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REVIEWS OF Peking Restaurant IN Alaska

Maria Watson

I love their food. The Korean food. Excellent!!

Bri Glover

The service was awesome! The young lady there knew good English and explained everything on the list that we had questions about. The servings are big but,like in a good way. It was pretty pricey but you have variety of options on the table to eat and pick from. So I believe it was worth it. It was hard to find since it kind of hidden and behind the side of this cul-de-sac of other buildings. Plus the sign was in Korean. Also, this is a perfect place for people who like intimate close places , families, eating with friends, or date night. Not that many people in the place so u can actually hear yourself. Overall, I would go there again. It was a nice clean place for people who don't like too much noise when eating but, it was awkwardw if you're not use to that.

Mark Ryan

Place is cold. Good luck trying to find them open. Buffet good.

Carla King

Lovely buffet. Food is fresh, delicious and attractively presented. Wait staff is friendly and courteous.

Jacob Boswell

Christopher Wilfong

Cheryl Fisher

Owen Petrey

Larissa McCarthy

The food was piping hot and delicious! Served with an amazing set of side dishes. Eat till you're bursting type of home-style Korean cuisine. My server greeted me in the traditional Korean way, and was quick to make me feel right at home. Very friendly and respectful.

rita green

Was good food and reasonable prices

Ming Stumph-Drogos

Short ribs were to die for. Love the lunch box deal.

Ed Henline

Good food

Maggie Morrow

Alli Gator

Tiffany Hull

Leroy Grayson

It was clean, the atmosphere was great, and the people that work there was friendly and the food was excellent. My party and i will visit there again soon.

Leon Richard

Good food. Nice people.

Lorinda Danzl


Donald Hebb

I will never eat here. I am allergic to MSG. Have never been here either.

Stephen Coleman

Sara Miller

Aeo 92

First time being here, it wasn't in the most obvious location to find but that only adds to the quality of the atmosphere and the food, this place is such a hidden gem, I will dinning here more often

Crystal Williams

Erick Mcguire

It was 7:30 on a Wednesday the good was old and not very good at all they charged me full price and did not even have the intestinal fortitude to ask me if the food was good or not their was only 2 meats that were eatable and the noodles were old and the rice was stale.

Joshua Lunsford

mikayla lin

(Translated by Google) Food and service are great. (Original) 음식과 서비스 대단하다.

Shane Kelley

Clifford Spurlock

Good food

Kanada Legette

Best Korean food I've had outside of Yongsan Korea.....Bulgogu was awesome and Yaki Mandu was delicious. Food atmosphere and good service.

JordI Bass

Roller coaster of emotions and tastes. First off the service was wonderful, drinks at the ready..the General Tso was bangin! Great crispy spring rolls, juicy buttery shrimp and the cheese wontons did not disappoint..I was here at 1039am so everything was fresh to a point. Now the red items in the photo (spare ribs?) Were listed as honey chicken, it was not..very foul aftertaste (like raw pork taste) wonton soup was too much dough not enough meat. And the food was Luke warm (not even close to regulated 135 or higher). But over all it was a sub par experience and wish them the best of luck, will I be back?...not if I have a choice! Great service tho!

jon son

This is 2yr late review but it's clear to me now -this is best Korean Chinese restaurant in nc, wa, northern ca and ga. Only few in so cal, va, and nv can compre. If you live in nc, you are lucky for authentic Korean Chinese, not just American Chinese cuisine. It's worth a drive. Best jjampong and crispy and moist Sweet and sour pork. Rest menus are not far behind.

Kerry Tremblay

Great Food!

Jake Dragseth

Morgan Keef

Mr. Mcgee

Austin Gregory

Food sucked, defiantly not worth what we paid. Not much a selection and piss poor service. Mold in the restrooms. Plus toilet was loose, need to sanitize your whole body after use.

Ginny Martin

Best Cheese Wontons, liked everything we got, great service, clean bathrooms, awesome place!

uh huh

The Nameless Bunch

D4rk Punk

Good but expensive

Angel Barr

I used to love China Sea until I went to eat here for lunch one day, I love the food and the workers were friendly and it was a clean environment.

Brad Odums

Pam Lorraine

There at lunch hour and food was fresh

Peter Jougras

J. C

Matthew Bunting

Best Korean restaurant in Fayetteville. It's expensive but everything is good.

James Griffith

Quaint and hidden!

Tiera Austin

I love this place. I'm always satisfied.

Jennifer Gates

So good and so yummy.

Sin Hyunwook

(Translated by Google) I really like the taste. (Original) 맛이 정말 좋아요

Jerry Dukes

Gage Hankins

Wesley Puffenbarger

Mediocre food. Nothing great.

Rinoa Lionheart

Gerardo Salazar

Patricia Ireland-Martin

Great buffet with warm food and lots of smiles.

Gloria Bowers

Not very clean

Samantha Bourff

Great food and friendly staff! I always have a good experience here.

Jesse Cunningham

It was ok the staff was really nice but the food was mediocre.

E Castro

High quality food served in Korean style. Despite the name Peking, this place serves all Korean food. Very good!

Jamel Rhodes

Amanda W.

We were traveling and stopped there for lunch.. it was an awful experience.. the food looked old and I didn't feel so well after eating the little bit I could pick out of the pans that didn't look to funky.. worst experience..

Sheila Henthorn

Food was barely warm. Service was not good. Not worth what we paid.


No crab legs like advertised


di burns

Cute restaurant good food and service.

Emelie Demidoff

Cold Resturant as has been for over 2 decades but pretty good food regardless

B Blueyez

The food was excellent... The bulgogi was bangin!... Would definitely go back... But I will say it was very hot inside and it made it alittle uncomfortable... But the food was so good I still give 5 stars. Also u get a good portion. A can of Sprite for 1.50 with no refills was alittle rough... But again the food was great.

Zack Zelaya

Lovely experience. Bring your wallet .

Eddie Mathis

Great food very authentic people are very friendly even putting up with rude customers. Prices are reasonable for the portion sizes. Highly recommend to anyone who knows good Korean food.

Courtney Pollard

I would have to say if your interested in trying Korean style food you must try this place it's kind of off in the back definitely must try. The taste is very authentic!

Elizabeth Wright Ridenour

If you want Chinese buffet in kenai you want New Peking restaurant. The price isn't bad it's always fresh and they're friendly. what more could you want?

Elizabeth Comberiati

Deniece & Ronald Isaacs

sam c

Pretty good.

Kyong Delagarza

This is the only Korean restaurant we go to for Korean food. My husband thinks this is more authentic taste compare to others.

Armando Almase

Consistently good! The buffet is well maintained. "Pickup" orders are generally ready within 15 minutes.

Jodi Curry

Jimmy the Savior

Bruce Simmons

Good food.Great Prices.

ken ham

Chad Malick

Jamie Arruiza

Perhaps we came at a bad time, but we know that there were more servers in the back to handle the customer load than the single waitress running around trying to take and fill orders. This led to a very long wait time. Food was good when it finally came. Only Korean spot we know that serves Kalbi Tang (soup with thin beef strips), but unfortunately they were out. Ended up having to choose some generic dish from their limited menu. Hopefully this experience was an isolated event..

Yang Ly

(Translated by Google) I was totally disappointed that the sundae was not made by me but the frozen packaging. The other one is generally delicious. Delicious soy sauce and sweet and sour pork (Original) 순대를 직접 만든것이 아니라 냉동포장을 데워주셔서 완전 실망했음. 다른건 대체로 맛있음. 간짜장과 탕수육 맛있음

Brad Berggren

Very disappointed in our meal here. Unfortunately, it is Easter Sunday and Don Patron's (just a few doors down) was closed. We decided to try the Peking buffet because there's not much else that interested us near the Super 8. Almost everything we tried was either overcooked, tasted like oil, or, in the case of the stuffed mushrooms, tasted as though the item was past its expiration date (I'm sure it wasn't, it just didn't taste right). There were 3 semi-highlights, which is why I'm giving two stars and not one: 1.) The chicken and broccoli were ok (not great); 2.) the honey chicken tasted fine (though, I'd have never guessed it was honey chicken had it not been labeled as such; and maybe it wasn't because I also noticed that the off-white pudding was labeled "chocolate"); and 3.) the chicken on a stick was actually fairly tender and flavorful. Would we return next time we're in town? Probably not. Don Patron's is just a few doors down and was outstanding both times we ate there.

Faye Zirkle

The bar was almost empty and my sweet tea with lemon wad horrible

Cal Williams

Its o.k. for a quick dinner.

Adam Cleveland

Really good Korean food I will go back when I if I come back

Desiree Duque Broady

Great food and nice people, owner is very friendly.

John Dickinson

Good selection of food at a reasonable price. Usually very busy at lunch time.


It is a pretty good Chinese restaurant, but it is a bit pricey compared to the Sesame Inn in town. They have an alright selection, food wise, but it's perfect if you have nowhere else to go.

Brenda Johnson

Great food and friendly service!!

Wayne Reynolds

Judy Jenkins

Christine Bacsa

I was looking for a big sign, expected to see an obvious storefront but Missed the place when I was driving by. It's Located in shopping center behind the Oriental garden. Staff was attentive. I arrived here on a Saturday evening around 530pm. I was the second table seated in the restaurant. (I recommend not sitting in the first tables closest to the door; you'll feel the cold air and catch every breeze when the door opens). By 6pm, 4 other tables were seated. I had the boiled dumplings appetizer and the Korean short rib soup. Food came out at a decent time, I didn't feel like I was waiting long. Served hot and made Fresh. Great for a cold night! Surprisingly filling. Wish prices were better and located closer to where I live. I plan to return to try their bibimbap.

Misty Hardman

D Ramirez

Ronald Isaacs

The food was great all I wanted to eat

Shelley Bennett


Good Korean food with original Jajangmeon.

Chris Durbin

Huge portions..wonderful and amazing food

Cameron Riddle

I ordered the udon and it was delicious. Huge portion and lots of toppings... Almost as good as my mom's.

Brianna Salinas

Empty and a little dirty

scott klingelhoffer

Donald Bryant

Amanda Smith

Friendly staff

Dani Lynn


Yong Ham

Food fine most of the time, can be pricey for what you get.

Diane Carroll


Ronald Carson

Nick Meadows

Mitzie Kennedy

The food was really good. I ordered off the menu instead of getting the buffet. I meet a few friends there for lunch. They all got the buffet. I even got food to take home for dinner for my family. They really liked it also. I will go back again!

Christine Lamb

daneese claridy

Great AUTHENTIC Korean food

Tyne buning

Fernando Duque

Vea Millz

John Reis

Michael A.

An online menu would be handy.

ann samson


Shalene Wheeler

Bobbie Alkire

Nasty! Health Dept needs called. Most of tbe plates were dirty and what was clean still had water sitting on them. Food looked like it had been sitting for hours My husband had paper from one of their fortune cookies in his drink. When I told them they were trying to give him another one. I said NO! Your gonna make it right . Barely got $10 off the meal. Never again!!

Zach Kamla

Genuine Korean restaurant with flavorful dishes and great lunch specials. Quality comes with a price though!

Justin Combs

Great lunch or dinner stop if they are closed keep checking back well worth the wait.

James Beusse

Great tasting Korean food just like Korea!

Vernon Helmick

Great place


Aaron Yoo

Jw Miller

I read about what happened to miss janin and I know her and She's a very nice person ...if that's how they plan on treating there customers there's no telling how they handle there food ..good luck running a business treating people like that haha..I don't even know what I would do if someone spoke to my Mother like that haha

Richie English

I was for the buffet. It ended at wpm. The food was good.

Slay Child

Best Place in fayetteville!!!

Cindy Chu

Too pricey

Margarita Cardona

Best Korean food in town.

Josh Choi

Best korean style chinese restaurant in town! Love their 짜장면!

Sungchan Yun

David G

Very good and authentic Korean. A tad expensive, though.

Riki Willson

Arla Mills

I've been several times at many different times of the day and the food is always old. I've tried to give it another chance and it's always just old food. My last visit was my last, I went in and the food looked old as usual, so I just got some wantons and even they were stale. I went to leave and I asked if I could just pay for my drink since all my boyfriend and I ate was about 4 old wantons and an egg roll. The lady behind the counter said she'd take 5$ off the 20$ plus tax bill..So I paid 16$ for 4 wantons and an egg roll. Won't be returning. If I want to eat Chinese in Weston I will just go to Sesame Inn.

Job Myoung

Good Food

Courtnie Coughlin

great Korean food


Best Korean in Fayetteville. My bf became obsessed with this place and made us go almost every week. Theres also a noraebang (korean karaoke) right next door

Judy Baer

Usually go around 10:30-11 and food is always fresh and good. Keep in mind if it’s a holiday (Mother’s Day or any holiday) that it’s dinner prices all day. They don’t put a sign up. Only thing that was upsetting as a customer is arriving and eating lunch and getting charged dinner prices. Personally not a fan of dinner options. Prefer lunch. Edit from **** to * stopped in today and it was 3.99 for a 2 year old to eat!!! That’s crazy! My two year old eats off my plate at every other restaurant. He doesn’t eat enough for you to charge him $2 less than full price! WILL NOT EAT HERE WITH KIDS!

Trench Wolfhound

Shawn Edwards

Really nice restaurant to eat at

Adrian Avila

Everett Baker

It's ok. Food is edible. Buffet leaves something to be desired. Has the usual Chinese staples, no sushi though. Coffee was pretty stout. All in all, it's just ok.

Robert Betten

Haven't had good buffet in almost 6 months, we went at a weird time but they made up some fresh stuff just for us at the table and the prices were really good.

John Phillips

Tracey Powell

Best kept secret in Korean food

alexander henry


Great good! Relaxing and clean no sushi only California rolls though :(

Lisa Goldsmith

Marvin Ott


Kianna Propst

Sue Diaz

Matt Heiland

Eun Bo Shim



Why would you be closed on the weekend? Ridiculous, especially when on average most people have the weekend to take in dinner.

Clayton Phillips

Great food! GREAT people!

Leila Charlemagne

The food was very delicous. The restaurant was clean as well.

Felix Flores

Best tasting yukaejang in town!! If you like spicy food, nothing beats this spicy beef soup!

Christy Hinton

Olivia Gamer Galaxy

the food was really delicious but the music was so sad. Overall, I love the Korean food despite the slow, sad music.

Jamie Kelley

Wooju Jung

Douglas Woodard

Dont waste your time or money worst buffet i have ever tried to eat.

Kim Herron

jason baker

The service here is decent, but the prices are too high.

Essence Reigns

Matt Piontkowski

Amazing Korean barbecue. Must try if you enjoy Korean food

Scott McCrickard

All the usual items, mostly fresh even though it wasn't crowded.

bamby Candela

ladaisha clark

Scott Howell

Ate here twice now. Food has been pretty fresh and good both times. Wish they had more selection but it is a small place. Good for a lunch stop.

Michelle Shackelford

They r very rude to children...

Detachment Kilo

good food

Kathleen Janin

Horrible service! Waitress was going to charge my 88 year old mother $5.00 extra for not eating all her food! Then told my mom "what's wrong with your brain"! Then told my mom not to come back! Horrible!

Cam P

I've dined at this establishment plenty of times in the past and have had decent experiences with service and food. However, my last visit was quite the turn around events. I took my aunt here for lunch on a Sunday afternoon and upon entering the restaurant we were not greeted and were not given menus in a 15 minute range. 2 families that entered after us were seated before us, received their menus, and were brought their food. When my aunt and I finally ordered our meals it took an additional 20 minutes for them to bring us the wrong items that we did not originally ordered. We then decided to leave because from the moment we entered the building we felt as if our presence was unwanted.

Robert Hill

Absolutely horrible!! I went at 5 p.m. food was cold rice was hard selection was very very limited for a Chinese buffet. Very overpriced for what you get. Stay away!!

Natasha Freeman

Jonathan Strange


James Amaker

Family favorite!

Ann Pressley

Oh sooo yummy!!! The service was great as well. Cant wait to return.

James Ogilvie

Not as good as when it originally opened but still a good place to get some korean food.

reata mcdonald

Larry Conwell

Great food for what Kenai has to offer

Jason Robinson

I've eaten here a couple of times while in town. The food has been good each time and reasonably priced. It didn't seem too busy on any of my visits.

Cynthia Hall

majnisharah sainfort

Authentic cuisine, great food and clean establish meant I enjoy going there every week.

raerae murphy

Kelly Bliss

Great crab ragoons

Richard DeFouw

Service was extreamly slow but the food was outstanding.

Christopher Ross

F this place, dirty smells funny. Front person is rude. Had to leave in a rush and they made me pay for tea I didn't touch but wouldn't let me use my card as I had no cash. Won't come back again

Robert Eguina

Great freah food The soup is awesome

Cynthia L Jones

I desired to order for take out and no menu online. This company is loosing lots of money from loss sales to current and new customers. Some one obviously quoted an astronomical website fee "commercial" usage scaring client away. No wonder Kenai business are failing when internet exposure drives them away.

Jason Cho

Good Korean-Chinese restaurant. Little pricy, of course with the Fayetteville premium.

Alexander Polanco

j kk

Very good food. Great service. Older restaurant , but clean.

Gracie Wease

Buffet food was dry for some and others was soggy. Went to pay and one of the lady's was very rude. Don't waste ur money or ur time. Waitress never really came to the table. Was running low on my drink and she never filled it up.

dronelife 670

Good place to eat for lunch. Other than lunch they are pretty pricey

Scottie perrine

Grace g


Mellanie McCreary

Really great buffet! Vegetables were well seasoned and tender. Buffet had lots of choices.

Melissa Toothman

Avraham Gersham

Dorothy Wagoner

John Cantrell

Decent prices for buffet. Moderate food selection. Fair quality.

Riley Thomas

Insook yi

Stan Cutlip

Small Chinese buffet. Reasonable prices for buffet. I have never tried their takeout. Plate size? -To my knowledge standard. Rice cup - sized cups for standard red pineapple sauce or the two soup collection.

Mel Staub

Hidden gem! Don't let outside appearance fool you. Mostly Korean menu.

Emily Kim

ja string

Aaron Wigginton

What you would expect of a Chinese buffet

Mark Prentice

Very good All you can eat buffet in a clean and comfortable setting. Quick in and out if you are in a hurry.

Sean Ivanoff

My favorite place to sit down and eat some quality buffet food. Great atmosphere and the owners are extremely nice. Perfect place to meet up if you have many people.

Sarah Frazier

Jenny Smith

Nicole Llano

James Ahn

Authentic korean and korean Chinese restaurant . Wife and I are korean and we approve!

Kathie Walk


Chelsey hemphill

Deb Bosley



A Z perspective

Deb Poling

Food just ok, not really hot. Place needs cleaned up a bit...floor and bathroom doors nasty

Jay Marsh

The bulgogi was delicious!

Tawanna James

Dawn Sievers

The food is excellent although I wish the sushi selection was greater on the buffet. They serve soft drinks and beer. I have been told that they have a sushi bar but I've not been there at the right time so haven't been able to try anything other than the California rolls. The seating area is well lit and open so this would be an excellent place for a large gathering.

Cristina C

Adrian Kimble

Friendly staff, delicious food. Try the black pepper chicken.

Amari Ashwood

This is fantastic restaurant! We almost didn't go because the reviews on here are so bad but decided to give it a chance just because they were old reviews. We went in and there was FRESH food out despite only one other customer in the restaurant. It was DELICIOUS. I will be definitely going back. The prices as on 11/12/13 are $11.95 for lunch and $13.95 for dinner. It is definitely worth it.

Lysa Bush

Peter Malone

Great mid-week dinner option for busy on the go families. Affordable and good food.


Frank Linger

Taste bland, items cold

Zack Ledwell

patrick webber

Love the food good service too

Delilah Clyburn

Great food.

Rebecca Jordan Gleason

Salon Stilettos LLC

Great food and very authentic. Great place for lunch or dinner

Min Wendt

Dan T

Laurence Dyson

Best Korean food in Fayetteville

Brianwhan Sernawhan

I was craving korean food and most places aren't that great in fayetteville, but this place was spot on and made me really happy

sangd kim

Angelica Jamison


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