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REVIEWS OF Middle Way Cafe IN Alaska

Myra Scholze

One of my Anchorage favorites. Plenty of vegan and gluten-free options too!


The atmosphere is relaxing. The food is amazing! Each bite has a unique flavor. The salsa is unnecessary with the the delicious blue corn chips. Oh, and you must try the coffee!

Hailey Schiff

Visiting from out of town and stopped here on suggestion from a friend. YUM! I got the Mexican Benedict and it was delicious! Healthy options and super well made! Visit here for a great lunch or breakfast!

Igor Wolford

Went here for vegan food, wish I didn't. I'm not a picky eater, but these were some of the saddest dishes I've ever tried. Please don't invite your non-vegan friends here to try vegan food, they'll get a wrong impression. We ordered two things: Unicorn Bowl - can barely taste anything but onions and cilantro; beans and cauliflower rice are otherwise tasteless. Vegan BBQ Burger - the patty is a mix of dry and compressed veggies with some spices; this is as far as you can get from a proper juicy burger one expects.

Ski Demon

Nice, artsy, laid back cafe is an excellent place to stop for a quick bite or a long study session. They have vegan, vegetarian, and carnivore options for breakfast and lunch! Don’t leave without trying a fresh juice!

Amanda Reineke

The service was great, but slow... And I got really sick afterwards... However, I do have severe allergies

Katharine Brandenburg

Tried to pick up a sandwich during my one-hour lunch break at 1:45 in hopes the lunch rush would be over. It was pretty empty. I find the menu to be really long and convoluted for a walk-up ordering system. Anyway, I ordered the new Avocado Toasted (Combo). It cost $11.25. It took a full 15 minutes to get it, so I had to hurry back to work, and when I got to work, I discovered it was a single slice of bread lightly toasted with the ingredients listed on the menu description, which amounted to a 1/3 cup Guacamole on a single piece of toast with a bunch of sprouts. There were no chips (glad I didn't order the salsa for extra) and a very small salad. Wasted most of my lunch hour and ended up hungry before 5:00. I will say the people were very nice.

Dawn Rumley

Fantastic and fresh. Lots of vegan gluten free options. Busy but fast and friendly service.

Erin Reese

This place has great food! It's definitely not mainstream, but super healthy with options for special diet restrictions. The portions are large and service is friendly .

Jayel Lane

One of my favorite places in town to eat. They have a great variety of food; from vegan & gluten free, to a delicious cheeseburger. I've never been disappointed. The coffee and baked goods are always on point, and the variety and uniqueness of the smoothies is killer. I usually get the soup of the day and a sandwich. Yum

Carol Boatman

Amazing vegan and gluten free breakfast and lunch items, plus pastries and drinks.

Geoffrey Igarashi

Been here a few times now. I really like this place. Good food with fresh elements. They have an expresso bar, healthy smoothies and juices, interesting plates with good servings but someone who wants a hearty breakfast shouldn't feel left out. Service has always been great. Eggs come very runny so you may want to specify your preference.

Robert J

Had a lamb burger was pretty good taste like a gyro. Seem to take awhile to get our food but maybe it was me starving. salsa is one of the best iv tried in this town. Coffee was okay.

Roy Buckalew

nice clean and good food

Bernie Person

Great coffee. Food was okay but disappointing

Josh Taub

From the time I got in line, to receive my food was 40 minutes. It took 15 minutes to order and another 25 minutes for the food to arrive. I also received the wrong order, but didn't have anymore time to wait around to have it fixed. There's a lot of other better places around. I recommend anywhere else.

Devin Reiss

Great coffee and food.

Ashley Jaxxsyn

Called in a salad at one of their slower times (3pm), was told it would take 15 minutes. Now it’s been over 20 minutes, there’s no one here-it’s very slow, and it’s taking you people half an hour up make a salad that doesn’t even have a protein in it. Was just told five more minutes which will make my wait time in the 25-30 minute range. If your employees spent less time making jokes with each other in front of customers, and acting incredibly unprofessionally mind you, you could probably get your job done, because there’s absolutely no reason a TO GO salad should take more than 10 minutes.

Chandler Papas

Great local food with gluten free and vegan options.

Phillip Charette

Love this place for the food and atmosphere. Great selection of healthy foods and an art gallery as well. Located near REI and other nice shops.

Darryl Strickland

Vegan options! Great menu. Amazing avocado melt!

J Harris .

Nice cafe in Anchorage. The people were friendly and courteous, the coffee was okay (just okay), and the food was very good. The place was clean, and it was a pleasure dining there. I had a soup and sandwich combo that came with blue corn chips. The atmosphere was friendly and the price was reasonable. Plenty of parking was available. I was visiting Anchorage on business, and one of the people I met recommended this place -- I'm glad he did. I recommend it too.

Nickolas Warner

For the breakfast options in Fairbanks, Middle Way does a good job, though not great. I got an avocado toast and the bread wasn’t toasted. :/ Other than that they have a bunch of cute and tasty pastries and fresh juice which isn’t common in the city.

David Loeb 3

Sorry food was not good got sick.

Bridget Talebi

This place has so many tasty, healthy options. The morrocan bowl was delicious and the service friendly and quick. Great breakfast or lunch spot!

Fantôme d'Argent

I hadn't been to Middle Way Cafe for a couple of years but I tried it again. Wow! This is the best breakfast I've ever had in Anchorage. Now I feel stupid for not returning sooner. Absolutely outstanding and the espresso is the best that I've had anywhere in Alaska.

Alison Kelley

This is one of the few cafes in Anchorage that serves the unbeatable k-bay coffee. They make a really good huevos rancheros that's easy to split with a friend, and their sandwiches have a nice variety of fresh ingredients. I'm not so impressed by the baked goods but their coffee more than makes up for it. K Bay is by far the best coffee I've ever had, smooth and tasty, rich flavored without shredding my stomach, and it's hard to find an Anchorage. Middle Way's only flaw is the one that plays most of the best places in Anchorage - it's too crowded and almost impossible to find a seat here. In the winter I'm willing to sit outside but they tend to Grumble about setting up the tables. their back patio is in the middle of a parking lot but it's actually quite Pleasant. They've done some nice Landscaping features and added trees and it's actually relatively quiet considering the proximity to the road. On top of that, it's south-facing so you get a lot of great Sun all year long. Please set up the tables in the winter! We're Alaskans, we can handle it.

Brooke Poirot

This place is AMAZING! I got the Baja bowl and it was so delicious and healthy! Lots of vegan options and great smoothies! Definitely check it out if you’ve never been

Lola Love

Love this place! Always get their avacodo melt for lunch. Love to try all their different vegan and gluten free desserts. Every thing that my friends and family or me try we love or like it. (A few times there where things that we tried that just weren't our cup of tea, but besides that we love it.)

Martin Jetté

Pretty good stop for an airport restaurant option.

kristy mcconville

Middle Way Cafe has such friendly, helpful employees. They all go out of their way to make sure their customers get exactly the kind of food they are hungry for. No matter how busy they are, they always take the time to make sure each customer feels appreciated and special.

Yung Kiely

Fabulous food and good coffee.

Paul Downey

My roomie works there. Fine place..

Andrew Zimmer

I’ve heard such good things so I had to try this place. I had a craving for a big fresh salad and this place did not disappoint! One word of caution: the full salad is huge! I added chicken to it and could not finish it. I can’t wait to try their other menu items, and the pizza place next door!

Shelly Caudill

Food was good and I was able to find a seat but had to wait over 30 mins for my half sandwich and bowl of soup to be brought to the table. There were lots of people waiting for their food and I could tell I wasn't the only one getting frustrated with the wait time. My first time here so not sure if that is normal but definitely wouldn't go there if I was on a time crunch!

Kaya Tanksley

I really enjoyed the smoothie. The scene was a little bit dry though. I, however, love the atmosphere and the fact that, even though I am not gluten free or vegan, the options are offered.

S L Kerr

Food is consistent however service has fluctuated but on my last visit service was great

John Johnson

They tried too hard, to make unique food and for me it ruined the experience. I don’t need to come back.

Tahnee Seccareccia

I love this place. There are so many great options to choose from. They have breakfast, lunch, smoothies, coffee, desserts, and vegan/gluten-free options. Everyone is always friendly and service is generally prompt. Getting a table can sometimes be a bit difficult during peak hours, so plan accordingly. I always enjoy their lattes and smoothies, especially if I'm in a hurry and just need a quick bite. Of course get here before 1pm to enjoy their delicious breakfast menu.

Maria Pachiadaki

Great vegan options!

The Frontier Family

Seriously good food. I've lived in alaska my whole life and never tried this place! It looks small but quite roomy inside. I'm a vegan and my SIL and kids are not, but there is something for everyone. High quality and large portions, we will definitely be back. Get the vegan Reuben, (or anything on their menu)you won't be sorry.

Kami Wilson

They're always getting my order wrong even though I've been ordering the same thing each time.

Jason King

Great breakfast and great people!

Jill Moody

Food is fresh. They really have an excellent menu and the gf vegan pastries and desserts are so yum! Esp the fruit tart!


Called at 2:44 pm and ordered 2 sandwiches to-go and a cup of soup. Checked the message line first so i didnt waste the cashiers time. Took me about 10 minutes to get there. At 3:15 i finally asked for a refund and left. No food. Restaurant was only 1/4 full maybe 8-12 tickets on the rail. Two cooks on line and an expo...Too long for two sandwiches and a cup of soup. Also, the tuna melt is not a tuna all but an open face abomonation with cheddar cheese. Just about everything else is quality. Service was still friendly.

Liz F

Tons of options for dairy free people. I was quite impressed and the price tag wasn't too bad either. The crowd was small early morning and picks up by 945am midweek. This is a great place to have breakfast with a friend to catch up or squeeze a little work in while downing some delicious food and coffee. Highly recommend.

Emily Starobin

This place is awesome! Visited here our last day in Anchorage. Local fresh and healthy breakfasts. I had the huevos rancheros half (whole would have been too big). Affordable meals and tasty coffee. The ambiance is just my style- bright colors, sustainability minded, and local feel. Busy but tables frequently open up. Highly recommend!

Agnes Lawson

Loved the food. It was about a 30 minute wait (Sunday lunch time) but it was worth it he food was good and we loved having the gluten free and vegan options for those that needed it.

Lori Coleman

Great food and relaxing atmosphere.

Joyce Packard

Great service, great food!

Walbert Schulpen

This is a very fine place for breakfast. There is an extensive menu including good vegan and vegetarian choices. If you are prepared to spend 10 usd on a juice, you get a very good one, that even includes lemon grass or kale. The omelets are always a good choice, and don't forget about the deserts.

Ramiah Vaoalii

Great place for healthy eaters. Very Vegan friendly. There was a pretty chill and rustic feel to it. Water and basic coffee is self-serve and so is putting your own plated away. Very different feel but again not a negative for me. I had a lamb burger which was ok, but the savory flavor I would expect from lamb was not there. It was lost in all the spices that were put in it. However, the tomato bisque and the salsa for the chips were amazing. It is not a place for everyone, but it is for everyone. Vegan lover, Meat eaters, and the balanced nutrionist will all enjoy time here with a variety of menu items for a variety of taste buds.

Rick Kelly

Everything's good - food, service, atmosphere. Go there.

Colin Rastall

Decent place to eat

Pam Wise

My favorite place to eat, coffee, read, free Wi-Fi, and great place for meet ups

Shawn Armstrong

Good chia

Tim Mathews

Great place for food. So many options for every type of food person.

Bonnie Moeller

Fantastic, fresh menu. When you dine here, you know you’re getting food that has been meticulously selected and carefully prepared. Try the gluten-free toast! It’s dense and rich and great with a giant pat of butter. They have tons of vegan and vegetarian friendly options on the menu here. And the dessert/bakery items are out of this world!

Sharolyn Wyeth

I love all the baked goods here. They also have a really good breakfast selection. Get here early though, because I gets packed quick, on the weekends.

Russ Matthess

Too busy for their own good. Seating is sparse, and 3 times now ordering breakfast, eggs have come out cold because they sat too long waiting to be picked up by the server who was too busy with other tables. Polite staff, just don't like cold food when it should be hot and don't want to go on a scavenger hunt just to find a place to sit.

Alistair Corkett

Everyone was very nice and the coffee was exceptional. The poached egg on top of my Benedict exploded with water as soon as it was touched. Soaked everything on the plate.

Sharon Nagel

Staff was friendly. Food was ok. My grandaughter's apple scone was not so good. Didn't even have an apple taste. I had a vegetable scone and it was great. My iced chai tea was so-so. We went here because of my daughter's and my granson's food allergies. One of the places they can get something to eat and drink in Anchorage. She said their food and drinks were good.

Simone Thistle

This is a FAVORITE. So many delicious gluten or vegan options. Cold noodle bowl is a winner. Have loved everything I’ve ever ordered. They make fantastic lattes as well.

Kirk Meeks

Great service and excellent food, many vegan options and delicious sweets!

kenny gallahorn

Very good, tried the new WBC burrito and I enjoyed it. Supposed to have been black beans but maybe had 6 little

Judy D - travel and be inspired

I live in this place. Love coming here. Great options for the whole family..Vegan/Vegetarian tasty options....a must if you're ever in Anchorage Alaska.

Connor Reynolds

Amazing place with incredible vegan options. The staff is always pleasant and the food is delicious. The place can get pretty busy, so I'd suggest calling ahead. The food is definitely worth the price!

Landis Loftin

This is my favorite go-to place for a scrumptious brunch. The food is wholesome and eclectic and delicious. Staff are very friendly. Wait time was very reasonable. Every time I come here I leave very full and happy. Great place for coffee and work on a laptop as well. Casual. Lots of vegan and vegetarian options and options for those with food allergies.

Carmin Beck

Great food options for breakfast and lunch. Small but reasonably priced portions. Fantastic coffee and gourmet coffee (lattes, espresso, etc) options. Colorful and loud vibe but it feels local and genuine. Very friendly staff taking orders and bustling around delivering food and busing tables.

Sara Garrison

I come to middleway at least once a month and love the turkey Southwest with fresh veggies .. the service is awesome and they really try to create exactly what you describe and I'm a very picky person. Thank u guys for your great service

Paulo Rabanal

Great place for a large variety of health conscious food. Has wide range of vegan options. Services quality varies from individual but typically overall always a decent experience. Would be prefect if custom to-go orders were made correct atleast half the time.

Bentley Walker

Too loud and crowded to be very enjoyable. I would rate 4 stars if it was less popular because the food is consistently good. The huevos ranchero breakfast is nice and the brewed coffee is pretty tasty. I have not tried the esspreso, but many seem to like it. Highback booths with table service would make this place five stars. As is you wait on line to order like a fast food place at table service prices. Then get a filthy table number to carry back to your table and seat yourself. Probably loads of fecal bacteria on those table signs so be sure and wash up

Tessa Gomes

Great cafe. Lots of vegan and gluten free options

Eduardo Carceller

Great place for a healthy and very tasty breakfast. Great options, fast service. Everyone was very friendly and the atmosphere was great.

Abed Fede

The breakfast here is healthy and good for the body. They have alot of options from breakfast, lunch, etc. It's always great stopping by.

Kelley Lewallen

Nice atmosphere and we had a friendly employee take our order but the mediocre food was not worth the $40 we spent on it. My husband ordered the lamb burger that he described as “tolerable” while eating considering how hungry we were, but after the meal he said the best part of it was the tortilla chips, without the salsa we would’ve had to pay 75 cents for. I ordered the avocado melt sandwich. The best thing about the sandwich was the miracle whip tasting sauce and the cheese was hardly melted. I was expecting a grilled cheese/veggie type sandwich but it was as if the cheese and veggies were put in a microwave for about 7 seconds and then slapped between bread and served. We won’t go there again.

Permafrost Distributors

I rated this 3 stars because I personally don’t like a lot of the bland flavors they have, but the quality of the blandness is high! If you want a 17$ bland ham sandwich with avacado, come on down! Usually pretty busy, service is typically sub par, stuff is expensive and I have never left actually full. If you like organic fair trade granola, middle way is for you!

Terps Madison

Always a great experience here. They have breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Large enough portions for me to have some to bring home. Definitely a place to check out if you enjoy fresh tasting food.

Tyler Moyer

Fantastic food and good coffee. This is one of the few places in the state where you can find a good gluten free brownie or vegan cookie if you're so inclined. (Their regular options are fantastic as well)

Johnico Blumer

Good food. Great location. Offer Gluten Free for my family.

Marilyn McCracken

Great food! Great service!!!

Joseph Toffolo

Good selection of vegan and gluten free options. Very busy on weekends. Table service after ordering at the main desk.

Cami L

Delicious eggs benedict!

Dorothy Halfhill

Great friendly service..beautiful presentation..delicious salad!

BreeAnna Erickson

Always good food and coffee.

Matthew Cahill

Always good food at this community favorite. Staff is exceptionally friendly.

Rob Moriarty

Sooooo many people here on Sundays. Not for anyone mildly suffering from claustrophobia. Good food though.

Anastasia Cass

Fast service even though they were busy, super nice staff, there was Gordon Lightfoot playing. Perfect time.

Chris Glasen

Fun little spot. Classic Anchorage cafe. Popular with locals. Menu hasn't changed in a decade. The sandwiches are good but tend to be dry. Coffee is great!

Catherine Kenney

Wow! Everyone was so helpful and cheerful. The food smelled amazing. Great experience. Good Job!

Lauren Banuchi

Great place with a friendly relaxed atmosphere. Great gf and vegan options for meals and desserts! Something for everyone and its all yummy!

Trip Jennings

Good coffee, great vegan reuben.


Friendly staff, good food, pleasant ambiance and awesome selection of bakery items - they even have happy hour for these if you're a sweets lover! Central location to Midtown - I'd recommend stopping in to grab food here while you're running errands or meeting up with friends. Recently tried a Coyote burger (vegetarian option), also have had their coffee, salads and bakery items - none have disappointed!

Connor Olson-Kenny

Really enjoy my experience everytime I go, great food!

Crystal Klein

First time for breakfast. The blueberry French toast was very tasty. Definitely no need for syrup. Yum, yum!

carl kerstetter

Great place for some unique food.

Denise Rader

Always good!

breck Rumley

Great environment with a small but fresh menu. Great for organic and gluten-free customers.

Jeremy LaGoo

Quality takes time. I usually order ahead if I'm in a rush, but if I'm eating in there is plenty of art and an amazing atmosphere to enjoy the short wait for your food. Oh, the food. It is downright amazing. Everything I order I find myself telling strangers how good it is as I inhale every bite! They are the only place in town that uses barista almond milk. Which makes it the best almond milk latte in town!

Christie Tabisola

I'm never disappointed here. Food and service is great. It's a busy and noisy restaurant. Huevos Rancheros and everything in the grab and go cooler are my favorites.

Indira Dudley

Food was great and service was awesome. Got the classic Eggs Benedict, Florentine Eggs Benedict, latte and a smoothie for the kiddos. The smoothie was a bit tart for their taste so I asked if they can add sugar or honey to sweetened it a bit and they went above and beyond by making a new one that they know the kids will definitely drink. Thank you for making our visit a great experience.

Fabian Bryant

Very good food hot fresh and healthy

Matthew Muir

Bowls are so awesome. Very tasty, feels healthy.


Came here because of the good reviews but had a bad experience...actually the worst experience ever. Practically everything is wrong with this place: dirty mugs, bad sandwiches, slow service and the worst of all is that the personal doesn't care or doesn't understand their job.

Jenny L

Nice place. I was wondering why the Breakfast Burrito was $11.. and then it came..... and I knew.....

Robin Beyer

Excellent salads excellent service, I always order to go and it's always ready and delicious, the Sundried tomato balsamic is to die for, it needs to be Bottled and sold!!!

Karen Hsu

Tasty vegan cafe with an extensive menu of choices. The plates are filling, but not cheap.

Shelby Landfair

This is the second time we have been here. The first time we dined in and it was excellent! This time we got our order to go. None of the food tasted fresh and there were items wrong in the order. Definitely not worth the price.

Wolfy Miller

The food was great. But I was given a dirty plate under my tea and when I asked for a clean one the young lady at the counter agent back and got one...what she didn't know is that I saw her wipe her hand across the new plate and wipe in on her pants after that...i am not please with this practice and will not be back as I am not sure how they handle their food after that. Also the floors are covers in crumbs and past customer trash.

Jose Diaz

Like the options for allergies but pricey

Monica Vasquez

You have to be a particular race to feel welcomed


Burger was cracker dry served with crushed chips for $15.50. Tacos were stale and tasteless. For this great food we waited an hour. Save time and money and stay far away from this place. If you hate yourself, your time and your tastebuds, then this is the place for you.

Emilka Clark

A big choice of really craftfully prepared meals, plus so much more! Healthy and vegetarian options ^_^

salt chunk

Great variety for vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters. I had the lamb burger with bbq and a cup of turkey tortilla soup. The burger was a little over done but still had great flavor. The turkey soup was to die for. Huge chunks of avocado, topped with a generous sprinkling of cilantro and just the right amount of turkey. Coffee was fresh and the bakery items were as well. Hip without being pretentious, decorated with local art, and a friendly staff. Wish I was staying in Alaska just a little while longer to check out their breakfast!

Danni E

The unicorn bowl was very delicious, it was very nice that they had a rice-free 'bowl' option. The gluten free / vegan Snickerdoodle cupcake is still dry and crumbly but the other two gluten free / vegan cupcakes were very good!

Adam Beadle

2 pm pretty busy which is a good sign. I had the southwestern which was supposed to be on sourdough came on wheat I was pretty Hungary so I didn't send if back. Chips and salsa where good. My wife had the spicy chicken but it came out as spicy veggie. By the time I was done her food finally came back out. the carrot cake was amazing. All in all i would probably give it another chance maybe check out their breakfast.


Good quality.

Mitchell Mann

Love this place. Feels like a healthy meal.

Bernadette Albrecht

Good food and service Great gluten free options.

hannah rogers

Delicious food. Great vegan options. Tons of drinks, tea, smoothies and juice. Staff are extremely nice and environmentally conscious

David Brenneman

Great selection or vegan and gluten free meals. Really nice people and nice environment .

Christina Talbott-Clark

I recently had lunch here. All the dishes my party ordered were delicious. They were able to accommodate a friend's allergies, and helpfully brought an extra plate so we could share our food. I would recommend Middle Way to anyone seeking a healthy lunch in Midtown, and especially to anyone with dietary restrictions. The menu offers vegan and gluten-free options as well as vegetarian and omnivorous choices. I do not know if the kitchen is safe for people with celiacs, so I would recommend calling ahead to check in that case.

Cybele LeClare

Our favorite spot for a healthy meal when we shop in Anchorage. Lines are delt with efficiency, coffee could have been better ~I think they were training a new barista. I definitely forgive that since every visit has been great. We always meet and talk with new people ~hence, the picture. :)

Rachael Wootan

Appreciated the vegan options and my soy cinnamon mocha was delicious!

S Lucason

We eat here fairly often, the food is consistently good, but often the larger tables are taken up by a single person with a laptop so it can be hard to eat in, especially if joining a friend or two. Do double check to-go orders.


If you like carrot cake, you must try it here! Moist, full of flavor and the freshest most delicious cream cheese frosting I've ever tasted. Efficient and friendly service too.

Angelika Lynch

Loved our pizza at the Hearth, next to Middle Way Cafe, but partnered.

Alkota Beats

If you're a fan of white guilt, Xtra tuffs, and waiting an hour for a $15 sandwich then this is your spot! All that being said, if you have an afternoon to blow grab the Avacado Melt with chicken, sit back, and cool out fam 3/5 stars

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