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1391 University Ave S, Fairbanks, AK 99709

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REVIEWS OF Carl's Jr. IN Alaska

Michelle Barker-Childs

Great little burger! Beyond burger cooked to package instructions. However we should have told them to cook well done. We like it crispy! Driving through on the way to Texas. First time at Carl Jr. Staff was top notch! Attentive and efficient. Fun experience.

Eric King

Just not really impressed on how the patties looked. Seemed like they were just heated up in a microwave or something. Fries were hot and fresh and very clean.

Jon Farmer

The play place is great! My kids loved it. The service is also good. A little dirty but the play place makes up for that.

Bill Schwocho

The food varies from time to time it's pretty good I like it I'll go back just give me a little bit of time

Penelope Piper Britt

Got two roast beef sandwiches and fries very good and filling.

Rachel Pruitt

Great shakes! Big burgers for the price. You won't leave hungry.

G Pineda

Quick drive thru, good burger. Need a better menu.

Beatriz Ochoa

This used to be my favorite carls jr and it was convenient too because it's close to my home but for the past few months the service has gone bad, the food is horrible and served old. The other carls jr are about 15 mins away, seems like I won't be eating here anymore

Alexander Bourandas

This particular Carl's Jr. was on par with others in the area. I have been to others where the food is prepared better, it looks more appetizing and tastes better. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't a great Carl's jr.

Mindy Goforth

Food was great, restaurant was clean, employees courteous and friendly. Really good for fast food!

Bryanna Gallegos

I was Good,My food is Always Hot and Fresh and the Staff is Always Friendly

Jason Theodore

Went through the drive thru and I got my food fast and the employees were professional and courteous.

Anne North

Awesome, super high, and rather intense play place for kids. A bit too much for my cautious 3.5yo, though. He'll adore it when he's 5+. Also, there is no way to get into the playground except through these little slots between rollers, about 8 inches wide. So if you're not skinny you won't be able to climb in to fetch your kid who's scared of the slide. :) We'll definitely be back, though!

Toaster Pops

Great customer service, always recognize millitary and food is always correct.

Anna Rowland

Good was terrible. Hamburgers are sloppy with mayo and the lettuce is so boring and not fresh by any stretch of the imagination. Please get the burgers up to speed. Who still uses mayo on everything!!!

Karl Schloer

Pretty standard Carl's Jr; I happen to like their burgers so 4 stars. Tried the meatless "Beyond Famous Star with Cheese" and enjoyed it - not bad at all for a meat substitute.

athena hildreth

Cook staff ate over the food, big chicken breast sandwich was 3 chicken tenders on a bun with no explanation to customer- but we did hear one employee holler to another that they were out of chicken after we were eating. To their credit, they were very friendly just missing a bit in basic restaurant skills.

Charlotte Fox

It’s National Hamburger Day! I didn’t have time for lunch today so I decided to get a burger at Carl’s Jr. on my way home from work. Which really wasn’t on my way home but I took the detour with exactly what I wanted in mind. At the drive-thru I give my order, a six dollar burger with bacon, no lettuce, and make it a meal. The lady at the drive-thru asked how many patties I wanted. I said just one...???? She then asked if I wanted just the burger or something else. I said make it a meal? She asked what size. I said medium with a Sprite. She said, I sorry we are out of sprite is there any other drink you would like? I said, root beer. When I arrived at home with my meal, the burger was an extra-thick burger that did not have bacon on it and there was double the lettuce that I didn’t want After removing the lettuce the burger was still good but again no bacon. It was disappointing but I think it was just the fact that the lady wasn’t listening to what I ordered.

Carol Braga

I loved the lowcarb option, with letuce wraps and no bun

Amanda Gordon

Great customer service, yummy food, prices are a bit steep.

John Yohanan Fason

Great food but hair nets to wear would be good and more diverse staff also... Otherwise the food is great

kyle zastrow

It's great to have at least one fast food place down town. Very convenient that it's in the arena. Fast and easy when you are on a time crunch.

Deborah Jersey

Burger not up to par. No Ranch Dressing available for onion rings. Gentlemen at drive thru was very polite and friendly.

John Bakir

I'm so happy that Karl Juniors finally opened a location in New Jersey! The food was very good. Fresh & Tasty and the customer service was excellent! The workers were very friendly, and attentive. In addition, the owner was their the day i went and made sure that i was satisfied with my meal. He greeted me and gave me recommendations on the menu. Overall Excellent customer service, and Food. I will definitely be back!

Tyson Norton

They had fast dine-in service and a great atmosphere. The lobby was clean and the food was great! We got the 2 for 6 deal and it's was worth it! Delicious! We were attending a business meeting in the area and stopped by a second time late that evening for dinner. We will definitely be visiting again.

Christopher Purdie

Went through the drive through to try a new burger. Staff was friendly. Wait times were reasonable and good was fresh and delicious.

Victoria Cepeda

Best chicken tenders in the area. Large enough portions at good prices.


Carl's Jr needs to step up their interior game . I wouldn't go but I can't resist the convenience of a quick " Beyond Burger " . I order it with the lettuce bun .

Big Dog Transportation LLC

Typically it's fresh and good. But unfortunately the six dollar thick burger was cold and sloppy. It's probably because they were busy.

LaTanya Valdery

2nd time here, I love their breakfast sandwiches. Customer service was awesome also

Dez Osbourne

Both places closed. Even when stated open. What a waste of a drive

Larry Petty

I love Carl's Jr fast food restaurant. The food is always fresh, cooked well and very tasty. I am only dissatisfied with the price. They're overpriced for the food. A specialty Burger for almost $8.00, this is outrageous. I can buy a chicken to feed a whole family for that price. So for that reason I am going back to McDonald's when I can get a meal for that price. This is still a good place to eat, just to expensive and I am residing on a retirement budget. Thank you

Cool Aye

Always friendly service and hot fries whenever I order a large side of it!

Keiko Nodohara

Location was clean and food was fast. Ordered a chicken club combo and the sandwich was dry and sweeter than I expected. Fries were good. Drink was huge. I swear they asked if I wanted a medium or large and so I said medium but it was a 32 oz. drink!

Gus Serrano

Most realistic vegan burger!

Mark Dutka

Food was good, but they did not get the order right, forgetting a sandwhich, but did replace it after we went back.


twice I was given someone elses food

Mayela Salazar

We were out of town and wanted to get a bite to eat. We always stop by this Carl's Jr.

Wp Music

Could use improvement

Loretta Picard

Got the slowest service ever. Several customers even before our order were waiting quite awhile. Most of the kitchen help walked out leaving one very stressed cashier who tried to handle it graciously and one guy in the kitchen.

jose ra

Brett Moniz

Came here first thing in the morning on April 20th to try the limited time Rocky Mountain High CBD-infused burger and it was AMAZING! Only location in the country to serve these burgers and I'm so glad I got to try one. Didn't notice too much of an effect from the CBD but the burger tasted GREAT! Fast service and friendly workers here as well. Thanks.

Joel Sauder

Loaded burrito was anything but that

Roger Altiero

Tasty burget and great fries

Sharkys Compensation

Changed the buns on my favorite sandwich . Sante fe was the beat . Now a hard small bun that tastes dark like wheat or rye . Also cold and chicken was awfull. Got refund and wont go back . Staff didnt offer anything else although i would have declined . Tried to use customer service complaint form online is impossible . Ruined my favorite sandwich for fast food.

Chenin Connole

The food is really awful I've been to Carl's Jr on the mainland and was hoping this would be the same but even for fast food this place is not good.

Stephanie Illguth

The floors were so greasy they were slippery. The bathroom door was broken off. They messed up our order twice, then gave us an incomplete order. The malts we ordered were barely filled half way. Overpriced for such below average service.

Cody Flies

Mephis burger is good

John Preston

Clean store & friendly employees even though no sporting event made it look like a slow night.

Cano Ink-Works

Fast service, friendly staff, great food

J.Kraig Smyth

Hey. It's a burger joint, ok? That said, the staff here are friendly and helpful and accommodate special requests on your order, as well as making helpful suggestions. Pretty good for a fast food burger chain!

Charlie Dollarz

Nice size burgers

Crushed Luminary

Great burgers. Good, and friendly staff

Elflord McGeek

Not friendly staff. 27.00 for 2 combos and extra order of fries..expensive..ridiculous prices.

Deann Kennedy

Yummy food!

mary winfrey

Deborah Phillips

18$ for 2 chicken strips meals...nough said

Bobby Vann 3rd

Chris Tiffer

Had the bacon guacamole burger and it was better than I expected.

Will Morales

Yummmmmmy burgers. Great selection for all times of day. They have great breakfast burritos, awesome lunch varieties, and plenty plenty of parking. Great service! And veryyyyyyyy clean!! Highly recommended indeed.


Food is freaking great, but I only ever get only cheese and lettuce on my burgers, and 9 times outta 10 they put everything. Don't know why I use the drive through when I have to go inside for them to fix my order every time

Amus Evans

Kids had a blast

M Davis

The service is too slow, poor customer service.

Amber Phillips

It's good food

Sean Murphy

Decent place to pick up some fast food

ClasH Made Eezy

Food was good staff was awesome

Rebekah Shaw

Our order was simple 2 loaded breakfast burritos and an El Diablo burrito. They weren't terribly busy two cars in the Drive-Thru and two customers inside eating. The El Diablo burrito came out with a stone-cold tortilla unmelted cheese and it was just thrown together with the filling falling out of it. We very nicely brought that back and asked if they could heat up the burrito so it wasn't cold. Then I took a bite of my loaded breakfast burrito only to find out it was a big country burrito. I took it back up there and told them they had accidentally given me the wrong kind of burrito and I would like a loaded burrito. my husband then took a bite out of his and it also was a big country. So far out of three items none of them was correct. When our loaded breakfast burritos came the tortillas were cold and had not been warmed , the eggs were cooked obviously, but the items on the inside were still frozen, this was including the meat items. We decided we didn't want to try 3 for 3 so we brought it back up there and promptly asked for a refund . The cook in the back was giving us death stares which made us extremely uncomfortable. We teceived our refund and left. I wouldn't waste your time with this location even though it's conveniently off the freeway as they couldn't do anything right when we were there with no rush.

Carrick Mahan

Good American comfort food with good service

Norma Roman

steve boothby

Great hambergers. Nice people

Riorico1 Lopez

They need a 1.00 menu

Rob Nunya

Beyond burgers are only sold here so they have our gratitude.

Jose Serratos

Asked for oreo shake and half filled with whipped cream

Ahab Hameed

Long wait for the food, burgers were cold and the chicken tenders were uncooked both on my first and second visit. On top of that the kitchen is chaotic, the employees yell and are loud enough to constantly interrupt your dining experience. Really disappointed with the experience since the hype was pretty big for the first Carl’s Jr. around here and we were all pretty excited for it.

Michelle Cobb-Daley

My husband and I felt like we had a boulder in our stomach for the rest of the evening after getting there. I didn't even finish mine. I got the famous star, my husband got a chicken sandwich

Darrin Triplett

If they close at 12am why did no one answer at 11:30pm? Going to Wendy's!

Dustin Rhodes

Food was very good and made when ordered. Very clean as well. Lady behind the counter was very polite and professional. A little higher priced for the size of the sandwich I ordered but everything else made up for it and I will definitely be going back very soon.

nicole elliott

Always gets something wrong ive been through their drive through three times in one visit cause they couldnt get our order right

swo memes

Best place in Fairbanks for burgers

Daniel Freysinger

Slow service and mediocre food.

Anna Jury

Good burgers, wish they would honor military discounts. Wish entire staff spoke English. Tufessa bus needs to stop parking in front of restaurant and use parking lot, management needs to enforce that. Good deals. Clean restrooms and dinning area. Courteous waitstaff.

Charles Slater

As a New Yorker this was my first Carl's Jr. I loved it. It was just a quick bit before a flight home, but for fast food it was really good. I will make it a point to go to another one when out west next time.

Donna Dees

Good. Place. Eat

Timothy Coleman

A very nice fast food stop for both burgers, & burritos. This is one of my favorite stops!

Merlady Idaho

Good food just come on, give fry sauce and ranch with the orders like the other ones.

Makavelika Orozco

Good cheap eats

Rahul Shah

Great milkshakes!

L Lewis

Drive thru was exceptionally slow & the food ordered was cool. Not a great visit.

mcmanus family

Two of the employees are high on methamphetamine. And Dirty. Yuk!!

Nick H

Store does not stay open to hours advertised and doesn't answer phone

Lynn Sanford

Not on my list to return.

Julio Cardenas


Yulese Lincoln

Almost a ten minute wait in the drive thru for food. COLD fries. No dessert on the bags.

Jacob Smith

They messed up my friends hamburger. He was very specific on how he wanted it take some pride in your job.

Juan Medina

Daniel Skinner

Went at 10:10 PM on a Saturday 4/7/18 and they were closed. The lobby lights were in and at least 4 workers were standing in the lobby watching us drive up to the closed window. Google says they close at 11 pm. Guess they really close at 10 and the workers party in the lobby until 11pm to the actual end of their shift. This brings milking the clock to the next level.

Kelley Kuhlman

Jarrod Mccormick


Carl's is always above other fast food. Tried the $5 box, chicken tenders. Great!

Angie M.

Beyond_labels 702

They took a long ass time on my order and they burnt my Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich. I didn't go back because I had gotten home and didn't want to drive.

Sal Scariano

Straight out of the oven biscuit and egg sandwich. Great

Stephen R Borges Jr

Charley Neal

Great food and a amazing play center for the kiddos

Rachelle Nichols

Carl's jr. Was very good it was very nice and the co-workers were very friendly everything was great

Robert Kuenning

Since they have cleaned up their respect of women in their advertising, one can enjoy their tasty food. Good food. Some good prices. Friendly service.

Jeremy Larsen

Tasty and worth eating

Daniel Walser

Great variations on the basic hamburger!

Sal G

The main issue I have with this place is that they either CONSTANTLY shut off the UBER eats delivery app or intentionally narrow the delivery radius distance ( probably to 1/10th of a mile , so it will be on ..but still pointless ) . They do this when they get busy ALL THE TIME..but won't admit it. Then when you call and ask the manager to put it back on or widen the delivery distance to usual , so you can order , that $h1Thead has the nerve to boldly lie and say ... " I don't know what you're talking about ? We've been getting orders all day " There's probably an issue with the Uber APP"....blah blah blah..... Yeah right dIckhead. This happens waaaay too much and just for YOUR restaurant on the app. Then sometimes he has the nerve to tell me it might be my phone. Really @@sh0le? Then I guess it's my phone along with my other 5 family members too in the same location at the same time?... Sometimes I will even call to ask a friend , who lives a few miles away from this place , to see if it will come up on her app. And her app will say " delivery location too far " ( for when they narrow the distance ) OR ( for when they shut it off ) then it won't come up on hers either. Either have UBER eats or don't . Don't pick and choose when it's a good time for you. That's not how delivery works moron. AND STOP LYING . My families restaurant uses the app so I see how it works from the other side.

Danny Villela

Good job

Michael Campbell

This place doesn’t know how to run a restaurant. There were people waiting everywhere for their food today. My first and last time I’ll ever go here. I just left and forgot the food. I couldn’t wait any longer. It’s fast food. I waited for 24 minutes from my receipt time. Worst service ever. Worst. Worst. Say away from this place. It’s run by a bunch of morons who just thought they could run a Carl’s Jr.’s. These people can’t run a laundry mat.

Dorian Tardiff

This is the best Carl’s Jr. ever! The staff is always so nice & accommodating. They do a great job on your food orders every time!

David Brown

Food is meh, customer service is terrible.


Something different to eat taste wise.i say a bit better then Wendy's burgers


Drive through nice

Mahogany Murphy

Great breakfast sandwiches

Shaggy Dew

I loved there CBD burger I hope it comes back

Justin C Calvarese

Kaleb Daugherty

Drive thru takes a while. Food is good though

Shelicia Page

Service sucked they told me the fish was cat fish. Werent very knowledgeable about the menu

alaska adventure

Fun place to take the kids. Kinda dirty I'm the plat land. But over all a good experience and yummy food. Kid meals are a descent price.

Johny Octane

Food is great just a little bit high

Siobhan Sample

Hair in my food!! And lots of it.

michael acheson

Closed for remodeling?, For how long?

Maitland Delgado

Hamburgers were awesome. It had been awhile since I've been to Carl's Jr.

Ed R

Ronda Carter

My daughter loves the play area. Have good food to. People are nice.

Nathaniel Johnson

Lousy service. Poorly prepared food. Too much socializing behind the counter instead of giving me the correct order

Stephanie Montandon

Good food just need better management

Jamie Reynolds

This was in Wasilla and the service and food was great!

Crystal O'Neil

The lady running the front was rude and chewed out an off duty employee that came in to order food then I was trying to ask for something and got ignored for five minutes before I was able to get her attention to be given barely enough stuff to use

Michael DeMetz

Great experience

Tyler Tillman

VERY UNPROFESSIONAL STAFF!!! Lady at counter could barley take orders, and she was very flusterd and rude she also gave the people across from us our food and the place was absolutely flithy and the bathroom seemed like it wasn't cleaned in 2 years. Food was also not good, very bland.

Carmelita Brazille

I highly recommend the chicken strips with honey mustard sauce and the avocado bacon burger. Mmmm, Mmmm, Good.

Dale Day

Poor service, bad food!

Varouj Suarez-Anaya

Another best surprise

johannes müller



Awesome service, we had a crazy order and they pulled it off,

James Duffy

One of the few but proud places on academy Blvd that is actually open. The few, the faithful ✊

Andre Jackson

Service was a little slow but my burger was good.

talesha wood

Service was prompt, and the lady was very kind! Fries were fresh and hot!

chase wieting

Love it here food was a little cold this Tim e but still good

Luis G. Fernandez

Jessica Sharp

saira sotelo

My experience at this location was great I usually don't eat Carl's jr and I'd loved it. The manager and the team were real nice good customer service . Great food ! Will sure be coming back . Best Carl's jr for sure !!!

Rosemary Byrd

Carl's jr. has really good food taste really good

FaZe Popz


david wilson

One of a kind experience. I truly felt as if I was given special treatment only to realize every customer was treated with special care.

Joseph Bay

Great burger.

Tim Mischka

This was far better than McDonald's or BK can be. I'd put it on par with Wendy's. Fast service and delicious food.

Tedd Froehlich

Not open 24 hours!!!

Tim Phipps

Good location. Good service. Their prices are pretty high. I think if they took greater care in preparing the burger it would be fantastic. Just seems like it was thrown together. Time to step up the burger game like others if you wanna stay in the top.

Pablo Ordoñez

Its always good..


This location is amazing. They cook the food right and the service is quick and friendly.

Debbie Davis

For fast food was the Beyond burger...very tasty

Michael Kline

Food is really good that being said it takes forever to get service and get food there is no front cashier just the drive thru lady who ignores you for the first 5 minutes while they prioritize the drive thru only, good luck

Sergio f Bernal

Good service till midnigth

Veronica Garcia

How hard is it to take an order and get it right!! It's only 2 meals smh

Melinda Porter

Food is good, but not like when it first opened!! Slow decline in customer service, yet they are still friendly!!

Linda Peterson

Always good food, but service is often slow

Facey Neck

Standard fast food restaurant. HOWEVER, this location is almost always very expedient. Nearly every visit I've been there has been a 5 minute wait tops, usually around 3. Lakewood/Belmar location is God awful. This one is great however.

Michael Johnson

This is another Carl's Jr location, nothing special for fancy about it.

Weird Little One

I really love how neat and clean it is! The food tastes really good. I recommend eating here if you are in a burger mood. Btw, even if it takes long to be served. It is worth waiting.

Walking Dead

Rodrigo H, Great customer service. Very polite . Seems to me this guy is doing it all, taking orders, running food out . Hell I think he was cooking too. Good job!!

William Cox

Good friendly service , clean bathroom, cheddar peppers really good, tv in the lob b y lighting good to read. Enjoyed

Steve Hull

Very good. Fast service. Expensive for fast food

The Great

Good place to get some lunch, the employees were friendly and the food was always good. The coffe unfortunately is inconsistent which means we end up going to McDonald's for a quick lunch instead.

Loria Leeson

Excellent food

Old men rule racing

For a fast food establishment, they give five star service. Top that off with good food and real ice-cream shakes! You have a winning combination!

Medardo Moreira

Excellent food and the biscuits are delicious

A Rod

Clean good service

Danielle Hoff

The kids area was very gross. None of the tables had been cleaned in a while. There was garbage and food everywhere the bathroom was just as bad. My 3 year old refused to use the restroom he said it was "icky"

leone sobarzo

Workers look bummed all the time here.

Matthew Love

I went at about 6pm tonight the 13 of June 2019 the staff was too busy interacting with each other to get my order right I ordered 2 burgers and 2oreo shakes both burgers were wrong and I had to ask for the second shake and there I was sitting with my daughter and the staff starts getting loud talking with each other and cussing!! I realize they’re minimum wage employees but isn’t professionalism still a thing? I was so disgusted when I walked out that I won’t be back

Terry Dalton

alejandro sandoval

Bada tooo 45min for my food...lettuce bar condition

Nathan Althoff



Waited 30 minutes to get our order. 2 burgers and 2 french fries, how hard is it to make them? I'm not going back to this location. The other one by the sport store is much faster.

Jorge Martinez

Nice team work, fast and the fod is amazing

Scott Kinmartin

Very clean establishment. The prices are a little high but the quality of the food makes it worth it.


Store is dirty. We weren't greeted and waited to order for a minute or two. Once Aaron asked us what we wanted he then questioned our order. I had to sit there and explain to him my daughter didn't eat mean and please remove it. We sit down and the food did come fast. My sons order was word and I had to get it fixed. Over all the food was good but the restaurant is dirty and poor customer service.

Brandon Storey

10 minute wait for a plain sandwich and fries. Only one at the drive thru. Ridiculous. Maybe plan out a good 15-20 minutes if you want a burger while they're moderately busy.

Katie Boudreau

The place is still new so it's still very clean and nice inside. The menu could be placed a bit better. I found the meal I wanted was kind of hidden off to the side and I had to walk around the line area to look at it. Chicken tenders and tasty and crispy. Fries are ok, nothing special.

Jennifer Vanalstine

Nice and clean

Anthony Kauffman

The staff was pleasant, food was great and the milkshakes were amazing!

Eric A

Not bad Food is good

Nakita Benjamin

good burger

Jeffrey LeVine

Service is slow and food is cold. The chain might be good but this one gives the company a bad name.

Richard Powers

Very average fast food,like all the other fast food joints essentially. Restaurant was clean. Ok for quick,convenient meal if in a hurry

Jae Psoinos

It kind of went downhill and they over cook their burgers I like hockey pucks


The cashier was very helpful

Shawn Gettys

Great milkshakes!!

Jeremy Huihui

Would give less if possible!!

Stewart Blake

Sometimes it is a little slow but good.

Lawrence Jackson

Carl's jr. On Colorado boulevard if you want to get a burger that's worth your money when the size of the burger and everything comes out hot and fresh Carl's jr. Is to place not like Burger Kings in McDonald's small inky Binky burgers you get your burger work at Carl's jr. Should be my slogan for a commercial please let them know that that's my slogan bye for now I recommended

Daniel Dolezal

Unanimously the WORST hamburger I've been served, Anywhere! Unwrapped a smashed, buns soggy with grease, holding a gray looking hamburger patty, topped with greasy, limp, overheld bacon and cold onion rings. Took it back to the counter and asked for a new burger to be made....might as well not have bothered as the new burger was just about as bad as the first. This location was near section 110. STAY AWAY!

Leann Priebe

Great service

Bob Marshall

First time here and the clerk was rude because I didn't understand the menu options and then they screwed up my whole order

Troy Tracy

Waited for a long time and got order wrong

shahab aria

I ordered a guacemole birger. In one word DISASTER. Burger was cold (I have been waiting for more than 10 min fpr burger!!!), bacon was ver hard (not crunchy) and tasteless, guacemole was store boughy and very cheap and even with this low quality they used mayne a tea spoon of that. The fries was cold and unpalatable and worse part was the staff. The person who brought the food of the customer was very sicl and he has been coughing directly on the customer's food all the time NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL

Pam Shearer

Cold food

James Merlino

Worst burgers EVER Rating it one star is generous WATCH OUT..... Nice fries though

Wade Horne

The food was hot and good. They have a lot of good deals on small meals.

Kiele Ann

Please fix close time on google maps. It says you’re open 24 hours but you’re not. Ruined my night. I’ll fix my review stars if you update your info.

Michael Wells

Robert Rangel

Good hamburgers

Sharon James

Great place for kids

Claudia Ortiz

Awesome service the guy that help us was so nice!! Loved it!!

Maria Aguilar

Food not good hair on the breakfast

Robyn Oldewening

This burger joint shares a building with the gas station convenience store. The location is a bit run down, including the bathrooms. The food was good, albeit a bit expensive for what you get.

Rolando R R

Very good food, excellent service, and clean facilities.

Debra Wolf

Great shakes

Vickie Fields

Great burger,the best fast food burger that I have ever eaten!!!!

J Pierce

Always great food and service

Ryan McNallen

Terrible at following directions, every time I order no cheese, they add cheese. But I guess that's what happens when you lower your standards so low, that your employees have pink hair.

Suzanne Smartt

Disappointed with the construction of burger. Bun was soggy and contents kept sliding out. It took the fun out stopping for a afternoon break.

Michael Rael

Went on the busiest possible day, and still didn't wait more than 5 minutes in the Drive-Thru. Bravo!


Like it. Good fast Food Burgers. Was clean there.

Chelsea Likar

Food is okay, customer service is awful.

Rich Smith

This is the first time I just walked out of a restaurant. We came in and there was one family in the lobby and 3 people behind the counter. We waited for about 3-5 minutes with nobody even acknowledging we were there. By far the poorest service I've encountered and is why I walked out and went somewhere else.

Robert Swiss

Nice to have the salsa bar at this Carl's!

DWCA highsmith

After coming back from interior Alaska for a few days the double Burger tasted great.

Fred Hazen

We normally love eating here. My wife, son and grand daughters went today to take advantage of the Happy Hour Sliders special, which is advertised as being available until 5:00. She was told that the cooks weren’t making them, it was too late. No amount of logic offered by my wife resulted in her getting the Sliders. If you are going to advertise that they are available, then you stop making them at 5:00, not 4:50. It’s this kind of treatment that causes us to look elsewhere the next time we are considering where to go to eat. We will choose establishments where we are treated as though we are valued over the convenience of the staff.

Scott Lawrence

It's fast and hot. Plus it's at the Sun's arena

Rafael Arreguin

paul wilson

Looked like some one changed there oil at the Door, Carl's Jr in Alaska , failed due to the corporate Clowns

Paco Gibson

They seem to lack focus at this restaurant. They food is good and hot, but they are pretty slow and seem to forget at times that they have customers.

Luis Hernandez

The best favorite restaurant

Maks Chorney

Really a better burger for the $. If you succumb to the urge and just want that glorious pile of fat and carbs... I suggest here is better!

Stevie Hendrix

Friendly service great food

Beth Phillips

Hector Gutierrez

Always great food and inexpensive, great customer service & very friendly staff

Brian Crabtree

J DiZzLe

Map said 24 hours but closes at 10pm

William Greer

Bunch of distracted children working there.

Dainie Fritz

The food was fresh and the service was fast.

Tim Priebe

Listen, if you like Carl's Jr food in general, you'll like this one. The staff is a little aloof, though.

Ryan Roland


Gary Brown

I enjoyed my breakfast and the gravy wasn't Watered down

Dave Schibel

What can I say? It's better than Hardees in the midwest, and its not McD's, but is still greasy fast food served mostly by Millenial teenagers. It is exactly what it is. Though, it is in the arena...thats cool.

Weston Alvey

Good food and they give a veterans discount every day

Rich brock

I have eaten at this location on numerous occasions I've never had bad service. I've gone to the drive-thru and I've gone inside and in either ordering location I've had polite courteous people helping me the fries and the food itself has always been hot and good

Edgardo Yanez

Good burgers

cece coltezz

Excellent customer service. Friendly staff.

Flash Flanagan

still have improvments to make nothing major friendly good food i always leave full


Always making the zucchini fresh. Nice people.


I love the French toast dips and a chocolate milkshake with extra whip cream! Always hits my sweet tooth and munchies just right!

Jason Theodore

Went through the drive thru and I got my food fast and the employees were professional and courteous.

Michelle Stoddard

Always fast and delicious. Staff is very friendly.

Marc Branconnier

Burger's taste hot and fresh, not like they've been sitting under heat lamps.

Jaheme Hereza

Very nice very good value good service

Michael Jones

Very friendly

Daniel Carvajal

Good deals

robbie shore

just not a fan of hardees but good

Dwight Stout

Not sure what's going on but very slow and unorganized staff. The food was decent though.

Yez Foster

I can't speak on the quality of the food since I didn't eat here. I waited by the register for a couple of minutes with zero acknowledgement so I left. If this is how they treat all their customers I am surprised they have any business.


It's Carl's Jr man. Good chicken nuggets doe

amber marie

I remember when Carl's Jr. Was extremely good. Not anymore sadly

David Forsberg

Good fast food

Mimi Ortega

Best service!! The best hamburgers!!

Danielle Bryant

Piba Blue

Great place to grab a burger!

David Malcom

Great tasting burgers

Antenna Man

Slightly above-average fast food restaurant. Varied menu, clean dining area, prices are normal for an island fast-food. The only fast food, and for that matter gas station, between Kahului and Lahaina. Offers kamaaina. Never that busy, service is fairly immediate.

Anne North

Awesome, super high, and rather intense play place for kids. A bit too much for my cautious 3.5yo, though. He'll adore it when he's 5+. Also, there is no way to get into the playground except through these little slots between rollers, about 8 inches wide. So if you're not skinny you won't be able to climb in to fetch your kid who's scared of the slide. :) We'll definitely be back, though!

dale spence

Under staffing slow down services

Vincent Baehr

Food is good but the service and time is ungodly slow

Eddie Garcia


Jeannie Scovel

My hamburger looked like it had been sitting for a while, but otherwise it was ok.

B Alamillo

Horrible...15 minute wait! There were no cars in line, then 6 cars behind mine. Never coming back again, young kids very unprofessional.

Carl H

I live very near this location and go there at least twice a week, and I have never had a bad experience there. In fact, I mention it to whoever I'm with every time I'm there that this place typifies what perfect service is. They are friendly, polite, professional, and serve amazing food the right way. Carl's Jr is a class act and this location is possibly the best of them all.

Christine McClary

Have always loved their Super Star :)

gz1wireless gmail

Forgive me for not revolving my life around Carl's Jr. breakfast/lunch/dinner serving schedule. Walked in at 10:32, ordered two bacon egg cheese biscuits. Carl's Jr.: "We don't serve breakfast after 10:30". A 10:30 cut-off for breakfast . . . So stupid and arbitrary. Even McDonalds serves their inferior breakfast all day. GET WITH THE PROGRAM HARDEES/CARLS JR! ...follow up It's the 3rd time that's happened this year, where I go to Carl's Jr./Hardees expecting biscuits and they refuse to serve breakfast. At this point, I'll just cut them out of my mind, never thinking of potentially going to Hardees / Carl's Jr. ever again... they don't exist and are dead to me (that way I won't make same mistake again).

Jacob Barela

Tasty fast food for people in a rush

George McGlasson

Carl's Jr. at Chase Field is nice quiet place to relax and eat when there is no event at the ball field. The service is. fast and friendly, the food is Carl's Jr. good where you order at the counter and the staff will bring it to your table with a smile.

Renee Apfelbeck

It was clean and the service was great. Even better, the food was delicious. Chicken sandwich was perfect. The friend zucchini is the best!

Laurie H

Johnny Davis

A little slow, but when you go on a day when the right cook is there, the food is great!

megan daugherty

Super good. Although we somehow ended up with an entire extra burger on our ticket. Didnt notice till we got the tray. No biggie but we didn't eat it.

Kitty bands

Customer service could improve

Tina Burch

Dirty, meat over cooked

Jared Black

Food was mediocre, bathroom was gross.

William Greenan

Biscuits and gravy is great

jorge mendez

The best burger that I have ever eaten. There are huges and very good taste. I really recommend this place.

Brandon Bell

Pretty good

Micah-Heather Lee

Very good, a little spendy

Jim White

Quick fast and easy. It what u call fast food!

Maurice Porter

Dirty restroom

Misfit_ keeper

Good food and ok staff that's all I will say but I do recommend it.

James Murphy

Good food inexpensive courteous employees

Tammy Perrin

Ordered two Beyond Burgers and was served BEEF. WTF?

Brad Harper

As far as fast food goes... It's abt as good as it gets! Great burgers, and if ya don't mind spending a few dollars more... Really great desserts also! I like to get the cup of ice

Sean Morris

Good food and excellent service

chris fisher

K Bay

Drive through takes forever. If you want to eat fast and quick, better to go to a dine-in restaurant. After several times driving through, we’ve realized it take longer to get food then to eat inside.

Crazydog 330

Absolutely awesome hamburgers! Actually tastes like beef instead of whatever mcdonalds puts in their burgers.

M Mitchell

Fast service. Great food.

Tatiana GoNsalves

Vee Jones

Fantastic service,little expensive for some,your served at your table if dining in

Rico M.

Very attentive and caring staff. Thanks for the good burger.

Gilbert Shibao

Erica Harrell

It was horrible ☹️ was almost out of everything, it was dirty and the food was nasty.

Brandon Ellis

Mens bathrooms are nasty, garbage scattered throughout, toilets don't work as usual, food was subpar via the usual visit standards, we got icecream Sundays and one was 90% chocolate syrup, the other 80% chocolate syrup and had sever freezer burn. Overall this on is in the top 5 worst visits we've had, it keeps getting more and more frequent to be bad, I may just have to quit eating there, at least until they make some attempts at fixing the bathrooms which have been broken for the last 3 years. Internal surveys don't seem to work so now we'll see if a public post catches some attention!

Mark Moline

Carls jr. Has the Best fast food if some punk isn't making your food. 90% good

Hee Jung

Worst fastfood expereince, the employees are not professuonal, i know im not at a "restaurant" but this was horrible and unorganized and they have no idea what they are doing. i wont be back of course. be aware everyone. Just go to burger king near, or chick fila

oscar jimenez



NOT open 24 hours.

will George

Got the wrong sandwich..

Jewell W Scott Jr

Great prices for the amount of food. Fast service. Good food. Please put one in Texarkana Arkansas or Texarkana Texas... Please.....

Stephen Marx

I ordered jalapeno peppers.

A. Haitian Artist

Year, is nice inside. The employee is a bit "Nice"!

Jp Bragg

Great food friendly staff but forgot to put cheese on my burger that my receipts shows clearly.tjat I paid for it

Stuart Thompson

Not even worth one star. Washrooms a mess, food semi warm\cool etc.

Chaz Kelley

Horrible customer service food missing off the menu prices too high

S Ae

Wanted a 1/2 Angus. They are out in the middle of the day. Our and price for Angus but got regular patties on burger. Ripped off....and got my order wrong. Where's the manager???

Vitaliy Vorobyev

Gabriel Leal Orozco

Great burgers

Cynthia Hanson

Good food, decent atmosphere. Can sometimes take an excessive amount of time when not busy.


Nice place to grab a quick lunch. Friendly servers and good sandwiches!

Monica Saliceti

Friendly staff, clean place, good food.

Derek Bryant

Food was really good. Manager made my experience worth it all.

burak bahceler

We went there twice. First time it was ok. Second time food was cold we waited 30 minutes after we ordered the food.. place wast busy. Person that took our order messed it all up. Not great experience

Rob Spisak

Fresh cooked everytime.

Silvia Cabrera

I didnt like my food ... 1 star is to much This place is Nasty

Sharp Life

Average. Staff very helpful though. Top service from fast food. The server even offered to throw our trash away for us. Fries tasted a bit gross. Cook wasn't the smartest but overall no complaints aside from the regular fries

Angi Cocuzza

The manager is great

Jacob Gonzalez

I don't know if they are short staffed right now but everytime a customer came to order they would have to wait for an employee to be available to take their order.

Nicci Rebelrose907

The lady at the intercom did not greet us, screwed up our order and then they forgot a burger had to go back in.

RockyMountain PublicSafety

Low quality fast food, constantly get orders wrong

अर्जुन सिंह कुशवाहा


Lillian Lee

Had the chicken with bacon sandwich. Not bad at all ! :-)

Hyrum Clark

Quick service and tasty waffle fries!

Keisha Jackson

No vegan options

Steven Adams

My favorite Carl's Jr is at the Love's truck stop in Grand Junction, but this one is pretty good too.

Kelly Hayes

Great! Best ever!

Carlos Ariel Quintero

Cheese's Burger

Ismenya Malik

Treated us very well , vanessa was very sweet need more workers like her :)!

Joshua I.

Mildly slow service, mediocre food. As soon as Burger King rolls out their version of The Impossible Burger, I will literally have no reason to eat here anymore.

kevlar 420247

shame on you Carl's jr. We went in there in the middle of the afternoon it's 90° outside the air conditioner is broken in the store and you left those poor people in their baking their brains out shame on you

Matthew Coleman

Great place

James Keller

Burgers sooo good & fresh!!! AWESOME!!!

Terri Spath


Kody Strickland

Geneva Williams

Great food, warm friendly staff

Kaster Johnny

Ryan Rabinowitz

LOOK AT YOUR FOOD BEFORE YOU EAT FROM HERE I have been a patron of this Carls Jr. location for almost 4 years now. The quality was always great at prices that can't be beat. In the last two weeks I have eaten here three times and the food has become disgusting. At first I noticed a piece of brown lettuce sticking out the side of a spicy chicken sandwich I was eating, upon lifting the bun I noticed the rest of the lettuce also slightly brown was papery thin and looked dehydrated. The next experience was similar to this and made me begin questioning the quality of ingredients used at this location. The last and final time I returned to this location (against my better judgement), looking under the bun revealed BLACK quarter sized spots on the lettuce with small holes in the center of the rot (how could someone even put this on a sandwich intended for someone to eat??). Then I looked at the chicken patty and was disgusted to see it too was black on one half and dry through and through. Although I only observed rotten lettuce/chicken being served to me, I can only imagine what happens to the other ingredients served here. After four years of patronage here I can no longer bring myself to eat their food. If you must eat here, maybe try crossing your fingers?

Julie Str

Great burger, I will have to ask for extra ice next time!

David Moore

Robert S

Tommy Newnes

I've only eaten their breakfast, but the big country burrito is the bomb.

Barb Romero

Everyone there is very friendly

jonatha rodriguez

Good food love ..

Deb Hart

I love their biscuits

matt dealin

Mostly what you expect but I like the fact that they cook the chicken tenders fresh.

Eric Amaya

Food and drinks here Are So Good

Garry Heath

I like carls

Shar S

Food does not come fast at all. It was around 10 pm not many people inside dining and no one in drive through and still took long to get my food. Shake machine broken? This place is months old. Their food is awful, I’m sorry I had high hopes for this place, turned out to be a disappointment.

Brian Wilson

Kenneth Tohm

Tyler Gailing

Very attractive crew of young men that are always ready to do whatever it takes to make certain the customers leave happy and return often

Jessyka VonRayven

Polite friendly and great experience. As well fast.

Jazz Colby

Good food amazing crew the tables are kinda dirty along with the floor

John Eles III

Good location inside the stadium. Quick and easy service. Wi-Fi is available and nice to have if you are staying to eat

cristal jazmin lagunas

Takes too long

Twine Autists

Jeremiah threatened to kick my a** when he messed up my order. Foods alright. Shame to pay for things you don't receive and be threatened with violence when you request it.

Debbie Meitner

Left stuff out. Messed up what was in. Long wait. Just overall not good and doesn't meet the Carl's Jr standard.


Been around for so long and so good

Scott Gore

It does what a drive thru does, it give you their brand of food in one's car.!!

Thomas Murdock


Derek Empey

Typical fast food joint

Stacy Chmykhalov

Drive thru took me 20 minutes in line for 1 simpler sandwich. And I was the only one there..... staff was rude and unprofessional

Red Molly

2nd shift not so good but if you're gonna go wait till midnight or after, they are the best. Thanks you two for always giving me a great experience. Camren or Cameron either way deserves a fat customer service ever

Mark Varcadipane

I like Carl's new fresh taste but is small yo food is good shakes are great

Jonathan Matlock

They have great burgers

Sharina Straughn

Chris Dixon

I can’t ever get a bite to eat from this location because all of the lobby doors are LOCKED after 9pm but the lobby hours say 10pm!!!!! The workers must be closing the lobby down a hour early. BAD FOR BUSINESS

Casey Hughes

Customer service was horrible we waited 20 minutes for our food and when it was ready the cashier whent to get our food but the manager told her not to but to take the order of other customers. Then as we were leaving the manager and her boyfriend got into a argument in the lobby with customers waiting to place orders.

Peter Franzke

Great Saugae and egg breakfast sandwich.

Renee Waters

I love the cheese, bean & rice burrito. It's very filling.

James Siegrist

Only had one fruit loops donuts when I wanted three.

Chris Hellproof

I gave him a 2 star set of a one because how my have is the manager sitting in her car 11:00 at night and the whole restaurants been lock Downs before I got here which means they had to have started cleaning this restaurant out between 10 and 1030 minimum the hours are posted there opens of midnight and I basically cannot get any dinner and I'm hungry and it really sucks that a manager doesn't care enough about their business to keep it open for the operational hours listed and they're basically cheating their boss out of customer money like myself while collecting paycheck money because they're on the clock while they're sitting in their car playing on their cellphones I'm looking at a right now

Damien Mendoza

Better burger than on USA side

Marnie AK

Good specials

Colleen CL

Another all time favorite. Carl's jr and Hardees.

DeWayne Savok

I rarely patronize this restaurant, but when I do... it's delicious and fulfilling.

Nelly Torres

Worst drive thru turn around time ever! I waited for 15 mns in drive thru with only 2 cars in front of me..

stefan loga

Horrible food, customer service, ect.


My kids love there sausage egg and cheese biscuits. The bacon ones too! Great price on 2 for 1 deal.


Staff are really friendly

Amanda Gordon

Love their food...just a bit pricey

Ricardo Lopez

For one prices are high at Carl's but I love the burgers.... Anyhow I bought dinner for the family to go and spent about 60 bucks and when I asked for extra ketchup the manager acted like I asked for his first born. Horrible I guess being so close to the border customer service goes out the window....

Ben A

Always great quality of food and consistent. Staff is always friendly. Clean restrooms and lobby.

Eric Gadzinski

Carl's Junior consistently impresses me with their unabashed attitude towards their menu. If you're into kale or tofu, go elsewhere. America!

Nick Beez

Bomb af and the customer service is great!

Erica 424

Robert P

Great! We try 5he cbd burger on 420 day!!

Jerry Hinojos

Josh Bell

Food was good. But they wouldn't make me a big country breakfast burrito even tho it's a regular item on their website!

Dorothy M

First time visiting there. Food was awesome.

David Rosenholm

The food here is good the staff is friendly

Dennis H

Friday evening at 530, not busy but took about 20 minutes to get two three piece chicken tenders. Tenders were scrawny and fries were unsalted. Not the worst experience, but definately not the best, certainly not a Carl Jr's that I will to again.

Llama Rama

Remember when the six dollar burger wasn't 6 dollars?

Miguel Serna

The 2 for 350 is the best deal in town!!!

Brooklyn Farris

I liked the big play house but they sell like 2 chicken nuggets there fries were really small I like it tho

Timothy Murphy

Hamburgers were great!!!

Steve Harvey

They Sell good food 5$ For a Box of food that can fill you up

Teresa Rivers

Ok service, rushes customers

Donquell Newsom

Grear service food is served well

Patricia Guillen

The Salad turned, you can literally smell it, the Ice tea is water, the bathroom is disgusting and the manager ignored me with a really bad actitud. Terrible.

Danny Purcell

Can never go wrong with a burger. I was especially surprised with a sweet pickle on my burger. Different is good.

andrew olson

Good food, decent staff, close to i25

Lacee Jones

Good place for kids to play. Staff was kinda rude at this location but overall I like the food.

gerar tv


Adam Toscani

Very nice staff. Beyond burger is amazing. Love Idaho Springs

ted chapman

Good food, reasonable prices, friendly service.

Mark Szostak

Good is always fresa and tastey.

Maurissa Stevens

Brenda Cavanaugh

Service was very slow and food was average at best. It was late when we went thru the drive thru. Service was pleasant however.

Noe Martinez

I don't like this place rude people bad servirce, every time need wait long time to get my food

Howard Berg

The quality of the meat has gone down the last few years.

Anwar Mustafa

Something a bit different from the other fast food chains

Blonde Star

Bruno Barbosa

Sir Carl trained his son well

Broc Calvin

Their service was amazing and their beyond burger was fantastic.

Ralph Oliver

Great place to hang out. Music needs to be more danceable.

Isaac Lendore

Not the best food for the best best price

Matthew Hensley

Zane Jackson

Favorite fast food place

jewels smith

Greasy gross and cooled

Tracy Horvath

Waited for breakfast hashbrowns because I was told they had to cook them. When I got them they were barely warm. I expected, after waiting, they would be steaming hot! Also, right after taking first bites of bacon, egg biscuit sitting out in parking lot behind Carl's, a truck to empty the grease out back of restaurant began emptying. The smell was so awful I almost barfed. Needless to say the food I purchased went uneaten. This was my first visit to Carl's and perhaps my last!

Miguel M

Nice place to eat.

hey its Dani here

It takes a while to get your food but still worth it the food is amazing service is good clean reasterant drive thru nice and there open for a good amount of time the drinks are good I recommend you should go there

Edwina Foreman

Good breakfast biscuits! The coffee is excellent and you can have seconds from the lobby.

Nicolas Fitzgerald

I love the food options at Carl"s Jr., I just wish the wait time was a little less. I did go at a semi-busy time so I give them 4 stars.

Karla Jacobsen

I keep trying to give them another chance, but everytime my bun is soggy on the outside with grease.. I ordered the Chicken and it was cold. COME ON GUYS! Spicy chickens get dropped when they're ordered. And Milkshakes shouldn't be completely melted when it's handed to you. 2 stars because I didn't end up sick. Do yourself a favor and drive across town to the one on Merhar.

Erick Flores

Clean helpful and the lady was on her 1st day but she was nice and was trying her best. We're all new at some point in time. #localguide #foodlover

Michael Scott

So we didn't actually buy any food while we were here but the atmosphere was excellent and it gave us a family-friendly place to stop during a long car ride with our 18 month old son.

Chibi Demon

If I could rate zero star I would, horrible experience. It started out with the order taker calling me sir. They burned our food and when we asked them to fix it, it was even worse. Needless to say I will never be eating here again

Francisco Teran

Simply love it

JoAnn Fernandez

It was good and cheaper than other fast food joints



phil gonnella

No Biscuits and Gravy served at this location during breakfast. Big let down. Drove there for the wifey due to her hankering for some biscuits and gravy and was told that they don't serve it at that location. Also upon arrival at 9:30am the breakfast menu was not visible in the drive thru and when I spoke to the cashier she told me I'd have to wait a few minutes for someone to come outside and turn the menu. It's a shame I had high expectations since this is the only one in Northern NJ. Sadly disappointed.

Robert Wisdom

My wife and her dog love the zucchini. I like the 5 dollar meals,and the dog share both.

John Garcia

Very good hamburgers

Melody Chen

Ben Cabudoy

Great Service, They brought us our order to us at the table


好吃,不貴,比taco Bell好

Tchaun Armstrong

Good fast food.


Fast food prices

Mary Coley

We had great service! The food was extremely hot, fresh and amazing!! I got the western bacon cheeseburger and zucchini! So fresh and hot! Will definitely return!!

I Remember The Goat

I am so glade that they are now open on the east coast for years i was only able to get their food on the west coast! YaaaaaY me

Ellie Velasquez

Family tradition. Food is awesome

David Heilhecker

Great place to eat at. Some of the Carl's Jr's in North Las Vegas are pretty bad. But this one on Ann Road is great.


Its quick.

Valerie Mason-Leuang

They've gone downhill. The employees are rude, got our order wrong 3 times. Food isn't tasty anymore.

robert felix

This review isnt on the quality of the food because I never got it. I ordered a no.1 combo, got a number and was told that it would be brought over. 10 minutes pass, and nothing. I see people that where behind me with food so i walk back to ask and was told sorry it will be right out. Ok I sit back down and ANOTHER 15 minutes pass... I could kinda understand if it was very busy but it wasn't. Talked to a manager and he told me that my order was "bumped" whatever that means and said give him three more minutes. Declined and asked for a refund as i needed to get back to work. Didn't even offer a courtesy meal. I will not return and do not recommend. Not a good first start.


Paul M

I’ve seen Carl’s Jr ads on tv from different parts of the country. I was driving by and it was lunch time so I though I would give it a try. In my opinion this place is no different than McDonald’s or Burger King. As a matter of fact, the menu is primarily burger type items whereas the other chains offer apple pies, nuggets, shakes etc.. I didn’t see any of that.

Becky Snelson

Not very pleased with biscuit and gravy. Biscuit wasn't baked long enough needed couple more minutes and gravy was too grainy. I was not impressed.

Steve Perez

Fast service great people

Kathryn Merring

So good! I’m a huge fan of Carl’s Jr. So I was so happy I didn’t have to drive an hour to get it anymore. My burger was so good, the meat was juicy, the lettuce was crisp, and the fries I got with it were just right. Also I got chicken tenders for my daughter which were so good crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. It was $28 for 3 combo meals but huge portions so I’m pretty happy with it. I definitely recommend trying this place!

Buddy S

Worst experience at any Carl's Jr. so far. Ordered at the drive through and it took a bit due to being busy (expected) Ordered foord for a friend and myself, got our food and drove away. While retrieving our food from the bag there was absolutely no Syrup for French toast sticks, nothing for the breakfast burrito and no ice for a large coke

Yasin Emory

Nice employees

weston geyer

Best fast food!

Ricardo G. Platt

Extremely slow service this time... . 20 minutes to serve 2 hamburgers. In addition, my wife is allergic to dairy, she asked her's with no cheese, but they delivered it with cheese,... we had to wait additional time to have it served properly. Bathroom was not as clean as usual. Sorry, but Carl's did not delivered this time

Lance Kelson

I was so disappointed in their breakfast Sandwiches we had today. Carl's Jrs. In my hometown serves a good sandwich consistently. Today we were served dry, almost burnt and terrible tasting sandwiches. Definitely not up to Carl Jrs standards.

Tatyana Gonzalez

Magdiel Lopez

Great service.

Too Wild

This place has clean restrooms, great friendly service, remarkable fresh grilled burgers and other food like Chicken strips etc. I'd also recommend it because it's quiet and not full of noisy irritating kids loitering like at McDonald's.

Ad Ju

Good food.

John Kearby

Only had two employees working, but they were able to give good service as best as they could. Food was fresh and made correctly.

Aldo Lazgado

Debra Richardson

The specialty fries were delicious.

Aaron Snow

Not bad for fast food. Same chain as hardys. Fast and affordable. Efficient staff.

Oscar A Salvador

kayla Stevenson

Best chicken tenders. Hamds down. Burgers too really...

Tyson Norton

They had fast dine-in service and a great atmosphere. The lobby was clean and the food was great! We got the 2 for 6 deal and it's was worth it! Delicious! We were attending a business meeting in the area and stopped by a second time late that evening for dinner. We will definitely be visiting again.

Kayla Bailey

Service and food is decent. Atmosphere is extremely dirty and smelly. Wish the owner and management lead by example of taking pride in mainting entire restaurant and play area.

Timothy Haskell

It has food


I love Carl's Jr but this one in particular has awful service, they take for ever to make an order one item or twenty it's awful.

Daniel Spain

Very pricey, but great food

joshua christman

Utter disappointment!

Michael Land

Fast food good

Ivan Drechsler

Great beyond meat burger

Isidro Moncayo

This is one of the worst restaurant in usa .

Denise Abruzzese

Love everything they have

Christopher Purdie

Went through the drive through to try a new burger. Staff was friendly. Wait times were reasonable and good was fresh and delicious.

Ruy Ruiz

The best burger in the area, the first time I tried this food was in California, my surprise came when I saw a Carl's Jr. Restaurant 10 minutes away from my house. #LoveAngusMeat.

James Woods Jr

Can't say enough. Just go try them out. You'll be happy you did

Ernie Rodgers

Enjoyed it.

Mary Walls

The employees at the drive up window were efficient and polite. A wonderful experience and I will return

D P Jr

They were definitely new and trained well. Food was hot and good. Chicken tenders are off the hook. Really good. Difference choice for the area

Lisa Kramer

Love the taquitos, staff is always friendly

Belladonna Nightshade

It's fast food, what can u say?? A quick fix on ur way to lahaina or when ur craving mainland fare.

Kami Heap

What amazing friendly people working tonight. The food came out so quickly. Jacob took our order and was very friendly and the food was fresh and delicious. Definitely going to visit again. Thank you night shift for being AMAZING!

Ted Bodnar

Its fast food. My sandwich as okay, the fries were good, and my stomach regretted it a few hours later.

Jason Schriever

Good breakfast

Ryan Lopez

Great place for a big burger

Ariel Martinez

Good taste

Cj Braccia

Great fast food, cheap and good service.

Marinela Aviles

(Translated by Google) Because my son is going to buy kids meals for toys and then they come out of there you have to be over (Original) Porque mí hijo va a comprar kids meals por los juguetes y luego salen de que hay que sé acabaron

dana jolly

It's alright nothing or a how about you love me some carls junior though


Editing my review. Wife just ordered a 1/2lb guacamole bacon thick burger and when she got home we discovered it was not a thick burger or a guacamole bacon burger. Ive subtracted 3 stars for this if there were a better option for lettuce wrapped burgers I would pursue it. I have also subtracted a star because they really are very expensive compared to similar options. Food is good service is friendly. Sometimes they have problems with their deliveries being on time so they run out of things. This has happend to me on 3 or 4 occasions.

Senior Woodchuck

Fast food what do you expect

kyle Kjerstad

Great prices for above average fast food.

Rhiannon Vojtech

Very good food. And pleasant staff!

Desiree Moeller

I have always enjoyed going to Carl's Jr. Today my sister and I stopped in for lunch and we were very disappointed. Her fish sandwich was cold and didn't have much flavor. My double hamburger was cold, completely soggy with excess catsup, and the meat was dry and tasteless. Fries and onion rings were ice cold. I don't think we'll be back.

Blade Bacca

Ordered a breakfast sandwich, while inside used the services, and they were in quite disrepair. Received the item and something either my mouth or the sandwich didn't really agree. The sandwich was quite greasy. Will make a point to try this location again in the future to see if it earns any higher (or lower?) marks.....

Mike Ealy

Food was great service was fast and efficient I will be back

Melvin Hernandez

You can ending burgers in to a lettuce rap

Bryan Nowak

The sandwich was huge, but the meat was lacking in taste. It was delivered fast and was affordably priced though. I'll try chicken next time I stop at a Carl's Jr.

Big Dog Transportation LLC

Typically it's fresh and good. But unfortunately the six dollar thick burger was cold and sloppy. It's probably because they were busy.

Christine Lorraine

It's a nice enough place, if you don't mind going through a security check upon entering the restaurant. Placed our orders, didn't get everything we paid for, and had to get back in line and wait to get back to the counter to review the order with the person who gathered our food. It was rectified, but by the time we got our complete meals assembled, our original order was quite cooled off. The ambiance was good, and it is conveniently located. One other good thing is it enables someone on a budget to grab a bite in downtown Phoenix without taking out a small bank loan.

Prince Judah

Small burger but good

Emperatriz Maria

The fries was like I was doing at home. Good! My first day visiting it so I hope they keep it in that way!

Michael Borden

Big Burger.

Leon Kuzmin

the tasty stuff

Pam Warren

The food was good, but the service was lacking. A full hour before closing, all the chairs were up on the tables. We had to ask if they were still open. Though we handed them a coupon, they charged us full price until we called them on it. And they were not going to give us a receipt until we asked for it. Doesn't make me want to return....

Greg Dwyer

Loved the app, but they crashed it :-(

Christian Craig

Arlene Blackwell

Delicious finger-licking good!!

Steven Baker

Been working construction across the street from these guys for quite some time now always been very respectable very clean and I mean come on any place that's willing to let a bunch of stinky men come into their place in waves and eat their food and clean up after them are some good people almost as if it's their own

Christena Dickson

Good food. Daughter had fun playing on toys. Very relaxing.

Madeline Hunt

The burger was great! Juicy and delicious!

mark smith

Best hamburger's in nogales

Osiris Montes

Paul Ryan

Best biscuits, hot and beautiful browned crust

Mai Iggy


Benjamin Ochoa

Not bad for the price...

Denver Mondiekis

If I could do half a star I would just because the fries are good. Ask for no onions, Onions on my burger my burgers were completely naked with hardly any sauce and was thrown together like a five-year-old did it. I will never eat at that Carl's Junior again. Completely unsatisfied.

Logan Mckinnie

They changed the menu to where it costs more for the things they used to call 5 dollar boxes. The drink machine was not fresh or clean. A lot of the drinks in there are flat and hot. The cookies taste like they're not fresh. They really need to improve things around here.

Robert Damato

Rocky mountain high burger

Mi Shin

Service is great ( Happy Valley location)

Jake Spohnholz

Absolute garbage used to be good. My food was wrong and old also the dirtiest restaurant I've ever been in.

Kelly Clements



They have wonderful country burritos that are amazing! They never disappoint me!! Thank you

Dez Osbourne

Both places closed. Even when stated open. What a waste of a drive

Annette Haynes

Nice easy place to eat downtown

Paul Lee

Slowest fast food you can find. Just waited about 20 mins for my meal, including after someone that ordered behind me. And they offered people in front of me some free things for the wait...but not me for some reason. Today the screens went down but usually slow regardless of reason.

Jeremiah Hall


Nadja Cockrell

Don't forget to do the survey on your receipt so you can get bogo next time.

Jeremy Nichols

Nellie Mcroberts

r4444 c

Aaron Kattelman

Had to leave (without ordering) after waiting for 20 minutes. They prefer to take drive through orders so maybe drive through is faster.

Melissa Nasser

Slow but good food overall

Buck Filbey

Carl's Jr. has a surprisingly good chicken sandwich, it's reasonably priced and very well executed. A good choice for lunch.

Ethan Mahoney

Went to go get breakfast over an hour after they were soaked to have have opened, nobody was there to take my order

Christine Alnaji

It's a hamburger place Great home made hamburgers of good quality and great taste.

Jennifer Bader

Trinity Rose

Kristo Sootalu

Ok food

Richard Davis

Good food and fast service Clean

Wade Norton

In my opinion this is the best of the fast food chains

Andres Cortez

If you up for a burger n try something different give them a try.

Matthew Gonzalez

Tracy Robinson

Always good like Dwayne and Val

Jon Alfeche

Fast service, waiter was super friendly and respectfull.

Dale Depue


daniel biho

Ono worth da $$$$$

ashle hancey

I would give this location a ZERO STAR rating if it were possible! The manager on duty was the ABSOLUTE WORST July 19th at 6:51 pm, unfortunately she declined to give me her name (go figure) she was a heavier set Latino lady with a lip ring. I had gone through the drive through due to being in a hurry, I waited for someone to answer on the intercom and had to say hello a few times before someone actually answered, I had ordered a beyond famous star burger with no cheese and NO sauce at all, as I pulled up to the window a gentleman had relayed the order back and said you want no special sauce? I said no I want absolutely no sauce in general (mayo ketchup etc.) just no sauce please. He then leaned over to the manager and relayed my message, the manager argued with the gentlemen and said “NO she said NO SPECIAL sauce so put the order in like I say”. Ok let’s get this straight, I don’t even know what the hell “special sauce” is I just didn’t want any sauce at all... I mean why is that so difficult? Anyways they made me pull forward I waited for another ten minutes until they brought me my burgers, and of course it was covered in mayonnaise.. my husband walked inside to return the burgers and get what we originally asked for “the absolutely no sauce burgers”. The manager argued with him and was extremely rude saying I asked for no special sauce (which I guess is ketchup? Again I didn’t say that but she was very adamant that she was right and everyone was wrong and to order correctly to begin with), they remade the burgers and she was yelling aggressively at her employees which I thought was extremely toxic and unprofessional!! my husband handed me my burger after they remade it and yet again covered in sauces?!?! I called back to get the name of the manager and she absolutely refused to expose herself. So instead we just won’t be returning to Carl’s JR. store #1101773 and definitely won’t be spending anymore with this corporation if that’s the type of managers they’re employing! Beyond Disgusted!!

Christina Rosales

It's Carl's Jr.. So food was good but it was really warm to eat inside. It would of been nice to be able to eat comfortably while getting away from the heat outside.

Tivona Rheubottom

I love this Carl's junior. I've been 5 times. I travel 35 minutes just to get my fix. The food is never greasy and always taste the same. The restaurant and bathroom are cleaned well and the employees are wonderful.

Shirley Nicole

Always fast service and good food at this location. Very nice people gave me a free drink a few times even.

Deb LaQuin

Very clean and fast service. Food delicious like always. Friendly staff

Ken Stokes

Pulled up to the drive threw ask for a chicken sandwich guy says fresh out sir as I seen this running from the back door

Charity Nyawech

I usually go to this Carl’s Jr.’s but today when I went there there was this one young Mexican girl who was really rude to me and she spoke like I was stupid. This place is usually good but this girl needs to change her attitude.

Chris Hutto

Service was excellent considering all the customers this place gets. Very patient super friendly

Brian James Bagay

The ONLY Carl's Jr on island so gotta give em a good review. It's right with the gas station so you can get a lot at one area. Has a drive thru or you can dine inside. Never had problems coming to this location.


Disgusting place.. super dirty.. chicken sandwich was hard I ended up throwing it away.. play ground is great but filthy filthy.. no clean tables n even after I asked them to wipe a table it was sticky.. I will never come back.. honestly if I hadn't already oerderedy food I would have left n gone else where..

Justin Miller

The food is the closest to restaurant quality that I've ever had from a fast food restaurant.

Jack Charlie

They hire people from the halfway house of course the food will be as good as the server's

Ted Black

Food was barely and I mean barely warm. Not hot French fries is not cool!!

Alex Woozia

Nice local place. Most if the time they get my order the way I want it. It is almost a locally owned restaurant aspect to this one as the management is like family

David Moomey

The one place that is hiding in plain sight in Shreveport on Market St. It has the best service I have witnessed in a long time. And there food is to good for it not to be crowded out the door. David Moomey

Natasha Terrell

Fresh food and loved their chicken stars and a drink for only $3! Perfect for a light lunch and snack on the go.

Anthony Appuliese

Had a grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce tomato pickles and soda quick-service place was clean. At the time the atmosphere was very nice.

Cynthia McNabb

It's fast food. About what you'd expect. It was a quick lunch.

Chad Tyrone

Real tasty combo meals! Hot and fresh.

George Fancher

My guacamole burger was good and my mom loved her chicken strips, but my diet Coke was flat and I asked for onion rings and got fries. Would have been five stars with good onion rings!

Clifford T Smyth

Frikken little Carl burgers. Cheap, great food on a budget.

Tina Attebery

Fast. Even when that were busy. Nice friendly service

Juan Contreras

The food is good, however they continue to get the order every single time

Liz Zzzz

This was my first time at a Carl's Jr in years. The food was not great, although pretty much what I remember. But they got my order correct and it was fast enough.

Ally Mitchell

You guys! They have beyond burgers here!! As someone who can't eat red meat and for those that don't want to, I have to tell you I've tasted the grossest veggie burgers, and I wasn't very hopeful about this beyond meat burger. But it was sooooo good!! It tastes like a hamburger. My child is a very picky eater. She's got tactile sensitivity, so her list of food is tiny. I gave her this burger without telling her it wasn't real meat, and she gobbled it up

Anita Velasquez

Love my salads more than burgers

Crystal De Leon

Great staff! Erick is so friendly and efficient

Grant Francisco

Abit More Expensive Then The Surrounding Carl Jr's.

Keshia Staystrong

Hot and fresh

Olivia Coe

The food is what you expect from fast food. The service was ok, but it took a while for the server to understand what we were odering.

Melanie Kofoed

Everything cooked to order so tastes fresh. Large portions for the price and they offer an unpubliczed Senoirs Discount

Bob Doyle

We are gluten free. The lettuce wrapped hamburger with everything was the best.

matthew hodges

Cary Jones

Burgers was fresh and delicious the strong fries were cold but ok

Eric Tarbert

Good. They are frequently out of items and/or have broken machines though.

Marisela Martinez

Food was good ...only thing is that it seems they forget about the lettuce in my famous star they always find the smallest piece of lettuce just for me and I forget to tell them.

Mateo Gonzalez Rivera

Great staff and very good food

Christy Sunshine

2nd time leaving the drive through, getting home and the sand which I ordered has something missing. Bacon egg and cheese only had bacon ....not worth the drive back

Lisa Stetson

Very friendly and helpful. I'm giving you all a five star keep up the good work


Good food, but extremely slow! There is nothing fast about this fast food restaurant. I have not eaten here because I did not want to wait. The staff doesn't seem to care either. I would eat there more often if they had a motivated staff that wanted to do a good job and get the food out to the paying customer.


Good food, but the chicken tenders usually end up in you waiting in front. But still good, would recommend, unless in a rush. Keep in mind to check your bag of food, they sometimes forget something.

Emery Johnson

Nathan Hardy-Schechter

Waited over a half hour in the drive thru for chicken strips, was assured that the chicken we received 30 min after ordering was fresh, only to find half of it was the old stale chicken that had sat around for hours! Really horrible service, save your self and eat at the subway across the street!

Tandy Garcia

Good customer service, a little slow, but okay.

Renee Charlie

Good 5 dollar deal

Maritza Delao

Hot coffee and warm bread

David Andrews

Always good food and fast service. But I did have a bad night one time trying to get fried zucchini on the bun instead of burger. They dont do it at this location. Kinda of weird. But everything else about this place is great.

David DuPont

Thank you Kanye, very cool

Ben Gobel

Daniel Conti

Pretty bad product. The burger was horrible, dry, overcooked, and cold. They slapped on a piece of cold cheese, some cold lettuce on a cold bun and you had a cold mess of a crappy burger. Avoid this place until it gets it's quality up to par with the west coast stores or is replaced by an Arby's. Right now lots of better choices in that area.

Melissa Jenkins

Good play area. Food is decent.

Ameera Lee

They have good food but most of the staff is really rude

Αντώνιος Πάσχαμυλωνάς-Ecord

I'm not a big fan of the burgers, but their breakfasts are good.

Teri Hutchinson

Great all natural burger and a hand spun shake for under 10 bucks.

Mike Lloyd

Best breakfast burger ever.

Cody Guidry

The food is good. The fountain drink machine needs to be clean. The drinks taste like mold.

Kyle Evanko

Best fast food on the island

Brittany Michelle

Good service :) friendly cashier

Crystal King

Delicious burger wraps, can't say enough up the wraps they are amazing.

Guinevere Stice

I love the $5 boxes and the fries are always fresh.


The chicken was not good at all


Clean, decent service and very friendly manager

Shila Rodriguez

Really good food and the best onion rings aroumd.

Lou Fuego

Amazing burger's friendly people amazing service.

Bill Schmidt

Beyond Burger

Kyle Hamar

Increased rating due to improved service recently.

Michelle Dawson

Great food

Fernando Soto

April and Elisa are AWESOME friendly and excellent service great team! !

jonathan jimenez

Bit pricey but the veggie burger hands down the best!

LadyAleris Kimball

This is located off a highway junction and is the worst and slowest. The inside was packed full of people and trashed. 1 person at the counter, no managers. Food piled up on the counters waiting to be served for nearly 45 minutes before it was served. It took 2 girls 20 minutes more of staring at a flashing order screen hardly moving to get our 2 burgers on a tray. I've never seen such slow terrible service at this location until this Sunday June 8th but I only visit about once a month. The food is always made well which kinda makes up for the rude, slow employees and dirty state of this location.

mary moulder

Great food and service

Sabrina Limon

Good service.

Chad Yamamura

Itz Samm

darin howard

This place is horrible, they never get an order right and i have to repeat myself several times to get the order. Wish they would close this branch and open up something different.

Cary Grant Jr

Clean and welcoming.

William Anderson

Good food, nice polite staff.

Joshua Gholston

Food was warm and would preferred it hot but know to request it next time. Shouldn't have to though

WeiHao Chen

Pretty good~I get two hamburger for only $5

penny king

How much more lazy could a establishment be. Order to simple chicken salad to go cuz I was in my car. Went to eat it, no napkins no knife big chunks of lettuce slices of tomato and a big chunk of chicken right on the top two slices of onion and a couple sprinkles of cheese... Oh and my medium iced tea was 3/4 ice and a quarter water flavored I guess T I don't know. I won't be back thanks for nothing

Katie Netherton

This place will make you sick if your not careful, they will serve you raw burgers. Will not be going back here again! :(

Robert Pace

Very slow drive thru and the food was cold

Kevin M

What else is there to say other than mmmmmmm

steve coronado

Good service and food quality, fast!

Howard Fray

Service was accurate & friendly, store understaffed. Bit of a wait they Understand good service and fresh hot food is worth a wait...nice job.

Angel Favela

Good food on the way..

Troy Hickman

Juan Carlos Orozco

Presten's RC Racing and Bashing

Mrs Dandelion

Burgers are ok. Not as good as Hardee's but the cookies and cream shake was solid

Jerry Mitchell

The buns were a little soft for my liking other than that the price was ok and the selections were good

Rodney Sims

Good burgers!

Et'Chinee' Pumphrey

Good food great service

Vanna Jay

Robert McNamara

Best fast food breakfast in town. Still a Hardee's breakfast.

Thomas Cosgrove

You guys are great here. Keep up the good work. Take a look at my Cheesecakes on Google or Facebook at Cheesecake by Thomas Pueblo Colorado. Here are some pics.

Trina Jackson

Derek Crenshaw

Can be hit or miss

Nicole Hughes

Eric Lovett

Concepcion Arias


Michelle Rogers

Brad Sitton

Crowded parking. Service can be slow. But as fast food places go this location is ok.

Bryan Kneller

Always a treat if ypu been on your feet , and cool place to sit and eat or meet with the family , God blessit

Al Ex

The service was great.

Anthony Franco

Great place great food and good service.

Theo Dixon

The best burgers in the fast food business. 1/2 pound #7 with fries and no pickles can't be beat.

Dan Ingraham

Clean restaurant. Great customer service. Non-greasy food. Walk out stuffed on less than $10. Can't ask for more from fast food restaurant.

Katie Valone

Good burgers!

Moist Clan

Food is decent, but they took many items off the menu like the thick burger and now there is only 4 burgers on the menu, prices are also really high on the all Star meals, 10 or 11 dollars for one of them at the arena when if you go to one not at a sporting event they are all 5 dollars.

Marisela gMartinez

We always eat here after coming to the States!

Jason Ellsworth

Good food

Bryan Jones

Andrea jennings

Soo this is our first time here so for now it's a one star. We ordered simple burgers and fries. They came out super saggy and the burgers semi warm... sure ok its expected plus fast food sure but then the drinks were so flat it isn't even funny.. maybe next time it will be better? I dont know but even the cashier was rude so

kathy haley

The dirtiest fast food restaurant we have ever been in. Trash spilling out of the trash can right at the front door (should have been our first clue), large red drink spill under a front table, instead of cleaning it up they just put the chairs up on the table so no one could sit there. The fountain drink area has spills and straws stuck in it....there were 5 workers there, when my husband mentioned how unappealing all this was, he was told they were understaffed. There were only us in the place and only 2 cars in the drive through. But they certainly were a happy bunch of workers.

Maegan Blake

The food there was horrible do not eat there I want up throwing away everything but the cookie

Victoria Varney

diane gomez

BBQ Chicken Mmmm

Sherry Stanton

Slow service. Mediocre food

Jonny Plumb

they forget something just about every time

Johnny Petersen

Ordered a double western bacon, I have had the burger many times at other locations. The one from here was terrible. The best way to describe it would be, It tasted like a burger you would get from a gas station that's been sitting under a heat lamp all day. I didn't even end up finishing the burger. I just threw it away

Sefik Dacic

(Translated by Google) Hygienic is different. (Original) Hygienisch ist anders.

Scott Newell

Lauren Smith

Started off horribley, sat in the drive threw for 10 mins (no one was ahead of me) just waiting to order. Then waited another 5 after i order got my food and got home and didnt receive anything i asked for. Worker had horrible customer service.

Jorge Beltran

I come in the mornings and its always calm clean.

Karen Bunker

Love your easy it is to customize for keto

Mohammad Esmaeili

I like their burgers and I know them from Singapore. What they had in Singapore and highly missing here are the sauce, onion and salad that we could find in every Carl's Jr in Singapore next to the drinks

Shera Magoon

I bring in my own food to eat here. The kids don't seem to mind their chicken star nuggets and Playscape. If the Playscape want there, we would never go.

Liz Lucero

I ate there on 2-14-2019. I got food poisoning and have been so sick l never want to eat there again. It had to have been something I ate from there because the only other thing I ate that day was some toast.

Jesus Garay

We always come to this location, the customer service goes beyond what we expect. Dane was really professional and made time to ask if we needed anything else halfway through our meal. Definitely will be coming back.

Rick Gray

Good food but overpriced.

yoshie R

1st time trying and loved it! And they where very fast about getting the meal to me.

Dania Medina

(Translated by Google) Thanks for your attention (Original) Gracias por su atención

Joel Wright

Awesome service and friendly people!

Lee Downing

Joshua hawn

I frequent here a few times a week as close to my work. Always great service and the orders are never wrong. Very quick drive thru

Brittney Braziel

Burgers be amazing

Slim Slim

I think I'm going to stop eating this stuff

Markus Lee

The place is nice and clean. Great service and its not too far away from Levi's Stadium. Good food!

Lee Arnold Montoya

Big and tasty meals!

Samuel Young


Always delcious and this place has a nice view.

Nick Priest

It took them ten mins to even take my order because there was no one to see or hear me. Very bad customer service

Carlos Martinez

Amazing food but so so expensive

Nik Trujillo

Went to drive through. They told me "our drive through system is broken". Went inside. Waited 10 minutes before they took my order. Ordered 2 large meals and she ignored me and put me down for 1 large and 1 small meal. At least she had a decent attitude though. Waited another 10 minutes for the food. Drink station looked like a grenade went off there. Drinks were all flat. All the trash cans were overflowing. Bathroom was destroyed. Would have been more worth while if the employees had just a little bit of hustle but they were all just moping around. It wasn't really that busy either!

Haydee Quijada

Drive thru gave me wrong order, got home it was all wrong. Besides waiting 8 min in front.

Stephonel Gray

One of the best “fast” food places in Wasilla. They make a pretty decent burger that is really good a filling for the prices they charge. Their combo deal are amazing and they give you the option of mixing it up to suit your needs. Their staff is really friendly and polite especially the young man (wears glasses, blond-ish hair) that work the drive thru, he’s always so helpful. Even though I have never been there and not have to wait, the food is worth it, probably why I my family lives on it.

Kylie Kemp

We loved this place when we were driving through. The lady running the Drive thru was extremely nice and patient in helping us find what food we wanted to eat. The food came out fast and fresh!

Toby Sneed

I am all about those waffle fries.

Leana Lee

Wow, that new guacamole burger is HOT

henry romero

Good burgers. Excellent customer service

Joshua Pillow

Among the better fast food restaurants in the area.

Norman Scott

Hamburger was delicious and messy

Jeffrey May

They must be paying attention to the reviews. Our service was for 5 meals, had a milkshake, zucchini fries and every kind of special order on the burgers. Took 7 minutes tops. They did miss a fry order, but they just handed us an order of fries with apologies. Burgers we're great! I think people should calm down in these reviews.

lesley rinaudo

Even though we live closer to another location, we always drive to this one because of excellent staff

Roger B.

Yum yum

Elle M

Great food and extremely affordable.

Rachael Whitmore

Good food, good customer service and atmosphere is welcoming as a McD's with a play place. Ok, maybe more so then Mcdonald's actually.

Hector Eduardo Bojorquez Valenzuela

Like any other Carl's Jr, nothing out of the ordinary.

Denise Romero

Quick drive through service. Good food & delicious shakes.

Tyler Goodrich

Why you gotta frisk me bro I just wanted a burger

James Ramos

The food is fresh and the customer service is wonderful

Ivan Gonzalez

Would of loved to give them five stars but due to no kids menu four is the best. The service was amazing for a fast food restaurant. The person that took my order was great and you can see that she actually cared.

Lorrie Tombleson

Had #19, burger w mayo, extra pickle and extra onion only. Most fast food restaurants dont get it right. This store did. will be back for sure! Thanks for a great experience

Jakob Harmon

brian shafer

Starting to get cheap on the fries there Carl's Jr....

Meghan Petersen

How shall I count the ways...... we were the only customers there. We had to wait 15 mins for our food. We did not receive half of our order. We called to tell them we didn’t get our food, they said “oh” and hung up. We went back, they gave us our now cold food that they left out of our original order and nothing was offered........terrible service. It’s a no for me.

D Barry

Burgers are good, breakfast sandwiches are on par with literal garbage.

Christopher Diamond

I have been let down a lot in life. Little bits of despair. But this place, primarily in the mornings, helps change your morning. Located next to a Starbucks, this little piece of heaven is THE BEST FASTFOOD BREAKFAST IN DENVER, PERIOD. It's all about the order being correct and customer service, which to this point, is the only restaurant in Denver where i've eaten, time and time again, and have yet to be disappointed. Keep it up Carl and friends, keep. It. Up.

Flo Freeman

Fresh everytime

Stephen Krajewski

Great (seriously) burgers. Hideously bad manager. If they get your order wrong (which they frequently do), prepare to be berated by the belligerent and nasty manager if you have the audacity to ask them to correct it. I cannot recommend the Sunnyside location because the service is so bad. I expect the "Five Guys" opening up a few blocks East will take a lot of their business away when they open.

Stacy Johnson

The kids loved the indoor playplace.

Kristina Joy

Friendly staff who hustle to get your food out. Food was great amd done correctly.

Romeka Thompson

Always clean, neat & the most polite employees. Thumbs up!

Michael Moran

Burger was fine. I usually love Carl's Jr burgers. The problem that day was a very long wait at the drive-thru and very overcooked fries. It is usually hit or miss with them. Other locations in the Springs have either been great or given me food poisoning (Stetson Hills near King Soopers.)

Deborah Cousins

REAL onion rings instead of chopped mash in the onion rings which are breaded not battered. Western Burger was very good, but could have used more sauce. Service was fast, correct, and we'll mannered.

Juan Armendariz

Good food and fast service.

Ana Hernandez

Good deals. I like there prices I just eat a $5.41 meal two burgers, fries, a cookie and a soft drink.

Michael Tidwell

service was slow food not as good under new management It has went down hill since they took over

Pete Hokkanen

Love the chicken tenders

Michal Valencia

Went inside and the cashier was helpful and took his time explaining things but was fast. The food is good quality but very good prices.

Marco Alvarez

Same old carls


Fast food is right

Mechelle Irwin

The ladies bathroom was terribly messy and no toilet paper in the stall except what was on the floor.

Dayle Alexander

Hamburger party was cold. Onion very strong.

Damien vlogs

Good food I love the burgers their


Fast device and great breakfast.

J Hudson

Fast service

VoiceOfThePeople YouTubeChannel



The slim Texan that works the drive thru window was very patient while my friend and I made our order. Food was fresh and hot.

Anthony Lewis

Employees smoking on sidewalk, extremely slow service, made me wait 10 minutes for my change (cause they ran out of ones). Waited another 20 minutes after cleaning the least dirtiest table in the lobby. And last but not least my food came out cold.

Bill Hodges

Ray Ruiz

Everything is great fast service.

Dustin Smith

Y. Salinas Flores

They see super friendly and provode outstanding service

Jason Maw

Horrible service and the food was stale. I normally love Carl's but this location is in desperate need of new management


Probably one of the worst Carl's Jr. locations. Slow service. The whole place feels grimy and dirty. If the kids play land is ever cleaned, it is done so in a very half-hearted way, because the whole thing stinks like a swamp. If you have other options consider taking them.

Dewey Smith

Typical Carl's Jr. Restaurant.

Single Dad Wingin' It

I see people say "sometimes they're slow" every time I've been here they take absolutely way too long and almost every time they forget something. Don't know if this is just the evening shift or what. Dinner time is the only time I go.

Stacy D

It's proper y'all

Eric Eric

While the service is not fast by any means, it is way quicker more accurate with orders and hell of alot cleaner then the one by ATT off of johanson Express way

Joy JoJo

Guacamole Burger was fantastic. However my order was incorrect. I did not order a meal yet I was charged for and received fries. Didn't catch it until too late.

John Smith

Took forever and got my order wrong twice. Found out after eating (sadly) that one of their male employees by the name of Jordan did not wash his hands after using the restroom.

Paul Lanphear

Great place to get food before a game. It costs less than the inside Carl's Jr. You can take the food in. At halftime you can get a free soda refill. They also take the coupons that get handed out after games. Friendly staff.

Rafael Arroyo

Great place to eat and relax.

Jose arche

Great place to visit!!

Bailey Bodle

My husband ordered me two spicy chicken sandwiches plain. The woman who took the order did not read the order back to him and when we recieved our food, it came out incorrect. He went back to the counter and asked for them to correct the order. While walking back up, I watched the employee (who appeared pregnant) roll her eyes at him and the rest of the employees gave him an attitude. The Male cook behind the counter was the only person who seemed to care that there was an issue. The staff also seemed to keep eyeing me at my table while we waited for the correct order, and again rolled their eyes when my husband walked away from the counter. I dont usually write bad reviews, but to watch an entire staff behave that way really upset me. I work in customer service management and understand the frustration that comes with it, but I felt this was not handled appropriately by most of the staff. My husband worked for Carl's Jr as his first job so I KNOW this is not typical behavior. The management of this establishment either needs to retrain the staff on handling their frustration at work, or address their own frustrations if they were present for the situation. The time was around 4:15 PM on may 27, 2019.

christian irwin

Their jalapenos poppers, fries, and tenders are the best around hands down I'm not much of a burger guy but everything on the menu is a 10/10.

Gary Lee

Always a great place to eat.

Amanda Bell

La' Rae

I love the #1....yummy

Michael Alvarado

Great food, fast and good service.

Tony Nonhprasith

I ordered a Guacamole Bacon Thick Burger from the drive through (#6)... After my drive home I open this up!? So not happy right now to the point where it got me to write this review.

shelby jackson

Food was good and service was fast.

Michelle O

Messed up both orders: Didn’t take out the condiments as requested on one burger and Missing jalapeños on a jalapeno burger. When we asked to add them on, the bottom bun was soaked and soggy with jalapeño juice. One of the guys acted irritated that I asked for a replacement bun, although the cashier was friendly about it. Gave me a broken bun. The inside of the restaurant is full of flies, all around the drink station and seating area... Bathrooms are dirty with empty toilet seat covers. Giving 2 stars instead of 1 due to the friendly female cashier.

Thomas Wayne

Paul Valiquette

Was ok. Dont have this restaurant back home but see all their commercials so had to try

Keith Rouse

Had a lettuce wrapped burger awesome


Disgusting place.. super dirty.. chicken sandwich was hard I ended up throwing it away.. play ground is great but filthy filthy.. no clean tables n even after I asked them to wipe a table it was sticky.. I will never come back.. honestly if I hadn't already oerderedy food I would have left n gone else where..

Austin Langford

This place can be iffy customer service is always friendly but often at times they mess up on the order but they are quick to fix it so overall I gave them a 3 ♡♡

Eric Anderson

Carl's Jr did not disappoint. First time here, ordered the Original Six. Amazing burger!!

Lisa Parris

I had a great burger and fries, customer service was friendly and my food was fresh. Love Carl's Jr

Amber Gilstrap

Fast service

Samuel Miller

I was driving a route and I was running 7 minutes behind food I have about 7 minutes before I head to leave I was able to get in and get out within 3 minutes and still have time to eat my food before I have to leave.

Philip Baba

Great rap,for those guys who like a 30 inch waist

Wayne Stone

Bad service most of the time

J.D. Ramirez-Ortiz

This location consistently dishes out great tasting food quickly and with smiles. The staff is always friendly and hard-working any time of day. Love this Carl's! No Green Burrito items. Parking can be sparce at lunch and dinner.

Michael Hanes

Clean, great service and great food!!

TJ Mitchell

Not open 24 hours. We came by at 12am and it was not open.

rebekah light

Fast service

Haley Velez

They now have a vegan burger

Irene Robert

Pretty good plant based burger

Matt Stamm

Always good

jane hope

Fast friendly but no food that I can eat. I used to go here for my ex when he was too ill to go.

Brian Dockery

Ah it was ah, very good, very good! I like it ah do much!

israel beltran

Amazing food and great treatment

Rhett Borg

They didn't take my order out until I went up and asked about it after like 10 min, my friends order was also messed up, and when they brought me my order it was wrong. They never apologized and had bad service

Estrella Sapien

My son won $100 of gift cards so ten cards which added up to $100 well they don't work at any Carl's Jr restaurant n I been calling n calling no answer n talking Stick resort arena says they can't help why send gift cards that DNT work he won a contest n now these are no use called everybody but no answers so don't recommend this location

Joel Christensen

Good fast food. Right up there with Wendy's. Service can be a little slow but it's good food overall with minimal mistakes.

Steven Stokowski

Good, hot fast food

Jack Charlie

They hire people from the halfway house of course the food will be as good as the server's

Wesam Saleh

Get ready for a LONG WAIT! 15 minutes or more! Unorganized individuals running around yelling everywhere. Even the manager was asking his employees to help him with the register. The place is a disaster. Staff was not trained properly. Definitely wont be coming back.

Abigail Rainge

Brady Kuenning

Food is much better than it was a few months ago.

FE White

Where's the meat! Paid almost $11 for chicken sandwich with a small onion ring and medium drink. A lot of bread a quarter inch slab of chicken a slice of cheese and a piece of lettuce. The guy behind the counter after waiting for them to cook the onion rings drop them on the floor so I got an older batch back instead because I had to go.

Pat Nielsen

Good food. A bit slow.


Good food I just feel you need to bring the prices down a bit way over prices for some burgers and fries...can almost get a steak dinner for what u pay here

Judy L Feely Webster

Yum they serve many sandwiches, drinks, salads, and many more. I have celiac and they make me a sandwich in a lettuce wrap minus the cheese, tomato, lots of grilled onion and a wonderful sauce for my sweet potato fries.

Terry Oakes

They have the best chicken strips in Fairbanks.

David Barcena

Nice cashier.

Dave Palmeri

Undercooked, cold meat, very little guacomole, forgot to give us ketchup but they were fast 30 seconds or less in drive thru.

William Minnihan

Very clean place

Rachel Kahler

Not terrible.

Mike Inge

Nicholas Bennett

Pink fast food beef. Yikes.

Stephen Martino

Friendly staff, newer interior, food was quick and tasty. Lobby could use a good cleaning.

Heaven Best Sanchez

I've been excited to try this establishment since they opened. I just visited and had no issue with the food itself, just the female manager on the afternoon shift. She is unbelievably disrespectful, has an extremely short temper, a vulgar mouth, and I genuinely believe she has some deep-rooted mental issues. I witnessed her unprofessionally rude behavior with an employee as I was waiting in line, she spoke to him as if he was a child and completely degraded him in front of a customer he was assisting. I find it unfortunate and disheartening that kids who are trying to make ends meat have to take orders from a bitter and immature woman. Definitely made me boycott this location. Hopefully the owner can replace her position with someone who doesn't throw temper tantrums like an infant.

Thomas Youngblood

Good and Fast..

Kiley Marie

Great burger!

James Schellhamer

The food and the service is hit or's not consistent on either.

Quirino Torres

PlaceGood food for a fast food

Frank Chythlook

Drive thru staff friendly and courteous, I like the #18 and found the chicken sandwich crispy to perfection.

Darrick Rumfelt

Omg this is the biggest play house I ever seen

Marie Federici

Loved it.

Ian Dodds

There was one person ahead of me in the drive throigh and it was empty inside, still took 30 minutes to get chicken strips, undercooked chicken strips. The old broad at the window is surly. Went there twice, never again. Gross.

Juan Leche

Burgers are Almost as good as Hardees

Pamela Wideman

Fresh to order and delicious I recommend this place

Darla Powell

The burgers here are amazing.

Kimberly Shuck

Speedy service. Good food. Ok customer service.

Charles Scott


Stuart Brock

Loves Carl's Jr. It was a little sloppy though.

Jeffrey Davis

Always good food at this store. Good service as well. Enjoyed staff tonight 2 Dec 2017 1800 hrs

Eugene Black

They kept cutting me off when I was ordering and telling me my total I explained that I wasn't finished ordering and yet they kept to doing it I will never eat here again

Samuel Shundo

Great food and friendly staff

Do Yunkyung

Love this place! The staff is always nice and friendly and most importantly, fries are almost always fresh!

Logan Quijano

Love their super star burger. Better than any burger ive ever tasted

Danielle S

I live thier Bacon Guacamole burger. Delish!

David Dixon

This one is hard to describe to anyone who isn't from Maui. There was no Carl's Jr on maui, so when it opened it was a big deal. We would drive across the island to eat here even though it was in a gas station. Variety is always desired when you live on an island. However, it is just a Carl's Jr and it is in a gas station. It also is expensive, compared the the ones on the mainland.

Robi Keliiwaiwaiole

Great sandwiches... Ono da food

Robert Lewis

This place takes too long to get your food to you and that's panics that work there are very freaking rude

Yolanda Mendez

Will Brown

Best breakfast deal in Alaska. Very quick service. Food is prepared only after you order it.

Erika Yamileth

Good burgers and service. They need to give the children's playground a renovation because the plastics the children step on are broken.

Linda Beal

We had a long wait however they were absolutely slamed!!! Glad for the Playland and for the kids. !!!! The staff was very efficient under the circumstances.!!!

javier castillo


john lenzsr


Lia Patris

Heidi Emm

Watch out. They get real backed up at lunch. Sometimes only one person working counter at 12 noon.

Celedonio Baybayan

Great hamburger clean eating place

Crystal Menshouse

Slow, dirty and milk shake is emphasis on the milk! It was basically chocolate milk!

Larry White

Accurate and fast service for a lunch rush


Good variety of food. Staff not too attentive or caring about customers

Art Macias

Fine charbroiled burgers

Jake Jones

This location specifically removed the cheapest combo on the menu because there was a even happening close by. They plan on bringing it back after the event is over. This practice is why the youth of today are rejecting capitalism more and more.

Pedro Hernandez

David Millis Jr

Busy, but still friendly and quick.

Ethan Ferguson

Worst freaking fast food place I'm wasilla. I had to get my order fixed 3 times. Not the first time either. Even after going in and telling them what I needed, they still get it wrong. Every time. The meat is cold and so are the fries because they sit there and nothing is ever cooked fresh as much as they say! Tired of giving this place a chance! Just lost a customer

Annette Olvera

Fries were a little soggy and my shake was pretty melted.

E. Copi

Grab and go. What are you expecting, fine dining? It's predictable and good, best solution for a Maui wine induced hangover! the

Cherie Trowler

Best cheese burger I ever ate.. but I can't remember which burger it was.. everyone was friendly.


Same great service as usual. But the soda machine wasn't working well, hence the four stars.

mena enibu adesanya

Tried the new fish sandwich and it wasn't very good at all. It said "beer battered" but it didn't have that consistency at all. It was dry and only had a small dab of tartar sauce. The fish to bun ratio wasn't very good either, so between the lack of sauce and the bun problem it made for a really dry sandwich. I also thought it was pretty tasteless. I was super disappointed to say the least. I normally enjoy most of the sandwiches at Carl's Jr. I also had the zucchini and it was yummy as usual, so at least I had that 1 item that was good. I really regret that I have to give this poor review but I was really looking forward to that sandwich from the commercial on TV. I was really hungry when I got my food and totally disappointed.

Bobbie Davis

Very nice employee's

Dave M

Food good, prices is high(like me rn), for small burger. Good if u have the money tho and r not fat.

Michael Ryder

Luke warm hamburger and fries

Belinda Mitchell

I love Carl's j.r

Hailee Fuller

We were the only ones waiting for an order and we waited 10min for SIX sliders and they were dry.The fries had almost no salt and they were limp.

Daniel Paolini

They get our orders correct

Mike Wilson

Love the veggie burger Beyond Burgers Rock

Melinda Rodgers

Love the western bacon cheese burger and in my little town of Ketchikan we don't have a Carl's Jr. It was great to get to have one.

Roma Krulikovskiy

It all started when I was 5, I took my first bite out a burger in America on 4th of July. I remember the soft buns and all the flavor which blew me away like a Tomahawk missile. I would stand there and watch the fireworks go off while chewing with my mouth open. The mayo and ketchup drop down and stain my shirt as my Labrador Retriever "Apollo" licked it off. I could say it tasted a lot like Freedom. I never thought I would relive a moment like this again. An experience so unimaginable you can only experience it in real life. Slowly the flavors and experience would fade out into the abyss of my memory. As I grew older I forgot all about the authentic taste of an American burger. I would just drive by past the burger joints after they have disappointed me; luring me in to eat their so called burgers. I'm not sure if I would feed a prisoner of war with that dog food. Then a special day came about, one that had to be noted on the calendar. On a nice hot summer day after a days work in the sun digging trenches, I felt a rumble in my stomach. My friend invited me to go out to eat. I was hesitant to go eat at a fast food joint, but after all the nagging, I said "very well." Here we roll up to a Carls Jr that was down the street of the Job site I working on. Stepping out of my Ol' American Diesel truck I could smell the grease and diesel mixing. I had a sudden tingle rush up my back. I knew this is going to be good. We walked up to the door and the my last thought was "this better be good or else." My experience with burgers changed once I stepped inside Carls Jr for the first time. There was a lovely server standing there to take an order. If I remember correctly, her name was Luiza, she had the greatest attitude with me and my bitter heart toward Fast food restaurants. With a smile on her face she took my order of a number 1 on the menu. With a lady like that I wouldn't be surprised if there would be a line out to the parking lot. She got my order out as soon as possible. Brought it up to me, "here's your number one, enjoy." Those words are still ringing in my ears. I opened up the bag and there it was. Looked just like the one I had when I was young chap. Biting into the sandwich was phenomenal. My friend asked me why I was tearing up, but I don't tear up; I was sweating from my eyes I told him. If I was there alone. I'd probably let them roll down though. I just want to say thank you Luiza and the staff that made my experience at Carls Jr so awesome and memorable. I recommend this place to anyone to relive a moment like mine.

Juan Peres

Good prices .b

Savannah Stephens

Nice and polite but employee had hickey on the side of his neck.

penny james

Very good experience with lady at 8pm 04/11/19 my card didnt work right off she was very patient with me

Elizabeth Mejia

Nice , friendly staff , fast service

zoila pinto

I'm not one for fast food as I have been slowly cutting it out of my and my family's diet. I will say Carl's jr. doesn't taste like the typical fast food chain. It actually tastes like freshly made burgers rather than cardboard on a bun. Fries have been improving but still not the best. The burgers are where it's at along with the chicken sandwiches.

Mary Casey

Actually got our order correct. Food was good and staff was pleasant.

Desiree Schindlbeck

Ordered a biscuit and gravy to go. Apparently this location thinks it's a good idea to put the gravy on the biscuit so by the time you get to your destination it's soggy. No other Hardee's/Carls Jr does it this way.

William Bristow

Good food and get to take meal into arena for event

Janice Fricks

The last two times I've been there, the burgers were cold. Good but cold.

Steven Council

Good burger

Alan Campbell

Place was discussing, every table was dirty the area around the side machines were covered in ketchup and soda no one there cleaned anything the 30 minutes we were there

Larry Corsaro

The young man who waited on me actually figured out the correct change in his head. Can't remember if I ever saw that in a fast food restaurant before.

Scott Harkey

If you are doing Keto, they do a great low carb lettuce wrapped burger.

Steve West

Steve Womack

Clean place

Danny Noland

Ordered a burger opened it in front of staff showed them cold squashed burger asked if they were happy with this all three said that’s the way it is , I laughed set it on counter with the fries and drink and walked out quietly won’t return bummer deal, was hoping for a little more professionalism given the opportunity to fix the burger.

Jon Piper

The worst of the worst. The place was discustingly filthy. There is no way this place could pass a health department test. Carl’s Jr. corporate should make them take down the sign. We arrived at about 6:30 on a Friday night. Waited in line for about 10 minutes. No one there to take orders. Looked around and saw 9 tables of people waiting for their food. Young man and young women just standing there with their backs to us. I finally asked them what was going on. The young man said they were short staffed and that they weren’t taking any more orders until they got what they already had out. He didn’t know how long that might take. Obviously there wasn’t any management on site. I will never stop here again. The four people in front of us left without ordering. So did we.

Erik Laulainen

Added review by

Rhonda Webb

We stopped in for a quick meal before going to the Museum and I was disappointed restraint was not clean and our food came out cold

Barbara Pleguezuelo

Fresh well seasoned food

ChainLagg _

Ordered normal fries and got waffle fries. Service was decent. Food was good

chasity bustamante

Very nice workers ...refreshing since customer service is a thing of the past.

Roger Myers

The House OKC

I like this Carls

Chris O'Connor

It's fast food, not incredibly easy to get in or out of

Candace Cox

Best experience of my burger eating career lol. Great service and great food. Couldn't beat it.

The Noob Network

The best fast food burger that you can get. Seriously one of the few places I actually look forward to when busy. The staff is always quick and super nice. My son loves their food too and he usually only eats healthy things like vegetables and fruit. Never too busy. It is one of maybe two fast food locations I can recommend over restaurants.

Alberto Crespo

They make wait about 15 minutes thru the drive thru before some one ask me what do I need and when the finally finished my order no even thanks for coming to the place

robert banfield

Good food don't ask for hotdogs though.

Laura Rollins

one of the bestest Carl Jr's in town, plus the employees are very nice

Jodi Mann

Carlos Gonzalez

So far a always get the same customer service great attitude great service even though it's a custom order every time 5 cali classics lettuce wrap no classic sauce add mayo, x x red onions, x x white onions, x x grill onions and jalapeños i guess some times bacon

Kathleen Evans

Drive thru employee didn't handle less than courteous customer very well.

Filip Rauer

William Reba

Good deals on meals

Lee Aase

I order a chicken sandwich which was prepared just the way I wanted it.

terry hembry

Order comes hot and fresh every time!

tracy talbott

Fast and good drinks are high. Food fresh

latricia Ruggles

Worst service EVER! Nobody speaks English I had to use a translator on my phone to order my food! They actually had the nerve to act irritated! How is this possible in America?

scott hanson

The service through the drive thru was spot on as usual. My order was simple and came to me hot and accurate. The staff here is always friendly and they seem to work together as a very cohesive unit.

Leslie Wehring

Decent food and great service

LaDonna Page

Fast fresh &good.

Teresita Garcia

Customer service is good

Dedre Loper

Good food but kinda pricey

Oulla Dahhan


Cara deAlaska

This Carl's Jr. is the only one (of two) in town that has fish tacos. Just FYI.


Marco Estrada

Best fast food burgers!!!

Chris Robison

Decent fare for fast food. Slow service

Ivan Gustavo Flores Molina

Cheap and tasty

Josh Thomas

Stopped here on my way to Echo lake. My two meals took ten minutes to prepare. Ugghh. Food was ok but I don't recommend it.

vivian riojas

Good was good. Great portions

Isaac Ordonez

Leah McMunn

Good food and great prices! My kids and I enjoyed it!

Xana Collinsworth

They messed up my meals. the opening manager apologized over the phone and said she will replace meals. the shift lead when i got there said he would not replace my meals and only refund 1 sandwich even tho both meals were messed up. Very disappointed.

Jessica Adrianna Diamond

This was the best experience ive ever had at a fast food! I was greeted by Jesse the District Manager, He was so happy and had such a great attitude! His customer service was excellent! Me and my mom wanted to share a number 8 which he had it cut in half for us (other places dont do that) and when my daughter got her cheeseburger with no beacon as requested Jesse brought over a new burger and a small desert for the inconvenience☺ Jesse we all wanted to say thank you (my daughter, son, mom, and myself) for this amazing experience! its the little things that count and you definitely made all of it count and made our night! After so many places with rude customer service it was so refreshing to see that there are still some people that exceed when it comes to the word customer service! May god bless you!

Mike S

Super slow drive through service. Waited 21 minutes, got a cold burger and only one other customer was ahead of me. Very disappointed.

Freddy yancy

Great service the best I seen in a very long time!!!

Greg Christophel


They are constantly understaffed I went into the dining room to order some chicken tenders and the only person behind the counter so that he was too busy to help me in that I'd have to wait a while

Kyle Zimmer

Very slow service and very poor attitudes. WILL NOT GO TO EITHER LOCATION AGAIN!!

Golam Talukder

Clean place.

Irene Espinozalmmlmlmkjnljb

God is god

lilbear Kinney

Staff was slow

Kim Perfect

This is one of the greatest places ever the food is the best and very reasonable.

Augie Kunkel

Always great food

Robert Sendejo

Great food and service. Ir would even better if he or she were to ask, " are you an employee for Carl's Jr? " I would gladly give he or her my employee number for my employee discount.

Merri Woodward

Food was super fresh, staff was super friendly. This was definitely a great place to eat!

Adriana Sainz

(Translated by Google) I like very much (Original) Me gusta mucho

Sunday Sadler

When my family and I go there to eat it seems to always have flies flying around.

Nicole Kinsey

I ordered 4 burgers and got home 30 min away to find 3 tasted rotten. I called to talk to someone about it and they wouldn't take my name for a credit and hung up. Now they wont answer the phone. I go here all the time so I am bummed they would act like this.

Rita Nesheiwat

Joel Hilton Reed Whittom

it was 4Th of July, Getting ready to see Fireworks. Food was good.

Vicky Kennedy

The food was not very good !!!

Sarah Post

Jonathan Reich

Food was excellent once i received it. I sat in the drive-thru from 9:16 (I looked at my phone to get the time) to 9:35. 19 minutes to get my order and it was not correct. The person in front of me left the drive thru without getting their order. I ordered a steak and egg burrito and a monster biscuit. I received the steak burrito and an order of hash browns.I tried calling the store to let them know that I didn't get my biscuit and did not get an answer. I had to send the person I ordered the biscuit for back to the store to get it.

Christina L Hall

Staff is nice but be becareful with your belongings a customer stole my phone

Jeff Lloyd

Breakfast burrito is the best fast food burrito out there

Patricia Mattox

It was ok my burger was dry and the fries were cold but everyone else's was ok they said

ReskinArtistAtWork LMS

It was fine. Wouldn't define as otherworldly in contrast to some places I've been to in CO. Then again. I am not huge on burgers. :)

D Jones

Very clean friendly staff will go back

Austin Sparks

Slow service. Nobody knows what they are doing. The food is alright. They only filled our large milkshakes 30% of the way. Not very clean inside the building.

Colby Carter

The gal that worked at the drive thru tonight is super nice. However, it took 15 minutes to get two burgers and two fries.

Daniel Medin

Nice place. Great food.

James Kadlecek

1st time going here and eating at Carl's Jr. Actually, I found the burger to be quite delicious.

Christine Fortson

They were "out of shakes" and almost didn't have chicken tenders. But they did. And the food was hot and fresh. The staff was very nice. The burgers are amazing for a "fast food joint" We had a teriyaki burger and a western burger. Very good! Will definately go again.

The Alaskan Assassin

Food was ok. They messed my order up.

Victor De

Food comes out quick, always hot

Darren Carpenter

Chicken not cooked all the way through

Hazel Kay Pascua

Tried their burger and it was good. Devoured that burger like it was nothing.

Ryan Southworth

Girl had something in her nose and service was slow when there was nobody in the store

otto shaefer

Was recently purchased I would guess since all the staff seem different and the service/food has suffered. The quality and care isn't up to their previous par with the 'new' staff they currently have in place.

evrette jones


Uriel Herrera

Order took longer than it should have in my opinion. Aside from that, great!

Pamela Evans

Still my favorite.

Biggwill NYC

I think they deep fry the burgers.

Al Cook

Pick the patty/patties' size for your appetite.

Randall Ferris

Really nice Carl's Jr. Friendly staff.

Michael Martin

Takes way too long to get food out and half the time they messed up the order. Drive thru is ridiculous, have to wait 5 minutes for them to finish someone else's order before even at least taking mine. Also, dirty as hell in there. Place needs a major remodel and new management

Lisa Tucker

It's friendly and my order didn't get messed up.

Jen Ingram

Service good food average

Dave Walters

The prices seem high, at least 20% higher than I would like to be paying. The food always tastes great and the place is usually pretty clean. The walk in service I guess that makes it all worth while. DOUBLE WESTERN BACON CHEESE BURGER PLEASE!

King Hutcherson

All im going to say is Taco salad...hold the beans

ReInvented Relics

Wish the prices were a bit lower but honestly great food for fast food options

Lynette Smith

Great customer service, food was excellent

Patti Bakes

We love Carl's Jr.! They have the best biscuits to be had anywhere around, hands down

Deniecia Denning

Not even worth a review

Ivory Gilmore

Cody Wise

It was par for the course in terms of Carls Jr. Decent food and a nice inside seating area to grab a quick bite.

Kyle Herbert

Loved the new ultimate burger

Ravens Bloody

It's fast food. Beyond meat burger is worth it for vegans, or people looking to try more vegan foods in their lives. This place has good parking in back.

Ron Holt

Ok no problem

Andrew Wallace

Honest mistake to give me the wrong burger, went above and beyond to make it right without hesitation. Great burgers!!!


It's typical fast food... but lots of flies inside.

Shreyas Bharadwaj

Customer service is virtually non existent. I go here only because of the Beyond burger.

Alfredo Lio

Always good Service and love all the food. George always friendly and ready to help.


Clean and fresh food

Justin Davila

In my honest opinion the food just wasn’t that great. It was my first time trying Carl’s Jr. maybe it was just this instance? I’d like to think it was, as I’ve heard better from others primarily out in Cali. The staff at this particular location were very friendly and the service was prompt. I just don’t see myself enjoying this as opposed to other places nearby. (Western Bacon Cheeseburger Combo)

Bill Shaw

Horrible horrible horrible service and food! Food was ice cold after 3 separate attempts to get it right they sadly failed so we ask for money back. The staff was more than unfriendly. Never will I go back to this location again!

Jackie Camacho


Fernando Reyes

excellent place to breakfast"...


This location is never open in the morning I try to get breakfast from them and they're never open their staff is never there they never say anything to you when they are there and they never have a sign posted whether they're operating whether their staff is short it's just a really badd location a lease for Early risers. Out of the 2 weeks and 5 times i tried only 1 time was someone available....very disappointed especially since its on my way to work.

Steveo Ski

Over the past year, I have been increasingly disappointed in this particular location’s service. I stopped taking the kids inside after repeatedly finding the play area, tables and the soda station filthy. The bathrooms were trashed and needing restocking every time we went in. We’ve been sticking with drive-through the last few months and the service is getting worse. The service is getting slower, our orders are ALWAYS incorrect even after having it repeated back. I have to say the woman who took my order tonight was much nicer than the previous workers, but it took a long time to get my order (which was wrong). I really hope to see this place pick back up. The kids ask to go play there quite often, but I won’t let them till it cleans up.

Jim Carter

Terrible food & service

cat fud

Great burgers and staff and ice cream

Mauricio.V Puentes

Slow drive thru, food is decent.

Angel Concepcion

Great deal on meals.

Tim Schreiber

Always excellent service and fresh food. A little bit of a wait but it's worth it.

Manish Vanjara

Burgers are as usual at Carl's jr good sized and tasty. Staff at this location are friendly. Ample seating place. All in all one of th places I eat at frequently.

BACA Supporter

I loved the food and the style of the restaurant was amazing, but I only give it 4/5 stars because the bathrooms were pretty dirty and the floor had something sticky on it outside of the bathroom and in. That didn't really bother me too much because I've seen many WAY dirtier bathrooms and the stickiness didn't bother me either. The food was great, and so was customer service.

Jeremiah Williams

It's carls Jr

Felix Gonzalez

Wow the guy that took my order was very nice , great service food was good thanks 4 the great place ... see you next time ..

Manuel Mendez

It is a good fact food restaurant. People who run the place are very considerate.

Vincent Kernaghan

If you've got to eat fast food burgers, do Carl's. Some of the best for the convenience and price and this location is the best I've ever eaten at. Just wish they closer to home.

Helen Yescas

Very tasty burgers, double it, its double delicious

shjon gallegher

Slow untrained service. Goofed the same order twice

Bill Crr

This place is runnlike a jail kitchen workers greeting you at the door smoking a cig. Took forever no one knew what order was what .... I dare the owner and or management to come there and eat it was my last time ...

Sule Vazquez

So I just when in today after leaving Great America with my 18 month old and 4 year old niece. I ordered my food and the lady was kinda rude she looked mad not wanting to be there so I paid with a $50.00 bill and I got my change I put it in my wallet. We leave and cross the street to take the trolley home. As I go to buy my ticket home the machine wouldn’t take the $10.00 bill I just got in change from Carl’s Jr. confused I looked at it closely and it was fake!!! The trolley was 3 min away I couldn’t go back. It’s so upsetting I can’t believe they gave me counterfeit change. Never going back I rather spend a little more next time I go to Great America then eat there!!!!!!

Baxter Evergreen

I didn't like my experience tonight. I decided to come get food for my family. The chubby girl in the drive thru had a bad attitude. After ordering and paying, the girl asked me if I needed a drink carrier. I told her I did and she replied with "of course you do". Then, after waiting entirely way too long for a small order, she finally hands me my food and then asks if I need sauce. I politely asked for fry sauce and as she is grabbing it, I see her mouthing something to her manager, who was doing inventory. You're not invisible, I saw you. Not sure what I did to make her angry but I don't appreciate the rude service. Also, when she handed me the bag with the boxed meals, they were upside down. Screw this place and the rude customer service .

Adrianna Gibson

They put cheese on my sandwich when I specifically asked for no cheese. They also forgot frysause or ketchup when they usually give that out, and forgot to gibe me the water that I orderd. Customer service was lacking, the girl at the window was not very friendly.



Food was pretty good

Gregory Scott

We love the burgers here

Leenlei maddela

Sandra Valadez

Always good!! The manager working tonight was short staffed, just her and the cook. They both handled everything very professional never once looked stressed.

Toxic Unity

david moose

Josh Moore


This franchise is clean and spacious.

Sheryl Corral

Got our order wrong and said it was right

Kerri Arai

Good food good service a lil slow

Susan Williams

Grilled cheese off the chain!! Great customer service. Very friendly employees.

Albert Gonzalez

Personally I was really looking forward for this Carl Jr. Overall, the wait was really short(less than a few minutes). As other reviews mentioned, the staff is trying to get into the groove in working so I waited as patiently as possible. Overall, the hamburger and fries were great. What might mislead you is others claiming its bad. Of course this is a Carls Jr in New Jersey so, you can't compare it too much to the others. Overall, for a Carl's Jr in New Jersey, it is good.(I will continue updating based off the more things I eat)

Carmen Morales

Fast service.

hentai_dealer 1

My sister was supposed to get a cheese burger with only ketchup, cheese, and meat, I was supposed to get a plain double cheese burger and my mom asked for a chicken sandwich with no tomato’s and instead we got a random burger that we didn’t order and for some reason it was loaded with mayonnaise, my moms burger was covered in tomato’s and my sister got a burger with no ketchup and extra meat and cheese added. So either they gave us the wrong meal or they need new workers.

Lou Shultz

I always liked the BBQ chicken sandwich and the criss cuts fries at Carl's as opposed to the standard burger and fries everywhere else. Not to mention the help yourself soda station. This combo used to be a lot less than the $10 it is now. The location on Tasman is usually not crowded so you can take your time here.

Izrael Gomes


Awesome food, extremely underrated. Best fast food burgers hands down.

Bryan Smith

Excellent place to relax and get a bite while the kids play on the giant play center toy thingy. Not only is it massive but the kids never get bored of it. The only down side is that it's hard to get them to eat, or leave. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Clifford T Smyth

Frikken little Carl burgers. Cheap, great food on a budget.

Josh T

S L O W ! The tots were fresh!

Jonathan Cain

I expect fast food places to generally not have great service but the staff here is always rude.

Megan T

This Carl's jr. is the best hands down by far the staff is the best!

Vincent Lena

The place could have been a little bit cleaner... Soda machine wasn't working correctly.....

Avery Tijerina

They serve food.

Michael Schaffer

Great burgers, very clean!

David Dirgo

Work is just down the street. Come here every day. Awesome staff and great food! Fast service for the on the go easy in and out.

Michael Harrall

Thomas Llanos


Steven Hensleyf

there food is ok

Sharon Bering

Soda fountain was soda water entire vist.. even after staff was informed of the issue

Brynn Jane

The play area is absolutely disgusting. Trash leaks all over the floor. Servers had dirty hands. Soda machines are the nastiest I've ever seen. Would never ever recommend this place. The food might be good but it's not worth the diseases.

Jay B

Cant get enough of it.

Patricia Morgan

I asked if they put sauce on their hamburgers. I requested no sauce. Manager (he) didn't say or think apparently to tell me that they serve it also with a runny white substance that he later referred to as mayo. The fries are heavy with oil. I requested extra pickles. Didnt get them. Had to go again to counter to wait for them while my hamburger getting cold. The condiment dispenser has dried ketchup on it. The counters and tables not clean even though the place is basically empty. Manager apparently isn't paid to be courteous. Won't come here again. I ate at Carl Junior's in Prescott Valley, Arizona while visiting a few weeks ago. It was great. friendly, busy, clean, and the food excellent.

April L. Johnson

lisa mccrea

Very clean

Mike Baker

Mr Head Crack

Bryant Salinas

Great costumer service and very nice employee's. Highly recommend the smoothies but don't recommend the hotdogs. $5 boxes are an amazing idea!

Kerry Anderson

Great food and the staff will cook it the way you want

romelndarlene delacruz

First of all I just ordered 1 milkshake and it took awhile for me to get it but bruh dat strawberry milkshake was bomb... one of my fave place 2 go 2 get a strawberry milkshake lol

William Mann

Staff was friendly and fast food was great

Ethan Kalicin

I always liked Carl's jr

Yongfu Li

Terrible customer service

S Silver

Good, quick burger.

Ricky Montoya

Their chicken strips are good but they're very inconsistent I wish it was high quality all the time since Im so close but hey some people just don't care but it's alright I guess I would recommend 60% of the time

Carsten Schidlack

Food was good very friendly great customer service

Chelsea Worrell

Over priced fast food but better quality. Could use better structural design. Play places are better than McDonalds but need to be cleaned.

Alissa Ortiz

Good, people were very friendly

Katya Dorofeeva

Good food :)

Yvette Davis

Food was fresh and cashier was super nice and cute.

Caesar Renteria


Andrea Padgett

Surprised in how well the team of employees worked keeping lines down and orders coming especially during this huge event.. took tgen about 5 mins to get our order out to us. The place was clean and orderly. Man im hard yo impress

Renee Hurlocker

The beyond meat burger was amazing. Messy and amazing.


Andrew Wade

I ordered three double cheeseburgers and all of them had only one patty

Ryan Archibald

Drive through was clean and quick, intercom system seemed to be clear, food order was correct and I didn't have to ask for extra napkins, (they knew BBQ burger is extra Saucey!)

Dennis Alston

Always a good is good

Rebecca Hill

It's just terrible Just when you forget how bad it is and go back, you realize how terrible it is again. Orders are usually incomplete or just plain wrong. High staff turnover and nobody really seems to know what they are doing McDonald's next door is a better option so how sad is that!


Burgers tasted like those disgusting gas station burgers that you need to microwave. I had some lemonade and it tasted moldy. I'll never ever ever have Carl's jr again

OD5T n/a

Great place to eat, the food is pretty good and the atmosphere is unique with what appears to be custom decorations, which is surprising for a fast food place. But the best part is the customer service, the people are very polite and helpful, and seem to be willing to go out of there way to serve you.

prsportman10 prsportman10

Love the place make some awesome burgers...

Ivonne Martinez

Food wasn't as good as I thought it would be, but the location was clean and staff was nice and knowledgeable about the menu.

Wayne Parson

Good burger little sloppy...

Wayne Moore

staff was great the food I'm sorry was not up to par, This was my 3rd time there and just didn't do it for me. the meat was cold and taste like meat with a filler in it. I understand cooking food ahead of time but that sat way to long

Patty G Tapia

Great staff! Super friendly...clean always! Would hace given it higher grade if not for the store hours.

Isaac V

Great food definitely recommend the chicken tenders

Sean Fernandez

You’re better off going somewhere else. Not worth the wait

James Hoffman

Good food. What you would expect. Fast service, polite employees. One of the buns was a little squashed, but still tasted fine. Best of the fast food options that i saw in the area.

Brodey Ranburger

I had originally given this location a 5 star review because of their service over a year ago. A few nights back it has all changed. The nicest middle aged man no longer works there and instead me and my wife got the most rude worker of our lives. She over charged us for 2 bacon truffle burgers ($28.31 for 2 small combos single patty) and when we asked to speak with the manager about as to why the meal was so exorbitantly over what the menu stated she flipped out, threw our card back at us and called both me and my wife several vulgar terms and threatened to call the police. We ended up leaving with no food, and as a result of the chubby girls attitude and poor customer service, we will never be going back to this location again. Word to the wise, avoid this location and visit the one on either 17th street or North Yellowstone. You'll be much happier.

Violeta Salazar

Beyond Belief!... 100% plant based and certified vegan by vegan. THANK YOU!!!

Sheryl Parkin

Adam Hernandez

It is what you would expect a Carls Jr. to be like. The food is good for the price you pay. The people were decent. I didn't have to wait to long in line. The food was ready pretty quickly. I had the fish sandwich that they offer sometimes and it was really good.

Gabriel Martinez

One of my favorite places to have a burger

Dewain Alexander

Lejea Cumby

Always good food and service

Jose Antonio Leon

Fast good and overall awsome


Last time eating there I had a mouse or rat dropping in my tea. Its was quiet a bad experience.

Kenlly Leyva

The people is very nice there, and the food is good...

Valerie Stockard

Always great taste beef burgers, all so juicy

Dino aroundtheworld

Best carls jr on the island

Shane Augustine

Porche Porche

Food was dry service was poor but I guess that's what you get when eating fast food even if its suppose to be a better alt

Chad Reynolds

Food was great as well as the service! My girls loved the play area very much!

Jessica Teague-Beach

Waiting in drive thru for 30 minutes after being asked to wait a moment. Tried going in and was told they were poorly understaffed and no food. There was only a cashier and drive thru asst. No manager on site.... I honestly didn't know what to say to that

Dan Raustadt

Fast service at Rattlers games!

papa pump

Good over priced

Angel Crimson

My favorite smiling star chain friendly manager and great staff all the time

Heidi Bohanan

I like their $5 Chicken Box! Yum!

Shayne Guyton

Me see up my order and refused to fix it

Etsy Paloma Godinez

The fotos is great and the service!

Allen Satra

Good food at a great price

doug potter

Jalapeno burger is

Deepak Shah

All, please be patient, the restaurant will greatly appreciate it. More hiring is ongoing with the needed necessary training. Food-they have always corrected any errors, which always does happen with a new place with such high response and good customer turn out. Apart from those handful of errors, most have LOVED the food! California's top burger place, food is undoubtly yummy. Not a large corporation owned, but family owned and operated, the personal touch has been great! Restaurant is hiring. Been told that highest priority is being given to local North Bergen residents, local Hudson county residents. Please do apply - applications in the store.

melissa martinez

Good chicken tenders

Stephen HOARD JR

5 dollar Box Lunch almost perfect.

Rigo Avila

Good hamburgers and clean place to enjoy


Better than McDonald's

Tim House

Its ok

Chrissy Richter

Horrible! 20 minutes to get our food. It was cold. Soda was flat. Restaurant was dirty. No lids for soda. Awful experience!

Samuel Choate

Great service! Tasty food! Just what you should expect from Carl's

Eric M Hines

Its Carls Jr ....come on. It's good food. Everyone knows that.

Grace Edge

We were the only ones in the drive-thru and it took 20 minutes to drive off with our order.. 2 adult burgers with fries and 3 kids burgers. My husband and I both couldn't finish our burgers because they tasted so off, and our kids refused to eat theirs. The fries were good... Dont waste your time or money here.

Ingy Samir

My favorite fast food kind of place! Taste is amazing!

Julio Castillo

Waited 15 minutes for someone to take my order. Found two hairs in my food. When I went to exchange it, there was no one in the back. After another 5 minutes of waiting, 3 workers walked into the kitchen after smoking pot. Lost my appetite. They offered me a free drink though. lol How can i give it 0 stars?

Martin Bunker