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302-306 Van Buren St, Seward, AK 99664, United States

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REVIEWS OF Red's Burgers IN Alaska

Who Knows

Cool little place to grab a bite. We ordered our food (roughly around $15 per burger) and drinks (free refills) then sat on the bus next door which had music playing. They call you on the bus intercom when your food is ready. The burgers are a pretty good size and the staff is very friendly. Remember - Cash only!

James Faleris

This place is cool. Its a red bus, yeah a bus but dont let that fool you. Great chow and you can try all kinds of Alaskan Game meat of you want. Everything in Seward is on the expensive side, but this place is worth it.

Ellen Pinch

Absolutely LOVED this experience. First time in Seward and came from recommendation. The food was freshly prepared and the chicken and chips were a definite hit. The shakes were super thick and sweet and it was all topped off by sitting in the old school bus. Played UNO while waiting provided by the cafe and it was overall a really good experience a little off the beaten tourist path!

Pat Heinselman

Good burger but expensive

Jordan Finney

Great food and service. Really love the environment of the place. Super chill

michael acheson

Red's burger is too good for words!

adam schnaufer

Best burgers in Seward!

J Wolfson

Penny Dunich

Cameron Clemente

Me and my grandparents drove from Froest City, Iowa to Anchorage, Alaska and we stop by here and i was like "what dose an elk burger taste like" took a good bite and man it was good

Stacie Griffin

Joseph Johnson

Very satisfied with this burger joint. The person taking orders was so kind. The food was delicious and we'll priced. Not going to take best burger on Earth award, but it will satisfy and you will want to come back for more.

Bristol Lakshas

13-15 dollars for a dry burger and cold but burnt onion rings is not worth it. Roommate had a garlic burger with almost a 1/4 inch of plain minced garlic layer. Sister had a blt with too much caramelized syrup that made it too much like a cavity. Mediocre food for a sky high price.

Michael Lawlor

My burger was awesome and the staff were really down to earth. Great food for a better value and the atmosphere alone is worth it

Becki Schellinger

Great little local place with a bus set up that embodies small town Alaska. Fantastic people!

Bruno Couto

Tasty burger joint with quirky, offbeat decoration from the past. They play re-runs of some classic tv shows like “Happy Days”, their “indoor seating” is inside a schoolbus that’s been redone to be tables and seats. The employees are very nice and friendly and it’s a good spot to get a bite. It’s a little pricey, but then again, what isn’t pricey in beautiful Seward? The ghost fries were not super spicy but were well-seasoned. So far I’ve enjoyed all of their burgers and their fries have always been fresh. It can get a little busy and sometimes there’s a wait, but that only means that you’re getting freshly made food!

Brandon 15

None Of Your Beeswax

Best place in town to eat (imo) for the price! Burgers are good (and BIG), and fries are crispy and fresh. Good shakes too! Cool place to sit (in an old bus) and some cool old sighs posted around. The owner is cool, and is very social. Only down side is price, but compared to most of the places here, it is the most reasonable.

Vicki Cromer

Gary Steele

The burgers are very good- but also very pricey.


Fantastic food and even better atmosphere. They handed us a stack of uno cards to play while we waited for our food. Had the best milkshake I can remember there and the sweet potato fries are seriously on point!

Alex Newmark

These burgers are absolutely amazing, the people who work here are awesome, and the place is so cool. I wish Red's were open year-round!

Brittaney Nicole

Visited Seward from Fairbanks and everyone recommended the Brewery. Save your time!! red's is WAY better than the brewery !! Amazing burgers! The jalapeño and garlic burger were both amazing! The chicken sandwich was also one to remember! Loved it!!

Shivram Ramanathan

Alexandra L

Funny old bus with tables. Very old school :-) Seems the best place to get hamburger in Seward. Very busy! They will give you cards to play with friends while you will wait for food. :-)

Bethany Milam

The food is amazing and they even have a cute bus to eat on. My personal favorite is the bacon burger. The service is great and the price is reasonable.

Clayton Ellsworth

Good food, a bit pricey

Rohit Rajagopal

Great burger and shakes. The school bus and card games were a nice touch.

Vin Colgin

Excellent burger. Best in AK!

Angel Fort

Kevin Deacon

Greg Schaeffer

Really good burgers and shakes. Lots of variety. You can get wild game burgers. BLT with maple bacon was delicious.

Philip Weedin

This place was mad swanky. Great old classic music, seating is in a bus, foods expensive BUT super delicious. If you don't mind spending extra money for really good food, I highly recommend Red's Burgers.

Susan Lang

Good food and wonderful customer service!

Keltain Reece-Sullivan

Cash only and an ATM + high prices + $7.5 soggy fries + small servings

Kate Rickel

I'm sorry for what I said when I was hungry. Red's Burgers made it all better. 11 hangry hikers descended on Red's Saturday when they thought they were going to close early. We were SO glad they didn't. The last 4 hours of hiking was spent discussing Red's and debating what burgers we would have. The owners were delightful and the cook handled the grill like a champ and all orders turned out perfectly. I regret not getting a sticker. They are trying to stay open to 9/30 open on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturday and Sundays. Go give this fantastic burger place a try and cheer for the cooks! Heads up it is cash only!

Charlie Gray

Good burgers!

Nicholas Armon

Decent food, covered area to sit, but cash only.

Lisa bernardez


Daniel Peters

Good fries. It looked like they used frozen burger patties. Just okay for the price.

Eduardo Palacios

Elizabeth Pollock

Very poor quality food was cold took forever will never eat there again and I live in Seward

Griffin Plush

Best burgers in Seward, surprisingly good veggie burgers! Love the fries/onion rings

Nonsense Films Studio

Probably the best burger I've ever had!

Steve Wright

Burger was good but not great. Fries were nice and crispy. Excellent atmosphere. Are inside the converted school bus.

Samip Patel

Jaime Bastable

Great! But cash only!

Ryan B

Great hamburger and how cool to sit in a bus!

Shaun Simpson

Delicious burgers

Brian Bowen

The burgers and fries had good flavor. The fries were a little on the just warm side. BUT, we had a large group and they did a good job getting the food out considering their small kitchen. All in all a good burger. Count on about $15 per person.

Brian Pavadore

The food was good. Large 1/3 lb. Burgers and delicious fries. They are expensive ($40 for 2 burgers, 2 drinks, fries and tip) for the quality and they were really busy. They mentioned as I ordered it would be a little bit of a wait but didn't seem to know the extent of how long that would be. We waited 1 hour for expensive food. I would only come back again if there weren't many vehicles in the parking lot as I dont believe the quality and money was worth the wait. Tip for new customers coming here: Plan to wait an hour for food. If you are really hungry and want food faster, go somewhere else.

Kathleen Byrnes

Best burgers in Seward...

Scott Allen

Took 30min for burger, fries were not hot. A woman cane to retrieve her to go order and what I thought was a tip she was giving cashier ended up being a drug baggy.

Julie Crites

Great Burgers and Shakes

Adam B

Scott McCreedy

Great tasting burgers in quaint old buses

Zach Sievers

Delicious. Amazing fries and shakes

alan molinari

un anno fa Visited Seward from Fairbanks and everyone recommended the Brewery. Save your time!! red's is WAY better than the brewery !! Amazing burgers! The jalapeño and garlic burger were both amazing! The chicken sandwich was also one to remember! Loved it!!

Steven Swanson

A cool and unique little burger joint that doesn't restrict itself to just boring old beef! Lots of game burgers available on the menu and you can eat them aboard the old converted school bus parked just outside. Pretty cool!

Raw Bear Toe

Came down from Fairbanks. The garlic burger and BLT were excellent.

Michelle George

Burger is very good and fries were super crispy and hot. Bring cash, no cards accepted

Nels Rasmussen

Red, you really have outdone yourself.

Timur E

Megan Whipple

Best burgers in Seward!

Daisy Meyers

Yum! Black bean burger

Michael Kandefer

Best place in town for lunch

Daniel del Alamo

Danielle AndBill

Usually 5 stars but they were very busy and food seemed like it sat a bit before they called our number.

Andrew Roberts

duane snyder

Garry Hull

Good flavored Burgers and fries. Good customer service. I'll be back.

Kristina Schwalb

Tann Chesley

Super cool burger joint. Burgers, fries and onion rings were perfectly prepared. Nice hand-spun milk shakes too.

Leah Hercules-Jandres

I loved this place! It has such fun atmosphere who wouldn't want to eat in a school bus?!? The food was fantastic, the burgers juicy and the fries crispy. I was impressed with how clean and organized it was for such a unique set up. In my rush to get back to Anchorage after a long weekend I left my wallet behind. I was able to get in contact with the owner and she sent it back to me priority mail. I had my wallet back within one day from calling! She truly went above and beyond and now has a customer for life. I was going to review Red's burgers before I realized I lost my wallet, but this sealed the deal. If your in Seward looking for a great meal that won't cost you a fortune this is the place!

sarah carver

Christopher Merck

Awesome burgers, and cool setting!

Edith Jo

The people nice the burger small

Jeremy Slade

Rahn Thomas

Beat burgers, served up by the best crew. They have everything you want and more.

Michael Toth

The meat quality is just ok. It needs all the toppings to give it flavor. It is not like I would not return, but I would try another place first.

Patrick Chizeck

Brian Petta

I was actually at reds on Tuesday may 7th and it was perfect as always. From the really wonderful service to the excellent burgers and spectacular shakes. Reds has everything you need when hungry at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend them to anyone.

Fred Alstrom

Susan Vandegrift

Good food. A favorite when we get to Seward!

Karen Arellano

Richard Randlett

Cheryl Kaufman

These people are cheerful and over the top kind even at the end of the day! To experience kindness and get a great chocolate shake, fries and burger and uno cards at 10 minutes before closing. Wow. I am going back!

Richard Gutierrez

Great Burgers and Great Service


Seasonal business but amazing b People and comfort food.

Judy Dawson

Ordered the chicken fingers and they were cooked too much. Crust was dark brown, too hard.

Theresa Childs

Fantastic burgers, shakes and fries. Prices were reasonable and we really enjoyed sitting outside at the picnic tables on a sunny day -- but indoor seating was available if the weather hadn't cooperated.

Thorrfin Skullsplitter

I love the set up. There is Happy Dayz playing on the TV. The cook and order takers are awesome. The food was filling. I really enjoyed the seating in the bus next to order taking bus. It was warm and comfortable.

J Torres


Got exactly what I ordered. Well done cheeseburger, with all the fixings and it comes with fries. Cheeseburger was good. I didn't care for the fries, they didn't look burnt but tasted burnt, weird. Expensive. And CASH only.

Jon Strydom

Terrific food, good service and a unique "dining room"

Mike Yost

Bacon & Cheese Productions

Burgers here are just so delicious. Good meat and scrumptious buns. They know how to do it. The fries and onion rings are perfect too. I highly recommend the strawberry milkshake, it has lots of fresh fruit Yum Yum!


Its okay. Definitely not worth the money. 22 dollars for a burger and shake. It was edible but not excellent. There are better places to eat in seward.

Ryan Tensmeyer

Fun environment

Phil Hanlon

Great burgers!!! Had the bacon cheeseburger, enough meat to choke a bear, and enough bacon to make two BLT sandwiches. Fries were cooked perfectly. A funky fun little place. Burgers served from an old school bus. Outside seating, or inside seating in another old bus. Fun place great food, could process for this area. Don't miss it, this is where the locals go.

Sienna Martinez

Awesome burgers and service! We came here not expecting to have to pay with cash, we were short .57 cents and the woman behind the counter didn’t even hesitate to cover it for us! The fries are also amazing and sitting in a school bus to eat was a fun experience! Would definitely recommend :)

Matthew Buck

Frozen factory burger patty. What's the point of ordering "no pickle or onion", if they are going to put it on anyway? Other ingredients from a can. Served COLD and flavorless. Fries and shake were good but not enough to justify $23. And sure, they offer you a deck of cards while you wait..... But that is just a cheap distraction from the quality of the food. Cash only (not that it matters, I will never eat there again).

Daniel Santos

Great veggie burgers! They're able to put their veggie patties on a burger with their signature toppings too! Cash only, but there's an ATM next to the register. Prices are high, but you get a lot of food, and it tastes better than most places around. It is a seasonal spot, so get it while it's hot!

Donna A

Yummy burgers. Great garlic fries, have to ask for them!

Louis Smith

Very good food. Friendly staff. Clean. Expensive. A unique place to sit and eat your food (a bus).

Michael Lui

Slow service and expensive for simple American fare.

Daniel Briem

Awesome burgers!. Offer venision choices, excellent fries, ice cream as well.

Joe Denning

The burger with steak sauce and blue cheese was outstanding

Angela Greene

Milkshakes and wild game burgers as well as beef - amazing after hiking

Danielle Harper

Every time we make a trip to Seward we have to stop by Red's Burgers! Delicious food with great staff and a cool atmosphere!

Nick Diorio

neat atmosphere. but nothing fantastic about their burgers. pretty pricey for burgers they probably get from Sysco or another food service co

Tracey Davidson

Amazing burgers ever love this place caked REDS

billy Storle

Friendly, and quick with delicious food. Also have alternative menu items if your adventureous, try Buffalo, Caribou, elk, or venison burgers. If you prefer chicken or are a vegetarian they have that too.

Dean Barnes

Jacob Allen

Delicious burgers

Whitney Peters

$46 for two burgers (plain cheeseburger with double patty and one bacon cheeseburger) with plain fries and a cup of chili. Mediocre food dry patties but the seasoning was good. No need to go again.

Paraplegic Racehorse

The burgers are still good, but they were five-star burgers when Red still ran it.

Lisa Jarvis

Garlic fries are the best

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