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REVIEWS OF Pho Lena IN Alaska

tabusoro 2018

Best pho in town. Great service everytime.

John Sanders

No doubt my favorite pho place in anchorage. Good prices, big portions, and great taste:)


One of the best. Friendly staff.

Matthew Thomas

Always a great experience here! Food is amazing !

Jasmine Cuaresma

This is my favorite Asian restaurant! The food is affordable and consistently tastes great. The staff are friendly and I love that they leave their condiments and to-go boxes out. My favorite is the pad Thai and papaya salad. This place will not disappoint.

Lyssah Van Baalen

I love this place, it's a gem. They have a diverse menu of all kinds of asian cuisine reasonably priced for Anchorage. The portions are medium to large. The building itself seems like it could have been an old Pizza Hut, it's friendly and unpretentious. The wait staff is polite, but not overly friendly, but honestly they don't really need to be. It's never affected my dining experience negatively. The food is delicious, they're open fairly late. They can accommodate groups and kids, but is also a great place for one on one dining. This place is in my top three go-to restaurants in Anchorage; and that's saying something, since I feel through both my business and personal experiences I've visited near all the restaurants available.

John Kerry

We are visiting Alaska and craving Vietnamese food. The food here is amazing. Staff is very friendly. Love it. Highly recommended. Will come back.

Rafs GF

Staying in Anchorage for a few nights and wanted some good food to go. This was on the way to our hotel and was packed so we figured food must be good. Glad we stopped because the seafood pho was delicious! So flavorful and packed with seafood, noodles etc. Only issue we had was there was no where to sit while waiting for the food and they told us 10 minutes after ordering and paying that part of our order was not available. But they refunded our money for that portion.

James Smith

Best pho place in anchorage that i have eaten at so far!

Victoria Avery

Great food at a great price. They even have food for vegetarians!

Paxson Woelber

I've eaten here dozens of times. Sometimes I spend ten minutes glancing through every item on the menu, and sometimes I pick a number at random. Either way, Pho Lena has never, ever let me down. Personal favorites include pho with ox tail and the Lao Pumpkin and Coconut. Prices are fair, service is fast, and quality is always on point.

Rhonda Wilmot

Yummy Vietnamese Spicy Noodles and spring rolls. Comfortable environment. Excellent service. Decent prices! Thanks, Pho Lena!

Amanda Kennedy

This is one of the best places to eat in town!

aditya raizada

The food is really tasty and especially for vegetarian there are lot of very good options. Tried Pho Wanton Veggie was amazing.


Chill place and great food!

Orry Bush

We come here a lot and the food is always amazing and the employees are always on top of everything. I never leave disappointed.

rudd plate

The pho is always great and normally the reason to go here, also why the place is normally packed. Last time I had the pad thai it was very good. The wait staff is very nice.

Dan Newt

Great food

Alex Asselin

Absolutely delicious food, friendly and fast service.

Roy Viray

If you like food with basil and lemon grass...come here

Randy Rupert

No complaints good food and service

g c

A Local Legend I’ve been going to this place since it opened in the old “The ____ ___hen” building. (That’s “The Chinese Kitchen”, but over the years all the lights burned out except for… well you get it). Though I was sad when “The hen” finally died, because their sweet and sour soup was the best anywhere, I soon forgot all of my lack-soup woes and also discovered that I can’t live without good handmade noodles. Pho Lena’s menu is massive and changing all the time. I find something new to try just about every time I go. (Though the rate of change has slowed a bit over the years, I think that just means they’ve started to settle on the really, really, really good stuff). I think my only complaint about the place is that they seem to have lost something subtle in their flavor as they have grown and expanded. I can’t place my finger on it. It might be the way they make their stocks, or maybe an ingredient they can’t always get. I don’t know. But it’s still so darn good that it keeps me coming back even with all the other Pho places in town these days. Pho Lena is amazing, with enough variety to please anyone.

God's Child

Good food, good service. Big fans will help a lot on a hot day in Anchorage Alaska.

Travis Paul

Real good food. Good atmosphere, service is faster than a cheetah on cocaine

Perry Sexton

Great food and excellent courteous service. Best I've had in Anchorage

LaVerne Robinson Kent

The food was delicious with portions so huge we had to take more than half of the food home. The staff was great and the prices were very reasonable - we can't wait to go again!

Scott Leard

The place has the best food ever. I went in for pho, and wound up getting a coconut based soup with chicken and egg. It was excellent. I went back the next night for the same thing. I could easy there every day for sure. They have a huge menu.

aaron donham

Best Pho in Anchorage. End of discussion.....long wait because of it tho....


Amazing Thai/Lao (and I assume Pho too). After a month in Thailand, have had a hard time finding good Thai in NYC and now LA (outside of Thai town)... Wonderful find in Alaska of all places!

George Constantino

Just a great restaurant for pho, curry, noodles. The servers and staff are friendly and helpful and the dishes are always savory. We especially like the curries.

Travis Keene

Ordered the spicy wings appetizer and it was very very good, for dinner i ordered the seafood and meat combo pho superbowl it was huge couldnt even finish it! Everything was good will definitely be back.

Thomas Greenman

One of the great Pho experiences you'll have in Anchorage. A huge menu with as much variety as you want. Everything here is authentic, fresh and tasty. Lunchtime can be crowded so come early and get seated.

Terin Vu

We try avoid places with a large menu, but ordered based on reviews. Big portions of "buffet" food. We got papaya salad that's missing the lime juice, pad se-ew that's missing soy sauce and the pad thai just disappointing. We'll stick to just Thai restaurants next time.

Kate Hudson

This is a really nice place to come. I came in the door and was promptly greeted. The server Alexi was very friendly and fast. I had an all around great experience. The restaurant was also very clean.

Preston Busby

Great Pho soup. Best broth and tons of seafood.

Cassandra West

I love Pho Lena's new spot across from Tap Root. It's much bigger than the little building they had on the corner by REI, and seats a lot more people! It has a ton of windows, so it's also a lot brighter. The parking is bigger as well, but tends to get full before the restaurant does. I highly recommend the Lao cashew, and #87 - the spicy yellow shrimp curry.

Genevieve Opheim

Delicious food at great prices! Wide selection to choose from and friendly staff!

Trasie Phan

This place is a gem! They aren’t Vietnamese so don’t expect authentic style pho soup. They simply make good food in a casual atmosphere. Love all the vegan and GF options.

Jim Mulford

Don't be fooled by the exterior. Great food at good prices.

Norman Seeto

Best pho I've had in Anchorage

Ashley DeHart

My favorite restaurant in town! The employees are friendly, the food is amazing, and this place always is serving customers! Everytime I visit, there is no wait but it is always busy! The food is home cooked, always fresh, and delicious! The food is very affordable and portions are large. The best place to get your fix!! Trust me, you'll always be back.


Cheap, great food, decent service, table was pretty wobbly though.

Kristine Kennedy

Convenient healthy affordable

Varun Jain

Great food! One of the few Vietnamese/Thai places offering vegetarian food options (on a holiday). Super rude hostess not handling pressure well of huge number of customers. Overall ok ambience, great food and shakes.

Blair Mathews

Pho Lena has great Pho! The flavor of the broth is there! They have ample dishes on a small table so you can squirt whatever spicy accoutrements you want on the side. Thin sliced beef comes raw on the side if you ask

Melinda Jones

I've eaten at their new Spenard location twice, and their former location several times. Every meal has been a positive experience. The combination of flavors, meats and veggies leaves me feeling well nourished, usually with some leftovers to enjoy again later. The super bowl size is a great value.

Conce Rock

Full menu of most familiar Thai and Vietnamese appetizers and entrees, along with more exotic meats for pho inclusions, ie tripe, ox tail. Generous portions. What I've ordered was all very tasty. Servers can get a bit forgetful when busy, bringing tea late in the meal. As a whole, very pleased with food and service.

tammy gifford

Best pho

Harborside Pizza

Great service and delicious healthy food, cool atmosphere.

Kyle Hampton

Since coming to Alaska, this has been our closest taste of Vietnamese with a little bit of a variation. The broth in their pho is well developed, and their noodles are on point. The quail eggs in their special are phenomenal; they add one more later on the already-succulent pho.

Martin Moody

This was a interesting meal!!! And I enjoyed every minute of. The flavors, scents, everything about this place was interesting.

John Hettinger

Best Laotian food in Anchorage. Excellent price to quality ratio for any cuisine. Just a great place very reliable super yummy food made with lots of love.

DL Hereford

Local favorite. If in doubt, the #10 is very popular. Foodies and regular humans will be pleased.

Tiffany McCutchen

Maybe the best pumpkin curry soup I’ve ever had. Lots of vegetarian options. I love this restaurant.

Cheryl Fitka

Im def going back. Delicious food and nice customer service.

Taleana Ross

Love this place so much! Quick and delicious, and the staff are super nice!

April Lauren

Great choices, good service after climbing the flat top!

Nancie Merkouris

I got my usual pad see ew with beef, it was great. Large portion, homemade noodles, perfectly cooked and seasoned. If I'm in the area I will go back for sure.

Katie Henry

Freaking love this place. Best Thai food in Anchorage and this location offers a vegan pho broth to boot! Try the pad see ew. They MAKE THEIR OWN NOODLES YOU GUYS!

Kathy Hammock

The food is very good.

Mel Jarvis

Love it.......

Kirk Wilson

My favorite Thai food in town. I feel like part of the family here and love that everything seems to revolve around “the kids” even the doggy kids haha Best food Best drinks I love pho Lena

Sandy Cannon

Best PadThai ever! Quick service, huge portions and attentive server! The prices are fair and their food is simply amazing...

Isaac Perrien

I always enjoy the meals here. I've been eating here for about 10 years now and I've never had a bad experience. It's the go to spot for me when ever I'm craving Asian food.

Kristina C. Henning

Best pho soup ever!!!

Eugene Pak

Amazing flavors and the friendliest Thai restaurant in town.

Stuart Sanders

Great food friendly family experience

Angeline Whitman

No brainier, Pho Lena is definitely an eatery we go to eat, just about every single time we are in Anchorage. The food is excellent, the service is great, each and every single time we've been to Pho Lena's. Go, try it out, it's possibly the best pho on the planet. Try the mussel pho, a lady ordered it who sat at the next table to us, and it just looked incredibly yummy. It will be my choice, the next time I visit. Thank you Pho Lena

Rhianna Murphy

Service was okay. Food was tasty but they forgot potatoes, which were supposed to be part of the dish I ordered. More vegan options would be appreciated. Like something with a variety of vegetables that doesn't have coconut in it? A lot of the vegetarian options were only a couple vegetables.

Keiuntai Lane

Really good and the food is fresh.

Roman Belkin

Always solid and always good. My only to go place for soup cravings. Try #46,#47,45 lao style.

Archana Rao

Good Vietnamese place in anchorage


How do you keep messing up my order?? If you're missing an important ingredient in a curry I expect to be told. I don't appreciate finding out after I go to dig in. Just tell me so I can pick something else. This is definitely not the first time this has happened. Oh, and stop tying knots it the bags.

Michael Forte

This is the first to I've got here in time for the lunch menu. It was it's usually awesomeness. I love this place!

John Avila

The crispy pork pho is very good!

Rakshanda Visave

Good food. Okay service.

Nichole Perry

I have never dined in, but have picked up often. I get the same soup (#45) every time because it is SO good that I cant get myself to try anything new! Great customer service as well.

Scott Martin

Nice atmosphere food is good but they had too much sugar to their soup

Madhurya Jois

Food was very delicious and service was really good... Value for Money and good portion.... Will surely recommend it...!!!

Kathy Tate

I love your pho #35. I come in frequently. You get my order right when I am in there...but when I order to go you consistently make it wrong. This is the 3rd time in a row...Sorry doesn't get it. If you order...GO in eat...SO it is done right.

Ellen Michelle

I love this place. Never had anything less than a fantastic meal. I had their pad Thai lunch special and it was enough for 2 meals.

G Singh

Lunch specials are huge, dinner here is great. One of the only places I keep returning to. I've worked in a Thai restaurant and been to Thailand, I never liked the Tom yum, but here...must be the Lao cuisine for sure!

Patricia Trillian

Delicious variety of Asianic cuisine.

Jo Kat

I lived down the street from here when i first moved to Alaska & although i have been to hundreds of restaurants in Anchorage (y'all have A LOT of really good ones!) this will forever be one of my favorites! Dining here is a whole wonderful Experience! They have the best Pho, huge portions, every single dish is exploding with flavor, Authentic Decor & Music, hard working staff. I love it & recommend Pho Lena to anybody & everybody, especially those of you visiting

Brian Lervold

I had the Lemon Grass Stir Fry. It was delicious.


Probably my favorite Vietnamese restaurants in Anchorage. I always get the Special Noodle with duck, as I crave it!

Jaz Harnal

Solid Thai food. The garlic chicken was tasty, the portions were fairly large, and the lunch special was a good deal. It's somewhat self serve with takeaway containers and you have to go to the counter to pay.

Riojano En Alaska

Fast service and amazing curry

Stewart Cain

A nice cozy place in classic Spenard with East Asian cuisine. The menu is massive, perfect for trying new tastes. Polite friendly simple service with an easy going attitude to match the good cozy atmosphere. My friend and I have said we'll keep coming back until we've tried everything on the menu. It's nice to dream a little because we already have favorites that we keep ordering again. Enjoy

Jen Youngblood

The menu here is packed and everything on it is consistently awesome. Sometime the service could use a pick up but over all it’s a great place for the price and quality.

Gregory Hartley

Deep, delicious menu. Enormous, stadium size bowls. (Actually, be careful. If you order the "Super Bowl," you'll get enough food for 5 or 6 people. ) Get the pho instead of the lunch specials. The Tom Yum broth will take you to a place you can't even dream of. I recommend the udon noodles.

Jewett Laygo

Good food, but error in my order.

Jennifer Madsen

Awesome Thai food. Comfort food that rocks. The spicy foods are genuinely full of heat, and they are true to the intensity ratings on the menu.

Ulysses Sfedj

Best pho place in town. #58 with tofu is my personal favorite


Very good cusine. In midtown easy to get to from anywhere in downtown and midtown.

Henry Toal

Consistently amazing. I have eaten here for 10+ years and have never been disappointed.

Kali Pepper

Delicious. I order Pho here very frequently and have never been disappointed. It’s always so hot and so flavorful, perfect for cold winter days!

Byader Alabdulbaqi

Everything on menu is delicious!

Tammalivis Salanoa

We came at 9PM on a Friday night. It was PACKED and a large party of 13 people followed right behind us. Yet, we were served fairly quickly and our food came out steaming hot. We will return!

Jesika Moua

I Love this Place & so will you.

Carmen Clicquot

The food was amazing, and huge portions. Took a friend here to try Pad Thai for the first time and she loved it. The service was great too, even though they were busy.

Jon Anderson

Probably the best bowl of Vietnamese soup in Anchorage. Still don't know how to pronounce it though. The fresh rolls are excellent. They have House made noodles. Large large quantity of food.

Peter Wadsworth

good, cheap,'s not fancy food, it's just good pho.

Anthony Buck

Delicious foods for a great price. First time having egg noodle pho and will get it again.

michele yazzie

The best Pho ever ♥️

Mai Va Lee

Very good taste quality, I like the noodle/soup texture Its very likely taste sweet and I love sweet taste! The menu give you alot of you desire.... No cons just clean and sit eat done :)

Mei Li McNeil

Lots of vegetarian options including a tasty vegetarian broth (thumbs up!). #42 vegetarian wonton soup with coconut milk was amazing, tofu fresh rolls were underwhelming. Good service and would definitely eat here again if back in Anchorage.

Madeline Mullikin

The food is tasty and the service is good!! It's awesome Thai food. ☺️☺️

Charles Bingham

Food was excellent. New menu has too many items for this simple minded person

Ezra Gordon

I got the Roast Duck with Steamed Rice. It was DELICIOUS. This place is awesome with authentic Asian food. Their service is amazing as well. I recommend you guys come here to try stuff if you aren’t familiar with Asian food.

Jennifer Kisner

We stopped here because we love pho and were not disappointed! I would love to go back if we had more time here in Alaska! I got a coconut based dish and it was absolutely amazing! My husband said it was better than his dish and tried to eat all mine!!

Marty Zoller

Great pho good prices, service was quick

Katherine Goode

The Pho here was so good!! Tonight was our first time to enjoy Pho since our arrival three months ago! The food was delicious, the employees were kind and professional, and the atmosphere was full of comfort and warmth. This experience was very much needed after biking along the Seward Highway for 12 miles through the brisk wind and sporadic cold rain. We will be making this our permanent pho restaurant, because I don't honestly believe that we could find anything better somewhere else! The portions were so big I was able to save a large portion for a snack later in the evening!

Sara Tall

Ordered pho with chicken pot stickers and it was just lovely! Perfect for such a chilly evening. My friend ordered Pad Thai with homemade noodles which looked great too. They were busy, but we were perfectly taken care of. Love all Pho Lena locations, but this one is my favorite.

Michael Six

Amazing yellow curry

Scott Chow

Best pho in town, probably better places overall but if your just after taste this is the place to go.

Gayle Johnson

Outstanding! The flavors were amazing. Try the soup!

Denise Rader

Good food!

Erik Bryant

Good and plentiful

Steve Nazaroff

Green curry!

Evelyn Sparks

We had the coconut pumpkin soup. It was delicious!

Roberta Berthold

Best Pho in town. Also had their homemade noodles in the Pad See Ew that was delicious.

Jada Nguyen

Food was good!

Nick Pestrikoff

Tried a new dish, forgot the name, but seasoned ground chicken with green oniona, lemon grass and jullienne onions. Delicious DEFINITELY eat there again! And again!

Scott Lawler

Great food with large portions. Decent service. Place gets pretty packed for dinner. Don't pass up this little hole in the wall. It's a hidden gem.

Patricia Petak

Good food. Tea is awesome. Service was very good too. I will be going back for sure.

sreehari v c

Great food, excellent service. We went in 25 minutes before closing and they happily accommodated us. Portions are huge and tasted very authentic. I had the king crab and loved it. It was very succulent ,spicy as I had requested and melted in the mouth. We also got the yellow curry and basil noodles, they were great as well. We took a little longer to finish after their closing time, and they didn't push us at all. Staff were super friendly. I would go here again and try other others on their menu. They had good options from Vietnamese and Chinese cuisines as well.

Gao Moua

My mom and I heard that this restaurant was awesome so we came by to try it out. We had a very bad experience here the first time ever. The lady that took our order probably heard my mom asking for a pho combination but my mom wanted Khaopoon. She kept saying she understood us and even asked if we wanted meat. We got confused so my mom told her it’s Khaopoon right? She said yes combination. So we went with it and when they brought the food out it wasn’t correct. She was willing to fix the problem but still gave us a bad attitude. I was waiting for a long time for my bowls for kids and when they brought bowls there weren’t any forks. Like how are my kids suppose to eat with chopsticks? They are only 2 years old. As I was paying and she handed me my change I said thank you, she eye balled me and looked away. First of all it wasn’t our fault, and second my mom And I both work at a restaurant also and we know how customer service is suppose to be like. This was a ridiculous horrible customer service we ever experienced. Never will we come here or invite anyone we know to come try this place out ever again. Horrible customer service.

Nicole Cruse

Good food, decent prices. Shrimp fried rice or Curry dishes are the things to get here.


Great lunch. Local seniors crowd.

Michael Westbay

Food is delicious. Service is friendly. Portions are generous. Great value.

Jaime Kaufman

If you are in Anchorage, Alaska, you have got to come experience this Vietnamese and Thai food. Disregard the casual decor; this is amazing, has large portions, and is very inexpensive compared to other food in town. The pho soup and yellow curry was so fresh and tasted like home cooked authentic cuisine.


Really good food. Warning though, huge portions. Most dishes could be shared with a friend (and I'm a 6'4 250 pound man). Place feels kinda run down and stuffy, but the food and service are good.

Joseph Lapp

I absolutely love Pho Lena. I've been eating here since they opened and have never had a bad meal. Their flat noodles are the best noodles I've ever had.

Rakesh .Vallabhaneni

Very good Asian food restaurant and I had their PHO it is one of the best pho I had in a while definitely recommend this place if you new in town.

robert williams

Damn good pho

Chris Brandt

One of the best authentic Pho places in Anchorage. This is the Spenard Road location. Also have location on Boniface strip mall where That Wing Place is located.

Ellie Nicole

I love this place favorite pho place. Never been disappointed. I love the seafood pho super bowl yum yum. You should give it a try it, it’s worth your time. Did I say very affordable as well.

Susan Cave

Not bad...not my favorite...

Aaron Roberts

Fast and great service. Amazing food. Had a lunch special and wasn't disappointed. The full menu is huge. Will have to come back and try more.

Tom Deal

Very good food. Aaron is a great guide through the choices on the menu. Huge servings, delivered quick. Try it.

Stephen Fox

Ok food staff was hard to comunicate with

Sunshine Zeng

I went there twice. First time they ran out of crab leg. The king crab pho is okay. Crab legs are tasty, pho is soso.

Dave Wilson

I went with a group of 10+ got my food in a timely manner and as always food quality is great.

Frank Bellini


West tv

Was very good food I like it

Bebob Kiz

Good for winter blues. Incredible owners.

Kari Pedersen

They have an absolutely massive menu with a lot of variety, so there is something for everyone. Their lunch specials are a really good deal and delicious, they have really unique and flavorful pho that definitely hits the spot, it’s probably one of my favorite places for pho in town! They are always super crowded as the place is really popular, and the service is sometimes a bit odd or confusing, but the food is prepared quickly and it’s always delicious. One of my favorite places in town!

Jason Serrano

It's simply wonderful food with exceptional service!

Alex Ede

I have been dining at Pho Lena off and on for years now. From the early days I used to enjoy their Pho Tom Yum and their curry dishes while they were located in the old Chinese Kitchen building; formally know as The Hen for the die hard locals. I have so many mixed feelings about this eatery. I used to love it, now I’m just flat disappointed. The curry used to be thick and flavorful. Now it is runny and lacked the called ingredients and overall flavor. Just salty and spicy. Anytime I order a dish out of my usual choices it is a huge let down. The combo fried rice had two pieces of calamari, a few chicken chunks, and two shrimp. Calamari wasn’t even an option. It just appeared thrown together and hardly fried what so ever and did not taste like curry. The vegetarian drunken noodles dish was the worst of them all. I’ve tried it 3 times now and it always looks different. The noodles are always mushy. It was practically sauceless. It also had zero pumpkin and a ton of carrots and jalapeños that weren’t supposed to be in it. There seems to be no standard for any of the dishes anymore. Very disappointing.

Eli Matthews

Delicious food, I always go for the sesame chicken and a smoothie or tea, and an appetizer for the table. Portions are very generous for the price. Service is polite and fast, and everyone is super friendly.

Jeanne Pierce

They have an interesting way of creating Asian dishes. Very tasty!

Amy O'Neill Houck

Love Pho Lena!

Andrea Schuster

I'm firmly convinced that Pho Lena has the best pho in Anchorage....yes, better than Ray's or Pho Vietnam. They also have delicious Thai curries, spring rolls, and bahn mi. They have hot chili oil (fairly standard) and crispy fried garlic (a rarity) at each table. The garlic alone would probably make it worthwhile, but the broth their pho is served in is transcendent. It is the best I've ever had. Their standard pho bowl is easily large enough to split between two people or have delicious leftovers later on. Eat here! You (and your wallet) will not regret it!

Beverly Woods

Good people and good food, love how they serve food for so little price.

olivia lee-magana

The food is great, them adding extra to the tip on take out, on my credit card was not!!!! Plus I had to report my card lost or stolen after that. Check your CC statement after going here.

Cherish Crawford

Great experience. I had the Vegetarian Pho and Fried Tofu, both were excellent. If you skip this restaurant while in Anchorage, you will miss some awesome food.

Nischala Yelchuri

5/5 for the Vegetarian Pho. Order curries without pumpkin if you want them spicy. This is a family owned business and the flavors are authentic. We went here for dinner on a weekend - it was busy and took some time to get our food. Highly recommend this place if you're in Anchorage and are craving Thai/Vietnamese food.

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