with young people and kept saying TO MY PARENTS that they are all lazy and the cause of her problems. This is the worst management I've ever dealt with. They're lazy, blameless, buck passing twits. Sean, the GM never contacted me back assuming my number wasn't local, but I live in Anchorage and will be letting everyone I know this business deserves the death it's asking for.

Roderick Sanders

Great food and service!

mike bruner

Absolutely fantastic service and amazing prices. Took the family of 6 to dinner for 50 bucks. The cheese curds were so delicious I almost got another basket. Definitely worth a try.

Jeffrey Greb

Poor service. Wings greasy and cold. Wont be back.

kali selders

Gave this place two try’s when it first opened just went back today and all three try’s crappy food and crappy service it took over and hour and a half for my family and I to receive are food that time dose not include menu reading time or waiting to be seated that additional time there all trips the same would not recommend going to anyone

Christopher Karslake

Food was cold and service was slow.

Ken Weiss

Great place to meet friends in the bar or family in the dining room. During warm days the patio is awesome. Good food and full selection for a menu.

Kristopher Van Allen

The best mac n cheese and grilled cheese in Alaska!

Bekki Weaver

We went here previously and were not impressed however they have really turned it around. We heard they have new owners. The cheese curds, beer battered cod and pasta were tasty. The raspberry lemon drop was very good. Nicely done!

william weir

Get seated and drinks everything’s great Order apps there all good potato skins, steak bites, and artichoke dip all good potato skins could use more sour cream or a side either or food comes out we’re a party of 6 kids last to get their food 1 meal missing fries one order is just fries fries not hot Luke warm at best but told fresh fries just dropped. One meal pulled pork sandwich dry coleslaw flavorless meat soggy bun no fries. Second meal turkey sandwich perfectly fine. Kids meal cheeseburger cold fries (fresh fries my ass). Prime rib dip another meal probly one of the best things in the menu just fine. Rib eye another meal we got could of been mistaken for a flank that was over cooked but at $23 in the meal sure sucked ass. Had a dirty blond server with glasses on the shorter scale asked for another beer never received table not checked on after food was Brought out a bill of $141.00 service wasn’t great food medeocer over priced environment loud would be better off going to Texas road house same envirorment cheaper price bigger portion better service. Left a tip for waiter out of pitty cashed out at the bar because server never came to get bill went back to work able to leave the bill already working to get another table in worst dine-in experience I’ve ever had. Don’t plan to go back, but had recommended the resturaunt in the past won’t anymore.

Jennifer Evans

Great food. Great service

Oolie Bouy

Ordered Teriyaki Tips and those were really good. What a portion of meat, it's almost a full meal. Wonderful. However, the stroganoff, the sauce was runny and tasted like nothing but garlic. There were full cloves of garlic in the sauce, that had been sauteed or something because they were soft. There were at least a half dozen, likely more than that. Was not desirable at all. This dish needs work.

Auddy Groom

The best nachos I've ever had. It had this incredible avacado dressing. I cant wait to come back and try it again!

john king

What a great place. Service was a little lax for my liking but the food was amazing. Got the shrimp meal for my kid and it was an actual plate worth the price. My burger was made perfectly and girlfriend's biscuits and gravy had a unique twist that she enjoyed. I would recommend giving them a try and I never even knew about this place until today. Overall it was a satisfying experience.

Jeff baker

Great apps, good service and not too loud

Christina B

What a find!!! Weary travelers in search of great comfort food... Stop and eat!

Robert Bell

Sat on the patio for 45 minutes waiting for a burger and a BLT. The place was 10% full. When we went to the front counter to say we were leaving without being served she said the kitchen had been slow all day.

Chad Baxter

Driest,plain, no flavored burger I have had in a long time. Service was ok at best. Will not be back for lunch


Food took forever my family and i wait 2 hours for nothing and said its coming in 5 min but it was 2 hours 1star

Chris Thornton

Good food, friendly staff, cozy atmosphere

Sam D

Food was pretty good. Restaurant is comfortable and well laid out. This was 1st time here so maybe it's not always like this but service was unusually slow. From the time we waited for drinks, the time it took the meals to come to the time it took to get refills. I really don't like places where wait staff interrupt conversations every 10 minutes to find out if you need anything but today's service was the other extreme.

Nico Tapafua

The service was great but the food was mediocre-poor. My wife and i ordered appetizers( crab cakes and nachos). The nachos had a bad after taste after eating each bite and the chips were horrible. The crab cakes are like sliders and it felt as if was drowned in the dry coleslaw. I took the crab cakes and ate it by itself. The bread for the sliders were overbearing. The bread was bigger than the crab cake proportion so i took the bread edges off. We didn't finish our appetizers so we ordered food. I had the prime rib which was a special and what seemed a staple i was told there. The prime rib was dry and was well done. I requested it medium rare. I dared not to try the dessert given our previous meals. My wife ordered a salad and was afraid to try anything else given how the appetizers were. The salad was good. I can tell you the drinks were good and the waitress kept my alcohol topped off so eating my food was manageable. Im willing to try again but not too soon. Maybe in the future and my review may change.

derrick mells

good drinks and food. I take friends from out of town here a lot. Maybe a trying too hard to be like chain restaurants.

Larry Pauly

Awesome food. Great service.

Donald Gerhart

The wait for our order was long, 25+ minutes, but it was well worth the wait. Excellent food, large abundantly filled plates, and wonderful options to choose from.

Chrysti Leigh

This place had a shaky start but they are fantastic now. Outdoor seating for those awesome summer nights, too.

Fred McAdams

Service here is always the best! Food is top notch as well highly recommend a visit!

Anne Grant

The food was good, but my burger was overcooked. The service was very slow. Waited about 40 minutes for food to come. I had a burger, husband had fish & chips.

Connie Dougherty

Service was really good. Our waitress had a great sense of humor. I always get the burger salad. Super yummm!! And they always cook the burger a perfect medium rare for me! Dee-lish!! Some other menu items, not so much. Last 2 visits my dining companions sent something back (NOT the burger salad). Servers were really professional about that, never made us feel bad. We are NOT those people that always complain! The dessert menu is wonderful. Fantastic bread pudding. And bottomless mimosas....who can resist! Great place to go with friends and family.

Alvin Payton

Love this place Lindsey always knows what I want and I will keep coming great place

noxious byproduct

This was a great experience, the burger and fries outdid o'bradys and service was quick. Coworkers had fish & chips, and Cobb salad. Both were big servings and almost finished mine. Plenty of seating and parking. Definitely be back in the future.

Cyndi Montgomery

We had really good service and food. Lots of variety on the menu. Fair prices.

Debbie Lohmann

My husband and I like the remodel & the bar atmosphere & the friendly servers & we always like our drinks rum & coke/ pinacolada/Sangria & we like to share a 12inch pepperoni pizza

Jared Holbrook

Get the French toast. You'll thank me. Officially the only spot in town I will order French toast from, from now on.


Turkey Avocado sandwich was supreme!

Courtney Casquejo

Seward's Folly isn't terrible but the only thing that gets me excited there is the calamari (it's fantastic and I get calamari anytime it's on a menu). It's very much a quanity over quality restuarant. HUGE yet mediocre portions (except the fantastic calamari) that I always have to deconstruct just so I can actually eat it.

Tre Chavez

Amazing just amazing

Dalton Lew

Appetizer was pretty cold and the drink I got was warm. But the main meal was great and the waitress was nicely attentive

cliff T

Good club sandwich. Great service. They forgot an item and brought it out late, free of charge. Will go back again.

Bebob Kiz

Good food good timing


Great staff awesome food and drink!

Yarn Beauties

Good food, great service!

Ashli Cubit

Kool eats they party hard.

Holly Blackstone

Country tots are wonderful for a decent price. Super glad they changed their brunch hours to go until 2pm on the weekends. We were very disappointed to find out they stopped doing bottomless mimosas, however.

Nancy Christman

Food is awesome and the beer is always cold!

Angelika Lynch

It was so noisy, TVs on every wall, everybody yelling because of all the noise. I could barely make it through dinner. Salad was great (wedge blue cheese) burger.... neeh.

melynda overson

It's much better than before more upbeat food is well priced

Robert Hedrick

Food was good Service was too

M Croz

Great food and great service. Sat on the patio with our dog and enjoyed the sunny day.


Had the best pasta on the earth and my grandpa loved the T-Bone steak

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