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REVIEWS OF China Lights Oriental Cuisine IN Alaska

David Sanders

Good place to have a meeting or dining party. Plenty of food selections, beer, wine and desserts. Friendly staff and good prices.

Joseph Lingo

The food is sub par for how much it costs.

Ilsa Burton

Good variety, nice staff, clean

Donna Case

Its alright but its too expensive for the quality of food you get. Theres better and cheaper food in town.

Joyce Falasia

This place is the bomb! Seafood lovers!

Michael Oak

Nope. Lots of variety but it was all old and at room temperature. In addition to being luke warm and old, flavor was a bit lacking. For $20, I expect more. I read the reviews and thought "it can't be that bad, just normal mediocre buffet." Nope, I was wrong. Unfortunately it was a holiday and a lot of restaurants were closed. I should have grabbed a cheeseburger at McDonalds. Don't waste your time or money here. On the plus side, my water stayed filled and staff were overall friendly. So plus a star for that.

Abatch Hamilton

Delicious buffet!!


Great variety, yummy food.

Alex Cortez

Food was cold and wasn't as good as it has been. Host seated us at a table that was already occupied. When the person came back it created a very awkward situation.

Jeremy Mase

Selection was horrible. Food was less that stellar. Had way higher Hopes.

Willy Guyll

I was not happy. Owner was eating king crab and there was no crab for customer's. How rude. Will not go back. They get - 10 points. That is minus TEN. Would not let me review without giving a point so take that point away minus TEN more! Ear that china lights oriental.

Jim Kelly

Far better than Eagle River location. Ok buffet.

Bryan L. Rutherford

Not bad food. Ice cream doesn't taste that good.

jamie mark

Pretty huge Asian buffet and they kept up with the food soon as it ran low they refilled nice presentation nice staff

MBP Paine

6 of us went in on a busy Sunday. The variety for food was fresh and good. This was our first visit .

The Database

Great variety, friendly people

Caleb Jordan

Friendly staff. subpar food for the price.

Island Girl

its a hit and miss....sometimes food are good sometimes theres hardly anything goof to trays are empty and youre stuck with what they have.

Gloria Trefon

It was okay to eat at. The buffet was okay there wasnt much of a variety.

Emms Haase

Excellent array ot Foods. And well prepared we enjoyed our dinner very much

Amber Anderson

Lunch was great but dinner is so much better. The only problem is customer service is a little bit slow and sometimes the food will sit out too long and get dry.

Heather McIver

Big buffet but not a very good selection. Nowhere near worth the money.

Jerilyn Glenn

Cafeteria food but good.

Ginger Fox

Great food.


Ok food not much variaty if u like sushi there is alot alot undercooked and bad

James Stafford

Food is ok a little pricey

Paula Lopez

Ok I know this is a buffet and food quality doesn’t tend to be the best at buffets.. but Oh My Gosh!.. where do I start.. first of all, crab legs way over cooked, dry crab legs... they came out of water .. how did that happen!? Banana pudding was literally huge chunks of banana with a little whipped cream on top and chocolate syrup.. no pudding anywhere on the dish. The sushi was poorly rolled, had brow avocado and bacon bits :( The egg rolls had so much black pepper it was hard to eat them whiteout sneezing. The noodles, tempura shrimp and the pistachio salad were very good. In a positive note the table service was excellent. Paid 43.00 for a horrible meal!

Thomas Greenman

Straight to the point, this place is okay all things considered. The buffett is large but the food is sometimes a bit old and not as fresh or as well prepared as you would expect from a dining experience. Isn't that what you would typically expect? Perhaps. But this location has a lot going for it. The restaurant itself is fairly clean and nice but some of it's clientele can be a bit on the shady side at times. But don't let that detract you. It's still a solid chinese-american style buffet.

Samantha Tokar

Best Chinese buffet here

Matthew LaFriend

Overpriced and underwhelming food. Pad Thai was awful. Selection was lacking compared to the lower 48 and it was over 40 dollars for two adults with waters. Won't be returning or recommending for any friends/family that visit anchorage.

Rosie Segi-Oakley

between 8pm/830pm we went for dinner and it wasn't much food from the buffet to eat smh most of the pans was empty n other foods was too dried up too eat.... it was for 2 adults n our 18mths with no food n dried food we got charged $52 dollars n something cents WOW it was unbelievable....really....customer service sucks too smh This place needs to be inspected ASAP n shut it down!!!!! Waste of money... Fired the manager ASAP while y'all at it.. Golden corral is where my family n I will go for dinner from now on...

jeri laveulette

I love the rice we loved the one in eagle river but they closed and we went out to the one by the diamond center and we even saw a worker from the eagle river China lights we honestly loved the service we would come back again

BraHunSon Kaai

Waitress greeted us with a mouthful of food. There was a good selection and variety of food, however Safeway Chinese food tastes better in my opinion. A few things were good like the shrimp dishes but the other meats were kind of chewy and fake tasting. The waitress was very fast at removing our dishes, which was lovely. The atmosphere was nice but I wouldn't go there again.

Scott Hafer

I've always liked this place. Just like any buffet restaurant, go when its busy.

DeLyn Lea

After normally ordering from Panda, we decided to order from this place because it used to be my husbands favorite restaurant. It was a terrible idea! The food was cold, we were charged extra for orange chicken that ended up being a mushy chicken breast served katsu style with a lumpy cold orange sauce. There was so much onion in the fried rice, barely cooked onion at that, that I couldn’t even eat it. The fried shrimp was mushy and almost all breading. We will never eat here again. So disappointed. What a waste of $60, we literally threw it all in the trash.

William Kenny

Horrible service, dry food. One of the cooks moved a serving spoon from seafood to beef without rinsing it. This is just waiting for someone with an allergy to sue them out of existence. I DO NIT RECCOMEND ANYONE TRYING THIS PLACE. COST US $50 for 2 adults. If I could rate it 0 stars I would.

Ramiah Vaoalii

All you can eat seafood and extras. Great food. Price is a bit of a turn off for others at $20 and more for the weekend and evening times, BUT I am a big eater so it's worth it to me. Aside from the price, everything including the staff is great. Just kick back, relax and enjoy!

chris whiskers

Ordered from door dash, I got some of the nastiest sweet and sour chicken that looks like it was sitting in a very moist environment for most of the day and then stuffed in a box and sent my way....Please Check food quality more often! +1 star for the good rice and +1 for keeping the sweet and sour sauce separate even though I didn't eat it.

Craig Kingsbury

Good food. Little expensive

Amanda Feasel

Visiting Anchorage Alaska. Saw the listing in restaurants nearby and checked out their website. They showed pictures on the website of amazing looking food and a four bar buffet . So we drove clear out there and went in thinking we were going to enjoy a nice buffet. When we got inside it was a small dirty looking restaurant with only a one bar buffet that was half onion rings and french fries. Very very very disappointed and none too happy with the photos that were clearly not I love that restaurant!

Kevin Pathmann

Best Chinese buffet in Anchorage

Tyrone Bass

I like the setting and the buffet had many options of food. The staff was pleasant and the fried rice, the teriyaki and the spring egg rolls was delicious. If you're in Anchorage and you like asian food go to China lights.

Rodelsa AmancioI

The food is delicious

Анна Устименко

Everything tasty and fresh. Thank you

Ron Frazier

Probably the best buffet in Anchorage with plenty of shrimp, sushi, beef, chicken and whatever else they can whip up. The servers seem to be ever present and your cup may remain low or empty for seconds before being refilled. Eat everything you put on your plate though!

Ataner Cantu

I will be happy to return there's no MSG upon request in their food. I'm allergic to MSG. I haven't been able to enjoy Asian foods for a very long time because of MSG

Melissa Reed

Great food

Marlon Saturnino

I go here every so often with my fam. First time with just friends; was a good time. Prices are kinda high, but it's good place to just hang out if you're not too loud. Food's pretty good too.

Coultor Anderson

To expensive for not that great food

Andrei C

Great buffet with a big selection. Good price.

Tou Vang

Very overpriced if you order to go. Paid $160 for about $50 worth at another restuarant.

Angel & Maleko

Good buffet, decent price

Francis B

Great selection of food. While it isn't the best quality, it is the best buffet food I've had in awhile.

William Burton

Great Buffet. Constantly refreshed. The service was good and friendly. You can eat. It's easy to eat too much.


Good food in a nice environment.

LeeAnna Sykes

Friendly Service, Amazing Food, Impressively sanitary (important for a buffet). Price is reasonable and the ambience is relaxing. 10/10

Ray Woolfolk

I've eaten here many times, great service and food. Easy going environment, really love it here!

ellis bartreau

Very good food. A wide variety of Asian cuisine. The buffet is all you can eat at extremely reasonable prices

Josue De León somoza

Good food means a good time in the retroom. Peace guy's

John Welkins

I used to like this place for the many options on their buffet, even when the price kept getting higher the options and flavors where good. Unfortunatelly this time around half of the buffet was either out or dryout, flavors where mediocre as if their chef or cooks have been replaced. Be a while before I visit this place again, for now I'll stick to good single plate Chinese restaurants and pay half the price for twice as much better flavors.

Jeffery Walker

This place is way over price, the sushi is on imitation crab or vegie and the food is old and dry! Do not I repeat, DO NOT eat here. That is all.

Joel Andrew

Quick food at cost

Russell King III

Usually our go to option when we decide to eat out and want Chinese or sushi. The buffet offers a huge variety of good food and even includes sushi. Depending on the day of the week or season snow crab is also on the buffet. Dessert options on the buffet aren't the best, but they do have an ice cream machine. Overall, I do feel they are the best choice in town for all you can eat Chinese food and Sushi


This was my first time having Chinese food in Alaska and I loved every bit of it. The service and food was absolutely amazing.

Kao Thao

Kids love going

Antone Shelikoff

Food was excellent going back soon

Ambie B

My husband and I decided to try and give this place a try. When we were seated the host was chewing food and we could hardly understand her. After ordering a soda we went to get our food from the buffet, we started eating. The food tasted like cardboard. The only thing that even remotely had a taste was the fried rice. After about 25 minutes I had to ask for the soda. She went to get it and got side tracked again and forgot it. So after about 30 minutes of trying different foods hopeful for finding some with flavor. It was a fail. We paid our check of almost 40.00. We were asked how our visit was. We told them we would never be back and we. The lady said we had no taste. We left and went to subway. Where the food was so much more flavorful and worth the price. Save your money and find another spot for your Chinese cuisine. They only got one star because I had to put something.

Jason Pickens

Great food but steep prices for a buffet


Your typical Chinese buffet. No frills. Lunch is reasonably priced. Usually refill the trays often. Can be unlucky and get half a plate of lukewarm food. They also have a small sushi section if you're into that. Desserts are usually awful, other than the brownies.

Scott Martin

The largest all you can eat restaurant in town. Food is always good.

Natalie Knight

Enjoyed the company. Food was cold. :(

Richard Mar

Not bad but not exactly great. The seafood options are decent, but don't bother with the sushi. The food is kept decently fresh. Surprisingly enough, the brownies in the dessert section were excellent.

Louis Wilson

Awesome food, great people.

Elizabeth Wright Ridenour

Helpful friendly staff. Clean atmosphere. Good food. Always fresh.

Ellen Michelle

Went for their lunch buffet, the selection is huge. The food was decent, I got the seaweed salad, teriyaki chicken, a spring roll, and a fresh roll. The guys tried other items and seemed to enjoy the food. Friendly service.

Thamara Thompson

I have never been disappointed with my meals here. one of my favorite buffet places in town. the staff is friendly, keeps my water glass full, and its nice being able to take my time and enjoy the meal. Only issue i had, during the winter time. it gets pretty chilly sitting next to A window table. When the door opens and closes, the cold will come greet you. If China lite can put some up something to block the cold breeze, that would be awesome. Also, Hand Sanitizer would be nice to have available for the buffet lines.

Edward Cabarles

Great buffet for the money. Lots of choices.

kat williams

Wish there was an option for no stars. The staff was great but the food was horrible. Hardly any choices and what we did eat tasted gross. $20 dollars a plate kinda seemed ridiculous for the quality of food.

Gregory Erkins

Always great choices

Chester Ince

Food is delicious, but hard to resist the food not on my diet.

vance beaston

Always good and supper nice people

Jim Jaminet

Good and quick

Tasiana John

I liked the food there

Ed Gross

An excellent buffet and a great place to see a cross section of Anchorage residents.

Annie Blue

They use no MSG, which is great, and rare for an Asian buffet. Each time I came, they had different desserts. The price is good for Anchorage, considering there's sushi and seafood.

David Okitkon

Good food, good atmosphere

Kat Nelson

If I could rate 0 I would. Food was poorly prepared. Limited choices. Unflavorful and overpriced. Will not be returning or recommending.

Andrew Chong

Price seems really steep for the quality of food they have.

Alaska Mc

Best Asian buffet in town. Can sustain quality and no dry food due to no one eating.

James Strutz

The buffet lunch/dinner is amazing! Great selection and most all of it good food. And at a decent price too. Good atmosphere. A nice place for large or small groups.

Lauren Howard

It has blossomed since the last time I was here. The hostess was super prompt and friendly, the floors and buffet area were clean and the room was well lit, which was nice. The food was okay, pretty standard for an Anchorage buffet and well priced for the quality. Will probably go again.

Andy InAk

Overpriced mall food. The staff plays stupid like they don't know English... I assure you that they do and will give you a hard time if you have a bariatric patient in your party and ignore their medical situation.

Victor Knight

Amazing food, amazing service

Terry Diperna

Very good food and a large selection of everything. Real hot mustard for the egg rolls..

Jaeger Kharjudio

Need better service. The Asian employees are always mean mugging people with darker skin. I've ate here 5 times and this is what I always see. Unfriendly impressions doesn't make anyone comfortable. Second, they parked their garbage dump cart next to my party's table and it's a mixture of bacteria less than 4 feet away from our table. Thirdly, food is mostly cold. Sushi section is probably the most neat. Other than that, I don't feel welcome here and neither do my friends and family.

Steve Ives

Food was good

Cheyenne Dixon

All the food we tried was absolutely amazing my new favorite place to eat & I suggest everyone tries the best food ever....❤️

Marijayne Gray

Food was alright. Service was fair.


Don't eat there in the dinner service over priced seafood. The customer service is good. The decor hasn't changed since I've been there the first time. Chinese food here is alright.

Acupuncture Chi

All you can eat.

Tim Huntting

Food quality is very good and they have many soup and entree choices. Usually about a dozen types of sushi but variety is limited.

Chris Ford

Great assortment of items. Everything from kimchi to squid in addition to the regular fare you would expect on a Chinese buffet. Price is a couple dollars higher than the Anchorage competition, but definitely worth it. You'll definitely leave satisfied and full!

Ken Swisher

Fair selection, freshness is a hit or miss.

Clifford Robards

A decent selection of food


Poor quality of several dishes, surly wait staff. I don't live in Anchorage so several years since last visits. Brought guests very disappointed.

Leanne Swager

Food was great but not the best I've ever had, although very fresh! Great service and friendly staff. Definitely cheaper in Oklahoma!

Latoya Bello Jones

My husband and I had the orange chicken and lemon chicken with rice. Both tasted very bland. As if the only seasoning was the fresh oranges put on my chicken and the fresh lemons put on his.

U.B. Fury

Meh .. Chinese buffet. Inconsistent but has decent array of food choices.

Brad Kilger

Always fresh food for a buffet. Lots of diverse choices.

stuid dose

The food tastes yucky and not fresh and the didnt even give us forks

GOD is Love

Good foods but not so friendly.

Gabriel Wilson

Friendly service with good food

Veronica Jordan

The raise the price to 24 a person and some foods were fresh some wasn't

Christie Tabisola

The buffet has a plethora of foods to choose from including salad bar, desserts, sushi rolls, kimchee, steamed buns, sticky rice, typical America/Chinese recipes, and Korean side dishes. If you are looking for place to feed a crowd this is a perfect place. This is not my favorite place for sushi, however.

Patricia Petak

Good food a lot of it but not as good as usual. Fried rice was to crunchy. Odd taste to both pork ribs and baked chicken. Rest the food was very good.

Heven demo

It's okay, it's a buffet, there are some good dishes in there, and some that are just meh. I definitely here for getting my fill rather than something crafty. You do get your money's worth depending on how much you eat.

Dee Leahy

Went there with my dad for lunch and it was delicious. Good selection of food. Staff was very polite and attentive.

Kimberly Harris

Ordered the food for delivery. It was soggy, tasteless and gross. The Mongolian beef even smelled "off". Complete waste of money. Threw it all away.

Brian Booth

Would have to say worst buffet ever. Went to eat some chicken, it was bad, clearly smelled bad. Changed over to seafood, shrimp ESPECIALY fishy tasting. Maybe not bad but definitely old. Asked to speak to manager, told we don't have one ???? Ended up paying $31 got home and was sick, puking . Obviously not a recommendation I could give, Sorry !!

Kim Hubert

Great selection and food

Victoria Drowne

Food is always cold. The quality of this place has gone downhill.

Tyler Perry

The buffet was okay. But when I ordered to go, 'I get my usual everytime I go to a dinner Chinese restaurant' Spicy pork fried rice and it was really good. 3 stars because the buffet isn't all that. Order to go or something off the menu. Might be a little better✌️

Andy Kleintank

Very good buffet with many great items to choose from. Very clean and modern. Will definitely return my next time in town.

David Brown

Surprisingly good for a buffet. There's some dishes there I wouldn't have expected that aren't made for White Americans.

Jo Ellen Shaw

The food is GREAT! You get what you pay for. All the staff are very welcoming. No matter if you eat in or have take out. Both are great

john king

If you like random buffet style Oriental type food this is a good one for you. Prices are reasonable and we've never left hungry. Service area for the buffet always appears to be clean and organized. It's a good place to try something new and I've visited this place multiple times over the years.


A typical chinese buffet restaurant. Foods are okay.

Mivhael Miller

This place has gone down hill

Jackson&Tori Sohs

Love the food but to get my drink filled sometimes i gotta go look for my server

Jennifer Smith

Nice atmosphere with friendly service; Buffet has a variety of delicious, healthy food choices.

Eva Gregg

We had a good time but buffets are not really my first choice.

Surakshith M N

Pretty good

Cristina Gusata

Very clean very good food deserts fruit everything

gitanya thibodeaux

Good food

Bobbie Nelson

Amazing variety, and a awesome seafood!

Libby Ouellette

Nice staff but food was not impressive by any means. The rice tasted like oil, beef teryaki had a lot of fat on it and in general the to go orders were way over priced. Not worth the $.

Chris Brandt

This is the Golden Corral of Chinese food... If you want quantity over quality this is the place. Plus large dessert area. Cost me $22.50 each person for soda and all you can eat evening time. Soda was extra cost but refilled. So I paid a total of 67.50 for 3 of us. Could have squeaked under $60 for all 3 if we drank water. I think we would have had better quality food and maybe a little left to take home if we just would have went to Panda. March 2018 reviewed.

Sydney Giver

Love love love their spring rolls!! Nice buffet and overall clean. Women's bathroom was clean. Service was good.

Edison Montoya

Also another great place for all u can eat and a great price for 2 in the morning Bill came up to $28 with drinks

Yolanda Thomas

Food to enjoy slowly and visit.

John Paul

It was good but a little bit on the spendy side #over $20 a plate for buffet style but they have some nice oriental food an oriental food actual oriental food is what you're looking for then you should go check it out if price is not an issue.

Oleg Psarev

All of my family love this place! Used to go there often, always enjoyed the food and atmosphere... Recently the price went up a bit, but food variety did not change, little bit disappointed... but still can't drive by without stopping at this restaurant!

crystal davidge

The egg drop soup is amazing! Just what I need on a cold winter day!

Robert Műller

Lot of food in different quality...

West tv

The best time is Friday they make sea food

Dalton Lew

Wide selection great for family

Tammy Michaels-Jimenez

Yum, yum, yummy! Love there miso soup!

yodislaer yottes

Good food had 7 to many plates. Was fair for lunch prices 29$ for two.

Jyri Larm

Great place for groups. Private rooms available. Lunch buffet is great but not 5 stars. Some food items taste like fast food but sushi section is my favorite.

S.A Stapley

Nice quick meal.

Dyllan Mawson

*Update at the end of this review* I generally have a bad time when ordering from here. The only time I will is when I'm not in the mood to go out and order to-go from their Eagle River location. Which, by the way, is definitely the place you should go instead. Here are only a few reasons why: -Wait staff and Hosts have pretty dull and at some times snooty attitudes towards customers. -Food quality is not consistent at all. -Food is mostly left out until a customer lets staff know. -Ordering delivery is a NIGHTMARE!!! It can take up to 2 hours to recieve your food, your order will most likely be wrong in some sort of way and it is almost always cold. -They do not allow refunds of any kind due to poor quality of food and ALL staff members are extremely rude when politely asking. UPDATE: The owner has since responded to my review. I would like to say that I appreciate the response and I hope to see improvement at this location. I do enjoy the food when it's fresh and properly made.

fred l

Its good iike the sushi available at the buffet. Wish some items were more available. There are some popular items that run out quickly.

Elizabeth Angasan

Tastey & quality Asian cuisine.

Randy Bonn

Good eats, but pricey.


many choice from Asian style food. no need order from menu.....go in and dine in. seat and eat....fresh and delicious

Peter Bell

Great Sushi :)

Shauna Adams

We weren't sure we were going to like it but we're pleasantly surprised. The place was clean and we'll decorated. The server was attentive and the food was great!


Went on Christmas day. Was pretty expensive. 25.50 a person. Food wasn't worth that price point in my opinion. Food felt not fresh. There were a few questionable looking items. Everytime I go in it feels like it's a little work down. And just not the cleanest.

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