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REVIEWS OF Hari Om Indian Cuisine IN Alaska

Harshad Hazariwala

Excellent indian good. I was visiting Fairbanks and was pleasantly surprised to find this spot. I tried the butter chicken (special for the day, not on menu), chicken korma, goat biryani (my favorite at this place), garlic naan and paratha.

Norman Virciglio

Awesome vegetarian options. Korma was great.

Andrea Zollman

Great food! The chef came out to speak to us about our special order.

Rufus Hearns III

Abhijit Naik

Best indian food in Alaska. Its 15-20 min walk from bridgewater hotel. Clean and tranquil setup. This is high quality food at affordable prices. Try paneer dishes for sure.

Keenan Herlocker

Very tasty. I liked the portions and the simple menu. And they were fast as all getout, great service. Also had an inviting atmosphere.

Avie James

Very good

Inga Wuerges

Great food!!!

Victoria Avery

Great food and atmosphere. I love that they have vegan and gluten free options.

Arjun Okkath

We ordered biriyani and it was really bad. If you are a biriyani lover , please avoid this place. Naan and chicken curry was decent.

Srihari Kotcherlakota

Was there at 2:55pm for late lunch. 6 of us went and ordered 4 veggie entrees $14 each and 4 cups rice $4 each. The we asked the waitress to bring a sample container of the rice and veggies and found that we are better off with the standard Thali meal for $16 for each of us. The order came at 3:45pm. Very average quality. No gulab jamun and pickle as seen in the photo. When asked, they were out of pickle. They gave kheer based on rice as a poor substitute. The nan provided was no better than frozen nan put in a microwave. Granted that we are used to a choice of Indian restaurants in the SF Bay area and this was the only Indian restaurant there. No competition. When the bill came, we were charged $18 for dinner Thali and told that after 3PM it is dinner. Typical quantities for dinner Thali are more than lunch. The quantity and variety we got was less than typical lunch Thali offered by most Indian restaurants. Luckily I had email reeipt from Uber which came 2 minutes after we arrived at 2:57pm and using that as proof, I asked and price was adjusted to $16 from $18. I hope this was an exception and not normal because most reviews were good.hi

shahab aria

The only almost real indian restaurant in Fairbanks. Quality is not bad but the prices compare to the quantity of foods is in the sky. A small goat curry( half a normal portion for a normal person) is 22 dollars!!!! If you want only indian restaurant and you have a lot of money to spend, it is a good option.

TrueBlue 3D -Closed

Cassidy Philos


Manjari Saxena

Very tasty Indian food. Owner was very friendly and a great host.

Amith Ambale

Limited menu but good taste, chef & owner Amit Paul was very friendly & responsive to questions about local places to see

Tanvir Saroar

Food quality and taste is very bad. The quantity is very less. We ordered a Thali which comes with vegetable and one chicken item - chicken Tikka masala which is so bad in taste and look. The parata was raw. And the vegetables items was also tasteless.

Frank Bowne

Good food, little spendy.

Gaurav Anand

Delectable Indian food served by a very friendly and a hard working restauranteur!

akansha saraf

Food was not good and fresh

Aiswrya Bhaskaran

Pia Ronningen

Chayashree Pathak

Very good food. But very limited items. Another negative is the time taken. We waited more than 1 hour for our food. If the delay can be handled it is undoubtedly a 5 star. Very clean and colourful ambiance. Was happy to find indian food in fairbanks.

Hardik Shah

No other alternative

Muthu Raza

Hari Om

Nikanth K

Andy Hamilton

John Smith

Great atmosphere, awesome food. One of the best places to eat in Fairbanks.


Excellent food and service

Karla Jacobsen

My friend & I went in late one evening to try something new. She had never had Indian food and I haven't had any since I was about 4 or 5 years old. We ate way too much, between the Masala Fries (addictive & I absolutely loved the tamarind sauce!), Dal Shorba soup (didn't eat much of that one, seemed bland after the fries) & our entrées Chicken Korma & Chicken Tikka Masala. Both Korma & Tikka Masala tasted absolutely amazing my taste buds were in heaven & the Chicken was perfect, moist with a tender buttery texture. We stuffed ourselves and still had a bunch of leftovers to take home for later. Our server, Kayla, was super sweet & helpful The one thing I was disappointed I didn't see on the menu was a food that my sitter/nanny used to make for me when I was little and that was a Yellow Rice dish that she sometimes put tomatoes in. I have no clue what it was called but I seem to recall it was a simple dish. But that's a me thing.

Rajasekhara S

The one and only Indian restaurant in Fairbanks the owner is from Ranchi jharkand by name Amith we had vrgitable biryani @17$, tomato soup @6$& mango custerd @8$ each every thing was very spicy and tasty the quantity of vrgitable biryani is more than sufficient for one person.The owner welcomes you with smiling face the staff is also very efficient.this restaurant is like an oasis in the desert for Indians PL try this hotel when you are in Fairbanks

Arun Gandhi D

Excellent food and great customer service!!! Entered with low expectation but ambition and food and service blew my mind... Try out Thali to cover all bases... worth every penny!!

Keyana Marshall

The meals are waaaaaay to expensive for just rice and meat. No naan..thats an extra 6$ on top of the DRINKLESS 22$ meal. Meat was ok. Rice needed some love.... Sauce was a mild curry after the request for spicy. Charge a lil less... Sell a lil more...i fear trying new things because I get shafted. I love curry. But tge 22$ rice and meat was 15$ portion and my palate grew bored. Expensive and no variety. Tasted ok... Just not 22$ for rice and meat ok..

jayant sharangpure

Bad service, expensive and poorly made Indian food and has no ventilation inside.

Raymond Hogenson

Pretty tasty, very slow.

Ruth Fehr

The servers were friendly however we felt the food was just average.

Nicholas Jones

Most items not available. Small menu and over priced.


Shannon Charlie

The food was delicious. My only complaint is the portioning.

Kai Kai

I’m not sure if they really do run out of samosas to go ( ordered early in the morning) or they just don’t sell it to people that are ordering out.

Nidia Holguin

Great Naan Bread

Abby L

Amazing service. It was my first time there and I felt really welcomed. A+ Food.

shiju K R

Dan Mitchell

Great attention to detail and a good variety from the only Indian restaurant in town. Looking forward to trying the rest of the menu.

dexter 335

Average indian food. Place looks rundown.

Aubrey Hanna

Amazing. Everything.

Tom M

Friendly service and comfortable seating. The menu is excellent with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The food was delicious and served in a timely manner. It was fresh food and very tasty. The only disappointment was the naan side was only one undersized piece for $4. The rest of the menu seemed very reasonably priced.

Rahid Zaman

The place is friendly. We ordered Thali and chicken Biriyani. Thali was excellent and Biriyani was good but noot excellent. Atlast, we got a place where they use spice! I llike their To-go box for Thali also.But, I don't like the green red color combination on the wall :p

Pavan Walvekar

We went on a labor day weekend it was very crowded and they were under staffed. However they managed the entire situation very well and the food was really good. We got nice warm good Indian food in the middle of Alaska.

Stephen Cysewski

Authentic and tasteful food.

Marie Rocheleau

They were out of almost every meat with the exception of chicken and goat. Food was very good. Had the chicken vindaloo. Very spicy hot, and delicious. Can be ordered mild.

Chelsea Arnold

Yummm! Great food.

A Googler

Dhaba Dhal was watery. Almost like jeera rasam (water). Did not see a single lentil.

Taliah Lloyd-Shah

My husband and I love(d)s this place... I have been coming here for months at least 4,5 times per month... We come here for a quick stop for lunch if we are out or if we have been out all day... You would think that we would have a good relationship with the owner considering we support(ed) him so much... But, tonight after hearing him say “he hopes we stay in Fairbanks so we could spend more money on him” I will not be returning.. I loved supporting businesses of people who come to the U.S from other countries, but obviously he only cares about the money and not his customers... I would be “retarted” to continuously spend money on this business when I can make the same dish... or better... I will no longer support this business, neither will I refer anyone else to this place.

Pritam Jagtap

If you are in Fairbanks, and want to have delicious Indian cuisine, this is THE place guys! I swear I didn’t find such awesome India food in Michigan. This is place is authentic!

Jozef Foerch

So you locals know. The owner came from Dallas and had some of the best Indian Food in an area saturated with Indian Restaurants. He is a master of sauces and his food is nothing short of phenomenal. We all miss his restaurant down here very much! If you haven't tried Indian food before you owe it to yourself to try it.... it's been my favorite ethnic cuisine for quite some time now. Best of luck out there Paul!

Shelby Molina

Amazing food! Friendly staff and a great atmosphere with beautiful artwork.

Grace Patterson

Agnes Lawson

This was so great! The service was quick and helpful. We got an appetizer (Papad) and non-vegetarian meal (tikka masala) to split and it was perfect. They helped us find the best level of spice and the chai tea was perfect as well!

Dave Archer

Karen Biondich

Delicious! The thali platter was amazing.

Tyler Cunningham

I've never been much for Indian food, but this place has me hooked!

Levi Jenkins

Very delicious food.

Michael Dean

Friendly, attentive service. Chana Masala was as good as any other I’ve had. The chai tea was different than any other I’ve tasted. It had a rich depth to balance out the sweetness—really good.

Christopher Hardy

Went there for the second time. First time was a small 2-go order and the second was a dinner date. Food was plentiful in quantity and flavors. Fairly inexspensive and pretty quiet surroundings. The server did a good job explaining what everything was on our order and the chef did an amazing job blending so many flavors and textures. I will be coming back!

Mira Pinta

One of the best places in Fairbanks, keep your eyes out for specials through their facebook page. We had the most AMAZING Valentine's day dinner not usually on their menu.

Eric Kline

This food is so amazing, and healthy. Can't help but love the place. Just walking in the smells from the kitchen are just.... supurb

Sudarsan Hemadri

Brijesh Garabadu

Service was good. Liked the people. Food quality was not that great. Chicken tikka masala was without fresh chicken (as opposed to what they claim about all fresh ingredients). They used chicken thigh meat instead of chicken breast - which was my first time ever in a restaurant (don’t mind thigh at home). Paneer was hard in the paneer tikka masala. Rice was stale and dry. Overall a below average restaurant but glad we had an Indian food option in Fairbanks.

Keyur Parikh

Nice Food and service! Bit Pricey.

Mustafa Murtaza

Came in with the family as tourists looking for an indian restaurant in Fairbanks. I’m sorry to say, the food was extremely average, especially for the price being charged. The server was nice but not upto the standards we were used to as far as authentic taste goes. We ordered the deal and chicken curry with Naan and paratha. The daal was okay but the chicken curry felt like something I could make at home, not something I would pay so much for. I think what drove me to write this review however, was the Naan and paratha which were $4. Both felt like they came from frozen packages and I asked the server at the end and she confirmed that the naan was not fresh, although the paratha apparently was. Overall, for ~40-50 dollars, I expected much more.

Prithvi C

Shilp Arora

Simple food, great service.

Nathan Smith

Melissa D.

This place is delicious! Their portions are generous and the spices are spot on.

Alexis Fay

It’s a bit pricey but very comparable to other Fairbanks establishments. The inside decor is very bright and festive. I love the decor and it’s always clean. There is also a little boutique in the front. I’ve had the thali both veg and non veg, the pikoras, chicken tikka masala ans curries. Loved them all. They don’t go crazy with the spice so ask for extra Indian spicey if you like it hot. Staff are kind and friendly.

Kimberly Gilhousen

So much better than any Indian food I've ever had. Very creamy Tika masala. Love the atmosphere.

Athena Zoila

Food was absolutely delectable, but the service was terrible, but he is the one cooking, serving, and waiting. Water didn't taste the best, it tasted almost like it came from the tap or a toilet. Other than that the food was splendid.

Aseem Bhartiya

We were surprised to see an Indian Restaurant in Fairbanks. We ordered Tikka Masala and Samosa. Food was in between Ok and good. Service was terrible. It took 40 minutes to get our food, then the waitress had forgotten to put order for Samosa so that was 15 minutes late as well. Water was not good at all, I suggest take your own water bottle.

Anusha Ramachandra

A great place to get Indian food at Fairbanks. Excellent quality. We visited this place twice. Started and ended our Alaskan trip here


Well I am from Nepal and Indian food is the closest I can get to home food in fairbanks. I went in for a dinner thali and no dinner thali for dinner. Why do you even call it a dinner thali if you are not going to have it for dinner. pretty disappointing. The whole place was pretty chaotic and the waiter had a hell of a time trying to manage all the guest. True respect for you sir. Most of us would have panicked in his case. Well I ordered a chicken biryani . The food was ok . Not anything extraordinary. The place looked a bit rundown too. Need to up your standard or you are going to loose customers pretty fast as this new indian restaurant in the town craze is going to die pretty fast. Word of mouth is a powerful thing. And lastly steel glasses for water and open container water jugs in table . Is it supposed to be an Indian Dhaba theme LOL.

Marsha Dalton-Rivers

Perfect for a lunch date destination! Appetizer samosas, Lunch Non-veg thali platter. We shared the app and platter. Which was enough to fill but not over stuff us. Great service, great place if your looking for something different and flavorful other then your all amer. Burger joint.

Joseph Baumgartner

Krystal Tomlin

Great food. Not the best Indian I've had but definitely very good! The naan was the best part!

Sophia Newman

Wonderful food! Very authentic and so yummy! we picked up a to go order so I cant say anything about the servers but the lady I talked to on the phone was very nice!

Mitzi Greenwood

Food was bland. Our waiter was drunk. It took forever to get our food.

Santhosh Janardhanan

Carlos Guzman

suyash jape

Googling Indian restaurant, we found this as the only result, and we didn’t come in with much expectation in such a remote plate. What a pleasant surprise. Truly excellent food, reminding us of home made recipes. We had the veg and non veg thalis and every item in it was of great quality. The restaurant is clean, artistic and a pleasant ambience. The owner/cook is good and welcoming host. Highly recommended and will come back in the next Fairbanks visit.


The food is phenomenal and I would highly recommended eating here. We’ve gotten take out a few times and eaten in once and have never been disappointed.

Chad Gabriel

Odd layout. Good food.

Paul McLellan

Very nice place and great food.

Zu Ng

They shut down the business.


Good authentic Indian food in Fairbanks. Prices slightly higher.

Shannon Vargas

Todd Peterson

Food was fantastic. Cute setting. Prices reasonable.

Nicole Austin

Friendly easy going atmosphere with great food.

corbett gray

Harsh Jain

This is a must try authentic Indian restaurant in Fairbanks when needing a nice home cooked type of meal! We ordered a non veg and a veg thali which was freshly cooked with the right amount of spice to the customer's liking. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone and everyone who is in the Fairbanks area! Also if you want fresh and hot roti you have to call ahead of time or you will have to eat naan. - From a very satisfied costumer

Varun S

Good Indian food, incredible service.

Srikar Rao

I definitely recommend this place. Every dish is really great and you love it. I can taste why its number 1 Indian food in Fairbanks! I will be back again!

Sara Rikalo Cassidy

This place is definitely a highlight of the food scene in Fairbanks. Best Indian food we’ve had in a while. Fresh ingredients, delicious meals and friendly staff.

H3althy D3v

Delicious indian food. Cook was super accommodating and helped us a lot with what to order to mine and my boyfriends preferences. Spectacular customer service. Will definitely be going again!

Frida Shroyer

Three of us tried different dishes and all were fabulous. Even though we shared, there was plenty to take home for leftovers. Yum! I highly recommend Hari Om. Try it today!

Ren Arinaki

Nita Raol

Authentic indian taste...

Mahesh Shinde

Thanks for opening the first ever Indian restaurant in Fairbanks. To open an Indian restaurant in Fairbanks need lots of guts and chef Amit Paul has it . Food is good specially the tikka masala & samosa . Keep the good work Hari Om , you cannot make some people happy because they don't want to be happy. I wish they serve wine & beer .

Elizabeth Hughes-Hageman

Amazing every time. Food is out of this world good, excellent service, not crazy expensive. One of my absolute favorite spots in town.

Gregory Krisa

Food was great the chips taste like Chipotle Tabasco sauce without any heat The naan was high quality chewy bread. Only thing I did not like was the spinach cilantro sauce but used the other white cilantro in with the rice it was so good I ate all of it and my stomach hurts from being so full I'm 32 most I have eaten in one meal in a long time. The Pepsi was my own.

Michael Appy

Awesome! Recommend to anyone looking for amazing authentic food.

Gaurav Shenoy

Vanessa Chambers

Pretty good. Staff was great, food was decent, and they had a cute little gift shop in the front. Don't sit right below the heater fan, it's pretty loud.

Kim Kelly

Seriously overpriced for what you get. The flavors are good but not outstanding.

robert knight jr

Great service, food and atmosphere. I ate till it hurt

Lisa Lake

Last time we were there for lunch, it took forever to get our food, and we didn't get all of it before we had to leave to get back to work timely.

Shubhana Sattar

We waited over 45 minutes to get our food and it was terrible. The biriyani was the worst biriyani I have ever tasted in my entire life. There was no salt and the meat was undercooked. The rice and meat were not even mixed well - it was as if they had boiled chicken and boiled rice and just mixed them with some oil. Truly disgusting. We also ordered the dal and it was too salty to eat. The paratha was the only thing that was decent. It was so bad that we left the food and did not even take to go boxes. Please save your money and go to a Thai place in town.

Jade Rivers

The food we ordered was excellent and generously portioned. Great service. Relaxing and romantic atmosphere with tasteful decorations and wall art. Highly recommended.

J Bosworth

Katie Allen

I love Hari Om! By now I've had most of the dishes, and have enjoyed every one of them.

Faron Totemoff

Great Service! Delicious food!! Beautiful looking inside!! On top of that friendly customer service. Definitely will be back for sure.


Cute Place, excellent authentic food. Gluten free and Vegan options available and noted on the menu. The chef was the ONLY person working (heavy forest fire smoke kept employees at home this particular). He - with a smile and positive attitude - handled a full restaurant. Food was delicious and hot.

James Wells

I was pleasantly surprised with this restaurant. I am not a fan of Indian food, but the food was good and the portion size was more than expected. Worth visiting again.

Neel Shah

Very good place for Indian food, that too in the North. Being a Jain, I never expected to get onion/garlic free food. The owner was very friendly and nice!!

Alexandra Olivera

Great Indian food, great environment and love the paintings on the wall. You must give it a try!

donna farrell

Great service, food was fantastic! They also had the best take home , left over box I had ever seen in a restaurant!

Stone Verry

Alexander Frailey Afanasyev

Mallory W

ReBecca S.

Very good Indian food! Well worth the wait. If you like heat, order Indian spicy! Love the vindaloo and Chicken pakoras

Josep Tinder

Very delicious food, the great smell when walking in. It's clean and quaint. Would definitely be going back. We ordered the veg and meat platters.

Don Myles

Bill Witte

Great food, very friendly staff.

Nypthes Astarte

Great service and food

Swathi Swathi

We felt really really happy to see this restaurant in Fairbanks... with nice indian paintings and decorations inside. we can even buy some kinds of indian clothing and handmade bags etc. Food is also good. definitely love to go there again!

gijeong kim

- check the water / really dirty. Need to work on dish wash skill. - after waiting 45 mins for food ; first food for appetizer was white rice. What in the world ?! We must eat just plain white rice with what ? -ordered two appetizers ; main order actually arrived first ;; - ordered appetizer that was fried vegetable, but only stuff we seen was potato and onions ;; we know there are multiple kinds of vegetables. - server is very kind and knowledgeable, but when we asked to speak with manager Manager avoided and send server to us. It was a unprofessional decision. - rice is very undersized. 3 people ordered $37 worth foods, but no one has finished a single dish.

Jackelin Saavedra

My friend, son, and I had lunch together here today. We had such a lovely time. The food was absolutely wonderful, from preparation to presentation, very pleasing. Thank you for such a wonderful dining experience.

Duane Fehr

Food was just average and expensive. Service was just average.

Benzo B

I've eaten at many different Indian restaurants as well as Indian friends homes. Surprised to find some of the best I've had here in Fairbanks. Friendly waiter and cook/owner. Channa masala was particularly delicious but all our dishes were tastey. They have a sample type platter meal so you can try different things. The day we went they only had wheat naan and I perfer regular but there are some chefs choice type things which can be a unigue experiance. Wife doesn't like new things and she loved it and so did the kids! I don't often give 5 stars but this was well worth it.

Nishith Shah

Very good food! We were there for 4 days in Fairbanks and ate at this restaurant everyday.


Amazing home style Indian food !! Thanks a lot Amit ji , we enjoyed the food !!

Goutham Pacha Ravi

Fiao'o Fonoti

So yummy.!!!!! I don't do spicy but I decided to get curry, now it was perfect and so good, that I didn't care about the spice but finished my food and enjoy the music as well. The owner/cook even came out and connect with me and have a little conversation and thank me for coming. Very nice kind people this is food, the authentic real stuff. Loved it thank you so much!!!! I'll recommend this to all of you!!!

brandie conley

The food was amazing. I highly recommend this place. Friendly staff and fun atmosphere.

Peter Wilber

First time having Indian food. Was very very good. Even though it was a vegan dish. Highly recommend

Urvi Patel

Ritika Rasiwasia

The food wasn’t great! I found the food to be too oily and stale.

Michael Young

Jenney Tello

Fantastic! Wish we lived closer so we could come all the time. Great flavors, service, and vegetarian options.

Ankur Sachan

Julia Lavin

My friend and I had lunch and service was very slow, the waitress forgot part of her dish, and the taste wasn't that great. Not sure if it was an off day or not, but I don't think we will be back.

Carissa Gallentine

The food was very tasty. I did feel that it was over priced for what we received.

Todd Raymond

Excellent portions and the most amazing flavor!! If you've never had Indian food you MUST try it!! The few poor reviews don't fall in line with my experience there. I will be back.

Ano Ther

Great to have an Indian restaurant in town. Disappointed in quality of food, décor and authenticity. Perhaps an off night, Friday 10, 13 but food is too fresh and uncooked. Potatoes were hard and lamb was chewy. Indian food needs to be slow cooked over a long period to allow for tenderness and full absorption of the spices. Potatoes showed zero penetration. The sauces were too watery, another indication of too fast preparation. There was little difference in taste or aroma between a mild Curry and very hot Vindaloo. No pre-meal hand washing offered even though Naan was ordered to eat Indian style. No after meal toothpicks or traditional mouth freshener/digestive. Padam mint/yoghurt should be a free nibbly like salsas in traditional Mexican restaurants as the wait is about 20-30mins. Price reasonable if full service and better quality product. Needs to improve all round if it wants repeat business and not just novelty dining. PS: Response read and answered. Sent email as requested one week ago and NO response from them as yet!

Chel-SEE Curry

Ok so this is a tough review to write. I ate here just the other day and the staff was very nice and helpful in explaining the menu and the level of spiciness to expect. But.... they gave me FOOD POISONING. And I am 100% sure it was from here being that I didnt eat anything else the rest of the night. I am really sad because overall the foor was good, but I cant even think about their food now without getting nauseous. Sadly I will not be returning.

Chris Clark

I like it. Very tasty.

Aditi Gupta

Abysmal experience. They got our orders mixed up with another Indian couple, had to eat super spicy food when I asked for mild. Later when I asked that couple and found that they got mild spicy thali, I mentioned it to the waitress and she said oh well you guys had very similar orders. Cook has bad attitude and he is surely not trained by ITC chef as they claim. Food was way below average (lumps of undercooked rice in the biryani, meat was mostly just bones).

Jackie Steele

Yummy food

Raymond Reyes

Nice place

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