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3002 Spenard Rd Ste 101, Anchorage, AK 99503, United States

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REVIEWS OF Kay’s Family restaurant IN Alaska

Aspen Knight

I've been here twice and it's a regular diner. Most would miss it as it's attached to a hangar-like oil-changing station. The interior is great with wonderful staff. All the bake goods are made on-site. I ordered the halibut sandwich. The menu description had it "grilled" but what I got was deep fried.

Levi Johnson

Took several years to visit this place due to being located in what is perhaps the seediest part of Spenard, and being located next to a car shop and the DMV - uninviting at best Too bad I was missing out! Fast, friendly service, and consistently good food. Eggs come exactly as you order them, portions are generous, and the skillets and burritos are very good.

Kandus Lee

Great breakfast food and good service

Sara Courtright

It was delicious!!!

Sierra Smith

Excellent menu choices and great staff

Brittney Richards

I wasn't greeted when I arrived. I asked to buy a coffee while I waited for my man. He got there shortly afterwards. Lady came over(don't recall her name) and said, "How are you LADIES today?". My man has an obvious beard but since he had long hair I just let it go. When we ordered, the lady was asking us what our dishes came with. You work here, you should know.... well after reading the menu again and confirming what they came with she proceeds to say its a good dish.....even tho she didn't know what was on it.... The awkwardness didn't end there. When my man went to pay, I swear she was hitting on him. She told us in a flirty voice to stay out of trouble. Then she started complimenting his clothing and looking him up and down. I was standing right there and if that's not as much of a hint to back off, he kissed me too. That server has issues. She's tan skin, dark hair, thin. Aside from the awkwardness, food was good but very easy to make at home. The coffee however was most delicious. I might return, but I want a different server.

Csweetlove 28

First time trying Kays....Went close to closing... breakfast is was very bland... but the French dip was too salty... not consistent.... waiter didn't really know or suggest what to eat there but was attentive.... Will try again and rescore....

Ellen Gamel

Good food and service, economical

Ray Moeola


Tom Hartshorn

Great cream of broccoli soup. Ok monti Cristo sandwich. Large portions

George Wang Jr

Great diner food.

greyson bilderback

Great food great service

Terri Motherof

Stuffed cheeseburger with side salad! NICE!

Michael Jenks

Great coffee. It's Kaladi AND brewed well, not watered down like you get other places. However, it has the single serve creamers on the table instead of half n half. Been there many times now and the food is always good. Pleasantly surprised every time.

Jade Snow

The ladies are always so kind! The foods fantastic! The building is a fun place to sit and look around.

Teagan Presler

Loved my breakfast here. Service is fastvand friendly, and there are plenty of healthy options on the menu. Will continue to grab breakfast here, for sure!

Sharon Wilson

Fresh, home made, reasonably priced food, served with courtesy and a smile! Totally exceeded expectations!

carl Little

Excellent food.

Samuel Gil

Service was attentive. Homemade croissant and cinnamon roll were UH-MAZING

Mitch Walker

Good food. Good service.

Jason McGuire

Good food

Francisco Asino


jung lee

I and my friend love going to Kay's. They have all homemade and fresh food with great service! They have the largest biscuits that I have ever seen and their gravy was so delicious!

Rachael McPherson

Extra delicious fresh baked goods!

Farid Sanouvong

The place is blooming with local kindness~! People tend to be really familiar in this place! The place has really great service and I can’t get over the fact of how the whole atmosphere gives a friendly feel. The food is also so delicious, some of the food you get gives off a fresh sound when you bite into it, like the sandwiches. One bite and you hear a “Crrrrnnnccchh”, it’s so satisfying just sitting in this restaurant. It’s a must to come here weekly as a local!

ferchu waddoups

Portions are abundant, everything I have tried here so far was delicious. The environment is cozy, and service super nice.

Breianne Tyler

The food was really good. Prices reasonable, decent selection. Food was served quickly, hot, and correct. Service so so, you seat yourself, server spent a lot of time talking to friends about personal stuff I didn't feel like listening to.

Becky Moore

Very good food. Awesome fries, teak and halibut. Great side salad too. Very nice server

Denyka powell

Helpful people went there to see if they were hiring and they were not but they sent me to another place to get a job!

Helen Vandehoef

Excellent breakfast --- - very friendly & polite. Service was fast.

chris mace

The food was extremely good, everything was hot and fresh. We had our drinks within minutes of walking through the doors, and I don't think my cup was ever more than half empty. The service was wonderful, they we're quick to get our food out, and they made sure to check on us regularly througout our visit. I will definitely be coming back

Carol Kosbruk

Friendly clean, just like home kind of a place to eat.

Belinda MacIntire

Great good. Great staff. One of my favorite places to eat

Robert Allen

Went for breakfast Fast friendly and competent. Not to mention the food was excellent I got in I got out no waiting good service

Natalie Knight

Horrible service. Won't be returning. Pepper shakers were empty...tried three...the waitress had a horrible attitude. When you go to a restaurant, you expect customer service...not snide remarks....

Kiah Bennett

Love their fast and friendly service

Jen Walsh

Awsome place !!!

David Burman

One word... Los Benny Ortega. OK, so that's several words but one fantastic dish. Eggs Benedict with green chilies and chorizo. Someone put a lot of thought into putting together the menu. Almost the best Reuben Sandwich that I have had away from Mom's table. Complaint....1000 Island dressing is served on the side. Put the 1000 on my sandwich, not my job! Its not enough to lose a star over. I LOVE KAY's.

Tina Meyers

Wonderful service. Ton of delicious food

tlingit wife

Got food fast and friendly service. Breakfast was amazing, last time i went there i was pregnant and couldnt finish my food bc there was so much on my plate

Melinda Jones

I'm not a big fan of diner food, but if we're going to a diner, I choose Kay's. The last meal I had there was the halibut sandwich, which was more food than I could eat. The server noticed I was looking for more tartar sauce and brought some out without my saying anything. The owner/manager (not sure, but he seemed in charge) checked in on us, as well.

Stephanie Webb

Went an had breakfast with the family, good food an just a really cool atmosphere. Love the industrial/ homey style


Very good food. Large servings prices are moderate

kathy haley

Good service, good food.

Ronnie Woodard

Needs to add flavor to their food!


Great place to eat

Heather Carver

Quick home cooked meal...their breakfasts are to die for

DL Hereford

Excellent Eggs Benedict and superior service.

Jp688 688

Good food always good people

B Tt

Went to diner today because I was told this place was giving out free sunglasses. I saw posted that they served Kaladi Brothers coffee. So I am thinking I am going to get an awesome sweet mocha. Lol lol lol. It was the nastiest mocha I had ever tasted. (By the way they use powder for their chocolate flavoring). I had to wait over 25 minutes for it to cool down she made it soooo hot. When I asked for a sleeve for my coffee she said they didn’t have them but finally found one. So my six dollar mocha which include her dollar tip was so not worth it at all. The free sunglasses made up for the cost but I WOULD NOT recommend the coffee. Sorry but it was just plain bad and bitter tasting. Best wishes to you though and may God be with you

Jason Whipple

Simple but good food.

David Commini

Fast, prompt service. The food was delicious. The staff was very friendly.

Sam Precie

Last week I txt'd my order and it was ready when I arrived. Awesome food and great service.

Jenni Ackley

Amazing! Fast service, amazing food. Couldn't be happier with my experience.

Aaron Green

Great food and prices!

Lydia Darby

Met a friend there for lunch. Very comfortable. Great service and food. I definitely will be back.

Dave Dahl

Always great service and good plentiful diner food. The owner and staff are always kind and welcoming.

Troy Turner

Fun place to eat quiet environment

Denise Swenson

Great food! The meal is very filling and we take home half of it. John you're the greatest! Dwayne and Deni

Caitlyn Avery

Amazing food! First time eating here and I'm amazed! Super fast service as well. Honestly better than Gwennies.

Harrel Thomas

Good food everytime !

Claire Ferguson

I really enjoyed the food. Very family friendly place.

Pernie Smith

Great service and the food is good. Very busy on Sunday but we were seated quickly.

Peggy Thacker

Great breakfast

David Bretz

The atmosphere is warm and friendly and the food is pretty good as well. I ordered the 2 egg breakfast with ham, hash browns, and a sourdough pancake while my wife got the black and bleu burger. I will say that my hashbrowns were a little overdone and the sourdough pancake was more sour than I'm used to. However, the eggs and ham were great and my wife's burger and fries were excellent. Definitely will have to come back in the future.

Daniel LaRoe

I love their scrambled eggs and link sausage.

Meghan Williams

Decent prices and food.

Mitzi Hughes

The food is fabulous. The customer service is not so good.

Edward Mendiola

Awesome Place awesome service awesome FOOD!!!!

B -

Not the prettiest date at the dance, but it's the one I'd most like to marry. Good food, good prices, friendly and attentive staff. Quickly becoming my favorite breakfast in anchorage.

Chris Lesemann

So I came in here to eat with a friend and just now finished the meal and the waiter was extremely rude when I asked $4 dollars for coffee when we got meal? He said I can charge anyone any thing I want. I have never been charged for burnt coffee that tastes like it's been on the pot for several hours. I will not come here again.

Judith Villanueva

Good food great friendly services family.

Wesley Anaruk Jr

Made me pay before I order food...fries tasted like fish!!!!GROSS FOOD


Absolutely amazing food(breakfast), service was okay.

Arthur Brown

Cozy atmosphere, reasonable prices, larger portions

Kyle Foster

Great place. Great staff.

James Cobb

This place is great. They have good food great staff and welcoming atmosphere. I would recommend if you are in the need for an amazing breakfast this is the perfect little place.

Mike Ferguson

Very nice family restaurant

Deborah J.

Fast friendly service, would eat again

roger cranford

We are now hour and half waiting on food, hope it's good

ak db

Customer service non existent... I walked out. They were not even busy. Looked trashy too.

Jennifer Britton

Food was average. Rating is driven by waitress demeanor/attitude/ hospitality. She was flat, short in conversation, and everytime we said thank you she had no response but to walk away. However when she interacted with different guests that she knew she would laugh, smile, and tell them you're welcome. Even at check out she said nothing to us yet we observed her telling everyone else good bye at check out. We just moved to Anchorage so I'm not sure if she thought we were tourists, but I do know her attitude is what made us decide we will not be back. Kindness and manners are the norm where we come from.

Tara Stone

Basic diner food obviously pre-prepped and just thrown on plates in different combinations. Too expensive for the limited options and quality of food.

Shauna Redmond

Love it every time I eat there.

Tom P

Great food and well priced!

Mama Rora

Used to love this place but it's slowly going downhill. The food is okay but it seems cheaper than it used to be.


Service is great and the food

Jonathan Berkey

That misfires nice the service was awesome

Jackie Willis

Great breakfast. Really quick service. Reasonable prices

Richard Hobbs

The staff are very nice and friendly. The food is always very good

Nardus Wessels

Good food

Patricia Ford

Great family din8ng. Good breakfasts, reasonable prices.

Xavien Phillips

I've been here twice and am impressed with them. The food is excellent and the service is superb. This will be one of my go to restaurants. Thanks for the excellent food and service.

Eric Cattanach

First time returning to Anchorage in 10 years and my friend chose for us to eat here. Server was friendly- had a f'd up sarcastic sense of humor like me.. I dig that! Nice place - food was

Austin Graham

The burgers are very good and reasonably priced.

Karen Sue Murphy

Excellant food and service

Clan McMahon

Kay's has some of the best quiche in Anchorage. Large portions of homestyle food. Generally the service is great. This last time our party was disappointed with the service however the food more than compensated for the service.

Sean Kendall

Good atmosphere friendly service didn't feel rushed and the menu is loaded with whatever your taste buds feel like. My family and I went for breakfast which is served all day. Will take photos next time I go

Shane Bossom

We ordered food to go, our French dip came without au jus, our wings came with very little blue cheese even though we asked for extra and said we'd pay and the Monte cristo was very distasteful. Would highly suggest going to and ordering from a different place.

Erik Bryant

Monti Cristo sandwhich is hreat

Julie Bates

I love Kay’s! Service is always spot on. Friendly and quick service, everything you want from a diner! The Reuben and stuffed burger are my favorites. Inexpensive, family friendly, delicious foods, and great service.

Michael Cox

Large, well prepared portions. Friendly staff and good atmosphere.

noxious byproduct

Today I had the special for lunch. 2 halibut tacos, a bowl of soup, and some fries. At this point I owe you all an apology for not including a photo of our lunch(the tacos were that good). The portions are large and boxes were needed to take the rest home for some. I encourage you to try this place out, the service is polite and fast the price is very reasonable and parking can be a little sparse so maybe show up a little early.

MaryLynn H

Kay's in is the process of moving their dinner menu over to a wonderful seafood boil. I have to admit that I was a little concerned when I thought that my favorite lunch and breakfast restaurant was making such a drastic change to their evening menu. BUT!!! A friend and I shared their shrimp/clam combo meal last night and it was a delicious feast! We got clams, huge shrimp, hot Louisiana sausage, potatoes, and corn all cooked to perfection. We couldn't finish all the food and ended up sharing with our dinner companions. Let's keep this great thing going Anchorage - I don't know of anywhere else in town that a meal like this can be had. Try it and you will be HAPPY!!!!!

Donna Cofield

Clean, good food and great service. Will definitely be going back to try other items on the menu.


Wife and I walk there often for breakfast. Wonderful place to eat and it's better than most joints in Spenard. Eat at Middle Way Cafe for sprouts if you like, but for down home cooking you can find me at Kays.

shannon conroe

Good food. Friendly staff.

Michael Stoos

Great, friendly, quick service, with yummy food!

John Stallings

Over priced

Tyrone Palmer

Nice little family restaurant !!!!

DJ Wallace-Blatchford

Luv dem pork chops

Jim Neeley

The food was good, ingredients fresh and well seasoned. I had the Cobb salad with double chicken and balsamic vinegar ette. It made a great meal!

Vicente Glez

Good services and food

Aimee James

Maybe we came at a bad time or on an off day, or maybe we didn't order the right things, but it was terrible. The waiter never even asked us if we wanted anything besides water to drink. The chorizo burrito was very greasy (dripping everywhere) and had so many onions I had to scrape the inside out and eat the shell. It came with a "hash brown" brick that I didn't eat. I would have asked for something else if it had been on the menu. The pork chops were dry, though and way overcooked. The pancake was the only good thing we got. Not worth trying this place again when there are so many great places nearby. I guess that's why it's almost empty at 6pm on a weeknight.

Brittany Bretz

Comfortable atmosphere. Not super busy so we had quick service. The black'n'bleu burger was great and so were the fries! Can't wait to come back and try another burger.

Mark Wilson

This place is has good food, large portion sizes! In a trendy environment, but be prepared to spend more than you would at a fast food joint. If you want quality, you are going to pay for it.

Philip Brower

Great food! I'm not sure why this place isn't busting at the seems with customers. The food quality is good, prices are fair and the breakfast burritos are fantastic! Stop by and give Kay's Family Restaurant a try, I think that you'll thank me.

William Decker

Kind of in a weird spot but great breakfast burritos

judy goodrich - bray

Great food!

Donald Gerhart

Nice, quiet, clean and with great reasonably priced food and not the standard fare you can get anywhere.

Bryan Hawkins

Food was decent and atmosphere was nice/cozy. Although, it took a while for our food to arrive. A few guest that came in after us we're served and eating before we got our plates.

Wez So_N_So

Ordered breakfast for dinner, great home cooking kinda food

Justin Baggett

Great food, friendly staff. Awesome menu selection, the only complaint is have is they are very slow during the lunch Rush, if your employer is a stickler for lunch times you're either going to starve or take your meal to go.

Hilary Williams

The food is amazing and the servers are always friendly. We go to Kay's at least 3 times a month.

donna hill


Morgan Koskinen

We found a coupon for this restaurant in the Northern Lights coupon book and thought we'd give it a try. It was the best breakfast we've had in Anchorage by far. My eggs florentine was awesome and my husband ordered an omelet which was also good. Even their drip coffee was good. The prices were great and the service was awesome. We will definitely be back!!

Randy Karella

Excellent place to eat and recommend

James Stone

Great breakfast and service.

James Ray

You're not going to get more bang for your buck. The food is absolutely great.

alicia alli


Grace Samuelson

Luv their sausages and eggs over easy.

Gerald Marshall

Good food and service

Shannon Deike

Great place to eat for breakfast. Great atmosphere and service.

Mickey Noel

Great food, great service!

Angelica Gould

Breakfast is great

Marcus Alford

Good job on service and food

Shauna Adams

Always love Kay's! The portions are enormous and the food is always great. My only complaint is that there is to much bacon on the omlette!


Come here every Sunday for brunch. Loove it!

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