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1172 N Muldoon Rd Suite J, Anchorage, AK 99504, United States

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Where is Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers?

REVIEWS OF Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers IN Alaska

Brett Ward

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Minneapolis had a Raising Cane's location upon relocating here! This place is amazing. Their sauce, the chicken, the pricing....absolutely delicious everything. If you haven't already been, you really should try it.

Rebecca Vasquez

Staff is friendly and helpful. The food is always fresh and delicious. I love how the restaurant is always so clean and in order. Our family loves coming the this Cane's location.


It was the last night of our church convention at the coliseum and we were hungry. We were headed to one restaurant when we noticed Cane's was opened. Great service, great food. Thank you for staying open late. We appreciate you.

Austin McDowell

Great place to get a quick bite and their lemonade is amazing. Only down side is you have to have at least 2 sauces because their serving size is really small personally.

Maria McKenna

Not at all what everyone raved about. Only good part was chicken is very juicy. Otherwise, it's bland. Toast is flavorless and fries are like what you get in a frozen bag at the supermarket. Honestly a disappointment.

Tadeo T

Quick and tasty. The service was prompt and friendly. The interior and exterior of the building is well kept, clean and inviting. Of course I had the chicken fingers and they were served quick and hot. I love their fries, salted well and crisp. I have been here a few times before and haven't been disappointed yet. Its nice that it's open at 9am because I work early shifts at work and typically am not in the mood for breakfast on my lunch break. I will come back again! :-)

Sean Pendergrast

Fast service, fresh made chicken tenders, the dipping sauce is really good. Meals come with fries, a huge slice of Texas toast, and a drink, plus chicken fingers. The lemonade is fresh squeezed and is super tasty. Prices are good for what you get, and now that the initial rush is over, it's easy to get in and out quickly.

Gilpin Sulky

Raising Cane chicken fingers are beyond good they are great! Fresh chicken that is dipped in Canes special breaded mix and then flash fried! The result is crispy plump and juicy chicken that compares to no other! Well worth the trip, I highly recommend!

Brad W

The best place to increase your weight size without eating fried chicken that tastes like dirty grease. If you really want to die early you can ask for it extra crispy, and they fry it twice. This results in an amazing, and Styrofoam to-go box melting, delicacy.

Joseph Biondich

good food but... Don't come here if you're expecting to get what you order or to get food in a timely minor. The first time I went to Cane's the wait was super long but they had just opened so it was more than understandable. However every single time I come here there is a super long wait. I've gotten the wrong order 3 times (this last time was my 3rd and last time here)


It was cooked fresh and perfectly. Not many restaurants pull it off this good. And this was fast food. We ate inside so the sooner you eat the better it is.

Eddy Maldonado

Born & raised in NYC living in Miami now. I'm here on business doing a marketing campaign for CHASE Bank

Clarke Fielding

Good fast food. Everything came out quick and piping hot. Fries were crispy on the outside just like I like it. Only issue was the lemonade was a little lacking in flavor. A bit watered down

Veronica Wright

Delicious chicken and their special sauce is amazing. They give very generous portions and the staff are extremely friendly. Very good place if you are looking for a quick bite to eat in the area.

Belinda MacIntire

The chicken is very good I wish they sold mashed potatoes but they only have fries. The menu is very limited. The dipping sauce is delicious. Its much better then most chicken places. And the staff has always been friendly.

Melissa t

I liked this place but the tables were very sticky even after washing it down. All the people working there were very nice and accommodating. Food was decent overall.

Dana Glenn

Good service. Good food.

J. Smith

Fresh hot chicken fingers with a slice of toast, french fries & coleslaw. Orders are always hot and made when u order them. The chicken is tender and tasty good. Homemade special dipping sauce. They have orders for 1 up to party sizes. Just need additional locations in Tucson, so all can enjoy this place!


They make one thing and doing very good. Service was fast for a new restaurant that was super busy. Ate there twice within a few days and even brought the chicken strip hating wife who really enjoyed the food.

Robert Dunn

Great staff

Pablo Rodriguez

Love this place, chicken was excellent. The staff was very professional in their attitude.

Nina Radley

Man these are delicious. There's nutmeg in the sauce and it kinda doesn't seem like it should be anything that special but it grows on you. Like if someone told me there's actual crack in it I'd believe it. Good quality chicken breading isn't super flavorful but it's just good.

Teadi Chance

There chicken tenders taste just like the one at Carl’s juniors. My favorite is the sauce and the crinkle fries. I am not a fan of bread so to each is own. Overall for the combo price it wasn’t bad. I can see why many love the hype because they are born Alaskans n anything new will be hyped up more than others. Will I go back? Yes. Wish they had a bigger menu selection.


Come on y’all this place is fantastic. Watch the people go in and out and it’s like they’re doing something sinfully wrong. The food is sinfully good and always a wonderful place to go when you’re just carbing out.

Paul Rapuano

Great tenders. I have driven past theae restaurants for years wondering how this placr survives on selling only chicken fingers. Well done Canes.

Justin Kyle

One of the few fast food places worth trying.

Kayla Bruskas

My go to chicken place in town. Insanely better than zaxbys, kfc, or Burger King nearby. Food is always hot and fresh. Perfect for an insanely filling, quick meal.

Vera Johnson

Kristy Jones

delicious chicken fries and Texas toast! drinks arw flavorful too. staff is kind, warm, and helpful

Michael Visco

Did not have it

Jasmin Marshall

Excellent customer service. Food done perfectly. Quickly out of the line :)

kaleb morgan

Alaska Ben

Pros: clean staff friendly food hot. Cons: Hip hop music so loud you think your at dance club night. 11.00 you get 3 SMALL chicken tenders about the size of 1 1/2 mcnuggets. Basket with fries and a chunk of toast with a lemonade. First time to eat their and last. You basically are paying 11 bucks for fries and a piece of toast. TOTAL RIP OFF! The 3 little chicken chunks you get are absolutely seasonless and super bland. I would be embarrassed to serve that and call it good food. I will never eat their again. Save your money and go elsewhere. Canes is a RIP off!!!

Larry Westman

The food was tasty. Lots of people there indicating that the food and service are good. Will definitely go there again.

Taylor Hogue

Pretty good, need more sauce varieties, still a distant second to Slim's Chicken

Mr. T's Reviews

Green blue lemonade? Everything else was good but this was off

Lucas Soto

When ever im craving some good chicken this is the place to go.

Jennifer Hunt

Always delicious and always well taken care of there. It's just very hard to get in and out of the parking lot.

Brandon Macon

I didn't know fast food could taste so good, service is top notch. Well run organization! Kfc who?

Billy Coleman

Clean bright and new. The chicken is great the fries so, so. But the sauce fell way short. Mayo,& cheap BBQ sauce really a disgusting flavor! Chicken, bread and fries round out about 90% of their offerings. No salads, at all! Extremely limited menu.

Eyelyn Anderson

Good customer service and very Good garlic btead yum


So delicious... My kids love the food.

Gina Rodriguez

Always great service and delicious food!

Jennifer Roush

We love raising canes but this particular location sucks. Tonight was the last draw we have tried to go 3 different times and tonight as we were walking up they were closing due to mechanical issues. They have not even been open a month there shouldn't be that kind of issue already. We weren't offered a free drink or sorry or nothing at all. We will not be back and if we really want Canes we will drive to the Castle Rock for it.

Jocelyn Howard

Its super delishous

Maria Cauich

Always fast and with no issues in my order

Johnathan Reed

The food served here is very fresh and on time. Great service and quantity is outstanding. Recommended.

Julie Foege

We eat at this location when we visit Biloxi. Food is always fresh and delicious and the service is great!

Alejandro Lopez

Good fast food....simple menu . I like it.

Patrick Shick

Best "fast food" chicken in town.

Jacob Burton

Fast service and good chicken

Amy Huntley

I first had Raising Canes in Lincoln Nebraska and was so excited to find this here in Tucson. The venue is clean and the chicken was delicious as we expected it to be.

James Eiring

Good chicken fingers

Brian Gibbs

Excellent, worth the wait.

Heather Crossland

Awesome chicken! Favorite place to eat. My whole family loves this place!

Cc b


Lucy Coleman

They have good service and good food

Pete Brisbois

Love taking indecisive people to this chain your choices are 3,4 or 6 chicken tenders plus some kids stuff. Very quick and tastes great. Love the sweet tea and lemonade I always get Arnold Palmer's.

amy matsuda

Best chicken fingers ever. Great food. Plain and simple

Rebecca bonura

Love Cane's

Pamila Colbert

Food is amazeballs and their sauce is the bomb!! LOVE YOU CANES!

RJay Bitsilly

I m'f love this place❤

Amanda Moore

Loooove me some canes sauce. They have such fresh food it will always keep us coming back. The managers treat us exceptionally and I've rarely had a mistake made. Will be coming back.

Sarah Sisson

Super simple menu, you can have chicken or chicken. But their lines looked super long but they went so fast. Tasty chicken and great sweet tea, good service

Neil Stebbing

F Merriman- Johnson

Very quick and friendly service. Super fresh chicken and fries.

Mary Shtakleff

Delicious fast food with very limited options. As an indecisive person this is a big draw for me. This limited menu also means they focus all their attention on the 5 foods they serve (chicken strips, fries, coleslaw, and Texas toast.) I've never been disappointed with my order which is more than I can say for most fast food places.

David Hernandez

This place has truly the best chicken fingers I've ever tried. Came from New Jersey and was greatly surprised by Raising Cane's.

Chez Rupe

Fresh food cooked to order when you order. Very limited menu, but what they do they do well. Atmosphere is high average fast food environment, clean, comfortable to eat in, enjoy your food and those you are with.

Ian White

Glenn Hastings

Before ordering our usual 4 piece meal dist mgr sat scowling at people. After asking them to turn down the music, we started to eat our food and realized the chicken was terribly dry. Fakey mgr came over to give us a food coupon. Did not want his COUPON we have enough $$ to pay for "decent" food. With a smirk he told me he had no worries with 28 locations in the area doing really wonderful. On our way out stopped to tell the dist mgr sitting with paperwork to not scowl at the patrons. He told me he was worried he would not finish 62 reviews due before the end of the week ? Excuse me...was he donating his time there? I told him if he has the "Canes" logo on his shirt that is his job. Come on Canes fix your food and mgrs. Will never be back Chik Fila is a great place with great people !

Sabrina Allen

Really good food

Buck Dingler

Great food. Great service

Thomas Barnett

Service was great food also great..

Kontra5t Kontra5t

Save your money and go get better chicken at anywhere around Raising Cane’s. $17.50 for 6 tenders, that taste like grease.

Mike Jarvis

Was good. But not all that. Nice twist on chicken fingers

Cathy Murphy

So good

Ryan Smith

Food was excellent. Service was quick for as busy as they are. Taste like Zaxbys from the lower 48. Only reason why I'm giving this a 3 is because the price. The portions are large but I could pay for a steak for the prices they charge.

Weston Huffman

Well, My phone thinks I've been here because KFC is next door.

Linda Ransome

Good food. Yummy.

Myron LaDuc

Greasy, tasteless, REGRETS! Tried a few things on the menu, only ever tasted frying grease. Not impressed at all, despite going in with high hopes. Had heard good things, too bad for me I suppose.

Krissy Harper

Get told to pull to pull out of the drive through so they can serve the person behind me, and eventually have to park and go in to see where my food is. All they sell is chicken fingers in some combination form, but everyone else was getting served before me. Terrible service.

Jason Tomberlin

First time at this place, not impressed. The chicken is fine but nothing special. The only seasoning I could detect was salt. The lack of dipping options was also disappointing. I guess this is the kind of place you either like or avoid, I'm in the avoid camp.

Jessica Sanders

A friend told me about this place, and I was a bit skeptical. I've heard of Raising Cane's, but I was never told anything good or bad about the place. I decided to give it a shot one day, and I am glad I did! Their chicken tenders are so juicy and good, their fries are pretty good, and their toast is my absolute favorite thing! I could eat a whole basket full of their toast, given the chance. If you're wondering what this place is like, it has a 5 guys kind of feel, with a way more heartwarming backstory and better chicken.

Eduardo MV

Always freaking satisfying eating there! Can't say anything bad about it. Best chicken tenders and that sauce is just, wow!

Pima County Neighbors

The menu is pretty much all chicken fingers but that's okay because the chicken fingers are BOMB!!! Definitely try grabbing a sweet tea here because again BOMB!!! My only suggestions are to add more dipping sauce options (don't get me wrong the sauce is awesome but sometimes you want some variety) and please for the love of chicken strips please stop making your workers cluck cluck whatever in the drive thru it is awkward for everyone and feel bad for the poor girl having to say probably 500 times a day XD


Need a better sauce selection.

Thelma Guice

My chicken fingers was excellent. They were nice and hot with my fries. I love it and give it the five stars. Food was delicious and season great.

Michael Hudson

I give it 3 stars because the chicken itself is good. I would rate higher if there was more than the one type of sauce to choose from. At least a bbq sauce would be a good option.

Anna Koehler

It's OK if you're craving chicken fingers and are nearby, but there are other fast food places that do it better (Culver's, Hardy's, IMO)

Caleb Etheridge

Always have a good experience here. Service is always fast and courteous and the food is always excellent. I can't say enough about the sauce but those who have been to a Cane's know that. An added bonus is the military discount. Highly recommended.

Patrick Brooks

Very small manu, but best chicken fingers in town.


2.5 stars. Average food. Nothing special.

Jenelle Hamlett

The chicken strips are ok. Had to add pepper. Did not like the sauce, it tasted as if there were sweet pickles in it. Had to correct the person taking payment on what my order was about 4 times. It was decent but no need to come again.

Eric Biro

Love me some RCC. But my fries were a little stale and soggy.

Teresa Moore

Excellent Chicken. Love the lemonade!


My 3 and 4 year old kids, and my husband are all very picky eater, but this place they all love. They have tender and juicy chicken and sides that fit the meal and definitely will fill up a person. Reasonable price and good proportion.

killa kam

Raising canes has got the recipe! If you are looking for a family friendly leg up on fast food you found it. The Canes sauce makes the world go round and there made fresh chicken fingers are unparalleled.

Kris Drotning

For white meat it's the most moist chicken I've ever had! That's all they have is white meat and it's in tender only form! You get a piece of bread some french fries and chicken strips!

Peter Nussbaum

Some of the best fried chicken fingers in Anchorage.

Henry Stevens

The chicken was good and crispy in the sauce was excellent

Melonie Sherman

Great food

Thomas Coon

The only problem I've had with this location is the waiting during peak times. They have always gotten my order correct and is always hot and fresh.

Brice Dill

Chicken is so so. Not much flavor. Soggy. Fries are soggy. No gravy. Very little choice and the chicken is just nothing to write home about.

Dak Aldrich

One of my new favorite foods! I love chicken fingers and these are some of the best. You get a lot of food for a great price here. I can't believe I've lived here for almost 18 months and am just now discovering it. Definitely has the local college crowd staple feel. Love it!

Spice Y

Always a pleasure to order food from the one love team..... Thanks for being a rising star raising canes

Michael Bates

Great service

Tyler Edmunds

Good chicken, very high-quality and tender. Good sides too, I reccomend the 3 piece, as it's a good amount of food for a good price.

Amputee Tango

Good, but only chicken strips. Very expensive for whatcha get

Jim Kelly

It's not a bad place but it doesn't excite me. Average amount of food for the price and while things like real lemonade are nice one drink isn't enough. I'd like also like to see vinegar available for the fries as well as more sides. I consider their menu to be a hindrance personally.

Allie Cat

The restaurant was nice and clean. The food was hot and fresh.

Chase Caban

Best place for chicken tenders!

Brian Williams

Best fast food hands down. Also it is really clean considering the restaurant is fast food.

Eng.marwan abduljawad

Service : amazing and fast Food : hot and tasty Place : friendly, cute and super clean. I always order through the drive thru but today I have decided to eat in to see how it looks like. Everything was amazing from A to Z. I was even surprised when I saw the waitress taking the table out to clean underneath it. I will definitely come here often to eat chicken fingers. One more thing, please open another branch near orange grove :).

Corey Mosteller

Fantastic chicken fingers delivered quickly. Raising Cane's makes their own special sauce that is amazing. I highly recommend this place, just trust me in this one!

Tony Campo


josh bilchik

Chicken and fries were good but there was a big bone in my chicken finger and not enough canes sauce for one portion

Natasha Pimentel

Great food and a great prices we love Raising Cane's

Brian Leland

Great food but they charge 40 cents for for there "Canes sauce" is completely ridiculous. Just imagine McDonald's charging $0.40 each per sweet and sour sauce. Also manager was completely disrespectful.

Carl Sundberg

Just one love. Best chicken fingers ever.

Maria Torres

Loved the chicken the coleslaw yuck...


So tender n juicy

Varun Jayanti

Chicken fingers are all they have, but that chicken is juicy, crisp, and absolutely worth it at slightly higher than fat food prices.

Angel Baggett

Great place to eat. Excellent food and always fresh chicken!

Cayla Armatti

Yuck, most limited menu I've ever seen. Every restaurant in town serves chicken fingers. What is the point?

Liam Keffer

There is much hype about Cane’s chicken, and in my opinion it doesn’t live up to it. It does deserve credit for its value, but the service is slow at times and the quality of the food varies depending on when you go there. It can also get pretty messy there. Like I said though, if you want fried chicken for cheap this is definitely the place to go, just not for high quality fried chicken.

Daze With Daryle

Good chicken. Good fries, good bread excellent sweet tea. Cole slaw is horrible. All the workers were very friendly and all working hard. Restaurant was very clean inside and out.

Warren West

Excellent service, exceptional food, they even remember your name after a few visits, plus they lowered their prices to make it even better. Their secret sauce is great with the chicken and even the fries. I recommend this to everyone.

Francisca Rodriguez

Nice clean place good chicken strips, fries and coleslaw ,and customer service is always excellent .

Lily Knightmare

I work with postmates and get orders for theses guys all the time and they are amazing! They always get my order right and they always have a smile on there faces! Love you guys!!

Yaron Yarden

I was pleasantly surprised. I was not impressed initially by going to lunch at a place that serves only chicken fingers. But I guess, if you do only one thing, you better do it right, and they sure do. The chicken was fresh, hot and delicious. Fries were great, staff super friendly and service was fast. Thank you!

Keith Vinzant

I don't understand what all the fuss is about this place. Chicken is bland. We waited 30 minutes after waiting in line for 15 to get our food. They did hand out cards for Free box meals on a future visit to make up for it which was nice.

EnchantedGamer Nick

I thought I saw Shaq there. It probably wasn't, but the food was really good.

Raina Villanueva

I love Canes, great food, nice people, and the menu is simple any easy to understand. I go here to grab lunch or dinner its reliable. P.S. there Canes sause with the fries is amazing.

Crystal Bostwick

Brad Norris

Ian Sadler

Can't say enough about Cane's! I was hesitant to go at first because they really only have one thing on the menu, but the sauce changes the chicken finger game. I wish they sold bottles of the sauce.

Larry Cothren

Service can be a little slow

Jeremy Swartwood

Chicken is juicy and crisp breading. Dipping sauce is awesome. Service is fast. Small complaint, Music inside first few times was a little loud, but we just sat outside. Last time the music was off though, so maybe they've already fixed that.

Ru Dwe

Over priced. Service was good. I liked the fresh squeezed lemonade. I liked the outside dog watering bowl.

Ailne Carter

Richard Ortiz

Introduced to Raising Cane's Chicken by our son-in-law and our daughter for lunch, and we always look forward to going back. Good menu choice, and tasty tenders. No disappointment here!

Everett Earley

Best chicken around!! The chicken is seasoned perfectly and the toast compliments very well

Eric Molter

Cane's has chicken fingers figured out. Maybe the best chicken...they need more locations.

Mitzi Mohr

Nothing special about chicken strips and Texas toast. Pricey for fast food. You order at the counter, then wait. They yell your name and you go get your tray. No dessert options. Chick fil A is better.

Kylie Trueman

Best chicken fingers around!

William Li

Very nice fast food! Cheeper and delicious!

Timothy Mark

The music they were playing was really fun and cool. I liked their flavors all the way around and well priced! Recommend them for sure.

Randy Walker

Love their chicken when it's freshly cooked. Best chicken strip place period. However their lack of other food options is super disappointing. Plus when it's not fresh it's like any other chicken place, not juicy just hot.

Misty Brigance

If you just want chicken strips and fries, this is your place.

The 'Rents

My son's favorite. All they do is chicken fingers and chicken finger sandwiches. It's okay but I can only do chicken fingers so much before I want something else.

Edward Williams

Fast food? More like instant food. My order is regularly ready in under a minute, and the quality is always good. Can't beat the price, either. Round the experience out with courteous, attentive staff and you've got a great restaurant.

Michael Gorman

Love the chicken fingers!!

Rebekah R

Great place next to campus! Be ready for limited seating if you go around lunch time. Even though it was crowded, they were quick to get our food out to us. I also appreciate that they are very clean and have someone going around to clean the tables as soon as someone leaves.

Bro. George Smith

Great food and good service.

Ask Dingo

We have been going every Monday for a long while now love this place

Steve Silvas

GREAT VALUE!!...Most Meals On Menu Are Under $8.00 which includes drink and dessert!!

Kennion P

The front worker would not serve me food because I used my work title other than my real name. I was really disappointed, my friends love this place but this worker made me never want to return. I hope everyone else has a better experience.

Fan Zhang

It’s chicken lickin’ good!

Andrew Koski

This place is mmmmazing.

John von Colditz

Good food and fast service.

Amanda Worthey

One of our favorite fast food spots! The tenders are delicious, the fries are amazing and the sauce is perfect- what more can you ask for? We've had a great experience each time we've come.

Some Girl

They're always open late, but I had no idea what time they closed, so one night I thought I'd stop in as the lights were still on. Five minutes. Having worked in food service before (and knowing what a pain it usually was when customers come in late) I said nevermind, but they insisted I order, as they'd already dropped chicken in the fryer. They're so nice, and it was really good, as always. Great customer service, and excellent food.

michael white

The sauce sells it.

Jennifer Bennett

Amazing food, great service. Front girl Alexis was fun and had great energy. Will be visiting again.

TTV-Im sweaty

Just as good as Chick Fil A

Brad Ellison

Your website could be more helpful. Prices would be nice.

Diego Acosta

It's good service just hard to park

kimberly deeb

Expensive as hell but love the food

Joseph Cook

I just prank called them and they were super nice about it. Also there food is the absolute, I want to die buried in their food. Lol

Taylor Wisner

First time at Canes, very good.

Cason Pirillo

The food was alright, and the sandwhich didnt stay together very well. The menu didnt have much variety. Moving around to get to the bathroom or napkins isn't an easy task becuase of how crowded it gets in there.

Lillian Baber

Great chicken strips! Great price! But know ahead of time all they serve us chicken strips. I am a fan!

Jason Osterman

This place is awesome. Food always seems fresh, fast, good, and the staff is always friendly. Get some chicken you wont regret it.

Angela Thompson

Always great food!! Amazing to me is how busy the store is - but the staff handles it with easy.

Toaster Pops

Soooooo yummy chicken was so moist and fresh, good dipping sauce and staff was friendly.

Marie Kaahu

Lame menu, underwhelming food. Best part part was the bread

Prajakta Rodrigues

The sandwich combo was really nice. I loved their special sauce ❤️

Kristen Naquin

I've been seeing a bunch of complaints here but I couldn't be happier that Cane's is finally in Alaska. As a South Louisianian I'm super jazzed to have a local favorite up in the great north. Sure, it's fast food quality, but I think it's bomb. Crinkle cuts are just what they do, don't bash them because you think "crinkle cuts are low brow" or something. I personally love them. Not enough fries for you? Go no toast, extra fries. Or no slaw extra fries on what you get. Too much ice? Ask for light ice. Don't like the sauce? Lots of people don't, idk don't use it, I'm pretty sure honey mustard is also an option (at least it is where I'm from). Sure prices are a bit much, but that's just Alaska for you. Lemme tell you, I'd rather spend $12 at Cane's than literally just about any other fast food joint around. 10/10. Definitely going back. Staff and food were both 100% what I've come to expect from this chain as a business. Thanks for rocking, y'all!

Shermita Tate

Nice friendly service. The cashier was very nice and friendly and was very helpful didnt have to wait long for my food. I always love coming here because the food is always fresh.

Sapphire Crystal

The food was delicious!!!! You'll definitely get your money's worth. The staff are super friendly, and the restaurant had an all around good/positive vibe!!!!

Kathy TurtleToo Kent

The food is good. But my goodness gracious the price and quantity is astoundingly small for the price.

Fun With Isaiah

Very good and delicious, my favorite meal is is the 3 piece and a root beer

Keith Kniegge

Glad to have great chicken fingers in Anchorage. Also glad to see lower prices 2 weeks after opening. Prices are still a little high but lower than opening.

Clean Music Maker

Love the place! It is very good. My favorite place to eat. Would recommend to anyone.

David Gregory

Pick one thing and perfect it. That's what they have done at Raising Cane's.

David Evans

Great chicken, especially with the sauce! Fries and coleslaw don't have that much flavor.

Mary Dulmaine

Cane's has the best chicken strips in town.the help is very pleasant.

mary lemaire

Love the food and service

Ben Austin

All 'bout that cane's sauce. Extra sauce, more sauce, never enough sauce.

Mike Shannon

Food is pretty good but not that much selection on the menu.

Raymond Salazar

Best chicken fingers and chicken sandwich around!

Donn Giles

Good food but way too crowded for the size of their waiting and dining areas. Should call out order numbers, too many common first names. I didn't like the fact a customer hovering the counter was allowed to continuously look into each bag to see if it was his. The staff should just ask to verify the receipt and keep other's hands out of the food.

Sarah Slate

I usually love Cain’s, but I was on my way to work at the hospital night shift and went to the one in Fayetteville at 5:00p.m to get some food before hand because I was starving.. it was a Sunday which states they are open there was no cars in the parking lot the lights were off except for the signs no one on the drive through.. called and there was no answer. I am now throughly upset because I didn’t have time to go anywhere else at this point and had to resort to vending machine food. They atleast could of put a sign up so I guess I’ll be calling before I go next time.

Robert Anthony Peters

This has become one of my favorite fast food spots, definitely #1 for fried chicken! The sweet tea is awesome! Cole slaw is great but not the best. The Texas toast is tasty. The fries are good, and they will give you mayonnaise if you like that with it. But the chicken is out of sight. What really makes it is the special sauce, so good!

Barry Inn

Scott Stewart

They do only one thing and do it right- chicken strips!

Al Tow

This place is better than that other popular chicken place that doesn't open on sundays.

Kenneth Thompson

Yum; can't wait for the location close to me opens!

David Gore

Great food and great staff!

Ryan Gregus

It's the classic chicken you love

Ashley M

Love their food! Service is just kinda slow...but it's to be expected when they have the best chicken and not enough people working.

Paul Fieldhouse

Great food and they all (workers) comunicated perfectly. Palladin99

Raising Cane's is great! They have the best chicken fingers (soft/juicy/plump) I've ever had. I love this place.

Patrick McDermott

It was good. Thank you Richard Grant for recommending. RIP good friend!

Michell Smith

Really like the chicken tenders & love the Cane’s sauce!

Mike Peak

Food was good, service was a bit slow. There are definitely other places that are much better.

Brandon Hawthorne

The food was to good! The prices are not bad for the food you get especially when it tastes so good. The guy at the window even gave us two extra sauces. Very nice touch to people who dont live here. It will be on our come back to list.

Eelco van Wijk

Ah Cane's. Nothing like it... incredibly good and super consistent! Just don't forget: 1. Get extra sauce 2. Dip your bread in the sauce

Marcus Clarahan

probably the best fries in town and the chicken is also amazing as well

Indian Rose

I love their chicken fingers, fries and especially Canes sauce.... Restaurant is always clean. Employees are friendly. I wish there is Raising Canes in Maine.

Aj Cole

They were super busy and we still got our food wicked fast. Toast was a little soft. We sat next to the big garage door and the cold from outside comes through really bad.

Aaron Brockup

Good tenders small menu

Drew B

Fresh chicken...juicy and delicious. I also like their dipping sauce.

Antionette Mitchell

Friendly front servers. Good food, hot food waiting for you. You will be glad you did.

Evan Koonce

Crazy loud, and crazy delicious. Wish they had hot sauce

Hank Reuter

Always reliably good fried chicken fingers and toast.

Malique Yusuf

Fast- cheap, and they have free parking

Mary Dumont

We ordered the tailgate - 25 chicken fingers - only. No sides; to go. Just got home with our order, and they gave us two meals, with sides. Our meal was $42; what we brought home was not $42. Husband paid cash, and we don't have the receipt (it was soaked through when they overfilled my drink cup and lemonade was spilling everywhere). Husband and daughter took food back to restaurant, but I'm not hopeful anything will be done. I'll change my review based on what happens next. Follow up: I'm very surprised!! As soon as my husband walked back through their door, the young lady who waited on us saw him and said, "they gave you the wrong order!" We got our food, no problems. My faith in humanity is restored!

Gillie Reed

Food was cold. Chicken fingers were way small ! ? Only about 10-15 small cold mushy fries. Center Bowl , bowling alley, here in Anchorage , has way better , big fries from real potatoes. You would think ? for the price, something on there very short menu would be fresh ? Only thing I thought was interesting / tasted ok ? Was the sauce . I think was just 1000 island dressing mixed with real mayo and a few spices ? NOT WORTH YOUR MONEY.

Dorothy Collins

Very busy but food and service was excellent!

chad erwin

Alexis Mata Dean

I love it. The service is great, everyone is friendly, and the food is good. Happy they're opening more locations

L Jimmerson

just love their chicken fingers. They are made to order, always piping hot and the Cane's sauce, well I figured it all out but one ingredients. Apparently they have to sign a confidentiality agreement to never ever disclose the secret sauce. So far, have not been able to duplicate it. Always fast always happy people. Just love this place

Harley Buzzard

Love the chicken!!!

Harold Brown

Great chicken!! I loved it .

Nicole Olson

Used to work here. Food is prepped fast, fresh and cleanly! The whole store is always expected to be clean and all interactions friendly!

Abigail Capistrant

It's some tasty chicken, but it's *only* tasty chicken. The menu is sparse, but they're at least focused on their main offering. Service was very fast despite the store being packed to the gills and the staff was friendly! I got the chicken sandwich (the meal the staff recommends most) and it was gigantic and delicious, easily 2 meals. The store itself is incredibly crowded in peak hours and there's not a lot of seating - might as well take your chicken to go here. Would be 5 stars if their menu had more options.


Love the chicken fingers. Wish they would not fill the cups all the way up with ice as it makes a big mess at the soda foundation with everyone dumping out most of the ice from their cups.

Myra Liwanag

Love the fresh atmosphere,fresh food Feel Good Dine in experience for the whole family

Fraylen Grullon

Good chicken but they forgot my light ice but still very good lemonade

Joseph Busa

It's fast food, and they only have chicken fingers that taste ok without the sauce. You also need to buy a meal and to be fair, the portions are good, however, I've never liked coleslaw, and fries with Texas toast? How many startches does one need?

Ricardo Acosta

One of the best places to get really good chicken tenders. Highly Recommended.

Mark Mireles

First time there. Okay, but not as crispy and tasty as Chick-fil-A.

Justin Blau

Ordered a 6 piece meal on my way home to southern Phoenix. Got home to find I had been given a 3 piece meal. Called wanting to be reimbursed the difference. Only thing they would do was comp a meal, but only at their location (presumably by having to awkwardly re-explain the scenario next time I'm there), which will likely be never as it is like a 30-45 minute drive from my house and I'm rarely in that part of town. And to top it off the food I did get was super soggy and stale tasting. Really annoying, terrible experience.

John McGhee

Food is amazingly good for a chain restaurant. Very flavorful. Prices were great.

Sh'Meca Britten

derrik roberts

Peace love and chicken grease

520 Nate

First experienced this restaurant in Las Vegas. I have had nothing but good experiences and fresh food from this chain restaurant. if you like something a little different I would give it a try!

Melissa Sharkey


Love the food and great customer service

Erica Mix

Slowest canes in BR area. Only Canes stingy on ketchup. Orders ton of food and 2 ketchup packets? Wth.

Elijah Burton

pretty ok food, but I'm from the south so I may be a bit spoiled when it comes to fried chicken, lol. overall very passable food and friendly people. the prices are quite good. though for some reason the restaurant smells like bird food. maybe part of the aesthetic?

Mahlon Moles

If you want chicken strips in French fries it's not Bad, However, I wish they would broaden their menu a little bit. There are no salads, no grilled options, And there is literally no variety whatsoever.

Vixen GRM

Bobby Reese

Cant because I dont hate it.

Eric Frandsen

Not a large menu by any means, but what you get is good! A nice place with nice staff.

Bruce Kirtley

Great food and service

Rachel Joye

I love the chicken.


I absolutely love this location for Raising Canes ❤️ Where do I begin?? I love the fact they have TONS of seating outside and if you bring your furry friends they have a place to drink and relax❤️ They have a super nice seating area just down the side from the door if you want to chat. Love over hang they have for the outside... has fans for those hot days and lights for when it gets dark. They food was super yummy❤️If you have never eaten here I would highly recommend it and if you don’t like coleslaw substitute a extra sauce or bread

Lori Brett

It was chicken fingers. It was only chicken fingers. Everyone is all in a tizzy over this place and I honestly didn't see the appeal. It was good food, but your options are chicken fingers, chicken fingers, or let me see chicken fingers. It works for them I guess and it wasn't bad by any means, but I wouldn't rave over it either.

Owen Evans

My experience at Raising Canes was great. I ordered a 3 piece combo and I loved the chicken and the fries as well as the lemonade it was delicious. 10/10 will be coming back again.

Mr Creative

Love Rasing Canes! Jiped me on the chicken though :/

Jon Thom

Decent food, however for the limited quantity of items this place is sooooooooo slow! Been here several times and usually 6-8 cars in drive thru line yet takes over 20 minutes. Hopefully they can find a way to improve the speed drastically otherwise I probably won’t be back. Too many other “fast food” options in maple grove area.

Suzanne McCain

Super delicious and affordable chicken tenders. Just really yummy fast food!

Cristina Nieves

Everything was delicious. I just wish they had more side options.

Ann Patterson

Not impressed; personally. Fries tasted like the potato wasn't washed before frozen. The chicken was nothing special the cane sauce was ok but I most likely won't go there unless someone I'm with is going.

Garrett Byrd

Quick, attentive service. Good price for the food.

Kenneth Stafford

Really nice setting and the food was Rockstar quality loved the chicken fingers tasted like kfc breading was fabulous cole slaw also kinda like kfc garlic bread and fries and choice of drink for 9.99. way filling tasty and very reasonable. Ill be back!

Dana Lewis

Great Chicken, Great Service. Always a good place for dinner on the run....

Tommy P

It's the best chicken out there!!!

Ethan Broussard

Llama Rama

It.s chicken. The menu is a bit sparse, but so is In'n'Outs. A larger sauce selection would be nice.

Leontra Stewart

Good place busy. Chicken fingers rushed not done good flavor. Will try again. Good food from experience in Biloxi Mississippi

Carmen Crawford

Angelina Bavilla

I am not a fan of fried chicken like popeyes or KFC. I got the chicken finger burger combo and it was really great. Especially for the price point.

Nathan Day

Ashley Darling

Delicious chicken. However, there are minimal sides to choose from. Great for a quick bite, but don't expect a wide selection.

Icarus Pippy

These were the juiciest, tastiest saucy b*stards I’ve ever had in this state.

Kyle Douglas Henry

Chicken fingers are about as bland as deli chicken at the supermarket. There are too many other options in the area for chicken that just tastes better.

Benjamin Baellow

The chicken is great is great, but the sauce is the real hero. Make sure you buy an extra sauce for the fries.

Dennis Lett

My favorite fast food chicken

Francesco Bia

Fast and accurate, love that chicken and sauce.

Shaunte' Douglas



Basically a lower quality Zaxby's. Chicken & sauce is good. The lowest part is the fries. No seasoning. Would recommend to chicken lovers. Inflation is also pretty rough. Edit: Came back two weeks later to see if they keep up with there motto always fresh and pleasantly saw that not only did they lower the price of their items on the menu by roughly $4 dollars but also continue to serve food fresh(at least to the point of hot.) If you're looking for anything outside of a burger or pizza this is the place to come.

Tim McGowan

The absolute best chicken fingers on The Coast!

Anna Slack

Pride Amino

Best food in the area in my opinion, friendly staff

Rogelio Chabolla

I really recommend this place. The relationship between flavor & quality vs price can't be better. The chicken packages are really good!!!

Sam Lewis

Very limited menu but they do chicken fingers, and they do it better than anyone. Dipping sauce is very good, and I usually skip the slaw in favor of extra bread which is very good as well. Service is always friendly

Desiree Landrum

James Caperelli III

The best chicken fingers I have had in a long time.

susan latting

Good chicken

Gabriel Lopes Yamato

Best chicken fingers ever!

Linda Perryman

I love Raising Cane's. I can't believe that they open so early. Their food and service is very good.

Ron Skyrm

Ate for 1st time.... Quick service..... Courteous staff

moon maney

Fast, good food, Toast is the best! Highly recommend

Kenneth Williams

I don't think there's a bad restaurant in this chain! Literally 1 of the best chicken chains in the business! #Outstanding!!

Nancy Levai

Love their chicken. Especially the the sauce

Thomas Greenman

Really simple menu that shows in how good their food is. A great southern style chicken fingers joint, right here in Anchorage. Worth the drive! Drive thru is pretty quick too.

Terri Johnson

I've been in 3 of their locations. Each time the food is the same. Not healthy but what fried chicken is. But its delicious. And they offer a Military discount and that's a plus.

Austin Deehan

1. Zazbys 2. Chic fila 3. Canes Menu was small (only chicken fingers) Pricey for the size of portions

Dan Cole

The food is excellent and the staff is very friendly, no matter when you arrive. This will definitely be on the list of places to visit when we're in town.

Springs Anonymous

I liked this place. The chicken was good, and the service was fast. The dipping sauce was delicious as well as the toast. Was a bit annoyed that my fries were soggy the first time I went but have been back a few times and didn’t have that happen again. Glad to see them opening more in town. Very clean and awesome staff.

Cynthia Kingbird

We love Canes. Being from “Up North”, we stop every time we come down, which happens to be often. On this particular trip, I brought my mother and aunt to try out the amazing food. It was a bummer to be waited on by RUDE Charles, who let us know he was very irritated by my family members while they were studying the menu not ordering fast enough for his standards. Needless to say, we had the worse customer service ever after I had bragged the place up. Won’t be stopping at this location ever again...don’t love Canes at this particular place anymore!

Sandra Barrios

A little too loud and crowded for my liking but I like the simplicity of the menu, just chicken fingers. Food was good.

Bonnie Rabalais

I enjoy the dine in Canes in Denham

Shea Houdmann

Pretty good, but not great. 40 cents for more sauce?!? Zaxby's is better.

Josie Fuentes

the service was good very polite and fast the place was clean and very pleasant the food was delicious warm and fresh

Edward Nelson

A wonderful respite from visiting family in the hospital! Easy 10 minute walk from the hospital.

Bryon Bowers

Really neat decor on the interior. The staff was super friendly, and the chicken fingers are good. I like the basic menu they have. They were very crowded and super busy at lunch time.


Great for a quick stop leaving New Orleans. It's better than Zaxbys and pretty much any other chicken finger fast foodplace. Oh and get the honey mustard sauce, it's delicious.

Brad Shade

Love the location!! Always have 99% of the time it's consistent, however today their fries were extremely I still ate it (lol) That sauce thoughmmmm mmmmmmm the best for everything, get extra you'll want it

Honor Ali

The most delicious chicken

Stephen Ritterbush

Every bit as tasty as it is in Louisiana.

Martin Kelly

Food was served hot.

Daniela Robbins

Always hot and fresh. Awesome!

Matt Murphy

First time at a Raising Cane's. Drive thru staff seemed annoyed that I asked what their sauce selection was. Got home and found I was given the wrong order. Should have checked before I left, but oh well. Chicken was alright. I should have driven across the street to Slim's.

Sonny Poole

I love Canes, the bread is the best!

Jeffrey Peace

Chicken fingers are delicious. Lemonade is extra but worth it.

johnathon Lawson

Always fresh chicken tenders. love canes and the effort they put into having a winning attitude and great chicken tenders.

Aholibama Hernandez

Very delicious chicken

Cheetara Portis

Always fresh and I'm impressed

YNT KRJ 3454 11-18-10

Went through the drive thru,, the speaker was very klear and easy to hear the Kashier. I kould easily Be heard as well! The food was amazingly delicious! Fast accurate service!

OldSchool Mike

Best chicken strips around, bar none! Needs to be more than one location. Northside would be great.

T Thomas

Food is made to order and is delicious!

Sai Rudrangi

I mean I am big fan of canes and as every time they didn't let me down.

Sonny Boblett

We love this place, the best chicken and better crinkle cut fries

Charlotte Stafford

This is going to be a detailed summary. It took a while to even get into the parking lot. The drive through traffic made it almost impossible to get in. There was no one outside directing traffic when we arrived. We decided to go inside, which was almost as crowded as the drive through. We were finally able to order & then went to find somewhere to sit. The dining room was a mess, but an employee came over to clean a table for us. There wasn't too much of a wait for our food. The chicken was crispy, but lacked any kind of flavor. The sauce, which is provided, added a little bit of taste, but not a lot. The coleslaw was very bland & so was the Texas toast. The side are also really small, considering what you pay for them. Considering what we paid, for a party of 5, I was seriously disappointed. I will not be back to this location, nor will I check out their second location later this year.

Mary Lightheart

Zachary was very friendly and kind Yummy meal Will come again

Jared Johnson

Very delicious everything. The chicken strips we're perfectly fried and still juicy, the Texas toast was perfect and thick, the fries are pretty standard but when dipped in their very delicious sauce is perfection. 2 issues, kinda pricey and they don't serve their sauce in gallon buckets

Hattie Manges

It’s like a taste of home! I have been there several times since the opening and love it everytime. Food is amazing, price is normal, not much difference between here and Louisiana prices. Thanks for opening!


Absolutely the best chicken strips EVER! And that sauce. Enough said!!

Brent Neeley

They have the best sauce ever

Cleve Rivers

I came here not knowing this place, waited in line and was so satisfied with the portion amount and taste of everything but the slaw, but you can sub it out for an extra toast or sauce or fries! Chicken is juicer and fresher than Chick-fil-a, only one sauce but it flavors up the chicken so well. Excellent, will go back once the crowds settle

Roosevelt Daymon

Just as I remembered from my college days. The best chicken in town. The Sauce is Boss!

Mary Bonacci

Best chicken in town! Always hot and fresh. I order the kids meal because I cannot eat all of the adults. Service is fast. Never have to wait long.

jodi rodriguez

I really liked the way the place was decorated inside! As for the chicken, it was ok. I had heard that the chicken was amazingly good...(my opinion) personally I think if they offered white milk gravy as a dunking/dipping sauce, would have made a world of difference for me.

Della Kurtz

Man what can I say about Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers ? It is the best fried chicken you will ever eat. The best is the spicy chicken, it has so much flavor. I always choose Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers over any fried chicken place. Can't beat the prices either.

Robin Kent

Not bad good for a quick meal, not carb friendly :-)

Pia Landrum

Chicken tenders were delicious and the sweet tea was fabulous

Christine Warrick

Update** Went back 2 weeks later and they are still super busy. Long lines inside and out but their service is very fast so you don't wait long. Food is still great and this time I had to get me a jug of that delicious lemonade. Lemonade was delicious, chicken was crispy and tender. Sauce was delicious and you get sooo much food. Def will be going again.

Sarah Erb

From the intro in the drive thru they say, to the freakin incredible sauce, A++ in my opinion!

Tina Harper


Housing Colorado Springs Jennifer Eurich

The food was good and fresh the place was really busy so there was a wait

Shad a

Not that Cane's needs feed back, but obviously amazing chicken and other menu items. The lemonade is pretty good. Awesome sitting space and outstanding staff. Restrooms are always clean, and the drive through is pretty quick. That toast...mmm that toast.

Roman James

Drive though line was super long but we got our food quickly

Jonas Martin

John Carlos Velasquez

Their's is an amazing example of what chicken strips should be like!

CoCo Fav's


Christina Archer

My husband introduced me to this a few weeks ago. My first bite and I was hooked! The chicken was perfectly crunchy on the outside and the inside was so tender. The garlic bread blew my mind!


They only have a couple items on their menu for a reason. They know what they're doing.

Lynn Newman

Super chicken tenders. Great price.

steven sander-cederlof

The fact that this company has not opened another location in Colorado Springs is beyond me. With how busy this location is, it is honestly starting to turn me off of this establishment. We were very excited to get Canes IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD. But we have yet to eat there because the line is out the door every time we attempt to go! Big bummer.

Jaime Mayorquin

Chicken fingers with canes sauce is a winner!!

Rhonda Manning

It was good. But went through the drive through on our way to see our grandkids and we ordered chicken and bread. Got to there house and no bread. To far to drive back for.

Connie Smith

Beautiful hotel but very tight slot machines!

Sara Willerton

So glad that we FINALLY have a Cane's here! Good food, high quality, perfect portion sizes for not a lot of money! My #1 fast food restaurant!

Samantha Dom

Good quality chicken and delicious house sauce. Reminds me of Zaxbys but better.

Alex Arneson

I love raising cane’s and the food was good, but the sweet tea was straight trash.

Felisha Williams

Me and my family love eating at CANE'S

John Oleary

Chicken so good makes you wanna smack yo momma

Desert Rat

Best chicken around, like KFC used to be. A simple menu but everything is perfectly made.

Mark Prestridge

So glad Canes came to Bellevue! My family and I regularly eat here and always have a pleasant experience. It is fast and great food and value!

Stacy Loyd

Food was hot and fresh. Staff was nice

Justin Gund

Best chicken strips around.

Realtor - Mike Bast

Dude... the chicken is good but it's all about the sauce. The Sauce I tell you! Yum!

Liane Parke

HOT FRESH, & Tastes Great!! Great place to grab dinner in a Hurry, Drive thru. on your way home.

T Meyer

Freshly prepared each and every visit! Enjoy yours today

Erica Gilley

Chicken was awesome! And there toast and fries. Could have more selection for sauces thoough.

Meghan Graham

They were super busy, but they got everything out fast and it was super fresh! Wish we coulf get a Raising Cane's in Wichita, KS!!

krista quick

Always Hot & Fresh....but the size of rhe tenders have decreased significantly

J Hello

Always great! Fast and friendly service.

Gerardo Ocampo

There Chicken is very magical . It is the best quality chicken ever

WhoDoU ThinkIM

Tasty food for a fair price, crazy staff! In the drive thru they ask if you want some hot and fresh chicken! The only reason they do not get a 5 star is that they will never carry ranch.

Clarissa Brewer

Some of the best chicken and fries around! Love this place!!!

Joyce Conner

This was the first time we had eaten here. My grandson loves chicken fingers and we both loved them!

Stephanie Delinois

I'm a bona fide Caniac!! Nothing else to be said.

Joshua Waltrip


Ordered the caniac combo and got 2 strips instead of four. Honestly a day ruiner. :(

A.J. Miller

Best chicken in Fayetteville. The service is very friendly and they let you switch out cole slaw for more Texas toast.

nancy jang

It was good^♡^ I could be wrong but I though that portion(size of chicken) was much smaller than california~

Braeden Harris

Fried chicken strips and sweet tea. Enough said.

Wanda Grisham

Jim Lentsch

Good food, fast and friendly service.

Abdi Shibis

They only have a Chicken Menu and they are really good at it with fair price

Bill Hayes

Best chicken fingers around. Just wish they'd give more than one small container of the dipping sauce per plate ordered. Should be at least two but they charge for any more after the first one.

Hatrick Bateman

The locations in Denver and Castle Rock are great but this one consistently lets us down. The fries are never cooked, they are flimsy with no crunch and no color to them. This has been the situation 4 of the 5 times we went there. I just don’t get why this location struggles with cooking the fries for more than 30 seconds.

Karri Stone

Fast, efficient, and clean! We were there when it opened, so that could account for the cleanliness. But I must say, that I've been other places when they open, and it was obvious that they haven't really cleaned in quite some time. Not alot of options but if u like chx fingers that are good n crispy.....this is the place to go. No photos cuz if you go to the website, their photos are exactly what you get.

Charles Faux

I thought it was gonna be better, it's just a quick spot for chicken. Not alot of options from the menu which was disappointing. But a low cost for good chicken strips.

Alexis Dykema

Raising Cane's is always delicious. If you like breaded chicken (strips or sandwiches) this place is great consistently. I've been to three locations and the quality, convenience, and low price point is always 5/5. Two criticisms, though, is that sometimes in the DinkyTown area the wait can be a bit long and they may sometimes forget to do substitutions (say you would like to not have coleslaw and instead double your fries). I think the order mix-up is mostly due to the hectic nature of a fast food place. All in all would definitely recommend!

J.J. Harp

Friendly staff. Greeted us upon arrival. We didn't wait long. Only issue was a bunch of dirty and sticky tables. Maybe we showed up after a rush and employees didn't have time to clean up. Food did come out quick, hot and fresh.

Joshua Crowder

other than chic til a which is really a different taste this is the best chicken around. and the sauce is outstanding.

Theo Panton

We drove 40 miles for a helping of Cane's sauce. It was well worth it. It's the only one in the NE and it did not disappoint. The chicken and fries were good and the drinks tasted as good as we remembered. Looking forward to the next road trip to get more.

Joshua Wright

Canes is always a good choice for tenders. I love the light breading they use! The chicken is always moist and delicious! The service here is always fast, friendly and upbeat!

Nancy Ordonez

Love me some Raising Canes! Try the honey mustard here- yum! Downrated this one star because the tea at this location sometimes looks really cloudy and tastes astringent...maybe machine cleaning protocol needs to change?

Tonya Thomas

Great food and fantastic service. The only bad thing I can say is ... My food was so hot I had to wait almost 5 minutes to eat it

Jackson Hartz

Food amazing, staff very friendly. Recently both a supervisor or manager (female) and a team member have been serving food with EXTREMELY LONG ARTIFICIAL NAILS. Sorry but this is not acceptable. Poor hand hygiene and against Maricopa county food safety practices. I know it’s not popular to ask staff to follow this food safety standard but you gotta! Please.

Kimberly Spurlock

Not even worth the time. I went here for the first time 3 years ago and my experience was awful. One of the staff members told me my tattoo was yucky and that God loves me. I had a chat with the manager and they gave me coupons for their food. Nothing was done. I haven't ate there since and I won't. My tattoo is a representation of my religion and judging people is very ugly.

Meghan Thompson

Love this place! Always so hot and fresh. The lemonade is awesome. I don't really recommend the chicken sandwich as much. Just my opinion, I ended up just taking it out of the bread in the end anyway. It's better as just chicken alone. Amazing place!!

John Hoth

We ordered a chicken finger plate and received a child's plate. Zaxbys has more to offer.

Keith Phillips

I asked for extra crispy chicken and got it extremely happy

Robyn Winters

Had a great experience from the window server named Haley the other night! Me and my friends were hungry and came through and didn’t realized the restaurant was due for closing time. We still got fresh food and fresh customer service. I also do door dash pickups from this location and no matter who serves me, I always get great service. This is rare nowadays so I wanted to take the time to say thanks!

James O'Neill

Oh my gosh, I love this place. The prices are good. The chicken is great and I die for that sauce. The staffs always friendly, restaurant is always clean. Can be very busy depending on what's going on in the neighborhood at the time. Parking in the area can be a pain but its definitely worth a try. You'll love them.

arman rashid

Great place to hangout. Huge sized chicken fingers and delicious. But they only sell chicken fingers and nothing else

Ryan Yduarte

This place has amazing chicken strips, they are made to perfection. I actually got the chicken sandwich, and really enjoyed it. The sauce complimented the chicken in a sandwich so well. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because I don't like the fact that I don't have a choice of sauce. Cane's sauce is good and all, but I would to make the choice if I want that, or buffalo, for example.

Riding With Dave

Alright, so Raising Cane's is always good, great chicken, Cane's sauce is amazing but what makes this particular location stand out is the service. They're always super friendly and honestly the fastest drive-thru of any other fast food place around here. Couldn't ask for anything more.

Jeremy Rogers

This place is amazing. The sauce is off the charts but everything else is top notch as well.

Mattie Waller

Staff is alwayd nice and food is always fresh!

Josh K

Delicious chicken and best sweet tea for a fast food chain


Ok location

Jonn TheMonn

The sauce is amazing! Quick drive thru experience, i did experience something only slightly off. I pull up to the 2nd windows to cash out and smash out! But instead of that happening, some worker there has Cane's togo bags on his feet walking around on top of the counters by the drive thru? I'm completely unphased by this solely because there chicken are the best chicken fingers around. I'd post the picture of my box combo but i ate it so quick i didn't even think about it.

James Sanders

Great service and great food.

Terris Whitehead

Loved the service and the food was delicious

cody wilson

Alex wathogoma

Really good food. Love the chicken

Anthony Lee

Great food! The atmosphere was comfortable. .. was crowded, but we got there around lunch time - it was PACKED! Would recommend this place to everyone who likes chicken. It was really freshly cooked, real chicken (not processed and squished back together). Loved the experience.

Roman pasquesi

Their secret is simply thousand island dressing with pepper...... Better places for chicken

Kenneth Rinicker

Can't go wrong with raising cane's

Day Tripper

The best chicken fingers I've ever tasted, fresh hot, moist and delicious. They offer Only their own sauce for the chicken fingers. BBQ sauce or ranch etc is Not available. Their sauce took awhile to get used to, the crinkle cut fries are ok (but never was my favorite type of fry), the staff was friendly and the dining area was clean. Not much room for parking, tight and cramped

james anderson

Love this little chicken chain, it is fresh and good. They need not to charge for honey mustard as it is a condiment.

Carlos Cornejo

A treat that I don't allow myself too often, but always very good. A little too good!

Jacob Beeson

Food is great! I love their chicken and toast. The price is where they lost 2 stars for me. The amount of food has been less and less for more money. They lose customers because their price point is not in line with competitors.

Christy Heisner

Very tender juicy chicken. A+

Jamila Reid

Lunch hour is always busy so not sure why there would only be 1 cash register open and running ??? Took me about 20 minutes in total to get out of there definitely not acceptable.

Blade Johnson

Love this place!


Always good chicken fingers, garlic toast and sauce.

Zu Wei Guo

best fried chicken!

Sammy Miller

Always fresh

Jared Webb

Good food good service

Tafara McKinney

Very fast service even though the restaurant was packed full of people. The staff never got flustered even with the 2 bus loads of sports teams and extra people. The staff was also very friendly. This is a great place to eat!

Stephan Hestmark

The chicken and te as toast combo is amazing. Great fresh tasting chicken and service with a smile. Top 3 chicken spots for me

Chris Hudson

Nothing better then some good chicken strips

d kim

Good value. Great chicken

Brinson Richardson

A little pricey but their food is delicious, especially the dipping sauce.

Mckay Cloward

The food is always so good. Best chicken fingers in the universe.

Jacob Aldridge

Either chicken and fries or chicken and fries. Both good choices.

Dave Ritter

How do they make those chicken fingers so tender?!

Mandie Martinez

Alot of food for your money. Excellent service.

Erica Jones

Great food always fresh

Furious Styles

I had the chicken finger sandwich. It was pretty tasty. Full of flavor

Morgan Gray

Laina Le

Canes food is always the best! The wait isn't as bad anymore because the craze has died down, which is super nice and if you go around 3pm there is like no wait at all. The food tastes amazing like always but it did smell a little weird in there.

monique utley

I honestly don't know why this place is so hyped. I finally went to try it and not only was there a long line the food was super bland and nothing special about it. Maybe I went on a bad day? Waste of money since I didn't eat it all


Pretty dang good chicken fingers. Wish they gave refills on the lemonade. Clean tables and restrooms, well done.

Jennifer Hice

They have some of the best chicken!! So good

David Grunewald

Auntie Rose

Tasty all breast chicken fingers and great lemonade. Love the special peppery sauce. Always fast service .

Nick Ramey

Great chicken! Easy menu. Good for those with wives who can never make up their mind on what to order. Thank you!

Pamela Robbins

We love this place


Great food, good service, had an overall good time and would like to go back during less busy hours for a possibly better experience.

Regina Blair

Went in the day it snowed. Sang my husbands order to the tune of do you wanna build a snowman and the crew loved it. Food is always great and fresh! Never a complaint

Shivonne Hernandez

The chicken is AWESOME, freshly made, never dry, love the promotion toys for memorial day of the Cane puppy. Made my daughters bday celebration completely awesome

Noel Mccreary

Real good

Yuri Aguilar

As the only Cane's in Massachusetts I knew it would be busy, and it was, but I didn't have to wait long for my order.

Ryan J

Delicious food, great order takers and employees! My go to place on Sundays since Chick Fil A is too religious and shutting out business unlike Raising Canes! :)

Brian Pfaff

Spent a few years in Baton Rouge, LA before moving to the Springs, so we had previous exposure to Cane's. We were excited when we heard they were coming here, and were not disappointed. Same super-juicy chicken (95% of the time, they aren't perfect...), and the sides are always delicious. Just wish they would open one closer to me, down near Fountain.

tlingit wife

Even at 1030-11ish their 6 piece was very good and fresh. I dont like coleslaw so they said i can substitute it with an extra sauce. My husband LOVED their coleslaw. He said its a heck of a lot better than KFC coleslaw. Their fries and garlic bread was good as well. They have the awesome ice too... Hospital ice is what it reminded me of.

Kasey Bella

Matthew Morse

Good place to get fried chicken. Food is good. Service is fast. Special sauce is great. All they have is fried chicken though but man are they good at it. Also so far it's always decently busy when I go there

Patty Neal

This is the first time I got bad service. Normally its great. But today I got a 3 chicken strips and they where little like it took all 3 to make one chicken strip normally. And my fries where over cooked had cold the bread was toasted only on one side. Sad day for me.

Athalia Mcintyre

Very very good. My 1st time going. Loved the chicken fingers and the sauce was great

Ricardo Perez

Really quick and like military

Karen Moua

I love Raising Canes. It is truly one of my favorite eats on UofM campus. Since graduating, I have made occasional trips to campus for just Raising Canes. The service is always speedy, which is needed as a college student. Will be returning to Raising Canes for years to come.

Mary Frances


M Tauf

Chicken tenders are good and the sauce. Cole slaw tastes bland. The toast tastes good. Their unsweeted tea is also really good. Not much variety other than chicken fingers and sandwiches.

Brian Hon

Simple menu, always done right. If you want chicken fingers, this is the place to go.

Lawrence Salina

Good place for a quick bite, they only serve chicken fingers and chicken finger accessories so I hope you like em.

Rick Oelerich

Best chicken in the valley

Cendy Estrada

Always delicious and that lemonade is my favorite.

Clay Hale

Best chicken ever

Jake McCue

Simple menu that has mastered chicken strips and fries.

Alexander The Great

As usual Canes provides a great experience. The chicken and fries come out hot and crispy. However, one thing about this canes makes it stand out: the service. The staff at this particular canes is extremely careful with the orders and presents a great example of fast service in the restaurant industry. On the one occasion of many that my order took an exceptionally long time the manager was personally providing compensation in gift cards to guests. If you are looking for a clean restaurant, good service, and fried chicken, I can fully support all patronage here.

adam turley

Good food

Carlette Crites

Glenda Ander

Good for a fast food place

Lori Hsueh

The chicken fingers are very good. But, it is so dang cold in there!!! Bring a nice warm coat if you plan to eat inside.

Cindy Auttonberry

Wish they offered a salad on the menu. Love the lemonade and chicken fingers.

Kyle Shenberger

Clean dining area & restrooms, friendly staff, and awesome chicken. Join their Caniac Club to cash in on deals! My family and I are Cane's for life

Doctor DoesGaming

Great food, fresh and fast. 11/10 would eat again

S Jenkins

Love the chicken and sauce...but the fries need something...serving limp flavorless, barely cooked white crinkle fries should be illegal, and the bread needs to actually get buttered and toasted, to keep it from feeling like stale bread. I thought this was going to end my longing for Guthries but it doesn't. Can't compare to the original I guess. Keep trying

Richard Rodolf

Always the best chicken ever!

astral stalker

I remember when you got a three piece meal the chicken strips were a nice size and would fill you up. Now the strips are the size of matchbox cars and you have to get a four piece or even a six just to feel full. There fries are generic Maximus in flavor and look. The sweet tea use to be awesome, but not anymore, but at least the cane sauce still taste good

Justin Heyrend

Super fast at making your order and always delicious. The space is really crammed so plan on taking it to go. There always seems to be a lack of sauce so maybe order a 2nd one per meal too. For sure recommend this place to everyone. Good chicken, great sauce.

Cha-Say Klein


Corey and Shy Prince

Always love Canes I'm from Louisiana so I loved when they came to Fayetteville Ar

remi myers

I am a big fan of canes but this location is arguably the WORST in the nation. My friend and I went through the drive through and ordered a 3 finger combo with a sweet tea and a sandwich combo with a lemonade. They read back the order correctly accept said a sweet tea and an unsweetened tea for the drinks. We had to sit there for a few minutes trying to tell them it is a lemonade not an unsweetened tea. They still couldn't hear us so we had to tell them at the window. We then got scolded by the worker for not making it clear at the drive thru. Then after we got our food my friend and I were driving home and when we looked in the bag our order was completely messed up. They gave us 6 chicken fingers with fries. We wanted to turn around and go back but they failed to put the receipt in the bag so we headed home. Might need to call and talk to the manager and suggest having their employees take a hearing test before being hired. After passing a hearing test they should have a psych evaluation because I truly believe the worker purposely sabotaged our order after the lemonade incident. Truly disappointed in this locations of canes. Don't go here!

Sandy Webb

Wish Zaxby's was in Tucson. Everyone raved about this place, it's a very under rated Zaxby's. It wasn't bad by any means but no options on the menu! At least offer salads!

Shamim Nafea

Nice staff :)

C Honsa

We have eaten at this location about six times. Not quite sure what is going on here. This place when we first visited was very clean. Not so much the last few times. Not very happy with the consistency in the food. Coleslaw containers not filled the same. Fries cold and what everyone really comes there for the Chicken Tenders have seems to have gotten smaller and smaller. Staff okay but don’t seem to do more than they have to.

Doug Dawson

The chicken is so good! I grabbed a pan of tenders for a large group and it didn't take long to get my food. Fan favorite!

Casey Ratcliff

Shannon King


It was very very very busy, parking lot is a bit of a zoo hard to find parking and tons of cars lined up for the drive through. The line to eat in was out the door, moved recently quick. Took a while to give a seat. I guess it will calm down eventually, who knows. The chicken was very good

Martha Wills

My own daughter ate all her food without me yelling at her to eat

Desi Urbina

i come home to find they didnt give me any bread

allan hall

Showed up for some chicken so I ordered and was told that their credit card machine was down and being that I had $2 and 50 pesos I was out of luck. For what it's worth I did get to watch everyone else in my group eat and they all seemed to enjoy it.

Jacob Mason

Got two of the 3 chicken tender combos and was not overall satisfied with the meal. The sauce taste like it belongs in a seafood restaurant (reminded me of Old Bay seasoning mixed with ketchup and mayo) Tenders were super crispy but also dripping wet from juices which made it almost uncomfortable to eat. The fries were soft and bland but with salt added they were good. The best part was the Texas Toast as it tasted exactly like it should have. In the end very unlikely to come back and spend $15 for something that is WAY over hyped.

Ami Grana

Amazing service and quick with no problem.

Kimberly Seay

My food was hot and fresh. The Came's sauce was a unique treat and complemented the chicken. I gave it 3 stars because there aren't many menu choices.

vickey johnson

Just discovered they have honey mustard. And naked chicken strips.

Billy Counts

Love the chicken and Cane sauce but think it's ridiculous you have to pay for extra.

Joseph Roby

I eat here just about everyday for lunch. This is by far the best canes. The staff is extremely friendly. They always get my food to me in under 5 minutes. They usually throw away my trash for me when I'm finished. I even often see the GM cleaning the bathrooms. Great store!

Abbot Apter

Just ok food, music was way too loud and employees didn't seem to notice us.

Karen Svoboda

Great food too noisy !!

Sarahi Mora

The greatest food you will ever eat

Germaine Adams

So good! Chicken was hot, crispy, juicy, and quite tasty. The sweet tea was perfect. My only knock is the volume level in the restaurant -- someone had the music cranked up so loud that it was quite difficult to hear and be heard just to place the order. And then they cranked it up even more. Way too loud.


John Lockwood

The chicken is so good, and friendly service.

Katy York

My favorite place to eat!!! The chicken is tender, and the sauce is amazing. It is a great restaurant.

Shawn Brandow

Absolutely the best fried chicken tenders anywhere. Crispy on the outside, juicy (NOT greasy) on the inside. Staff are friendly, attentive, and dont have political or religious hangups. Yay!

Robbin Brown

best drive through chicken I've ever had in my life. it's always cooked throughout it's always moist inside and dry crispy outside. not greasy, frys are perfect cringle cuts.

Heather Hawes

Food and the service are great. Despite long lines they are still very fast with their service.

Nathan Jelinek

Love a night out with a quick canes fix. Definitely not something I could have everyday, but is a good treat to fill you up every once and a while! Always have had nice staff in my experience. Places are usually pretty packed around eating hours and can sometimes be tough to find seating if planning to eat in. Note that one may trade in the coleslaw for other sides when order a box combo, as no one really wants coleslaw.

Devora Burnett

My order was messed up I was missing 2 fingers and my favorite THE TEXAS TOAST... So I called back and Jeff the manager was great about it and told me to come through the drive thru so I did all I wanted was my toast I love that toast but he gave me the TEXAS TOAST and my missing chicken fingers plus a meal on him. Jeff thanks so much I know you guys have lines out the door but you guys are fast and very very friendly and to have so many customers your store is always neat. I do want to say the menu could use my help add chicken wings combos as well and also chicken finger salads. Toss the chicken in a ranch rub and you have a chicken finger ranch salad chicken finger cobb salad . chicken finger chipotle salad and desserts. I want to say thanks Jeff and to your crew

Erica N Loper

My food was still cold, after i requested it not be at the drive-thru. Cane sauce is always good..Thank God

Lori Peterson

Love love love the chicken and the staff Is always nice


Good food, clean place, and friendly service

Sal Vid

Chicken sanwitch was super bomb but the line is bad


Without any hesitation, the box combo is the way. Their chicken fingers are worth going to battle over. Accompanied by fries, coleslaw, bread, and some good 'ol sweet tea, you won't find a more comforting meal on that strip of land. Surely a 5 star establishment.

Joshua Kirkpatrick

That sauce tho

Lashema Kuykendall

They have awesome food.

Billy Clay Myers

This is good chicken. Not great chicken but good. Once the newness wears off and you can actually get in and out in a reasonable time it will be well worth it. For me the wait is not worth the reward at this point.

Stephanie N

Great Food, love the Chicken strips!


Best chicken ever nice and crispy juicy love the lemonade and you get your food fast 10/10 recommend

B l u e M e s a

Love their food... every time!!

Kent Boyd

The chicken tenders are good, not a big fan of the canes sauce

Justin Bailey

Terrance Aldridge II

Raising Cane's is delicious no matter where you go! This was no exception! Great food and great service!

Karyn Shimer

Always good chicken. Love the texas toast!

Dustin Vognild

If you're craving fried chicken, this is the place to go. Crispy, juicy, and ohhhh that sauce.

mike goble

Delicious fast fried chicken. Not a huge eat in dining area, but there is a outdoors watering area of ours nice enough weather and a drive through if you don't want to go inside. They have three disco balls as decoration, just felt like that should be mentioned.

Patricia Wright

Chicken was good and tender and well seasoned. DELICIOUS

Jamie Turner

James Kelley


Sal Frenda

The juiciest chicken I've ever eaten and great service.

Bret Hall

Michael Miller

Pricey but good if you want chicken fingers. That's really all they have.

Felix Justin Time

The best tenders.

Richard Hawk

Great chicken fingers

Tyler Johnson

Amazing, always fresh chicken, with delicious canes sauce and great tasting French toast with every meal. Very clean restaurant with friendly employees. Food always tastes great and comes fast.

Odizzle Elz zido

I love Raising Cane’s Chicken its great from the Crunchy Chicken Strips , Bread, Fries, Slaw , Sauce . Sounds like a mouth full of joy ... Thanks guys for delivering the same freshness in every store I’ve been in ..

Jessica Rodriguez

One my favorite places to eat!.. always hot and fresh.. chicken tenders are crispy and juicy. The cool coleslaw, crinkle fries, and garlic toast compliment them deliciously! Everyone is friendly, never once had a bad experience here. The lemonade is ok too.. they have that crushed ice everyone loves too!

Kiya Currier

Who doesn't love Canes? like come on?

Robyn Adair

I turned around in their larking lot. I don't like their food. Too salty and somehow bland but interesting sauces that all taste like heartburn.

Cj Walter

Good chicken fingers, fantastic sweet tea.

Endy Imam

The homegrown feeling and active environment definitely feel like stepping into history of a bygone era when chewing down chicken and fries and its tart sauce.

Gracie Hoffman

Loved this place! Nice service. GREAT FOOD!!! My family and I had a really great time and we will definitely be going again soon!

Rosemary Deloa

Awesome staff and food was great

Cristhian Espinosa

The service, the food, the drinks, the establishment. Everything excellent !

Becky Teale

Yesterday my brother took me to this restaurant for my birthday dinner. It was the best food that I've ever eaten. I'd definitely recommend this restaurant.

Ryan Kerch

I don't know what's in that sauce, but omg.

Kyla Duncan

One word .. YUMMY !!

James Miller

Fresh, quality chicken tenders. The Cain sauce is very tasty.

Ann Smith

Very nice people great food I will recommend everybody come all you want eat no where else for a quick bite college students you will enjoy this as I have..

Amanda Johnson

Good but could use more seasonings

Mattie Cruise

They have amazing food and amazing service

Brooklyn Phillips

Beverly Diaz

Foods always good

Pepper Borrego

Liked the concept. Fast food was nothing above standard but I'd go again

Rey Rey

Very dirty. All the tables had sticky grease on it. The floor was trashed in all areas of the restaurant. Food was good but I would just get it to go because that place has gotten really uncapped. I had to ask the manager to please come white down one table nobody was in there and all the tables which already there wasn't one clean place to sit. And the employees are just sitting around.

Kimberly Pearson

Good food good service

Jim Collison

Yummy chicken and great fries. Make sure you get the toast and the lemonade

Thomas Lopez

David Murphy

They do a few things very well. My whole family likes their food and the Cane's Sauce is great.

Frosty X

Awesome customer service. Enthusiastic people to take your order with a bright smile. Yummy food and now stuffed.

adrian watters

I love this place but if you ask them to double cook your chicken it’s like I’m speaking a different language. Other then that you can’t go wrong with fried chicken and lemonade.

Unstapled Lisa

I hated the food here, however my children , one an adult, the other a teen loved it, I'm assuming for how busy they were, most of Dinkytown loves Raising Cane's, too. Blecch

Veronica Shaw

The food is always fresh...great food and great quality

Carissa Villa

It's a fun atmosphere that is always filled with college students. The chicken and Texas toast are the best things to order here. The fries become soggy easily and the coleslaw is less than desirable, however, their sauce makes up for it. This unique sauce that no one can get anywhere else is fantastic! I will come back for the toast, chicken and sauce as much as I can!

Neat Vids

The chicken there is crispy and tastes golden.

Nba Fan All Day

Great Fingers, Always Delicious

Jennie Mornes

Cane's sauce is delish! Chicken is always moist and tasty!

CJ Baker

This is a brand new store to Bellevue. I've been to this location two times. Both times they are always spot on. The food was fresh, the chicken was actually decent and the fries, oh the fries were amazing. The sweet tea tasted fresh and just right. Customer service is spot on. Keep this place clean and it will do great. Don't let scum take over, as you can see on Galvin Road. Keep this store how it is! Will always return to this nice, clean, and very convenient location.

The Adventures of Morgan Tootle-Speaker

Best chicken on this planet. Fast and friendly service.

Alvin Jonathan

This is my favorite chicken fingers in Minneapolis St Paul. My favorite item here is the box combo, which comes with 4 fingers, a Cane's sauce, a toast, fries, and coleslaw. I always ask to substitute the coleslaw for an extra fries or a toast (they are both really good!). You can also add an additional finger for $1.25.

Joe Burns

Although they have a fairly small menu, Canes does great with what they do have! They always cook their food fresh and I haven't had a bad meal yet. Their bread is fantastic!

Deborah Font

Love their fingers and lemonade. They are too far from me in Quartzsite. When I go towards Phoenix I definitely stop every time.

Patricia Collins

My favorite chicken place

JeremieMA12 _

Not sure what all the fuss was about; way overrated. Real basic menu. No spicy chicken option. The food wasn't gross, just nothing special. Popeyes, Chic Fil A (problematic), are both better.

Adam Lamoureux

The best at the one thing they serve, chicken strips. Love their cane's sauce too.

Christopher Ferris

Typical canes. It's exactly what I came for. Food came out quickly and it was hot. That's about all I can ask for. Love the cane sauce.

Tracy Oldfield -Garringer

Love their chicken fingers especially with luisana sauce on them ..yummy

Blaze Smyth

This is the best place to go for chicken. The staff is always friendly, the store is clean 100% of the time, the general manager who i have meet on many occasions has as been polite and always taking care of everyone. I love this place!!!!! You can't find a better establishment with amazing food and amazing people. Go canes go.

Kaitlin Burlingame

Laura S was a delight. She helped us cater our order to just the two of us for our very romantic chicken strip date night. She didn't bat an eye even though my girlfriend and I were buzzed enough to be a smidge sloppy. She assisted us without being even slightly annoyed with our drunkenness. Laura S. Deserves all the promotions. Please make her a franchise owner asap.

Lisa Rozewicz

There is just something about that Cane's sauce that transports you to a happy place when combined with the yummy chicken, crinkle fries and melt-in-your-mouth Texas toast. Can you tell that I love eating here?!

Cliff Wood

Tasty chicken, sides, and iced tea! Definitely craveable. Kinda packed during dinner hours.

Samantha Friesz

Texas toast is on point. Chicken is always juicy!

annie oakley

Overpriced chicken fingers. Cocky employees. Don't waste your time.

Cyan Johnson

The sauce is bomb and make the chicken super duper good. It's a cute story of how the franchise came to be too

Faith Jones

Fast service

Josh Garcia

Good, simple chicken joint. Foods a bit bland, but consistent, fast, and not loaded with grease.

Tommy Roberts

Just dont like their chicken.

Austin O'Neill-Koch

great chicken, coleslaw is ok. Texas toast pretty good, throw it all together its bomb as hell!

Nikki Crawford


Really good

Barry Lehman

Food is good. Condiment station small and busy. Music playing in the store was way too loud.

Cindy Whittington

Very limited menu. Chicken is cooked perfectly but needs flavoring. Very bland. Coleslaw tasteless, toast oily. Add some seasoning to coating and everything! Probably won't return.

Kristen Custer

WAY BETTER THAN I WAS EXPECTING. I was recommended by a customer at my job from Texas. I had the 6 piece combo and it was much more than I thought I would get from so called fast food. Very fast, friendly and accommodating service from the crew.

Jason Edmunds

It's good in a pinch.

Gabe Hernandez

This has to be the slowest location ever! I will never be back. I had to cancel my order it took so long

Sarah Hutchens

They always charge for the extra sauce which I always need bc is goes on everything but this time they forgot it. I was in the drive through with my handicap mom. She handed us our food. I checked for the sauce bc I was charge and she had already walked away. I tried waving, yelling ma'am, and even honking, after all failed attempts [mind you no one was behind us, I dont hold up lines] we pulled forward and I walked inside. I asked for the straws we didnt get and the sauce and they (her and the cook) looked at me like I was lieing. Gave them to me and i left. I love canes and I'm sure I'll eat at Cane's again just probably not this particular location for a while.

Benjamin L Wilkinson

Great food.

P Longwell

The food was great, the atmosphere was not. It was really noisy inside so we went out on the "patio". There we got to experience employees vaping and goofing around, a table about to fall apart and music so loud in one corner we could barely talk to each other. Get your food to go!

Larry Moreland

Manager had the worst attitude when I mentioned I didnt get my cane sauce. I literally would rather eat dog doo doo then step foot back in this place. Dont go their!

Joseph Gilboy

The staff were incredible here! We had some issues with allergens and normally people are very slow/annoyed when it's brought up, but the staff member went immediately into the kitchen, brought out the chef, and we were able to find out things we could order quickly and easily . All the staff were really approachable and friendly too, and it really our day. The chicken was amazing, and the texas toast is also definitely a highlight. Price 4/5 Food 4/5 Staff 6/5 (they were just that amazing!)

Yousef Alshahawi

great food but the staff was a little slow

Accurate Contracting

Looking for a decentlunch, a new tea and chicken fingers are great

White Lily Films

Too expensive for what it is.

TeChNo P4NdA

A simple change to the way you eat chicken is what I chalk this place up too. A nice place to grab some grub

G Man!

Raising Canes is the best chicken, French fries and Texas toast around. I recommend this place very much to anyone that is looking for a clean place to come to with awesome friendly staff. It was super nice of the staff to sing me a happy birthday song and give me a free shirt and hat. So if your ever looking for a awesome and fun place to eat, go to canes!!

Leah Terrel

Love this place. Service and food is always great.

Caleb Schreurs

Very long line (out the door) after a sporting event, but they got all us through very quickly and professionally


Very tasty.

Mitchell Sponitz

always great food! high quality and cheap for what get

Sam Dysart

The best place on earth to get fried chicken! Friendly new staff, fast service, and great quality chicken that will melt in your mouth and drip off your chin! Yum!

Richard Castanier

Decent food


Food is good. Sauce is really good. Drive thru needs to be re-thought. The speaker is on the noisiest side of the street that makes it extremely hard for them and you to hear.


Dining in is a bit loud for my taste... but good food.

gail hershey

Excellent as usual, I only wish it was not so noisy inside. Maybe they could turn down the music. But that won't stop me from going there, I can always drive thru.

Justin Moss

Best fast food chicken strips and sauce!

Louis Martin

I was very impressed with the service, food quality, taste and quantity. The store was clean and the staff was friendly.

Jesiann Godoy

First time here and I must say the best!!!! From the sweet tea to the sauce to bread and chicken. I was really impressed. They need to open one on the south side... Thank you!! The food was delicious

Alexandra Smith

I'm not mad at this. My roommate took me here as I'd never heard of it before and she had frequently visited the numerous chains in California. I got one of the combos and it was good! It's still fast food, but the chicken is better than …

Choose your Path

My sons love Canes.Of course the Canes sauce. I will give them 5 stares, off my kids love for this place. Drive through moved pretty quick. Staff is efficient . Order is always correct. Thanks Canes for making the boys love your chicken and sauce!

Brandon Lowe

Really tasty food! Fast service! The tables were a little dirty and the lemonade machine wasn’t working but those aren’t consistent enough issues to not give 5 stars to a place with delicious food! The sauce is the best!

Wendell Morgan

One of the best chicken strip meals had in a long time.

Khrystyna Vermesi

Love this place! Really clean, awesome service and yummy food

Kathryn Meadows

Best chicken fingers I ever had! Crisp outside, moist inside, yum! Wish there was one near where I live.

Joshua Spencer

Pretty good, they don't give me any katsup half the time though.

Khalila Saeed

I used to go to Raising Cane's when we visited Louisiana so, I was overjoyed to know that they built one here! The chicken is always fresh and cooked perfectly and although there are always a ton of people there, the wait time is never long and the customer service is great. It can be a little expensive to eat there if you bring the whole family but, its worth it! The parking is a bit small and funky, so I suggest to park by snooze if you want to be able to get out. I don't think they thought about the parking situation very well.

Ginger Mitchell

Fast for how busy they are.

greg moser

Love my Cane's! Got it go for the first time.. Everything tasted great when I got home.

Jack Hamlett

Good chicken deals tasty food nice staff

Kenobi O

Happy there a raising cane's in Scottsdale they have the chicken fingers and toast

Brent Ruttle

Can't get enough of that sauce!

Paul Hartman

Great staff, food is ok. I had their sandwich combo. Not much flavor. Will probably not go back.

Will Stangl

Slow, everything is sticky, makes me afraid of what the back looks like. Disappointing, the Omaha franchises are much better.

United Public Radio

Hot and freash this store does a food job


I am from Texas and we love Cane's. I was pleasantly surprised to see they had one here in Alaska. My kids will be so happy!

Lil James

Great food for the price! Chicken tender platters are delicious

Brian Chipman

I'm the last person that would come to the defense of KFC, but at least you get more food at KFC for the price. Let me be clear, what they're selling are not chicken tenders, they're not sizable in any sense of the word, fingers are a very appropriate description. This is why the only thing they sell is chicken fingers and two sides of carbs, so you can feel full. But if your thing is overpriced chicken dunked in thousand island dressing, enjoy.

Chris Mendenhall

They don't do much, but what they do they do well. Great tasting chicken nuggets, fries and decent slaw too. Of course the primary reason to go is there Canes sauce which pulls everything together in a great way.

Jay Ventura

Best chicken place. Amazing employees.

Cemile Blue

We don't have a lot of options here in Alaska, but if you want good chicken then this is the spot to drive thru or sit and eat. Really good.

John Pettengill

I have had much better, and the lemonade they say is fresh squeezed, no is not good at all.

Ron Davis

Just okay chicken I like mine with a little bone

David McCain

Ate here today because it's new and exciting. I didn't much care for the food, but if you like bland coleslaw and okay chicken then this is the place for you!

Andrea Hayman

Jules Calixte

First time there,food was great especially the French fries

Randy Tudor

Fresh and good first experience well pleased


Pretty good food fast service open late

Ryan Parish

It's great place for chicken tenders

Jose Solorzano

It's about what I've come to expect it all Raising Cane's locations, five star food, five stars service, fice star staff.

Mike McBride

Awsome as Canes always is


Love the food. My son eats here weekly

Jay The Producer

You can't beat it! The best place around! The tenders with fries on point the fries or fresh everytime!

Sabra Livesay

I know they just opened yesterday but i am still extremely impressed. I went in today with 3 small kids alone and everything was awesome. GREAT JOB!!!

Danger Panda Lol

Awesome and sweet tea which is usually just what I need at this point lol.

Catherine Mosher

I really loved their chicken tenders. Almost better than Chick Fil A

Tino Cuellar

The best. Better than Chick-fil-A any day of the week, and that Texas toast is to die for!

Eva Prewitt

Great sweet tea and the chicken strips are delicious

david Rea

Delicious chicken. Very busy when we went, but plenty of parking.

Sarah Lazowski

Chica Rosa

Friendly staff and fast service! The chicken is delicious

Justin Ochoa

Menu is simple, food is great and the service is awesome.

Tami Ball

Grate food and best sweet tea ever. It beats chick flay

Caleb Proctor

This place is absolutely incredible. I've eaten here 3 times in the last 24 hours!!

Timothy DeRousse

Long line. Due to being the only one in town and recently opened. Good food. Moist chicken and delicious sauce. Sweet tea is on point.

Gregory Gray

Good wherever you find Cane's

Nathan Whisenant

First time here. Good chicken and fies. Unsweetened tea was good.

Patricia Jarreau

jill garske

Super busy. Pretty fast service.

Paul Cate

Raising Canes has best chicken tenders I've ever eaten, clean restaurant and I will be back with friends.

Shelley Ferraris

Great Texas toast and lemonade - chicken is so-so.

Alex Steele

This Cane’s has their service down to a science, and they did very well in getting a large crowd through with their orders in an impressive amount of time. Also, as is usual at Cane’s, everything tasted freshly made and well done. I’ll definitely be back again when coming through town.

Debbie Norris

Chicken was Great. Tender, juicy, not overly breaded. Will go again

Lana Hobbs

We always get good service and the food is amazing. My picky eater actually eats a lot of food here and often asks to come back. We don't even live in this city

Charity Naron

Everyone is great, friendly and the service is fast. Highly recommend. Ms Gieza is so friendly also. Keep up the great work!

Jessica K

Love the chicken fingers. The fries and toast are pretty standard. I don’t recommend the coleslaw but you can swap it out for another toast or more fries. The sauce is good but costs extra to get more than one container. Their sweet tea is also ok. Avoid BU hockey game days cause they get super busy.

Gokay Shennaike

Started out great, but they're starting to skimp on the fingers and sauce.

Steven Olson

Best chicken around. The Texas toast is amazing, the sauce is delicious, the chicken is second to none, the fries are wonderful, and the sweet tea is fantastic. The staff is always nice and helpful, and they keep things moving quickly. Even when the line is out the door I've never had to wait very long after ordering before getting my food. Always a good atmosphere if you're eating in. I recommend the Box Combo, but make sure to substitute the slaw for an extra sauce! You'll need it since it goes great with the chicken, toast, and fries too

josh talmadge

Great chicken sauce is meh but they are open late which is night

David Huston

Love the chicken fingers here! Always have had a great meal for a great price at Raising Cane's, you won't be disappointed!

Jay R

Good fast food chicken. They are the sauce boss.

Michael Almaguer

The quality is great. The chicken was juicy and tasty. The toast was crisp and buttery. Overall, I love it. If you love cane sauce you already know, ask for extra after your food is ordered.

Rodger Hormell

Their restaurant has an amazing view of the Gulf. The chicken strips are awesome. And the fries are salted and textured perfectly. Raising Cane has raised the bar on family restaurants.

brian vilcinskas

Best chicken fingers in town period!!

Geneva Anguiano

Freaking uh-mazing! Bread is on point and so are the chicken strips!!

Claire Small

It was teacher appreciation so I was given a lovely meal of crunchy delish chicken fingers with fries coke slaw bread and a drink!! Thank you cane"s

Stefan C

To put simply some of the largest, juiciest, fried chicken tenders you will ever try. The house made sauce brings it all together. If you are a fan of Crinkle Cut Fries and Texas Toast then its just icing on the cake!

Larry Apalatea

First visit drive up lane was long. Went inside order was placed in about 2 min, was eating in 5. Food is excellent with prices in the normal Alaska range, will be going back often.

Tony Belin

Limited menu but it tasted great.

Alexa Penn

The food is delicious!!!!

Scott Dickens

Juicy chicken, interesting sauce, price is decent for what you get.

Josh G

Filling & great taste just like I remember from Lousiana!

Jozph G

Really wasn't all that special. Food was ok, fhought it was rather plain. Inside the place it waa rather loud, for not having too many people there. Dine here yourself and form your own opinion.

Dawn Russell

Good food and service! Everytime even though only been 5 times

mark mcnaught

Chickin fingerz only. Awesome


Excellent, as Cane's always is. Great food, clean restaurant with good atmosphere, very friendly staff. Raisin Cane's continues to uphold their high standards.

Louis Owens

This was my first time trying Raising Cane's they didn't disapoint me at all...That chicken was hot just like I like it

Sheila Moss

It is just awesome could eat the food three days a day

Belinda Minard

Very good and friendly, a little pricey for fast food.

Paul Phaneuf

Excellent chicken strips. Limited menu but good quality.

Ted Driver

A bit too noisy here. Couldn't hear the person taking our order, loud kitchen staff and louder music. The food tasted good, the coleslaw was fresh. Too much noise will keep me out though.

Susan Creasman

Kinda pricey but delicious

Brandy Ballard

Good chicken. Reasonable price.

Tina Attebery

Good food, fast,friendly service. No flavor to the chicken unless you use the cane sauce. The toast was cooked to perfection, overall pretty good.

sam s

I do all of raising canes grease trap lots of chicken


Like Chick Fillet this place pretty much specialises in chicken. Mostly chicken strips. The meals are pretty large so if you're part of the over 40 club trying to maintain the waist size you're going to have left overs. Love their special sauce.

Jeffrey Grier

Lots of hype, but i really didnt see a huge difference between other chicken fingers. Maybe I had set unrealistic expectations

Cindy Austin

2nd time going here. I love there chicken fingers, garlic bread,etc...its a delicious, fullfilling fast food meal, and so worth the price you pay too..

Jaime Rhodes

Delicious!! I’ve been waiting to not see a line wrapped around the building and tonight a few moments ago it was clear! Omg finally!! So went through the drive thru, got the classic chicken box & lemonade. The wait for food was not long at all. Got home and was happy with the amount of food for the money paid. It was absolutely delicious!! Everything was hot and fresh. I will be back.

Jani Harvey

Fast, funny and friendly service. The chicken is really good too!

Michael Forte

Chicken tenders. The coleslaw is decent. The sweet tea was good. All in all good lunch Spotify

Brian Blakley


Best chicken fingers around. Definitely double down on the canes sauce.

john henry

The sauce and toast are good but otherwise pretty tasteless chicken

Robert Alexander

It was great as always.

Cory Daignault

Very much like Guthrie's fried chicken in Tallahassee.

Marcus Woods

Love the sauce. Always get the chicken tenders.

Timothy Killilea

The service at Raising Cane's was excellent. I was ordering to-go for some colleagues, and needed to make a different order for dietary reasons. The staff who took the order knew the difficulty around the reason, and made sure I got the right food. It started off the day in the right footstep. Bravo, Raising Cane's!

Barbara Stinson

Stopped in for a late dinner. I didn't really want to stop for fried & crispy food late, but got out voted! Found out This is really a great place! Really good food, place is very clean, and the service was friendly. The chix was really good. Breading wasnt heavy or too crispy. Sauce was good. I'll go back!

paul breitenfeldt

Absolutely love this place. Who would have thought a place that sells only chicken tenders, french fries coleslaw and Texas toast would be a go-to place for fast food. It is and that Texas toast is wonderful.

Barry Belford

Fast food done right. Simple menu makes it easy to choose. Basically how many tenders do you want.

Tim Mc

This is a very interesting concept to only have chicken fingers as the main entree on the menu. The portion size was large and the chicken fingers were excellent. We both got the finger sandwich platter but the fries are nothing more than a bag of frozen fries that were not good.

Nicholas Greaves

Best chicken fingers in Massachusetts by far. Very Simple item selection, but great for the price. It's no surprise they make good business. I'm always left full and having to pace myself while I eat. I wish they would open a few more locations in Massachusetts. Boston College and Boston University students aren't the only ones who want Canes. Oh one more thing. I can't forget the Canes Sauce. All I can say is wow a burst of flavor in my mouth and that I wish I can imitate the same taste at home.

charlotte robertson

I love the chicken and the staff here! Also the best Arnold Palmers in town!

Jennifer Baughman

Very Good:) it was very cold inside. Your staff was very Friendly. Almost as good as Las Vegas good over all.

Brandy Luker

Great chicken!

Buji Boo

I'm loving Cane's Chicken! It is the very best freshly cooked (upon ordering...not over cooked hot tender & juicy

Hollie Sanchez

Best chicken ever

David Tenney

The Sauce is the best.

Jesus Ruiz

I love Canes sauce it is the best thing ever. Believe me when I tell you that it is the BEEES KNEEEES!!! I would rate it 6 stars but I would have to hack Google's mainframe and blast through the firewall to add that sixth star. I just cant be bothered to do so.

Jak Kas

Open a little over a week and the lines are dying down, now I know why. I guess I had great expectations but the meal was just generally bland, meh! The chicken and fries were cooked well but no seasoning or even salt on the fries. You only get Ketchup or Cane sauce period, which was not to my liking, I mean come on a little BBQ or Honey Mustard if your not going to cook some taste into the meat?? I think I enjoyed the Texas Toast better than anything else and I paid almost $19 for 2 chicken baskets. For me, not worth it. The other chicken place half mile down Academy is better and a little cheaper and I thought I’d never say that!!

Brent Jorgenson

Best chicken strips ever!

Dave Wollin

Great tasting food. Prices are good. Lots of food with a box meal..


Thomas Smith

They actually cook your meal moment you order it that's just Outstanding plain and simple nuf said

Xavier Orozco

Won't complain about the wait since thats not their fault but price for the offerings are beyond inflated. Chicken is okay- no where near this price point however. Crinkle cut fries is like the lowest you can go in both quality and "trying" there needs to be more about the food for this price is the bottom line. The sauce was good, the coleslaw was not very good. The bread is okay. Really this place could improve in ratings by just keeping the price at an equivalent level instead of "it can be whatever we want since there aren't any other options here."

Kirk Kopp

Braved the drive thru line yesterday and it went much faster than I expected. Drive thru staff was very friendly. Chicken was decent. I wouldn't say that it tasted any better than KFC or Popeye's. Lemonade was good. The only thing about Raising Cane's that really sticks out to me was the price. Extremely overpriced for what it is.

allen uhl

Really better than I expected!

James Kent

Fast and good service

Jess Faulkner

The food was good. Order was correct. All together tasty. Lines are still crazy long, as expected.

Douglas Clark

Good fast food chicken and thats it

Natalie Knight

Would have enjoyed it more, if it wasn't so cold.

Patrick Sandoval

Horribly rude staff especially the manager, I will be sending in a formal complaint.

Daniel Schmidt

First time to Raising Cane's and it was a great one. The service was really fast with how busy it was. The chicken fingers are real white meat chicken breast. And the dipping sauce is a must with them. Great experience!

J.C. Puga

Canes is my favorite fast food restaurant. The chicken has always been fresh. The service is always kind and served in a timely manner. I’ve not had one complaint, and they accommodate my customer demands. When I don’t take lunch from home, since it’s the nearest food place to work I just am forced to eat here

Wow! wow!

It was good food. Kids got a coupon reward from school. So we redeemed it recently. Just paid for my husband and myself. Kids ate free that day. I will go back again for sure. I wish the lemonade was outside, So we didn't have to wait for somebody to be able to refill. Overall was good! Love their sauce!

Kaciee Swierenga

Entire family is sick after eating here !

Joseph Bienek

As good as chicken can get without mash potatoes and gravy

Laurel De La Cruz

Great chicken fingers good fries!

Maria Osornio

One of the best resturaunts that I have ever been to!

Mollee Way

They have the fastest service and friendly staff. The chicken is also delicious!

Stephan Stomberg

For fast food it's the best. For all food it's still pretty damned good.

Kevin Ruiz

The food is tha same in any combo but with a trip more of chicken but tase is good i enjoy my visit

Scott Somers

Bland chicken. Literally every grocery store deli, fast food restaurant, diner, and gas station I have ever gotten chicken fingers from was better. No flavors, no sauce choices, just their chains sauce which is similar to 1000 island. Over priced. Skip it am dfimd something worthwhile n

Shannon Hazlitt

the food is good i get the three pice chicken with fires and the bread that comes with it and a drink for about $7.00 dollars not a bad deal depending what you order what you get thankyou for your service....

Charles Hontz

We came in at 11:40 pm and they close at Midnight. The staff treated us as if they just opened. Super cool and super relaxed! Definitely one of the best customer service experiences of a fast food restaurant I've ever experienced. They rock!

Steve Bollinger

Great service and they never fail to deliver on a last minute catering order!

Colin Martin

4 stars is generous. However the customer service definitely warrants 4 stars, as does the freshness of the food. Canes sauce is a hit too. Outside of those things the food is just ok.

Johanna Marvin

The chicken tenderloins were soft and juicy inside, but crisp and crunchy, like cornflakes, outside. Hot and delicious! The Cane sauce is good- black pepper, maybe some paprika- not too spicy, but stir in the hot sauce if you like spice- they work really well together! The coleslaw was crunchy, but bland- stir in a little bit of the Cane sauce and it is much better! I like the shape of the fries, but the taste was nothing special. The Texas toast had a garlic butter on it

Corina Mayo

My family and I enjoy dining at Cane's in Las Vegas but not here in Boston. Service needs to be better, they don't welcome you when you enter but just rudely ask, "what do you want?" Really? Food will always be wonderful but at this location, lacks personality! Cannot wait to be back on the West Coast.

Monique Brown

It wasn't bad but it just wasn't the best I've ever had. I feel like it's something I could have put together for kids by going into my local grocery store and grabbing a bag of fries and a bag of chicken strips. I think they can also he's …

Ken D

Good chicken, tasty fries, and ginormous Texas toast. But it is a bit pricey at $14.99 for a 6 piece combo, but it's understandable since it's in Alaska. I enjoyed the food, but I could definitely get alot more at another restaurant. Place was new and clean. And who doesn't like big shiny disco balls?

Doctor Deebs

An amazing chicken place and I've always been a chicken eater. They make their own sauce for you to enjoy, but I'd like them to stay making their own didn't sauces like BBQ or ketchup or any other common sauce. It's a great eat, a fun treat, and that's an impressive feat. (I had to)

Taylor Smith

The chicken is perfect, moist with a crispy shell. The sauce is great too, and the food comes out incredibly fast, even when it's busy (which it often is). Go-to spot for BU students, it's right next to the Agannis Arena.

Shlee Dutton

That Cane sauce tho! Having heard all about this place from family who live in Vegas, I had high expectations...and they were met. The chicken fingers and fries are always piping hot and fresh, the toast that comes with it is worth ordering in double, and dip everything in Cane sauce. Prices are comparable to other fast food of its caliber, and food is good and quite filling.

Debra Guyban Roberts

I have tasted many different chicken tenders. Love Canes is by far #1. Always fresh and seasoned just right, good coleslaw, love the bread and their sauce is delicious. Always greeted with a smile and very polite staff!

C Johnson

Usually pretty busy, and parking can be a pain, but Cane's is great fast food. We go out of our way to come here probably twice a year and enjoy it most times. One critique that I think they're slowly coming around to, we don't need a full cup of ice when ordering a fountain pop, last time there was only 2/3 a cup but it used to be almost full.

Patrick Standifer

Pretty good chicken, but I've had better. Service was fast and food was a good price. Sauce is alright but I don't normally use it. Overall good every once and a while.

Sarah Gibson

The food was amazing! I had heard on the radio that they were giving 15% of all sales today to kids kids for their family trips to Disneyworld for kids that have major medical needs. How could I resist going to eat excellent food while at the same time donating to an excellent cause!

Helen Clavier

Always great food. Bread is my favorite everything is so fresh ,good,and the employees are very kind

Denise McConico

My chicken was hot and tasty. They floor was sticky and we had to clean off our table before we could sit down to eat.

Brady Redfearn

So yummy! All they do is baskets with chicken tenders, but it was really good. The lemonade was also pretty good, although I prefer mine with pulp in it. Their sauce is awesome as well.

Matt Craven

The food was REALLY good. The chicken fingers were actually nice and juicy. The Cole slaw and Texas toast were good too. Would visit again.

Bob Ferapels

Never had a bad experience at any location. My personal favorite place to get chicken tenders, sides are simple but good. Give them a shot, you won't be disappointed.

Smool Suzitski

I ate here with my partner while moving to a new place. It was a hectic time and we were walking in the area, when I smelled their chicken fingers. I am not from Tucson, so it was an experience I wanted to try regardless of outcome. The chicken fingers were rather tasty and that is coming from someone who is 92% vegetarian. They have a tasty, special cane sauce which was good as well. I took some extra home and used it for cooking the next day. We were excited to eat and accidentally spilled our water all over the floor. The employee there was so polite and kind. She just smiled and said it was okay after I apologized a few times. Great people. Great food. I love it

Meredith VandeHaar

Best chicken fingers I've ever had. However, if the bathrooms are single occupancy, why in the world are they gendered? Could use some all gender restroom signs. I just used the "men's" restroom rather than wait for the other to open up.

hal turman

We're having dinner with the son and grandsons on way to dropping them at the airport. Got the Box, double Texas toast instead of the coleslaw. Real good stuff

Eugene McFadden

100% the best chicken place in Gulfport(in my humble opinion)! Great food good atmosphere and clean bathrooms!!

Melissa Kinchen

These are the best chicken fingers and the Cane sauce is amazing but my favorite thing? The bread!!

Bill Stein

I think I may have reviewed the Cane's in Castle Rock before, but my review of this location is identical. This is some of the best fast food chicken I have ever eaten, right up there with the chain that's not open on Sundays. The classic 3 strip box is great, or if you're extra hungry, the 6 strip Caniac Combo is the way to go. But this stuff is addictive. The breading has a great flavor, but their sauce is what sets it all apart. Pair the sauce with that chicken and it is insanely good.

Allan Bellamy

Best Chicken fingers anywhere. Always fresh and steaming hot. I like the slaw and the dipping sauce and the fries are just right.

Lisa Collins

Very expensivve, fries not crispy, chicken overdone and dry, bland coating on chicken and coleslaw was a bit dry and no flavor, bread was barely warm, a bit soggy and bland, lemonade tasted watered down, and the sauce was just ok. I won't go back, waste of money!

Bobby Blades

Kimberly Reese

Good fingers, nice and crisp breading, moist meat. Just needed a touch of seasoning.

Tony Stedry

My box combo was good. The chicken was much smaller than the person I dined with. I felt a little cheated but it was good.

Chris Vallette

I've had a lot of Canes. It's always good, but this one was the best.

Preswick Jean

Fresh and hot very tasty spot on point.

Donny Snyder

One of the best fried chicken joints around!

darrellbuford Buford

The food is really good the dipping sauce is awesome and I love there crinkle fries

Kristi Sequichie

Love me some raising canes... ♡♡

Cooper Lewis-Lizer

Really good chicken. I approve

Nathan Dunning

Great chicken tenders and not too far from base.

Addison Tomlin-gillen

Service was good, environment was unique but comfortable. A 4 piece combo is enough to taste that little something different about Cane's. Their house sauce is also a great dip for your chicken!

Glenn Brown

Not enough on the menu and it's pricey as well.

Morgan Bradley

Best bread and sauce combo ever!

Anastasia Rose

For a place that just opened they're still doing it right! They even reconfirmed my whole order at window after having issues hearing me over screaming baby.

adam polochi

The food was amazing it was hot and fresh go here to eat

Tim Detiveaux

Great fast food, love the dipping sauce.

Colin Whalen

Despite being super busy, I felt like I got through the drive through in a very timely manner. Friendly staff have charming greetings like "Howdy Howdy I know it's cloudy, ya want some chicken?" Which caught me off guard and made me smile a bit, but lets cut to the chase. The food is good, their sweet tea is on point their ice is crushed which is also on point and their sauce and toast are great. Bit pricy for "fast-food" but well worth it. This place reminded me how much I miss the south y'all. Give it a try if you're in the Muldoon, North Anchorage area.

Stephen Normandin

Tasty chicken fingers sauce and garlic bread I wish they had like a mini sandwich with the garlic bread and I wish they offered some type of salad to put the chicken tenders cut up on and it'd be nice if they had a bigger size coleslaw but overall this is a great place for fast food


Me and my dad walked in with high hopes, cutting to the chase, those hopes were exceedingly met! The chicken was crispy and the fries were a tiny bit generic but great for my taste, the music playing around sounds general and neutral with a happy mood, and the sauce for the chicken is somewhat tangy and goes quite well with the chicken and the fries! The staff I interacted with were well mannered, receptive and considerate

Ben Fultz

This is my favorite restaurant. I love it more than an ADHD 6 year-old loves Chuck-E-Cheese.

Royanne grafstrom Westlund

We waited months to go here because the drive thru line was at least a hour long for the first few months after opening, so we figured it was good. I don’t know if Im not understanding this new trending concept (mind you, I’m only in my 20s) but only offering two options on the menu should not qualify you as a restaurant. Offering the same thing with different amount of strips aren’t really options. The strips were weirdly warm and cold at the same time, definitely not crispy, the fries were cold and tasteless, the Texas toast was a glorified fried burger bun chopped to look like toast, and the prices were ridiculous, even after they claimed to have lowered them to match the lower 48. Don’t go. Not worth even the 10 minute wait it is now.

travis atkinson

Not really worth the hype... Basic chicken I would have preferred Tyson chicken nuggets and sweet baby Ray's over the 3 tiny fingers and equivalent of a small size fries from anywhere. I wouldn't at all go out of my way the sauce is rather gross but either way don't waste your time and money.

Barbara Reed-Polatty

The place was dirty. Tables were not clean. Outside seating in full glaring sun. One Shade umbrella that was not open - but would not have helped but one table. Chicken was good. French Fries - meh - could have been cooked a bit more - not crispy - limp. They’re SKIMPY on their dip sauce! Making you pay for extra! Staff was abrupt - very different from other Cane’s I’ve been to. Asked for to go boxes and you would think they were made of gold! Had to call the manager to quiz me before I could get them! Not a good eating-in experience unless you enjoy noise, chaos, and sticky surfaces.

felipe avila

Its raising canes it's legit

Zajxna! Zxjxnx!

Food is ALWAYS DELICIOUS!!GREAT customer service!!

Jay Dubinsky

Update: this is probably the quickest I have reversed a good review. Came back in today for lunch, ordered a 3 piece meal, received a two piece meal. Their staff thought it was acceptable to serve a scrap piece of chicken in place of a tender. And let's be real, these tenders are half the size they were a year ago. Stop being greedy, fix your portion sizes based on the high dollar you charge for your meals, and dont let your staff send half completed orders out. See the pictures below, you be the judge. Compare the size of their tenders to their fries. The following is what this review used yo say before 3/5/19: Excellent service and tasty chicken tenders, everything you could ask for to make a great lunch spot!

Jared Swearengin

Went there twice in 2 weeks and man they have great chicken and sweet tea. The staff was excellent and the orders were out fast. Would I go there again, well does a bear poop in the woods? Yeah I would go back.

Craig Kordic

My wife and I visited this restaurant for the first time last night for supper. It recently opened and we had never heard of Raising Cane's restaurant before a few weeks ago. There was and is a lot of buzz about it, so we wanted to check it out. The location is convenient off of N. Academy Blvd. in North Colorado Springs close to I-25. There was adequate parking, the restaurant building looked nice from the outside, there was a long line of people waiting in line, we weren't welcomed by anyone, it was very loud (too loud for us...we could barely hear each other talk at our table), the menu was very limited, average priced, all high fat/high calorie fried chicken and foods (I almost walked out and left because of this), our order was ready in about 5 minutes, served hot, delicious, our table was made of steel or whatever (freezing!), it was crowded in the dining room, but clean. We were glad to finally leave so that we could get away from the loud noise inside.

Sergey Kharchenko

Awesome place, great food, chicken was very crisp and juicy. Good fast food place to go to relax. Very fancy decor and very comfortable seating. Reason being behind 4 stars instead of 5 is because when we walked in the young girl behind the counter straight up over looked me and my family to serve a young guy her age first, don't know what that was about but extremely unprofessional and rude for one!. Other than that a good place to eat out or drop by for a bite.

Blake Von Haden

Best marinated chicken strips to be found. The three strip combo is just right for lunch. Their tailgate packs are great for parties.

Tim Bohmer

The only thing that would not allow them to have 6 stars is there sauce which is still phenomenal ... but I wish I had more options ... BEST chicken tenders by far in the world!

Axel Moreira

Great customer service. I was having a rough day and Tia and Kara made me feel a lot better. Thanks!!!

Paulie Mcmanus

Great food!!

Jessie Pettway

Chicken sandwich gave me life. Gave 4 stars because teenagers were playing on the microphones which wasn't amusing. They didn't seem to have very good manners

Cindy Shirk

The best chiken fingers you can find. And fresh lemonade, fresh cole slaw and the dipping sauce that is to die for! Everything is made daily and delicious!

Conway Reese

Limited menu always very long wait times really poor service. Chicken strips are however the best around

Matt Baum

My FAVOURITE chicken place! The staff was friendly, prompt, and the restaurant was really clean.

Shane Mecham

Chicken is pretty good. We've visited a few times but the chicken to me still tastes drier then i would expect. Not a huge fan of their dipping sauce, too sweet for my tastes. Fries are cooked well and generally everything is ok.

Andrew Brown

Place always clean, food always fresh, canes just need more variety on the menu

MC V10

A friend and I visited during opening week, so we spent 30 minutes in the line that started outside the restaurant. However, after ordering our food, we only had to wait about a minute, which was surprising considering how large the order was and how many people were there as well. As for the food, it was great! The chicken fingers are not too oily or mushy, but perfect, as well as everything else. For $13 each, my friend and I got orders we could not finish in the restaurant, so it was by far a good value. Raising Cane's has gotten everything right.


Excellent chicken and fries. Each time we have been, we've used the drive thru and the wait isnt crazy and the service is friendly. We went inside to use the facilities, and the store was well maintained and picked up, which I can't say is a trademark at their L48 stores we have visited.

Casey Biggs

Chicken strips get cood and fries get wet and soggy

Willow _ Avanaar

This was my first and (so far) only trip to Raising Cane's. I've heard from others that it's pretty great food, but until they built the new restaurant here in Bellevue I had no desire to drive across town for it. I will note that if you're looking for a varied menu with options, this is not the place to go. The chicken fingers themselves were basic but very yummy. The Cane's sauce is definitely what takes it up a notch. The coleslaw was just okay, but let's be honest...who's going to Raising Cane's for their coleslaw? I didn't get to try their Texas toast or fries, but my hubby and kids seemed to love them. Oh, and bonus... My 8 year old asked for a chicken sandwich and he really liked it!! Lastly, the staff at the drive-thru were very friendly and helpful. I look forward to another trip soon.

India Crawford

Good chicken and fries. Not too much on the menu to choose from. Very cool place to have lunch!

Elsa Marotzke

Only okay food, amazing ICE great for munchin on. Also has a C02 dispenser in the soda fouantian, I don't know what for. The tables were gross and sticky, had to whipe them before hand. I would recommend going somewhere else for food.

Richard Sassman

Caniac combo Lo-Carb No fries, 2 cole slaw ...unsweet tea

Heather Seago

Always good food and service. The sauce is the best part of the meal!

Peter Marshall

Great management & service! Great chicken fingers & tea! Can't wait to return!


Possibly the best. Atleast it's my favourite.

corey berner

Great canes experience yet again! I love that Tod put a resteraunt where it all began. The food seemed a little bit off but I couldent put my finger on it...needless to say the experience was fantastic still. I love the setup of this location too, great outdoor seating with lovely views.

joseph bolinger

Good portion sizes, the food tasted okish. Didn't have much flavor, hit me pretty hard about an hour after eating so wouldn't recommend if you're going back to work after (unless you're close to a bathroom). Restuarant was pretty dirty, didn't have anyone cleaning tables so we wound up having to do it ourselves so we could sit down. Overall it was okay.

lydia mundo

Ugh, this place is so plain. I swear I don’t know why this place gets so much hype when Popeyes chicken is ten times better. The only thing about this place that was good and tasty was their sauce

Wendy Dyer

It's ok. The chicken is moist and tasty. I can't say it's better than Chik-filet, but it's at par with it.

Kevin Nelson

The food was good. Very tasty. However when you only serve one thing at a fast service restaurant and it took 8 minutes. And I was the last person to get their food with that batch I have to wonder how long the others waited.

Prod Extendo

Da cashier girl fine foods ok homeless/10

Jeff Dworak

The food is OK but it bothers me that they nickel and dime you for everything. They charge you for every sauce even though it only cost pennies. Learn from chick-fil-A.

Ashley Rogers

Tastey food. Wait staff needs to be more responsive to customers waiting in line. Ice machine had no ice.

Rob Rodriguez

Delicious Great Place Clean Location

Angela Sewell

Fast food chicken tenders. What else can I say besides it's not greasy?

Deepak Verma

Great chicken tenders. Helpfully staff.

Jeffrey Kutchka

They put the chicken in the Styrofoam box while it's very hot causing the Styrofoam to melt. Still really good chicken though

Jason Butts

I originally posted a great review, after looking at lower 48 prices I was kinda disappointed Alaska prices were so high. Ate there 3 times in 2 weeks and the third trip chicken wasn't as crunchy.

Jonathan Hendry

Love this place. Had one in my last state and forgot how good it was. Hopefully they add more around town. They handled the lunch crowd very well on Saturday.

Lori Joseph


Chad Barr

Great chicken, their tea is really good .

Gregg Tengco

Their philosophy is simplicity done to perfection. The chicken is really fresh and made-to-order, the fries are just as good. I wish there was a little more variety in sauces or seasonings. The chicken strips are good, but that's all they have there.

Acts10.13 Outdoors

Just like every other raising canes. Fast and good!

Koby Stromness

The food is good and not greasy like i expected it to be

Andy Gilda Jr

It's good but for me it could use some seasoning

Jordan Wook

Just love their food! Especially the dipping sauce!


Rasin Canes has the best dipping sauce for your chicken and your fries. The chicken is nice and tender, and the fries are the right mixture of crispy and soft inside. They also have some REALLY good texas toast. The toast has a nice buttery crisp on the outside but is so nice and soft that it practically melts in your mouth. The bathrooms here are also pretty clean usually considering how much traffic they get from college students, concerts and other events in the area. The coleslaw is good, just not my favorite because of the flavor style but nice and crisp as well. Good sweet tea and good lemonade. Definitely give this place a try it you've never had it before and like fried chicken. It's one of the best fast food style places that is making chicken.

Alex Hanson

If KFC had a smarter, better tasting brother

Douglas Arndt

Good food. Super popular so lines and wait times are LONG

John E.

Delicious chicken strips!

Joshua Wooden

Nothing bad at this restaurant, but nothing above average either, with one exception: the people are really great, nice. Chicken was exactly average, but cooked just right. I was happy to not have any unpleasant surprises. But whatever their "marinade" is, it doesn't add flavor. The breading is bland too. Fries were pretty normal, although bland. Coleslaw was fine. Bread is a waste. Basically every menu option is the same with one small difference added. Except for the kids meal, their smallest meal is 1,000 calories (whoa! Don't eat it all!). Kids meal: 2 chicken fingers, small fries. Thrown all together in a styrofoam. 3 meat meal: chicken, fries, bread (barely buttered). 4 meat "box": chicken, fries, bread, slaw. 3 meat sandwich: put the fingers on a bun, add pickle slices, fries, slaw, bread. First and last time there. Boring. Lot and building were clean. I hope the hidden areas stay that way...

Alex Brand

Excellent fried chicken. We are lucky to have this establishment in our state. Their menu is limited to fried chicken, crinkle fries, coleslaw, Texas toast, and Cane Sauce, which is probably thousand island dressing. You can technically get a chicken sandwich, but it's just their normal strips on a bun. None of this should detract from the exceptional quality of each of their items. I strongly recommend this place.

Daniel Baumgartner

GreT friendly staff & quick service.

Elaine Witkowski

OMG. This is the best takeout chicken. It's juicy. Cooked properly so it's not overcooked nor dry. The secret sauce is yummy. Im thinking celery seeds...I don't eat sliced bread so can't comment on the Texas toast but it looks yummy. The cole slaw has horseradish in it. I don't like that and my husband is allergic, so we get just the chicken

Nick Badamo

Great chicken fingers and fire sauce and Texas toast

Jaredisbeast 907

Was good food the prices were a little high for what you got but other than that everything was awesome.

Susan Olawale

Food was good! But dinning room was dirty...

Jeanine Jensen

This is the second time we have been there, the chicken strips i recived for a 3 piece combo where small. The first time all of them where good size and all the same size,fries where cold. Just disappointed in my meal. When thing first open everything good,next visit gone down hill not as many fries either.. no photo. If i knew i could do a photo i would have taken one.

Suda Billinger

I absolutely love this place! They even have Louisiana hot sauce! I'm in love

Jeff Cameron

Probably the best fast food available, at least in the area. The quality is very high, and everything comes out piping hot and fresh. Chicken is tender, juicy and crispy. All the side dishes are great too. It's maybe a bit more expensive …


Good chicken fingers. Kind of pricey.

David Claybrook

Simple menu . Great Food.

Guy Link

Been to many of these around the country and they are usually all the same. Great food and at minimum decent employees, usually above average. Tho.. the food at this location compared to where I'm from is on average 2-3 dollors higher. And It was already expensive to began with. Not to mention they charge extra for extra sauce. Absolutely outrageous in this day and age even tho it seams like such a small deal. Especially when the chicken honestly tastes bad without it.

Mark France

Really good food, no complaints.

Linda Forst

Love the chicken and Texas toast. Always a favorite.

Edgar Alger

The menu is by no means extensive but the things they have, they do very well. Chicken is always fresh and crispy. Service is fast. Staff is friendly. Makes for a great experience every time!

Tim Gibson

Not quite sure what all of the fuss is about. It's good, it's a little different. My daughter loves the place, maybe I just don't get it.

Amelia Johnson

Clayton King

Love this place. Good is great, and staff is always nice!

David Garrick

Fries and sides are decent, chicken is juicy, but the sauce sets it apart from similar chicken restaurants! Hit the spot! Definitely will return!

Kay Caldwell

The food is awesome and service is pretty good

s michopo

It's just another fast food restaurant. Staff is nice. Chicken was gross, flash friend, and I got more batter than meat. Cane's sauce is ok, its just not "block a major road for 45min" kind of good.

Mishelly M

It was great! The employees are awesome and check up to see if you need anyrhing else.

Wookie nine

The Canes sauce keeps me coming back.

Jack Daniels

The chicken fingers are nothing special by any stretch of the imagination, the simple fries are not bad, and the fresh lemonade is good... but all in all for the price it's just not to the quality you pay for. Ps. The sauce seems to be nothing more then Heinz 57, mayonnaise, seasoning salt, pepper, and assorted seasonings to taste if desired... Best of luck and better luck next time!!!

Michael Farley

kendall oberg

CAne sauce is the best

Joe Stephens

The chicken is good, employees are friendly and efficient and a dog treat for our dog at the drive through.

Alexondria Bennefield

Never been inside, but I love the food. Always a long line. Have to pay extra for sauces. People are always friendly.

Yashna Hemrajani

Never a disappointment. Coming from Seattle, where there is no RC, we were so ecstatic seeing this place that we ate there twice during our 5 day trip to Alaska! Ahhhhhmazing - so yumm. Friendly staff and good service. Hot fresh chicken fingers!

David Nichols

Yummy chicken at a great price. Quick service.

Keith Hopkins

Good chicken and great service. The employees are definitely the highlight of this location. The food is as good as any other location. I will say the size of the tenders vary greatly with each visit but I guess it helps with not overeating lol

Max Maxwell


Always good


First time in. Great food and the staff is super friendly and helpful.

Ronnie White

I was not at Raising Cane's Chicken I was at Kentucky Fried Chicken and there's five Nashville hot is real good

Hector Sanchez

Rude staff would not recommend.

Ja'Mirah Alexander

Love the service and food

Earl Rivera

Food was good, but at times it seems as though this location forgets minor things. My normal order is a Box Combo Extra fries, no Slaw, and a large drink. But they seem to forget to add the extra fries, or even the toasted bread that comes with the meal. Still a good fast food restaurant with a decent staff. But I don't think i'll be coming to this location very often.

Hannah Martinez

So delicious and friendly customer service clean bathrooms and sitting areas cant complain

K Fisher

Great food, a little tight getting to the drinks with long line

Mary Woods

Love the chicken sandwich.

Dionisio Varga

Very good tasting. Perfect fries!

Nunya Bidness

Food was good. Not being a teenaged girl I didn't like the music especially at 75 decibels. Hard to have a conversation. If I come back it will be thru the drive thru.

Shane Weisser

Even though there is usually a line for the food, it's worth the wait. I like to sub out the coleslaw and get an extra piece of bread instead. Staff is friendly. I give this 4 stars because parking is tough, as they only have a few free spots. Otherwise you'll need to pay.

Aaron Lucero

Oh sweet baby jesus this is some of the best chicken I have ever tasted! It's unbelievably tender and juicy! Their signature sauce is a must for sure!! I can't wait to go back!

Robert Etherton

Best tasting chicken, exceptional fries, and a clean well run restaurant!

Gary Graves

Good food freshly made. Chicken fingers only no other choices

Danny Lopez

My first time eating there and it was amazing, it was packed so it was hard to find a seat

Ashlea Maranto

brianna pettis

There food is amazing and they customer service is great as well. I would definitely recommend to my friends and family!

Robby Deal

Food is good but... this location is bad. It is hard to get in and out of. The parking lot is small and has been completely full the last 2 times I tried to eat here. The drive through is really tight of you drive a lager truck like my f250 long bed. I dont think I could make it through. I have come to eat here twice and ended up pulling through the lot and leaving.

Sharlyon Clepper

Enjoy chicken fingers you will not be disappointed and that lemonade is on point.

Mike S

Cody loves it

Zachary Currie

Chicken was cooked perfect. but not seasoned, Fry's where worse than the Walmart brand baged Fry's, Cole slaw was to sweet there sause is literally thousand island with pepper. And the price was outrageous.

Christine Miller

My food was hot and fresh!! The staff was very courteous!!

Andrew Engdahl

Is it weird that I base every trip to the Twin Cities around going to Raising Canes? If you’ve been here you know that it is not. They have a limited menu but don’t let that dissuade you from going because what they do have will melt your taste buds right out of your face! Oh and that Cane’s Sauce — I could just drink that stuff by itself. I’m getting hungry just writing this!


Raising Cane's is the best fast food joint of them all. Brand new location, they staff seems well trained and are quite friendly. In a hurry or ready to stay awhile this is a good place.

we are dragons

Ethan S.

Canes is so gooooood

James Bond

The finest fast food chicken - period! Unsurpassed flavor and tenderness. This chicken doesn’t need to be hidden with multiple sauce choices. It stands alone on its own. The toast is addictive! Great staff. Very active and supportive in our community. 11/10!

Sabrina Tutt

Good food but wish it was a zaxbys

John Bauer

The cashier was very nice, restaurant was pretty clean. I ordered a 4 piece chicken strip combo came with a drink, fries, slaw, and sauce for under 8 dollars, and it was very good, juicy and flavorful. Would go back, maybe tomorrow.

Paul Nguyen

Today, the grand opening party will kick off with a "Lucky 20" raffle to award the 20 winners free box combos weekly for the next year. The 1st 100 people buying combos will win a box combo card & T-shirt; 1st customer will win a $35 gift basket plus the above prizes. Will be open from 10:00 to 0:00 daily except major holidays, when it's closed. This will be the 1st ever in Northern Lights State and the nickname will be: "The Iditarod".

Cindy Schumacher

Jen Zexy

Sara and rashaud are dating. I was told I could not work there because my boyfriend does. I'm also telling corporate. This is clearly against the rules!

Caroline Smith

I wish all raising canes were like this location. I have never in my 20+ years on this earth ever felt so welcome and warm walking into a chicken establishment. You walk in the door and immediately the sweet smell of chicken caresses your nose, the staff greets you and tells you that its a great day and you are welcome here. the food is made fresh in the finest fryer you have ever seen and served to you hot and ready in a beautiful basket. The sweet tea is the cream of the crop and will quench and thirst you have ever had. You'll never eat at any other chicken restaurant again after this.

Justin Miller

Chicken tenders are tender frech fries are French and bread is my favorite

Kim J. Brenner

Its chicken! My favourite chicken around town in fact! Love the caines sauce too. Great place. Glad they opened in Bellevue. Great staff, good food. My only complaint would be that they have a tendency to forget things from your order... last three times I've been there, there have been items missing from my order. But other than that, great place! Just check your bags/boxes before you leave.

David Barham

Way overpriced. Literally almost double the cost of Texas. And cry me a river about shipping, don’t wanna hear it. Does not taste like it should either. Somthing is off about this canes and I wouldn’t waist my money here ever again. I can wait till I’m in the lower 48 again.

tee kauff

I live 5 minutes away..ordered through drive-through on my way home and fries came out soggy and uncooked. The chicken strips we're 'OK' but no seasoning and the coleslaw had absolutely NO flavor. Threw it all out and made my own.

Thomas Helms

Hot, fresh chicken and fries. Clean restaurant. Fast service. My only problem is that I wish they had more options if all you want is chicken tenders. Your choices are $1.09 per tender or jump all the way up to 25 tenders.

bekahboo 83

Came here for the first time. Heard the hype. The fries were hot and crispy, chicken was tender batter was crispy. Their sauce...amazing. Service was great, friendly and fast. Only complaint...its 30 minutes from home

Anita Achord

Great service the kids are amazing

N_O_504 killa

Great food and great service

Jeff Kuhn

First time the chicken was stringy and chewy. The tables were a mess but they did get them cleaned up after I told them to.

Charles Walker

Chicken priced like gold.

Wynter Reeves

This chicken is so delicious

Steven Metz

Always super duper delicious. Their chicken is always super moist and their sauce is amazing. I often lick the lid to get every drop of it.

Lucille Rose

Delicious food, freshly squeezed lemonade, amazing hardworking staff who will greet you at the door and always smiling. Very clean, close to the University of Arizona, and Downtown Tucson ☺️

Ben H.

Impressive. Great chicken and great sauce. Very limited menu but with chicken that good, they don't need anything else!

Shaker Al-Salem

Good stuff.

Sara Kooshiar

Fast and simple

Patsy Engelke

I had a 3 chicken finger sandwich since they didn't have grilled chicken. It tasted good, but I only ate half the bun. The music was very loud & we had a hard time hearing each other. We could hear the staff yelling to each other in the kitchen.

Yokaido Kena

It's frickin Canes, it's awesome!

Brandon Key

One of the best chicken fast food places I know of.

Dwayne Gilcoine

Decent fast food. A good choice, if one is in the mood for chicken fingers.

Alyssa Bates

The best chicken fingers ever!!

Speaker Freak

Incredible fried chicken here! Out of the small menu, everything on it is great!

April Columbia

Kevin Klaverkamp

This place

jerry sysourath

We need more canes locations in Tucson. Quick drive through every time I've been here

Logan Wolverine

Went to see what all the buzz was about today at 230. I figured 230 would be post lunch crowd and it was still packed. Chicken fingers were excellent, fries were good. Disappointed the only sauce they have is their sauce. Would have much rather had bbq sauce.

Fazia S.Mack

Good customer service, ambience and food .

Fred Chatman

Always have to go can not pass it...

John McCarty

Best Chicken fingers, hands down.

Los Castillo's

Black young man at drive through funny and very helful.Although he said his beautiful face should be working in the front of the house.

Azalia Isenhart

The staff are friendly and curious, the restaurant is kept very clean. The food is quite scrumptious. The Chicken Fingers are delicious with or without the sauce and for those who like their chicken spicy they have Louisiana Style hot sauce. Their Lemonade and Sweet tea drinks are very refreshing.

Darran Stephens

Probably my favorite chicken place around.

Devyn Mykel

Super fast and very fresh... I love this place. I never wait long and the food is always hot af.

Matthew Fleecs

it's so dang tasty. Coleslaw is hit or miss.


Pink Anderson

Recently lowered prices. Good quality chicken. Loved their fries and toast. Can't wait to go back!!

Austin Martin

The food was very good. We had to order it to go because there was no parking available. We really wanted to go inside.

susan Harold

Smallest portions ever! What happened to the portion sizes? Was still hungry when finished eatting a piece meal

Chantel Miller

Soooo goood

Laura McVay

Best chicken around, always fresh.

Kate Lucas

I don’t want to be too rude but definitely save your money. Holiday gas station would give them a run for their money.

Lindsay Wolfson

Fast food but employees actually seem happy to work here! Great atmosphere. Glad they made it so far north!

Isaiah Jacobsen

Bomb chicken. Great location.

david Chumbley

Having are at Canes in Texas and Colorado. The one thing that stands out is the quality of the food is great. And the atmosphere is always good. I guess since I’m from Texas. I prefer more seasoning. Excuse me at least some seasoning. If you don’t like Ketsup or their special sauce. Not getting much flavor. Just Crunch.. still good but could improve the flavor.

American And Proud Of It

Great food, great staff, great place to eat!

Cameron Smith

Yo I'll be back, the bread was good and I'll buy extra sauce every time and take it home it's so good. The chicken is comparable to something good down south, not overfried nor over seasoned.

Michael Ariskin

Large portions at a good price. Service is pretty fast, but doesn't feel like fast food, which is great!

JP Gunn

Kenny Palmore

Great place to eat

Muranda Griggs

Flavorful chicken, decent prices. Small plates, but totally reasonable.

Jason Prock

Clean facilities, friendly staff, delicious food, great atmosphere, and fantastic prices. A new go to place for me.

Anarchy Of Angels

Even with the massive rush they were dealing with they still managed to get our food served in a timely manner

Karen Bowen

They charge you 4 cents extra for sauce. WTH!?!? Also, the guy that told me that sauce is extra was rude. Please hire better staff.

Leslie Williams

Good food and service

Jensa Haring

I'm not sure why this place is so busy. The chicken was ok, the fries seemed like something I could easily heat up from frozen. It baffled me that you have to pay extra for more sauce. The people were very nice and it was very clean though.

Benjamin Carlson

Best chicken fingers out there!! You won't be sorry!

Fariha O

Really good fulfilling food, great alternative to other fast food places.

Darcy Haynie

Service is great and staff is friendly.

Kendall Chaika

The food was good and worth the wait at the drive thru. Their Iced Tea was the best I've had!

Tucker mf

The only place I go for chicken fingers.

Lisa Cabeldue

Raising Canes in Fayetteville is one of my favorite places for a quick no stress lunch! The customer service is great and I see friendly faces that have been there for a while so it must be a nice place to work too. They keep everything clean and make sure you have everything you need. I highly recommend this location.

Maria Jackson

Great, great chicken and tea!! Wonderful service and super nice employees! loud inside (open ceiling/loft) and no BBQ sauce for my Mom. Cane's sauce is good, but Mom wanted BBQ sauce!!!

Sophia M

So good, nothing more needs to be said.

Connor Luckett

I love Cane's. I've visited locations across the country. I can say this is the lowest quality location I've ever visited. Filthy tables. Undercooked fries. This is not a typical Cane's location. Won't be back. It's a shame too because it's the only one around for quite a distance.

Chris San

Good food. Clean bathrooms. Now I remember when chicken used to be cheaper but I think it's worth it. I got the chicken sandwich combo without the drink. Instead I asked for an extra side canes sauce and it ran me just under 8 dollars. I got the sandwich which had the chicken strips and sauce,with fries on the side.

pete phax

Of course I have to try most new food joints at least once. First I’ll start off by saying the employees were great. They were friendly and the service was nice and quick. The food however, was subpar. The overly processed chicken is equivalent to your frozen Tyson chicken you’d find at your local grocery store. The fries are something you’d get at your most basic cheap rundown burger joint placed at the end of a neighborhood (ie burger cache). They will have decent summer business because they’re new but I don’t see them making much next winter. One and done.

Steve Lanning

I honestly have no idea what all the hype is about concerning this place. It wasn't exactly "bad", but there was nothing special about it either. The only thing I would say is that if you don't care about flavorful food and just need something quick and cheap, Raising Cane's is a good place to go. The "Cane's Sauce" was pure garbage in my opinion and nowhere near worth the hype that I read about. I read people say, "The Cane's Sauce is so addictive!!". I beg to differ. It was the most boring, bland sauce they could possibly make. Definitely not worth the wait in my opinion and I personally would be hard pressed to return again. The chicken tenders were so tiny, they didn't look anything like the pictures on the menu. If they would put their chicken with Red Robin's Campfire Sauce, it would be 10x better. The Campfire sauce is very similar looking as the Cane's sauce, but 10x more flavorful. We definitely were not impressed and will be in no hurry to return there, unfortunately.

Dalton Brush

Everytime I go here the service is good. Staff is usually friendly. The food is great. I feel like it's over hyped a bit cause it's literally just chicken fingers. But it is good chicken. It's always fresh and juicy. I've never got old dry chicken from here so that's a plus. The dipping sauce is down right heaven tho. If you've never tried it you gotta try it at least once.

Trecia Cooke

My girls really enjoyed the chicken that they ate 2 times during our visit!

kendrick robair


Steven Tuamoheloa

Good food that is far from a healthy option.


Fast service, nice workers. Good food. Cane sauce was interesting.

Mel Young-Adams

One of my favorite places to eat. No complaints here. We went to the one in Biloxi in front of the mall. The food is good the decor is awesome.

Jim Mulcey

So-so chicken restaurant. The chicken was juicy and the crust crunchy, but it lacked much flavor. the dipping sauce was also bland. the Texas toast was nice and buttery, maybe the best part of the meal. Fries were hot and crispy. The coleslaw was creamy, but didn't taste like much. Overall bland meal, but hot and well-cooked. I didn't hold the 20 minute wait against them on the rating, since it just opened, but the meal was not worth the wait.

Jessica Ramoo

Best strips EVERRRRRR! great friendly service. Always a line but that's because it's good!

Wobbly Sausage

Fastest Canes ive ever been 2


Changed my life forever

lukas dahlman

Fast service good food

Andraya D

O.M.G I don't know whats exactly in their sauce but holy cow it's DELICIOUS. I actually am not a fast food eater I dont like fast food and I LOVE this place. I always get their crispy chicken Sandwich and it comes with their amazing sauce. Now I want to go again

Carole Moake

Chicken is the best I've ever had for a fast food place, but the coleslaw would be better if it tasted like Kentucky Fried Chicken's.

Sarah W.

Reminds me of Guthrie's which I haven't had in 20 years! Best sauce ever!!! Canes is one of our favorite places near the University!

Todd Edson

It was good, long line when I went.

Marc Schuh

Good food fast service even when busy.


Did someone seriously give a 3-star review because the restaurant was "busy" on its much-anticipated opening day? What an idiot. The food is delicious, service is excellent, and, in case you couldn't tell, there will likely be long wait times because the store just opened. Good Lord. Go buy some chicken from this location and welcome Cane's to Bellevue.

Kathleen Greig

Chicken was delicious and the fries were great

DJ Starkey

Food was not as good as it has been in the past. Chicken pieces have gotten smaller and were over cooked making them tougher to chew. Our family of six to eight gets together every Saturday and visits a different local restaurant including this Raising Canes. 1st time we can recall several of us had issues as above and further with many of the fries that had a number of them with black in many of the fries. Seemed like issues that should have not occurred if a management person had been paying attention. We have never seen this before and will certainly give the store another chance in the rotation before we stop coming.

Joe Roe

It's Raising Cane's. What more needs to be said. Great chicken strips, wonderful Cane's sauce, delightful lemonade and good value for the money.

Christian Chapple


Charlie Sandahl

They do one thing and do it well

Sanaaz Showghi

Line was wrapped around the outside patio but the wait wasn't long. I had a large order for a company training. I didn't realize that they forgot to give me the jug of lemonade so I called to let them know so staff could be reminded to double check to-go orders. The manager asked for the address where I was training and they actually drove the jug of lemonade out for me. This was above and beyond and made my trainees so happy. Customer serice: A+, Food seemed to be a huge hit with my group too!

Mission Trust

I'm not an overly dramatic person. But I find myself physically upset when I think about this place. Upset at myself maybe for falling victim to the hype. I waited 34 minutes in line at the drive thru. In a hail storm. Watching crowds of people risk their lives, and their children's lives, to run across the parking lot, in the hail, to go inside this place. And I'm thinking, "this must be FANTASTIC chicken if it's worth risking a child life". I finally ordered a plate. Chicken, fries, Cole slaw, garlic bread. The Cole slaw was disgusting and inedible. The bread had no garlic. Just a wimpy piece of bread. But at least it matched the cold, wimpy fries. The chicken texture was close to underdone, almost "slimy" texture. I'm not saying it was raw. It just felt raw. I can't think of the last time I had such bad food at a chain. I don't expect gourmet food but I do expect better than this hype.

Garry Larson

Ummm... It's chicken strips

Kendal Legan

They do one thing, and they do it well. A little bit more expensive than some other fast food, but it's reflected in the quality and taste.

Madison Dixon

Love the sweet tea

Jaxon Brumbaugh

This canes is awsome. Food is fast and awsome.

Mary Howard

It a clean restaurant ! Foods are always hot and fresh !

Tara Hall

Probably one of the best Chicken sandwiches I have ever had. This was my first time eating here and I was completely impressed. Food was excellent, the service quick and friendly, the entire place was clean and well kept.

Patricia Jones

Fast & kind & audible staff! Food was everything i ever expected and my son said it was so good it made his tastebuds smile!

Paul Whitehorn

Best sweet tea in the world . Ps chicken fingers are the bomb also.

Bobby F Plair

Nice waitresses!

My 2 pence

Selection is limited to fried chicken tenders,, but they make good fried chicken tenders! Not a fan of 'cane's sauce' so I went for honey mustard, but they DO charge for sauce,, and a BAG!!

Rose M Meneses

My first time there. It was clean and the service great

Ann Greve

Amazing food and quick service! Great location by the beach front

Sophiano Limol

I always get their combo... excellent!!!

Joy Banfield

Good for fast food chicken. The lines can seem long but even when I was told to drive around and wait outside the drive thru line, they were still out with my food within 5 minutes. Not sure I get the hype of the cult following, but it was tasty.

Wild Iris Anderson

The bread and sauce make it worth the trip but the chicken strips themselves are a bit bland

Robert Ricks

Nice clean dining area overlooking the gulf.

ruth richter

My Boys love their food, I think it's a little odd that they charge for sauce, menu is very limited and unhealthy so my husband and I don't eat there

Erica Rogers

They sale only chicken strips that aren't dry and well battered can't wait to get more

Barry Hutchins

Good tasting chicken fast service

Big Daddy

The best chicken strips to be had

Tawnya Lewis

Always good food and drinks!

Bill Sutter

Chicken was dry and bland. Tea was awesome. The facility was clean and nice. The special Canes sauce wasn’t so special. I felt it was over priced and not worth the wait.

itsjst biz itsjstbiz

It's OK but I prefer Slim Chicken

Clint Colomb

Rose Hickerson

Fast food chicken. Good chicken. Meaty, moist. Good sauce. Crinkle cut friesI dont like. That is all.

Krysti Jones

Great staff great food great service

Tiffany R

The chicken is so good. It is moist, crispy and always the same. Yummy. The lobby is cleaned constantly and the employees are very nice!

Abo Wid Alqahtani

Great chicken

Mike Orzel

Not sure if I prefer this or Zaxbys. They're very similar but Raising Canes does seem to have more of a fast food vibe

Scotti Jones

They didn't hire me, douchebags


Awsome num num's.

Seth Flud

Stop by anytime for some quick be delicious chicken chicken chicken! 9/10

Cheryl Duhamel

love it

Harmonie Marie

Just left there amazing service amazing food great customer service friendly environment upbeat everything was hot and felt very fresh keep up the great work will bring the family here all the time

Lindsay Boster

Always great food great service and reasonable pricing.

Joey Mascareñas

Food is always great, very rarely do they ever have mess ups on orders, and it's pretty fast. This is a good location. Would definitely recommend.

Joshua Thibert

Always amazing! So simple, so good.

Kelvin robinson

Great chicken tenders! Real chicken n love the sauce. Too bad there r no other chicken options.

Linda Skelton

Great place to eat. 1st time to eat. A real busy place. Fast service. GREAT

Cody Choate

Half price if the hogs win

Rosanna Baker

Tiny, tiny, tiny and bland chicken fingers. The French fries were limp and the texas toast was GREASY. Not worth the money.

William Allard

They dont have many of these on the eastcoast or at least in Maryland, but man is it a good chicken joint. Imo much better than KFC and popeye's, the chicken is always nice and crispy and juicy. And not to mention the canes sauce is unique and delicious. Highly reccomend this place and this location specifically if your'e driving because they have lot next door

Jessica Hawkins

Workers very friendly.

Karen Jones

Love this place. Crew knows you by name. Tea is delicious.

Mark Dobbins

Delicious. Just as fast as Chik and just as good. They both have a different take on chicken, but both very good. The only draw back we had was the tempurature. It was a little cold so we had to prepare for the apocalypse by making blankets out of napkins to keep warm.

Judy Cope

Where did Cain's today it was really good the chicken tenders are very very good and the garlic toast is delicious I would recommend anybody to stop there

Noah Schroeder

soooooo mf good -my girlfriend


As delicious as I every canes.

Some Loser

Raising Cane's serves probably the best chicken fingers I've ever tasted. The chicken is very tender, while the outside is crunchy, like most chicken fingers should. It has a very cheerful atmosphere to go along with the good food.

Brandon Lachney

Joel Cleaver

The food is good. I would not say amazing. It is just good. There's a lot of hipe to this place at the moment. This causes there to be a line out of the door on most occasions. I would advise waiting a little bit to go here. It is good for a quick bite. Not sure it is worth waiting 40 minutes for your food at an order at the counter type restaurant. This place is very new and very clean.

Karla Kirby

I had never been to Raising Cane's before. The chicken was very moist and tasty. I also liked their thick and firm fries. I'll be back!

Christy Trejo

I ordered my food this afternoon to be ready for pick up at 6:30 . I arrived at 6:27 paid for my food and waited another 15 minutes before my food was ready and I still needed to Remind them I was missing my gallon of sweat tea and lemonade. Needless to say I was disappointed. What's the reason of ordering food 6 to 5 hours before hand and it not be ready?


Good but the sauce should be free

Doug Huchteman

Cane's is always good anywhere you find them.

Ariel Drasney

The chicken was a very juicy the breading was not over done and the food was Made fresh the stop was all very polite and friendly it was an altogether very pleasant experience.

Sarah Watson

Yesenia Torres

This food has zero flavor.....prepare yourself if eating here as you will need to bring your own seasoning!!! So bland, even the Bottle water taste gross. Raise the flavor plz...thks

ronni wilkie

Amazing chicken! Friendly staff and fast service! Always delicious and fair priced!

Mel Reamer

Way better than chic fil a

Luis Acosta

It was good. Needs some more flavor on the chicken. House sauce was too acidic. But was good.

Carmen Fleetwood

The food was good but i over heard some employees talking about how they dont get paid hardly nothing with that much profit you would think they would pay more

Chris Lindholm

I love this place. Didn't win the $100,000, but hey, still worth every trip there. Wish they would put a location further east. Would eat there EVERYDAY!!

Flex Pest

Always great moist chicken and extremely helpful workers. It's nice to feel like the employees enjoy you being there

Brittany Rosier

Would show you the food but we already ate it all oops! So good!!

Shane Hemeryck

The breading is perfect, quick drive thru and sauce make this place a great place. If you go during an off meal time it will take less than 5 minutes from pull up to driving away. Try this before you waste your money on fried chicken anywhere else.

Mira Byrd

It's an OK Canes. Crowd is much younger and it was very crowded when I visited. Only one outlet. Unlike other Canes I've been to, they didn't bring your food out for you, and so if you're sitting at a table and it's crowded, it can be hard to hear your name called. Food itself is excellent, just what you'd expect from Canes.


Amazing they got a 25 piece tailgate out in 3-5 mins while the whole place was PACKED, and the staff was very friendly/helpful. The quality of Raising Canes food is always tasty and that holds true here.

Kristian Brooke Williamson

Sue Lane

Chicken was good, fries were too salty and just ok, they remind me of the store brand of frozen fries. Coleslaw was blah. Counter folks were very kind. I won't rush to go back.

Issa Dione

Good chicken.

Scott Chow

First thought was, "they just serve chicken fingers?" Took a bite and the next thought was, "okay, I get it." Food was good and the service was excellent.

Richard Jones

Outstanding! Best meal consisting of chicken I've had in some time. Other than the coleslaw, far out places Chick Fli----. You all know what im saying!

taylor cassiday

Love the simple menu! Always fast and friendly!

Jazz Stafford