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REVIEWS OF King Asian Buffet IN Alaska

Lisa Estes

The ladies that work there are super nice! Just wish the food was as good as the service :(

Jesse Petrovich

Wonderful. Full spread buffet. Bring an empty stomach. The prices are surprisingly reasonable.

Lyle Mangis

Enjoyable experience, good food & great service

Patrick Shick

Food was pretty good. I can see why they bring the food out in such small portions as it allows them to keep it more fresh. I didn't see any signs that said "minimum of 3 plates". Wait staff was friendly.

Lori Lane

Food was decent it was cold it barely warm. I have been coming here for years but today was the first day I have been here in a long time. Honestly I was grossed out. I have never seen it so filthy. Grease or something splattered on the wall behind the salad bar. Just ever thing could use a good scrubbing and cleaning.

Robert Kuenning

Good food. Warm service. Generous variety. Good value.

Kevin Silva

Honestly it was far better than I expected. Really good.

Dave Balthazore


Bruce Kempen

Actually 3.5 stars food average ambiance is poor. Service was good. I would go there again.

Sean Delorme

Good food, 14 dollar buffet kinda seems steep.

Cherry Robichaud

They have varied menue that is always fresh and hot due to smaller amounts put out. You can get sushi and sashimi as well. I usually go buffet. All I can eat and my choices. Always yummy.

Theresa Morache

Good food services usually very good as well

Michael Muth

The best family owned restaurant in town!! Great food. Great hosts! We eat there alot & they always provide us with the freshest of foods they know we like to eat. They go out of their way to make u happy. Thanks Jim & Rebecca for a wonderful place to eat!! Michael & Emmy

Jazmine Hallman

I would not recommend this place at all! The place smells disgusting !!!! Like a sewer ! It took my appetite away! The restrooms are gross ! The food variety is very limited. Not worth the price at all. We had to waive down the waitresses to get a drink. If I could, I’d give it no stars.

Nick Schumacher

Food was pretty average. The servers were Very kind/helpful .

Max Inabinette

Love this place

Shirley Moffit

fabulous eatery. will recommend to others.

athena hildreth

Excellent food, runs about $20 per person for dinner.

KingReezy 96

It's a great buffet, wide selection, and the staff always replaces food fairly quickly when it's low

Christopher Maxson

Food is usually old.

Thomas Rogan

Great food, great staff and clean. A favorite place of mine.

Dominic Russo

Gteat tasting food and a good variety.

Michael Vanhorne

small and cozy. food is excellent with a good array of items to select from. priced below similar competition. I highly recommend this establishment.

Deanna Abbas

Always fresh food and family friendly service. I love because they always have a smile and are always happy to serve great food.the price is pretty Reasonable.

Vadym Apchel

Nice &quite place, really friendly staff and wonderful food, like this place, will definitely come again)))

Karl Waag

Found out there foods are days old no thank you....

Joan Borgman

The food was good

Maddison Necas

Food good for a buffet. A little dry but great flavors, friendly staff makes for a pleasant experience.

Kyro Vincherian

While the staff was alright, and I understand making small amounts as to keep it fresh. What pisses me of is we ate very little and paid over $50. Ridiculous

A Cottrell

Owners are amazing and make amazing good. My daughter and I ate Gluten Free and they are more than happy to compensate with other amazing fresh ingredients.


edit: I drive out here from Anchorage because this is place is the best all you can eat buffet I've tried in AK so far. The food is cooked perfectly and is always fresh. New favorite all you can eat buffet. Good price, good food, friendly people.

Roxanne Turcotte

We have always enjoyed this place for Chinese food. But today the food was all cold and we alerted management. Seen them remove some of the cold food and replace it. Any other time they would have had a 4 star from us

Karla Canti

Super good food! They had salt and pepper squid that was cooked perfectly. Really decent prices.

alicia farley

They don't keep a lot of food out. Didn't look appetizing and the meats do not look fully cooked. Pretty disappointed for how much we paid and the reviews were decent so we decided to give it a try. Unfortunately we wont be returning. 2 stars bc the sesame chicken was decent.

NorthWest Nerds

Price isn't bad for what you get.

Larry Petty

One of the best places in Wasilla to eat a good buffet meal, especially during lunch. Prices during lunch time are reasonable, however, after 3:30 p.m., the price changes radically. The food is always fresh, hot and delicious.

Samantha Herndon

My favorite place in Wasilla for chinese food. Good price, good food, nice people. Also love that they have sushi and its pretty good too.

Katlyn Boyles

Excellent friendly service every time we go and has variety of good food.

Frederick Fuddnudler

Not great. Used to be better. Definitely seems to be on its way out. And they jacked up prices. Some of the stuff is pretty good though. Edible. Not recommended.


Ate here last year and the food was not so good. The staff were very unfriendly and watched us like a hawk. Told us that if we left anything on our plates they would charge us a dollar for each item left on the plate. I had 2 kids with me and they sometimes get things to try. I will never be going here again. I like the Chinese buffet in Anchorage though.

Donovan McCoy

Super friendly, always checked if there was something we wanted put out, coconut shrimp was awesome

Lee Kirkum

Large selection.

I'm Filtenborg

Great service and amazing food

Beverly Lacasse

It's hit or miss with these guys

Marjorie Trull

Fair prices great food

Sebastian White

Lunch was great! True all you can eat experience.

Stephonel Gray

Firstly, they have a really good staff. The food was great. I tend to visit this restaurant a few time out off the year and I must say their quality has been improving tremendously, in comparison to previous years and even earlier this year. The food is well seasoned (now) and fresh. However they lost a star for their sushi and clams , I felt as though it wasn’t exactly the freshest it could have been. Also, I don’t know if it’s just me but it doesn’t matter which drink I order it is always watered down. All in all I would recommend if your in wasilla and just looking for somewhere to have a meal with friends and family to chat with. I think it’s time they also did some renovating

Catrina Mathis

Good price but bot super hot and fresh

Matthew Jones

The food is good and they keep it will stocked. Could be cleaner and it is really dated. Go for the food not the atmosphere.

Eric Sinnett

They kept fresh food out the whole time


I have always enjoyed going to this restaurant over the years. Each time I go back, it just seems better. Never had any issues whatsoever with service or food quality, and the environment is a relaxing atmosphere, and the staff are always polite and responsive.

johnny appleseed

Service is slow they can never manage to keep filling my water glass. If this restaurant was in a larger town in lower 48, I don’t thing people would eat there. The decor is gross. The food is lower end. But hey it’s the only Asian buffet in the valley lol. I have left food on my plate, no one ever said anything. I bet if I inspected the kitchen I wouldn’t go back. Don’t get me wrong my fat butt keeps going back!

Jessica Carter

Great service. Food is good.

יוחנן בן-יעקב

Decent buffet for alaska with a variety and friendly staff. Will eat there often. You can tell they try to save cash though. Sat there for 40 minutes each time and the main rooms lights were off, and the buffet trays each have a third of what they can hold. It does mean fresh food however is brought out once needed. Buffet Food temperature is acceptable but never hot. Sounds like a downer but its rather plesant and filling. Just don't compare it to lower 48 buffets. I can see the staffs reasoning behind their decisions. Im just glad that wasilla even has a buffet, let alone one with variety.

Shannon O'Hara

They've been kind of slacking. There used to be lots of fresh options but now they bring the food out in tiny portions. Also the cleanliness is in question. Used to have good seafood on weekends. The last time we were there it was mediocre at best and the chicken teriyaki was rally more like jerky. There are pre-made sushi and California rolls available. Somewhat lacking in the dessert section.

Jesse Cannon

fast friendly service hot fresh food

I Pl

Good Asian food. Few choices of sushi, wontons,seaweed salad,pasta salad, porky buns,few choices of chicken in different sause, deep fried shrimp,beef and vegetables, and many more.Dessert side has 3 types of ice cream,jello,fruits,brownies,apple pie and some more. Building inside is a little dated, but facility is clean , servers are courteous and attentive. Love their food!!

Brad Schmidt

These guys have been here for a long time. They always great us with a smile and their food is amazing

juan gallegos

Good food ,nice selection nice staff

Jeanette Arlene

Very good food and nice environment

Tina Hansen

Friendly staff, great food, and a high quality yet low priced buffet.

Joshua Houston

You can get so much food for the price of one plate. The food quality could be better but it's decent.

Danielle Terry

New owners

terry hembry

Love the food and always a busy atmosphere. Great service and perfect for lunch!

Chester Goodman

Best food In town

lilbear Kinney

A lot of choices good food !!!

Harry Rohr

not bad but not good. the trays were empty and some were only half full. the staff didnt seem happy or friendly. the food wasn't bad but I've been all round the country and had some great buffets. it was a little dirty as well and the food had poor presentation and was a bit greasy. but with all that being said,I would still return and give them another chance.

Kao Thao

Like the fresh food

Sarah L.

I don't go here often but its nice one in a great while. You have to go at the right time in order to get fresh food. I'd recommend going around 4:30pm or 5pm. Their food is good then and it's good variety. We like to do take out so we ask for the boxes at the counter then pay by weight. You're not able to grab sushi for take out which I'm fine with since I've never had their sushi.... I'd like to try it some day though.

Lucille Tony

Very good place to eat

Dustin Billings

7 years ago I ate here and it was 1 star, now we show up at 9pm only half an hour before closing, and it was the best Asian/Chinese cuisine I've ever had! Service was great. $15.95 a person for dinner.

T-Man Khitz

Cheeply run by the owners. Freezing cold and won't turn up the heat. The food was barely average at best.

Debbie Norris

Lots of variety. ALWAYS FRESH

Adrianna Miller

Nice environment, the waiters were all very pleasant and welcoming. Pricing is decent, was disappointed in some of the foods but it may be because they do it differently then I like. Over all it was delicious, little bit more than Panda Express but because it’s a buffet style it’s all you can eat!!! Doesn’t get better than that!

Nikki Blue

I love the selection, smells, uniqueness, and quality of this buffet compared to any other buffet in town. They offer a homemade cheese in their mushrooms that is divine! The soup is great and my son raves about the sushi even though it's not my thing...he says it's so fresh that it's like the master is making it in the back room! So, whether you are from out of town or a regular from Wasilla you should stop by and visit King Asian Buffet!


I love this place. I asked a girl on a date 10 years ago and of course I brought her here because it was affordable with good food. 7 years after that I asked her to merry me in king's parking lot right behind the sign. We've spent all our anniversaries dinners here, but this time with our new born. This restuarant and its food deserve my 5 stars and more. Thanks for the great service for all these years.

McKenna Rule

The food was excellent and the service fast and wonderful. Everyone there was incredibly polite and nice, and the decorations are beautiful. Can't wait to eat there again

silly Isaac and Daisy crazy

Great place to eat love it

Devyn Herrick

If you love Asian food, this is a great place. The staff are helpful and are constantly checking the buffet for refills. Food quality is average.

Harvey Swartz

We have dinned at King's since it opened; however, the food and service have both declined. We were there last week, and although the sushi was good much of the food was not fresh. We ordered Thai Tea which they advertise as including a free refill. However, the wait staff had disappeared, and we were never able to obtain refills. Two couples arrived while we were eating, and were not seated. One couple seated themselves, although there is a "Please Wait to be Seated" sign. The second couple waited until I went back to the kitchen to request our check. WE WILL NOT BE BACK!!

Traci Peyton

Awful, overpriced. Very disappointing!

Drew McKeown

King Asian provides a clean, beautiful atmosphere with authentic cuisine. Our family visited during lunch and was kindly welcomed upon entering. After finding our seats we were offered beverages and guided to the buffet line. Here we found a great assortment of foods that were too plenty to get all of our favorites onto our first plates! During our meal we were greeted by the owners which added a nice touch to the experience. We look forward to our next visit!

Amber Walter

The food was ok in the past, but definitely terrible now. Basically they only serve chicken dishes with a few exceptions and it doesn’t even have very much flavor. There was hardly anything in the salad bar either. It’s always been dirty, but today seemed worse. The sitting booths are all falling apart. It was pretty sad for what they charge. Won’t be going back here ever again ☹️

Adriana Fisher

Good for an Asian buffet. Usually it fresh but sometimes you have to wait a little bit for fresh stuff to come out.

Sally Fryberger

Love this place

Johanna Marvin

Nice assortment for a Chinese all you can eat buffet. I loved that there was also sushi and several basic dessert options. The Chinese options were heavy on the meat- not a lot of vegetables, but very tasty.

Alma Lebaron

They wanted to charge me to take my drink to go after I was done eating

Tammy L

This was really good food I have never had a better pork fried rice and chicken chow mein in a long time and it's not greasy usually I can't eat Chinese food especially fried rice because of the Grease and I ordered it again a few days later delivered I love that they deliver I can get my only place I'll ever eat Chinese food at delivered


I like it . Always fresh food.

Terry Murphy

Buffet old and tired

Becky Coccia

The waitress tried to force us to eat the old food we watched her scrape to the front of the trays and was upset when we said we'd wait for fresh food. We asked for a menu and she said no you're having the buffet. The bathroom was also disgusting and toilet paper roll was falling off the wall. We'll never go there again!

Hailee Ridenour

The staff were rude, and they said we didn't eat enough off our plates so we were charged extra.

Freedom Fighter

Great service and great food

Deeva Kratzer

We have been going here for years and never had a bad experience. We also just found out they deliver...which is AWESOME!

Amy Westmoreland

We did not see a listing for prices which was super frustrating. We went there for lunch and ended up paying over $40 for food. They don't keep a lot of food out which is good so everything is always fresh BUT that means there is only enough of each item of food for maybe two people. It was very run down.

Kat Nelson

Service was decent. Food was not.

Phil Castleman

Good food, they supply buffet in small quantities so it's fresh when you go through.

joe frantz

The most sad excuse for a buffet I've ever seen no food on there had to say something and ask them if they were closing I've been the buffets before and usually they have food on them

robin mingo

Good food and service.

juliuse odden

Fantastic food at a very reasonable price

Bradly Moser

Long time family favorite lunch or dinner can't go wrong

Cian Mulhern

Not the best in the valley. I would not recommend it.

Dean Balzmi

I liked it very much for $17. Fresh sushi and a very tasty coconut shrimp dish

Lorena Hutcheson

Food is good, seriously over priced


While the service is great the food wasnt warm, we waited a bit for some fresh food to come out as it was slim pickings when we first got there. But when fresh food did come out it turned out to be the dinner menu, which then limited what we could eat even more.


Like all Chinese buffets, the time of day really plays a factor on how fresh everything is. The food is amazing when it's fresh. Lots of variety.

Wendy MB

Much was delicious, some was ok - nice that they had the standard foods of a smallish buffet as well as some non-standard items.

Lisa Newell

Gave me the worst stomach ache

Jeff Graeber

Always Love The Buffet

Jennifer Scott

If you're going to stay and have the buffet it's great we just to order and pickup not so great price wise


Love to eat here. Good buffet they know who we are.

Sammy Cole

Really good food, awesome price. However, they the need an upgrade on their furnitures ( seats need to be replaced ) Other than that pretty great place. Super friendly staff.

Kailey Miller

Nice people and good food

Oscar Whaley

Great food clean and friendly so much to choose from

Lilia Jenkins

I love this place! My fiance brought me here 1 year ago and i have been going ever since, i am absolutely ADICTED to the spicy clams! He loved the squid they use to serve. Sadly its nolonger served there for whatever reason. I hope that the clams dont go away and that they bring back squid, ill eat it if they do!☺ i plan to take my whole family very soon, hopefully they serve clams on that day

Ebony Bird

Amazing food!! Wonderful Staff! Our go to place!

Kimmy N

Friendly people. Hot, fresh food. They only put out a little at a time so it's fresh. Can't wait to go back!


Great food. Pricing is fair. Staff is friendly.

Penny Alstrom

.. The best fried-rice I’ve tasted.

Jacob Waibel

Its really good

Walker Haken

Huge all you can eat buffet (including sushi), good food. ~$16 for adults, ~$6 for kids 3-5 yo. They do have a military discount.

Andy Laposki

Selection on the buffet was limited. All the chicken dishes (of which there were many) all tasted the same. For the price, it wasn't worth it. Terrible service also, I feel like I shouldn't have to holler at a server to get a drink or drink refill. It was bad all the way around.

stuid dose

The service was great! And the food tasted fresh and delicious!

AK Honeybee 907

Good food! They do buffet take out boxes which is nice too. A bit pricey but super good as a treat once in awhile. The staff is friendly and they always made good food. I miss the calamari they used to make so I sure hope they bring that back again! It was a cold salad with little squid tentacles and it was super amazing. I was told it was hard to get ingredients for it now. Sad day I miss that stuff but their food and sushi is always on point

Kiana Wrate

The food was not as pretty as it looks in the picture. Some things were great others not so great. Be picky.

Tabitha Graham

Absolutely incredible! I'll be honest... I've only slightly liked Chinese food... Until now. I had tried places before, and Carr's Chinese was the best I'd had... I know, that's sad. But this place has incredible food! All I ask, is that you don't offend the cook, and eat everything on your plate. It's the polite thing to do anyway. Amazing cooks, and very nice customer service :)

Tonya Iverson

Went in today and there was a lot of food empty. Most had just a few things in a pan. Some was burnt. I usually like this place but didn't feel it was worth the money since we didn't have many options of food. Maybe I will try again and maybe not.

Kiara Seal

All you can eat Buffett. Very tasty

willow wytch

Love the food! Always a good variety. Sushi being my favorite

Nick Myers

It's just OK. They jack the price up on weekends. $15 per person.

Vahn Ki

I used to go here every week for the past 10 years until about 5 years ago from there on food started losing its quality was giving me the sharts and as of about 2 years ago they started putting out less and less food. Also they watch you like you’re a criminal it’s kinda irritating and rude. My little 4 year old nephew had 2 small shrimp and wanted to take it with him and the waitress said no it’ll cost you 2 dollars for each shrimp to a kid. So I left it alone and they tossed it in the trash or maybe they probably put it back in the pan we grabbed from. Buffet means all you can eat if food is left out for whatever reason uneaten weather it’s good and you get full or jus horrible tasting they shouldn’t charge you for leaving extra, theres no buffet that I now that does that. You pay 18 grab a plate eat and if 3 pieces of meat is left out and don’t charge that would probably make customers a little more comfortable. We’ve given them many chances for 3 years and nothing has changed and only got worse. They treat customers like they’re in prison. If they stop charging people for leaving some food on the plate, stop staring at you like crazy, quit being gready and leave little bit more food out and improve quality just a little bit without getting bloated with all that MSG then they might get some stars back. I still would continue to come every now and then if they haven’t did what they did with my little nephew. I think carrs topped them by a star at this point. Panda Express is in line with twin dragons and Peking. Just a warning you all I’ll try again in couple years hopefully they bring back the old king Asian


Not a true buffet, they charge a lot for every trip you make. Was shocked to pay $30 for a lunch. Never went back and won't. Panda express is a better choice.

Chris Olsen

Everything was very good, but I really think there should be more than just 1 napkin for everyone while eating.

Tianna Borer

We've been there several times. The food is always fresh and delicious.

Karen Anne Tanner

Always a favorite go to place!


Service is awful.

Evelyn Buchert

All you can eat, excellent options, specializing in seafoods and sushi, environment needs updating and dusting.

Brenda Valley

I love the wide variety of food choices always, my first choice of food in Wasilla. They only lack friendliness.

Jessica Throckmorton

Mediocre Asian Buffett. It needs updating and cleaning.

Nycca G

Some of the nastiest food I've ever ate!!!

Rollanda Carls

There wasnt much of each dish , service could have been better.

yolanda ahuna

Its pretty good m son is happy and i am full

Rusty Meyer

Bit pricey but the staff was nice

saila salamander

Called to ask about take out, and was told 8.50 per pound. When I arrived I told the lady I was getting food for two. She asked if o was getting sushi. I said yes, and she handed me two of the standard styrofoam takeout boxes and small one for the sushi. She followed me to the buffet and said "no shrimp." She kept a close eye on everything I put in the boxes. When I went to pay she informed me that the sushi was priced per piece. I didn't bother asking how much, as at this point I was outraged at the way I was treated, but after a day's work and long commute from anchorage I just wanted to get home. Shortly after eating I had to take Benadryl as my heart raced and I experienced other symptoms of a reaction I get from a sensitivity to msg.

Larry Ellison

Food was good. Price wasn't bad. Would definatly would go back.

Robert Műller

Suite good.

Syd Anderson

The most disgusting food I’ve had ever. There wasn’t hardly anything out and we stayed for under five minutes and it was$17+. Disgusting, dimly lit, gross food. Not worth going. Should’nt have paid. Don’t go here

Virgil Moldovan

Great food Thank you

Sena Biruchenko

There was definitely variety. But for my tastes .... I felt too many of the sauces had too much sweetness. My favorite items were the vegetable mix and the black pepper zucchini chicken mix. Probably won't go back.

Roxanne Walz

Always fast...sushi is questionable

Pete Sandor

My weekly Saturday dinner... I love the options for the buffet and the sushi... I get it to go.. The price comes to about the same if you order sushi roll or a non buffet meal, but I like you can pick and choose multiple items...


NOT an "All-You-Can-Eat" establishment; this restaurant defines "buffet" as a variety of food to choose from to fill ONE plate (maybe a small second one). When I went for 3rd plate, got evil eye/angry looks from staff (who also refused to refill soda after that). When I paid, they only gave military/senior discount to my friend -- not me (friend and I are both vets and I paid for both buffets on same ticket). When I telephoned later, they only cared about phone call when they thought I was ordering something; when they found out it was from an earlier issue, the "niceness" left their voice and they no longer wanted to speak. Signs are on wall saying "Don't waste food or we'll charge you $6 per pound." The name of this place should be called "King Asian Ebenezer Scrooge Cafeteria."


Fresh food, pretty decent

Tabitha Westlake

Food was good, not sure how 2 adults and 2 children was $60 though.

Glenda Drevas

We had our Father's 60 yr old port and we were greeted with no ete contact and had to request a corner take for the 6 of us wanted to sing to my fax Waitress is not friendly and we feel that we are in her way. Am giving the benefit of the doubt that she may have had a bad day, further More, my DAd can happy and excited to keep up eating and getting his sesame and mayonnaise chicken and that is all that matters. Luv the food. Happy birthday to you dad!!:

Christopher Costa

Very old school Chinese buffet. Not bad. Decor needs work.

Sharalyn Sena

Especially good food for a buffet. Good service.

Capt. Eldon C Summers

One of my favorite places to eat. Nice buffet with Many different items.

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