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672 East End Rd, Homer, AK 99603, United States

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Where is Boss Hogz All-American Diner and Ice-Cream Parlor?

REVIEWS OF Boss Hogz All-American Diner and Ice-Cream Parlor IN Alaska

Leana Stickler

The food was amazing!! The waitress was very sweet and attentive. Unfortunately, the wait was ridiculous, and mulitple people who ordered after us were served several minutes ahead of us. We were told it would be 10-15 minutes and were served 45 minutes later.

Terry Licia

Liked their #1 best seller Boss Hogz Burger ...with guacamole! Didn't read "fried cheese" though, just saw "cheddar cheese!" But it made all the difference between a great burger and a burger with yellow leather atop the patty. The whole dinner was saved by the biggest, best banana split ever!!! Big enough for three! Yummy different ice creams, delish toppings and tons of whipped cream - what's not to like? Even the price was right! Just please, someone teach all the cooks how to properly prepare fried cheese.

Melissa Crane

Was okay, not great. Loud mouth red head with dirty hair and body odor made it even less appealing, we won’t be going back because of her.

Lisa Jeppson

The staff is very friendly and the food was good. Helga was so nice.

Thomas Sievers

Best place to eat in Homer and good service Thank you

Michelle Williams

Loving stopping here for a milkshake when I come to Homer. I love their food too but their milkshakes are big enough to be called a meal and that's usually what I get!!

Mahealani Coila

Great burger and don't forget to try their coffee milkshake. It's perfection!

Luis Yoder

Delicious burgers and awesome ice cream!

Kimberly Anne

High quality ingredients, generously portioned served in a clean, dime store fountain themed atmosphere. Our waitress Julianna was such a pleasant, smiley, wonderful person.

Candace Murphy

Food and service was ok

William Troxel

Great food. Great service. The manager checked in with each table at least once to be sure all was well.

Alec A

Delicious hamburgers and phillys, and friendly service, just a little place attached to a gas station. When I went, their credit machine was down, but they started making our food while we got cash next door. Very friendly cooks, brought our food out to us. A nice place to stop after a long drive.

John D Knott III

Great food and service! Got to check it out.


The Best Food around! And the prices are great too! We keep going back! The owners also have the Best Donuts around at Last Frontier Donuts and Cafe! They make the Best Breakfast Burritos there too! Try both places ... You won't be sorry! We go to both places every time we are in town.

Kelli Shew

Great food and Great service. Best food we ate on our visit to Homer. The best milkshake of my life. We'll eat here again on our next visit.

Faith Summerlin

My favorite place in Homer to eat. They have friendly, competent employees and the BEST food in town. The banana splits are amazing

Sean Clausen

Food was good. Ice cream was grate. Went with a large party and how the food came out was different. One at a time and kinda sparatic. I would go back.

Paul Pelkey

Best crab dinner in Alaska! 25 dollars! I personally pulled and sorted each and every crab out of the Bering Sea for this establishment. It's a burger joint tho top notch bbq sandwiches, phillys, burgers, and dawgs . I always suggest a cheese Web on whatever your getting, wither it's a bbq pulled pork sandwich or a fat cheeseburger. Don't for get their epic sweets selection. Ice cream, shakes, donuts! Yumm Edit: only editing to add they have new owners as of about a year ago so the old reviews should be flushed out! It's been much improved since then.

aaron donham

Great food. Great service.

Travis Saunders

Good greasy comfort food. Excellent service with a smile. Wonderful experience.

Jess Roberts

Most attentive and friendly staff on the west coast.

tim fulton

Best burgers in homer

Wk Stillion

Good atmosphere, good food!

Menzo Bell

Food is amazing and the staff are very nice. 10/10 would recommend

Joe Weber

Their jalapeno cream cheese on a burger or Philly is hard to beat.

James Bookout

This was a great time and food experience. I would have given it 5 stars but I had to leave. 24 hours Shaun. That is all I'm saying.

Moore Fam

50's flashback! Legit malted milkshakes, hand made burger buns, great fries, ..cute, family run & clean. This is the locals favorite tried & true in Homer. Expect it to he crowded with happy, laid back people

SP Wallace

We loved this diner!!! Now they may grow us a bit weaker in Florida but I saw the reviews about small portions- we thought they were plenty big!!! My husband is 6’3” and left full- so did I buy it’s much easier to fill me up! He got the Maui Wowi burger and I was jealous- it was amazing! Mine was awesome too. I got the boss. Traditional burger that rocked. If in Homer and have a burger craving (and a milkshake kicker) you can’t go wrong here. Highly recommended!! Get the Maui! And service was great fast and courteous.

simon garfunkel

Great bbq. Service was a little slow today. One waitress, but the food is yummy.

Nathan Simpson

I have a love hate relationship with Boss Hogz. The whole thing is the classic diner. Plan on staying at least 45 minutes and eating greasy diner food. Pros: people are super relaxed and love to talk and get to know you, and the food is super tasty, but super heavy. They have an ice cream bar that is unparalleled in taste and how fast they can whip out your order. Cons: it's not the cleanest and they are more lenient with who works there, so sometimes you wonder if the person that served you should really be working there because they aren't the most professional. But they are all very fun to be around.

Brandon Keenan

Pretty good afternoon lunch. The onion rings were very good and crispy as were the fries. They spilled a milkshake on me but they promptly cleaned it up and apologized and also upgraded our fries.

Prokohpy Konev

Food good

Michelle Miller

We love stopping for icecream on our way out of town.

Mark Carty

The staff are quite friendly. Burgers.....oh man I tell ya tough to get like there's anywhere! Had a shake too. Just like a soda fountain was !!!!. Bring yourself and the family ....then tell ALL your friends. No one will not like this great joint !!!!

Dustin Behrens

Wonderful staff, great food, great prices. They never fail to send you away full and smiling.

Tony Daley

Decent place to get food, love their milkshakes! the portions are kinda small for the money.

Walter McQuillen

The Bbq chicken was a little baked chicken breast. Maybe I didn't read the menu right. I thought it was a bbq joint.

Selena Foster

Great atmosphere, great service and great food. The restaurant was clean and our food was delivered quickly. The bbq was very tasty and the fried green beans were fried perfectly.

Brandon G

Great burgers

Rosemarie Noble

Locally owned great food. Chefs interested in customers feedback and satisfaction

Move Over

Average burger and hot dog fries are good price ok

Brian Bowen

Just stopped in for ice cream. Pretty good. The staff seemed a little aggravated with each other, but they were nice to us.

Calvin Thayer

Great place to grab a bite and bring your friends family and kids !

Josh Garcia

Haven't had much on their menu but they have a great selection. Try the ice cream sundaes, awesome selection and great quality, reminds me of a lower 48 Leatherby's. Also if you're like me you'll notice some of the old timers eat here so other items on the huge menu have to be good.

Star Schweitzer

Great food and service

Steve Scott

The burgers were great. The atmosphere left a lot to be desired. Nonetheless the service was good and lots to choose from on the menu.

Stein Christopher

Super people and service. Great burgers, breakfast, and ice cream.

Jim Anderson

Over priced. Waitress was really nice. Had clam strips, over cooked, skinny little pieces. Not going back. Brother in law lives in Homer was embarrassed.

Tim Wilda

Best burgers in all of Alaska

Jordan Cantwell

One of the most reasonably-priced places to eat in Homer. Plenty of menu options (mostly burgers). Good service and decent food.

Bryan Stanton

I ordered a chili burger ( forgot what they call it) without the onions,but everything else. When it was served it had onions on it, i pointed it out to the server, she took it back to the kitchen. All they did was pick off the visible onions! There was still many onions on the burger now mixed in with the chili now! They should have made another one not just scrape off what they could find. Yes I know chili has onions in it, but they are cooked. Won't be going there again!

Dennis Klein

Very creative, and very good food. They have a burger with peanut butter cups on it... Sounds disgusting? Is actually amazing.

Jaimee Buzga

Wonderful as always!

Robert Folse

Good food,good people

Janet Rauch

Terrible service! The food we did get was good. Half our party didn't get their food after over and hour of waiting. We will never go there again.

James Carpenter

Was very good! Fast too!

David Ustick

No local grown foods used. It was ok.

Steve Fogolini

There has been a noticable decline in the quality of food recently. I ordered a simple blue cheese steak sandwich. I got very little shreded beef, one half a slice of bacon and no blue cheese! There were 12 tots in the to go box. We ordered and paid extra for these. This is my last time eating there until there is a change.

Steve Lanz

Fast friendly place to feed the family.

Ray Griffith

Great food, great prices, excellent friendly staff. Highly recommend.

Brandy Anderson

This place was amazing. Best burgers. I had the teriyaki burger and sweet potato puffs that was dipped in maple syrup. Old time milkshakes. Definately old school diner feel. Plus the service was amazing. I will be coming back.

jon hoppis

Good selection of ice cream. Good burgers.

Lori Noble

Great food. Great diner

Mike Sanchez

Good food and good amount of food for the money!

Zoya Reyna Greene

Whoa. Huge portions. Fun menu and even an ice cream parlor

aaron trujillo

this place is amazing from the staff to the food and especially the food! Highly recommended!!!!

Jay Aguirre

I went to Boss Hogz hungry and left the same way. Worst burger I have had in my life. Don't waste your time or money...head to McDonalds instead.

A Kitchen

Best food in Homer

Robert Betten

Jalapeno popper burger = comfort food heaven!!!

Brendan Schick

Food is absolutely amazing and service is spectacular. A must if you are in Homer!

Adam Kurtz

Good food, great ice cream!

bryan evans

Very good food, friendly staff

the robertson life

The food and service was great

Aaron Gray

Bbq sauce tastes like tooth paste

Clayton Phillips

The ice cream is good

Zavier Klingensmith

Great restraunt, with a great mom and pops atmosphere to it. Can't buy a better burger.

Misty Smart

Pretty tasty. Not exceptional, but not disappointing either

Larry Schuerman

We were at this place in 2013 and still think about the best burger in town. They were closing and still made my wife and I a delicious meal. Great food, great service, great time.

Alicia Cozad

We have come here every day on our trip to Homer and this place is AMAZING! The service is great and the food is perfect! We will definitely be back!

Joshua Flores

Good food, crumby help. Rude waitress

Ron Komakhuk

Americana burgers comfort food

Mary Uprise

Over cooked fries small portions for dang near 20 bucks a plate no seasonings at all on anything was not satisfied at all for 50 dollars for 2 people

A Perk

Food was scrumptious! Service was excellent. Our group had beer battered Halibut, Big Pig without bun, and BBQ Chicken and Brisket.

James Bourne

Good food, one of my favorite places!

joseph petre

Definitely a must eat at in Homer Alaska.

Kevin Fu

It’s alright. Nothing special or bad.

James Brewster

Expensive!!! Tasty but expensive.

fritz schacht

Excellent food and service always

Pamela Harrington

Following you guys cause of my tatt artist #DaveKnox and because you had #RandySantel

Nunyo Bidnez

Great food in downtown Homer,. OMG, the fried cheese is worth it. Not to mention all of the wonderful dessert options.

Michael Whitney

Really good burgers. Our group also enjoyed the prime rib on Saturday.

Joe Kneen

Love this place. Great folks, great prices and great food.

Maryah Showalter

Great malts and hot dogs are good my favorite is the Reuben dog they have a really cool 50s-60s decor

Bekki Weaver

The food here is really good. The service is not. Expect a very small burger/ sandwich place and you won't be disappointed. The building looks big, but the restaurant is a very small corner. The kitchen staff and wait staff were arguing when we arrived. We were then told "come on, you're my last table". We shared a burger and a chicken sandwich and both were great. They do not serve alcohol, too bad...a beer would've been great with the sandwiches. I would not recommend the malts, I ordered one and the girl didn't mix the malted mix in so large chunks of malted goo. No good. Stick with burgers and sandwiches and you will love your food. Maybe get it to go and enjoy it with an ocean view on the spit.

Terry Cotton

Good service, Food and portions are always great

Ak Girl

Bad services tuck about an hour to just your food

Brian Booth

Praline and cream milkshake to die for , I am addicted now. Supper friendly, good prices

S.M. Doner-Pond

Good atmosphere, great food, reasonable prices.

Kristi Baum

Great service. Love the hamburger salad and how kids eat free on Sunday!

Sabrina Schweitzer

Love!!! Best burgers and service

Matthew Scott

When we first stopped here, I saw that it was connected to a gas station and thought, "Oh great, drove here for nothing", i must say I was pleasantly surprised. This place was great. Had the halibut fish and chips, the wife had a bacon cheese burger with egg, the kids had chicken tenders, and we all had shakes. The food was great! I had chili cheese fries and those were just OK, not homemade chili. The next day we went there for breakfast and had the breakfast burritos and pancakes. The burritos were great, and their hit sauce is actually hot. You won't be disappointed with this one.

Zachary Trich

The crab bucket seemed like a bit of a gamble considering it's adjacent to a gas station. But I was pleasantly surprised.

Katie Engwall

So far we have loved all our meals! Fries are amazing. Sandwiches are amazing. And the shakes are beyond amazing! Little spendy, but worth it from my experience!

budget build

Food was fantastic well worth the time to find a place and worth the money that I spent on this meal

Matt McCarter

Good place. Good food. Good service. Great milkshakes. Drive thru in the back. Really like the Phillys.

Bonny McDermott

Food quality isn't worth the trip. Unless you're just going for ice cream

Pamela Wortham

A little something for everyone. Great food!

Lee Kline

Been here a few times now and the food is great and customer service is spot on!! Thanks for good food and times.

Jonathan Cable

Great place the food was very good and service service was great

Nicole Dion

Visiting from Salem,Or this place was just ok. Pretty long wait for our food. I think shakes are the thing to order if you go here.

Calvin Johnson

Good food

Sonya Andreanoff

We do love to eat this place for lunch or dinner. Yesterday they could have used another waitress as they were busy and the poor waitress (whom I will call super girl) was frantically trying to keep up with the crowd while also handling the ice cream bar. The expensive Halibut fish & chips had 3 small portions but their BBQ and burgers were good. Great atmosphere and I recommend it for those who eat low carb/keto. (Hamburger and BBQ salads are yummy)

John Gilbert

Hands down best customer service, food and prices in Homer Ak. Like most eateries in Homer that charge 35 to 70 bucks a plate are no comparison to this place. Holly cow...we will always come back.

Jim Fellion

Good food fast service

Sam Jackson

Started off ok. The milkshake was ok, shared it so only had about a sip because I was chatting. Service was decent, and pretty slow. Food arrives, and it's extremely good looking. First bite reveals.... Gross. The entire bun is soaked through with grease. I didn't even finish the burger, before I had to throw up. Overall, horrible experience. A much better place to go is the Cosmic Kitchen.

Vicki Weller

Okay food, service was slow. No ice for their drinks. Seemed a little dirty and disorganized.

Aaron Larson

Good food. Nice staff.

Cynthia L Jones

Went there for lunch 05/01/2018 with great anticipation, only to be extremely disappointed. We ordered a single plate BBQ and Double Plate BBQ and both were horrible. (Pork and Chicken) zero BBQ flavor, no smoke flavor at all. Pork smelled horrible and tasted even worse. Chicken appeared to be precooked and was rubbery and bland. Slaw was not good either it was overloaded with black pepper and no other taste would shine through. We ordered the onion tree and rings were greasy and ranch had the flavor of tarter sauce. Food was so bad my husband and I did not eat any we asked waitress to package to go and bring bill. Then she had audacity to ask us to select one of the selected tips. I told her no we would do our own tip. We returned to Kenai, and brought food to dogs in the house and they would not eat either. Unless one has no taste bud's we do'not recommend this establishment. Bill - $52.79 including drinks. Price Fair for area Quality - less than desirable. Unfortunately not many people in Alaska know how to make good southern BBQ and trimmings. My husband and I have traveled across the USA for the past 27 years and moved to Kenai 8 years ago. BBQ is not that difficult to prepare if one will take some time and listen to customers. Not everything in the world evolves around fish and sourdough.

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